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Phaedra Parks Involved In Scandal? Does She Have A Criminal Past? UPDATE: Phaedra Responds

Looks like Phaedra Parks former friend isn’t to happy with her and decided to run a story about her and say that Phaedra is involved in some criminal conspiracy! Angela Stanton claims she was former good friends with Phaedra and alleges Phaedra was also in on insurance fraud and the auto title scam. Angela spoke exclusively to Vibe where she gives exclusive details on all the involvement with Phaedra.


If you can’t watch the video, here are a few of the things Angela said:
“After about a year or so, I guess she became a little more comfortable with our relationship and that’s when she introduced me to Apollo. Once she introduced me to Apollo, it was strictly a business relationship that the two of them had. And at that time, they were making fraudulent insurance checks.”

“I ended up catching a charge and going away to prison. On my first trip to prison, I only did four months, but while I was away at prison, Apollo had also got arrested. So when he got arrested. I finally got out after doing my four months, Phaedra and I got back together again and we were all involved in a federal racketeering scheme against the federal government.”

“Stealing Porches, Hummers, Cadillacs, Corvettes, any hot whip at that time, we had it! We would basically go to the car lot and write down the VIN numbers of the vehicles that we felt as if we wanted to keep or would make a good sale.“

I don’t know if I believe this but then again I don’t think Angela could just make this up knowing that Phaedra is a successful lawyer! Phaedra was questioned by many after she married ex-convict Apollo Nida for his involvement in an auto title scheme and if this story is true now we know why she married him. Not only is Angela speaking to Vibe but she is publishing a book called ‘Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil’ Angela did come out of the blue with this story and I think if it was true Phaedra would do a better job of shutting her up so she can avoid this. What do you think? Do you believe Angela

UPDATE: Phaedra Responds via twitter on her “former friends” accusations saying, “The Interview circulating is a lie. My attorneys @bjbernsein & @LlinWood will deal with this false and defamatory interview swiftly”

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