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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Gorga’s Are Having Money Trouble

Last month RHONJ star Melissa Gorga tweeted that she was with the sweetest couple Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle along with photos. (pictured below) Many wondered why the two were together and AllAboutTRH can give you the real reason she met the Jonas couple. A reliable source tells AllAboutTRH that Kevin was interested in buying the Gorga’s house! The source says, “Kevin wants to live somewhere outside of New York and Kevin and his wife both thought the Gorga’s house was beautiful.” That explains the photo being at Melissa’s home. So why didn’t it work out? The source says, “Kevin felt like Joe’s asking price was a lot more then it was actually worth and felt taken advantage of because of his celebrity status.” The Gorga’s home was listed for sale briefly in 2010 for $4.1 million.

The source adds that Joe is in fact having money trouble, “not many know this but Joe owes Teresa money and owes Sheila Giudice’s brother $90 thousand.” Sheila is the wife of Joe Giudice’s brother and according to my source Sheila’s family is made of big money. “Last season Joe Giudice revealed that Teresa ‘helped’ her brother Joe and ‘started his business’ which is true. Teresa gave him a lot of money that he has yet to give her back. Joe is making sure to do all the appearances that come to him and Melissa because they desperately need the money.”

Interesting! I thought I’d look into this and find the scene where Joe reveals that Teresa has helped her brother Joe. Check it out at the 3:21 mark

Joe Giudice says in the scene, “This is his sister who started everything for him” Teresa cut him off and said, “well I helped him.” Joe then says, “What do you think I am freaken dumb? The kid had sh*t. You started his business. I can’t look up to people like that.” Teresa again said, “I helped him” and changed the subject.

That explains the countless appearances that they constantly do. Can’t say I’m surprised to hear any of this. Joe probably thought he could make more money by giving the Jonas Brother a higer asking price. I’m confused as to why Melissa has made comments about her brother-in-laws money trouble when it’s clear they too are having tons of money trouble. Thoughts?

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  • I’m sure once Bravo forces Teresa Giudice off the show, they will be able to successfully put Melissa front & center. With Teresa out of the way, the Gorgas can take the world by storm.

    Plus, Melissa’s way more talented than any other housewife anywhere. With her husband being a cross-dressing gay-friendly package-grabbing vessel of poison, they are the pure talent. (Viewers just don’t seem to get that yet.)

    With the Manzos and Wakiles backing them, the money will start rolling in. (in about a year) Problem solved.

  • Karma is one of those things that will get you every time. It’s amazing how people can become so famous over gossip. Funny part was I was searching ‘money trouble’ on google and this came to the search in the top page. Lol

  • Wow, incredible blog structure! How lengthy have you been blogging for? you made running a blog glance easy. The total look of your website is fantastic, as neatly as the content material!

  • Melissa and Joe your 15 mins are up now go away and take two faced Caroline and Ugly Kathy with you!!!

  • It’s amazing how Melissa is playing nice to everyone. Fact is, it’s nothing more than her pr games. I’ve read on numerous tweets from @JohnnyTheGrk how Melissa and company are contacting mutual friends and Johnny’s family members to gain access to information or possibly try to gain a mole. Obviously, those mutual friends and family members have shown their loyalty to Johnny by disclosing Melissa’s actions. Melissa and company are truly disgusting with their actions. It might of worked with Danielle hunny, by people don’t want to cross the Greek or get manipulated by your bullshit.
    Melissa and company are running frantic to learn whatever they can on whats going on in Camp Greek, but no success in gaining access. Don’t worry Melissa, you’ll learn as we learn and I can’t wait.
    Karma’s A BITCH!!!!

  • Unfortunately, you are very wrong. And this has all been posted before. This is not any kind of insider info. Its all made up nonsense that the same (obviously) jealous individual has been posting for months.

    For the record: I have absolutely NO interest AT ALL in being on television or being famous. NONE. Zero. Zip. Please, feel free to share this with any producer you want to. I also do not know any of the producers. I have never met any of the producers. I have never auditioned, sent tapes, emails, etc..(I have, however, told many people, including casting agents, that I do not ever want to be on tv) .I very simply and honestly have no interest in fame or appearing on television. Period. Also, Its not a secret nor am I ashamed to tell anyone that I had not met Melissa until the night of her party. That is no secret!! However, I am friends with her sisters. And we have other mutual friends in common. I thought it was very nice of them to include me in their party. I have had the pleasure of meeting several housewives over the years because of mutual friends. I see nothing sinister in that. Actually, its really funny that you are still talking about me just because I attended one party! ONE PARTY! lmao. And, for the record, just because I am perspicaciously superior to many who post here, does not mean I am in any way shape or form condescending. 😉

    Instead of worrying about what parties I attend, you should probably be more concerned about posting defamatory and libelous statements about me on public forums. You do know it is actionable? Are you familiar with the statutes concerning liability for what is posted on your forum?

    About the only thing that is truthful and not libel in your comment is the fact that I am indeed a “hardcore twitter supporter” of Melissa and proud of it! I consider Melissa and her family to be friends. I support my friends. Don’t you? Come to think of it, I wouldn’t really consider myself hardcore. Melissa surely doesn’t need me defending her. I would categorize my occasional tweet to Melissa to be “friendly” or “cordial” not “hardcore” . (If you check my twitter, I actually rarely post about or to Melissa)

  • Remember the party that Sheri Sheppard attended where Ms Lookers got into a fight with someone? The former Lookers employee said the woman was trying to get on the show. Well it was Heather Robinson’s party, one of the women reportedly trying to get on the show and a friend of Kathy’s. I wonder if that is why Kathy is acting nicer toward Teresa lately?

    What a Joke I am with you. BRING ON THE GREEKS! watch messy missy run!

  • Found this on another site tonight WOW! So much of this has been proven to be the truth

    10 Mar, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    apologize in advance for this long post. this was posted sept 17, 2011 (before PFS and before Reunion) sounds very much on the money to me. Let me know what you think.

    Wow, I just read an email written by an insider about the NJ ladies… this is JUICY! I wonder how much really is true or biased… Albie is straight up homosexual. Caroline vs. Dina; Caroline vs. Teresa; how Melissa got on the show; Danielle/Melissa connection. The desperateness of these ladies, and all the family secrets. Very juicy! The only one who got off easy was Jac.

    “Now for something completely different, I got an email from someone who claims to know a lot of inside information about the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, here’s what that insider had to say… (don’t shoot the messenger):

    The views, opinions, conclusions and other information expressed in the following paragraphs are not given or endorsed by the blog owner.

    Oh before you read you should know that the Insider calls Caroline “Don C” or just “Don” and Melissa is “Missy”, “Mel” and “MeGo”, Jacqueline is “Jac”, finally Teresa is simply “Tre”:

    Missy has said that she got on the show from an initial “surprise” phone call from Bravo when she was driving. In other instances, she has said Bravo contacted her via Facebook. None of this is true. I can confirm: Missy has been trying to get on Housewives for years. She was envious that not only Tre got on, but that Tre was becoming successful off of the show. The Gorga’s (and even tre) act as if there is this major underlying issue during there vague conversations. There is an elephant in the room that, by contract, none of them can blatantly discuss (or couldn’t) as of yet…

    There was never a MAJOR issue. That is Bravo trying to make the show interesting, which it is failing at. Missy was at nearly every single family function, especially the ones filmed for Bravo. For years, she sent Bravo “audition” tapes, e-mails, and even spoke with producers and assistants in person. No one was interested in her or her husband, who they mocked behind the scenes. When Melissa gets angry, she gets angry. She was tired of being ignored (sociopath) and decided to get dirty; she contacted Danielle initially two years ago. Ultimately, Melissa exchanged phone calls, e-mails, texts, and all forms of communication with Danielle for months upon months. Like Danielle can confirm, Mel was dying to film scenes with her similar to the ones she does with her sisters and Kathy, where she fabricates lies and bitches about Tre. While it would have made for great television, even Danielle was apprehensive and initially thought she was being set up. She, as you know, declined.

    There was so much of what is now relevant information edited out of the reunion last year because, at the time, it was irrelevant. Danielle used Melissa’s name verbatim, and among many other things, discussed Tre “not speaking or associating with her own family” and being a horrible aunt. When Teresa was arguing with Danielle, which was edited down, she CLEARLY told Danielle Staub to not “break up” her family – not “bring up” her family as she tried to assure us. This is why…
    The day of the reunion, after the first Danielle confrontation (there were more), Tre got extreme anxiety – and this is when she started to put all of Missy’s motives together: coming to every family event for camera time while behind the scenes contacting producers, Danielle, and pulling the best act which got her on the show – together with Tre’s brother Joey. Teresa always tries to make excuses for her brother because she actually loves him, but he is certainly no Angel. Joey G and Melissa filmed a tape where they, in the style of the Sopranos, promised Bravo execs they would “Expose” and “destroy” Teresa. They also guaranteed to give Tre what she has given them “…there whole life.” The tape was over the top and completely goumba. The REAL elephant in the room, and real reason why Tre and Joey G have issues, is the show itself and how Melissa got on. However, by contract, the housewives can’t reference the show.

    Today, Tre can’t stomach Melissa. She actually never liked her before, but there was never an issue as major as this one – the one Missy created. Melissa’s sisters (and family) were all in on it too. Missy has no friends – except acquaintances who, like her, want to be the next “Lady Gorga.” Yes, that is what they all call her too. Many of her “friends” have been stalking Bravo producers in hope of lucking out like she has. They even created tapes similar to Melissa’s – where they [!@#$%^&*] talked Tre and spoke about how she was a “terrible person.” The problem with this is – Tre doesn’t care for, nor even knows, half of them. At Melissa’s single release party, which was filmed at the Hudson Terrace in NYC on Friday August 12th, Melissa actually invited [strangers] supporters from twitter for the sheer purpose of making it look like she knew a bunch of people. In reality, Missy is the bitchiest person (and was ten times more before the show). Her wannabe “friends” who want to be, “The next Lady Gorga!” are even worse. Below are the names of her busted possy who have been, and still are, hardcore stalking and harassing Bravo to become official Housewives:

    Ø Andrea Zembillis: Fly-by-night owner of a local online cookie shop. Publicly swears up and down (like Anne) that she is not interested in being a part of the show. Her actions are the exact opposite.

    Ø Martha Fava: This woman can be seen running after Teresa when Tre was chasing Staub at the POSCHE show last year trying to calm her down. This year, at the POSCHE show, she was standing next to Melissa looking “concerned” when Tre got loud with Kathy. She is, like the rest, desperate to be cast. She just gave birth to her firstborn last month yet still had an in-home audition [where the cameras come into your home for an interview and tour].

    Ø Anne Cahalane: One of the most condescending women around. Rude and needs to be given a “reality check.” No pun intended. Never met Melissa in person until her single release party last month. This is one of her hardcore Twitter supporters.

    Ø Heather Robinson. This one is actually more of Kathy’s friend actually. Only befriended her because they live within five minutes of each other and she wants to be on the show desperately. She, like Martha and Andrea, have been stalking the produces for over a year now. Her husband is Cliff Robinson, a former NBA player. The chick is beyond full of herself and will go anywhere as long as there is a camera around. But then again, which of these chicks wouldn’t?

    Ø Lysa Simpson: No brainer. Look at how she acts; she is as desperate to get on like the rest. The funny thing is, Bravo actually considered it at one point, then came to there senses. Nevertheless, you will see a lot more of her (as if you already don’t see enough) next season. They filmed a lot of the show for Season 4 at the Jersey shore.

    Ø Sheila Giudice: Joe Giudice’s sister-in-law. His brother (who looks identical to him) is very close with JoeG despite the [!@#$%^&*] Sheila has tried to cause. She has not been successful at causing trouble like MeGo has. Her tapes were similar to Mel’s in the sense that she trash-talked Tre in the same way.

    Ø Maria H. Chappa: Long-time family friend of the Marco Sisters (which include Melissa). She tried to become a Housewife the same time Melissa had. She supported all of what Melissa parroted in her contact with Bravo. Maria’s hubby’s company has been under a fraud investigation. She is no one to judge, let’s just put it that way. She does a lot of fundraising work for Gov. Christie.

    Now onto why Bravo started filming Season 4 in May. They KNEW the premiere would garner huge ratings. They thought the new cast combination of only family-family-family would be hot. They started filming in May and will continue to film until early October. Season 3 was incredibly forced. Everyone was forced to go on that vacation (they did not choose to go) as well as forced to go to Kathy’s house party, on the run, and to the Blackwater premiere party which will air towards the end of the season. Missy sings and the place is mostly packed with Melissa and her family’s possy. In Season 4, you will see Don C and Jac turning on Tre. Jac is puppeted by Don C. Don C is mad that Tre is very close with Dina. Although Tre was always the closest with Dina, and made friends with her first, Don C is beyond big headed. Don C and Dina got into it (like they usually do) but this time Don went too far and they have not spoken for quite some time. Don C is a very venomous individual. Example: Deloris was originally Dina’s friend: go back to Season 1 when they went to AC. Don never knew Deloris before. She actually made a subtle dig at her. However, when they started fighting, Don C picked up Deloris as a friend to spite Dina. This is how Don C works. She planned to humiliate Kim G, who Missy and Bravo TOGETHER invited with Monica Chacon. Don C turned on Tre because she is pissed at Dina and taking it out on Tre. She is angry that Tre does not jump when she speaks ala Jac. Don expects everyone to listen to her, and when they don’t, all hell breaks loose. This is why she likes Missy, who only kisses Don’s ass to spite Tre. The fight takes places, conveniently and scheduled, right before Melissa’s single release party. On camera, Don C and Jac try to cover up the issue and act as thought they are mad at Tre for something else, but the real issue is the aforementioned. What infuriated Don even more, and helped lead to the blowout quicker, was the fact that Tre listened to what Danielle had to say re: Melissa contacting her. Tre was already aware of Missy reaching out to Danielle, but was denial until the WWHL Twitter War. Don C honestly did not want to go through sticking up for Tre because that means she would simultaneously be confirming that Danielle was correct.

    Now – let’s remove the others from the situation – did you ever notice how miserable the Manzo family is? Don C is in denial, and refuses to discuss on camera, who her sons REALLY are. Albie, in particular, is straight up homosexual. He also, along with Lauren, have a history of verbally abusing Don C. Don acts like she is so tough and her family is in line, but it is just that, an act. Don takes being treated that way from her children because she can’t deny the truth – she is not the best mother and not the most acceptable. You would think she would be acceptable, as she has two gay brothers, but then again who are they close with? DINA! Dina, in actuality, is the person Don C tries to pretend she is.
    Have you noticed how Albie keeps trying to prove he is a “tough guid” since Greg, his former piece of p***y, got on the show? Greg is not only a fame whore, but he is an actual whore. Rewatch Season 2 at the annual POSCHE Fashion Show. He is sitting with Tre. How did he get this close? By [!@#$%^&*] talking Danielle. This season and into Season 4 he is up Melissa’s ass. Why is this? Because he not only [!@#$%^&*] talked Tre to Mel, but promised Mel to do so on camera. Greg has slept with every other dude in the tri-state area. He doesn’t like to work, and over time accumulated money by selling his ass on promiscuous gay hookup sites. He also has a drug habit. Don C must be proud!

    Season 4 is pretty much a repeat of season 3. Once they realized RHONJ was going to get old pretty quickly, they started casting for Season 5. They hired a very small casting production company [VPE Talent] to do there work. The real reason why RHONJ may flop completely? Because the head at VPE is more concerned with wanting to be friends with the potential housewives than do his job. And which wannabe housewives are up his ass to get on the show? Missy’s busted possy – you guessed it!

    The last thing I will note in this e-mail is that Missy & Joe do not “pay there bills” as they always say. They owe Fabulous Foods $49,500 in Season 4. Joe Gorga never answered any form of communication from Fred, and initially paid Fred $500 then told him he would “take care of the rest” via free construction work. Fred was taken back. He has one of the most beautiful homes in NJ – he needed the salary of a receipt he was owed not $500 + probono work. After months and months of getting nowhere – Fred got angry. He was about to go to the press re: Joey G, but Kim D stopped him. Interestingly, it was at a house party of Kim’s where [!@#$%^&*] hit the fan. Bravo producers knew of what happened and asked Kim to bring it up at the party. Kim, knowing the show is half staged, assumed the other girls knew that this was going to happen and brought it up in front of Melissa. Missy went crazy. So did Joey G. In Season 4 they deny it, even though initially Kim tried to help them by asking Fred to not go to the press. Remember when Joe Gorga said on the WWHL After Show, when Andy asked Melissa if she got her dress at POSCHE, “hell no.” This is why – he was pissed he got exposed. Joey G actually has a history of over twenty lawsuits filed against him. Its evident him and Mel cant handle criticism. Look at what they did to Jay Mohr. Yet, after he mentioned how Mel and her PR asked him to speak negative of Tre – she said she was only “joking” and that Jay can’t handle humor. It was evident, by the language of her and HER POSSY, that none of them were joking. Jay Mohr can’t stand Melissa. Andy Cohen, a p***y, does not want things to get out of hand and begged Jay to please “keep it cool” when he interviews Melissa on WWHL on October 3. “””

    • Great write!!!! Let’s not forget how Missy & Joe are shit scared if Penny & her hubby (The Greek) get cast for season 5. After the fashion show chaos Missy & Midget are to said to be sending The Greeks threats, prank calls, and texts to mutual friends. I say it’s time for Bravo to even the sides and bring on The Greeks to bring down the Famewhore Whorgas.

    • I am so happy that that bravo hired VPE Talent to do there editing maybe they will make the show FAIR……..And not make teresa the bad guy.

  • If there is any justice in this world, Melissa and Joey will get what is coming to them. They already have to live with the fact that Joeys mother and father are done with them for what they have done to Teresa, Gia and her family. They are ashamed of Joey and they despise Melissa and always have. They saw right through her from day one, and even though they are modest people, they have too much class to be in the same room as the Marco clan. The Marco sisters are disgusting human beings, thugs and very rough and uneducated. They would do anything to make their sister famous because they like the perks that come with it. But this upcoming season will show once and for all that Melissa’s shreaking should be confined to the basement. And Joey will be shown as a fool for making a hooker his wife and putting her trashy family above his own. Their only hope is for Joey to keep string Andy along sexually, as we all know that he has a major crush on Joey and Albie. He’s got a good shot with Big Gay Greggy if he wants herpes and various other STD’s.

  • You know what’s funny about this whole Melissa bullshit, she’s still screwing around with a few of my boys from Bayonne and Johnny The Greek knows everyone. My wife got me hooked on this HW crap, and now that Johnny and his wife Penny are gonna get on season 5, shits gonna hit the fan. Johnny knows all the boys; those still hitting it, those that are “away” that hit it, and those she gave it up for special items. Melissa is a ho & Joe is a clown.
    They’re screwed once Johnny & Penny get on.

  • did anyone read Melissas twitter where she says “she’s just a young girl who gets fed misinformation and goes with it”, or something to that effect. I believe she is talking about this blog!!!!

  • I used to be a huuuuge Caroline Manzo fan (I’ve probably stated this in my other replies on here, I even followed her on facebook and twitter) but after watching her during S3 and the S3 reunion, her behavior just left a bad taste in my mouth. The way she turned on Teresa was much like how a pitbull would turn on it’s owner, quick and vicious. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of any of the ladies really, because all of their behaviors have been pretty unclassy, but I will say this, they (meaning ClownCaroManzo,Melissathemanipulator, Kathythebackstabbingcousin, and PlaysatbeingstupidJacqueline) tried to kick Teresa when she was down and that girl held up strong against them, that is something I admire her for. She is one tough cookie and I hope she has continued success. She has outdone them in marketing herself and making money, she picked herself up from her bootstraps and is taking care of her family. The Manzos, Gorgas, Wakiles could do 20 supermarket openings and they will still never reach the success T has reached. I bet 5 years from now T will still be writing and selling her cookbooks and raking in the $$, MeGo will still be singing that dumb song “on display” at liquor store openings with her unibrowed fug husband in attendance, the Manzo’s will still be trying to sell that shitty BLK water and the Wakiles will be hawking Kathy’s cake tasting concoction of crap.
    Here’s to S4 and hopefully their charades are busted open!

  • .

    How tall is Joe Gorga….ahhh, let me rephrase that question.

    How short is Joe Gorga?

  • Now THAT would have been a great question for Andy Cohen to ask Caroline at the reunion- ” What’s with the ‘children of privilege’ comment?” Another good one would have been ” Lovenest? Seriously?” And, ” Caroline, why are you blaming Teresa for bringing up your rift with Dina when we all clearly JUST heard ME and not Teresa, ask you about it 5 minutes ago?” And ” You really seem to have a problem with how Teresa has dealt with her brother and their problems, how would you have handled if Albie or Chris called Lauren garbage on national television?” and and and and…

    • Andy wouldn’t dare ask Caro any hard-nosed questions. For some reason I think he is afraid of her, lord knows why since she is a joke.
      I really hope in S4 shows her for who she really is, a clown with 2 faces.
      I’ve never been a big fan of Teresa but I really hope she does get the last laugh.

    • I rolled my eyes and gave up on Andy when he let Caroline’s “love nest” explanation go unchallenged. Albert was using that apartment as a FAKE ADDRESS so he could qualify to serve on that county or town board and get FREE HEALTH CARE and a salary. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t live there, ever. He might take the occasional nap there, but if he’s using it as a love nest, it’s probably not with Caroline. I don’t know why Andy was so hot to get to the bottom of Teresa’s every word and deed, but when Caroline gave THE most ridiculous answers to fair questions, he allowed her to slide. Disgusting

      • I agree. It just goes to show you Andy is not an impartial host and he does play favorites! The s3 reunion should have been called the “Trash Teresa and make her look like a fool show”. It was almost like he and Caroline were playing a game about who could make Teresa look worse while Kathy and Melissa (her own family!)sat there and allowed it. I don’t think that is cool at all.
        Caroline should have been called out on all HER lies and bad behavior and Melissa and Kathy should have at least stuck up for Teresa a few times, and since they didn’t, it only made them look bad in some viewers eyes.

        • all I can say is, I am SO GLAD you guys see what I see because right after the reunion aired, I was talking to my cousin (who is as close to me as a sister) and she totally disagreed with me about Teresa being the classy one. She likes Melissa, Caroline and Kathy-and can’t stand Teresa. Usually we see eye to eye on everything-which is probably why we’re so close lol-but that day, she kept telling me I was wrong. I was shocked that she didn’t see what I saw when I watched those 3 gang up on T for no reason, and Andy went right along with them. We really haven’t talked about it again cuz we said it all that day (we were doing a yard sale together and had the whole day to gab about the show lol) but reading all the comments here has just confirmed my own thoughts about the whole mess. Thank goodness for (most of) you guys 🙂

          • Unless you read the housewives blogs and pay attention to the many twitter accounts you might have a different view. The former Lookers employee comes off as all sweet and nice most of the time. She knows what to say and how to say it to get a rise out of Teresa. Teresa then blows and she winds up looking like the bad guy.
            For me I started reading the blogs and the tweets because RHONJ was my favorite late night show. The season ruined it for me. I was only able to watch the first few episodes and then had to find to blogs to keep up. I learned so much but reading the comments especially from the ex friends and associates of the “pink sweater girl”
            Most of us now have seen through “Ms Lookers ” and her PW husband lil “Joey Marco”. We also know some of the dirt about JacCrazy, the Manzo’s and the rest of the “gang’s” legal and financial problems. We watched, listened and read as Bozo Manzo and Ms Lookers went on several talk shows and gave articles in magazines completely bashing Teresa. Teresa took the high road and didn’t talk about the rest of the cast members in a negative light. We have learned so much about all the lies from Bozo Manzo, JacCracy, Ms Lookers and even Kathy but just reading the blogs again or catching the latest article. Ms Lookers can’t remember what is real and what is fiction anymore since her told so many stories. Bozo is just a controlling bitch who changes her story when she is jealous, as in the case of Teresa.
            Bravo please continue to edit Season 4 so that the real “Ms Lookers” is finally ON DISPLAY. I refuse to watch this fake, lying ,conniving, refuse to grow up and act like a mother, need to party all the time, backstabbing, all about me piece of GARBAGE and her husband Mr PW lil Joey sex crazed, thinks everyone wants me, look at me famewhore Marco for another season.

          • wow you said a mouthful old NJ girl! You sound as passionate as I am about the situation haha. I used to be a Caro fan, but the more I saw…changed my mind. I never paid much attention to Tre-I just thought she was comic relief. But once I saw the BS Melissa was pulling, I was all on board the T train! Everything T said was the truth to everyone. She has a way of putting things that tends to be misconstrued and people end up thinking she’s saying something she isn’t. I KEEP asking posters who dislike her to please give me a REASON-a concrete example of something she has done to make them not like her. So far, not one taker. NO ONE has given me an example of a mean, viscous, backstabbing or disloyal thing she has done, yet I have seen her called ALL those things. Sometimes by her own FAMILY. You’d think someone would be able to back it up with an example, but so far, no one has.
            Meanwhile, Teresa has just continued on. No backstabbing, no badmouthing anyone to the press or bloggers, kept her eyes on HER business and HER life, and is moving forward. What’s not to like?? I don’t know how people can’t admire that. I certainly do

      • As has been reported by a very reliable source, Andy has had it with Teresa and her fans. He’s over them all.

        He refers to Teresa’s fans as “Scabby Rabbies”.

        That may have something to do with it.

    • Caroline probably wouldn’t care if the boys called Lauren garbage she clearly favors the boys. Season 4 will be more of the same of season 3 since they filmed it while 3 was airing this was before all the garbage came out about all the rest of them so it might be another season of Teresa bashing before Teresa realized that bravo and the rest of them were tryin to ruin her. Once Teresa quit reacting to all their shit she took their power away and then they all started to self destruct.

  • Everything JoJoLaMa said I agree with.I wasn’t a big Teresa fan till this past season.I CANNOT EVEN STAND CAROLINE ANYMORE!!!She is such a hypocrite.Please Andy get rid of her Melissa,Kathy,and her children of privledge.Jac is just a real non story.So sick of her and Ashley.

    • I’m no fan of Caroline (anymore) she is nothing but a big bully and a wanna-be. Whenever she was hoping that (and trying to push) Albie and Alexa Ray Joel would get together? Her comment to the effect that “her kids were children of privelege and so was Alexa” and that “it would be a good thing if they got together”. She nauseated me with that comment so much that I stopped liking her right then. For real.
      Seriously, how friggin stuck up can you be? It made me laugh, like the Manzo’s are even ON the same level as Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. Caroline you are a JOKE, get over yourself!! Most of your fans have already!

  • Ugh, these people are scary and freaky. I hope Teresa has finally cut them off and OUT!

  • For me my Teresa adoration came when her low life sister in law, troll of a brother and jealous cousin came on her show to bad mouth her.

  • I read that Bravo advanced them their salary for season 3 so that they could furnish the spec home (and that they did not have an occupancy permit to live in it until they later converted from a construction loan to a mortgage), which was listed for $4.1 million and was removed from the market just days before filming began. Joe didn’t build the home for Melissa as her dream home (as they claim), but as a spec home to sale for profit. They moved into it to give the appearance of wealth so that Bravo would put them on the show.

    You can check out the photos of it online when it was listed for sale. It was sparsely furnished.


    • Where did you read that Bravo advanced the Gorga’s their salary? I think everyone would be interested in reading that.

        • Here you go Mike.
          I found it on SH
          *Melissa Gorga- She had an advance on her salary to have her house
          finished & for luxury items for filming. *When she was first denied
          the advance she cussed out a major exec thinking she was just talking
          to an assistant. She was BRUTAL, but when she found out who she was
          talking to, she turned on a dime. *She was told if she ever talked
          like that to someone ever again she would fired on the spot. No matter
          who it was. (MeGo and JoGo also felt that they needed no assistance from Bravo, or anyone else, for her “singing” career… JoGo and MeGo felt that MeGo’s “talent,” combined with Bravo exposure, would put her in the music stratosphere. JoGo borrowed heavily for that recording studio and it has yet to pay off…)

        • Wow, there is alot of history with these two that I think will eventually come out. I think the people who know and have evidence are waiting for season 4 to air, so they can maybe cash in.

        • Mike, thank you for posting this link! I am so glad someone put all the pieces together in a much needed timeline. Roxie should tweet the link for everyone to see!

  • They are having money trouble, because they couldn’t afford that spec house and they couldn’t afford the lifestyle they wanted to live. What they did was to take money out of a refinance and used that to live the good lie.

  • Wow lots of Gorga bashing and Theresa idolatry. I think they are both similar. Not sure where the Teresa adoration comes from. She was perfectly happy to stiff creditors until her husband was faced with jail time. Worse, he is a horrible slum lord that cares nothing for the basic living needs of his tenants. He has committed acts of fraud repeatedly. Her crazy out of control buying binges indicate a total lack of responsibility and a materialism that is gross. She and Melissa are very similar, but Theresa is less gracious and more outwardly competitive. They are all over the top and at Joe Giudice is a fraud.

    • I said somewhere upthread, I think what many people have a hard time with, and yes, end up throwing their support behind Teresa BECAUSE OF, is the cartoonish hypocrisy of the rest of the ladies. If you know anything about the rest of their finances, pasts, marriages and brush-ins with the law and just general statements, you’d know they’ve all got a BUNCH of reasons to hang their heads in shame. But they haven’t done that, they haven’t even admitted any of it. Instead, they simply continued to bash Teresa for her ( and lets face, probably mostly Juicy’s ) misdeeds.

    • Teresa works hard and makes something of herself on her own. Melissa and Teresa are nothing alike even though Melissa is a fucking crazy stalker obsessed with trying to take over teresas life. Use your brain before you make comments

  • I love how the Blogger finds a source perhaps Teresa herself comes out with information of the gorgas just to take the heat out TERESA even when information of Joe giudice came out and which feature on television I must say perfect timing. Sorry its very hard to take you serious at times.

    • This is ridiculous. Rox posted the Joe Giudice story about his section 8 tenants.

      Rox can comment on anything nd everything about Mel and Tre’s midget brother. I have read Reality Tea, Lynn, and countless others write solely ” source” and no one says anything, but any story against Mel you get bent out of shape. Are you RHW411 or a Marco Sister? Sounds like it.

    • LOL…..awe if you don’t like what you see their are a ton of Teresa bashing blogs out there….so feel free to visit them. I mean i don’t go on blogs that i don’t like my dear. Funny how these trolls come on here to bash Roxy about her blog…..yet they keep coming back to read it lol.

      There have been many stories bashing Joe Giudice and Teresa….why the irritation when it is about Melissa and Joe…are they immune from stories coming out about them? Melissa wanted to be on display and now she is. I have a strong feeling that we haven’t even scratched the surface on the Gorga’s, because when you play in the mud…..you are bound to track it on everything you do hereafter. Karma is a bitch and so is Melissa.

      • Totally agree.
        It’s funny how many of the former Lookers employees ex friends are slowing leaking information about the real person she is. The more she, her PW husband and her wicked sisters bash and threaten people the more everyone is see the real “Ms Lookers”
        I heard through the grapevine that major editing is being done on season 4. Maybe that is why the former Lookers employee, Jac and Kathy are suddenly acting like they want to be friendly with Teresa again. Damage control before the season starts.

        • ^ “I heard through the grapevine that major editing is being done on season 4.”

          Editing to cast Mel/Jac/Caro/Kathy negatively?

          • Well, more so Teresa positively because she was the doormat last season. Change it up for sure…

          • I’m going to go ahead and predict right now the negative editing will barely touch down on Caroline and her kids. Mel and JoGo, definitely, probably a lot. Kathy, a little, Jac – to some extent, but Chris Laurita is Caro’s brother, so nothing too bad. Mel is going to get the sh*t edit this season, I’d almost bet a sizable dollar on it. Caroline still won’t be touched. WHY? God only knows why Andy Cohen keeps protecting her.

          • And this might be when Mel finally comes around to loving and aligning with Teresa again, thinking ” It’s someone else’s turn to get bashed, but why does it have to be ME? Why does Caroline ( who reportedly doesn’t like Mel now ) get away untouched??”

    • I find it really interesting how the information about Joe Giudice found it’s way to ABC, especially when there is nothing but positive info coming out about Tre. So, if this info came from Tre, good for her for standing up to Joe and Melissa. For every piece of information they leak, I hope she returns the favor!

      • @JoJoLaMa,

        Caroline doesn’t get bad edit, because number one she is too aware of the damn cameras, and she is BORRRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG. Number two, both Albie and Greggy are playing footsies with Andy Cohen.

    • Lol ok Melissa you’re such a joke. Go start new lies simewhere else. Teresa is so busy working hard and taking care of her girls unlike you Melissa who has nothing better to do than spread lies. I can’t stand you.

  • I don’t understand people, especially family. I have helped my brothers, my uncle and my father, and do they love me for it? Hell No! As a matter of fact, I got the opposite. I don’t understand it. You help family members, and they stab you in the back and talk trash about you. That’s what happened to me. My father certainly didn’t talk trash about me but after helping him many times in the past, I turned to him for one favor and he refused. It wasn’t anything major. I think that when you help a male member of your family, instead of being happy, the male member instead resents you for it. I think the male actually feels lowered, degraded somehow. I have no clue but Teresa’s brother is doing the same to her and her husband. He cuts her down! It’s awful. How do you treat someone so horribly when that person has been good and kind?

  • “joe and melissa are? both crooks .Those fancy tiles thru out their house ,they bought from me and their check bounced.And they never paid for it. I am still triying to get my money.They are crooks and low life.And they talk about family and jesus… I want everybody to know what they are

    geleroz 1 week ago

    ^^ This comment was from a youtube channel. Wow. I wish we could get in contact with people who dealt with them and see how they treated them in business ventures. This dude got scammed. I feel bad for him if it’s true…

  • Rox, you suprise me ALL the time! The Gorgas/Marcos have the nerve to bash Teresa! Wait til the truth comes out about them. I just read on twitter that Kim Pirella, Melissa’s older sister, tweeted that ‘Melissa hates Teresa because she kept them off S1 & S2’. She also tweeted, ‘Melissa is mad that Teresa is on CA this season because she workef hard’. Also tweeting that, ‘ they harrassed Rox because she was picking on Melissa.’ Um, that showed me what I needed to know. They are hateful people and are full of envy and greed. They’ll sell their soul to anyone for $, at all costs. I hope in the end it was worth it because some things cannot be forgiven.

      • Careful. The account with one “r” is a fake account. The real Kim Pirrella has two “r”s.

    • I had that Kim Pirella on my twitter but Melissa privately messaged me and said (among other things) that that particular account was a fake of her sisters. I thought it was fake because of the postings. I mean MeHo and her sisters the MarHO’s are stupid but not stupid enough to give Melissa haters more ammo by posting obvious Teresa bashing tweets.

  • Public record shows their home was just reassessed in 2012 for more than twice what it was in 2011. They are currently paying over $52,000 per year in residential taxes alone. I’m curious to know with the reassessment doubling what their new tax bill will be by the end of the year. The Gorga’s will be begging for even more appearance money 😉

  • Sorry to fellow posters that I always turn every post into ” I Hate Caroline” rant, even when the article is about someone else. I guess I never had , not sympathy, but rather any real EXPECTATIONS of ethical or even good behavior for Mel and JoGo, and since there were never any expectations there, I’m never or rarely, disappointed, surprised or disgusted ( well, a little ). Also, I think they both are well, you know, mental midgets and therefore, I can’t get TOO upset with them. Caroline is evil, but no dummy. She knows better. Jac, I don’t think is evil at all, more like suffering in an unhealthy D/s relationship ( with Caro) and also is lets say mentally shaky – I’m pretty convinced of that second one. Exhibit A : twitter feed. I can’t bring myself to hate Jac. Maybe I’m as nuts as she seems to be, but I feel like she’s redeemable and was never really a mean-hearted person to begin with. Kathy – I pegged her as slimy right from the get-go. The desserts looked great, her kids seem nice, but I got a crazy passive-aggressive vibe from her right away. Same with Mel and JoGo – SLLIIIIMMMMY! I never thought they were decent people; I never thought Mel was talented; I never thought Joe was a good brother or son. But Caro? This will probably come as a shocker, but like a lot of other people have said, she used to be my favorite!!! I honestly thought ” Wow, a REAL woman and mother on one of these reality shows!”. I thought she was tough-talking, but really soft and sincere on the inside and most of all a fantastic mother who genuinely adored her kids. I thought she was not only aware of, but comfortable with and even proud and of her every-day woman looks. It was refreshing. Boy was I wrong. She really slipped under my radar. In very high does, she’s nasty, vain, petty, jealous, domineering, calculating, hypocritical and rude. She’s considered so toxic by a few of her sibs, they won’t even talk to her, clearly favors her sons, says horrible things about her daughter on film and I think even a BIGGER famewhore than Melissa! You think Mel and JoGo will go to the opening of an envelope? Caroline does that too, on a regular basis, but she goes one further, she will SUCK the bottom hard of ANY celebrity willing to give her the time of day ( Okay, I guess Mel and JoGo do that too!).

    Okay, that’s my rant. On an unrelated, or maybe semi-related note, about this article anyway – the only thing that surprises me about this a”new” info that Mel and JoeGo are not as financially stable as they claimed, is that Teresa is EVEN MORE self-controlled than I thought. Wow.

    • Also, Juicy too with the self-control. Can you imagine how badly he was dying to spill all the dirt on them??? Especially while watching them bash his wife and talk about HE doesn’t pay his bills?

  • Okay they have money problems? But is the bank looking for mortage money? Are they behind in there payments? There looking to sell the house ,so are millions of people each year for different reasons. They owe family money? Maybe there’s 2 sides to the story. Maybe he owes the money based on a sale he waiting to make on a property? Where the lawsuits?

    • There were lawsuits and Joe paid the people to drop the suits. He is only a fraction better than Joe G. and maybe not even that. He probably just hasnt been caught yet.

  • Wait, wasn’t it made known that the Gorga’s house wasn’t owned by them? Weren’t they just building it to sell because they couldn’t afford it? I could be wrong, but I thought that this was posted (about their house). Anyway, the economy sucks these days, so of course the house flipping business isn’t going to thrive. Melissa shouldn’t have made comments like “well, we pay our bills” when a year later you never know…

    • Yeah, I remember reading something like that too. I thought they were able to live in it for 1 year, but then would be forced to sell it.

    • They owned the block but they borrowed money from a bank to build it but they said it was only for (not sure what you guys call it) but in Australia it’s when you develop a property with the intention to sell when it’s completed. They built it and had a year to sell or they’d have to make a balloon payment which I think is coming up in June this year.

  • This is the part I like best! They might be able to fool you a season but after a while the TRUTH dies come out! It’s obvious Melissa was so jealous that Teresa was on the show and the only time she worked her ass off was to get in the show! She is using Kathie to make herself look legit!

    Teresa after 3 seasons has come across as quirky, loyal, funny, hard working, shopaholic and sometimes a little misguided but she remained true and herself! I think in time Melissa supporters will be disappointed!

  • I really hope they ditch the former exotic dancer for season 5 and bring on sheila and pete guidice. I think it would make for an interesting dynamic. If anyone wants to see what a train wreck melissa is without bravo airbrushing and editing then look on youtube at her performing at splash bar. What a mess. No wonder no label will take her

  • I remember in one of her recent interviews she kept referring to Season 3 as Season 1 and she also referred to Season 4 as Season 2. It is like she thinks the show didn’t exist until she came into it. With the was Melissa tries to act so much better than Teresa, I have to wonder if she knew Joey borrowed that money. Imagine how THAT would feel, running around bashing Teresa, trying to look better than her and acting all smug only to find out “her life was made possible by a grant from the Teresa Giudice foundation.”

  • I feel sorry for T. I have helped my older brother & his wife numerous times and have never been paid back, so I know how hurtful it is. It’s like they don’t care about anyone’s feelings except themselves. I even gifted them 15K one time and never even got a thank you. I’ve learned a very expensive lesson and hope T has too. T, I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

  • I don’t generally comment on someones looks alone but she has (as my favorite writer Lawrence Sanders would say) “a face like a coffin”, long and weirdly angular.

  • Karma is a bitch! Melissa and Joey, you need to review your tapes of the first season you were on. This is what you get for bad mouthing your sister-in-law and sister. You keep trying to make yourselves look good and trying to destroy Teresa, but it doesn’t work. We know that the shut off of the gas in Joey’s rental was a set-up by you or the Marco sisters and I hope that also comes out. The whole thing doesn’t make sense and we see that. Karma is a bitch and it’s already coming to YOU! Please take Caroline, Jac and Kathy with you!

  • They nees to put Joe’s brother pete and sister in law on the show and have her brother on the show and sue them while filming how awsome would that be?

        • I Think it was discussed back with dirty Ds bullshit. Which is why she was hell bent on pressing charges against Ashley.

          But then if you look at RHBH if cast members couldnt sue each other then Russles threats would have been unfounded and Taylor never would have left him. 😉 So who knows?

  • It’s funny how all these people loved Joe and melissa in season 3 and they had everyone feeling bad for them and now they’re the only people that ruined it for themselves. Everyones onto them and not falling for it anymore. When season4 comes it will only get worse for them. Teresa won their fans over just by being quiet, respectful, and hard working! Love Teresa for that

  • “That whole white trash family from down the shore”

    HAHAHAH!! That made me laugh out loud. I missed that before. So funny.

    How rude of Melissa to ever trash Teresa when Teresa is the whole reason her and Joe even have anything… she should be kissing her butt.

    • Teresa could have brought that up at the reunion. Very classy of her to keep that info to herself when Melissa was attacking her.

  • Oh how the mighty has fallen. lolol
    Melissa and Joe would do an appearance at a garbage dump if they got paid for it. They are pathetic.
    They chose whatever kind of fame they could get over family. Hopefully some day they will realize that fame is fleeting and family is forever.
    Melissa is a Madonna-wanna-be and JoeGo reminds me of Gargamel from the Smurfs.
    Teresa is better of without them.

  • Remember when The Gorga’s and The Wakile’s said that they would have helped Teresa, if ONLY SHE WOULD COME TO THEM AND ASK FOR HELP”…WOW.

  • Joe Giudice is the only REAL person on that show and he is unapologeitc for it, which is why i like him. Remeber the running scence, where he told Teresa, “Caroline doesn’t run. What charity?”

    Also during the drunk scene, noticed Teresa trying to deflate the fact that she gave her brother money, she keeps on saying not true. I think she respect her brother immensely, and does not want her family biz out there. BTW, Teresa decorated Joe Gorga’s house, as in the choices for kitchen cabinets, stairs and other things, Dina said so herself on WWHL. So if her house looks like Joe’s house, it’s because it’s her taste.

    • totally agree about Joe Giudice being real. He is not gonna let the cameras change him! LOVED when he didn’t want to get out of bed for that ‘charity run’! He’s not always PC and he’s not always correct, but you have to give it to him for being himself.

      Another thing-I agree with you about T not wanting her family business out there. Most Italian families are like that. To me, this is the best argument AGAINST Teresa “setting up” Melissa at the Posche fashion show. She would NEVER want bad stuff to come out about her brother’s wife, and the mother of her neice and nephew

      • I love Juicy Joe too. He reminds me of my dad, uncles, cousins (all true Italians) he doesn’t pretend to be anyone but himself. I’d shag Juicy Joe in a heartbeat.

    • Bless you JD; I always thought I was alone on the “I love Juicy” island. He’s made tons of mistakes but there’s just something about him I find very appealing. I’m happy he seems to have finally gotten his act together; he and Teresa have a beautiful family.

      • Y’all are not alone on your feelings about Juicy Joe! I agee that there are times when I just gasp or put my head in my hands at the things he says and does, but I also find it refreshing that he is REAL in a sea of fabricated reality television. He is why I was initially drawn to reality television – the chance to glimpse the way another person – another family – talks, interacts, behaves, deals with disappointment, petty anger, frustration, bad moods, headaches, and PMS. It can be facinating. Unfortunately, most people who agree to be filmed for reality tv are in it for a reason, so they remain constantly aware of the cameras and what they feel they should and shouldn’t be showing about themselves. It’s so much more accurate to capture someone who is not aware they are being filmed (sort of like The Truman Show) or who simply doesn’t care what gets filmed (like Juicy Joe!!!) — and that’s what I enjoy about him.

        • I agree. Another reason I like Juicy is because he’s a real man. Not like the midget squeezing his hairy azz into a dress the second the cameras are rolling. Panty sniffing freak!

          • DItto, ladies. I always found Joe Giudice to be refreshingly honest. You might say he reflects a certain “reality.” In case you don’t know, I am a Jersey girl, born and bred. I am more Joe’s mother’s age than Joe’s but I can tell you, he reminds me of so many friends and family I grew up with.

          • love Juicy Joe!!! He is REAL. Love these posts. I hated how Andy tried to villanize Joe Giudice. Joe may not be politically correct, but he is the Good Guy in that family, in all those families. Albert & Chris Laurita Aint no Saints!!!

          • Until Roxy posted this, I thought Joe got drunk and was being a little mean, but now I realize he got drunk and was just telling it like it is. I agree with you guys, Teresa probably didn’t want the truth out there; wanted to keep it private. Mego and Joey have a lot of nerve. Poor Teresa.

        • Its funny you bring up the Truman show. I have always felt that children on TV were like the truman show. They dont understand that the cameras in front of them is actually millions of people watching their every move. Going back to the poor gosslien kids whos life was disected for their greedy mothers bennifit.

          All children should be off limits in reality TV. Small apperances are fine.. otherwise they should be subjected to child actor laws.

    • TOTALLY agree about Juicy. I can’t say I appreciate all his behavior or words all the time, but the man IS WHO HE IS. There is NO pretense with this man – I gotta respect that on some level. I think he acts and talks the EXACT same way whether he’s being filmed or not. I think Teresa is a close second in the “real” dept. The other “ladies” have tried to label Teresa as insincere and/or duplicitous ( but they said liar ) for “stealing” their business opportunities, refusing to say too much about her LEGAL problems on film and for claiming ” everything is fine ” when it clearly wasn’t . I think most ppl understand that to be SELF-PRESERVATION, and just a simple unwillingness to share things that SHOULD BE PRIVATE with the world – NOT a 180 degree personality flip or ” lying”. Teresa’s instinct to keep her mouth shut and/or keep saying ” everything is great” for the most part, I think, is a healthy one. She was protecting her husband, yes. She was protecting her assets. She was trying to keep herself out of jail, but the MOST important thing she was doing, I suspect, by saying ” everything is great!” was protecting her young daughters. Juicy is not just her husband, he’s their FATHER. What should Teresa have done? Bashed him publicly on BRAVO to please Andy Cohen and The Orange-haired Bozo? Remember how disgusted ol Don was when Teresa kept ” pretending” everything was fine? Meanwhile right around the same time, not only was Al’s self-described ” best friend” on his way to the federal pen, but Big Al was screwing the NJ taxpayers out of what I can only guess was MANY THOUSANDS of dollars worth of free health care and getting ( or about to get ) CALLED OUT BY NAME by the frickin’ governor of the state! I guess Caro thought things were ” fine” for her and Al during that time? Because if she didn’t, by her logic, she should have been talking about it to Andy Cohen on film for BRAVO! Oh wait, Caro said when a family is struggling with painful personal problems, like hers with Dina, they should keep it private! That’s right. Wait, now I’m confused. Should I write The Wise Sage Caro and ask her to scratch out a column on this dilemma?

      I’m almost certain Teresa must have REAL, close friends she can break down to in private, but only a seriously stupid person would share their personal pain with that evil gaggle of cackling hosebeasts. We’ve all had ” friends” like that, haven’t we? You know the kind – always with the sympathetic ear, always trying to pump you for info about how bad things might be going for you at any given time, not so they can make you feel better, but so they can MAKE THEMSELVES feel better/superior. Or in the case of these women, use the info to screw you over in the press at a later date. What Don, Mel, Kathy, Jac and Little Joey don’t seem to get is a lot of ppl appreciate the virtue of SINCERITY in others and it’s very very obvious to the viewing public that NONE OF THESE PEOPLE POSSESS IT. We could all always kind of just tell, but every couple weeks new evidence arises that PROVES how cartoonishly hypocritical these people are. Yes, tact is another important quality, but personally I’ll take someone who is a little bitchy to my face over someone who is treacherous and evil behind my back ANY DAY.

      “Ladies” – cuz we know you’re reading! THIS IS WHY PEOPLE SUPPORT TERESA – she f’ed up big time, but she also FESSED up and took her hits. Maybe you should fess up and take yours.

      • This this this ^^
        I co-sign JoJoLaMa post!

        Bozo has her OWN set of rules for her her family and what should and shouldnt be shared with the public. Yet she has a different set of rules for everyone else. Becuase her family is better than the rest of us they are held to different standards?

        Either bozo is very STUPID or she thinks all the viewers are STUPID.

      • JoJo you are spot on. And don’t forget-that health care that Big Al was getting for free paid for his lap band surgery, right? And Caroline’s too I suspect, tho she says she just dieted to lose the weight.
        Teresa has said from the beginning that her “role” on the show was just as a ‘friend’ of the Manzo/Laurita families. She said she would NEVER have gone on a tv show with her family, because your family business is private.
        I don’t understand how Caro and Jac don’t see that the things they accuse Teresa of doing, are things that THEY do themselves

      • JoJoLaMa- I completely agree with you and your points on self-preservation. I did and do respect Teresa’s unwillingness to share what should be kept private, especially with the public and deceitful people.
        Teresa is smart and wise beyond the credit she’s given.
        She’s handled this well and with a strength that’s impressive. I really think the others are envious of that strength too.

        • Teresa’s first thought is for her family, her parents in; it is a testament to how much she loves, respects and wants to protect them from hurt. Now, unlike her immature little brother who still is throwing temper tantrums like he was three years old to get there attention because he feels short changed in life. Too bad he married a a “wench” who is more than happy to indulge him and encourage his God awful behavior. Too bad being “on display” they are being seen for what they really are.

    • Remember during the reunion Teresa said “the real truth comes out when you are drunk”. Sounds like Juicy was telling the truth about “Ms Lookers” , Mr PW Joey Marco and her wicked sisters

  • time for the sex tape, Melissa. Sadly Joe and your sisters will have to buy most of the tapes like they did with your song to make it look as if you had some sales.

  • Reality Check:

    The Gorga’s don’t give two shiits about their reputation at this point…..as long as the checks clear they will continue to make an azz out of themselves for public consumption. They will do as money appearances as they can a week, they will continue to “try” different PR techniques and manuevers until they find one that works, they will continue to go back and forth on bashing TEresa to stay relevant, and they will continue to fake their way around the Manzo/lauritas to further solidify those alliances. AS long as they get their name out their and they are getting paid they will continue. They are true famewhores in every sense. No shame, no integrity, and no standards. Shaming people that are shameless is a loosing battle.

    • that’s how melissa rolls-she says and does things that she KNOWS will bother you, but pretends that she’s innocent and it’s you making something out of it that it isn’t. I used to work with a girl like this and it’s VERY frustrating. T has her number tho, and thankfully, most of us do too lol

  • Bahahahahah…this is shocking news (bahahaha)……Gawd just when you think these two can’t get any trashier….what a couple of desperate major loosers..It is incredible at how stupid these 2 are…there just are no more words..

  • Now we know why Juicy and his family hate Lookers and Mr PW Joey Marco. Teresa got him started in his business and he turns around and treats her like crap.
    I didn’t think I could be any more disgusted with these famewhores but once again I see the a new low for the all the Marcos’, Joey included.
    Lookers and PW owe Teresa money and Sheila $90,000 yet the family are ALWAYS talking trash, planting stories, bashing on twitter and radio shows.
    This at least explains why they are leaving their kids at home 4 nights a week.

  • I bet if he was in trouble teresa would help him again. Unlike him NOT helping her when things were really bad for her. Don’t bother teresa no good deed goes unpunished. Not only didn’t he help her he went on her show and downright abused her while she was dealing with a ton of problems And all Melissa did was make snide comments about her and joe actually paying their bills. Teresa wouldn’t even take credit for helping her brother. She has never even said how she has helped him already.Only joe mentioned it in a drunken rant. Even then she didn’t put her brother down or take any credit for helping him get started in the construction biz. What a tool joe gorga is. If it had been the other way around melissa would have never shut up about joe helping his sister. Which he never even offered to do.

  • Do you all remember Mel’s brother in law busting Joe Guidice’s chops for not paying him. It was the episode of the Gorga Christmas party. I hips Peter goes after Joe Gorga on season 4. Karma is a bitch.


    • Please. There is no reason to yell. Release the caps, please. Your post is almost impossible to read otherwise.

      Thank you.

    • I appreciate the caps lock don’t listen to the old bettys above me. everything you said was true. You go girl!

    • It said Joey and Melissa owes Sheila’s brother money. Not Pete Giudice. But if Sheilia’s brother is so rich and all, why can’t he help out Pete and his money problems??

  • LOL!! Oh how the mighty have fallen! Those two would appear at a car wash opening. That’s what happens when you live above your means.

  • Are sure about this, Rox? I’m a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan and I know that Kevin and Danielle’s already live in New Jersey. If I remember correctly, their house was custom built and completed last year. Kevin just had a custom built wine cellar installed. The builder posted a video of it (then made it private on YT, not sure why). Kevin can control his entire house via his iPad from anywhere around the world. He talks about that all the time, too. It’s like his favorite toy. I do believe the Gorga house is bigger than theirs, but I can’t imagine them dishing out all that money customizing their home and then moving a year later into a house not much further away that’s not nearly as as good. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Kevin was at Joe and Teresa’s wedding renewal ceremony last year. Maybe that’s how the Gorgas know them.

    I fully believe the Gorgas have money trouble, though. Especially with all those articles last year about Joe being sued for not being people for work and the liens. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. Like I always say, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at their sister-in-laws. That means you, Melissa.

      • It was reported that Kevin and Danielle were seen looking at several homes in New Jersey just last month so it’s true. Lol i love the Jonas brothers so I follow what’s going on with them.

    • Yeah the Jonas brother does have a mansion in denville NJ I don’t think they were looking to buy it my sister is best friends with Danielle (his wife) youngest sister & they built a custom made house in denville where Danielle family live

  • Karma is a real bitch. Remember Mel bragging about living a life most girls only dream of living? Lmao not hardly Mel you nasty fake bitch! She shouldn’t have been so
    hateful to her SIL! She said we pay our bills. Wtf bills are they paying? Does Mel still pay with “favors” haha!! This is great info Roxanne! Perfect timing! Stump needs to pay people what he owes by working not following behind Mel like a puppy at her appearances. These people are such a joke! And the plot thickens….they even owe $$ to Pete??? Omg please! It’s no wonder one of the sisters sits behind fake 411 acct spewing hate. They’re coming unglued bc truth if coming out. Hahaha!!! Great job Roxanne.

  • well well well, if this isnt the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black. They both disgust me and deserve all the karma they get for the way they have done Teresa.

    • I totally agree with you. EVERYTHING out of their mouths has been a lie. I can’t stand the sight of them.

  • I really think if Melissa’s career was going to go anywhere it would have buy now. She had one lousy song and kept singing it over and over again. I don’t see her suddenly becoming a star at this point. I think she better shift gears if she wants to make any money. Maybe she could come out with a line of club clothing. That seems to be the only thing she wears.

    I used to like Joe Gorga and actually felt sorry for him. I thought he was caught in the middle of Teresa and Melissa and was really hurting over it. Now I see he is just as big a famewhore as his wife. I guess we’ll have to wait for Season 4 to see if his hatred toward Teresa is warranted but until then I think he’s being a real jerk. I love Tre but she’s not always innocent either. The problem with her is she wears her heart on her sleeve and can’t hide her emotions, good or bad.

    Have a great trip, Rox. I just got back from Punta Cana and it was just what the doctor ordered for these late winter blues. Enjoy the sun and warmth!

    • LOL let’s not forget…Melissa has some new songs coming out during Season 4…however, totally agree..no matter how many songs she sings..she will not ever go anywhere with it…because honestly she has no natural singing ability and she here credibility is in the can due to her quest for fame. ohhh well…

  • So now we know tre helped him, so How can you call your sister garbage ?? and does Melissa know Tre has helped him cause if she did then i wouldn’t be letting my husband talk that talk about the Guidice family .

  • This story is not surprising, in fact it is predictable. And the thought of Gorgas owing money to Teresa considering the way they treat her is despicable.

    If I was Sheila Guidice, I would be wondering when I would get my money back especially since they are spending money to develop Melissa’s pathetic career and $ to get on the Show and $ to keep up her competition with Teresa.
    Maybe they can go beg something off Caroline or the Wakiles, they are successful admirers of Slow Joe and Megor.

    And yes,,,, you could tell its a spec/contractors build to sell.. because it is under decorated. All would of this would be no bodies business, UNLESS you sold your soul to be on reality TV.
    I feel sorry for Teresa and her parents, they love PW’d Joe. But he is a spoiled little boy, who married a woman of questionable virtue. All they can do is stand and watch as this breaks their hearts.

    • I agree.. her house looks under decorated..like “pam/dana’s” house on RHOBH. Joe Gorga is a sorry excuse for a man..MeGo is on the next train outta there as soon a rich dude asks her..she is sorrier than her hub..

  • Im honestly embarrassed for them! &great job by not just posting what u hear but actually getting some evidence! That’s why I love your site

  • This home is not worth over four million. The town is not even that nice. Thank God they did not get away with screwing over the kid and his wife. Do they really think they are going to get someone, especially in this economy, to spend millions upon millions for a mansion in MONTVILLE! There are far, far better locations Kevin and his wife can spend their money on.

    • Your a idiot montville is gorgeous ! Their is countless mansions in this town! The school system is great to! I hate the gorgas not sticking up for them just the town! Their r many celebs in this town! & Teresa has a mansion in towaco which is kinda nit the greatest place but she built a gorgeous house! & gorgas house isn’t worth that much

  • The Gorgas are so weird! Well, MeHOHOHO & JoeHo are really weird and quite odd. Do they have to take pictures with every REAL celebrity? Give it up already! You will NEVER be AT THE TOP! They need to stop embarrassing themselves because mostly everyone sees them as a joke. Who can take them seriously? Their behavior is preposterous! They are not a celebrity. Their house is nice, but you could tell they didn’t fully decorate their house because it wasn’t even their house to begin with. Why do they have to front saying that it’s MeHo’s dream house, and how Joe surprised her with a mansion and yada yada… Oh, tish tosh! Yeah, right.

    MeHo talks so much crap about Tre and how much she spends on things, and how they don’t pay their bills? Hmm… Doesn’t MeHo do the SAME DAMN THING? Just sayin’… Tre actually busts her ass and works hard. MeHo just does appearances with her hubby which they get more if both of them show up. If only MeHo was sincere and decent. Maybe I would actually like her, but all I see is a jealous, fake, phony, and greedy woman. No one on this show is ever decent anymore. Tre is the only one I can tolerate. Even Jacqueline doesn’t bug me as much. Not yet, at least.

    GO AWAY, Famewhore MeHoHoHo (puttana), and take your greedy, jealous little husband with you!

  • I was wondering why in the world they met Kevin Jonas and his wife! There so embarrassing for asking for a photo. This is just crazy. I don’t even know what to say

    • Maybe the Gorga’s thought they could do a private sale, and save a real estate commission. I really do not think they are having money problems, Joe Is a developer buying, selling, and renovating homes is his business

        • JD,

          Just because someone is looking to sell their home, does not mean they are having money problems. Alot of people are looking to downsize even if they can afford a larger home. Lisa Vanderpump downsized.

    • Joe and Melissa make me sick to my stomach. I wish they would take a long walk off a short pier.

      • I wish Joe and Melissa would just go away. I can’t stand them, all they do is lie and and they never stop trying to hurt Teresa, ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I can’t stand the sight of them, they are lazy losers that tried to cash in on Teresas fame by lying and hurting, they’re disgusting. Just go away already and get lives of your own and stop riding Teresas coat tails.

        • You need to get a life and a brain. Go scratch Kate you are always on here putting people down that don’t like those dirty, rotten, lying Gorgas