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Caroline Manzo Defends Lisa Lampanelli

A few days ago Celebrity Apprentice star Lisa Lampanelli tweeted something very offensive about her costar Lou Ferigno AKA ‘The Hulk!’ Lisa tweeted, “Lou isn’t deaf. His ears are just stupider than the rest of him.” For those who watch Celebrity Apprentice, you know it was very offensive to say especially because Lou didn’t do anything or doesn’t talk to Lisa. I immediately told her off after reading that and yeah I get she’s a comedian but that’s just not funny? We got into a quick twitter fight. Click Here to see if you haven’t already.
Anywho, ever since the stars of Celebrity Apprentice were announced, Caroline has gotten extremely close to Lisa Lampanelli. An AllAboutTRH reader tweeted Caroline saying, “since Lisa is such a great friend of yours, what do you think of her making fun of Lou for his hearing disability? Thoughts?” Caroline responded and said, “I have a brother who is deaf-Lisa has a heart of gold-“

What does Caroline having a brother who is deaf have anything to do with Lisa making fun of Lou Ferigno? I don’t want to make this about anyone else but let’s just say Teresa or Danielle or anyone for that matter made the deaf comment. Do you think Caroline would be okay with it? Because I don’t. I think Caroline would be especially insulted because her brother is deaf. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Lisa thanked Caroline for defending her saying, “Thanks for defending my Lou Ferrigno deaf joke. An insult comic makes fun of ALL, not some. If Lou can’t take it, that’s sad.”

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  • Koopla

    caroline likes to laugh at jokes making fun of ppl with disabilities, weight problems and very young children (practically babies) Is anyone as alarmed as I am? She is creepy. But she has a freakin fit when Teresa wrote she was 1/16 italian and made it her mission to TRY and destroy Teresa’s character even though it would hurt and affect Tre’s daughters and parents? Caroline needs medication because something is not right.
    When I saw the episode of chris organizing a strip carwash I was offended and was waiting for caroline to say something wise but she supported watching those very young women exploit themselves for attention sad… Does that mean Lauren should put on some skimpy clothes and bend over and wash a tire so guys can look at her crotch or breasts?? What kind of message is that? I would rather be Tre’s kind of Italian because she was being a good mom by pointing out in her cookbook that what Chris was doing at the carwash was wrong! Teresa is wholesome and caroline is… let’s face it a fake and mean spirited loser who keeps company with likewise losers named melissa and jac.

  • Hate-me

    Lisa = the living proof that you can make money just by being ugly, fat and a jerk.

    Lisa is so fat, her first words were ”oink oink”.

    There…I made a joke about how fat Lisa is…oh look at me I’m so smart ! I made fun of someone…oh look at me….I’m so funny !

  • mm

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember seeing Albie or Chris being too bad on the show. It seems like a couple of times they tried to stay out of the ladies’ drama.

    Asshat, Lauren and most of all Greggy (ew I hate even remembering he exists) stick their noses in the drama.

    • JoJoLaMa

      I agree with you. With the exception of a few nasty comments about Teresa in Season 3, they mostly seem like decent young adults. Probably a little spoiled and out of touch, but that’s not their fault. They ( Albie, Chris AND Lauren ) are in a very difficult position. Caroline is their MOTHER after all, which means not only can they not SAY anything negative about her, but I imagine it’s difficult for them to even THINK negative things about her and admit who she really is to themselves in the privacy of their own minds. No one wants to think their own mother is a terrible person. It’s easier to just pretend everyone else is wrong. Also, based on everything we’ve seen on this show from Season 1, I seriously doubt any of them are too adept at thinking for themselves in general. How many times in their lives do you think they’ve gone against her? Or even disagreed with her? Can you imagine? She’s still reeling over Teresa not bowing to her dominance; her kids rebelling would probably make her head explode. I suspect they were trained from a very young age not to ever, ever disappoint or question Mommy Don. Some Italian Jersey Stockholm Syndrome going on there, I think. Heck, Lauren went on twitter and ardently defended her mother’s horrendous comments about her weight at the reunion. Actually, no, it wasn’t about her weight; I think her exact comment was – ” Listen I’m not going to call you beautiful when you’re fat”. I imagine not only did Lauren know defending her mother was something she was expected to do, but also that getting upset with her in private about it WAS NOT ALLOWED. Even though they were all technically adults when the show started, I very much doubt joining the show was an option. Caro was doing it, so THEY were doing it. Interesting – I’ve noticed that Albie and Lauren have actively and ardently defended her on more than one occasion, but Christopher NEVER has to my knowledge. He just remains silent on the subject.

      • pinkie

        I appreciate this comment and your insights. The comment about Lauren. ‘not telling her shes beautiful when shes overweight’ was a very disturbing thing to hear a mother say about her daughter, especially on national TV.

        Caroline should have begged her forgiveness, at least in private. But they act like children who’s mother is a drama queen when it comes to having her way. They do not dare defy or be individuals who do not agree with her.

        I am sure that the rift between Dina and Caro clown is not helped by Caros refusal to admit she is wrong.

  • JD

    WOW…It’s funny how Caroline view this as a joke, but Teresa saying Caroline is only half Italian (which she is), is ground for war.

    • JoJoLaMa

      I feel like a broken record saying this so much, but it bears repeating, especially to those who aren’t familiar with the real story. They hate Teresa because she supposedly ” stole” their ” business opportunities”. Also, she’s just generally the more marketable one.

  • Jc

    Wonder how she’ll feel when Lisa makes fun of someone with a learning disability…

    • JoJoLaMa

      Yeah, which will undoubtedly happen soon. I said somewhere else on here, I guarantee LL has no idea who she’s aligning with. She probably just doesn’t care for Teresa and figures aligning with another RHONJ will boost ratings and excitement about the show.

      • JanShe

        The show already had great ratings before this stunt.
        All of Tre’s 400,+ fans are watching and rooting for her.
        L.L.’s ego won’t help her. She is nothing but a crude, vile,
        bully. Imagine her thinking she could ever drum up ratings.

  • madamedummy

    i hate bozomanzo & i hate lisa..
    she is NOT funny..her behavior on CA was outrageous ..
    gawd ! that dreSsing room tantrum ! LOL had i been velasquez id’ a punched her face in …
    before she makes fun of lou ..
    (mr .universe 2x and mr. america)
    she should take a good long look in the mirror ….
    lou is a bodybuilding legend !
    shame on her !

    • JD

      I think she has issues with the pretty and strong women in the group.

  • Omfg

    Lisa is a pig ans Caroline is her ass!

    • madamedummy


  • JoJoLaMa

    I think the real question is when is Caroline going to tell her great, close friend Lisa Lampanelli that she needs to lose weight on national television? She did that to her daughter, after all – more than once. If she and LL are really as close as she claims, she should dispense (force) some of that sage (utterly useless) wisdom on her and really whip her into shape. Caroline is the absolute QUEEN of the overly dramatic, hypocritical whine – Lauren Manzo apparently gets brutalized on twitter and elsewhere about her weight. Terrible. Awful. I feel sympathy for her, but it’s difficult to take Caroline’s Mama Bear defense of her daughter on twitter too seriously given how she’s probably solely responsible for her daughter’s low self image.
    “I’m not going to tell you you’re beautiful when you’re overweight.” Huh? What? I’m a mother and I can say with confidence NO mother who really loves her daughter says those kinds of things to her. Again, Caroline, you better start working on Lisa’s bloated belly! Your good friend needs your advice and guidance!

  • Nat

    Hey Carolline your son doesn’t have a learning disabilities his brain is just more stupider then the rest of us.

    • mike


  • orestes

    For a comedian, Lisa Lampanelli has shown herself to be quite humorless on CA. She seems so hostile to the other women and is unwilling to or incapable of laughing.

    • madamedummy

      soooo true ..
      jealous bitches are seldom funny ..
      in fact i’m still waiting for someone to laugh …

  • Margie

    N.O. Not funny. At all. I thought comedy meant something is funny. LL is the one that is sad if she thinks there’s anything funny about saying that.
    Really disappointed in Caroline. It would have been better to say nothing than to minimize the hurtfulness of that comment.

    • pinkie

      Caroline is more disgusting than the pig that made the statement originally.

  • stalina

    carolying is a trash-bag heifer who knows she’s lost almost all popularity and credibility. she is grasping at anything to hold her up from the sewer, but her grip is as greasy as her thinning clown-red hair. lisa lampwhatevs is a horrible axe-wound of a woman, and has revealed herself to be as cruel as she is hard to look at.
    let them both eat clams.

  • Bossman

    Fake Ass phony Caroline!!!!!!! Its time to move on and take your Fugly clan with you and that Fat Ass Non funny Lisa!!!!!

  • Jessalina

    caroline just needs an excuse to watch CA without admitting she’s watching it for teresa

    • JoJoLaMa


    • pinkie

      LOL you are right!!!

  • Rosalie Marie,

    Lisa, what connects you to Caroline? You’re two half asses, together, you make one big ass.

    • pinkie

      you are so right… thing is her children are grown… and Lou has a mother too… so I guess it is only Manzo children who are off limits.

      Caroline is hypocritical and obviously biased.

  • Rosalie Marie,

    As far as I’m concerned, I thought that type of “comedy” making fun and mocking people was out long ago? Lisa, here’s a fun laugh for you, What is the difference between you and a whale? A whale is natural and you’re just a sweaty, smelly, ugly pig. Oink, Oink.

    • Wise owl

      You’re retarded. A pig is natural too. Get off the internet, go read a book.

      • stalina

        books are on the internet too. and most books suggest that only mean and rotten losers call other people retarded…have you read any of those, wise old owl? …no? just Redbook and WordFind? ah ha.

  • Nonna Gabi

    Caroline is trying to stay relevant. Her comment made no sense.

  • denise

    Caroline doesnt have a problem with the insensitive comment Lisa made-Thats because she didnt make the comment in regards to one of her Perfect Children.She is just classless.

  • mike

    It’s ok to joke about everyone but Caroline and her kids and her fambly.

  • LifeIsGood

    I’m not even going to address Caroline’s childish defense of L.L’s deaf “joke” – it’s not worth the keystrokes.

    However, I was dumbstruck by one of L.L.’s tweets about the incident:
    “It’s fine to make fun of everyone if it’s a joke. However, if an individual expresses hurt in a rational, calm way, I hear it & address it.”

    Let’s translate.

    “Anything I say is OK – no matter how cruel and degrading it is – as long as I consider it a joke. It really doesn’t matter if I’ve knowingly or unknowingly hurt another human being to their core. However, if you express your hurt in a way that I approve of, I will hear you. I won’t apologize, but I will hear you and tell you why you are wrong to be upset.”

    She is a truly vile and twisted soul. I hope Lou doesn’t give her a graceful way out on this one. He has an opportunitiy to make a statement about the destruction that this type of bullying causes.

  • Someone Who Is Watching

    Wasn’t it Caroline that couldn’t take a joke written in a cookbook? Come on, shes a brown noser. oops and a clown! Also as long as its okay to joke…. maybe the deaf brother went deaf listening to Caroline…. ha ha (joke not) oh wait maybe this is the brother that won’t speak to her because…… she makes jokes about him being deaf… ha ha (joke not) I think it would be funny to start tweeting deaf jokes about her and her brother bet she be pissed then!

  • jerseygirl

    A couple of years ago, a friend told me that he and his family have known Caroline Manzo for years. “That Caroline Manzo, she’s a b*tch”. Back then I didn’t believe him, but now, I see exactly what he meant.

    We’re all free to choose our friends, but to defend one that has made a horribly insensitive comment? Seriously?

    I really hope Caroline no longer has a radio gig dishing out advice.

    • JD

      “I really hope Caroline no longer has a radio gig dishing out advice.” Well you are in luck, now she just disperse her advice on her so called blog.

      • JoJoLaMa

        Yeah, I noticed that. She’s still giving some poor slob advice on their problem on a weekly basis. Who in carnation wants this horrid woman’s advice? Quite frankly, I seriously doubt anyone is really asking. She probably makes up a person and a problem and then answers it.

  • Jayme

    Lisa should make a joke about people with learning disabilities, whose mothers still breast feed them.

    Then Caroline can say she knows one of those,so it’s ok….but she won’t be laughing.

    • JanShe

      LMAO !

      • Sherri

        lololololol 🙂

  • HousewivesFan

    I’m honestly shocked that none of you picked up on the tweet Lisa sent to Greggy about Teresa two months ago. In the tweet Lisa called Teresa a cunt. How come no one is upset by that tweet?
    Just curious…

    • HousewivesFan

      Sorry, the tweet was from Oct. 8

      • pinkie

        i hadn’t heard about slimeball calling Teresa that. My gosh,,, they are pathetically jealous. I became an uber Teresa fan, based on how others want to bring her down and yet she still keeps going. AND going better than before She is one smart cookie.

        Lisa, (get a girdle for goodness sake) Lampanelli please try to get some good PR advice, you need it since you showed your ass is with this one.

        • lucy

          Caroline…where is your disgust at someone referring to Tre as a cunt…or do you have a brother that is one….

          • NYGirl


          • T

            No she is one!! 😉

          • pinkie


    • JoJoLaMa

      I never saw that, but it doesn’t surprise me. They’re obviously something to this whole kiss-up-to-LL thing. Caro will do ANYTHING to get to Teresa. Maybe she and Teresa had a falling out, so scavenger Caroline came to pick at the bones. Although LL calling someone a “c*nt” doesn’t necessarily mean she hates them. 🙂

  • vp

    She’s the girl when you say “I’m getting into golf and I really love it” she’s gotta say something extra like: “My uncle’s the godfather of a guy who dated a girl who went to high school with Tiger Woods.” Um, okay.

    Caroline is one of THOSE WOMEN. If you say something, ANYTHING she’s got something to respond about her. Even as an excuse to her own bad behavior…? She’s just that girl who says she knows EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to whatever you have to say. She’s such an expert.
    “I have a brother that is deaf.” “I have a brother who is gay.” “My son has a learning disability” blah blah blah

  • smh

    Ca is not a comedy show. That was a insult not a joke. It was a insult to the hearing impaired everywhere. Lisa is dead wrong on this. Caroline a idiot to defend that comment by saying she has a deaf brother I hope lisa makes some jokes about caroline. Oh that’s right you can’t joke about caroline or she attacks you and trys to ruin you and your reputation. She has a heart of gold. Isn’t that what she said about teresa when they( weren’t) friends??? Lol

    • Ladybug

      Is this deaf brother of Caroline’s one of her siblings that she doesn’t speak to? Probably, since this is the first we’ve ever heard about him. Caroline is such a disappointment!! She will just use anyone : (

  • Terry

    Whatever whenever she needs to defend someone she happens to relate to it..Caroline has someone who is deaf, gay, black, asian, hispanic, one legged, too short, too tall, fat, and a friggin astronaut in her Family (basically she will say Anything to defend someone she likes at the moment) Go Scratch Caroline! LOL

    • T

      She only defended Lisa to get to Tre…plain & simple. Caroline is as much as a pathetic fame-whore as Melissa!!

    • Sherri

      bwahahaha!!!!So TRUE and funny. LOVE IT.

    • JoJoLaMa

      Okay, this is my last comment on here, promise! 🙂 The whole Manzo family LOOOOOVVVES to talk up this anti-bullying thing. A really quick look at their twitter accounts is sufficient to see what I mean. They never stop talking about it. They’re really, super duper, majorly against bullying, Yes Sir, they are! The irony of their mother being one of the biggest bullies around is apparently lost on them.

    • madamedummy

      ahahaa hilarious …

  • Kija

    There’s two kinds of comedians . There are those who are “truth-tellers’ who tell jokes that show us our own foibles, who make fun of themselves to show us universal truths about humanity and who make fun of and illuminate the hypocrisies and even the evils of those in power. Lisa is not one of those. She is from the opposite school of comedians – the “court jester” who sucks up to the king, so to speak. Who makes fun of those who marginalized and powerless, whose comedy is not designed to make us uncomfortable and to make us think about ourselves, but to make us feel smug while the target is someone else.

    Of course, it’s typical of the latter type of comedian that since their humor is based purely on in-group and out-group power dynamics, that they can dish it out, but when criticized become defensive and wage twitter wars on Rox for example.

    She’s a semi-famous celebrity. She make me only D-list, but she should still not feel threatened by a 19 year old blogger. I guess you find her picture illustrating the phrase, “she can give it out but she can’t take it.”

  • Stacey

    Caroline is full of it – Lisa may be an insult comic but insulting and making fun of someone’s handicap/disability crosses the line IMO

    • JanShe

      EXACTLY !!! You nailed it, that is my opinion as well.

    • madamedummy

      absolutely true …
      ugh ! i can’t stand them ….

  • Patty247

    Ok ok ok Sooo she turns Teresa’s life upside down because in a book she mentions that she wouldn’t want her kids to work at a strip car wash ” no
    One no one talks about my family ” she says yet now we have Lisa making a dumb joke that was not funny and surprising Caroline has a deaf brother and it’s ok …. Fuck you Caroline where’s bigAng she needs to fix her !!!!!

    • JoJoLaMa

      Like I said somewhere else on here, Caroline has perfected the overly dramatic, hypocritical whine. Remember in Season 1 when she told Jac that simply disagreeing with her and Dina on film was going to ” destroy” her parents, but blurting out that Teresa ” didn’t really want to ever make up with ” and ” hated” her brother (which she probably never said) apparently is OKAY. Where is her concern for Mama and Papa Gorga? On the reunion she also said, through tears, gagging and spittle that again, her parents were going to be ” destroyed” by TERESA simply bringing up ( even though she DIDN’T, Andy Cohen did) that she and Dina aren’t speaking on national tv. She’s an a*s.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I didn’t think it was funny. But Lisa is very deliberately trying to get attention. She admitted it in her first twitter war with Victoria. She’s just drumming up interest in her and CA. I don’t condone it. I don’t think she is funny. But I don’t think she actually means it. As for Caroline, I couldn’t care less who she defends or who she attacks. She is the biggest clown, and by clown I mean joke, I have ever witnessed. I have lost all respect for her and I think she has lost many other’s respect too.

  • JustMe

    Caroline’s opinions are sooo totally irrelavent.

  • DJ

    She is SOOOOO DISGUSTING!!! If Teresa said that she would be all over twitter saying how OFFENDED SHE IS ….. ESPECIALLY since she has a deaf brother. I am soooo sick of this cow.

    • pinkie

      cow= Caroline Moo zo

  • JanShe

    Both Lisa and Caro are the same. They conspired together.
    Caro defends her and Lisa thanks her and jumps on the opportunity
    to explain it all away as a Joke.
    LIKE HELL, I SMELL BS, Lisa is afraid of this getting out to the mainstream.
    She got Caro to go along with it, Caro used her and now Lisa is using Caro.
    Like I said previously, birds of a feather……..
    Shame on them both, two INSECURE, IMMATURE, IDIOTS.

    • Wise owl

      Lisa is afraid of this going “mainstream”??? She posted the whole thing on twitter, you moron.

      • stalina

        nobody likes her anyway, mainstream or not. she’s just not funny to anybody. except a few self-proclaimed “wise” old birds. and you know how “wise” old birds are always calling people ugly names..hmmm lisa lamphamperwhatevs likes to call people ugly names for no reason too! how very desperate of you both.

      • JanShe

        blah, blah, blah…….
        Shut up IDIOT # 3.
        I have zero respect for the way you have behaved on this site. Telling one poster “he is a small dick gay guy”,
        Telling myself and another poster that we are cows
        and then calling her a twat, and so on and so on……
        I guess you had to try and get me to respond after I ignored your comments. It must have bothered you.
        You can keep trying but I will no longer engage in your foolishness.

        “Indifference is really the greatest insult of all”

        • JanShe

          my comment is meant for “Wise Idiot # 3” aka wise owl

  • sharshar

    fat bitter grumpy ass-faced women have to stick together I guess.

  • nat

    Well i guess Caroline is saying that it’s ok to talk to people like that and say these things to her own brother.

  • PandaBear

    Here’s my take on joking around. Personally I can be pretty offensive with my jokes, however, I only joke around with people who get my humor and who are ok with my jokes. If a 3rd party was to hear me joking around with my friends they would probably be extremely offended. If the person on the receiving end of the insult/joke finds it funny and is ok with it then I say let it go.

    Plenty of people say things that are offensive but I’m not the joke police I don’t decide what other people find funny and I sure as heck wouldn’t want someone policing my jokes. While I didn’t find the joke funny, I think there are too many people on twitter that feel the need to tell others what they should and should not say.

    • pinkie

      it was really not funny and very mean… and she does have alot of followers. She is trying to stay relevant… she looks like crap on the show next to the nicer, younger women and really is a piss poor team player,, she should have been fired last week,, not Victoria. So my guess is that she is trying to build buzz for herself by making mean comments about a deaf person she barely knows.

      If she was really talented, she would not have to stoop to that … so lame and lazy.. instead of writing a real joke she acts like the C she called Roxy. And Clown Manzo,,, is all puffed up… telling us its okay to do that because she has a deaf brother. puhleez

  • karen

    If Teresa had said this Don Caro would have been all over twitter and facebook talking smack about Teresa. I am so sick of Caroline, I wish she would just disappear.

    • lucy

      Caroline…who cares..just shut the f up & disappear already.. we get it and we don’t care about you!!!!

      • JoJoLaMa

        Hear hear.

  • Laurie

    Crampanelli just tweeted Caro her thanks for defending her deaf tweet. Then tweeted Lou that she meant no malice and it was all a joke.

    These women deserve each other. And YES, Caroline would have opened a public can of whoop-ass on Teresa for making a similar comment. She’d be all up in Wendy Williams and Naughty Rob’s face about it.

    • JanShe

      Hmmm……… I saw that coming……….
      I hope Lou doesn’t forgive her.
      She only did it to save face because of all the negative attention she is getting. IF it really was a joke why didn’t she appologize to Lou sooner, it’s been two days. She can not handle the scrutiny from the public. I for one think she is a nasty, nasty excuse for a human being.

  • Regan thompson

    I actually am not a fan of Teresa at all, but I agree that Caroline would have been upset had she said that comment. Fact is, all these reality stars are hypocrites. Big time.

  • Lisa

    I starting to think this is all to get the ratings up for CA

    • pinkie

      yes,, and visibility for Clown Caro,,, and now megor is talking.. hell yes….

      we knew they would have to start something to stay relevant. Teresa is very good on CA,,, and she hasn’t really been on that much yet

      • JoJoLaMa

        Remember people, Caroline got Teresa the job on CA! She’s just trying to help! (cough)

        • candida

          What is she claiming she got T the job; I did hear or saw her write that she was asked first but turned it down. Don’t believe anything Caroline the Clown has to say’ sorry

          • JoJoLaMa

            Caroline claimed the producers of CA and I guess Donald himself wanted HER first, but she turned them/him down and then suggested they offer the job to Teresa instead. Yes, she actually said this somewhere on RECORD. Caroline must think people are REALLY dumb.

          • JanShe

            The Donald is on record as saying that Caro was not asked to be on CA.

  • BecandGus

    EXACTLY, well written. Very good deduction. Caroline go SCRATCH!!!

  • Forsq

    Thank You! I just read that and thought the same thing. What does having a deaf brother have anything to do with it being ok for Lisa to make fun of someone who is deaf? Before I even saw her tweets to you, I was already sick of her from the last episode. She is nasty….and calling people c>>ts on twitter is offensive! I hope Trump fires who fat ::s!
    I can’t believe that Bethenny is friends with her much less Caroline….Heck, much less anybody. I didn’t even know who she was. I heard her name a few times around the NJ housewives…but other than that….I’ve never heard of her! She. Is. NOT. funny!

  • LisaLisa

    I believe you are 100 percent correct, Roxy. I’m not one given into nastiness, but following her tweets it is obvious she is one of the worst celeb sycophants. She so desperately wants to be BFFs with famous people. It’s sad and pathetic. Whatever happened to that nice, wholesome housewife in Season 1? I used to respect her so much and now I’m quite disgusted.

    • Merry

      She was never nice LisaLisa. I saw right through that act on season 1….the faces she would make behind peoples, back the digging up dirt on people (no matter right or wrong) its a sure thing that Caroline was never nice. I wish Andy would get his head out from up her butt.

      • Ms Torres

        I totally agree with you. I never liked her since season 1. I always knew she was a bully. I saw right through her while the other viewers were phrasing her. I didnt see her as the voice of reason or level headed. It always had to be her way. Everyday she is just showing how fake she is. The truth always comes out

        • Lisa is kookoo

          I agree. She was never nice. I did like Jackie though, not until she got close to Caroline. Caroline is the most self-centered housewife. She’s mean like those in mobster movies.

    • old NJ girl

      Don Caro was my favorite in season 1. What happen to her?

      I am sure that Lou was upset about the tweet. Did you see how upset he was when Penn said he would take in back into the board room. Penn was a nice as he could be about it but Lou got really upset. The fact that he is handicapped and Lisa is making fun of him and his deafness is beyond cruel.
      I can wait for the day the Lisa makes a joke about one of Don Caro’s kids. We will never hear the end of it! Look how upset she got we Teresa said she was 1/16 Italian. They were both laughing about it on Rachael Ray but Don Caro made a HUGE deal out of it later. Then Chris says he wants to a open a strip club and car wash and Teresa makes a statement that she doesn’t want that for her kids and again Don Caro goes nuts.

      • pinkie

        Caroline is low class,, no matter how much sucking up she does. you would think she would have enough sense to not support Lisa’s insensitive cruel comments. That is NO joke she told,,, just a mean shitty thing to say.

        And what CLOWN defends her? Well its the judgmental bulldog, Caroline Manzo,, who should try some humility for once. Andy probably does have a crush on one of the Manzo boys… I can not see any other reason, he would kiss her ass.

    • JoJoLaMa

      It’s SOOOO obvious this is nothing more than a DESPERATE, awkward lunge by Caroline to remain relevant, in the news and somehow be seen as an important voice in the national conversation. Like, love or despise her, Teresa Giudice turned out to be the most marketable one and that CLEARLY drives Caroline NUTS. Of all the things she’s done, this is THEE most pathetic and nakedly cynical – kissing Lisa Lampanelli’s ass, I mean. Who knows if they’re REALLY ” friends”, but even if they are, or were, only NOW she decides to start tweeting about her every week? Yes, LL is currently on a weekly tv show, but, ahem, she does other things too. Why didn’t Caroline support and tweet about her great friend Lisa ever before? Hmmm. A lot of people pick on her kids, and I’m not going to say they’re not easy targets, but I actually feel sorry for them. Their mother is seriously EMBARRASSING and obviously desperate to keep them all in the public eye forever whether they like it or not.

    • candida

      I couldn’t have said it better or agree more

  • Nicole

    Of course Caroline is going to defend Lisa until they have a falling out. When Teresa and Joe got some backlash from fans when Joe made a gay comment in season 1, Caroline defended them and said they have good hearts. Just wait until Lisa and Caroline have a falling out then she would say Lisa is ‘ignorant’ just like she called Joe being ignorant for using the word fag.

    • Forsq

      Right but not before she shared that she has a brother who is gay also. Like it makes it okay….

    • JoJoLaMa

      My guess is they’ll never have a falling out, because they’re NOT REALLY FRIENDS to begin with. 🙂

      • candida

        U are right about that

  • POW

    She is so full of it. I am tired of Caroline!

    • monica

      They are both PIGS! I used to like lisa but after seeing her on CA she is just a rude mean unhapppy PIG just like BOZO!

      • Lou wasn’t being roasted. Her remark was completely inappropriate. He shouldn’t have to “take it.” Cheese n rice. She’s just plain mean and unhappy and hides behind her “insult comic” label. I won’t be seeing her when she comes to Salmon City.

        • jmm27

          Well said!!! I realize, she pulls this “insult crap” at roasts, etc., but to offend someone’s disability who she just did a show with was appalling, and I tweeted her back with Lou tagged that she was way out of line, and looking for attention. Lou replied, thank you…I agree…very inapproriate. Friggin Carolyn has some big ass balls defending her. Wasn’t she the one who got all bent out of shape when Teresa mentioned that Christopher wanted to run a strip/car wash (which WAS the truth)? She’s an ass (Caro).

      • Lisa is kookoo

        there you go, with Jackie they could be the three little pics of NJ

    • candida

      Caroline is the biggest 2 faced phony so over her and her kids and Jac OMG let them get out of the press sick of them I really am
      I can’t stand a fake person. So mad at mmyself that I really was fooled by her for 2 seasons; can’t stand her and those brats that she calls kids; they must be aas full of shit as her; no?

    • Hailey

      Caroline,U have many brothers who used drugs,2 are Gay.1 is deaf.Why do what u did.We don’t condem Ur Fam.