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Video: Kathy Wakile Surprises The Girls At A Bravo Meeting!

RHONJ star Kathy Wakile surprised the ladies by making her yummy looking Cannolis at a Bravo meeting! Jacqueline tweeted a video saying, “Here is @kathywakile doing her thing….Is this normal? This is passion!” Melissa watched as

Kathy did her thing while Caroline texted at the end of the table. Noticably absent was Teresa Giudice! Check out the video for yourself


“A promise is a promise!” Kathy tweeted! Apparently she promised Bravo she would make cannolis and she did! Looks delicious! Wonder where Teresa was…

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  • How did Jaq not get her ass fired for skipping the RHONJ reunion?

    Maybe Teresa should have skipped it too.

    But then there would have been nothing worth filming.

  • You know why teresa was not at the meeting. She is getting her OWN show. I have a feeling they started taping in Mexico…i remembered she tweeted that she is vacationing with her family and 20 closest friends…i think she traveled with a production company…what do you think?

  • Mr. Brylcreem’s wife is only relevant (and that’s stretching it) because of Teresa. Teresa is the star of the show and the coat tail riders are amusing to watch as they desperately try to climb the “15 min” fame ladder!

    Seriously what in tarnation does Mrs. Brylcreem think her claim to fame is? I’ll answer it for her….it’s called “TERESA! It’s not Mrs. Brylcreems cooking or her looks…it’s her adorable cousin “TERESA” that she needs to get her face on the boob tube.

    We can all bake these same little goodies along with putting our name on a product. What’s important is that you have a family member that u can use and screw over to claw your way on to a reality show…yup that’s the only prerequisite required.

    Aren’t they all lucky that they have Teresa that they can use to get their tacky selves known. How desperate they are and the best part is that we watch them all do it on nationwide television…so there’s no denying that Teresa is their income.

  • It’s so hard to think are say anything good about Kathy o matter what she say or do, all I can see is a family who got on tv and bashed another family member and that’s wrong, I don’t really know any of them but I do know family, and family just don’t act this way. Joe Goga and Kathy should be so ashame.
    Tre gets all my respect because she didn’t bring this on tv for the world to see.
    You know they say that satan comes in all forms(malissa).
    satan want us to think she got it so good but a man that can treat his own family his mother,father,sister has no heart so behind close doors he don’t treat her that well either.

  • Please tell me nobody believes this was just a suprise day that Kathy brought in the canoli’s. This video, meeting and desserts were staged. The Jersey women minus Teresa are frantic for us to like them again. Just another set up to make fools of us. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Melissa is sleazy enough to plan this little video. She”s the ringleader. Wonder how that makes angry Caroline feel. Not being in control I mean. Melissa has done something to her face. She looks so ugly now. Maybe it’s just her personality which is like raw sewrage. Also you can totally tell lately on AllAtrealHw which posters are not real and just sent here by Melissa, Kathy, Caroline and the wimp Jac. I wouldn’t br be suprised if Antonia is being groomed to start tweeting nasty things to Zia Teresa. Of course in the grand theme of Melissa it would be from a phony account. Sad pathetic women. Bravo better be careful cuz aloit of us love Teresa but are waiting for the final corrupt crack of the whip on T to make us completely stop watching RHONJ and anything Bravo, This includes Sir Andy’s show.

    • I agree, but i also think its to secure their spots, and maybe weaseling to get their own shows! Andy lost me when he showed his true colors joining in humiliating Teresa @ the reunion, very low class and disappointing.

  • Looking again at the above picture….WTF!!! Caroline looks as grumpy as ever about to go to a funeral, waco looks likes she is on meds, and Kathy GET SOME CLOTHES THAT FIT! Your boobs look ridiculous!!! Kathy also looks a little stoned. That is probably why she is chubby.

  • MANzo and Waco Jaco tweeted the pictures so that everyone would know that they were there at Bravo without Teresa. Manzo and Waco fool noone but themselves. Kathy is a follower and her husband is creepy. Again, Teresa should steer clear from Mehorse, troll brother, and creepy cousins.

  • If Teresa walks away from that show and leaves just those four women, the show is over! They’re the most annoying, boring , backstabbing morons on this planet and I’m not even going to watch season 4. Caroline thinking she is the best mother in the world with all her advice, here is some advice Caroline SHUT UP!! Manipulative bitch!
    What a jerk and jac is the puppet that drinks and tweets. Kathy and Melissa ruined the show. It’s over.. time for a new channel and new show.
    Andy, You ruined it by letting Caroline run the show!!!
    P.S. Get those Manzo kids off my T.V.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What really bothers me is all of the appearances – and now this meeting – is all exclusive of Teresa. It’s like she’s not even part of the cast. Regardless of how much the 4 of them hate Teresa, they aren’t the only cast members. I hate how the four of them are always together and Teresa seems unwelcome.

    Tre IS the show. None of these women are relevant without her. I get that Tre is off doing bigger and better things now but let’s not pretend she’s not part of the cast anymore.

  • I’m a huge Teresa fan. Always have been but it’s getting out of hand that some of you make everything about Teresa. Kathy is a great baker. She didn’t start baking after she learned Teresa did. She clearly was always baking. Kathy is really sweet and although I don’t agree with everything she does it’s so annoying to see people be so harsh about looks or any of that. She looks great and the video has nothing to do with Teresa. People you need to relax

        • I totally agree! I was thinking the exact same thing, glad you beat me to it.

          I would love to see Kathy get her own cooking show!

          Speaking of Tre, I love her, but I see and hear so much more passion coming from Kathy than I do from Tre. I would hate to think that the stress from this show and all her other endeavors is taking some of the passion out of Tre.

          • Exactly!
            It’s not like Tre has lost her passion, more of like she’s got so many other things going for her now.
            What else is even remotely interesting or possible for Kathy to show us besides her cannolis??

    • I don’t have a problem with the fact that she cooks and bakes, most Italian women pride themselves on this. I don’t even have a problem with her promtoing her products like other housewives do. What I do have a problem with is the fact that her only relevance is her cousin Teresa (the reason she’s on the show thanks to Bravo’s demented need for drama), yet she mocks and ridicules her and allows others to bash her without stepping in. In my Italian family we may fight with each other occasionally but we don’t hold grudges, don’t put it out for public display and automatically come to each other’s defense when an outsider is attacking.

    • If Kathy had found her own avenue to the attention of the public, instead of pushing her way into Teresa’s show/business (by promising to bring family drama- no less) I would have some respect for her. But since she is riding Teresa’s coattails (and insulting Teresa to the camera as she does it) I think she is family backstabbing scum and deserves no success for such actions.

      • @ Mila

        Are you kidding me? Kathy betrayed her cousin to become famous. Sweet my ass. She is freaking disgusting and I have no respect for her. I would never do that to a relative no matter how angry I was with them. That saids a lot about a person

  • Im sure before the show Teresa and Kathy got along. Kathy went to all Teresa premier parties and now that she is on the show she doesnt need Teresa to go to all the parties and that’s all kathy cared about. Does anybody find it weird that Rosie Kathy sister does not talk to teresa too and has no reason why not to talk to her i guess she just join the banwagon. She follows all the team Gorga, Wakile,Laurita,and Manzo but not Giudice and consider the Gorga kids her newpew and nieces but not the Giudice girls.

    • No, they started fighting when Mel married Tre’s brother and Mel and tre were having problems. Instead of empathizing with tre and her feelings, kathy just sided with Mel. Also something about Kathy not having tre in her wedding and allowing rich to make fun of tre before the show.

    • It just seems to me like Kathy desperately wants to be one of the “cool kids”. I don’t think it has totally hit her yet that Teresa is the cool kid, the star of the show and the most popular. She backed the wrong horse; instead of aligning with the “cool kids”, she joined the mean girls club.

    • It is odd, but then again the whole sense of the word Family is out the window with this bunch!

  • I also think it’s awful how Kathy and Melissa talk about Teresa all the time and hurt their family and have both done so for years.
    Now, they’ve made it their claim to fame.
    I guess Kathy’s trying to add cannoli’s to soften her image and deflect.
    Also known to Melissa’s claim to fame is her failed lip-synching career, a nasty, bad attitude and an “alleged” stripper-past.

  • Kathy strikes me as a person who has always had a problem with Teresa but never had any allies in the fight until the show started. I’m thinking that she and Rich used to make fun of Teresa behind her back all the time-and when the Manzo crowd started in on Tre, Kathy was in heaven.
    Kathy has completely forgotten that Teresa is her family. Remember when Teresa told her that she was a Gorga too, and Kathy denied it until Tre reminded her that her mother’s maiden name was Gorga? That told me that Kathy looks down on that side of her family.
    Kathy thinks she’s being objective in siding with Jac and Caro against Tre, but this is a family matter, and she is hurting her family by bringing others into it


      • I saw that.. half-Gorga- Kathy quickly said ” No Im not!” Really Kathy? But Teresa is not intelligent??

  • Kathy is the only RHONJ I can actually stand. I would like to see her on the food network then I would never have to watch NJ again.

  • I, too am wondering what the meeting was all about. I have lost interest in Bravo and Andy Cohen. If you notice….all their shows are demeaning to women and make them look like mean spirited, nasty women. They thrive on this kind of production. Makes you wonder what their motive is? Contrast to the way Teresa has been on CA. The complete opposite of RHONJ. I think it points out the editing Bravo does when they want to go after someone.

    • What I found shocking is that Andy has yet to have Teresa on WWHL to discuss CA. He doesn’t ever mention her being on there. Kinda sad how he makes it clear his dislike for the lady.


        • Andy went after Teresa like there was no tomorrow at the reunion.
          I had to just turn it off!
          He obviously has been drinking the manzo/ gorga koolaid!
          Oh… I forgot the non relevant kathy too.

          • He went after her verbally because he knew she could take him physically. He still can’t get over her tossing him like a ragdoll, lol.

    • Andy himself has become a bully I think, talking too much to Caroline and her crew! I re-watched reunion today, what a nightmare! Every person including Andy was so vile to Teresa! Do u think he kisses her a$$ out of fear? What a mess this franchise has turned into, whether u like Teresa or not. They totally would rather have hate, bashing, and bullying then what the show should really be about, the original idea of it.

        • Mike, I just read the link! OMG. These people and the Bravo network seem to get worse. Of course its ok for certain people to say and do what they want. Unbelievable. But we saw this thru the seasons/ Crazy caro’s kids- they bash and make fun of who they want, yet when its done to them they complain to the whole world. Bravo has allowed it to go on, so we can’t place all the blame on them I guess. Caro jumped on T’s butt about Gia singing the sad song, yet tells her own daughter on tv she is fat!

  • I really hope Teresa gets her own show so she can walk away from all those fake women. It really boils my blood to see them trying to push Teresa out of the show she is the star of. This is just plain wrong!!!!

    • I agree that they are trying to push Teresa away, keyword being trying. I don’t think Bravo would ever get rid of Teresa and keep Caroline and Jacqueline. The way I see it, Bravo wants Teresa and Caroline, but Caroline and Jacqueline are a package deal, no Jacqueline would mean no Caroline and vice versa (not that Bravo would consider getting rid of Caroline without first firing Jac). I think Bravo should fire Jacqueline bc without Danielle, Jacqueline is boring, the whole Ashley not getting along with her storyline is overused and annoying, and she is really just a veteran which is why she is being kept around. Had season 3 and 4 not been filmed consecutively, I think she would have been fired after not showing for the season 3 reunion. Even Kim Richards agreed to film after going through treatment, Jac is baby when it comes to confrontation. Get her off the show

      Anyway, I think that meeting was to discuss season 5, but by no means would they get rid of Teresa. I think they were discussing required times for filming with her because I’m sure they don’t want to. If anything, they may add a 6th housewife to change things up. Another reason I cannot imagine them firing Teresa is because of her status these days. People want to see Teresa. And she is on CA, like Nene was, and look what Bravo just did for Nene. They fired Sheree to keep Nene on the show. Nene also makes the most money, and Teresa should be the one making the most of NJ. I think Teresa will soon gain the pull that Nene has because of her expanding brand (her brand being herself, her cookbooks, drinks, etc.) And the fact that Teresa doesn’t spoil the show (cough::Jacquelinesdrunkrantsontwitter::cough), still promotes it to be watched even though she knows she will be bashed, and also puts a happy face on for her fans, I think Bravo would be dumb to fire Teresa. Not to mention, another network would pick her up in a second for a reality show, and you know she can fill hour long episodes for 12-15 episode seasons no problem.

    • You got that right, she sure does. No loyality. She needs to support and defend her family regardless of the situtation.

  • Kathy looks SO different to me. Has she had plastic surgery? I can’t figure out what looks different about her but something definitely does.

      • ITA…I think Kathy is a fantastic pastry cook. You can tell she does it with a lot of love. I would definitely buy my pastries there!

    • Then i guess i should open one too! Me and all my friends. As i dont see anything special with Kathys deserts yet. Maybe im missing something.


      • You are not missing anything!! I agree. And I don’t think what she makes is “special”, I grew up with probably all of those same recipes if not better, coming from 100% Italian fam! She adds flare by decorating the dishes that hold the pastries( my opinion), which again, anyone can do that if they want to,we don’t all need our own show, or to step on family to do it! It may be interesting or look special to people who have never had it I guess.

  • I think she gets a pass from a lot of people because she seems so nice. I don’t feel that way. She is Theresa’s blood. She sat there at the reunion and let her be ripped apart. She mocked her on Season 3. How could she watch the Marcos attack her Aunt and Uncle and then have a problem with Teresa? Putting her down about her children was a very, very low shot. She had to know that would upset Theresa. She is just as bad at attacking Theresa. She is just sneakier about it. I am a North Jersey, Italian-American woman. You don’t treat family like that. Even if there is a problem, you handle “in house”. I totally understand why Theresa tried to keep up a brave front through her difficulties. I find it hard to believe that Kathy didn’t realize that her cousin was hurting inside but trying to be strong for her family. Her picking on blood when they are down is low. Same reason I dislike Joe Gorga more than Melissa. This was his sister, who obviously adored him and would have protected him from anything. Melissa is not her blood. Really mean and sneaky but not her blood.

      • Exactly – and it’s very much like the disloyalty that got Lou fired on Celebrity Apprentice this week. You don’t take sides with the other team and as Michael Corleone said to Fredo “Never take sides against the family.”

    • I completely agree with you. Kathy did some things that a cousin or plain family member should not. Kathy seemed delighted anytime someone said something bad about Teresa. At the fashion show that Monica chick tells her she’s suing T but don’t tell her who I am. What does Kathy do? Not tell Teresa a thing, instead confronts her about the Christening, blaming everything on her. At the accountants home, she allows complete strangers to bad mouth her cousin, again Kathy did nothing. She made fun of T and was just horrible to her. With family members like that who needs enemies?

    • Crappy brother and crappy cousin who know nothing about loyality to family..they are only loyal to themselves.

    • I completly agree. I also remember Kathy telling a bad story about Teresas parents. Teresa was very angry, blogged about it and told Kathy to keep her mouth shut about her parents. I guess Kathy lied and didnt tell teh whole story. What adult does that to family? I cant believe people dont see through Kathy yet. It truely amazes me.

      For Joe Gorga to hear what Kathy said (we all know he watched every single episode!) and not say something in defense of his parents just proves what a low life he is. Even if he’s fighting with his sister he should protect his parents. Shows what type of people we are dealing with!

  • I wish Kathy would stick to her baking and stop bashing Teresa. Also tell her husband to knock it off when it comes to his comments about her cousin. Rich is horrible to Teresa.
    My bigger questions with this video are:
    1. Why were the 4 of them at Bravo without Teresa?
    2. Who called the meeting? Bravo or the gangbanger?
    3. Does this mean the S5 is getting ready to film?
    4. Where the gangbangers trying to get Teresa kicked off RHONJ?
    5. If Bravo called the meeting does this mean that Teresa has her own show or will not return for S5?

    • Great questions! I am really getting over Bravo, Andy and the whole Housewive franchises. Tired of back-biting, screaming, two-faced women. We are better than that.

      • Totally agree Grammy. Honestly, as a women, I really don’t think I could continue to watch these womean scream, be mean to one another and try to take each other down. It’s not entertainment to me. I’m ready to say bye-bye to Bravo and the HW’s. They are insulting me as a female showing this much cattiness and bullying among women.

    • Ummm maybe Teresa had not arrived yet or maybe Teresa is still on vacation or maybe the meeting was held for damage control for when the season gets started.

    • Check out Caroline’s tweets from y’day about Kathy’s baking. There is a picture attached and if you look closely….it seems that Teresa’s sitting there.

  • P.S i loved Kathy’s segment on the baking thing. She is a natural and outside of the shade she throws to her own cousin….I am warming up to her. I don’t think she is as downright NASTY has mego and Jax (even with the website issue).

    • Oh, I have seen some pretty nasty tweet responses when someone doesn’t say anything favorable to her. Trust me, she could get downright mean!

  • I just took a look at Kathy’s website. She has pictures of her and family, friends, Melissa, Caroline and Jax….and NO pictures of Teresa lol. I thought that was interesing….especially because she claimed that they were trying and communicating through text. In my opinion….if you are going to have pictures of all your co stars (Friends and family) why wouldn’t you include Teresa? THat was really tacky to me. Either have everyone or have no one….just my opinion. It’s Kathy’s site so she can do what she wants….but I just thought it was purposely insulting to have all the other ladies and exclude her cousin…..the one she claims she is trying to make a mends with. No matter how hard these women try to ignore the fact that Teresa is the star of the show…they wll always be reminded of this one way or another.

    • ITA though have not checked her website out.
      Although she “seems” nice, the nice thing to do while tying to make amends with Teresa would be to include even one picture of her if she posted pics of ALL other housewives. You’re right, her site and not a huge deal. But IA leaving excluding Teresa (cousin and reason she’s on the show) is probably intentional… a completely valid and a good point.
      If Kathy could be genuine
      small steps would probably go along way.

      • Whats funny is that Richie has a pic of Kathy and Teresa on his twitter( if still up) but Kathy never posted to her pics! From upcoming season, the two are taking surfing lessons. When someone sent to her, she didn’t really respond too much, only asked where they got it from cause she never saw it! She has become quite snotty that one.. fame getting best of her! Look at some of her comments and interviews, she has a B-yotch undertone with comments, esp about Tre, or anything not loving her.

    • She owes everything she has to Teresa. Kathy sold her soul and sold out her family for fame the least she could do his have a picture of the person who made all that possible. Melissa and Kathy are just so disgusting to me. They will always be jealous of Teresa, they’ll never change. Melissa and Kathy are sneaky and like playing games and lying. They are bad seeds.

      • I too checked out Kathy’s site on y’day and just wanna say that this lady’s gift with food and decorating is amazing! I am a caterer and hear this….that’s a professional looking job! Not a fan…just giving props where they are due.

    • Why would Kathy have pics of tre? She came on show to destroy her, remember? Kathy ain’t tryin to make amends! She should. But she ain’t. =/

    • Kathy is just more sneaky than melissa. She is just as disgusting and hateful! Its two faced to lie and say shes trying to work it out with her cousin but only to the public. In private she has NOTHING to do with Teresa aside from trying to follow in her cooking footsteps.

      Also, i dont think her deserts are anything special. I can make the exact same things and nearly every one of my girlfriends can too. So whats the big deal?

      • If you can set up dessert displays like this lady…then good for you cause like her or not…the bitch has a gift with pastries and that’s my opinion. I don’t like Kathy’s fake, ppl pleasing, passive aggressive personality any more than the majority….but I give props where due and both she and Teresa are talented in the kitchen. End of story!

    • Who knows, she needs more support or more appropriate clothing. These women are irrelevant without Tre. I hope Tre doesn’t put herself into this toxic enviroment.

      • Oh, just looked at the picture again, that one boob is all over the place. The dress isn’t large enough. Kathy is trying to dress like she’s 22. She looks ridiculous in her skin tight spandex dresses that she normally wears. She’s such a passive agressive backstabber, I can’t stand her.

        • I don’t want to be mean, but the truth be told, Kathy does NOT dress appropriately for her body type AT all! I mean, it’s fine to be more than a size 2, 4 or 6, but at every outing her dresses are either way too tight or way too short. I don’t get it…doesn’t she think she looks good? On a positive note, her deserts do look good; however, she is SO up Bravo’s ass, it’s pathetic, and I’m about t unfollow her on twitter, because her tweets and retweets about compliments about herself are excessive & bordering on Melissa’s…eww!

          • Ooops…edit button needed – meant to say to be any size over 2-12 or whatever, and “does she think she looks good, not doesn’t.

    • IDK! But did any of them give a straight answer on WHY they keep coming back?? I find it odd, that after 1 season, Melissa took it upon herself to try and answer. She is so phony- her voice makes me cringe

  • That was nice of her. NGL, her desserts look good. I’d certainly try them if they were in stores.

    • Ugh who cares! You’re old and lame and boring! They are so boring without Teresa! If they keep excluding Teresa they aren’t going to have a show.

      And just because you cook doesn’t change the fact that you used your family to get where you are you dirty dog Kathy.

      • They have to kiss ass like that to stay relevant and get good editing. Bravo no one cares about these boring bullies, GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. If you are going to keep excluding Teresa give her her own show so I don’t have to watch those four morons anymore.

        • That is the most boring video I have ever seen. Kathy we get it, you’re trying to copy Teresa and cook, NOW STOP. Kathy you have played out the cooking to death, you are boring and a mean person. Now get lost! You’ve ruined this show!

          • Dude stop making everything about Teresa. It’s getting out of hand! I love Teresa but I’m sick of some of these ppl making nothing into something. Kathy looks great

          • Cant stand Kathy. Had she stayed out of the Teresa -melissa fight she easily would have been a fan favorite.

            Also, usually when BRAVO paints someone in a perfect light.. the very next season they get the bitch edit. I predict Kathy will be hated this season or the next! your 15 mins are up Kathy 😀

      • Your right! who the hell cares about Kathy. Cause I don’t! I think her and her family are boring too. And why the hell is she cooking on the show when that’s Teresas thing. Get your own shit lady. She’s riding Teresas coat tail. Get a life! GET YOUR OWN SHIT STOP TRYING TO STEAL SOMEONE ELSES THUNDER.. She’s the biggest snake on this show. She acts like she wants others to do well but the truth is she doesn’t. And I see right throw you. WICKED WOMEN

        • Kathy is a sneaky one! She’s shady, and a two-face. Maaan… She can cook and bake anything, and make it look good! Her cannolis look so delish! I want some right now! I feel like making them, but it takes too long to make, and I don’t make them that good. =/

        • Yes, she is. Her and her hubby are trying to get their own show, so she does what it takes to get noticed. Some of their fans have started some kind of petition I think( ugh). So, Kathy if you are so down to earth and did not come on the show for “fame”, why are you so happy people are showing support for you to have a show?I could see if she was a genuine person, always helping others, doing her food thing way before the show, but no one heard of her or saw anything about her until she came on as T’s cousin! Now helps with brain tumor charity, but I thought at the reunion she dogged Teresa for being upset for Victoria( tumor scare), said it was not that serious, but now she thanks God she still has her, it was serious, etc..! What are we missing here??? These people are nuts!

      • I think Kathy’s dress is about to burst open and knock Clownzo and Jax off their chairs.

        Seriously doesn’t that squished half moon boob overlapping Kathy’s arm hurt.

    • Kathy is such a fake! Kathy and her husband like calling people disgusting names but she tries to act like she is suzy homemaker lol. I’m sorry but with a dirty mouth like Kathy’s I wouldn’t trust what she puts in the food. Kathy is a mean person and her husband is just as mean. The only reason Kathy is keeping her mouth shut now is because she wants your money people. She’s fake fake fake

      • Mila, Teresa getting shit on by her sister in law and cousin so they can be on camera is not making nothing into something. I can’t stand selfish, fake liars. If you don’t like it don’t read other peoples comments. BYE

      • Didn’t she say she BUYs the Canoli shells.

        Canoli filling isn’t even Cooked! You just mix cold ingredients like ricotta cheese, vanilla and orange zest.

        It is nothing like actually cooking the filling for a cream puff or eclair. That actually takes some skill to get to the right consistency.

        Squirting cold ricotta cheese into a bought shell is a JOKE!