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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Sign Contracts! Official Cast Revealed

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins filming season 3 later this month and RadarOnline is reporting they know officially who’s in and who’s out! A show insider confirms the news saying, “Kim and Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump have all signed their contracts. Brandi Glanville will be back for a third season as well. Her addition to the show was a lot of fun and really mixed things up.” And what about Taylor? The source confirms Taylor will be back for another season! The source adds, “The tensions are high among the women and they’re all ready to make this the most explosive season yet.”

I’m assuming that means Dana will no longer be on. I’m a bit confused that Taylor will be returning when majority of the viewers have made it clear they don’t want her back. Andy always says he does what the fans want. In this case, I think people have made it clear they do not want Taylor back! This will be an interesting season now that Lisa and Kyle aren’t as close and Lisa has become BFFs with Brandi Glanville!

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  • Well, that’s it…Traylor sealed the deal for me..,.I’m out..will not waist an ounce of my time looking at that piece of garbage..Peace out Bravo

  • In the picture above Taylor has that look on her face because the men (husbands) are there. Taylor always acts like a slut when any man is around. Even men who bring tables and sing lousy birthday songs. No woman should trust Taylor around their man. She is looking for her next (scam) victim.

  • @jelly…..why can’t I comment again under your reply???

    Anyway, I am a fan of Brandi but I think that totally sucks, regardless of reason she did it. I don’t agree at all. I am surprised, though, that never came up during the show. Was it done after S2 ended?? I do remember reading something about Adrienne’s marriage. Not on twitter and not via Brandi.

    • Brandi made the comment about Mauricio before S2 ended it happened between December or Jan.

      But Brandi questioned Adriennes marriage during the reunion and covered herself up by saying it was a joke when Adrienne got mad.

      • and Brandi knew that anything she said about Adrienne’s marriage would be believed because Brandi came to the show via Adrienne, therefore, she may be seen as having inside info on Adrienne and Paul. Nasty piece of work that Brandi

        • Can not stand Brandi!!! She is just like MeGo!! I don’t get how everyone can not see through people like that!

          • Difference of opinion T. I cant see how people dont see through Kyles bullshit. It is what it is!

  • Bravo is a beast!! They want Taylor back for one more season for one reason…Ratings. They will be huge. Everyone loves a good train wreck!! I’ll bet now that by the end of the season her bff Kyle will have completely distanced herself from Taylor. I honestly think that if Kyle would just quit trying to help people like her sister and Taylor, and just relax and have fun and enjoy life she would have a lot more fun and a lot less stress! Probably make for better t.v. too. 😉

  • I’m glad Brandi will be back. Not as excited about Kim (she should be focusing on her recovery! imho) Curious to see what Taylor’s storylines are going to be about. I think if she hadn’t been picked up for this season, she might have gone into a downward spiral.

  • Camille was on ‘GMA’ this AM explaining why she won’t return & her relationship w/Bravo……… Interesting…….

  • I think that Lisa was upset at the reunion, but being an ADULT, she was willing to listen to her friend Kyle’s explanation and work it out. I have always been a fan of Lisa’s, but I was about to question that if she was really going to turn her back on her friend of many years over something Brandi told her. This past season has me taking a closer look at Lisa tho…she is definitely aware of the cameras and how she wants to come across on tv. Kyle is more “real” and unfiltered IMO which is what makes people call her a “mean girl”.
    What keeps me watching these shows is seeing how people interact with one another, and reading different opinions about the same thing I watched. It amazes me that we can all watch the exact same show and come away with completely different ideas about who is right and who is wrong. I could make a strong case that watching reality tv could help foster world peace…but I won’t do it here lucky for you guys lol

    • What about Kyle not stepping in when they were all jumping on Lisa? She stepped in when anyone attacked Taylor but left Lisa to the wolves and even agreed with some of the stuff Adrien said! So when the reunion was over and Lisa spoke about being hurt do you believe it was directed at Adrien and not Kyle?

      I am curious to see how Lisa and Kyle handle their relationship next season.

      • I agree!!! I see Kyle as a wicked mean girl…..yes she apologized but she was like that S1. And she apologized. Oh and again S2. And again, an apology. Maybe the truth is she is a mean girl but apologizes to save face. Her behaviors and actions haven’t changed!!!! And regarding the reunion…

        She most certainly didn’t jump in. Lisa has the rig to be upset and I hope she hasn’t forgiven her.

      • I think she was upset that Kyle didn’t say anything, but the problem was that Kyle was hearing the exact same story from other people about selling stories. Kyle didn’t believe it was true, but Camille heard the same exact story as well, and even admitted it so it wasn’t like Adrienne was pulling it out of nowhere. I don’t like that Adrienne treated Lisa so badly, but I think that Lisa and Adrienne’s relationship has been so rocky since the beginning of this season. I never really pictured them as friends even though they were neighbors.

        Kyle voiced her opinion, maybe it was at the wrong time because I think that Lisa does calculate things. I don’t think Kyle is a mean girl, I just think she probably should have talked to Lisa off camera about her concerns, but we know Andy Cohen played a part in that whole thing. He asked the questions, and he expects an ‘honest’ answer.

        • The problem is none of these women seem to take full responsibilty. Yes, they apologize. Yes, they say they were embarrassed. But right after they make some type of excuse. Yes, I am generalizing, but it is true.

          • Yes they all make excuses though, even Brandi. She may say she owns it, but she doesn’t. I think a lot of people do that though, even us normal folk.

      • Why would Kyle step in if Kyle was being fed the same story as both Adrienne and Camille? She even admitted that she didn’t know whether it was true or not so she didn’t say anything. The problem with Kyle is that when she says something she’s damned for it and when she doesn’t, she’s damned for it as well.

        In my opinion the situation between Lisa and Taylor was very different. With Lisa, Kyle was told that Lisa was selling stories just as Adrienne and Camille were told the same thing. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and siding with Adrienne, Kyle didn’t say anything. Which brings up my point of why would Kyle get into the mix if 1.) she was told the same thing as Adrienne and Camille and 2.) she didn’t know whether it was true or not? Regarding Taylor, she knows what Taylor told her. Whether Taylor is a liar or not is irrelevant in Kyle defending her.

        • Lisa runs a high profile resturant. If Kyle believed she was selling stories and they were such close friends why would she not ask her about it in private? Then form her opinion seperate from Adriene. Or maybe she did that and was of the opinion Lisa was really selling stories? For Kyle to go on national TV and accuse her of selling stories could have ruined her resturants reputation. This is how she makes her living. On top of that, Lisa had just allowed Maurcio to make 1 million dollars by selling her home. Kyle should have defended Lisa the way she defended Taylor.

          To have Kyle, Adriene and Taylor as a group question her integrity and no one defend her could have ruined her business reputation. That was DIRTY in my opinion. Not something i would expect from a close friend.

          • Kyle didn’t even say ANYTHING about Lisa selling stories so how was she challenging Lisa’s integrity? She let Adrienne and Camille bitch it out with Lisa.

            If Kyle DID think that Lisa was selling stories, she didn’t say so. She kept her mouth shut regarding that. So, again, how is Kyle responsible for what Camille and Adrienne were saying?

            Sorry, but big freaking deal that Lisa chose Mauricio as her real estate agent. Like it or not, Mauricio is already one of the most successful real estate agents in California. It’s not like he needed Lisa’s money or a freaking hand out so people need to stop acting like Lisa did them so kind of favor by letting them sell her house.

            Kyle should have defended Lisa if she knew 100% that Lisa wasn’t selling stories. The problem was that Kyle was fed the same stories as the other two and didn’t know whether it was true or not. Out of the 3 of them who were told Lisa was selling stories, the only one who didn’t accuse Lisa of it was KYLE.

      • I think Kyle didn’t step in when Lisa was getting piled on because she didn’t think Lisa needed help. Lisa is an adult and can speak for herself-had Lisa not been there, I think Kyle would have defended her and said she didn’t think she did it. However..I’m sure that Lisa has a relationship with the hollywood tabloids and paparazzi. Every upscale Beverly Hills restaurant must if they want favorable press. Celebs WANT to be photographed at nice restaurants-they aren’t always running from photographers. Maybe that was in the back of Kyle’s would be in the back of mine. Better to not say anything than say the wrong thing when your friend is under the gun-and ps, Lisa was doing JUST FINE all be herself. She is no hot house flower and can take the heat. I was shocked that she had an issue with Kyle afterwards about it-and her comments about Mauricio and the sale of the house were below the belt IMO and much crueler than what she was accusing Kyle of doing to her.
        Brandi is a whole other piece of work-she’s just a shit stirrer determined to get on the show no matter what. She thinks creating drama will secure her spot, and sadly, she’s probably right. She doesn’t care if what she says hurts people’s feelings and feels she’s entitled to say it if she thinks it. And she doesn’t apologize. I think the most chilling part of the whole reunion was Brandi telling all of us AND Lisa that she wanted to sleep with Ken. Watch out Lisa, cuz she’s not kidding

        • I am sorry but Brandi was obviously kidding. Her husband cheated on her. And she has said it was horrific. I doubt she would do that to someone else. When you have a close relationship with people, you can totally joke about things. Might not be my choice of joke, however, it clearly was.

          • Yes, but she made a huge twitter announcement back in January, or December (it got deleted after the backlash) that Mauricio was cheating on Kyle (when he wasn’t), and THEN she said that Adrienne and Paul’s marriage was questionable.

            She said that being cheated on was horrific but she loves to make jokes about other peoples husbands cheating on them? I don’t understand that.

            I wanted to like Brandi but I just can’t respect her anymore :/

          • Its not Brandi place to announce on twitter that someones husband is cheating. Even if they are! But, how do any of us know if it was true or not? we dont! I will agree Brandi was out of turn if she posted that, but i dont know how we can say he didnt, wasnt, is.. cheating.

          • @Dawn: Your right we don’t, but I have a feeling Kyle would have left him by now if he was. Besides, making a statement like that is hurtful. Whether it’s true or not, what kind of person would say that? Even joking about it is wrong.

          • sorry but Brandi AND Lisa have both said that Brandi is NOT kidding about wanting to sleep with Ken. Why don’t you believe her if you’re a fan of hers? She has never said it’s a joke, and Lisa has said that it’s not a joke. You can think that if you want, but both women have said that BRANDI IS SERIOUS.
            Also, for someone who was so hurt by a cheating spouse, Brandi shouldn’t find cheating a humorous topic.
            I think she has boundary issues and I don’t like her at all…so yeah, it probably colors my opinion of her, but you can’t deny that she says she doesn’t LIE , says she tells it like it is, and she said she isn’t joking when she says she wants to sleep with Ken. So, I still say, Lisa, watch your back

          • cammierari, please don’t lie. Its a fact that both Lisa and Brandi have said she was joking. Both their Twitter history attests to this (want me to copy the tweets here?) neither have said otherwise, and what you said is a blatant lie.

        • On that note. Taylor was doing just fine. She was the one attacking Brandi, so why would Kyle step up and defend Taylor ? I think had Kyle kept her mouth shut between taylor and brandi i might have a different opinion of her.

          • Wait, wait, wait…..Brandi did what????

            I am relatively new to Twitter, well, I have been on for awhile and make comments here and there, but really understand it or even how to use it.

            I am not suing younger incorrect, but did Brandi really do that??? I am surprised…..

          • @Srt_3 Yes, Brandi really did that, but deleted that tweet right away because a lot of people started to yell at her and say that what she was doing was rude. (About the whole saying Mauricio was cheating on Kyle thing)

            I’m really not that shocked that she did that though, I mean she’s made plenty of remarks about people’s husbands/fiancee’s cheating on them. (She said it to Dana, she questioned Adrienne’s marriage..) I just find it rude.

          • personally I think Kyle defended Taylor because she felt sorry for her, and because Taylor wasn’t doing just fine on her own. Kyle felt she needed help and support. Even Lisa befriended Taylor, so I don’t think Kyle is alone there

  • @Brett Brani got her facts wrong regarding the supposed meeting before the reunion. First she said Adrienne texted her and the ladies and that everyone but she and Camille attended. Somewhere in that she brought up Kyle in it. Then Camille said it wasn’t true and Kyle said it wasn’t true. Then Brandi said she never talked to Kyle and then changed her story to hearing about the meeting from someone else in adrienne’s camp. And FYI, Lisa never said that there was a meeting. All she said was that she felt ganged up on.

    Noe about Kyle and Lisa. They’re both similar in that they have big personalities. Kyle and Lisa have both said that they’re still close friends and the rumors aren’t true. I’m sure after the reunion Lisa was hurt but it’s been 2 months since they filmed it. On top of that I dont necessarily think Kyle did anything wrong except not get into Adrienne ‘s fight with Lisa. Kyle had an issue with Lisa and she addressed it and rightfully so. Kyle didn’t say anything about Lisa selling stories to the press because she was told the same story as well.

  • Until bravo confirms the actual cast, I don’t so much believe these “sources”
    For all we know the source could very well be Shana herself!
    Wouldn’t put it pass her…ugh!

  • What happened with the 2 other women “sources” claimed would be on next season? One was the wife of David Foster (I think, don’t quote me).

  • Damn! I knew psycho Traylor Trash would be back! Crazy witch! I hope they don’t try to make her look good because no matter how much they edit, I will still see her as a PSYCHOPATH! Especially her annoying breakdowns and fake crying with her punched annoying lips moving as she’s trying to convince everyone she’s so hurt and damaged and yada yada. I don’t care about her and her lies. I’m gonna have to FWD a lot of her scenes… Same with Kyle! Ai ya yai! BRAVO really loves destruction & delusional people, that’s for sure!

    • I agree, it is disturbing that Bravo would exploit someone with mental health issues for ratings! Pictures are worth a thousand words…just look at the picture of Taylor above! Creepy.

  • I am SOOOO disappointed in Bravo food bringing Taylor back. Seriously……I have tweeted Andy Cohen several times about NOT bringing her back. I read A LOT of posts here regarding Taylor and how this particular viewers will not watch S3. I have said so myself. Although, truth be told, I will watch…..hopefully to see Taylor continue to be a train wreck, manipulative bitch, and someone I hate!! I want to see people call her out and make her look bad. I want to see people kick her bony ass to kingdom come. (metaphorically speaking….I don’t agree with domestic violence)

    But, in all seriousness, I really can’t believe they brought her back. I don’t understand why Bravo people don’t listen to their fans. Very disconcerting.

    And…just a side note on the above posts..I share my opinion often. I truly hate Taylor and am not the biggest fan of Teresa. I love Brandi and Lisa. Kyle is a mean girl. Plain and simple. There have been times where I have had a disagreement with several of you regarding my opinion on Kyle and Brandi. But it never got out of hand. However, on one post regarding Taylor I had one person accuse me of calling someone a name and this poster called me two. I was offended. Especially because I went back and I mosf certainly did NOT call anyone names. In fact, I said name calling is not necessary!! I guess my point is to say I think it is perfectly ok to have differing opinions and at times to get into heated “written arguments.” I just prefer other posters to stop the name calling. Not necessary. And, this is just my opinion…..but just had to say it.

      • Right after BH went off the air? It got very bad back then. I was put through the ringer for calling Taylor a liar. I think most of those people are gone. i DEFFINETLT did not put Jelly in that same catagory. The name callers seem to not stay too long. They show up cuss everyone out for a few days and are never seen again. LOL

        • I can’t believe there are people out there who actually think Taylor was being truthful. Ugh….I don’t believe a word that comes out of her heavily injected mouth.

          I was not referring to Jelly at all in my original post. I have gone back and forth with her regardng Kyle and Brandi. Obviously we disagree. But it was always resepctful. We all have differing opinions and come here to share with fans of the Real Housewives. I just want everyone to be respectful of differing opinions…is that possible?? I couldn’t believe it when someone told me to shut the F up and called me a troll. Umm….mature there, guy.

          • I remember that I think! That was in one of the New Jersey Housewives articles. It’s intense in articles pertaining to the NJ housewives lol.

          • I havent decided what the truth is about Taylor, so I’m in the minority here on that. I share my opinions and try to back them up with my reasons, but am always willing to listen to the other side. NO ONE has yet given me an example of why Teresa is at fault in the family feud or why they think she is anything but a sweet, loyal, loving woman. Usually the Teresa haters post rants filled with name calling, but no specific examples of things she has done to prove she isn’t what I think she is.
            This is a great site for HW news and a great place to post because GENERALLY we are all respectful, even when we completely disagree. Looking forward to many more seasons of discussing everything HW with you all 🙂

        • Dawn – yeah, I have noticed that too – some people will “swoop in”, write really intense posts and are never seen or heard from again. Or else they sign in with a new moniker? It’s all so odd.

  • Don’t believe the hype till Bravo announces it! Nothing is ‘official’ or ‘confirmed’ yet! Radar says some outlandish things and cannot be a reliable source. But, Bravo has been so disappointing lately, I won’t be surprised if Taylor’s in. Ugh definitely will not be watching if she is!

    • Yes, this information may just be someone’s guess. According to Brandi’s most recent post last night this is all news to her.

      Brandi Glanville ? @BrandiGlanville

      @catommanney well I’m not in nyc for the upfronts so this is all news to me and I’m sure I’d have known before radar! Have a gud day!

  • I don’t get where people are getting that Lisa and Kyle hate each other, they’re still close and they do tweet each other. Kyle put all those rumors to rest awhile ago, and Lisa also poked fun at those rumors about them not being close and her forcing Kyle to choose sides.

    I am so happy that Kyle is back though! and Kim! I really hope that we see the Kim from beginning of Season 2 (the Colorado episode, she was so funny, quirky and nice.) I also hope that maybe we see a more positive side of the sisterly relationship between the two of them.

    I am sad that Taylor will be back, but we don’t know if she is going to be a fulltime housewife we just know she’s coming back. She could have a lesser role, and we also don’t know if Brandi is going to be a full-time housewife. It just says they will be back, and if they are still talking about signing on a new housewife that means that its a possibility that Brandi and Taylor will be a friend of the housewives. I am bummed that Taylor is going to be back ,but hopefully she’ll have a lesser role.

    • Where are we getting it from?

      Did you forget the reports about Adrienne gathering all the Housewives together for a “plan to attack Lisa” at the reunion? Brandi HERSELF hinted to this at the reunion and later said she would never be a part of something like that.

      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Adrienne set Lisa up, and Lisa knows both Adrienne and Kyle were in on it!

      • Have you done your research? Brandi made that story up, she first said that Adrienne texted her/called her telling her about the meeting before the reunion then she changed her story saying it was Adrienne’s assistant or chief or whatever. She said that everyone got a text to be invited except for Lisa herself. Camille said that NEVER happened along with Kyle. Brandi could NOT keep her story straight.

        • How can you be so sure that Brandi made that up? Lisa said it as well as Brandi. So why arent you saying Lisa made it up?

          I think its interesting you only show up on threads about Kyle/taylor and youre super aggressive to people who have a different opinion then your own.

          • Lisa said she felt ganged up on, which I can see how she came up to that conclusion but there was on confirmation that this happened. Camille said it didn’t, Brandi couldn’t keep her story straight.

            If people are going to respond to my threads with a different view, I am going to respond. BRETT’s response was hostile so I give that back.

            I only post on Kyle threads cause she is my favorite, I don’t post much on Taylor’s threads. Sorry that you don’t like that I am ‘aggressive’, but since people have attacked me in the past I get on the defense already. I do post in the NJ threads to btw. So please stop generalizing me, I don’t generalize you.

          • Jelly, you were responding to Brett as he was the only one who said anything about the Lisa/kyle issues.. So you made a fresh comment but you were directing it at what he said….

            I havent seen anyone attack you. Im sorry if they have. I have only seen you aggressivly tell people they are completly wrong and dont know what they are talking about. You dismiss other people and aggressivly tell them they dont know what they are talking about even when they have facts to back it up.

            Its just unsetteling to watch. Perhaps you dont mean to come across so mean. 🙂

          • The Kyle/Lisa issue was brought up by Linda and I was agreeing with her. I was just reiterating what she said, Brett didn’t bring it up first. Brett replied to me, I replied back.

            I have my facts too though, and I am not trying to deflect everything but when someone has a fact and I have a fact that totally disputes it am I supposed to assume they are right and I am wrong? I debate as if I am right, and I can’t read my tone very well (I never have been able to tell how I sound even when I speak), I don’t recall telling someone they are wrong, I may insinuate that i don’t agree but I have never called anyone any kind of name. Have you read other people’s posts towards Kyle fans in previous threads? I have come across some fans of Kyle’s who call people names, but I don’t recall ever doing that.

            I’ve been accused of many things, some of the things I take offense to.

            Can I ask you something, and I am sorry if it comes off as hostile or snarky but I really am curious. If I were a Brandi fan (which I am not anymore), would you be saying these things to me? Or would you support me because you like Brandi as well?

          • No, i have never seen you call anyone names or go to that “other” level. like i said, it could be that you just come off super aggressive and i may be the ONLY one who views it that way.

            @If you were a Brandi fan.

            I think i would feel the same. I also think i would feel the same if someone attacked you for how you feel about Kyle. Everyone should be able to say what they want, debate and argue without becoming aggressive. If we all have the same opinion then what is the fun of reading comments and participating? boring!

            I think its just the dismissive , aggressive tone. No idea if others read it the same way. :O

          • I’ll try to work on my tone then! Because I really don’t mean to come off as aggressive sometimes I probably get that way if I feel really strongly about something (we all have our moments…) But really it isn’t my intention. 🙂

          • I feel bad now! I was certain you were Kyle and being aggressive because it ”
            personal” to you. Now i feel like an idiot LOL!

          • Definitely not Kyle, while Kyle is my favorite housewife I have no interest in being her. I am happy being myself.

            I think it’s sad that people who like someone on a site that is mostly anti-a person end up being accused of being that person (ie me being accused of being Kyle), Kyle does not have the time to read the blogs and comment like certain housewives (there are two BH housewives that I think have the time, and Melissa Gorga from NJ.)

          • I dont know about that, lot of us were pretty sure Taylor was posting back when the story hit about her stalker fan. Remember that? There were some name calling, very defensive, bully posts. The regulars back then were so harrassed a lot never returned. No idea if you were around then, my memory doesnt reach that far. I certainly dont believe that every person that has a different view is “that” person.

        • Jelly, please get your facts straight. Brandi never lied, in FACT, what she said was PROVEN CORRECT on the show. She was told about it (proven correct), and the ambush was obvious. She was right, and exonerated on all accounts. Kyle made the story up that there was no ambush, when their was and the reunion, of you had bothered to actually watch it, PROVED Kyle LIED. Do catch up.

          • Kylie,

            Camille said that Brandi was not telling the truth that it NEVER happened. Kyle only said that being friends with Lisa was calculating, because yes Lisa is smart and I think she does things that can be seen as calculating. Adrienne did most of the attacking. Andy Cohen reeled Kyle in with his questions, what was she supposed to do? Sorry, but I am very caught up.

            Brandi could not keep her story straight, because she could not keep her story straight it’s hard to see her as being credible. Just like Taylor can’t keep her stories straight.

          • it’s not a fact that as you say the ambush was obvious. I didn’t think anyone was ambushing Lisa. I don’t think they “ganged up” on her either. I think SHE saw it that way, but that doesn’t make it a fact.
            Lisa is ok with slamming people in her talking head interviews, but when confronted with legitimate questions about her own behavior, she deflects by saying of course she was joking and it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. I like Lisa don’t get me wrong, but I do think some of the things she has done this past season were beyond snarky. I think she is very aware of the cameras and presents herself in a certain way that might not be the entire picture

    • I doubt Brandi will be a friend this season. She will be a full housewife. 🙂

      Intersting another kyle/taylor post, right Jelly?

      • I’m afraid I don’t know what that means.

        If you are implying that I only talked about Kyle and Taylor it’s because 1) Kyle is my favorite housewife 2) Taylor is my LEAST favorite housewife.

        I have no interest in Adrienne and I’m pretty okay with Lisa. I’m sad about Camille but she’s not a housewife anymore so I didn’t mention her.

        • Im only implying that you only show up to post when there is a story about Kyle or Taylor. That wouldnt be so odd if you were not so aggressive and mean to people who have a different opinion than yours.

          • I have posted in PLENTY of other threads.

            I’m sorry you think I’m hostile, it’s not my intention. Not to start anything but you haven’t exactly been that kind to me either, I get that your a Brandi fan but I am a Kyle fan. I have posted to defend Teresa, and I have talked about the NJ housewives.

            People get even more defensive over Teresa, and are even more hostile. So why is it that I can’t be just as defensive about Kyle?

          • I dont think ive ever been mean to you. I disliked how you jumped on my comments in previous threads and stated my opinion and view of things are lies and wrong even when there was proof. LOL But it wasnt just me, you did this to everyone who posted in favor of Brandi. Which i think is wrong.

            I’m not the blog police though. So carry on and I will do the same.

    • Brandi has said that none of them have been told yet, so this story is false. Hopefully the lying lowlife bully Kyle won’t be back, if she is it should be a minor role; like as a cleaner or something, something she is suited to. Anyone who wants Kim back does NOT have her best wishes at heart. Kim’s problems were exacerbated by being on this show when she never wanted to be and was forced by Kyle (who stole her home too). Wanting Kim to return, is like wanting an alcoholic to get an Inspector’s job at a brewery. For her rehabilitation, Kim needs to stay as far away from this show (and Kyle) as possible. Avoid triggers, like this show. Anyone who wants her back is being cruel and clearly not a fan. As for Brandi, well, decent people like her and she is the second most popular on the show, and she owned last season. People like to see good decent people like Brandi rise from being bullied and attacked, most normal people go for the victim and the underdog. Brandi is the second most loved and all over the net, hardly anyone is against her. It was her show last season, she will undoubtedly play a bigger role this season as the second most popular and well-loved and respected. Kyle should be cleaning sewers, which is what her type of person should be doing.

      • Brandi is not a victim, I am sorry but I am so tired of people acting like Brandi did nothing wrong. Yes, Kyle made a mistake and she admitted it and apologized, but god forbid no one listens to her apologies. Kyle invited her to her White Party, and to Hawaii, when she really didn’t have to, but she felt bad for her behavior and has admitted it countless times.

        Kyle doesn’t reblog nasty comments that people send her about Brandi (and I know A LOT of people do not like Brandi, she is NOT 2nd in housewives favorites), but Brandi loves to reblog mean comments about Kyle, Dana, Taylor and Kim. She did it SO much, she was so mad at Kyle once that she said that Mauricio was cheating on her and then went HA HA OOPS JOKE. JAYKAY. And said the only reason why she did that was because she was mad, even her followers got mad at her for doing it. Oh, did you not forget how she called Kyle a CUNextTuesday when Kyle invited her to the Christmas Party because she thought that her and Brandi were on good terms? Then Brandi made the excuse “oh, I saw an episode and got mad” whoops, that was meant for a friend! What kind of person would text that to someone?

        Brand is no victim. I felt sorry for her during Game Night, but watching her behavior on twitter and then on the reunion and the other episodes after game night I kind of lost respect for her.

        • Just butting in to say that I follow Brandi and she has never once retweeted anything bad about Kyle, Taylor (in fact she defended Taylor numerous times when Brandi’s followers attacked her) or Kim, and she only retweeted bad things about Dana after Dana initiated the twitter war with Brandi. So you are telling outright lies there. As for supporters, you clearly are not following Bravo blogs, the majority love her, and on many other boards I’m on she is most often number one, and at least number 2. As for Twitter followers, she went from not being on twitter at all until she came on RHOBH and amassed a hundred thousand followers; not bad for a virtual unknown against the famous Richards sisters and Kelsey Grammer’s husband with the rest having been on the show for 2 seasons and known before that. Pretty darn good one would say. As much as you wish it weren’t true, you have to acknowledge that Brandi is far more popular than most of the women combined. Time after time after time, the evidence can be seen all over the internet. Sorry, but its true.

          • Yes she has. I have been following her since October. Brandi has deletedmany of her retweets because she wants to appear to be the victim and totally innocent.

            I have a feeling that all those comments left to Brandi are the same people 🙂

      • lol I guess we can definitely put you down as not a fan of Kyle eh?
        And I totally disagree about Brandi. Which is why I love watching these shows! To me, to put the words “good” and “decent” next to Brandi is laughable-but I completely respect your right to disagree. It fascinates me that we watch the same things and come to the completely opposite conclusion about something or someone. And none of us can say for sure who is right. Really, it amazes me

        • that was a reply to Kylie, in case it wasn’t clear. I always forget to address my posts!

      • I’m gonna have to disagree with you Kylie.

        Brandi is not as popular as you wish she was.

        She has smallest amount of twitter followers of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Only about 1/3 as many as most. She’s more in the neighborhood of the husbands follower numbers – despite her constant twittering to try to build a following.

      • Seriously Kylie I think your post is hysterical. You are actually trying to manipulate people into thinking they aren’t “normal” or “decent” people unless they love Brandi like you. Does that ever work for you? Was that a post for some kind of social media psychology class. FAIL

        • Jelly
          Totally agree with you!!!!! I have responded to a few of your posts before & u are never rude!!!! Some people get pissed when they are proved wrong!!!

    • You should never feel bad while giving thanks to Jesus….you should however, be more conscious to the things which you give him thanks!

      FYI: Melissa did no create those words!!!!!

  • Taylor is pathetic so over here… She is so not about that lifestyle…trying to do anything to achieve a lifestyle that is not her!!!

  • Actually, Kyle and Lisa are just as close. They’ve both tweeted that they’re still close and worked out their problems after the reunion.

    Anyway, I hope Kyle spends less time with the other ladies and more time working on her relationship with Kim now that she’s healthier and sober.

    • They may have posted that on Twitter, but when you see the trailer for this season when it is about to premiere, I guarantee parts of it will be devoted to a season-long Kyle-Lisa battle. These are two big personalities, one of whom decided the reunion was the perfect place to throw the other, supposedly a good friend of over a decade, under the bus. If you think either lady will forget what happened, you’re mistaken!

      • Lisa was seriously hurt. I cant imagine her trusting Kyle again. I remember the interview she gave saying her husband didnt want her to return because she was hurt so bad from the previous season. It will be interesting to see it unfold, right>?