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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Ramona Rizzo Desperately Tried To Be On Mobwives?

As most of you know Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo previously lived in the Middle East, somewhere in Jordan. Ramona married a man and had 4 children with him and when things didn’t work out, moved to Staten Island and moved in with her boyfriend who she only knew for a few weeks. A former friend of Ramona who would like to remain anonymous tells AllAboutTRH exclusively that in the many years she’s known Ramona, Karen’s name was never brought up! “I’ve known Ramona for many years. Ramona moved out to Staten Island with her kids in 2009. When I knew Ramona never once did she ever mention Karen’s name or ever communicate with her.”

The source adds that Ramona had a very nasty ending to her marriage with the father of her four children, “Ramona and her ex had a very nasty ending to their marriage and for a very long time Ramona would use the kids as bait and wouldn’t allow her ex to communicate with the children. She would put her ex through hell before he could even try and speak to them. That’s why they don’t see their father.”

The source also says, “Ramona wanted to be on the show so badly and became friends with Drita and actually hung out with her a few times. She randomly stopped being friends with her and got close with Karen so they could tag-team on Drita.”

Interesting…so Ramona never even mentioned Karen to friends and family yet they are ‘close cousins?’ As the days go on I learn that Ramona is a bigger phony then I even thought was possible! It’s quite clear that after Ramona got divorced, she moved here had nothing and had to think fast on what she could do. She desperately wanted to be on the show and that’s probably why she acts like a crazy fool on TV. Drama brings ratings! I personally think Ramona is the biggest phony to ever be on reality television. Thoughts?


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  • I have a messsage to this so called “Ramona´s friend”: What the hell do you know about Ramona??!!… Ramona is my cousin and she is one of my sons godmothers and she is a member of our family (GAMBINO) now… Instead of talking shit about her behind her back, “come out” and tell it to our faces and we (THE GAMBINOS) would be more than happy to “take care” of you, you coward loser!… Ps: “You” dont know shit about Ramona or our Gambino family so keep your mouth shut

  • Hi my name sharif hijazi from Amman Jordan !! I do know Ramona rizzo since 2008 !! I do know everything about Ramona when she use to live in Jordan with her ex husband and her four kids !! And I did help to get divorce from her ex !! She live in Jordan with her kids for almost one year with out any support from her ex becuse he were out of Jordan !! He was living in Egypt with out sending one dollar to his own kids !! Ramona @ this time she got all the money from her family back in the USA after one year she got sick with her situation with her husband and never try to contact his own kids or send them some money !! Me and Ramona we are like brother and sister and I will support her to death !! And please don’t judge people if u don’t live close to them!!!

  • Oh wow….I also just cannot STAND Ramona Rizzo. What’s worse….I can’t stand that this woman has the same name as me! LOL! She gives everyone a bad taste for all the rest of the Ramonas in the world!
    Honestly, I love my name….and I HATE that she has it.
    She has Drita’s name coming out of her mouth more than her own children’s names! I really hope she realizes how foolish she looks and sounds —- QUICKLY!
    All of the others are so right….she is a walking contradiction and she looks silly as heck, saying and doing all the stuff she does on the show.
    I just don’t believe that there is any way that the SHOW CAN “EDIT” RAMONA AND KAREN IN A BAD WAY. They are who they are and it’s not the SHOW’S FAULT that they look so terrible.
    The funniest thing is that she is ALWAYS commenting on kicking Drita “out the circle” as if she is Evelyn from Basketball Wives! LOL! I hope she soon gets to see that SHE (Ramona Rizzo) is the ONLY “CRUMB SNATCHA” on the show!
    She pushed her way onto the show and for no other reason than to become a fame whore. She is so darn jealous of Drita….and she should be! LOL! Drita is so much better a person that Ramona Rizzo. Add to that the fact that Drita is well-liked, and has the most fans of anyone on the show! THAT PISSES RAMONA the “Crumb Snatcha” OFF! LOL! I feel so sorry for her kids. I’m sure their classmates/friends are bullying them and making fun of them. Poor kids.

    As far as Karen goes….I think she puts on a BIG FRONT; about her daughter, her daughter’s father in Arizona, her father’s family there, about coming back to Staten Island, and being “in the life.” SHE is NO MOB WIFE!. All of a sudden, she’s a writer and a classy person? I don’t think so! EVERYONE MUST SEE KAREN GRAVANO’S MUG SHOT FROM ARIZONA! LOL! Go check it out! Put them side by side with her “air-brushed” photo on her book! Who is she kidding!!! That photo of her on her book was so-photo-shopped and air-brushed! LOL! She was arrested in Arizona, right along with her father, for being in her father’s drug ring out there! LOL! Enough said!

  • Come on people, reality tv is not reality. Staged and scripted to keep you watchin and talkin. If they dont fight the show is boring and no one would watch it. If you want to know about the real mob lifestyle watch Good fellas or a documentary. Mob Wives is just an entertainment show. Not reality.

  • Jennifer Graziano should have never added Romana into the mix because it doesn’t fit. The groove of the show is gone.

  • I really hope that Rene’s sister, or others involved with the production of the show pay attention to at least some viewer feedback. Ramona is a joke, she’s annoying, she’s an obvious liar–about her lifestyle, let alone anything else that come out of her mouth. As for her “cousin” Karen, if she has nothing else to do besides bitch about Drita, she really needs to go too. How boring! People support Drita so much because the things that she says have the ring of truth to them. She is not sitting around constantly talking about “them”. She talks about them, because she’s always asked about them talking about her. They can’t even go an episode, or a “scene” without mentioning her name. It’s pathetic!

  • So, Ramona used to live in a 30,000 square ft house, and now she drives a chevy around Staten Island! Yeah, OK!

  • Lol, these posts are really making me laugh too! First of all, unnamed sources are the norm. Who cares?!?! 2nd off, this “source” said she’s known Ramona for years but ramona just came back in ’09. She was only gone for 2 1/2 heard, they probably knew each other before.

    If ramona & Karen are so “close” why when karen came back to SI in season 1, was ramona nowhere in sight until a whole year later?? If it was my “close cousin” I woulda been the first person to visit her. Definitely seems fishy.

    And another thing, the whole Ramona hating Drita thing, i get it bc drita keeps using Karen as a punching bag, but other than that, whats your
    problem? There was something mentioned at Renees party, but Drita had Ramona has DEFINITELY had interactions before, and not hostile ones. There’s to much history there bc Ramona says herself she has her own personal beef with her. Carla has mentioned about Ramonas past, the spa party, Karen and ramona bring that other girl in that THEY KNOW carla had a past with, bad past at that. Karen & Ramona are nothing but s**t stirrers, and its OBVIOUS!!!

    and someone mentioned earlier about Ramonas contradictions. She is a WALKING CONTRADICTION!!! “I was sheltered from this lifestyle” yet, she is NOW trying so hard to be in it. I.e. the show. Also, she told renee people aren’t like this everywhere else in the world, yet SHE IS THE REASON these girls are still like this. All her trouble making. She also says that she can back everything up & beat drita and blah blah. put her & drita 1 on 1. And it will be a comedy. If ramona isn’t interested in this lifestyle & sheltered for so long, why is she such a “tough girl” with 4 kids who lived in Jordan with her husband of what, 11 years????? Where did all that attitude all of a sudden come from??. Her bark is bigger then her bite, 2 on 1 at renees party and Karen caught a lucky shot in Dritas eye. Ramona pulled hair and drita still got her (even if a lucky shot) in her face!!! I really wanna see them 2 square up bc drita would annihilate her!

    Ramona is fake and annoying. All her little snips at drita are dumb and the two faceness she’s putting off with Karen to carla id ridiculous. Its like high school, their obviously trying to annoy drita and get carla on their team. Yet, every chance she gets she STILL wants to dig on carla every chance she gets. Watching her feels like watching the situation from Jersey Shore, makes me want to find her and put her in her place myself……

  • Rumor has it that Drita was cheating on Lee shortly before the filming of the first season. Remember those guys who came with Danielle Staub for the fundraiser at the Brownstone. Yep… these NJ/SI crews are all connected and words gets around.

    Back to the topic at hand… Ramona needs to go bye bye. Karen and Ramona are jokes. Drita, god bless her strength, will ring both of their necks at the same time. Clearly they are jealous of her.

    I can’t stand when Ramona says.. this is the life, yet she talks about how she was in the dark. HUH!!

    • Drita also mentioned that her husband had told her to take care of herself in the first season and it’s possible that she may have known about his cheating a little before it all came out in season 1.

      Wouldn’t Lee been cheating if his wife was in prison all of that time?

      Drita has been a good wife and mother time and time again and I would never judge someone because what another person does with his or her life is none of my business.

  • Ramona needs to stop being the tough Mob girl, fighting and acting like a thug, and take care of her children. They obviously need some help nutritionally, childhood obesity is a big problem in the US…and telling them she and her loser boyfriend were arrested was unnecessary, they didn’t need to know any of that!

  • Ramona does sound like a piece of work. She gets back hooks up with a mob guy and moves in within weeks. She may not like the mob life, but she likes the money.

  • Ramona states her family shielded her from the life..she marries Arab dude & they move outta country for years.. now back in SI for the last 2-3 yrs & says Drita wasnt raised in the life!!! well neither was she it seems except new guy is in the mob & how would she not have know that!!?! Ramona’s 1 big walking contradiction.She did hang with drita for alil while they said when she 1st came back to SI. Karen too had been gone from SI for YEARS..shes JUST back.. Hell Big Ang said on Wendy she just met Karen & Ramona 2yrs ago but has known Drita,Renee& Carla for years & years!!
    Ramona & Karen need to stop the hate Drita fest & get back to what the show was to be abt.Karen was gone at least 10 yrs being a street thug dope selling gang-banger..I gave her credit for comin back & wanting to change her life which might have happened had no Ramona..
    Just put Drita & Ramona in a ring & lets end this bulllshit once & for all!! no tag team No slipping objects to use to mame..just fist fight!! getting old already!!

  • I couldn’t stand Lucifer the moment she popped up on mt tv. This doesn’t surprise me at all! Nothing but a famewhore.

  • Ramona is a JOKE.. everything she yells and screams describing Drita is nothing more than an explanation for her life and a description of the person she is!

  • Seriously. Some of these comments are making me laugh. The ppl who like Ramona are obvi in denial and saying oh it’s an unnamed source. HELLO. TMZ PerezHilton RadarOnline never have sources reveal themselves. It’s always an “unnamed source” sorry to burst ur bubble but Ramona is getting exposed

  • I recall Carla stating that she knew Ramona from back in the day (don’t remember if it was on the aftershow or in a blog). She stated that Ramona and Karen jumped a friend of hers because Carla’s friend beat up Ramona previously.

    Carla herself said that was a reason she didn’t like/trust Ramona and Karen together. Carla has been pretty upfront about things so I can’t think of a reason to doubt this story from her. I’d definitely take Carla’s word over an unnamed source.

  • Really happy after I saw this story. Used to be family friends with Ramona and her husband. This is all so very true. There marriage did end nasty, Ramona drove the man crazy and Ramona never brought up Karen to any of us. She’s a liar. and FYI every report that ever comes out is from a “source” who obviously remains annoynmous

  • Oh doll you are so wrong on this one!!! I know personally know they r and have been close since childhood! I need to shut up! Its your blog! And you r entitled yo your opinion!

  • not sure about ramona ..
    however , i am sure aboutv ‘un named ‘sources’..
    we all have people in our lives who aren’t fond of us . so all it needs is an anonymous call? !!
    if the info is honest why not have the ‘canastas’ to give a name or at least post a link of some kind .
    i love ‘mob wives’ but one thing is certain ..
    renee , ang’ , carla & drita gettin’ the ‘good edit ‘..
    if we gonna do ‘value judgements ‘ than drit’s brother in a white supremacy group & big ang’ drug dealing past should also be made public by ‘un named sources ‘..
    all of them are less than ‘reputable’ ..
    i love renee but she is severely bi-polar & effen nuts ..
    a grown woman like drita bragging about fighting ..
    i mean …really !
    STFU already ..
    after seeing ramona with her children i had to soften my stance on her the time being … …

    • What does what Drita’s brother do have to do with Drita? I have a brother who, if I were to be judged by his behavior/decisions, I wouldn’t be able to leave my house.

      • Make that what Drita’s brother “does.” (I am obviously drinking my morning brew at the computer).

      • I hate Ramona! Back in the day she would talk down to you because you were not rich or pretty (n she is gross). If your father was not in the lifestyle she would call you a loser. I know all of them. But had to ask why is Drita’s brother even on this page? He’s a professional soccer player and she only has one. Maybe you guys have some1 else’s brother mixed up.

        • “MadameDummy” has not returned. Is it because the name fits or because it is the pig, Ramona, herself and she can’t face the fact that she is almost unanimously despised?

        • Drita’s brother is a good man and is liked by everyone so please do not write untrue statements about him.

          There are allegedly some reported ties of one of those portrayed in the editorial “negative light” as the poster put it as having a brother with a friend that was very involved in a white supremacist group but I don’t know this for sure and would never spread lies.

          Please notice I used the word “allegedly”and did not write the name of the cast member out of respect.

    • Big Ang’s drug dealing past has been made public, just not on the show because she chooses not to discuss it but I’m sure she’s not trying to hide it either. Drita’s brother is kind of irrelevant. Whether the info is true about Ramona or not, she definitely comes off as way more of an attention-seeker than anyone else. She’s always trying to prove she’s badder than Drita.

    • Dritas brother? That was real random…. plus last time I checked Ramona is the one who can’t stop taking about supposedly “kicking dritas ass” because nowadays a good hair tug on a two against one with five guys holding your opponent makes you Muhammad Ali….. That was sarcasm….

    • I totally agree with you, that all the others except Ramona and Karen are getting the good edits, I mean there is alot of talk going around and as far as I have seen it’s mostly one person and the other person gets upset because the bs just keeps going around and from what I have seen Ramon have been close to Renee’s family for a very very long time, longer than Drita And not to mention Ramona did say that she wanted to be on from day 1 but she had some things to deal with first and I think Ramona is right, it’s coming across to me that Drita is manipulating Carla when they met up and Carla told Drita about their get together Drita was not happy and Carla told Drita what Ramona said she said that Drita is molding your mind, and Drita gave a look of worry and uncertainty. And in some ways I think she is right cause Drita is always saying that Ramona is getting in the way of her friendship with Drita, but that has nothing to do with it. Ramona said herself she said she doesn’t know Carla and she said she is hearing all these things from her and they met they cleared the air and Ramona also said she has nothing against Carla and that she would like to get to know her and she understands her friendship and loyalty to her bff. So when I hear or read that Ramona is the one that is causing trouble I have a hard time to believe that, and sorry Drita did not get knocked down on the roof top .Renee blocked Karen and Karen went down and so did Renee and Drita didn’t get a chance to touch her so again the Drita says thing is starting to look pretty good on Ramon’s behalf that’s for sure just sayin

    • LOL, what was that Ramona do with her children that soften your stance about her? Her Mother & children talk about the guy she sleeps with being in jail, or the fact that she herself went to jail, or is it the way she conducts herself on the show? Please tell me, because I only see someone with loose moral and no Motherly instincts at all!

      Hmmm, I wonder if she tells the kids she’ll kill them if they don’t do as she wants? Just asking… 🙂

  • I deplore sources that won’t be named. So Ramona never mentioned Karen to someone she met when she moved back in ’09? Yeah Lets talk about the mob to new friends..I don’t think that’s how the life works. We

    • “The Life”? Pay attention – this show is NOT about the mob. It is about women affected BY the mob. Karen Gravano is NOT in the mob and her family has NOT been welcome in any such circle since her father ratted everyone out. Karen is KIDDING herself if she thinks she has any street credit. Ramona and Karen as a team is laughable. What, are they going to fight Drita when she’s training at a gym and they’re busy eating McDonalds? Right.

      • Pay attention to my post…I pointed out there was a reason that this “source” wouldn’t know all about Ramona’s biz if they were only friends since 09. I didn’t comment on what this show was about. What the hell does mcdonalds have to do with my post above? Stick to the subject please.

        • I agree!! They lost me wit their response 2 but like u said u jus met this girl 3yrs ago so of course she not gone b talkn abt Karen to u cuz back then Mob Wives wasnt even out n she dont kno u like tht so of course u gone kno whts goin on CURRENT n her life wit her kids n x husband!! I h8 ppl who dont wanna b named either cuz tht means yousa bitch n jus sold da story 4 a lil bit of cash so who knows if this shit is even true!!

          • Thank u..I know one thing if your family were connected you were brought up to keep your mouth shut to outsiders. So this source and all the other BS that’s says they never heard about Karen is dumb. There are pics where they all grew up together and were all close. That doesn’t just end even if its a friendship that rekindles 10 yrs later your always cousins because of those ties.

    • Lol. I was just about to say that! Haha! Traylor ”the poisonous snake” is the biggest phony ever! No one can beat this pathetic tool. She should get a trophy for the BIGGEST PHONY/GRIFTER AWARD IN TELEVISION HISTORY!

    • You’re so right. Taylor is like the Homecoming Queen of Phonies, and Ramona is a princess in her court.

      Just imagine her practicing in the mirror … “If you can’t be my friend, then please don’t be my enemy.” (Ugly cry face) UGH!!

    • Lol I agree!! I cant stand Taylor’s funny big lipped lookn ass smdh her lips jus make me wanna throw up!! Ppl n they lip injections tryna get full lips like us black folks but they use 2 ridicule us 4 our lips n asses n now they all payn 2 get em lol

      • Yes, as a boney white girl with thin lips and no booty, I am totally envious of my black friends. You definitely got the better end of the stick in my opinion. We even tan to look like you. The lip injesctions are just crazy looking though. Why are people still doing that?

        • You all are sooo right, I am white, I have the ass (naturally) but not the lips…. I do tan, guilty lol

        • I’m a white girl and I was born with sexy full lips… I love my white skin, so does my black fiancé, nö offense, but i Love beingWhite, wouldnt Trade it for all the Money in the World, you Know what im saying, Sisters

        • No white girl should be jealous of a black. We got it all. Hair,skin, smell, if you excersice your legs n butt you’ll get a nice butt

          • No we got it all honey : )- booty (naturally) skin (naturally) lips (naturally) hair (naturally)….smell???? Last time I checked you didn’t have some God-given smell lol

            All races of women beautiful in their own way sure at times Id love to have hair that require less maintenance just like many white women would love darker skin but mostly, I love my kinky/curly long hair and men do too and this black woman would never dream of being anything different.

    • I think all the women are beautiful and seem to be great moms. I am annoyed by Ramona because she constantly talks. I hate a reckless talker. Second, she has those shifty eyes like that damn old school felix the cat clock where the eyes move back and forth…. She’s that annoying ass girl on campus, in your dance class, at a club, that hangs n the background and ear hustles and sneak checks people out… Ughhh… Cmon man… we all know the deal with reality tv… maybe her back story is a little fabricated, I could deal with that… I am half Italian and I respect all the women on the show for that alone… But the thing that makes Ramona an annoying is that she just seems off… and those thype of girls always bring a swarm of conflict. Anyone who is your Best Friend in 2 weeks is either a heartfelt connection (which is once in a lifetime), or up to some shit… So Karen… you b the judge. I dont know.. just dont see Drita as the type to say something and then be scared to repeat it to ANYBODY… Ramona on the other hand… that seems like her MO… Just saying. A shit disturber tends to stand out…