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UPDATE: Do Drita Davanzo And Karen Gravano Make Up?

Could it be? Could Karen Gravano and Drita Davanzo finally be making amends? Sure looks like it! Drita tells Reality Aired that the two do end up making up and we will luckly be able to see that on the upcoming episodes of Mob Wives. So what can we expect? Drita says, “In the last few episodes you’ll see the reconciliation of Karen and Drita, the outcome of Lee (Drita’s estranged husband) and Drita, and you get to meet my baby girl.” Drita adds that things have been tough saying, “It’s been difficult because I’m trying to move forward. I’m the type of person who can move forward, hopefully that can be possible with Karen” Now that the two are in a better place. Has Drita read Karen’s book ‘Mob Daughter?’ Drita says, “I would never read the book.” Don’t blame her! So since Karen and Drita are good, does that mean Drita and Ramona have made up? Drita says no! “Ramona’s like a child that screams for attention. It’s exhausting and annoying and I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

And what about Juniors recent betrayal to Renee and her family? Drita says it’s awful and added, “That’s the worst thing that could ever happen, but everyone’s going to be there for her.”

Are you surprised Drita and Karen made up?

UPDATE: Drita tells AllAboutTRH exclusively that what she actually said was that we will see if the two actually make up.


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  • I can see them making up and being friendly, they only started to fight after Lee was told Karen was back and writing a book. Now that he out the picture things change. Remember Drita kept saying she had to protect Lee from what Karen could say in her book.

  • Yikes!! Rox, why is Drita saying her and Karen did not make up??? What the heck is going on? Just when ya thought there might be peace 🙁

  • I know a lot of people here do not like Ramona, however, I do not think that she was the main or only reason for Drita n Karen to take long to talk or be friends again. We have all seen these women in action! I do not see for one second, that anyone could tell anyone else what to do- they all make their own choices as adults. Some think Carla is a puppet, Drita may or may not have influenced her decisions, but she still did what she wanted! I cannot see anyone telling Karen what to do and her listening! Ramona and Drita have their own issues, I do not think its all been disclosed as of yet, hoping it will be soon. Drita and Ramona did at one point hangout and I would love to know what happened with those two! If you truly have a real bond with a close friend, if they meant anything to you, in the end you will make up and no one can “make” your mind up for you. Last episode (minus Renee’s breakdown) was the best with the ladies!! Dri was her old funny self, Carla was smiles, Karen’s heart showed, no one fought, no one talked ish about each other! Loved it!

  • If you read Karen’s book, Karen said she helped drita get a job, and they lived together at one point. I truly believe they were friends. Like, “I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine”, kind of friends. Best friends.
    I’ve never hated either of them. I see potential in them both.
    I’m glad they’re friends again. I think they missed each others friendship, and no offense to ramona, but she wasn’t the voice in the back of karen’s head. She was the CONSTANT voice telling her drita is this and that. I think ramona influenced karen’s opinion because of their close friendship. I’m glad they talked it out.
    I think they could have a legitimate friendship again. I really like them together.

  • I seriously hope they did. If it wasn’t for Lucifina they would have made up a LONG time ago. If you think back the first person Karen called when she came back to SI WAS Drita. There is no way anyone could say they weren’t friends and I hope they can at least be civil because even though Karen says her beef with Drita wasn’t because of Lee…it was. But now that is over so cut the crap, be real and get the cordial friendship back.

  • Yes very happy they made up I think there is a connection there that got lost in the mist. If pple would please stay away and mind there buainess.I kinda like that combo drita kareen and renee bbf work it out girls u all need each other <3 u all

  • Wow great to hear. At least they are acting like adults. I still dislike Karen but love Teresa

  • This is so funny I tweeted Drita that its been on twitter that Lee is living at Karens house he got out of jail on 3/23 acc to twitterverse she tweeted your story on her & Karen making up. I also felt that Karen who I dont like was getting nicer on the show after her outburst & bully tactics with Carla. Who really knows whats going on they’ll keep us guessing so we watch & we will because we are addicted to it! LOL

  • Its believable! They were good friends no matter what Drita said. I’m glad! Its sad to see a friendship be lost over stupid bullshit. So I’m happy they made up, but uhm can Drita kick Ramona’s ass already?

  • In season one it was Drita that Karen came to about moving back to SI & they were friends @ the time. Even Renee didn’t like Karen at the time for didn’t like what her father did, (remember the scene where Drita invited Karen & Renee walked out). I think the thing with the infamous ‘Lee’ started this so called ‘war’ between Drita & Karen. Also, beleive it continued to grow & then top it off by throwing into the mix Ramona & we have what it is thus far on the show with them filming seperately, etc. Nope, I don’t beleive that Karen & Drita have made up, however, do believe that they’re possibly ‘making nice’, cordial for the purposes of filming the show…. I doubt very much if many of these girls see one another on a ‘daily basis’ or are ‘true’ friends with any of them off the show… Imagine it’s just like anyone else where they have their own group of real friends that aren’t even on the show…… There’s ‘friends’ & then there’s the group that we’re ‘friendly with’ & not to be confused…..:) Just out of curiousity, does anyone know the #’s on Karen’s book or how it did?

    • Call me crazy, but I disagree. I think they would have made up even sooner without the show. They both seemed like they missed each other.
      I had a feeling, that no matter what, they’d be friends again. Plus, Karina and Aleeya got along well after last season, so I’m glad they made up. Maybe their daughters could be friends too.

      • I think so too! They did have a good friendship, wayyy before the show and they girls were friends also.

        • I agree as well.. DRITA was the ONLY one out of the ladies that stood up for Karen and wanted her there.. Drita was so excited to have to her back…

  • I think Drita knows that her and Karen would have been friends a long time ago if it wasn’t for Ramona stopping them.

  • I’m so glad they madeup. I hope it lasts. I like both of them. Ppl just need to let peace happen instead of getting upset that there isn’t any drama between the two for the sake of their viewing pleasure. If you want to watch drama, watch Jerry Spinger.

  • I hope they do get over it and move on. It is a better show when they are not all fighting. I hope Ramona goes away.

  • I feel like a lot if this drama is made up for the cameras and Carla’s husband even confirmed this in his interview about having drama for the cameras. Its always making up breaking up. I no longer have a strong interest.

  • Drita is the tough girl,with a good heart.Karen can’t deal with the fact Lee and Drita are married with 2 beautiful girls. Karen is happy that Drita’s marriage is over. Karen is a snake, just like her father!!!!!

    • Funny, I was just thinking that its likely the demise of the marriage had something to do with it.

    • Yea I agree. I think Karen is like her father a snake in the grass, BUT YOU CAN BEST BELIEVE DRITA WILL BE CAUTIOUS. I THINK SHE KNOWS TOO WATCH HER BACK. AND MY GIRL DRITA IS A VERY STRONG WOMAN AND SHE KNOW HOW KAREN AND RAMONA ARE…I hope they can and do get through this as far as Ramona’s concerns, Drita will never have anythingelse to do with her…Its like Drita says, she a damn cricket, chirp, chirp, chirp! Ramona is JUST SOOO JEALOUS THAT DRITA HAS BECAME A MEGA-REALITY STAR, Drita has got it all, you damn rights she’s jealous, who wouldnt be !!! And hats off to Renee, my heart goes out to her and Im glad Karen showed her the support that she did. I’m sure ALL the MobWives were there for Renee when it happened !
      LOVE YOU DRITA, “TEAM DRITA” all day everyday !!! thank you Candy H. Lee

  • I think they do & hope they do.. I gained a LOT of respect for Karen after last weeks episode.. I think D & K have just been stubborn & hard headed.. I believe if Ramona wasn’t there stirring the pot & trying to keep K pissed at D.. it would’ve ended LONG ago.. does that mean we’ll see no more drama btwn the two? hahah yeah right, I’m sure we will.. they are both strong ladies.. but, nothing to the extreme we saw at Renee’s party.. I really wish Ramona would BE GONE! She is a sneaky bitch!

    • Well said. I’ve thought since Renee’s bday party that Karen and Drita would have worked it out, but Ramona the pot stirrer had to get involved. She needs to be off the show..I’m already sick of her. I did give kudo’s to Karen for being there for Renee.

    • I’m team drita all day, so if making up with karen makes her happy I’m all for it, I’m sure drita knows to keep a close eye on karen, and I agree with everyone ramona got to go she got a big mouth n I think she is jealous of drita. Who knows maybe,some good would come from this make up maybe,drita could teach karen how to b a good mother, cuz nothing should make u want to leave ur only child behind just so u can join a reality show

      • I agree that Drita is by far the best mob wife. Drita has awesome guns and I love her fiery personality, she’s a sweetheart that you would want on your side of the ring. Carla is a classy amazing wife too, I admire her ability to stay calm and collected all the time, they make a great duo! RAMONA IS SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING, I hate that she’s only there to stir up trouble, she’s not a real mob wife she needs OFF the show. If she apologizes and if she begs Drita for forgiveness and stops instigating stuff then maybe she could stay.