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More Baby Mama Drama With Camille Grammer’s Boyfriend! Camille Gets Accused Of Being A Homewrecker!

For those of you who don’t know, Camille Grammer’s boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos was recently being video deposed in an ongoing custody battle with his ex Lisa and was asked to listen to a recording that involved Camille ‘threatening’ Lisa. Camille had said, “If you go to the press, I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done. You don’t want to do that to Marcus.” We then learned Dimitri filed a restraining order against his ex and it doesn’t stop there! Dimitri’s ex is now asking a judge to let her move from Texas to Colorado with their 9 year old son Marcus so they can be closer to her family. Dimitri isn’t okay with this and wants Marcus to stay in Dallas where he lives.

From RadarOnline:
Lisa says in her sworn declaration, which was submitted to the court on February 8, 2012, “I do not believe it is in the best interest of our son to be subject to the social media, paparazzi, and social pressures of the type of lifestyle his father has chosen to live. Because of Camille Grammer’s publicizing her relationship with Dimitri on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dimitri is now being referred to all over the Internet as a “Boy Toy..This negative publicity is harmful and devastating to the self-image of our nine-year-old son.”

Sources reveal that Camille has never even met their son saying, “Camille has never met Marcus! Camille thinks it’s just too soon to meet him, even though she has been dating his dad for almost eight months. Camille is fully supportive of Dimitri’s relationship with Marcus, and would love to meet him one day when it’s appropriate. Camille has been through her own custody battle with her two children, and her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, and Camille knows that the children come first, period. Dimitri can’t believe how down to earth and level headed Camille is, it’s not what he has been used to at all”

Lisa also accuses Dimitri of cheating on Lisa with Camille saying, “At the same time we were together and had a life together in Dallas, he deceived me and my son and was having an affair with Camille Grammer, always denying to me in several discussions that he was cheating.”

But sources are saying Lisa is lying, “this is categorically false. Dimitri had broken up with Lisa prior to getting involved with Camille, there was no affair, cheating, period. The relationship had been over for a while. Look, they had dated for 11 years, and the only reason Dimitri stayed was because of Marcus. Lisa is using their son as a weapon against Dimitri because she can’t stand the fact that Dimitri has found someone else”

Well now I know why Camille didn’t return to Beverly Hills. It She would have to deal with tons of drama with Dimitri’s ex and it probably wasnt worth it. Thoughts?

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  • He makes me think of Howdy Doody with curly hair…for those too young to know who that is, google 🙂

    He also makes me think of Cedric and Kato Kaelin.

    I’m surprised at Camille. It seems very obvious her goal in this relationship is to make Kelsey jealous and/or regret what he did to her.

  • That is weird that Boy Toy could drive Camilles kids to school but it is too son to meet his kid? Too easy to poke holes in Camilles stories. The things she says never add up.

  • So Baby Mama, a single Baby Mama wants to be close to her family? And Boy Toy would prefer her to stay in TX where HIS family is? While he parades around with his BH Housewife? That is so wrong on so many levels. What a hyprocrit Camille is. She is doing all the things she accused Kelsey’s new wife of doing. Its okay as long as you are the one doing it? So unfair that Camille can use her money and husband’s celebrity to bully. Whatever. What comes around goes around. No wonder Kelsey left her. Kelsey seems to have found a real relationship while Camille has found a piece of meat to flaunt. From what I read an unemployed dead beat dad. I beat if that Smiley guy that dates all the Housewives came along she would have snatched him up and started singing his praises.

  • Camille will never see his child as part of the equation. She sure wants to have her cake and eat it too. If it is okay for your children to meet him why isn’t it okay for his child to meet you? Your boy toy obviously has made his choice and if the mother wants to live close to her family more power to them, it worked while he was living in Dallas but now that he is living with you in BH, it doesn’t matter, instead of catching a plane to Dallas, he just has to catch a plane to Colorado. Think about what is the best for that child and not only yours.

  • It’s all public record the Charalambopoulos is the family with all the dirt. If Camille wants to go looking into every “nook and cranny” she should maybe go looking into her new dependent I mean boy toy’s family history. DWI, indecent exposure, weapons charges, assaults. How does all that work for her newly found fake image that she is trying to portray? Oh and by the way, what grown man twirls his hair lol? Rock solid lol what else is an umeployed fellow going to do? Of course he is in “love” lol. I just wish she was going to come back next season. It would be interesting to see all this pan out. I don’t blame Baby Mama for wanting to protect her child from Camille’s lifestyle it is all embarassing for adults much less a young boy. I feel really bad for the kid having a father behaving like this. For Pete’s sake Camille showed him off like a piece of meat with tha abs pic and the way she was dirty dancing. Sheesh. I hope the judge looks out for this kids well being and keeps camilee AWAY. I will pray for them.