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Former Employee Accuses Joe Gorga Of Being Broke!

Uh oh! Looks like Joe Gorga in is a bit of trouble! And when I say a bit I mean a lot! Many of Joe Gorga’s former employees are accusing Joe of not only being broke but building unsafe properties for undercutting costs!

Joe Manno was Joe Gorga’s former employee and is a veteran of the construction business. He tells Star Magazine that Joe ignores safety in order for things to be cheaper. Gorga goes as far as to telling his employees to leave deadly black mold, lead paint and more! This caused Manno and several other employees to speak out against Gorga.

Joe Manno says, “He is supposed to remove any kind of hazard before any construction begins. That’s the law. The whole building should have been gutted, but he just didn’t want to do it. “I saw little kids running up and down the hall of one of the properties and I thought to myself these poor kids… they have no idea. I’m not going to keep my mouth shut so guys like this can hurt people just to make a buck.”

John Prevete is another one of Gorga’s former employee’s and he claims that Gorga owes him $70,000 and accuses him of being broke! “Nobody showed up for work, because he’s broke.” He adds that Joe Gorga failed to pay the electricity bill.

I bet Melissa is slapping herself in the face for making a comment last season saying “we pay for our bills!”

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  • Does anybody believe for one second, that Melissa’s latest ~cough~ song is number 5 legitimately on the R & B download list on i tunes? How many copies of the song @ .99/download would Joey and her hobbitt sisters have to buy to make her song make the charts. Let’s be serious, we know that she is not selling more copies of her song that Usher and Justin Beiber for crying out loud. So how do they manipulate the system? They buy $10,000 worth of downloads. They did it last time and they are doing it again. This has got to be part of the reason Joey is broke. He has to spend so much money on coaches and writers and producers who are no doubt fleecing them blind, because they get a little fame out of it (Chris Judd, Soul Diggaz) and take their money. Add all of her high maintenance hair, clothes and makeup, the appearances she loses money on and this crazy idiot is driving her husband to the poor vhouse.

    Also, real nice Joey. Mold and lead paint in your buildings to give kids cancer later in life. Wonderful people.

    • Regarding the mold and lead paint issue. Is there some agency that could get involved with that? Some environmental agency or attorney general of NJ or something? I don’t know much about that stuff, but surely there is some place that should be contacted to investigate that. Mold and lead paint are deadly.

  • Perhaps Tre should tell MeGo “to take one for the team to get a little extra cash”. Bitch!

  • karma!!! I wish they would air all the dirty laundry we’ve heard enough about Tre’s she is handling her business, and I am sure Meho will be out soon if this is true to hubby #2 with more $ or back on the pole.

  • Tre is trying to support her family. She has to make money while the iron is hot. All the others bash Tre on national TV, and talk shows which they get paid for. Do you think thats okay?

        • I haven’t watched an episode yet because I can’t stand to hear them bashing Tre all the time. I come on here and get the scoop and in the hopes that the Jackhole 4 (I love that term, too! LOL !) get exposed for the hipocrites that they are.

      • YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap, clap………..
        Everyone needs to watch Tre on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC this Sunday instead of RHONJ.

        For those that did not watch last week, keep up the good work. If Bravo continues in a downward spiral, maybe, just maybe they might pay attention to us and give the viewers what we want.

        CHEERS !!!

          • I kept watching Celebrity Apprentice. It was great. I can’t bare watching Tre take a beating from those jackasses. But, I did DVR it and want to smack the loser Manzo baby boys.

  • well what could of happen is the money somehow is tied up somewhere , hehe (whatever). anyways my point is that we the showed his jersey shore house. you do not leave a mess like that OUTSIDE , inside is one thing but yes it is a safety issue. what you saw there was mostly likley the workers were told to STOP and left everything as is.
    i have been around construction sites and there were no barrier’s fences , no yellow caution tape.
    their materials were not even tied down so that it doesnt get stolen.
    how can this fool say to his wife the house is ready needs just cleaning really, how dumb are you? why even bring the camera’s there?
    i wonder if it was just to show.

    • did you all notice the pile of toys laying out by the curb? Looked like what you see when someone has been evicted! Also made me think wasn’t really theirs and was a house Joe was contracting. Hmmm?

    • Joe “flips” houses for a living. amiright? As soon as i saw the Shore house I wondered if it was a flip and they showed it simply to “keep up” with Teresa and her Shore house. I guess if we see it on the market soon (or already on the market) we will know the truth!

      • According to records, they bought their shore house before Teresa. T purchased hers after 6 months.

    • Me too. I wonder what she is thinkin with all this going on. Why is she so quiet? I think the Gorgas paid her off.

      • With more offers of free construction work? but, you are right in that she has been awfully quiet lately: perhaps she is sensing the worm has turned. If just one of those accusations is true, Joe Gorga is probably ruined. He and his bro-in-law could end up as jailmates??? 7 sweet little kids with these two numbskull dads – too sad.

  • not for one minute did i ever believe these neanderthal half-wits had a buck between them …
    not to mention not one book or work of art on the walls …LOL
    his family has been indulging him & covering for him ..
    a spoiled perverted brat with severe ‘lil man’ complex …
    he’s a pig & maybe a rapist if allegations are true & she is a skank …
    end of story !

  • kok karma is a bitch the rise n fall of these idiots who bravo andy never bothered to run a criminal history on nor credit check, wat does bravo andy care wat he exposes to the ppl. nj housewives melissa hoegorga criminal record, nene criminal past n hoelow well that a given. thx bravo andy your next. ding!

    • @just sayin on – WHAT ??? Melissa has a criminal record. Do tell, if you aware of this.

  • Didn’t Joe Giudice say in episode 2 that Joe Gorga got out of paying his contractors by telling them that he was broke? Or something like that?

    • If I remember correctly …….. the “boys” were together (not the poker game) and the Stump wasn’t there. Juicy had a news paper with the Horgas picture in it and an article, something about them, the Horgas being sued.

  • It is funny how on the reunion show Mel and Caro went right to courthhouse documents to say that Tre husband has filed for bankruptcy. Mel stated u go right to courthouse to see documents. Karama is something else!

  • Not surprised. When someone starts getting used to making the big bucks they often get greedy, then start cutting corners and feeling untouchable. The same time they act like that they point fingers at others.

  • ..

    If this alleged story above is true, How Cruel that Gorga’s kids run free and happy in not only the mansion that they live in, but also their big summer home on Jersey Shores, whilst those kids in the above story are being endangered!

    How Cruel and Cold Hearted is that?

    • You are so right and I really didn’t stop and think about that. How can Joe build homes that young children can be harmed. How would he feel if those were his kids? Heartless and Shameless all for fame and money.Where are the building inspectors?

      • Serious allegations! If it pans out that it’s true, then I can’t imagine how the tenants feel about it.

        I read on reality tea that “one of Joe’s former employees, Joe Manno (is everyone in NJ named Joe?) told Star Magazine (via their print edition) that the developer is ignoring safety in order to cut costs – even telling employees to leave deadly black mold, lead paint, and cancer-causing asbestos dust in old factories he converted into apartment buildings.”

        Asbestos? Yikes…hopefully for the kids and their families this is not true. 🙁

  • Oh well I hope Missy’s song does well so those poor people can get paid… To Gorgas , Lauritas , Wakiles, and Manzos….people who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones….Team Tre all the way, episode one changed me from neutral to loving my super T.

  • It bothers me so much that all the other cast members have always trashed talked Teresa and the one time she does they make it the BIGGEST deal that ever happened in America and wont accept her apologies, when Teresa laughs along with every dig they give her. Teresa always supports Melissa and the other casts via twitter etc. showing her love in whatever they are doing, I don’t know if it is true or not but I know I haven’t seen one bit of support for Teresa in anything she does. At this day and age everyone is having money problems, so for her own family to criticize her makes me sick, especially when they have their own money problems hidden. We all fight with our family but it makes me disgusted that they begged to be on this show to gang up on Teresa, their own blood. I could never do that to my family regardless of whether we had problems or not. I heard that they tried out for Jersey housewives multiply times and Bravo didn’t want them until they stated they would help cause drama and take Teresa down. TEAM TERESA

    • Thats so funny! copy and pasted that below.. and for all us dumb fans.. Read between the lines below..
      “Real Housewife of New Jersey” Melissa Gorga, who’s been handpicked for TV to antagonize her bankrupt sister-in-law Teresa Giudice, brings her own financial woes to the Bravo reality show. Melissa and her developer husband, Joe, who appear in the new season starting Monday, have tax liens against two of their properties, according to public records. They bought their 13,000-square-foot mansion in Montville, NJ, in 2009 and have put it up for sale several times, Joe told us. They’re also trying to raise cash with an Internet reality-show site called “Prove World.” Celebrities pay Joe to interact with fans, and fans pay to interact with them in online video chats. When we asked the beefy developer about his financial situation, he told us in a text, “Everything just got paid 30 minutes ago, no big deal . . . Thank you for the reminder, you saved me some interest. Keep me informed if I’m behind on something else thanks again.”

      Read more:


      Who planted that seed?

        • Sad indeed! I think the NY Post needs to do a follow up to see if JoeGo actually did pay everything. Somehow I think he didn’t……..

        • He doesnt need strangers to remind him to pay the bills. He just wants to make sure he ONLY pays the ones that the media knows about. He is making sure he doesnt pay any that he doesnt HAVE to pay for his “image” lol

          • LOL, ITA.
            I could not just send LOL,
            ROXI, it told me that I already sent it on this page ?????
            That has never happened to me before.

  • This will not sit well with Bozo. Remember how she said she put her reputation on line by associating with Teresa? The hooker’s gonna get the boot.

  • I could be very wrong but I read somewhere that the house Joe and Melissa lived in actually belongs to a construction company and that it was up for sale. When Joe and Melissa realized they were going to be casting members on RHONJ, they actually moved into the house. I don’t think it really belongs to Joe. I could be very wrong.

    • @Rosealie Marie – Gorga recieved the mortgage for a constrution loan. It was supposed to be sold, then Gorga claimed that he convinced the bank to change it into a personal mortgage. Then it was reported that a sizeable balloon payment would be due to the bank sometime this summer. If I remember correctly the balloon payment is due in July.

      • See , i had been dismissing all these stories because I heard they converted the construction loan (which Joe got to build their dream SPEC home) into a personal home loan with a bubble payment being due back in December. So, the home and the mortgage is actually theirs now but they have a huge monthly payment.

        What is true here? I dont know anything about realestate!

        • I heard initially about the balloon payment being due in Dec as well, and then I thought I heard something about putting it off till July???
          I have no idea anymore either.
          Does anyone have an answer ??????????????

  • What goes around come around …. and it looks like it coming around hard and fast to bit them on the a$$ …..karma’s a bitch baby lol

    I told you all they are only fronting like they got it but newsflash, They Don’t. What happens MelissaSkank when Joe finds out about your real secrets? I know them, Penny knows them, & the secrets are all lining up. And don’t try to call them to shut them up you dumbskank, Johnny’s boys are loyal so your fucked.
    Since Everyone wants TRUTH, Everyone needs to tweet @BravoTV @BravoPR @BravoAndy @YOitsVinnie to cast Penny (@PDKHair) for season 5.
    You guys want the dirt on Melissa, her skank sisters, MidgetBoys priors against women, who MidgetBoy hit and left behind down the shore, the real story on the apartment on top of the Brownstone, mistresses, ex-boyfriend bootycalls, and Much Much More then you all need to tweet the Bravo Peeps and get Penny cast for Season 5.
    I’m not only the Source, I’m a fucking Supporter. Fuck You Melissa!

      • Amen – Holy Molly – im so terrible – but the support needs to be even out on the show – we need a team guidice-? cause right now its team laurita-manzo-gorga-wakile – 4 families against the guidices!!!!!!!!!
        PENNY DROSSOS get on RHONJ my fellow greek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        thats gonna be marvelous
        melissa is going to have a mack attack
        Love it

      • My fellow Italians please support Teresa by letting Bravo know we want Penny and Johnny! Let’s let NBC know too!

          • @NonnaGabi, I’m not Italian, but I already let both Bravo and NBC know that I want to see an ally for Tre.

    • I hate to be the lone voice in the wilderness but…if it’s not right for Melissa to come on to bash Teresa, then it’s also wrong for Penny to come on and bash Melissa, and I’m sure that it’s the last thing that Teresa wants, for her parents’ sake. Please don’t tell me that Melissa and Joe “deserve” it either, because I’ll bet Melissa and Joe thought Teresa “deserved” it when they came on too. As much as I would like my personal view of Melissa and her sisters to be vindicated, it would be just waaaay too dark to watch

      • The difference is a brother came on a show to destroy his sister. Penny comes on and it’s a business owner destroying a busted up Hooker.

        • The other difference is Penny will be telling the TRUTH! She is not out to destroy the Gorga’s but she will not lie or put up with them lying.

      • You are right. This is why people who want a career in the entertainment industry should do it the old fashion way. Write your own music and sing in clubs or act in theatre and commercials. Start from the bottom and perfect your craft.

      • Cammierari, thanks for your comment. You’re not alone: Teresa claims she is making positive changes in her life and trying to take the high road, so her supporters need to let her and follow her example. It all needs to stop NOW. Parents, children are all being damaged, and it is beyond being repaired on TV – it needs to be resolved privately w/in their family. People with any perception at all see what has revolved, and people who want to hate T. are going to, no matter what. She’s paid a hugh price for previous bad behavior, but the others may end up paying a bigger one.

      • I don’t want anyone to ‘destroy’ anyone… I would just like the truth revealed about Melissa and Joey so they can get off of their high horse and maybe leave Teresa alone.

        • @Annah – I so totally agree with you.
          “If it is to hot in the oven, the Gorga’s can get out of the fire” !!!
          But we all know that they won’t do that, at least not until more juicy gossip on them comes out. I am begining to wonder, how many more things that the Gorga’s are trying to hide.
          And you can be d#mn sure they will try to take Tre down with them.

          • I see all your points, and I’m not trying to be holier than thou, trust me. I’m just thinking that Teresa has been thru enough without someone else coming on to rattle skeletons in her brother’s wife’s closet. As much as Melissa deserves it, Teresa doesn’t. I will be happy if the Jackhole 4 see the light and realize how badly they have treated a friend.

            And by the way, whoever came up with the term Jackhole4-THANK YOU!! LOL I use it all the time now, and wish I remembered who christened them this cuz it’s perfection

          • @camm…Thank you! I came up w/ The Jackhole 4 after 1 of the many times they enraged me thoughtwas any good criminalgroup has a moniker the media gives them & given Jackhole is synonymous w/ Bravo & Andy & it combines 2 of my favoritewords jackass& assholeI thoughtit was fitting 4 these 4 asshats..Thus The Jackhole 4 was born…or 2 me now JH4 lol..thanks 4 the props! Hope it catcheson! 🙂

    • I know the source, I know. Midget boys priors with women or more than one where stamped out and I think I know who helped it along, Albert Manzo. Remember for years he was friends with Bernie Kruek (almost was the head of DHS) and the sheriff of the town. Ask yourself why did Midget kiss the ring of Albert at his party, it’s because Albert saved his bacon more than once for a payment I bet. I would really like to know who Midget hit and left at the shore, something about this is extremely disturbing.

      And in regard to the apt above the brownstone it must be more to it than just where Albert goes to be with his mistress.

      • Joe gorga was accessed of raping a girl in college but she recanted her statement and dropped charges because she was convinced to. Maybe by money.

        • @Lmfao – I understood that PW’s parents got him off on that one.
          The bigger mystery is that @The Source said,
          “the PRIORS on women” meaning more than 1.
          Also, who did he hit at the Shore???

    • Uh, “Source,” if you want some respect and people to really listen, can you drop the foul language? You sound close to illiterate — and also as someone with a clearly violent, hate-filled agenda.

      Some people here may put you on a pedestal, but you sound like a serious stalker.

    • Wow Source! I have always hoped that they cast Penny on the next season. She seems to know a lot about the Gorgas. Very interesting!

  • I take it back I PRAY that Melissa and Joe get their wish to become Famous (even more Famous then Teresa) so they can be EXPOSED for the jerks that they truly are and see what it’s like to be hated on like they do to Teresa 🙂

  • I can’t believe how Team Giudice I’ve become. I really respect Teresa for going out there and WORKING. When times got tough, she got out there and starting supporting her family. It’s pretty easy to see that no matter how terribly either Joe treats her (and they both seem to have zero respect for her) she is utterly devoted to the two of them. The way the Manzo’s and Laurita’s have treated her is rediculous too. They’re allowed to insult her intelligence, marriage, and children behind her back and yet they expect apologies for things Teresa has said publicly (and apologized for). CRAZY! Oh, and if my sister-in-law made a dig like Melissa did about letting me bash her so I could make a little extra cash… Let me tell you the Italian rage would flow!!

    • Right? A lot of people were not Teresa fans before season 3. At this point their behavior makes Teresa look like a saint!

    • Annabet, you aren’t the only one who has started to think more favorably of T. for all the reasons you stated. She has claimed she has made a lot of changes in her life and deserves a chance to prove it. It may take a while, but if she is sincere, it will prove out. The others have definitely just gone beyond the pale and are achieving the opposite of what they wanted to do — no wonder Caroline looks so haggard: her plans have been thwarted, and we all know that is NEVER acceptable!

    • Another great blog. Loved it.. I also notice Andy always gives the side eye when Teresa is mentioned.

  • Is there ANYONE who watches this show who doesn’t see how incredibly stupid these two morons are? One would think that it takes brains to create a legitimate lifestyle like the one they are falsely portraying – but then, when it couldn’t be any more obvious, they brag and show off their “wealth” and annoy their creditors even more!!

  • Let’s be for real. If someone owed any one of us money and he was on national TV acting uber rich, what would be do??????????????

    Cut it out! put yourself in the situation. 1. They are not “Uber” rich, LOL! There are more humble people with a whole lot more CASH than them. NOT investments. Those buildings are not paid off and neither is that house. If they had $3,000 in the bank few years ago, unless they have liquidated most of their assets, I want to say maybe they have added couple of more zeros to that amount.

    People who know them from their hood, have not so many nice things to say at this point. “Fame” has gotten to their head by now. In “reality” (no pun) they are not TALENTED or ENTERTAINERS. All of these families will be a thing of the past. Everyone has their seasons… they will pass too.

    • 🙂 I’m smiling at your use of the word ‘Uber’….. Love it for Dane Cook in one of his tweets earlier today said that he gives 4 points to the use of ‘Uber’ but will subtract 4 points if you answer the phone ‘yo’……:) You’ve made Dane’s list of being awesome… 🙂

      BTW, I agree with your post & well said!!!!

    • About eight yrs ago i eas at a gas station and two guys were basically accosting me. One was leaning on my drivers door and i could not get in the car. I was totally freaking. A guy walks over to me and says hey hon did you want sugar free soda and put his arm around me. The two assholes left. I was soooo grateful. Never saw the guy again after we introduced ourselves. Joe gorga saved me that day. True story.

      • See, that’s what I’m always saying about Joey, I think he’s a good guy with a good heart but he has been manipulated and led away by his wife. She has him so twisted I don’t he’s even the same person that Teresa has always known and loved. I don’t think the guy will ‘get it’ until Melissa finally screws him over.

  • Well it seems like he doesn’t work at all he is always taping for the show season 3 and 4 back to back ,when does work?Than on top of all that he is with his wife at all her events she does and all bravo’s shin digs and they have alot of those.You know pretty soon he has to come up with a balloon payment for that mansion.Maybe he is putting all his money away for that.Who knows.

  • Haha the Manzos will now drop them like hot potatoes!! After all the sucking up and ring kissing (remember JoeGo kissing big Al’s hand at the Gorga Holiday party??)BARF The Manzos are so shallow and disgusting. Iam tickled pink to read this about the Gorgas..after all the bad mouthing they’ve done about the Giudices.

  • Read that they didn’t pay for the $50k “charity” Christmas party either… What’s really goin’ on?? Oh wait… But they pay their bills. Seriously?? Smh

    • Wait what? they never paid for the Charity Christmas Party they had for RHNJ? GET OUT? 🙂

      • “They owe Fabulous Foods $49,500 in Season 4. Joe Gorga never answered any form of communication from Fred, and initially paid Fred $500 then told him he would ‘take care of the rest’ via free construction work. Fred was taken back. He has one of the most beautiful homes in NJ – he needed the salary of a receipt he was owed, not $500 + probono work. After months and months of getting nowhere – Fred got angry. He was about to go to the press regarding Joey G, but Kim D stopped him. Interestingly, it was at a house party of Kim D’s where [!@#$%^&*] hit the fan. Bravo producers knew of what happened and asked Kim to bring it up at the party. Kim, knowing the show is half staged, assumed the other girls knew that this was going to happen and brought it up in front of Melissa. Missy went crazy. So did Joey G. In Season 4 they deny it, even though initially Kim tried to help them by asking Fred to not go to the press. Remember when Joe Gorga said on the WWHL After Show, when Andy asked Melissa if she got her dress at POSCHE, ‘hell no.’ This is why – he was pissed he got exposed.”

        • wow! I guess they have to file for bankrupsy before the media will pick these stories up. Then again, they will never be as popular as Teresa so it may never get picked up by mainstream media sources. That is really dirty tho! Who stiffs charity? lol

          • Just thought of something, how the heck are they going to make the BIG balloon payment
            that is coming due in July (I think) It is only two months away. She better get back to Lookers and make money fast.

        • I wonder if the white party is at Kim D’s. In the clip for the next show the former Lookers employee is yelling at Teresa and when Teresa tries to walk away Ms Lookers is calling her a coward to get Teresa to react and look bad.

          • She is mistaken though, its not Teresa who looks bad. Melissa carefully crafted this “innocent” image and this is just proving to the viewers she is not who she pretends to be.

            Joe and Teresa have their problems but i believe they were being themselves on RHNJ good or bad.. their personalities are real.

    • I wish they would stop paying the “Soul Diggas” for Melissa’s recordings! Maybe they will stop recording her if her money runs out! We can only hope! She cannot sing.

  • Next thing you know, MeHo is gonna be saying it’s all Teresa’s fault because of that one time they loaned them money, bla bla bla

  • news outlets have been reporting for months that the Gorgas are broke and living in thier spec house that joes company built just for looks on the show. I believe that they are broke and people that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones just saying…..

  • No she’s just slapping herself in the face for falling for his “wrich” act. And now she probably feels shes stuck with him for a while b/c Teresa said she’d leave him for a wricher man, so she can’t just leave when she finds a wricher guy, she’ll probably manipulate Joe (as always) to blaming their marriage failure on Tre and being the idiot he is, he’ll believe her even though he hasn’t even spoken to Teresa for her.

  • Like I said last season, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at their sister-in-laws.

  • I can’t wait to see how the Gorgas respond to this. A forceful denial will only whet the appetites of the gossip rags to dig deeper. God help them if the likes of the Enquirer (or is it the Inquirer?) and Star become intent on bringing them down a few pegs – they are ruthless and the Gorgas wont stand a chance. Luckily for them, I don’t think the big mags are interested in them.

    I hope to God they do not rely on Melissas Itunes sales to see them through. They wont be able to afford diapers again.

  • It looks like the big ManzoLauritaGorgaWakile beast is finally starting to get their/its due. I predict A LOT more skeletons coming to light and A LOT more whining and ” poor me!” when they do. You can bet these ppl are going to squeal like stuck piggies about how UNFAIR! this all is. Heck, they’re so arrogant, they might even make one last, desperate and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to blame the whole mess on Teresa.

    • I can’t wait to see them try and spin their dirty laundry and find some way to blame Teresa for everything! It’s going to high humor!!

    • I was thinking the same thing. They are going to find some way to blame this on Teresa.

    • Well they should be blaming Bravo’s great editing skills for outting them to all they have ripped off…*LOL*

    • @JoJoLaMa – I posted way upthread the exact same thing. I am sure that they will try to blame Tre.

    • I agree with you that the skeletons will be coming out. I also believe that THIS is the real reason why they are all trying to bring Tre down. They have known since last season that they would be exposed at some point and they can’t handle it, especially since they all bashed Tre for the same things they are guilty of. Their deflection from themselves is not working! We see right through all of them!

  • I know people that know people as I have stated before. This is no surprise to me. What surprised me was the way these two nouveau riche cafones came on the show acting like they were to-the-manor-born when in reality they were riding the crest of the easy-to-get-a-mortgage-especially-in-tenement-buildings-in-depressed-Paterson wave. I guess they didn’t hear what the rest of us here in NJ heard.

    That would be the piper getting ready to play the mortgage-bubble tune,

    • Took the words right out of my mouth!

      Both Joe’s are shady. It comes with the territory if you’re in real estate development. Was only a matter of time for Joe Gorga’s troubles to hit the press.

    • @ Helen, one of the guys in the article (Joey Manno) said the developements were in Paterson and Hawthorne. I have no idea if they are even close to each other ??? Thought I’d put it out here, in case someone wants to search for any liens. I wouldn’t know where to start, being up here in the Great White North.

  • I really hope the Gorgas get their act together and take care of their three beautiful kids!!!

  • There were rumors to this effect during last season & although they were ignored due to lil’ Joe being a hot commodity at the time it appears they didn’t stay buried for the long haul……. Watch for all the rebuttals to come forth & will the viewers buy it …. Karma is a bitch lil’ Joe but on a positive note you’re still in the limelight…….:)

    • The Gorga’s mortgage is $14k a month and the tax is $50k come on, I know the housing is NOT that good, well maybe in Jersey. Also i think it was a good idea that Teresa build her house in that neighborhood. See the land is cheap, the county tax is even cheaper. I think it was a great idea. Maybe i’m biased because i like her house, i know lots of people don’t but i do like it, seems very spacious, but i would def put up hard wood floors, change the front door, remove the columns inside and outside the house.I would paint the outside white, with vines coming up the house, it would truly be my ‘french chateaux’….LOL

      • I like that it’s one a large piece of land with a pond. It looks like they have 10 acres or so. Very private.

      • Uh, JD, some really good people do live in New Jersey. Please explain what “well, maybe in New Jersey” means? Would you like people to bash your state and the people in it because of a TV show? Stereotype much?

        • @Anna F, when i said “maybe in New Jersey”, that was in regards to the housing market. I was not talking about people in New Jersey, sorry that you took it that way. The sentence was supposed to say ” I know the housing market is not doing so well, maybe it’s better in New Jersey”. Meaning since Joe Gorga is in real estate and pays astronomical prices for his home, maybe he can afford it, maybe his business is doing well.

      • Montvalle township is a very lovely town with a great school system and various pockets to it. Sadly the jersey real estate market is picking up a little but is still recessed. Luv tre her house is nice but Melissa’s is gorgeous from the outside. But seriously do either of them need 13k square feet.

  • ?¸¸.•*¨*? I am boycotting the season 4 of NJ but I am happy to read this 🙂

    • I think many ppl are happy to read this, not because we’re all cold hearted a*sholes, but because most ppl have a sense of justice and fairness that got offended by what they did to Teresa.

      • Thats it! you nailed it! I felt bad saying im happy to read this stuff – but its just a matter of fairness and justice in light of the situation

      • Oh I’m happy to hear it cause I’m a cold hearted bitch when it comes to the Hooker and her midget.

        • @NYGirl, I ditto that. They should live in a box under a bridge for all I care. That’s what they deserve.

      • I agree and I knew it was a matter of time before things started turning up. Next up, the Manzos please.

    I’ve been waiting patiently for some dirt to surface on Joe Gorga. I knew we’d get it! He deserves all of the crap that comes his way. He is beyond crude and crass. I hope it was worth it for him to come on TV and show us what a poor excuse for a brother and son he really is.

    • When it gets really bad for him you can be sure it will be TERESA who is there for him, sticking by him while Melissa runs for the hills. Then Melissa can use her excuse for leaving as she can’t deal with Teresa anymore.

  • Maybe Teresa should be more sneaky like Melissa and send emails to crazy Daniel Staub telling Daniel personal things about Teresas family to ger on the show. Melissa is a SNAKE!!!

    • Hear hear. These ppl — not just the Gorgas, but the Manzos, the Lauritas and the Wakiles — really stepped in it and sealed their fate when they went after Tree so viciously. These ppl obviously have no self awareness, no sense of irony, an overabundance of hubris and don’t understand karma.


      • yeah good for her, it wasn’t her first apology either. so what if she got paid. lets ignore the troll now, hehe

      • I second that. I think it’s great Teresa got paid for apologies. I mean, who cares?? They don’t DESERVE an apology anyway, let alone the 20 they’ve received, most of which Teresa was NOT paid for. Caro, Mel, Kathy, Jac – GO SCRATCH!!

    • They all get paid for interviews. This is a platform that these ladies are should use to make money and build their career. Any of the lady’s that sit back and not take advantage of this opportunity, are ignorant. Trust me, very few are the families on the RHW shows are super rich. This is definilty a platform to advance your careen, businessses and financial status and they should take advantage of it.

      • after all they have put Teresa through – i think at the very least an unsincere apology would suffice – hey its the thought that counts 😉

      • Every Reality star gets paid for interviews, appearances and some even get paid to attend charity events,

      • True! The other ones MEHO, Don Caro, Kathy and JACO all get paid for their interviews, but that’s OK? Only Teresa shouldn’t? Let’s be fair Kate! or should I say Lysa?

    • It would be more of an apology then teresa ever received. Besides after she gave private apologies, ones on camera, to the group, then on a magazine, and then caroline admits it doesn’t matter she already made up her mind to throw teresa away the apology tour can come to an end. It is better to get paid for apologies, then like the rest do and get paid to “anonymously” sell stories trashing and revealing friends and family members secrets.

      • KATE always has something “NOT NICE” to say!!!! see Kate we can support Teresa without being ugly but hey thats all you got is hate… guess you are on the right team!!!

    • Pffffft. $6500.00 is chump change to Caroline Manzo. That Birkin bag she sported to a Bravo publicity event cost more than that. She probably earned 3xs the amount when she flew her broom to all of the NBC interviews — you know….trashing Teresa for being paid for her public apology?

      • Trashing T on NBC is probably part of her contract with Bravo, doubt she got paid for that since Bravo is owned by NBC.

        • You don’t think they get paid for their NBC appearances? I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be some benefit to them that goes beyond their contracts with Bravo.

    • Worth every penny i bet! After all they’ve done to her she should have held out for more. 😀

      • I’d have held out for a lot more than 6500.00, too. I read it and said…that’s ALL? The fact that she took so little should be enough to let people know that Teresa didn’t do it for the money! Jacqueline and Chris spend more than that on Prosciutto for their basement gambling parties in less than a year. Hypocrites!

        • Not anymore, remember Chris and Jacqueline are in a multiple lawsuits in regard to the bankrupt company they gutted and the black water thing. If you think he has money ask yourself this. Why would a man buy his daughter a car but have it in his wife’s name while he makes a few payments and the daughter takes over the rest? That is what Chris did last season, and the reason is that he doesn’t want anything in his name that could get taken in a lawsuit.

          • I agree that Chris has some serious money “issues” over his “business” dealings, but as of 2011, the Franklin Lakes house is still in his name — and only his name.I think all of them are shady enough to have income streams that aren’t disclosed — and that’s only my opinion based on what I see of their lifestyles. But eh… if he loses the ranch in court, Caroline might have to freshen up her guest room.

        • I said the samething after I read the article. I’m not cheap, but I wanted my $3 back I paid for the magazine after I read it. Then I saw a picture of Melissa’s cellulite 10 or 20 pages later and figured that was worth the $3. I’m not a big fan of hers, but I will admit she’s very pretty on the outside, so the cellulite shocked me.

          • LOL @ Bethany, i had the same thoughts. I also wondered if Teresa made the fat pic part of the contract. I bought it just to support Teresa though. The other girls are just angry magazines with their faces on them dont sell. 😀

          • I can’t believe you think Melissa is pretty. I think she has a very long homely face and her body is too skinny like a teenage boy.


      • If they gang basher had accepted her apologies Teresa would not have a story for In Touch and would not have $6500 more in her pocketbook.
        Teresa said she was sorry in private and in front of the camera. Personally Teresa didn’t need to apologize. I read the cookbook (thanks to Don Caro complaining I had to order all 3 books) Don Caro laughed out the 1/16 comment on Rachael Ray but all of a sudden it is not funny. Yet, every show since the start of season 3 she, her kids, Rich, the former Lookers employee, Kathy, and sometimes Jac have all laughed at and made rude comments about Teresa.
        People are seeing the light and the Manzos, Rich and Kathy and your daughter the former Lookers employee and the disgusting Joey are losing fans. They have bullied and passive aggressively made more fans for Teresa.

        • Because of the comments, you bought all of Teresa’s books. Bravo helped itself to your money — by design.

          • Yes, Bravo can take their small fee for each book but Teresa is getting the larger share. Besides I really am enjoying reading the stories in the book. As Teresa has said many times that it is not a standard cookbook. She has lots of pictures of friends and family plus stories and jokes.

    • Tre would have done it for no pay,, since she has a new book out, she would want to be on magazine covers. She got a fee for being in the magazine. She
      ‘s a smart cookie.

      Wonder if any of the other wives were asked to be on the cover of InTouch for a fee or no fee.

    • when the first several apologies didn’t work, why not get paid for the last one? Besides, it beats getting paid for bashing your relatives and former friends in magazines.

      • EXACTLY! Its OK for the other ladies to GET PAID to TRASH Teresa, but its NOT OK for Teresa to get paid to apologize?

    • You’re watching your nephews and niece today! Get back to that Lysa!
      Also, you look like a drag queen hooker!

    • Hey, those “ladies” have been demanding PUBLICLY for an apology, so she gave them a PUBLIC apology. They asked for it and they got it — her getting paid for it is absolutely delightful!

    • I don’t blame Tre for getting paid for the apologies. She has tried apologizing numerous times FOR FREE to all those idiots and they won’t accept her apology.

    • Kate or who ever you are…It is sweet that T gets paid….something the rest of yr buddies are unable to do….I love it….T is laughing all the way to the bank. You & the rest however…’re gone (:O

      • Ummm actually Kate…the difference is Joe Giudice does not pretend to be a saint!!! DOH!!!

      • Juicy may have his faults, but one of them isn’t going on national television with the sole intention of destroying his only sibling.

      • No one said Juicy was a saint, he is as genuine as he can be and he just doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. A lot of us have said that we wished he would behave differently. Heck, I can say the same for my husband and wish he would make other choices that have not always been good for my family. But he has never done anything to throw us under the bus or my extended family. That is the difference, our husbands can be misguided, but they are not so in love with themselves and the camera that they would ruin family relationships over it.

  • Seems like Joe Gorga should have been aware that once he showed an office and properties that he owns, people he has screwed over and owes money to, would be outting him. Ooops Stupid BRAVO, in their quest to prove to viewers that Joe is not a *housewife* and he does work, your editing has awakened the skeletons in his closet!

    • You hit the nail on the head. That is very true. I would be pissed if he owed me $70,000 but is flaunting his 3 buildings, mansion, and shore house, in addition to buying his wife expensive gifts & throwing parties that cost $50,000.

      • And Fabulous Fred is hunting Gorga down for his 49,500 balance due on that Christmas party! Gorga finally told him he would give him 49,500 in construction work, but Fred isn’t having it! From what I hear this will be something Bravo shares with us on one of this season’s shows! Can’t wait!!

    • Slow Joe was sued by his window and sprinkler installes, they both won. He owed both over 100 thousand. Plus it was printed he had over 22 liens and judgements. That is the real reason Slow Joe has put stuff in the kids name.

      • That makes a lot of sence and explains why nothing is in Melissa’s name. I thought nothing was in her name, because he knows she’s a gold digger. You’re right, put it the kid’s name’s, because no 1 can touch it then. He isn’t smart enough to come up with that. Someone must have told him to do that.
        I also thought it was interesting if the Star article is right, by the time the kids are old enough to actually have the buildings they’ll get all the lawsuits to go with them.
        Add “Parents of the Year” to the Gorga’s redeeming qualities.

      • LOL of course that is why…YAY Bravo for letting all those who he owes money to and screwed over know that. I wonder how safe his tenants feel now that he has been outted as a slumlord also??? FANTASTIC Editing!!!

  • Roxy, Melissa made another “we pay our bills comment” in episode 2! She said something along the lines of “We aren’t at the shore all summer long. Joe does need to work so we can pay our bills.” (I took that as a dig at Joe G)

    And in an unrelated note, Richie made a dig at Joe G when he said “we don’t open businesses to abandon them” (or something like that).

    Yet Teresa is the only one whose dirty laundry should be aired and discussed right? I pray that season 5 they bring someone (or 2) on to even the playing field. It’s only episode 2 and it’s already ridiculous. There wasn’t even this much hate against Danielle. Dina at least tried to stay positive and give her the benefit of the doubt. These current women are out to crucify Tre and Joe G.

  • RHONJ puzzles me. It keeps coming out how they all have serious debt, foreclosures, etc. .. what’s puzzling to me is why Bravo refuses to put anyone one the show who actually has wealth and owns everything out right. Why so much falseness? There are people in this state who can represent it much better.

      • Some people go on for the fame not the ritches. Look at Camielle, Kyle, Lisa, Kandi, Kim (no one wants to admit it, but she was ballin with big poppa money)

        I think the difference with NJ is they brought family in. While Teresa wasnt blood they had all been close nit friends for many years. It was something new for bravo. I dont mind the jersey girls so much. But it really bothers me with BH, ATL and OC.

      • When someone reveals there name it doesn’t matter that Star or anyone is saying it. They left there name because their not worried and because its clearly true. It wasnt just one former employee it was several

        • Now that the gates are open everyone he owes money to are going to start lining up. Let’s see how they spin this shitstorm.

  • I am not surprised. The way he bashesI family on TV, doubt he has regard for strangers, especially involving money. I have read other stories about him and other men on RHONJ, most have current or past financial skeletons. Gudice’s, for some reason, are everyone’s focus, even before Joe had driving illegalities. I wonder how other wives helped in the crisis. I admire Tre works hard andholds her head up. Many on the show would not be having financial opportunities the have now without her being on it first and their relationship to her. GORGAs make me gag.

    • The former Looker employee was helping when Teresa and Juicy were having all their problems. She was helping by feeding information to Danielle about them and in turn Danielle was feeding the information to Kim G and the attorney suing Teresa and Juicy. Now we all know how all this personal information on Teresa and Juicy got out. Things that nobody but family would know.

    • I think the reason the giudices have been the focuse is because how Teresa was protayed in season 1. She was always seen spending thousands of dollar. When they filed for bankruptcy everyone thought it was Teresas fault because of her spending habits. The other ladies where never really shown spending carelessly.

  • Also, on the last episode. Joe mention how he told Melissa not to buy pampers or something for one of their kids because they could not afford it. All of their kids are really small so , that has to have just been a few years ago. And if one project breaks you, you are basicly living from one project to the next with no large amount of savings. That is like living pay check to pay check. I lot of these people use their non liquid assets to determin their wealth. Believe me, I know this. I have a huge home and nice car and owned a few businesses. When one of my businesses when under with the economy, it really hurt my cash flow. So, yes, I have a huge house but I now have tons of debt because I did not have a huge amount of savings. But, my net worth is still very positve because of my home and the building that I own for my business. But, it is a struggle keeping up with things because of my decreased cash flow. Not sure about the other cast members but, Teresa and her brother are not rich. They just made a few sucessful real estate transactions and owned some property. Just like everyone else during the real estate bubble. But, now that is over and they are feeling it.

    • I heard that Joe spent all of his money on Melissa dropping these singles. Plus he cant work because all the appearance Melissa does? No one would book her without Joe.. That is why she doesnt have very many upcoming appearances. Joe has lost nearly all of his work supporting her.

      • I think this is why Teresa told Joe that she thinks Melissa will leave him if someone better comes along. Call me crazy but I think Tre was warning Joe to take care of his business, instead of following Melissa all over for her appearances. I can just hear Tre say to him “you’re gonna go broke helping her live her dream (of being the next JLo) and when you do, she’ll leave you for the next guy”. … cuz that’s why I’d be telling MY brother

        • Yep, only Joe is a moron and instead of accepting his sisters support (rather he agrees with it or not) He choses to twist everything she says and make it about this fight.

          I really hope Teresa doesnt try to protect him this time. He tells her “You have to crash and burn to see what you have done” Actually , its he who needs to crash and burn.

      • lol, I read your post quickly and thought spending his money on Melissa dropping those singles was referring to her days at Lookers!!!

        • Well, i re-read it this morning and thought it sounded that way too. lol either way the shoe fits, right? LOL

  • I can’t believe this….can’t be true. He bought 10 of Teresa’s cookbooks last season….lol.

  • Sunday night Joe Guidice said at his house to the boys when the newspaper in his hand that Joe was probably pulling the “I’m broke” card to people he owed money to. At the time it looked like unfair editing, but 2 days later we are reading that it’s true. Interesting.

    After watching the 1st episode I almost wondered if people we’re wrong posting about Andy Cohen when they said he was hard on Theresa. I wondered if maybe Andy was setting it up that Theresa would look like an angel by the end of the season, because she knows people in high places that she could connect him to. Just a thought.

    Also, did anyone else think it was odd that when Melissa went to Joe’s office that the 2 older men working there barely said hello to her?

    • They had probably learned their lesson for speaking to the master. Servants are to be seen not heard in Melissas world,

  • I guarantee the first person who will help him out will be teresa, even if she doesn’t have the means, she will do what she can and stick up for him. This is one of the reasons teresa didn’t want her family on the show because no matter what teresa is protective of her family.

    • You took the words out of my mouth!! Teresa will probably be the first to support him & ask people not to bash her brother.

  • I believe this is true. That is why they wanted to get on the show so badly. Melissa could not stand to see Teresa on the show because she thinks she is better her because she knows all the family’s secrets and wanted to expose Teresa and shoe the world that Teresa is not doing well but, she is the one that has more money, is a better mother, has a better husband and a better family. Joe’s parents see right through her. Mom are usually right. She is the one bringing the family futher apart.

    • The story being released by Mel a few days ago makes perfect sense now. She was telling Tre to stop trying to ruin her marriage. I’m sure that Mel knew, that the story about her and Joe Gorga being broke was coming out. I wonder if she was trying to find a reason to leave him and setting up Tre. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      • These type of stories seem to have been floating around for a while but media are not picking them up. Guess those two stooges arent big enough personalities. Melissa ignores the stories and they fade away. Hopefully enough people will keep coming forward to turn it into a big deal. Otherwise, under the rug it goes again!

        But her house of cards are bound
        to fall sometime! RIGHT?

      • I’ve actually wondered if Melissa keeps the riff with Teresa going so that if/when she does leave Joey she will be able to blame it on Teresa.

        • Hadn’t thought of that before – but Melissa is pretty smart and extremely manipulative. We’ll see just how much “for richer or poorer” means to her.

    • And then PW married one.
      KARMA will get you every time.
      C’est la vie…………………Thats life……………….

    • It’s no longer a source, so therefore Reality Tea cannot use this article, they don’t like naming their sources. Also Huffpo have an article stating that Teresa was given $6500 for her intouch apology story…..Shoot i would take the money too damn it.

      • I dont blame her. Look at how they are all treating her. Girl gotta get her paper somewhere! 😀

      • I just wanted to add that the sources are real. Prevente owns a framing company in west Milford, nj.

        • @ Ihatebravo – It sounds like you know him. Why don’t you ask him if Joe Gorga paid him off On May 1/2012. Gorga told the NY Post that he just paid them off yesterday.
          You could update us and let Roxi know, and then we would know the truth.

  • I’ve heard they were broke from the first episode of the third season, I’m not surprised but like no one on RHoNJ is doing fine financially and it’s starting to annoy me because I don’t want the show full of people who are pretending to be rich and have this luxurious lifestyle when they really can’t afford it.

    I am really interested in what Melissa and Joe are going to have to say about this. (They’ll probably come up with some weird story that won’t make sense and they won’t be able to keep their story straight and then get mad at anyone who points out the holes in their story.)

    • I didn’t watch RHOA at the beginning but I remember reading stories how some rented houses just for filming. Don’t know if true but I definitely remember reading that.

      • Srt that was true! NeNe is the guilty one on that. she was BROKE as a joke before RHOA.

        • she still is renting. Her and Gregg were evicted from the home their rented the first year. The owed close to $10,000 by the time they were forced out.

  • I cant stand them –
    im so happy to read this
    i feel like such a bad person for saying that- but the way they act and the things he says about his own sister behind her back on national tv
    makes me sick to my stomach and for Melissa saying last season and in last episode we have bills to pay – yes honey we all do – basiscally she makes that comment implying that the guidices dont know anything about paying bills
    PS i just check bravo blog comments – and there are alot of positive comments posted for teresa 🙂 i was happy to see that 🙂

    • Katherine,
      I’m by nature a very nice person..long on compassion and will always root or the under dog..I feel as you do!! Happy they’re being found out and yet not so happy for the happiness it brings

    • “people in glass houses” really should learn not to “throw stones”!!!

      Theres are laws of life you “reap what you sow” or for some they call it Karma

    • Joe Giudice just said it in the last episode. I’m thinking this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is surely more to come. SMH @ Melissa saying it this past episode too, “we pay our bills”.

      • Yep yep! Bravo ALWAYS has a hidden agenda. They showed Joe saying that stuff for a reason. The skeletons are all gonna roll out and we will see the clip of Melissa saying “we pay our bills” on every single blog , website, magazine, newspaper….hehehehe!

        I will enjoy every second of it!

        • LOL me too! They wanted to be famous right?!?! They also wanted to sell out Teresa to be on the show. Well look what is happening. I think Joe Giudice will enjoy this news (and the rest that is surely coming) the most. He’s probably been dying to out Joe Gorga but Teresa has probably shut him down.

          • You know what’s sad? If in fact there’s truth to this story, Teresa will defend her brother.. because that’s what a good sister does!! Joey, are you listening???

        • Over 20 lawsuits and liens for not paying bills, now they going public. Now we know why the Gorga parent live in an apartment at Teresa’s instead of at the sample house of Slow Joe’s.

          • The parents live in their own house up the road from Teresa, they don’t live WITH Teresa.

        • I will enjoy seeing it also !!!

          I will not get to excited yet, I don’t trust Andy the Weasel, in the article at the NY POST Gorga said that he already paid off these debts. This could be a ploy to get the viewers to keep watching. I’m not going to watch, until Weasel Andy shows some consistency. Lets see if the tide really is changing.

          HEY ROXI, try to interview these two guys, and see if Gorga paid them off today like he claims.

      • And we will not see any of it, if the Gorga’s are not in season 5. That Andy is a sneaky devil. This is happening to the Gorga’s now, season 4 was taped a while back.
        I hope more and more things come out about the Gorga’s so we do not have to see them in season 5.