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Teresa Giudice Full Apologies To Each Housewife

As most of you know RHONJ star Teresa Giudice decided to publicly apologize to each housewife through Intouch magazine. I guess Teresa thought since she already did it to Caroline’s face that maybe this would work.

Speaking of Caroline. Teresa apologized and said, “I’m truly sorry for offending your cooking…We had a lot of fun together and shared many laughs. I miss those good times. I just want us all to get along.” How did Caroline respond? Well she thanked Teresa’s publicist for the apology.

Teresa tell’s both Joe and Melissa who she hasn’t spoken to in months, “I’m sorry I haven’t been as enthusiastic about Melissa’s singing career as I should have been. I’m happy that you are following your dreams. Also, this has been difficult for our parents; it breaks their hearts. I want to make them proud, and I want them to be happy. Life is too short to live like this…” Teresa added, “My brother has a special bond with Gia. She misses him and it breaks her heart.” Joe Gorga hasn’t seen Gia since last summer and didn’t attend her birthday back in January but was invited.

As for Kathy, Teresa says, “I forgive you for saying you dread being around me…I have nothing but love for you in my heart.” Teresa is doing exactly what the others want and is taking responsibility!

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  • Did anyone read Jacqueline’s LONG ass blog from last week? She pretty much confirms in it that she and Caroline are jealous of Teresa’s cookbook success. She mentions that there had been “talk” of the Manzo/Lauritas doing a family cookbook “since day one”. I don’t know what “day one” means but that’s what she is claiming. But here is where Jacqueline obviously states that there is jealousy going on (and I don’t think she even realizes she said it):
    “when she got to work and actually did what my family had only talked about, I thought, ‘Good for her.’ And I was very proud of her. I think the problem was that Teresa wanted to be the ONLY authentic Italian cook, and she wanted to make sure that she kept that title.”
    She’s referring to Teresa’s joke about Caroline being 1/16 Italian. Basically, she is saying that Teresa put that in her book to make readers think that Caroline’s cooking is not real Italian food JUST IN CASE she ever publishes a cookbook. Caroline doesn’t even have a cookbook because nobody would publish it! So what is Jacqueline even talking about? Is this what all the big fuss is over? Is this why Caroline is so pissed at Teresa? Is this why she is demanding the apology? Because she’s pissed that Teresa’s book got picked up and hers didn’t?
    Jacqueline must have been drinking wine again when she wrote that blog because she doesn’t realize that she revealed that little tidbit. That “we are secretly jealous that Teresa’s cookbook got picked up and ours did not so we’re going to create fake scenarios where we think she’s trying to discredit our heritage” gem. OOPS, JACQUELINE!!

  • After seeing the show tonight, then watching WWHL, then reading Caroline and Kathy’s blogs, I am fuming mad! The way they treated Teresa when she walked into Jacqueline’s house was so rude. Do not invite someone over if you are going to collectively ignore them. This whole season is like a middle school sleep-over gone wrong, where the group decides to leave one of the girls out and has nothing but mean things to say about her.

    I am so disappointed in the Manzo’s and the Laurita’s. I am not disappointed in the Wakile’s and the Gorga’s because I did not expect anything better out of them. Here is my theory on why the Manzo’s and the Laurita’s hate the Giudice’s:

    1. It is extremely uncomfortable to be around depressed people. I am not excusing them for turning their backs on their friends, but this kind of stuff happens all the time and there is a notable change in Joe and Teresa. It makes me uncomfortable to watch Joe Guidice. He is not fake and he is going through a lot right now and does not hide it. Men always have pissing contests, especially when they are insecure and he is at a very low point in his life.
    2. Not only are they uncomfortable around the Giudice’s, it irritates them that Teresa is getting the endorsement and other deals that they are not. They blame her for the success she is having in the areas they wanted to have success. It is easier to say she “stole” their ideas than to support her success.
    3. Even though I think it is very scummy to go on tv and expose your family member in order to live out your dreams, I must admit the Wakile’s and the Gorga’s seem fun to be around. It was easier to be friends with them…they are not depressed and insecure. There is not a history of bad blood with endorsement deals, arguments about Bravo contracts, etc.

    What disappoints me is that because they have decided to jump ship and their loyalty now lies with the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s, they have turned a blind eye to all the hateful, negative things that have come out of their mouths upon entering the show and in every episode since (in fact the Manzo/Laurita’s refuse to acknowledge those statements) and then they decide to drink the Haterade and gang up on the Giudice’s.

  • Her apology article was a totally half arsed – actually 100% fake – effort. It actually didn’t address anything real at all.

  • Did you all hear??? Teresa is going to be on QVC “In the kitchen with David” with her wine and new cookbook June 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I will be watching QVC now ;-0 I hope they can all get along-I really miss the the old days and Dina!

  • Ok this is totes off subject but can someone explain 2 me y on Kim pirrella’s not so soccer mom radio bio it says she’s the sister of “LEAD cast member” Melissa Gorga??? (yes I know I was beyond bored last nite & went 2 site) Hate 2 burst your bubble bitches but Tre is only lead cast member if there is 1…& MeHo is supporting trash..ugh they bug the shite outta me!!!

    On topic…Nothin will ever b good enuff 4 The Jackhole 4..nothin!! Apologize private/public doesn’t matter..quite frankly it makes The Jackhole 4 look vengeful immature classless childish shrill & gross..Tre don’t waste another second of your time on these disgusting peeps..they owe u an apology as well & until they come crawling 2 your door “kissing your ring” they can kiss yer arse!!

  • Ok, the ads for this weeks episode is that Teresa slams the family in her cookbook and Ashley gets kicked out. We see Teresa apologizing to Caroline again and Caroline saying she doesn’t want to look at her.We also see Melissa making the remark about helping her sell books. Didn’t we see all of this last week only it was Caroline who said that she was happy she could help her sell books? Same episode, different day.

      • Jill Zarin tried that too. She was a ” special guest” on a few of their shows. It never went anywhere. I wonder how her new bosses feel about her pro gay marriage stance? ( supposedly )

        • Also, and no, this is not political, but simply a FACT – Fox News hires hotties. Their audience wants to SEE hotties. Well, WOMEN hotties anyway -there are plenty of hideous-looking MEN on that channel. I’m not trying to be mean here, but by conventional standards, Caroline is not a “hottie”. I just can’t imagine what angle they’re going to use with her – tough talkin’ Mama? And when a channel’s viewers are SO accustomed to having their news, editorials and entertainment delivered to them by supermodels, how will they tolerate Caroline?

          Ok, sorrry Greta Van is a giant exception to my theory isn’t she? BUT and this is a BIG BUT, she was an attorney and world-renowned journalist before joining Fox.

    • Cherished Decor is a Laurita niece-in-law’s handmade, home decor business. It’s over-priced, hot glue gun frames and boxes etc. Caroline’s mother was a part of Cherished Decor when they first started but they parted ways.

      • Well that speaks volumes. Heard the mother is not talking to Don Caro but spends a great deal of time with Dina. Don’t know if that is the truth or not but I would explain her parting ways with her former partner who is good friends with Jac and Don Caro

      • Cherished Decor is Joe Gee’s wife, Christina Maria’s now. Nettie is helping make things for an upcoming Mothers Day event, however.

  • I hope Teresa gets her own show and if not a housewife that would be a friend to her. Don Caro and Jac need to leave. I don’t want Penny because she is no different than Mel. Like Mel she had to trash another housewife to get Andy’s attention to get on the show. There is something shady about this woman. If she was Mel’s friend first, Teresa should keep her distance.

    • With all this news about Caroline somehow joining Fox, I’m thinking more and more the “negotiations” were never real. Well, not for Caroline and Jac anyway. I’m sure they had to seriously negotiate with Teresa and whomever they’re planning on bringing on. But Caro and Jac getting the boot was probably decided long ago. The public hates them, they have no story line and they don’t drive ratings.

    • You know who would be great, that AlisaMaria1 lady, she seems to be materialistic and is with an old dude with money. She is friends with Kathy, but an associate to Melissa, but i think she would turn on Melissa, since it seemed she’s the one that confronted her at that party. Plus she has her own “fur” collection, Andy needs to get at her…maybe is because i like her.

      • Isn’t that the women that Lookers got into a fight with at the party that Sherri Sheppard tweeted about?

  • Great for Teresa to reach within and make what I absolutely believe are sincere apologies — it does not matter that it is in the form of a tabloid, as we have viewed one scene that didn’t get cut was her verbal face-to-face apology to Caroline (and who knows how many more she made to others that got cut or we didn’t see yet).

    I feel she is clearly closing the door on all this vile vortex of negativity so she can move forward with a pure, clean conscience knowing she has done the right thing the best way she can.

    I think Teresa is doing her best to become more mature and comport herself with more dignity, to grow away from the angry, table-flipping, foul language-spewing, Danielle-baiting-and-chasing bully she was in the first two seasons.

    • I believe that the table flipping was completely out of character for Tre, and when she saw it on film she was completely mortified. I think she vowed then and there to not let anything on the show let her get out of control like that again. And that is why I think she is so apologetic to the other women-she wants to get this controversy over and done with because she is sick of seeing her family portrayed as it has been on tv. She knows it’s all bullsh*t and wants to MOVE ON as you say, knowing she has done everything she should. If you’re reading this T, WE SEE YOU and applaud your very sincere efforts to honor your father and mother. God Bless and you’re in my prayers

      • I really think that Teresa did have something against Danielle, PLUS she was all worked-up from the Manzo-crew.
        What I think made Teresa so FURIOUS! about Danielle, was when Danielle was a guest in Teresa’s home, and Danielle hooked-up with that guy IN FRONT of Teresa’s children.
        I really feel that Teresa had some guilt over what her children saw, even-though it was disgusting of Danielle to do that in front of ANYONE’s kids. But, as a mom, I know that I would feel guilty as heck if one of my guests did that in my home, in front of my kids, and the guilty-conscience was gnawing-away at Teresa from that and it all EXPLODED with the table-flip.

  • I would like to know why at the reunion NOBODY brought up how the Manzo kids and wannabe Manzo bitch Gregg bashed Tre all season long. In the car ride to the 5k charity run they completely hammered Tre about her book “jelous italian” “stupid italian” etc and in Punta Cana the remark about Tre and Joe “somewhere over there the exact conversartion is taking place only using 2nd grade words”. How come Andy never once mentioned this!

    To be honest at the end of season 3 when the book was brought up I did think Tre was making a dig at Caroline but after hearing her explanation about the Olive Garden and where it came from I totaly believe it was a joke. I could tell all Season 3 Caroline was nippy with Tre and I never understood why but now I get it, it all boils down to jelousy over Tre’s cook book sucess and Caroline believing she should have been the one to get that deal, there is NO other explanation for it and Jac has basically confirmed it with all her interviews lately.

    Before Season 4 began I was sure Tre was gonna get completely bashed all season but I have a feeling the tides are turning and by the reunion were gonna see a big turn around from last years one.

  • I can see where the other’s would question this because it is public and out in the open. However, SHE DID APOLOGIZE TO CAROLINE ON NATIONAL T.V this past Sunday. She says she has apologized to others too if I remember correctly. Whatever, they just want every little thing to poke at her. She can never do write. They are all a joke in my opinion ( Minus Teresa ). She is #1, and they just cannot deal with that. Remember Teresa, jealousy is the ultimate form of flattery. Remember that……………..

  • Paul,

    I have been an avowed Anglophile since I started reading Jane Austen and Thackeray in about eighth grade. In fact, “Becky Sharp” was almost going to be my screen name for this blog. (I’m sure the symbolism is not lost on anyone who’s read the novel, “Vanity Fair.” For those who hasn’t it chronicles a social climber named Becky Sharp.)

    Your use of the term “slag her off” plus the love-it-the-most “o-u-r” spelling in rumor, color, etc., makes me wonder, are you on the other side of the Pond or a transplant here?

  • If Kathy or Melissa had any “family loyalty” in them, they would never have even thought about signing up for The Real Housewives.

    I’m actually beginning to think Danielle Staub wasn’t as crazy as she was made out to be. She called Caroline a puppeteer – and she is. She does not let Jacqueline be Jacqueline.

    So Caroline is complaining about Teresa putting a JOKE in her cookbook (which Teresa has said to her face on TV!) yet she allows her adult children to slag her off (and that little bitch Greg) for the whole of Season 3. And then she writes in a Season 2 blog that Teresa is a modern day Lucille Ball, yet goes on a TV chat show and takes the piss out of Teresa for saying it on the RHONJ!

    Caroline is also saying her and Teresa were never friends and merely acquaintances. Erm, girlfriend, I don’t think so! You said at the Reunion you didn’t want to like Kathy or Melissa because they tortured Teresa. Why would you not like someone because an “acquaintance” is having issues with them?

    Truth of the matter is, Teresa is the most successful of the New Jersey franchise. Yes, she may have her money problems and rumours of her husband cheating – but she’s the one with the cookbooks, the teeth whitening kit, the wine. What does Caroline have? Nothing but the glee she gets in trashing Teresa and blaming her for everything that’s wrong in the world. I’d say that’s pretty sad.

    It’s time for you to get your facts right Caroline. You need to get over yourself and your “I’m better than everyone else” attitude. You’re not. You’re a human being just the same as everyone else. Get a grip. You’re not doing yourself any favours by dragging this war out with Teresa. At the end of the day, peoples true colours show, and your colours are definitely showing. Biatch.

    • If I remember correctly, didn’t Caroline say that she ( Teresa )was family and would defend their bond to the end in Sala Consilina???
      Help- did this happen???

  • They keep coming at her and she keeps killing them with kindness. Keep setting the stage Teresa you are only making yourself look like the Queen while the others turn into bitter old harpies. Team Manzo needs to be replaced.

  • I found it interesting that Teresa has kept quiet throughout the backlash, she takes the high road and apologizes and they keep attacking.

  • The bottom line is that Teresa and her family need lots of money to pay off the bankruptcy, this is the reason she does the magazine interviews. If she really wanted to sincerely apologize to the ladies, she would have done it face to fac.

    • Didn’t you see the premiere of RHONJ last week? She did apologize to their face. Right to Caroline, IN PERSON, and the next minute Caroline said she never apologized. And that was filmed 7 months ago. So shes done it in person and now she’s done in publicly. No matter what, it will never been good enough for them. Enough already. No one is going to want to watch this.

      • seriously! Whatever Teresa is supposed to have done to merit this apology BETTER be big, because if it’s nothing more than what we already know, Caroline et al better just grow up!! They are -oh, let me use the word Caroline directed at T at the reunion-“crucifying” the poor woman! Shame on them

        • Totally agree. Teresa is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. She DID apologize to Ms. Manzopause last week on TV, and then she denied it and Lauren had to get involved and say, why doesn’t she apologize, and Caroline DOES NOT even tell her daughter that she did. I mean come on…yes, she apologizes in a magazine, and if she’s getting paid for it, so what…it’s still an apology, and she’s desperate since none of these witches will give her the time of day. But, it is always somehow “OK” for ALL of them to continue to bash her. And, as others have noted, it is ridiculous that BRAVO allows this. They are either really afraid of MamaMenopause or getting paid off by them. Plus, I just had to laugh, cause I was looking at twitter today, and Carolyn posts about her going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner; however, Ms. know it all said “White house CorresponDENCE” dinner. Who’s in a worldwind of stupid now! Plus, she sent a tweet to Jay Mohr that she texted him earlier. WTF – the Manzos are so far up other celebrities asses, why aren’t their noses brown. Eww…I just really, really, really don’t like the holier than thou, menopausa, mean boss lady.

          • Wait a minute. She really misspelled it “Correspondents”? I can’t. Typical Fox News enthusiast for you. *rolls eyes*

    • Teresa said she apologized face to face, on TV and now in the magazines. They refuse to accept it because they are petty and angry that Teresa has out smarted them all with her sense of business.. What more should Teresa do? Tell us what more you think Teresa should do for these people?

      Also, where is Teresas apology? The manzos all made her the butt of their jokes all of season 3. They have insulted her far more than she has insulted them.

  • Did anyone notice on the reunion 3 Andy never questioned any of the ladies about anything. Only Teresa and what she did. No one called Mellissa out on being so fake and twisting words around. She lied and said that Teresa felt like Rich wanted her sexually in front of KAthy/Richie daughter such a disgrace on her. Who would say that in front of someone child really. Andy never said anything about the Manzo’s talking about Teresa family all the time. The reunion was not even worth watching.

    I bet Teresa gets her own show.

  • Caroline, Jacqueline, Kathy and Melissa get paid a whole lot more by Bravo to trash Teresa in every scene than the rags pay Teresa to apologize to them. So, what’s their point?

    • Rags wont pay them for their 2 bit comments.. Tre is the draw. thats the problem.

      Same ole, thing. they are not interesting without Teresa. Tre gets publicity either way. And really how is she suppose to avoid that when you are so incapable of getting media/business attention without mentioning Teresa? Clown if you weren’t so fricking old I would call this high school, considering your age and the health danger menopause had posed for you,, I will call it early senility.

      It will get much worse. Darker themes are coming.

      • it kills me how- Jac and Caro say that this season will be very telling – basically saying that teresa fans will see the light and jump on the laurita-manzo-gorga wagon – GET REALLL- keep dreaming

        • If anything, we will become more savvy to the editing practices of Bravo…..i.e. the Spin Factory….
          to bad they aren’t counting on all of us actually having a BRAIN

        • I’m pretty sure Melissa told us all last season how we would come around to her side of things…and here we are now in Season 4 and many of us haven’t, so I don’t hold out much hope we’ll be jumping over to Caroline after this season either.

          • Indigo-do you think Melissa really feels that she is in the right OR do you think she thought she could make it look that way? Because I can’t even believe anyone in their right mind can’t see right thru Melissa-but lots of people seem to like her. It’s so confusing to me lol

          • @cammierari
            I have the same question! Some peopel do seem to believe Melissa and support her. I personally dont understand why people cant see through it. Its so obvious to not just me but people who didnt like Teresa became Teresa fans after Melissa joined the show. Is she putting on her “big girl pants” and pushing through or does she not even realize how wrong she is. Confusing!

        • It was a shocking diagnosis because she’s too narcissistic to see that her children are growing up and don’t need her, she’s getting older and going through a natural progression of middle aged women, she isn’t 20 anymore and 110 lbs and her husband would rather work than retire and stay home to listen to her groan.

          • We only heard about her constant migraines since she didn’t want to wear a bathing suit in the D. Republic. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is just an excuse and a lie to get away with not filming certain scenes. Now that they have made a storyline out of migraines and headaches (they may as well tattoo ”
            boring” on her forehead) she can always have an excuse for poor behavior. How clever. Since Blackwater is tanking, and they are being sued for stealing the idea for black water in the first place, why don’t the producers ever make Caroline have a tough story. My middle aged sons are leaving the nest even though I still support them. Waaaaaaaaaaaa. I want Albert to spend more time with me and retire waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Lauren needs to lose ten pounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
            She always gets the softballs. The only one who has her business all over the t.v. is Teresa, go figure. Teresa will pay for Joe using a gay slur for the rest of her time with Bravo. And for as long as Andy thinks he might get some from Joey Gorga. Oh, how proud he must be of his son. Dancing with transvestites in filthy, condemned buildings, having his wife signing vodka bottles and lip synching in whorish outfits. Calling his sister garbage and pointing out her alleged shortcomings to the world every week. He and Melissa promised Bravo they would come on the show and destroy Teresa. In the long run, what has she really done that is so wrong? She’s got Melissa’s ticket, she has had it from the time she first met her, and this drives Melissa and her sisters out of their minds with rage.

  • I agree with what everyone is saying – I got into a little debate with a person on another twitter account (like the laurita-manzo-gorga version of Allabouttrh-its called RHWGossip) and their argument against Teresa is that she got paid for the interview bla bla bla and thats why its not sincere – and that its a bit coincidental that she did the interview at the same time her book is coming out – of course I am hugeee Teresa fan (actually I became one when she became the underdog when her no good family came on the show to humiliate her on national TV) and defended her saying that whether she got paid or not for the interview, whether she did it in a magazine or sent each one of the hearthless housewives an im-sorry-letter, the point is that she swallowed her pride and apologized in front of the world – and lets face it I really do think Teresa misses her friendship with Jac and she is very hurt of their falling out- ppl have to step back and just let that sink when they are questioning whether or not Teresa was sincere-
    Next im really upset/annoyed/ frustrated/wanna-punch wtv screen when i see this when I see ppl voting more for team laurita-manzo-gorga – although viewers are split 50-50 – the real votes always comes out to 54% (team mean ppl) 46% team teresa – although its close – it kills me how so many ppl are team mean ppl lol – cant they see the light-
    wow i talk alot

    • its rigged,, or quite possibly. Just like Bravo blogs, do not publish letters that do not support their agenda.
      I dont visit Bravo blogs anymore… Jay Mohr isnt writing for them this season,, he has twitterd twice about it recently. He wants to be paid and I cannot say I blame him,, also they tried to woo him to their perspective.

      He was partying with Manzo’s and Tre’s brother and SIL last fall,, but maybe he is afraid he will wind up shot in the trunk of a car if he doesn’t do Bravo’s bidding.

      Hope they come crawling with money for you Jay,, I still wont go to Bravos blog to read it.. But who couldn’t use a few bucks.

      • I totally agree with you with Bravo and how they want to sway the viewers perspective by controlling what is posted as comments – its irritating – regarding Mohr- gee I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD HIM – HE WAS INCREDIBLE- he picked out everything and put such a comical twist to it – but it was clear that in most of his blogs he was team Teresa and he supported her – except if I rember correctly the last one (cause I remember Teresa calling him out on it) – it sucks that Bravo was not paying him – how could they not, their network probably racks in so much money how could they not spare some to the one person who brings ratings/viewings to their website. It honestly seems though that everyone at bravo is afraid of mama manzo- including Andy -its sad that the host of the reunion is so obviously not Team Teresa- he doesnt even try to show some sense of being neutral – he just digs and digs and basically wants to join the wagon and humiliate teresa
        like I wish they can bring somebody on the show that would be an alliance to teresa

        • BRAVO totally manipulates the posting. Maybe 2 of the 30 messages I’ve tried to post actually got posted. And although mine are always appropriate and polite, they’re very anti-Caroline. After a while, I just gave up. I’ve read MANY MANY similar stories to mine.


      • you know, my negative comments were never posted by Bravo either, but if you go to their blogs now? You will see LOTS of negative comments-which makes me wonder if they are planning on making the JackHole4 look like the bad guys this season. I stopped going to Bravo because it was so frustrating to try and say something and never find ANY POST that had said anything negative, but took a look last week when I heard on the blogs that posters were killing Jac, Caro, Kathy and Melissa. It makes me wonder…

    • that rhwgossip is mad because Teresa used to follow them and i checked and saw Teresa doesn’t follow them anymore so now shes mad

      • were they ever Team Teresa and then switched to the other wagon ?? maybe thats why Teresa stopped following -I kept telling them : you do not kick somebody when they are already on the floor – its called human decency

  • I find it very odd that there are so many people defending Teresa. She’s out of her mind. She thinks she can say what she wants and then say she’s joking. Everyone had her back until her personal life went to crap then she got so defensive that she verbally attacks. No one is jealous of her they all have success in their own right whether be family or career. Wake up people she does hurtful things and expects everyone to back her up. If she was my sister in law I would have popped her in the jaw by now. She’s wacko!

    • And I suppose it’s okay for Caroline, Jac, Melissa, Kathy, and their husbands to say what they want and then call it a joke? Teresa’s comments and “jokes” are nowhere near as hurting as the things that the others have said about her. They used her as a punchline in their jokes throughout season 3. Every one of them can dish it, say mean things and call it a joke, but when it’s thrown back in their face they cry foul.

      The fact of the matter is Melissa, Kathy, Joey and Richie came onto the show with the sole purpose of furthering THEIR careers by bashing Teresa and airing their family’s dirty laundry for a quick buck. She doesn’t expect everyone to “back her up” but she did expect her friends (as does anyone else) to back her up when her family came on the show to bash her, humiliate her and publicly embarrass her.

      It’s funny isn’t how none of them have a storyline that doesn’t involve Teresa and in every one of their interviews all they talk about is TERESA. It’s also funny how everyone else who’s met Teresa loves her and has nothing but good things to say about her while the only 4 people hating on her are her cast mates who are far less successful than Teresa. Sure, they were all successful before the show, but Teresa outshone them all. She has more deals, endorsements, etc… than all of them combined. Meanwhile, Caroline has had failing businesses left and right (radio show, her “purse” line, cookbooks, advice column, etc..), Melissa is lip-syncing at low end bars because no one in the REAL music industry wants to book her, Kathy has her dessert wine that no one even knows about and Jacqueline tweets 24/7 about nonsense. So yeah, their careers are REALLY successful. Not.

      • Richie said ” Burn that bitch at the stake.” HAHAHAHAHAHA Man, my sides hurt that’s so funny. Oh wait, anything THEY say is just in jest and Teresa has no right to get upset; anything Teresa says is cause for, well to burn the b*tch at the stake.

      • Hopefully Kathy will be “smarter” than Teresa and take all of Carolines business advice. She deserves it. 🙂

    • I think they have made her wacko – seriously speaking her family can on a reality show to air their family’s dirty laundry for the world to see- Teresa was not for this- I do not blame her for going a bit crazy- did you see the christening- even if she was fake and went to kiss and congratulate melissa and joe and she did it only for the cameras – well I dont blame her- she didnt want the world to see her family issues- so she covered it up by making it look like everything is fine and dandy – but nooooooooooooooooooooooo monkey face gorga had to make a scene by slamming the table and showing the world that teresa was fake by coming over to say congrats and that her slow dancing with the baby and joe giudice was all for show – um yeah – if the cameras werent rolling im sure all that wouldnt have gone down- but since there were cameras and it was going to be aired on Bravo- they (teresa and crew) didnt want the world and rightfully so to see they have problems – apparently melissa and kathy deserved to also have their chance to success or however caroline manzo explained it- lets by honest- from the looks of melissas house i dont think she needed any further success or financial help- I dont know if im articulating myself well but what im trying to say is that Melissa did not need the fame and money given the lifestyle she leads and of course on one side everyone is entitled to fame and fortune but not the expense of breaking apart your family – she should have shut up and told bravo thank you but no thank you – I will continue shining with family in our wonderful home and keep the cameras out-

    • They talked shit about her non stop of course she was defensive! You would be too. Teresa doesn’t do anything and they talk bad about her, that is all they do non stop! Teresa is awesome and I love her. Teresa you sre doing great, cut those dirt bags out of your life and don’t look back!

    • Jess
      You really need to read this website
      The former Lookers employee comes off so sweet and innocent but she is far from it. If you don’t have a twitter account you have been missing a ton of information on Ms Lookers including a the nasty tweets from her and her wicked sisters of the shore. She likes to get other people to do her dirty work like her make up dude trashing Teresa and Juicy on an almost daily basis. Then there is the Marco Sister Fan account that became “Team Teresa” this past week after she was used by the 3 sisters to trash Teresa.
      I can see how just watching the show you may like the former Lookers employee but what you see on TV is not who she really is.

  • All these hags don’t have anything bad to say about T but the comments she made in her book so that says ALOT About T ( she is not as mean as they try to make her seem) accept the apology and move on because if this is all you guys keep focusing on let me tell you it’s old and boring. Oh ya and Melissa you are pretty and ummmm that’s it.,,

    • I guess beauty is in the eye of teh beholder. I think Melissa has a very pretty body. Her face is ugly. I also think Joe Gorga is REALLY ugly. His face is jacked up. But his body is beautiful for such a small “man”.

  • She should not have to apologize– they should!!! Joe, Mel, Kathy, and Rich joined her show and are making money out of trying to degrade her name!!! They should all apologize and thank her BIG TIME!!!

  • If she only apoligized in private then the other four would lie and say it never happened. Now her sincere apologies in the blog , and in the magazine are public record.. Of course now the other four are saying it wasn’t the right kind of apology, with of course only them deciding what a “real” apology should contain. Caroline seems to think that Teresa is trying to rehabilitate her image, when it is Caroline and friends who have taken a major hit. Move on Teresa, you did good. As for the other four, hit them pocket book. Don’t buy anything they endorse, write letters to sponsers that employ them and tell them how disappointed you are to see them associated with their company(Hello Men’s Health and that beauty company Jacqueline is now associated with). We should not be supporting any company that sanctions these womens bad behavior.

  • I can only imagine what this season’s reunion will be like. Teresa, please don’t feel you have to explain yourself any more, because it’s obvious that nothing you say is good enough for these women. They don’t like you, for whatever reason, and it’s time to move on. If you can stay on the show and be happy knowing that the rest of the cast doesn’t like you, then PLEASE stay, because you have a lot of fans. However, if it’s too painful, then it’s time to move on. You’ve reached out and done what you could and have been slapped in the face for it. Time to take a page out of everyone else’s book-smile in their face, then rip them in your talking head interviews. Don’t forget to roll your eyes and make sarcastic wisecracks too, ala Mama Manzo.
    I just hope that ANDY won’t take a side this year. Maybe if Teresa has at least one person not jumping down her throat, she will be able to get thru this season’s reunion-and Andy, if you do rip Teresa, then you are officially the worst boss in the world

    • Well done, I agree. Caroline probably thinks she is so clever for thanking the PR team instead of Teresa for the apology. Please, Caroline, tell me some more about reading between the lines and planting seeds. It doesn’t sound duplicitous and sneaky at all. :-/

      • Clown please get on your knees and BEG a PR team to get you out of the image you have created for yourself.

        From your scrunched up face to your vile judgemental mouth.

        You are so low rent to not understand this and appreciate the value it could bring to you. You had 4 years to build a business based on what you could develop through exposure to the show. You really couldn’t make it happen because you were arrogant enough to think you could do it for yourself and that your holier than thou attitude and BULLDOG methods of communication should be overlooked.

        You are reminding me so much of Jill now, who could not see herself clearly enough to pull it together. And the poor loser attitude she was left with as a result. You have weeks to go before we see the end of the season, and each week you will put something out to the blogs justifying yourself. It’s your funeral Clown,, run with your game plan.

        Clown you are way to prideful to take advantage of a stylist and PR firm, so jealous and soooo stupid.

        • Pinkie you know, you put into words perfectly something I’ve been thinking for a while – Don CLEARLY doesn’t have a PR person and she SHOULD. So why doesn’t she? I think lots of ppl in this reality show business probably want to do things their own way and without the burden of “handlers”. However, at some point, most reasonable ppl would say ” Ok, I guess my way isn’t working. The public hates me. Time to get some advice.” I really, really dislike Caroline and I actually hope she doesn’t take this advice from anyone, but her image COULD be fixed if SHE apologized and learned to be a little ( a lot ) more humble. But we all know there’s no chance of that happening. Again, why? Some ppl guess it’s because she doesn’t really care to be on tv anymore. I totally reject that. I think she’s a famewhore of the highest order and will hold onto the spotlight by her fingernails. It reinforces her sense of superiority. No, I think she is …JUST…THAT…ARROGANT. She really believes she’ll ultimately be able to control this situation.

      • If she is thanking the PR team for the apology.. then maybe she should be going after teh Ghost Writer for writing the “insults” to begin with. They are all about pointing out Teresa used a Ghost writer because shes too “stupid” to write it herself.. They say something hypocritical every single day.

        Teresa does some bad things, but she owns it! She doesnt think she is perfect or portray herself as perfect. Caroline has put herself on a pedastal and cant live up to her own standards. So sick of her!

          • Ok i will admit i had to google that one.. LOL

            Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously. In a state of dissonance, people may feel surprise, dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment.[1] The theory of cognitive dissonance in social psychology proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions, adding new ones to create a consistent belief system, or alternatively by reducing the importance of any one of the dissonant elements.[1] An example of this would be the conflict between wanting to smoke and knowing that smoking is unhealthy; a person may try to change their feelings about the odds that they will actually suffer the consequences, or they might add the consonant element that the smoking is worth short term benefits. A general view of cognitive dissonance is when one is biased towards a certain decision even though other factors, such as environmental factors, favour another alternative

          • Exactly. I don’t even think they see they are actually attacking T the way we see it. They think it’s perfectly justified and within their realm of judgement. T said this, T did that, T won’t talk to us about her problems, Teresa, Teresa, Teresa. They’ve rationalized that it’s almost their duty to take her down a peg or two. Sad. Especially Caroline. She needs to get over herself in a big way.


  • There’s been a pattern established alright and it’s the reason Caroline and her brood (and the rest because they chose to ally themselves with the Manzos) have been allowed to run amok with no accounting until now, the viewers, are calling bullshit on the obvious favoritism the Manzo’s have received since day one. The reason Caroline gets to put on a game face when she finds something unpleasant to discuss yet Teresa must bare her soul or face an inquisition is because of Andy’s inability to be impartial or fair. To hold all to the same standard of ‘honesty.’

    I was trying to post the following last night but because it contained external links it was held and inserted midway through another thread. I think it too important to take a chance on going unnoticed so I am repeating it here. Anyway, what I wanted to say was,

    Maybe someone can also look into why Andy Cohen let Caroline shut down all discussion about her father-in-law’s Mafia connection at the first reunion yet he hammered Teresa about whether or not she and Joe could be facing jail over a bankruptcy. If anyone recalls he asked a tentative question about rumors of Caroline’s father-in-law, Albert “Tiny” Manzo, having been mobbed up. The question was based on the fact that almost 30 years ago, the elder Manzo was shot and his body stuffed into the trunk of his car a la gangland style. Asked the question, her majesty denied even the possibility of his being “connected” and told Andy Basta! regarding any further questions in the matter and he meekly complied. Yet he treated Teresa like she was under oath and faced prosecution if she didn’t answer his relentless questioning about the Giudice bankruptcy.

    “…Asked specifically whether she believes Tiny was caught up with the Mafia, Manzo responds: “As far as my father-in-law goes, in his lifetime there was never so much as an accusation of him being involved in organized crime.”
    Not so, according to the Daily News:

    Then there’s:
    “…Well, that’s not entirely true. Robert Buccino of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, who in 46 years in law enforcement has charged more than 450 made members of La Cosa Nostra, says he knew Tiny Manzo. “He was well-known in the Paterson area,” he tells me, “and his association with organized crime was well-known.”
    “As far as his family goes, his sons and daughters, there’s no allegations about them that we know of,” he adds. “But the father certainly was a player in the scene with organized crime.”

    Is it something as simple as C-andy Ass-Kiss Cohen and his staff being dipshits who don’t know how to research public record OR is it that the Lord of the Housewives has decidedly been playing favorites (I say ever since Joe’s “gaylord” comment at that dance lesson he’s had it in for the Giudice’s) for a couple of years now.

    They say you end up with the face you earned. That would certainly be born out by how Caroline has gotten increasingly hag-like over the few years we’ve ‘known’ her. Being rotten on the inside starts to show on the outside? Pretty is as pretty does? Who knows. All I do know is lately, in every photo and appearance, Caroline looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet while Teresa has never looked fresher.

    • Brilliant, Helen!

      I replied to this post under the “Is Joe Cheating on Teresa” thread. I copied my reply below:

      “Normally, I’m not one to play the “sins of the father” card – but in this case I’ll make an exception.

      If my family’s business was purchased with mob money, I would not be going out of my way to point out the moral failings of those around me.

      To his credit, Al seems to run a clean business. But if old Tiny was in deep enough to position himself to skim mob casino money, he was in deep – and it takes more than a generation for those ties and that mentality to die off. So while I wouldn’t go as far to say that Al is involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses those connections to his advantage. Like his little stunt with the local water authority. He thought nothing about taking a salary (however small) and health benefits that he was in no way entitled to. In his mind, it was OK since he “technically” had an address at the Brownstone. In fact, I remember when he was first called out by the government, his initial reaction was not one of shame, he was defiant.

      When a person is as delusional as Caroline about their family, it’s not likely that they will ever see things as they really are. According to Caroline, Tiny was not in the mob and this was just another unsolved murder – just another random 350 pound man going about his business when he was shot dead, stripped naked, tied up and left in the trunk of his car – happens all the time.’

    • The Clown has become demented with jealousy and envy. You lie about your Mafia background, Clown.

      You are hateful to so many people and to think you were trying to launch a radio show which takes calls for your advice. Bring in Clown because that is a laugh.

      Shame shame on you Clown, for being so unforgiving to others, Mistreatment of children and your failure as a mother to raise children who are mature adults.

      The KoolAid Bravo served up to you Clown, has contorted your body mind and spirit and it shows everytime you open you mouth.

    • when Caroline was on WWHL last sunday, several people mentioned that she didn’t have to play “Plead the Fifth”. I think maybe she told Andy that she would refuse to answer as many times as she wanted to, not just once, as the “rules” of the game state. I think she has made it clear to Andy that she will not answer questions that she deems inappropriate. For some reason, Andy lets Caroline get away with it, while he beats up on Teresa for it. Sadly there are many people out there who are on team manzo, so I’m not sure Andy will ever change.

      I really wish that the show was centered around Teresa, Dina and Kim D. It’s just getting too dark and mean spirited

      • Extremely so, I am starting to feel as if Clown will be departing. And that the stage is being set up as, Tre’s treatment of her is an insult to her dignity. So that when she is off the cast, she can claim it was her decision to leave.

        If she is that bossy and demanding on WWHL, how difficult must she be when shooting an entire season? She is one Fugly Bulldog and just watching her blast, pout or boast is painful.

      • I know I’m late to the conversation here but tonight on WWHL (Sunday) Andy said that Plead the Fifth is for WWHL virgins. Kelly Osborne played it since it was her first time on the show. Jacqueline was also on but she didn’t have to play. So I suppose that is why Caroline didn’t have to play last Sunday.

        Regarding Caroline’s refusal to answer questions about Tiny Manzo’s mob ties, I can see why she’d be tight lipped about that. I don’t like Caroline, or her children, and I make no secret about it. I adore Dina though and even Dina shut the conversation down at the S1 reunion. When there is a mafia connection in the family – especially one from a previous generation that the family is trying to break ties from – you don’t talk about it openly. Caroline was lying through her teeth by saying that her father-in-law’s death was an unsolved murder but she had to in order to circumvent the question. If she told the truth, can you imagine the Pandora’s box that would have opened? She might as well have put the bullet in Al’s and Tommy’s heads herself. I get why they don’t speak openly about it.
        From what I understand though, Al and Tommy run a clean business at The Brownstone. They may have inherited it on dirty money but I don’t think there is anything crooked going on nowadays.

    • Tre doesn’t care if you ask anything she is an open book like me,but Caroline denies to this day about her father in law.Whether she likes it or not it is true.He was a really sweet man as people remember him and was real good 2 Caroline and his 2 sons.Both sons are not in the mafia at all.I think she is protecting his honor he is gone and he was family.

      • And Caroline has every right to do that. But what was good for one should have been good for another is my point.

        Andy grilled Teresa relentlessly but always, and I mean ALWAYS, is so far up Caroline’s ass, if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the echo every time he’s addressing her.

        • Truth and Andy doesnt hide the fact that he hates Teresa. But i think his hatred is not based on being on Carolines side but more that Teresa went after Bethany. She proved she had her skinny Italian in the works before Bethanys skinny margarita after Beth called her out for “copying” her. Then the Gay slur..

          It i funny to see people turn on Andy, Andy is use to being the pupet master, people are noticing and calling him out for it.

  • Im proud of Teresa for the apologies. I would have never done it, in private or public. The way the ganged up on her at the reunion and Andy was also part of the mob, I felt so sorry for her. I cant stand anyone on that show other than Teresa. Caroline has got to hate someone first Danielle and now Teresa. Caroline is a mean hateful, controlling old woman. I dont like her little baby sons either. Melissa I just outright hate her and her husband. Joe G would do this to his parents and ignore his little niece over this BS he is an asshole to me. Kathy and her joker husband dont like his so called jokes and dont like her always stirring the pot. Jaki has her own problems and she needs to take care of that and leave Teresa alone her and her family took to twitter and said so much BS about Teresa is was like she and her family all have the mentality of teenagers. If all of them didnt have Teresa to talk about the all would be a non MFfactor.

  • I look forward to their apologizing for all the crap they talked about Teresa which was far worse then anything she said. This whole thing is ridiculous. The ladies need to take a Midol, eat some chocolate and get over themselves.

    • I just don’t get why “burn that bitch on a stake” was so funny to those freaks. They all clearly hate the woman so it just came off as really dark. Yeah, let’s tie her to the back of the truck and go for ride! No… just no. Call me sensitive but I don’t make jokes about killing people.

      In fact, Caroline being this offended is starting to really chap my behind. Some people like the Olive Garden, ok? Outside of her bubble, there are people who see it as a treat because authentic Italian is out of their range or budget. Acting like Teresa made some serious low blow shows what a snob she is.

      Teresa is proud of her heritage/cooking and I think Caroline sees it as an affront to her own heritage or lack thereof.

  • Quote: “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.”

    Teresa – Brave, Strong, Happy.
    Jac (Bitch) – Coward, Weak & Unhappy
    Caroline (Cunt) – Coward, Weak & Unhappy
    Kathy – Coward, Weak & Unhappy
    Melissa – Coward, Weak & Unhappy

    Anyone notice the pattern?

    Jac is a shit friend. Caroline is a manipulator (I put money on her telling Jac not to be friends with Tre). Kathy is fake and hypocritcal. And Melissa – no words can describe that fame-whoring piece of shit.

  • At some point long-after the season 3 re-union, Teresa was quoted somewhere as saying that she had not seen the reunion. I’m wondering if she STILL has not seen it, and if she does or does not remember what Caroline said to her???
    Maybe here, and other blogs, people wondered if Teresa was under the influence of a tranquilizer during the reunion, …..OK, my point that I’m trying to make is, that, after what Caroline said about Gia at the reunion, (“a disgrace”, “stupid”, “tragic”…referring-to Gia’s sad birthday song)
    Well, I know that as a viewer that I will never forgive Manzo for talking about a sweet little kid and her performance like that, and I cannot understand for the life of me how Teresa could APOLOGIZE (and repeatedly!), to a person that would say such things about Teresa’s kid.
    The ONLY way that I can wrap my head around this is by wondering if Teresa never got-around to watching the reunion, and if she was so overwhelmed during the reunion that she didn’t see what Caroline was saying about Gia??
    My advice to Teresa would be to please STOP apologizing to Caroline. If anything, apologize to Gia for subjecting her to a judgmental jealous blowhard.
    If Teresa is going to put her kids out there, she really should be willing to defend them and protect them from bullies like Caroline.
    Look at the way that Jaq. has treated Ashley. I see a LOT of nasty aunt Caroline’s influence there. Dina is doing the smart thing and keeping her child away from them all.

    • Caroline is also happily retweeting and conversing with Faux Milania as well, so you know exactly how far her “never talk about the children” excuse for getting mad at Teresa extends.

      She talks about Ashlee, Gia and Milania, but her precious adult boys are off limits. She even trash talks her own daughter, but her precious boys can do no wrong, even when they act like thugs and get in legal trouble.

      • Shame on her and hope she is fired from the show, She has surrendered her sense of decency.

        Such a dried up old hypocrite, Clown Cow please leave the kids alone, please don’t let your bitterness allow you to lash out at children

        • DonCaro is only tweeting faux Milania in hopes of inciting some sort of negative response from Teresa…so she can pounce.
          What cracks me up is how Caroline is holding onto her stupid stance of Teresa attacking “Cwitofur” in the book, when it was in all honesty if anything it was a jab at CAROLINE for endorsing her kid have a stripper car wash. I guess since she (Caro) has no regard for her own daughter (i.e. if I can’t call her FAT who can?) she wouldn’t care if Lauren lost 30 lbs and stripped – mind you I’m not calling out Lauren on her weight… she is in all honesty an AVERAGE sized woman in the U.S.
          Bottom line, Teresa, keep apologizing but always know that it will never make a difference with Caroline and in the end her puppet WacJac…. just do your thing…

    • I actually, for once sort of agree with Don here in that I don’t think Teresa’s apology was 100% motivated by a 100% sincere desire to forgive and have them forgive her. I’m sure that was part of it, but I believe she apologized so publicly because if she did it in private ( which she has a few times ) again, they’d just lie about it. I also think it’s like a hate lob – ” Okay ladies, I want reconciliation, I want love. I want to move on. The ball’s in your court now.” They’ve thrown down the gauntlet and this is her way of putting daises in their gun barrels. So if they continue on with this nonsense, it’ll look like they’re fighting for the sake of fighting, not because they have any legitimate reason to. I think it absolutely was tactical on Tree’s part and I say …..GOOD FOR HER!! She has 4 vicious hosebeasts who plan to attack her in a coordinated way for the next 14-15 weeks, what is she supposed to do? Staying completely silent on the subject served her well, I think, during the off season, but now she has to say SOMETHING to answer or counter the BS they shovel every day.

      • I posted a similar response in another thread. I’m sure there were multiple reasons why Teresa apologized, the main ones being putting a stop to all the bashing and taking away their ammunition so to speak.
        I do partially agree with Caroline about the sincerity. While I don’t think Teresa ever meant her any harm, IMO the insincerity is in the lack of interest in ever being friends with Caroline again. I believe she would love to mend fences with Jac, Kathy, Joe and to some extent even Melissa but I doubt she wants anything to do with Caroline again. Caroline probably knows that if the others accept her apology, she will be the odd man out, that’s why she’s so angry.

      • Again i agree with everything you said. I hope they do move on. I hope Caro is fired, teresa gets a spin off and Melissas true colors are revealed.

    • Word. The more Teresa apologizes, the more these self-righteous twits can keep pretending she did something to actually apologize for. I don’t understand how Teresa refrained from slapping Kathy’s smirking face on tonight’s episode!

      I also felt terrible for Ashley. Her mother is immature and crazy and talks smack about her to everyone, not only her extended family, who never have anything nice to say about her, but even strangers like the Gorgas. There’s no excuse for a grown-up poisoning everyone’s mind against her kid! That is so humiliating. It’s not like she’s venting to a co-worker or shrink Ashlee will never meet. I don’t know how she faces walking into a room of friends and relatives knowing her mother has invaded her privacy and trust by trashing her to all of them!

  • F u Caroline! God I hate this woman always thinkings she’s above everyone! T said SORRY! Just say okay! She didn’t even do anything to make you this upset! I have a daughter and would want her working at a stripper car wash too! I’m sure if I had a boy things would be different! Leave the show! Your a snatch! Btw whatever happened with her friendship with Lisa Lapanelli (spelling) ?

    • Lol *would not want my daughter working there* sorry typing on my iPad isn’t the best!

    • She said not long ago her and Lampanelli are friends. I think that is where Jac got her info on how FAR Teresa made it in CA. Hope they sue both Jac and Lisa for that. It also makes since that the nasty Lampanelli would feed them info on Teresa charity being the trump boys charity. Lisa has to make an excuse for getting canned before Teresa.. They all view Teresa as STUPID so she cant possibly have made it that far without help.

  • I don’t think she owes any of them an apology. She did a favor for Caroline who has been trying so hard to get her children as much air time as possiable so maybe they could start making their own money and her and her husband could stop supporting them finacially. I mean how insane was it to watch adults throw ham at each other and laugh like it was good times at the Manzo house. Now they will all hang on to this story line in hopes that it will make them as important as T. This is the only reasoniable explanation why Caroline is so mad at T because the comment wasn’t that serious. Her own husband made a remark last season about good thing we didn’t buy him the car wash I would be running a car wash now. That idea made as much sence as throwing ham at each other did or talking cajun.

    • Oh no, Don isn’t JUST upset about the cookbook. She wants to ” read between the lines “. Well, we have Caro, actually we didn’t even had to do THAT because the press ( and you behind the scenes ) made sure everything got reported – Punta Cana incident etc. We already know everything and we still think you suck.

  • You have done more than your share of apologizing. The rest is up to them. If they can’t forgive you then I am sorry for you. For this means they were never your friends to begin with. You family and your parents come first for they are the most important. Never lose sight of this.

  • I think she’s done all she can privately and publicly.. Either they except and all rise above it or T should just move on…

    • Agree. I would cease looking back. I would also never mention them via twitter again. Her future is now much bigger than all of that mess. I would just concentrate on building that Fabulicous empire….also, they dont want to forgive her, if they do, they have no reason to even be on tv. They are all sad, bitter horrible people. And her brother-disgusting!

    • I actually think Teresa should have moved on a while ago. I can sort of understand her having a hard time giving up on her brother, but Caroline and Jac? Good lawd, those are some toxic hags. Cut them loose Tree!

  • If I were Teresa I wouldn’t have apologized to any of those hags. No matter what is going on, an Uncle should never punish the niece that loves him unconditionally. Believe me, Gia will have the memory of her Uncle not coming to her party forever. What a lowlife! As far as Caroline is concerned, screw her, she disgusts me. She butts in where she shouldn’t and I can’t stand her. Hell, her own sister can’t stand her! Teresa, I went 2 whole years and didn’t speak to my sister because of a falling out and her hurting my child physically. I gave in because of my parents hurting ( I made them have separate holiday get togethers). Now that my parents are both gone, I have nothing to do with her and IT’S FINE. Your family comes first, (Joe and the girls) screw the rest!!

    • I agree. But i truely believe Teresa misses Jac and she wants them to stop bashing her publicly. It seems it will never end. This hopefully is the final apology.. and if they continue to bash her in their blogs on top of the season they will only show the public what type of people they are.

      Also, i dont believe Caroline is “jealous” of Teresa. I believe she is ANGRY that Teresa out smarted her. They viewed Teresa as stupid and beneath them, so for Teresa to be doing so well in business while they continue to fail burns her biscuits!

      Didnt Teresa say in season 2 or 3 that Caroline told her she was doing her book wrong… told her to release it a different way, use a different PR tactic a different publisher and Teresa ignored her.. chose to do it her own way and is doing well! Haha

      • I don’t think Teresa said anything about her book deal and Caroline in season 2. But she did blog about it during season 3 on her website saying that Caroline told her she’s doing her cookbook wrong and basically called her stupid.

        • Well we all know Caroline “cant” ever be wrong. I think she is angry Teresa out smarted her. I hear caroline had a childrens clothing store and sold it to focus on RHONJ? which is dumb! she should have promoted the store on her show!

          • The public just was never interested in what Caroline was selling and she can’t get over that.

    • If you do not love and respect your own family why would you have love and respect for your in laws or anybody else?
      If you come from a strong loving family foundation, you will feel the same for your spouses’.

  • She has apologized privately and publicly. If the shrews want to focus on the fact that it was done via a magazine as an excuse not to accept the apology – so be it. Rather than finding flaws with her apologies, perhaps it’s time for them to accept that they owe her an apology as well.

    I will note that her message to Kathy was one of forgiveness, not an apology. Good for her, I think she does not owe Kathy an apology for anything. It seems to me that next to her brother, she feels most betrayed by Kathy. Even though Melissa has acted far worse than Kathy, I don’t think T ever expected much more from her.

    Time to move on T. You’ve done everything you can to make it right. The ball is firmly in their court now.

    • Very well expressed Life,

      She has apologized now the question becomes can THEY forgive? Are they capable within themselves to forgive?

      Kathy, Teresa forgives you for what you said and how it hurt her.

      To forgive is Divine, Kathy. Try it on your way to Sainthood.

  • Teresa shits on every housewife! They’re all egomaniac weird old ladies going through a midlife crisis (with the exception of the mentally lil mentalissa gorga)