Mob Wives Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano Calls Her Co-stars Out On Twitter!

After Sunday’s episode of Mob Wives, Renee Graziano expected all her co-stars to reach out via twitter to her son AJ! She called out her co-stars on twitter saying, “Looked @ my sons twitter how many #mobwives do u think they sent my INNCOSENT SON wrds of advie??????????????? Let’s me knw if u cld find”

Renee ain’t messing around! When she isn’t happy, she let’s it be known! Do you think that the ladies should have reached out to AJ via twitter?

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  • I think Renee is being very unfair as I think all these women probably did appear for Renee and her son at the time it happened. I’m sorry but she can’t expect them to be there to comfort HER twenty four hours a day. Renee, you need to comfort your family now. Pick up the pieces and move on. You know the life and you know the stakes. Move On.

  • Well Karen could have provided unique insights into how it was for her when her father ratted out the others. Karen likes to bring up her dad all the time; and, this was the time he was relevant.

  • I don’t get it. Out of respect for her and the probability that she is still in a state of shock or depression, I will refrain from trying to guess what is going on here. I wish her and AJ the best.

  • PS does anyone else think those reactions of her finding out about Junior and then her dad were “re-enacted”. Indeed they happened in real life. But maybe not when the cameras were running. Would like to heat what others think.

  • Ok Someone needs to tell Renee to come down a few branches on the crazy tree. AJ needs to get twitter advice from her co-thugs via twitter? Seriously? Thats the best their script factory could come up with? Wow. 1) This happened (in the real world) six months ago – AJ needs advice now? It really boggles my mind. Her brain must be so numb from the charade that passes for loyalty kicking her around that she doesn’t seem to reflect on the reality. That man put her father BACK in prison because Jun-yah got caught on a NEW CHARGE. I wonder if they were filming the show when he committed the armed robbery (of the illegal gambling spot). They were certainly filming while he was wearing a wire, and telling her he wanted to give their love another try. How many ways can spell Sociopath. AJ doesn’t need advice. He’s probably the smartest person on the show.

  • Renee’s becoming a DIVA (like NeNe) No they shouldnt have reached out on twitter thats ridiculous! Renee thinks she’s a Mob Boss not a Mob Wife. Get over yourself Renee! AND I used to like her…

    • You hit it right on the head! Renee’s delusions have gotten to the point she thinks she is a mob “boss” and not a mob “wife.”

  • i think it would be more appropriate to reach out to him personally and in private by phone or email. not on a social networking site. obviously the mob wives felt the same. renee…you are not the center of attention, you are not the queen of mob wives, stop causing drama.

  • JMO…… This is a ‘reality show’ & Renee, along with the rest ‘chose’ to put their lives ‘out there’ for public viewing…… Along with the big ratings also comes the downfalls of this lifestyle… This happened a long time ago, end of last year if I remember correctly which all of the cast spoke out on AJ’s behalf. It appears that she want’s them to send sympathy tweets to AJ once it aired as well. As usual, she’s a bit over the top….

    • agreed! I think they’ve all reached out in person and/or said many times on twitter and FB how horrible they feel for the both..

  • Let me start by saying I’ve always loved Renee.. but, I am getting a bit sick of her.. if all attn is not on her at all times she’s pissed.. I’ve seen a few fans tweet Drita about stuff… ie; they think she would be great on #DWTS as soon as Drita re-tweeted that Renee went on a twitter rampage about how’s she’s always loved to dance and it’s been her dream to be on #DWTS…. this MAY be true.. however, I ‘d NEVER seen 1 tweet about until a fan tweeted Drita… then it was 20 tweets a day.. tweeting links for petitions to get her on the show.. I mean REALLY??? and that wasn’t the 1st time I’ve seen her do something like that… if everyone doesn’t handle every situation the way she thinks, she throws a fit like a 5 year old… It’s getting quite old… she’s been through a LOT and I do feel for her.. but, she is NOT the only one dealing with a lot and with drama… we ALL are! Get over yourself!

  • Taking this a step further, but why would her 17 (?) year old son want or need his mom’s friends comments to make him feel better.

    I’m not on twitter but geez I don’t even wish my close friends happy birthday over facebook, I either call or at the very least send a text. I couldn’t imagine tweeting, “sorry your dad is a snitch and ratted out your g-pa let me know if you need anything”

    I’m not the grammar police and it usually annoys me when people pick apart other’s comments, but I could barely understand the tweet.

  • This bitch is nuttier than a port-o-potty at a payday factory. I would be embarrassed to no end if this was my mother. AJ is much more mature than his mother and its obvious that he’s had to be his own parent for the majority of his life. Sad.

  • Is she serious? Didn’t all these events happen awhile ago? Why would they just start talking to her son about it now? I cannot stand this woman or her asininity.

  • Renee shut the fuck up! You sound so stupid. Why would you want any of the mobwives giving your son advice ? It’s clear they all need advice.

  • can’t stand this woman ( & i tried) ..
    of course a true friend does not condole or advise on ‘twitter’.
    i mean , is she NUTSO ?
    AJ has alot to deal with & she is making it worse ..
    such a good kid too ..
    obviously she has gotten the ‘good edit’ on the show …
    i think she is a lousy mother (co -dependant) ..
    bad daughter for going against her fathers wishes ..
    & an absolute idiot to be bamboozled by such a disrespectful cold-hearted man …
    i cannot respect women like this …
    it’s 2012 women need to be strong now & stop acting like little girls ..
    it’s disgusting & a real ‘trend’lately in the media …

    • I Dont know about good edit. I only watch an episode every now and then. I often read the mob wives stories posted here though. I have always disliked her. Her harshness, the screaming, the bullshit she pulls. The problem seems to be she thinks she is head BIC and the other girls should fall in line.. when they dont she flips her half baked wig!

  • Was she drunk again? I follow Carla, Drita, Big Ang and Renee and all of the women reached out to Renee. I don’t think they are required to say anything to AJ. That’s your job Renee. Stop drugging and drinking and focus on your kid and not yourself! Ugh…so tired of her BS.

  • Renee Graziano continues to astonish and amaze. That she is so unaware that she is a completely superficial person is kind of tragic. Who but her would be expecting public displays of attention/affection for her son from persons she wants the public to believe are her friends? If, following a personal trauma, a friend of mine took to “social media” to convey what should be a heart-felt message for it to even matter, the fact that it was done on Twitter would prove to me it was anything but ‘heart-felt’ and would therefore render it meaningless. In fact I can tell you it would really chap my hide to now know that they thought so little of my son to not pay respects respectfully (read privately) but had to make sure the world is watching and therefore giving them ‘credit’ for it.

    We’ve heard of Stockholm Syndrome. I think this is a mutation of that phenomenon. Let’s call this puzzling frame of mind, Staten Island Syndrome. The symptoms present as a complete loss of discretion that then leads to embarrassing public speech and behaviors that are tacitly encouraged by the victims of this insidious condition. That is followed by a complete surrender of even a pretext of pride in order to continue the demands of public humiliation brought on by the lack of discretion which again will result in embarrassing public media attention.

    Not only that but we all know the scenes aired Sunday were shot months ago. What went on in that episode is no more relevant now than are last year’s holidays. Since the story broke about Renee’s father’s re-arrest and Jun-iuhr’s part in it AJ has been making the talk show circuit letting everyone know he is just fine. For any of them to react on Twitter Sunday night after “Ultimate Betrayal,” aired to act like they hoped he was fine would not only have been dreadfully inappropriate but would reek of a publicity set-up. Doesn’t Renee realize that putting Ramoana on this season has done enough damage to the show. People are already crying foul and set-up. Something as crass as a Twittervention for AJ would have smacked of phoniness born out of desperation.

    Carla at least seems unwilling to indulge Renee’s delusions. Hopefully the others will come around. To continue to enable her is nothing a real friend would do.

    • Staten Island Syndrome massive LOL Helen. Again I bow down to you oh Mistress of Words.

      Renee calling out her co-stars on twitter is just to be another way to get attention. I think it’s pretty sad when someone needs to gain sympathy via social networks to make themselves feel better and feel more popular. Dont get me wrong I dont hate Renee I just think its pathetic the way she is gaining money off her father notoriety…his criminal notoriety. Renee your father was/is a criminal so is your ex husband. It’s that simple. You committ the crime you do the time. Either live like a civilised law abiding citizen or STFU.

    • Oh I agree with this post. Its amazing how you can take what im thinking and put it to words. We need an “i agree” button LOL

      • AGREE, AGREE, AGREE.. I’d be PISSED with my real friends if it took social networking for them to reach out PERSONALLY to my son… she just wants all attn on her at all times

    • Helen, there are a lot of people who relish public sympathy. They want people to know they are hurting and crying. I’m sorry to say this, but I can prove I am right. Just drive down any street nowadays and you’ll find at least one cross in memory of a loved one who was killed on that particular spot. People who place those crosses there want to be watched. Thay want people to slow down and think, “Aw.”
      In the meantime, the grave at the cemetery (where the loved one finaly rest in peace) goes untouched with weeds growing where flowers should be. I’m sorry but it’s true. I don’t feel sympathy for those people who clutter streets with flowers and dirty stuffed animals. They are not there because the spirit of their loved one is there, they are there for pure sympathy. Look at me cry.

  • Do you think she meant mob wives or Mob Wives? Seems to me like she meant other real life mob wives. Her co-stars could easily have been there in person for AJ back when this happened..