Real Housewives Of New Jersey Breaks Bravo Records! Most Viewed Season Premiere Ever!

April 24, 2012 |By Continue Reading

What did they expect? I mean, the Real Housewives of New Jersey is the most real franchise. They are actually struggling and airing all their dirty laundry out there for the world to see! RHONJ season four premiere was ranked the most viewed season premiere in Bravo history with 3 million total viewers! Congrats to Bravo.

I think RHONJ stands out for the specific reason that these ladies were friends at one point before the show. And that there is family in the show that like I said, don’t care to air things out, don’t care if they are making other family members look bad by saying what they say. This show is as real as it gets. To bad the people in it aren’t!

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Comments (82)

  1. Johnk708 says:

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  2. JanieG says:

    My, oh, my…..T finally listened to someone with wisdom: always apologize for YOUR part in a disagreement and then move on. She hasn’t been bashing anyone, but she looks just as bad when she just continually repeats her point of view — it never helps so just apologize. Proud of her, and I was never a fan. Now if she will only keep her mouth shut – no more excuses – it will drive those toxic twits even more crazy than they are now.

  3. NYGirl says:

    Did anyone read the INTouch interview with Teresa? She apologized to the 4 hags.

  4. Margie says:

    I feel like I’m the Lone Ranger… I’m still watching RHONJ and WWHL and I still like Andy Cohen 🙁

  5. lolag says:

    Latest news…Teresa publicly apologizes to Jacqueline…admits to being selfish and not responding to Jacqueline twitter apology. WoW! Wants to restore her friendship back to ethel and lucy days.

    • singer030587 says:

      This is why I love Teresa she has apologized to all 4 of those hateful woman and they have not apologized to her. I bet they are all pissed off because now this means they will look bad more than they already do
      Good job Teresa

  6. Rosalie Marie, says:

    I don’t understand why they think 3 million viewers are a lot? There was a time that if a show only produced 7-9 million viewers, it was cancelled without notice. So, I really don’t understand the ratings and why one circumstance and tier chart is different from another. I can see feeling excited for 12-13 million but 3? And by the way, to all those who said they wouldn’t watch you obviously went against yourselves and watched anyway. Feeling Guilty? lol.

  7. DEB says:


  8. Obvious says:

    Roxanne, it’s “too” not “to.” when something is “too” much or boring or funny. “To” is used all other times. Not grammar nazi, just trying to help.

    • Obvious says:

      I was referring to when you said its “to” bad. Supposed to be “too bad”, etc.

      • Anna Firenze says:

        What’s your point? Do you feel superior now? This is a blog, for Christ’s sake. It is not the Wall Street Journal or the Journal of the American Medical Association.

        BTW, just by your post you ARE being a “Grammar Nazi.”

  9. Annah says:

    I’m surprised. So many people SAID they weren’t going to watch it but I guess everyone was just saying that out of frustration. Its just so sad, these sites are full of people bitching and complaining…. same old posts over and over about their disgust in this show YET so many people tuned in to give it the ratings. I don’t understand at all. I still haven’t watched it yet and don’t even feel that I need to given the blogs and comments. I’m just so disappointed because Bravo knows they are doing the right thing with the direction that they are taking. YES people, they ARE doing the right thing, the ratings PROVED it! Obviously something they are doing is peaking the viewers interest enough to get them to watch. I bet all the NJ housewives are laughing at us now thinking that we had some type of power or say over what happens in the show and the treatment of the cast. Looks like we gave them ALL what they wanted, well everyone EXCEPT Teresa.

    • Kate (not the ignorant Tre-hating "kate") says:

      I feel you Annah. I also still haven’t watched it – just like I said I wouldn’t – and watched CA instead. I won’t watch a first run of RHONJ this year and I’m not just saying that, I mean that. I don’t know if just you and me really make that big of a dent in their whole viewership though…

      • JanShe says:

        I haven’t watched either, and I will not be watching. I’m done with Bravo.
        I would rather see Tre on CA.
        Bravo does not deserve the ratings.

    • Obvious says:

      Annah, you’re so right. I didn’t watch and don’t plan on it. I don’t watch WWHL either bc of Andy. I’m not giving bravo my viewership or ratings.

    • mike says:

      Part 1 of the season 3 reunion special drew 3.4 million total viewers at 10 p.m. So the premiere for season 4 is down from that 3.4 million to 2.9 million.

      • JanShe says:

        Good, I’m glad to hear it.

      • Rosalie Marie, says:

        So it goes to show that while Bravo is attempting to play out the historical ratings game, attempting to have viewers believe that more are tuning in, the fact is, the show has lost many viewers. Also, this is the first episode and ratings usually don’t continue upward. I think the ratings will rapidly drop after the third episode. It’s going down. You’ll see. Good Job Mike! You’ve proven that Bravo is full of you know what.

    • Rosalie Marie, says:

      Annah, don’t look at me. I refuse to watch because I personally can’t stand the pure trash. My brain cannot handle Melissa and Joe Gorga. They are shallow and trashy and frankly, are better fit for Jerry Springer. That’s how I see this show. I think it’s The Jerry Springer Show in the guise of a new title.

    • LeAnneisBliss says:

      I didn’t watch it and won’t.

      Until they start changing the format, talking about the OTHER hw’s shady lives, and getting rid of the famehungry MEN who have taken over I’ll continue my boycotting.

      I just read the follow up’s the next day on this blog. They’re not getting my ratings. In fact, I don’t even have Bravo on my tv anymore. Andy Cohen can kiss my right hiney cheek!

  10. Lara says:

    If bravo wouldn’t b so anal, the viewings would b greater if Europe got 2 watch aswell.. Aaaarrgh… But I’ll just download instead.. Or stream.. Whatever floats ur boat lol

    • JanShe says:

      Lara, I’m a Canadian and we do not get it either. They make us wait about 3 months. I purchased an American dish so I could watch.
      However I will not be watching any Episode during the Season 4 Tre bashing. One season was quite enough for me.

  11. Isabella Patricia says:

    I hope the ratings will drop from now on because I want feelin’ the show with all their Teresa BS. It’s like they’re so obsessed to bring Teresa down, and I’m so over them. 3 million isn’t a lot compared to Walking Dead, Revenge, GCB, RHOA, even stupid Jersey Shore, so I’m not impressed. I know people watched the premiere because of Teresa though. That’s what keeps the viewers tuning in, but I hope the ratings DROP BIG TIME so Bravo will maybe change this family bashing bullshit.

    • Isabella Patricia says:

      Error: I meant to say *I’m not feelin’ the show

      • JanShe says:

        That is my wish as well. If you want to send a message people, you need to boycott this show.
        You can watch Tre on Celebrity Apprentice this upcoming Sunday on NBC. Lets go folks……. We can stop the bullying.

        If you are afraid to miss something all you have to do is read others posts, or you can wait 24 hours and watch it on youtube.

        Team Tre.

        • Jersey Charisma says:

          I did not watch it and ur right about getting info form posts.

          I can’t take another scream-fest season. The reunion was full of mean girl anger towards Teresa…not watching anymore of it….well, I can’t promise…lol, but as of now, I’m not.

        • Obvious says:

          I’m not watching!

          • LeAnneisBliss says:

            I haven’t watched since November. I boycotted and let Bravo know. I’m a nobody compared to the millions on this but wanted to let them know I’m not watching a show that makes $$ over supporting a sibling (and his “family”) coming on to air personal family matters against his own sister. It’s not entertaining to me. I miss the fun in all the HW’s shows. They’ve all become nothing but hateful.

            Some drama is good, that’s why I watched. But it’s a constant negative ALL the time now.

  12. lolag says:

    I noticed that when you tweet about NJ HWs announcement/press such this one you leave Jac’s twitter off the list. Is there a reason for that. I see you have no problem @tweeting her about tweets you don’t agree with. Just a question and I am prepared to get blasted for asking it. Thanks!

    • JanShe says:

      Perhaps, Roxi has some insider info, and maybe she knows that (crossing my fingers) Jac will not be asked to resign for Season 5.
      Try to think of it as a positive, we never know.

      • lolag says:

        Why all the hate for Jacqueline. Is it because she speaks the truth? Life isn’t all happiness and sunshine as Teresa wants everyone to believe. It is okay for Teresa to tell Joey about Melissa leaving him for richer man yet god forbid anyone warn her about her husband.

        By the way, Juicy Joe never denied the cheating rumors. And Teresa said she will stand by her man.

        Yes, I am not welcome at this site because I don’t worship Teresa.

        • AllAboutTRH says:

          p.s. you are welcome to the site. Fun to share everyone’s opinions even if they disagree with each other! That’s the point of opening comments!

        • JanShe says:

          Quite the contrary lolag, I do like Jac, but I do not like her behavior. How can you throw away a long, long, friendship because of Tre’s problems with her FAMILY.
          Like Caro says, ” leave MY FAMILY out of this” They need to practice what they preach.
          Jac has lost herself and is now MeHo and Caro’s puppet. She needs to learn a lesson about hyprocisy, if she can stick up for Dannielle I would think that she could stick up for Tre.
          I enjoyed the relationship that Tre and Juicy and Jac and Chris had. They were a real hoot and made me laugh. Jac needs to stand on her own two feet, like she used to. Do you remember when the stories came out about her punching Caro in the face? That was when Jac was true to herself. I would like for her and Tre to work things out. This show has gotten way to dark for me and the gang mentality is ridiculous. Most people root for the underdog, and at this point Tre fits that description.

          • lolag says:

            Very good point. I did notice that Jacqueline tried to reason with Caroline about the cookbook comments being not a big deal. I do believe that had Melissa and Kathy not joined the show Tre and Jac would still be friends.

            Chris and Joe got along great too. Very sad to see it end.

        • Stacey says:

          The dislike for Jacqueline fueled when she went on her insane twitter rant about Teresa. Point she made was when friends part ways, it’s ok to air all of the private things friends tell each other whether inappropriate, unkind or unreasonable? Friends are there to vent whatever without the fear of it being thrown in your face if your not friends anylonger? Bad action. That’s why the Jacqueline dislike.

          • Tina says:

            Correct. I still don’t understand why Jaque went nuts on Twitter. What has T done to her to make her so vile and hateful?

          • lolag says:

            Well I guess Teresa telling the Huffington Post that Jacqueline release the TGIF photo was okay. Teresa can threw stones but the people who cry out from the hurt are the vilans.

            Sorrry but Teresa is no angel. She is the one who made herself the underdog simply because she has to be the best.

          • Helen Wheels says:


            When Jacqueline decided to forgo the reunion show for whatever reason she gave up the right to yell from the peanut gallery as it was underway. I am referring to her tweeting, “Teresa is scum” and for what was a running Twitter commentary during the reunion show she didn’t have the guts to show up for. Teresa knew the beating she was going to take yet she showed up and took them all on. Teresa proved she has real guts. As they say, no guts, no glory and why Teresa emerged gloriously and why she thus struck a cord with viewers.

            That is when I realized Jacqueline is a user who acts like a lost lamb when she is actually a wolf in…well, you know the rest.

            Before last season, I was only mildly amused by all of them (I certainly had no favorites) until Teresa’s troubles began. Seeing her handle her oh-so-public trials and tribulations with nothing but class and dignity showed me who she really was as well. My respect for her grew as her cast-mates viciousness toward her approached sickening proportions. That her cousin, brother and his wife, back-doored their way onto the show and from day one, were obviously hell-bent on making their name by making every attempt to destroy hers, well, they made it easy to ‘pick a side.’

            That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it.

          • Obvious says:

            I think it was jacs insane blog about T in season 3.

        • Say What?? says:

          Jac is insane. Thats why the hate on my side. I want to like her but her blogs and tweets make it impossible. I’m sick of her craziness

          • FIERY SICILIAN says:

            Jac is a lush just in case someone, anyone, was not paying attention, and a mean one at that, no I have no warm fuzzies about her. Put down the bottle Jac, deal with your own reality b/4 you think you can help some one with theirs.

        • karmaishere says:

          Teresa was telling him about the rumors that were circulating about the time about that richer guy greek guy she was after from the strip club who didnt give her the time of day and that she was seeing him again and would leave him. nothing that wasn’t around the internet already. stick to being the queen of Reality tea, Lolag comment board

      • Jersey Charisma says:

        JanShe, I have me fingers & toes dbl crossed and hope we never ever see Jac again.

        Let’s face it, they all need Teresa to stay relevant.

        No Tre, no show!

        • JanShe says:

          JerseyCharisma, ITA, you got that right – I said I still like her and thought that she was manipulated, BUT my Mother didn’t raise any fools.
          She deserves to get the Bravo boot, and if I were Tre I would never trust her again. Everyone has to face the consequences of their actions.
          My fingers are still crossed.

    • AllAboutTRH says:

      I don’t always leave her name out. I just can’t fit all 5 of their names along with the story on a tweet so I have to leave one out. I randomly choose and chose to not add her name not for any reason.


      • lolag says:

        Thank you taking time to answer my question. It seems like Jacqueline is very much disliked here. As a fan it is sad to see her left out of the group.

        I loved Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship sad to see it end.

        • Say What?? says:

          I think you would be surprised to find that nearly every Teresa fan was a Jac fan. We like them together. I personally came into this season hoping questions would be answered and i would like Jac again. I WANT to like her. However, with her latest blog.. theres no chance in that. It will take a lot for me to become a Jac fan again.

          • Helen Wheels says:

            Say What,

            Say on, sister. I look back wistfully at the Teresa and Jacqueline that were together in that cruise ship glass elevator. Juiced up and having fun. Remember the way Jax shook her heiny as they were going up on that thing. They were great together. It was fun just watching them. Too bad none of that seems to matter to anyone but some viewers – and Teresa.

          • pinkie says:

            Jac and Tre are good fun when they get together with the families,, at least they USED to be big fun.

            I think Jac has an escort or dancing past and really does not want that on the show. This keeps her nervous about everything said to the outlets.
            But she is also forgiving, if she could hug dirty D AFTER she brought charges against Ashlee, then she could forgive Tre.
            Now she and Chris Laurita are in legal issues, I think she needs the money and probably something to keep herself busy. so she has to make up lost time with Bravo and prove she deserves to keep her place on the show.

            she is emotional and has too much time to drink. I guess we should be glad she tweets drunk instead of driving drunk, but that is also a reason fans have turned from her.

        • Jersey Charisma says:

          Teresa can do without so called friends like Jac.

          Jac did Teresa a very big favor….they made Teresa the “it girl.”

          The laughs on them and they still have not caught on!

          • cammierari says:

            I think Jac was told by the Don that she was not to act like that again on television. Someone is controlling Jac and it’s not hard to see who. Thirteen pages of a blog tells me that she’s desperate to convince HERSELF of something, not us.
            Don’t forget-Caroline thinks she’s “upper class” so she can’t have her sister in law on television cavorting with a woman with bad financials. It doesn’t “look good”. Probably doesn’t want her “good name” associated with the likes of the Giudices because they’re broke. Real class act that Caroline. Dumps her friends when it’s no longer benefiting her. Really it’s shocking

  13. mare says:

    These are cable shows. I’d like to know how Housewives did against Celebrity Apprentice.

  14. Stacey says:

    Mostly Meho Whorga, it is because most people can see right thru you and Kathy and your completely bad intentions of going onto the show. You said yourself things were not good with Teresa at that time. Why would any DECENT person who really cared about “family”like you all blab about, go into Teresa’s world and air personal family problems unless it was to create problems. The fact that bully Caroline and stupid Jacqueline cannot see that is beyound belief to most sane people……AND THAT…Meho, is why people are watching. Not because we think your speciali, or that your disgusting dog of a husband is special or that Kathy or Rich are special, it is because everyone is shocked that your can be such a disgusting snake and Clown Caroline and Wacko Jaco fail to see it.

    • JanShe says:

      Good post Stacey.
      hear, hear…………..

    • Tina says:

      They better all hope that T doesn’t leave the show. They’re all doing pretty good on her back, while they stab it. Every scene is filled with T bashing. Don’t they have anything else to say? Carol is too stupid to see how they played her. They could have never accomplished this without the great Caroline. The Manzo’s actually think the Gorga’s and Wakile’s like them. How stupid can they be? They all used Caroline to help with their dirty deeds to discredit T. Bully’s isn’t the word. There are no words for this kind of betrayal.

      • Tina says:

        Who would watch if T goes? They’re all so boring. I actually change the channel when the Manzo kids come on and it’s not because I have no use for them, it’s because they’re so freaking boring. I had no use for Danielle but I still watched her. Kathy is useless, she bores me to death. Mel and Joey, I’m sick of him panting over her all the time, enough already. And her “voice” is certainly not going to attract viewers, she stinks.

    • Hailey says:

      I said it before.Kathy has many family Skelton’s in her closet about her family! it will come out! Mel’s family has many also.All will come to light soon enough! Let’s all here about the Siblings of Kathy that she hides.Mel Ur sisters & their husbands are pure drunks!

  15. Stacey says:

    Well don’t get too arrogant Meho Whorga, it is because people are very interested in watching you betray your SIL along w/her squat brother, and watching what crude and vulgar thing will come out of creepy Richard’s mouth that everyone will think is funny, but is really just trashy. Everyone wants to watch Caroline MANzo and her inbred children all behave like the grouchy, bitter trolls that they are. And everyone is alway curious about the wacko Jacqueline and want a front row seat to her upcoming complete and total melt down whether it will be on the show or twitter, everyone knows it is coming.

  16. JD says:

    Um..they always said that…BTW Atlanta’s 2nd premiere was 4 mil, so i don’t get this.

    • JanShe says:

      I would like to know about how NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice ranked, using the exact same criteria. It was on at the same time.
      Anyone ????

      • JD says:

        No, CA is on a MAJOR network, so it’s usually between 9 mil to 12mil.

      • Hailey says:

        NBC is owned by Bravo! Notice there has been a few HW’s on CA..There is more than 3 million ppl living in my state alone so that isn’t saying much really! But for BRAVO IT IS..THESE ARE THEIR CASH COWS!

        • JanShe says:

          Hailey, sorry for the correction, but I believe that NBC owns Bravo, not the other way around.
          NBC is their parent company.

    • Say What?? says:

      I agree, they always say this. I think they mean for that city.. NJ its the highest rated season opener? I dont know.

  17. g says:

    I have finally come to the conclusion that Kathy W is bought & paid for by Caroline(Don) Manzo their blogs are eerily alike This HW’s show is BS folks!

    • Say What?? says:

      Caroline & Kathys blogs were alike & Jac and Melissas were alike. They planned this together (in my opinion). Jac and Mel are planting the “seeds” Caro/Kathy are telling the viewers to read between the lines (the seeds!) watering the garden. They really believe the viewers are ignorant.

      Its master manipulation. They are calculating while Teresa seems to just be herself without manipulating , backstabbing or talking bad about others. She is running circles around them!

      Does anyone know when Teresa made this comment about Mel? Was it recent or an old comment like the 25k loan?

      • Say What?? says:

        Someone on reality tea posted a link to a facebook photo of Milania with chalk on her face. The comments people are leaving are HORRIBLE!
        They are calling a child all sorts of names… These are the type of people who are Manzo fans. Ridiculous!

        • JanShe says:

          I do not go on that site. Has anyone reported it ???
          They will be shut down if somebody does so.

        • sharon says:

          I didn’t think they were Manzo fans..many said she is brat…come on now..she is kinda mouthy. Many said they didn’t care how she acted..they still think she is a cutie. I agree she is cute as a button but could use some discipline…I’m no fan of Manzo or Tre…just saying.

  18. mike says:

    Top Three Cable Shows on Sunday:

    Show / Net Time / Viewership (million, Live+SD) / Adults 18-49 rating

    1. GAME OF THRONES HBOM 9:03 PM 3.654 1.8
    3. REAL HSWIVES OF NJ BRVO 10:00 PM 2.957 1.5

    Ratings for WWHL and the Rebroadcast of the Bravo Shows on Sunday:

    Show / Net Time / Viewership (million, Live+SD) / Adults 18-49 rating

    Watch What Happens Live BRVO 11:02 PM 1.856 0.9
    REAL HSWIVES OF NJ BRVO 11:32 PM 1.232 0.6

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