NeNe Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta - RHOA Sheree Whitfield

Who Is The Reason Sheree Was Fired From RHOA?

Yesterday MTO reported that RHOA star Sheree Whitfield was fired right before Bravo’s Upfronts. That is why Sheree never showed up to the All-Star party. So why did Sheree get the boot? According to MTO “NeNe put an ultimatum to producers either fire Sheree or she’s leaving. Producers decided to stick with NeNe and they gave Sheree her walking papers.”

Dang NeNe! You hate Sheree that much? I’m sure there is a lot more to the story then this. Will you miss Sheree?

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  • I think they did the right thing by firing Sharee from the show, they need to fire Nene too. Nene story line is boring she has to have a celebrity, or funny gay friend in her seen to make her story line interesting or funny. When I am watching the show, as soon as Nene scene comes on I change the channel. The first season Nene was the realest, now that her mug is in the spotlight it went to her mega mind head. Another thing, if that bitch is so rich, why is her son stealing razors. She called Kim a gold-digger, but she wants what kim has. Nene should keep tricking with Olives, she will get there eventually. Remember this Nene money can’t buy you CLASS. Thank God that Kandi, Pheadre, and Kim are still there to entertain me.

  • If anybody got Sherre kicked out I don’t think it was Nene but Kandi. Kandi got tired of Sherre’s shenanigans and the black baby incident that lasted half of the season. Kandi has a new show coming and probably would rather just be in her ownshow that to film with all the crazies of Atlanta, so in order to entice her to come back for another season they gave her what she asked for: Sherre’s head.
    Can’t blame Bravo,it was aneasy decision.

  • For everyone saying they wish Nene and Cynthia would be fired, it’s not going to happen for at least one more season because they were at the UpFronts and after the game show Andy said “Congratulations, she all won another season on your show” or something to that effect.

    • Everyone knows the only reason Andy likes NeNe is because she reminds him of a drag queen, and he is scared she will beat the shite out of him. As for Cynthia..she is duller than a butter knife.

  • I am sad she got the boot or anyone for that matter.I can see getting fired for missing alot of work or being drunk,but this was unfair for sure especially in the place her life is.And for NE NE shame on you.Also i’m not feeling good about tre from a few things i’m picking up on this board.All 3 on vacation?Sheree tweeting” me too” after speaking to Wendy Williams. I hope everything is good where she is concerned.

  • They really can’t fire Sheree. There are so many careers for her to throw herself into expecting success with no training, background and experience. She’s only done fashion design and acting. What about aviation, cardiology, sculpture. She’s a modern day George Plimpton. I can’t wait for her NASCAR debut.

  • Personally, I think Sheree is the most FAKE housewife out of the entire franchise. A poser, period.

    • I agree. If it’s true that Sheree is gone, I’m glad. Personally, I like all the rest of the Atlanta women that would remain except Kim. I’ve never seen someone so lazy. I fast forward thru Kim and Sheree’s parts of the show. I’d be happy if Sheree and Kim were out and NeNe, Kandi, and Cynthia stayed.

    • I agree…every House Wives show should have change housewives every other year. We do not want to see these women get,old, gray and boring! Bravo should listen to their fans!

  • Personally I hope its just a rumor!! I hope Cynthia or even Nene leave the show. As we all have seen Nene is more about herself than doing anything involving the show. She seems to act as if she’s “above it all”. She has walked out on so many events because it wasn’t about her. Cynthia poor thing is a follower. She doesn’t really add anything except a two faced attitude. She lies and changes sides like the blowing of the wind. She’s a backstabber as well. If Nene doesn’t like it or want it then neither does she. Sheree is sweet, honest and unfortunately, she is in a lull right now trying to figure out what she’s doing. I do think she was concerned about the conversation between Cynthia and Kandi because it did look as though they were throwing Kim under the bus. Either way she admitted as well as Kandi that things could have been misrepresented. Now could you honestly see Nene doing that? No way in hell! Anyway I adore Kandi for repairing her friendship with Kim and sheree. So Kim, Kandi, Sheree and phadra should be the remaining cast. Nend and Cynthia are the ones that should go. Let nene take her fake self elsewhere.

    • Sheree is sweet and honest? I suggest you get some popcorn and look at RHOA from season 1. Let me know how honest and sweet Sheree is after you watch the tapes..

  • I think Atlanta could use a shake-up cast wise. I didn’t mind Sheree, but she didn’t really have a lot going on this season. WTH was up with her daughter’s boyfriend deciding he didn’t want to propose?! I understand not wanting to do it unless you’re 100% sure, but why would you talk to someone’s dad if you weren’t sure?

  • First off, Sheree had nothing but fake storylines ie the house that never got built and the sham child support court case. She also had fights with Nene, tried to fight with Phaedra and then started the longest and most pointless storyline of the black baby drama that no one cared about. If Nene really had that kind of pull then I’m sure that Kim would’ve been fired too and she wouldn’t have wanted Charles Grant on the show. Anyway, Sheree should’ve saved her money and bought a house for her kids instead of buying designer handbags and cars she can’t afford. I think the real reason Bravo fired her is due to her fake storylines, it doesn’t make the show look good if a main cast member only fake storylines to put on tv.

    • If Sheree brought nothing to RHOA, then Cynthia came in DOA. She is the most passive-aggressive person I have ever seen.

      Get rid of her and Peter, then watch, with no paycheck…that marriage will implode!

  • Sheree is very boring and pretentious but it is very dirty to mess with someone’s income and their life.

    • Not sure if your second sentence applies to any “reality star,” as they should know full well their fame is only temporary, because they lack discernible entertainment talent. She should have realized that from day one when she signed up for this show, and also should have thus saved her money she made from it.

    • These women are on a tv show about their lives, and if you are boring, then you’re out. She can join Lisa and DeShawn.

  • Why do ppl spell the HWs names incorrectly despite the correct spelling being right in front of them in the blog!! Anyway, I digress….

    I don’t think I believe this story at all! I don’t see Nene doing that, plus Sheree didn’t have much going on this Season like she had in the past.

    I wish these Bravo shows would get back to the way they were way back in the day when they sought out wealthy housewives who lived lavish lifestyles! The dynamic they had with their friends and family came secondary. Now it’s a bunch of made up, orchestrated, set up plots for drama and women who want to be on tv and ont mind being exploited. Sad. Bring back the REAL housewives who are classy, wealthy, and who ARE and know REAL wealthy ppl and film THEM and their lifestyle! Sadly, women who fit that category most likely wouldn’t do a reality show. Especially one on Bravo.

  • I wonder if this is true, I hope it is, I for one can not stand Sharee. I don’t think NeNe has that kind of pull. I don’t think NeNe hate Kim and I don’t think kim hate NeNe. They are mad but it they would sit down and talk, I think it will be NeNe and Kim again, May Sharee will be on Kim’s show.

  • I wonder if she didnt ask for Kim and Sheree. Bravo doesnt seem to play into the ego “fire such and such, dont film with such and such” Isnt that why they fired Jill?
    If this is true, i dislike NeeNee more for this. She should not be the one to control whos on the show or not and to be honest. NeeNee was just as boring as Sherea this season.

      • Yes, lose Cynthia, please! She doesn’t even know who she is. Sad. NeNe is a b!t(h. She thinks she’s so great and rich. Buy some furniture and your own home then. I could live without NeNe on my television. Maybe it’s time Bravo packs it up in Atlanta.

      • Oh absolutely! Cynthia’s is a follower of Nene, regardless of what she says. I still like Nene even though she aggravates the shit out of me this season. However, Sheree’s scenes with her son-in-law made me cringe. She should know better taking that boy to look at those expensive rings. I don’t blame him one bit for drinking everytime Sheree was around. She seems to have never had to do real work to earn her money.

  • Don’t think I believe that. Nene seems to hate Kim waaayyyy more than Sheree. I didn’t watch this season but from the past it doesn’t seem like Nene would go that far. She’s had bigger blow ups with Kandi.

    • I agree. Plus NeNe posted on twitter that she has power but not that much…..and I suspect she was referring to the accusations. No way did Bravo fire Sheree because of NeNe! If there’s any truth to this story….she was fired because she has no story line and other than stirring the pot and starting drama…Sheree has no relevance! Sheree has tweeted that she too is on vacation and has been all week. Wendy Williams invited Sheree to her show to set the record straight….so if she’s swallowed her pride….maybe we’ll soon hear the truth (better yet, her truth) on what really happened. Let’s hope.

      • Patticakes what did Wendy say about this situation this morning? Right when she started her “Hot Topics” segment our local news stations cut in with a breaking news story!!! Ugh!!

        • Sheree’s firing was part of Wendy”s hot topics. Wendy was disturbed by the firing and showed sympathy for Sheree, although her audience cheered. She then went on to invite Sheree to her couch to clarify.

      • Just read on another site the reason Sheree was rumored to be fired is because she asked for more money. According to this site (and a reliable source), Sheree wanted 750K, the amount that NeNe gets but was fired instead.

        • Sheree is boring as hell. She isn’t even relevant or interesting enough so the fact that she asked for $750K is bullshit. She’s been acting like a total diva! The fact that she’s not working, and is getting paid a lot by ruthless Bravo by just being on camera should be enough money for her. If Sheree can’t see that the audience isn’t interested in her unnecessary bs drama & her dead storyline, then she’s dumber than dumb.

          Sheree acts like she has money, and spends her money on expensive things which aren’t necessary when her #1 priority should be her kids! Not Hermes bags, Jimmy Choo shoes Christian Louboutins, Versace, Chanel, and drivin’ a Rolls Royce! Who is she tryna fool? Exactly! Good riddance, Sheree!

          I’d rather have Nene! Go, Nene! I would love it if she released a song. Nene can actually sing, and none of the housewives can… Well, only Kandi!

    • Actually on WWHL not too long ago, she said she’d never be friends with Sheree again but she MIGHT be willing to talk to Kim again one day.

    • i think that nene was real thats why the show respected her but she made way for the others the same ones who made jokes about her are looking stupid i love real and real is nene