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Lisa Lampanelli VS AllAboutTRH

Isn’t it funny when you call someone out and they just can’t seem to handle it? And there those type of people who constantly dish it and always have something to say? Well that’s the case with Comedian and Celebrity Apprentice star Lisa Lampanelli!

Yesterday Lisa tweeted, “Lou isn’t deaf. His ears are just stupider than the rest of him.” I took offense to this and immediately told her off by telling her to chill and that she isn’t funny. Lisa constantly tweets things bashing others and as soon as I called her out for being stupid she told me to “shut up” and called me a “cunt.” Nice, Lisa! Lisa then blocked me so I called her a coward. Lisa’s response?

“Don’t worry, cunt. I’m no coward. I will take you on anytime, anyplace, in person. Name it, bitch. It’s on.” She added, “This cunt hides behind the name “AllAboutTRH” instead of putting her/himself out there like us. That’s cowardly” This made Lisa feel very dumb considering in my bio it says what my personal account is. Lisa kept it going and was called out by my amazing AllAboutTRH readers who told Lisa that I was only 19. In which Lisa responded, “Oh, she’s 19? Then she’s not a cunt. She’s only a cunt-in-training.” She went on saying, “No fight here, Mina! Have a rule against fighting against 19 year olds who’ll end up on a pole.”

Lisa continued to tweet and said, “Man, it’s so funny to get in fake tweet wars with these Real Housewives fans ’cause they think it’s serious. OMG!” Lisa continued to bash me by saying, “She’ll get all the attention she wants when she’s working in platforms & a G-string in a couple yrs. (If she’s not already)”

LOL. Actually Lisa. I’m a college student with two jobs and I’m a blogger. It’s clear you can’t handle when someone calls you out and calling someone a “cunt” is just not funny. Or talking trash about a man who is deaf and never spoke about you is low. Then again, that’s what you are! I know Lisa is a comedian but most of the things she say…just aren’t funny! Thought I’d blog about this because my twitter friends were really confused with what was going on! Now here’s to hoping Lisa leaves next week on Celebrity Apprentice..LOL!

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  • Well that hurt my son is deaf and for 31 years weve learned to ignore,i could go on and on about him and how great he is but i really don’t care what she thinks being deaf is quite a great experience,my son like lou are happy loving funny people.Sweetpea and mom your right.thank you cause at first i wanted to kick ass but I’m cool now.And what is so funny about her Jerry Sienfeld,Joan Rivers,Sinbad is funny and she is not.Don’t worry about Rox all that you’ve done so far.

  • OMG Lisa L is a JEALOUS & insecure bitch! WOW grow up lady isn’t she like 60?Too late for her to get some class……….or fix that nasty attituide.

    Leave Lou alone, Victoria, and ROX………..

  • This makes me angry on so many levels. I grew up in the same neighborhood as the Ferrigno family, he and they are just about the nicest most decent down to earth people you would want to meet. Lou overcame his disability and made a name for himself without resorting to low blows and degrading others to keep himself relevant. As for this other Scifusa (it’s Italian, look it up) I never liked her, always thought she was a loud, crude disgusting slob.

  • I honestly don’t even know who LL is (and I pay attention to EVERYthing) but the way I heard about her was through all the RHWives twitter-sphere—- so she must trying to align with the brand and get their fan base. *lunching w/ Bethenny etc*

    How over the line for her to call you those names. EWWWWW. How about BE FUNNY, Lisa? Aren’t you supposed to be a comedienne?

  • I am glad you said something to Lisa! For her to go after a person with a disablility is beyond cruel. As parents today we are trying to teach that bullying and making fun of someone who is “different” is unacceptable. My son is blind and that is my ultimate fear that people are going to talk crap about him because he is blind by NO fault of his own. Lisa why don’t you pick on someone who is like you..a bitch. Grow up and act like a civil human being. These people you make fun of and bash imagine they are YOUR KIDS how would you feel if people did that to you?

  • That’s very unfortunate that this happened to you/with you…… Wow, you’re only 19? I want to compliment you for your so very mature & & your blogs are written with thought, investigation, maturity & excellent writing skills….. Good for you….! 🙂

    With reference to Lisa, that’s just who she is….. Don’t let her words get to you for you are a special young lady who has alot going for you & your in a much better place than Lisa will ever be……. Hold your head up high & never lower yourself to this type of standards as you’re above all that…….. 🙂 I too hope Lisa goes this week …….

  • It actually really upsets me how she can make fun of Lou when he’s partly deaf! She’s a fuccn idiot, and a cold-hearted overweight bitch who should quit talking shit about people who’s educated and smart. Lou is in Law Enforcement. He’s been a cop for several years now, and he’s a great actor who I admire! Wth does this fat pig do? Make fun of people all day long! LOOK IN THE MIRROR, LISA! YOU’RE THE STUPID ONE! Making fun of Lou is sad and wrong! How dare she? It’s one thing to make funny jokes about people, but to make fun of someone because of their lack of hearing is just FUCKED UP! I had a niece who was special, partly blind, and slightly deaf because my cousin would smoke around his wife, and my niece grew up with all these complications that made her hard to even live a normal life. She had a hard life growing up. She only lived ’til she was 10, and she passed away years a long time ago, but I used to hear people talk so badly about my niece because she was special and she would act a bit crazy, but it’s because of all the drugs she had in her system because my dumbass cousin and his dumb wife did a lot of bad shit when she wasn’t born yet. So, when I hear people make fun of special people, people with disabilities, or who are deaf, slow, blind, crippled, etc, I get really upset and heated because I have several relatives who have been through a lot by their condition, and people like LISA should keep her mouth shut!

    LOVE YOU, ROXY! Just ignore her. You’re in school and busting your ass by working hard and studying hard, and she makes rude ass jokes that aren’t even funny. She’s not a great comedian! She’s not even good or okay. Her jokes are really lame, and she’s just whack! Even Kathy Griffin is funnier… She’s just an insecure lump who clowns on everyone when she doesn’t realize how many people clown on her ugly butt!

  • Wow Rox. That is the MOST hypocritcal article, I have ever read. YOU began the issue. She did not contact you, by your own admission, YOU contacted her. Tgen when she blocked you for being a whiney bitch, YOU went and talked more shit. When she responded to you calling her a coward (when actually she did the adult thing and try to ignore you) YOU turned around and played the innocent victim. YOU then post all of this on your blog, encouraging your fans to “bully” (your words) her. Do you really not see this???

    I’m sure your rabid fans will attack me, by calling me names, being rude and general morons. I’m also sure you will do nothing to stop this, therefore further proving my point. You are doing EVERYTHING you are claiming that Lisa is doing which offended you so. So just shut up about it. Quit playing victim, yoy’re no good at it.

  • lol that picture of lisa lampinelli strikes an uncanny resemblance of caroline. no wonder they’re friends!

  • Not only Lisa and Caroline are birds of the same feather…they look alike too! The last season on NJ Housewives was an eye opener of what a horrible human being Caroline is…and what I can’t fathom is that when their family pokes fun at other people like Teresa or Joe they are ok with it…but when you say anything about any of the Manzo Dunzo they act like they are untouchables. Such stupid family…just like this Lisa L…LOL I don’t even know her.

  • she wishes she was one of the top 3 comedians. this is just a way to get attention.. it has been said already , but the top reason the womens team did not win was total points and comment was their concept did not include children.

    That was Lisa and Aubrey’s baby.. Lisa should have been the one fired.

  • Are you really only 19? Bless you child, I have a coat older than you!

    Good for you and the way you are handling that sea cow, Lampanelli.

  • who can”t take it??? why do you even tweet her or antagonize her?? why do you even care? BECAUSE YOU DRINK TRE-KOOLADE THAT’S WHY!

  • Just gonna leave this here…

    kydnaas ?
    I don’t get @LisaLampanelli how can you make fun of someone w/ a disability?on top of that,you told someone to “go kill yourself”. classless

    Lisa Lampanelli ?
    @saaandyk Lou and I are buddies and had jokes like that between us on the show. Besides, I’m an insult comic — I make fun of everyone.

    Yes, what she said was rude and unacceptable (even if it was a joke).. HOWEVER, she was really kind to me on twitter… so I don’t have much to say. She can be nice depending on how you speak to her.

  • Lisa should have been fired instead of Victoria. Despite Victoria’s whining, it was Lisa who ultimately made the group fail. She didn’t want to listen to anyone’s ideas, like Dayanna when she was trying to say that their performance wasn’t appealing to women and children. If Lisa knew that lighting, sounds, stage managment, etc… was the MOST important part of the show, why didn’t she take that position instead of giving it to Victoria who clearly said she didn’t know what she was doing? Instead of doing something she’s familiar with and claims is the “most important job” she decided she wanted to impersonate Trump and be funny? Bitch, please. I don’t know why the other women don’t stand up to Lisa. Every time Dayanna tried to talk, Lisa would shut her down. If it were me I would have gotten in Lisa’s face and told her to STFU and wait her turn to speak. LOL.

  • I had never even heard of Lisa before this incident. I must have died of boredom before she was on Bethenny’s infomercial umm show ever annoying or whatever.

  • P.S. I can’t wait to get home from work everyday to read your blog. It’s the first site I click on, even before Facebook. I post rarely but just wanted you to know I love your blog. Thanks for writing it and keep up the good work!

  • I had never heard of Lisa Lampanelli before CA but I followed her Twitter last night while watching the show. I thought she was nasty to Dayana and wanted to see what she was tweeting. She is CLEARLY jealous of Dayana and treats her like a dumb blonde. Dayana obviously has brains to go along withy her beauty but the control freak, Lisa wouldn’t allow her to contribute anything. I think Dayana was too easy on the witch in the boardroom and even though I knew Victoria should go I was actually hoping that Lisa would get fired. What a loud-mouthed, obnoxious POS. If anyone is the definition of the C-word it is her.

    I saw her tweet about Lou Ferigno and thought how inconsiderate and uncompassionate she was. She talks terribly about other people too and if this is the way she has to make her living I feel sorry for her. She’s an angry comedian and they are a dime a dozen. She’s not funny, she’s shocking. She goes for the shock value and is pathetic. She’s also a bully and I’m glad you didn’t take her crap. Someone needs to knock this big-mouthed, insulting POS down a few pegs and I will continue to watch CA in hopes I get to see that happen.

    • Love your comment – especially “if this is the way she has to make her living I feel sorry for her” – right on the money.

  • It’s funny how she claims to be so tough in a man’s world, but cried like a little bitch on last night’s episode. I really hope we don’t have to see that again. A loud mouthed whining fat slob is not a pretty sight. As far as the working the pole comment, most of us have seen Rox’s pic. She’s a hottie. Can’t blame fat ass Lisa for being jealous. Rox has the right attitude. Laugh it off!

  • I must be a terrible person because I think Lisa is so funny, I love that type of humor. I don’t know Lou or if he is even really deaf but either way I think that comment was funny. *hangs head in shame* But… we don’t make a logical decision as to what makes us laugh. I’m sorry that Rox was offended by her and it got to this point. I just think unless someone is purposely TRYING to HURT someone, we need to lighten up and not take things so seriously. Its fun to laugh at others but even MORE fun to laugh at yourself, which is why some people think Lisa is funny, she helps us to laugh at ourselves…. AND at her. Rox, I think the best thing to do in this situation is to just go along with it, I mean, if you’re a cunt in training maybe Lisa can be your mentor.

    • Annah, since you don’t seem to care if someone degrades you to that level, and perhaps you are just that level, Maybe You Take It, but don’t tell other women to take it. Obviously, you think it’s funny. Obviously you would look the other way if someone says that to you. Obviously, you have a self esteem problem. No Real Woman, Young Or Old, will bend over and take that shit. Stand Up Annah, please.

      • I get what you’re saying, I can’t agree with ANY of the comments about who you think I am, but… I’m not offended because you don’t know me, and based on what I said AND the fact that you don’t know me I guess I can see why you might think that way of me. I suppose people are different and see things differently. I just don’t let myself get worked up over things like this and wish others wouldn’t. I see so many hurt feelings everyday and I can never understand why people ALLOW others to make them feel bad, sad or angry. I just don’t think ‘standing up for yourself’ always means you have to be angry and aggressive. Like I said, if she said I was a cunt in training I would have told her that she could be my mentor because I would never find better training for that title from anyone else. What else can you do when someone says that crap to you, beat them up, cry, get angry, tell them where to stuff it? I don’t know, maybe the rumors are true and I AM just weird!

        • Annah, you make a valid point and you did so without attacking. Very Rare when someone isn’t attacking. lol. I don’t think you are weird. I just think it’s a dirty, dirty word to use. It’s bad enough if a man uses that word, but no woman should call another woman that. It really is degrading.

          • Rosalie Marie,

            On this I could not agree with you more. When a woman uses that word against another woman, it is a betrayal against all women. Just as is calling each other, “bitch” in a salutary way, i.e., ‘what’s up, bitch,” or as Miss “Likes-To-Think-She’s-Classy” Gunvalson said, “Okay you bitches, let’s eat.” It is degrading all around and serves nothing but to further divide women and foster stereotypes.

            Now, let’s consider the “C-word” coming from a man. It used to piss me off when I was younger but now that I’m looking at the business end of 60 years of living, my thinking has re-adjusted.

            I have come to realize that when a man spits the C-word at a woman she can claim victory! Really. Think about. He only said it because he is in such a state of high piss-off that short of a physical assault there’s not much more he can do to vent his frustration.

            So the next time you hear it, smile, girl. You won. He feels your pain. He is now officially as pissed as you wanted him to be. After all, why the fight in the first place – right?

            Consider this

  • I do not like Lisa and she is the typical idiot who steroetypes people. She did that with Victoria Gotti. “Victoria’s tough and when she says get it done, people will get it done,” said Lisa. Lisa, all because Victoria’s last name is Gotti, doesn’t make her a bully type who goes around bullying people. Victoria has stepped out of her family and made accomplishments on her own. Like it or not, Lisa is nothing, Nothing but a comedian! Gee, that’s a real brainer! Lisa, also reminds me of Roseann Barr (Don’t care if I Incorrectly spelled her name) very mean, over-weight, sweaty, rude, obnoxious and right down there with Nazi Germany. Lisa is a Nut-Job and she proved that on Celebrity Apprentice. I was also very disappointed with all the women on C.A. for not clearly stating their approval and disapproval. These women were all over the place with their “thoughts” and if they weren’t, they didn’t speak at all. You can’t say Lisa is a tyrant one moment and then compliment Lisa all under the same breath. If I had been a guest on the program, I would have said, “Lisa is bad for business and her behaviour is dangerous for others.” Several years ago, a co-worker showed up at my place of employment for work one morning. He has worked at the company for 28 years and he was intelligent and a dedicated employee. A new Supervisor, a woman exactly like Lisa, show up and was very mean, nasty, and degraded employees. The co-worker came to work with a shotgun. He shot the shit out of the place. I will never forget the noise of shattered glass, the banging sounds from the gun, the screams, the quiet. Yes, the quiet. The co-worker could not find the Supervisor, so he sat at her desk and we heard one last blast. Thank God the co-worker was only seeking the Supervisor. He didn’t shoot anyone else. His sights were set on the supervisor. Lisa, you degrade people like that in real life, keep in mind, there are consequences. You screw with the wrong person and you put everyone else’s lives in danger. You are one of those twisted nuts who enjoy authority. Psycho! You need help!

    • The company I worked for was Baltimore Gas and Electric. If you wish to verify my story on this shooting. Cowards other co-workers turned out to be. The supervisor, who ran out of the building without even warning others, told the media she yelled for everyone to get out. Bullshit! The coward co-workers all hated the Supervisor, but said she was nice when asked by the media what she was like to work with. They said she was professional. Bullshit. That supervisor was exactly like Lisa. A Nut. In the end, off camera, all the employee’s wished the co-worker had shot the Supervisor. Sick but true. They all hated her.

      • Are you the same Rosalie Marie that wanted to see Sammy “The Bull” Gravano safely home from prison in the bosom of his family? The same Sammy Gravano that admitted to killing 19 people; one of them his wife’s brother? That felt sorry for the bully of bullies – Karen Gravano?

        Just trying to establish credibility in my mind.

        • Helen Wheels, Yes but in reality, In Real Life, No. I got a little mushy regarding the father and daughter thing but the truth is, If God gave me that sort of power to wish someone out of prison, I would Never, NEVER wish that for Sammy The Bull. I honestly should not have made that comment. Bottom line, Reality Wise, He is a cold blooded murderer and, after I read the book, how can Karen tell us her father was a loving father and husband when he used them to sell drugs? I think the whole family is evil. Sammy, who “loves” his family didn’t mind selling drugs, using his children to do it, to other children. He’s evil. In all genuine sincerity, I am very sorry I made that comment. I am going to say one last thing and I will not take these last words back. Sammy the Bull has graves disease and it’s a long, painful death. I’m glad he has it. I’m glad.

          • Helen Wheels, I wish I could take that comment back. STB is a murderer and frankly, I think he enjoyed killing. I’m Sorry For Leaving That Comment. I really am.

          • If you look at the police photos of Karen, her brother, her mother and father taken after the drug bust, their eyes, all of them, are very cold and evil. I think the family is evil.

        • By the way Helen Wheels, since we are all about the truth here, aren’t you also the one who once wrote,
          “As for Junior, I almost feel sorry for him.”
          I’m pretty certain that was you.

          • Yes, I did but it was sarcasm if you look at it in the context of the whole post. I am glad you realized there is nothing to Karen Gravano and her so-called friend and family. She is an empty vessel who takes on the manner and form of those around her. That is why she now sounds like a ghetto-gang whore because that is who she was hanging with for the past 20 years.
            Trust me. I’m from New Jersey. I know people who know people.

  • Number 1 … She needs new material.
    Number 2….. She looked like a fool last night on CA!
    Number 3….. Anyone that needs to swear to be funny is not funny!
    Number 4…… There are plenty of funny female comics with TV shows cause they are funny without being vulgar
    Number 5…… She looks like the back of Jimmy’s “Big Balls” sack! Ugly, Ugly woman inside and out!

    Lisa, if Howard Stern is your only claim to fame that makes you Ba Ba Booey!!

  • Roxy, Lisa may be 5 or 6 times your age, but you are wiser (and more beautiful) than she will ever be! Cream rises to the top. Don’t engage with that cow!

  • Wow Rox, I am sorry you had to deal with such a caustic person, but you defended yourself very well and you defended another person that she was being so horrible to!
    Great blog and good job with everything that you do! I see such a great and bright future for you!!!

  • That sponge bob looking bitch was totally out of line. I hope Teresa beats her ass and sends her packing.

  • I HONESTLY had no clue who this woman was until CA then I seen the mean tweets and all I can say is GROSS!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone want to listen to someone with a FILTHY mouth like hers……shaking my head I just dont understand!!!

  • Oh, Miss Roxy, sweetie — you don’t need this kind of bullying. You did defend yourself very well and for that I’m proud of you.

    You will have “haters” who are so jealous of your success and the fact that you own your full, wonderful life, living it on your terms. I would love to suggest to simply truly ignore them. Completely. They WANT you to respond because it validates them. By ignoring them, Roxy, they are not validated.

  • Disgusting! You handle yourself very well against this Internet ugliness. There’s funny and there’s offensive. Lisa is offensive.

  • I’m laughing the most at the fact that the mature Queen of mean blocked! Kinda like the “I’m taking my ball and going home” pout & whine, only to continue bashing Rox! That spoke volumes to me about Lisa, Queen of Mean, Lampawhatever.

  • Although I would agree with one of the above posters, to a point, that it is best to just ignore someone when they throw out insults all the time, in Lisa’s case it is next to impossible to do that! Case in point: last night I was watching the Oscars and following some of tweets on Twitter about the stars on the red carpet and the dresses. Maybe, since I’m new to Twitter, I didn’t quite understand how to read tweets on one subject, but it appeared to me that Lisa was WAY over tweeting about everyone on the red carpet and the Oscars in general. It seemed like she tweeted something mean every second! Most of the time her tweets were just stupid, has-been insults toward people who are wealthier and more famous than her. Her tweets did not enrich my Oscars watching experience, instead they sort of stained it.
    I recognize that it is her “claim to fame” to be the “queen of mean” but when did that ever mean that she has to constantly insult other people, even when it is uncalled for and not funny? Wouldn’t the whole point of these insults be to make everyone laugh? If no one is laughing (and I guarantee no one is), then there is no point in her saying such things. Roxy’s point that Lisa’s Twitter comment toward Lou was all kinds of rude, disrespectful, and in no way funny was entirely valid. I applaud Roxy for asserting herself against an obviously insecure bully with no talent at humor. If you have to resort to making someone cry to make someone else laugh then it shouldn’t be worth it. The levels that Lisa is willing to stoop to maintain her “fame” are degrading and, ultimately, we all know that she is the actual c*nt in this story.

  • Insult comedy is one thing- calling someone a cunt is something completely different. Insulting someone with a physical disability (Lou F.) is just downright wrong- Can guarantee if she made a slur against a minority or someone from the GLBT community the press would be all over her and demanding an apology. Can remember when Kelly Osborne innocently used the word “tranny” and the press had a field day- also when Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer/Seinfield) used racial slur in comedy routine and he received negative press …..
    Maybe “The Donald” and other press resources need this brought to their attention.

    • I think she uses the c word so often because she can’t get away from the smell of her own chum smelling lady parts.

  • I just love this is the type of person caroline manzo is friends with and supports! Lisas a trash mouthed woman with no class! Good for you to stick up for yourself! Idc who it is somebody calls me the “c” word it’s on!!

    • Well since Caroline called Danielle garbage, Caroline would know garbage and the smell of it, since she is from the GUTTER. Since Caroline like gutters, it natural for her people like her to have gutter friends.

  • Lisa L is NOT FUNNY…She is vulgar. Vulgarity is NOT FUNNY, it never was. I don’t know why she called herself a comedian, then again Chelsea Handler is calling herself one. Ellen Degeneres is a COMEDIAN, she is naturally funny, without being abrasive, mean or off putting….Lisa is EEEEEEWWWWWW

  • AAT, I saw the tweet war and I think you took about 2pds of bacon off that thick back of hers! Hahaha!! Lisa is very insecure, and she hides behind that queen of mean title. Lisa longs for a man to call her beautiful, and attractive— Lisa wait for it—- Not gonnna happen! Lol!

    • if she longs for a man to call her beautiful she needs to buy a bag for her head,,, no better yet 2 bags…

      she is a double bagger, and thats after hair and makeup

  • To recap the great points made above:

    I get that she might be funny on stage. Shock value ..But to tweet and speak like that in real life…What a pig!!!

    Her immature reaction going after Roxy – a relatively young blogger who is a private individual, not a celebrity – reveals tremendous insecurity, which is always at the heart of a bully.

    I don’t care if she’s the “Queen of Mean”! She hides behind that title and uses it to say what she really means and get away with it. She’s a no class bitch is what she is.

  • I have an idea. Let’s call it the ALL ABOUT THE REAL HOUSEWIVES TWITTER CHALLENGE.

    Those of us on Twitter should post tweets @AllAboutTRH and name women comedians who are funnier than this cretin and use the hashtag #funnierthanlisalampanelli

  • I don’t care if she’s the “Queen of Mean”! She hides behind that title and uses it to say what she really means and get away with it. She’s a no class bitch is what she is. And the fact that people pay money to go and see her act like a no class bitch shows just how far humanity has fallen!

  • I didn’t want to watch Celebrity Apprentice because Donald Trump is such a pandering ass chasing after the racist voters with his birther nonsense, but I succumbed since I do like Tre, George Takei and Penn Gillette.

    I was so disappointed with the women last night when they did not immediately rebut Lisa Lampanelli’s claim that they did not lose because of the concept. Yes, they did. Sure there were positive comments about the concept, but it was also the concept that geared the show in the T&A direction, not appealing to children and women. Deyanna (spelling?) and others tried to point that out to Lisa Lampanelli who in true pigheaded dictator style told them not to interrupt. I think Deyanna made three attempts that WE saw to inject some consideration of children and was shut down. So why didn’t they point out that Lisa refused to let them speak, that the fact that the show left out women and children was absolutely the fault of Lisa’s concept and get that vicious piranha ejected.

    It irks me no end when women don’t speak up for themselves and call out a bully like that woman. I do understand her “friendship” with Caroline Manzo, though. Bullies love bullies. They like to work together to bully their targets. They are a match made in heaven. Rude, crude and mean.

    As to this contretemps between Rox and Lisa Lampanelli, it certainly speaks to a high level of insecurity that someone who is allegedly a celebrity and, as she grandiosely claimed, one of the top 3 women comics to be so disturbed and unsettled by a relatively young blogger who is a private individual, not a celebrity. Her immature reaction reveals tremendous insecurity – which is always at the heart of a bully.

    As to her grandiose claim to be one of the top 3 female comedians? That was a serious WTF moment. I can name dozens of women funnier than her. I never heard of her until I saw her on Bethenny Ever After and seeing that and CA, am not impressed.

    • you are 100% correct with this comment… concept did not draw children into it…. first and only thing that jr. said about their low ratings. thats why she had to deflect to someone else… Victorias shortcomings are secondary to the underdeveloped concept….
      and making fun of Lou, after it was obvious he thought Penn had underestimated him, is really low…hope she gets fired soon,,, so far she has shown she is a gross bully, but not much of a business woman.

    • yes.. because according to Caroline they are “true friends” ha ha trash mouth…
      wonder how long the Donald will allow Lisa to fall short before shes FIRED.

  • Lisa’s mother must be so proud NOT! The use of words out of her mouth should piss off any female. It amazes me that she even sells tickets…. she would be better off writing for Hustler magazine with all of the other pervs…. and Caroline darling, a decent upstanding honorable human being you are not! Clean up your act!

  • And BTW? Her real name is Lisa Lampugnale. The PUG is definitely correct. She looks like one only she’s ugly.

  • She’s so classy… don’t stoop to her level. But possibly re-tweeting her comments to the Trumps would make her look like the white trash she is. She’s also just trying to prove she’s the alpha female here. Either ignore her or make her look bad but don’t take anything she says personally. She’s just a nasty mouthpiece and a D-list celebrity.

  • I just read some of lisa tweets wow how can she eat with that mouth?
    I get that she might be funny on stage. Shock value ..But to tweet and speak like that in real life…What a pig!!! Unbelivable that the manzos act all high and mighty
    But have friends like lisa..Oh and did anyone ever see the tweets from joey g her sisters son….So gross and manzo thought he was so funny and cute…The manzos have zero class!!!

  • fuck you lisa u old whore. now go take a seat in the back cause we don’t wanna see your ugly mug courtside, lol

  • OMG….. Give Lisa an Oscar…… Talk about acting…..
    Lisa had it in for Victoria from the get go.
    She even pretended to be crying……. Awwwee Muffffffin
    Lisa is a loud, obnoxious bully that needs an attitude adjustment.

    I”m not to impressed with Aubrey either. Whats up with her teaming up
    with Lisa ? I noticed during the recap of the first episode when she claimed
    ” I’m friends with P Diddy ” when the Donald responded ” P Diddy is a
    very close friend of mine” that she looked a little worried. hmm……..

    Now, back to Lisa, why the heck did she tweet about Lou last night ???
    ” Lou isn’t deaf. His ears are just stupider than the rest of him.”
    I hope that means she is jealous and is getting the boot from
    CA soon. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out IDIOT.
    What a joke, stupid, stupid girl.

    I loved seeing Tre.
    Great acting, ” lessons courtesy of Tia ”
    and of course I loved the table flipping. LOL
    Keep up the good work Tre.

    Rox, let her have it !!!


    • Aubrey never said she’s friends with Diddy. She said she worked for him. She was on Making the Band and was in the group Danity Kane which Diddy owned and put together. Trump asked Aubrey what she thought of Diddy, but it’s not a surprise to anyone who watched the show that Diddy kicked her out of the group because she changed her image (being too sexual) and he wasn’t into that.

      • Nicole,
        I guess I misunderstood what she told Donald Trump.
        I had no idea that Diddy gave her the boot either.
        I’m not a fan of his and never watched his show.

    • Classless is right and cruel. To treat Lou or allabouttrh like that is wrong and is not funny “insult comic” or whatever.

  • Hello???? She is the “Queen of Mean”. Seriously why does everyone take all this crap so serious? Most of the wives are fame whores…it’s not realy reality TV..BRAVO decides what gets shown and what doesn’t. Drama sells. So sit back and let it entertain you not stress you out. Just sayin…

    • Thank You Sharon!

      Yes, she is the Queen of Mean…And I do not understand how anyone can take these Bravo RHofWhatever so seriously! Lisa is looking for attention becoz ob she either needs the money or she’s shopping a project. The more attention she gets the better it is for her.

      Negative or positive, as long as they are talking about you its GOOD!

      I like Lisa and I like this blog so there’s that.

  • She’s an insult comic. That’s specifically what she does. She probably says the “c” word 50 times in her show. Kind of silly calling someone out for being mean on twitter when she’s known as the queen of mean!

    I realize if you aren’t familiar with her work why her comment would be shocking. But trust me when I say that no gender, sexual orientation, race, or physical handicap is beyond a joke by Lisa.

    • So if it is ok for Lisa to make “mean” or “insulting” remarks, why can’t she take the same? Why is it ok for her to tell her followers to bully anyone who dares to say anything negative to or about her? She can dish it but can’t take it…. sounds like she is the “cunt”, not Roxanne.

      • OK, I’ll bite: Because that is what comics do to hecklers. Joan Rivers explained this not too long ago. She shuts a heckler down – bad mouth them out of the room – because the heckler spoils it for the rest of the audiance (the 270,000)

  • Lisa is a classless pig! no wonder she is ‘friends; with Caroline and her gang of bullies. the C word is the most disgusting word in the english language,and when i hear a woman use it,i just want to gag!! hang in there,hun and don’t give her the satisfaction of explaining yourself in anyway.

    • which is why she uses it.. shock value. That isnt even what bothers me.. the deaf comment went to far..

      and if she really doesnt give a shit about what people think of what she says then why get her panties all twisted and block roxi, threaten to take her on any time any place, call her a stupid cunt and whatever else she did? That doesnt sound like someone who “doesnt give a shit” she is obviously HURT by your comments rox lol

  • If you don’t like her or don’t like the things she says why even pay her any attention. People kill me with this…my mother taught me a long time ago, if you don’t like someone pretend they don’t exist. Lisa is a insult comic as you know, even if you were offended about what she tweeted, you should have known she was going to have something nasty to say back to you. Not saying you deserved to be called a cunt, but who cares. Some lady you don’t know called you a name you know, you aren’t it’s not that serious. But it is entertaining…lol. Go say something else so I can get another 5 chuckles.

    • Hmmm, who cares?? A grown ass woman didn’t like something that someone else said to her, which is perfectly ok when the shoe is on the other foot, but taking into consideration that she then urged her followers to bombard Roxanne with similar filthy and unintelligent words goes way beyond funny or insulting. Your who cares attitude is what is wrong with society today, did your mother not also teach you to be kind to others?

      • I had no idea Lisa was so insecure until I started watching Celebrity Apprentice. It’s obvious this woman has some deep issues with herself. She’s a ticking time bomb. She’ll self destruct soon enough. Classic case of a girl who didn’t get enough hugs and reassurance as a kid. She eats her sorrows away and digs on others whom she wishes she was. Very sad person. On the plus side…she gave you more publicity.

        • I read her the same way. I liked her as a stand up comedian but saw a very insecure “ugly” girl on the Apprentice. Lisa has a lot of insecurities that were evident and I believe her physical looks are a big hang up for her as well as emotional issues. No longer a fan since Apprentice Shame

      • My mother taught me not to take things people say on the internet to heart. Obviously something your mother should have taught you.

  • Lisa is such a witch! I don’t know why anyone thinks she is funny – she is trash.
    Funny how Caroline is all of a sudden friends with her
    BTW what is going on with the BLK lawsuit? Haven’t heard anything in a while

    • Im disappointed in Lisa. I was a HUGE fan of hers.. She is taking shit to far… its not funny….Im going to guess she gets fired early on and bitterness is behind all this hate shes spewing. Disgusting ho!

      what kind of moron threatens people on twitter?

      • Someone who is very insecure about themselves. Case in point, when another tweeter to Lisa to shit up, Lisa responded by pointing out her 270,000 followers would lay wrath on their twitter page, basically threatening that this person would be bullied. Anyone who feels it is necessary to shamelessly throw out how many followers they have, especially someone in her position, is obviously insecure.

        • Caroline said Lisa is her friend and have been friends for a long time. It’s also like Caroline said, “You are the company you keep.” Two alike.

          • I find it funny that Caroline tries to be so mature and dignified with her “children of privilege”, yet she seems to align herself with some really foul-mouthed people. First her nephew who she unfollowed because of the foul language, now her “true friend” Lisa.

    • I totally agree with you. I think Lisa L should watch what language she uses on twitter, her tweets are not protected. She has no class, trashing a young hard working college student is unacceptable. Caroline and Lisa L belong together. Bullies.

    • if filthy is what filthy does then lisa should get taste of her own medicine
      she knocks everyone for being pretty hello look in mirror you got nothing to brag about perhaps that is what makes her the evil she is for the vendetta