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Cynthia Calls Sheree ‘So Stupid.’ NeNe Talks Marlo And Kim

Sundays episode of RHOA was filled with tons of drama! Cynthia Bailey blogged about her thoughts on how the episode went and thinks her comments about Marlo weren’t really a big deal. Cynthia also clarifies what was said regarding Kim Zolciak while NeNe says shes still convinced that Kim is the boss of the Smalls.

Cynthia Bailey:
I like Marlo. We are very cool, but we are not close. The most time we have spent together was in South Africa. Any time spent we spent together has been through NeNe. The two of them have become great friends and really connected. I am cool with all the girls (most of the time), but NeNe is the only one I talk to on a regular basis. I really don’t have a problem with Marlo, and like I said, personality wise, we are different.

Marlo loves fashion, and it seems to be a big part of who she is. I love fashion as well, but outside of my fashion school, fashion is not big priority in my personal life. I really don’t have an interest in talking about clothes, shoes, and bags all day long with Marlo or Karl Lagerfeld himself for that matter.

I have no problem repeating any of the comments that I made regarding Marlo to NeNe (or Marlo) while on safari with the Smalls. I honestly didn’t think my comments about Marlo were a big deal. So what, I said that we have two different personalities and I don’t care to talk about fashion all day. That’s how I feel. What’s wrong with that? If I had felt like it necessary to discuss this with NeNe at the table, I would have. NeNe knows exactly how I feel about Marlo, so what else did I need to say. These ladies have had plenty to say about Marlo, so my two cents seemed “small” in comparison.

I have never questioned where Marlo gets her money, her criminal past, or this 80-year-old sugar daddy the Smalls seem to be so interested in talking about. I don’t care how any of the girls get the money to support their lavish lives, because it is none of my business. I absolutely do not have anything to prove to anyone, and I don’t wear anything on my sleeve. I don’t feel like material things validate me in anyway. My history and career speak for themselves. With my new business, expensive designer shopping sprees are far and few between. Thank goodness my best friend, Kithe Brewster, is a stylist and helps keep me together.

Without question, Marlo rocks the hottest and latest fashions in this group! No one can touch her. While we may have a piece here and there, she is the walking (and talking) Gucci ad! I think she even gets a lot of her looks straight off the runway. Fabulous! If you see me with an expensive designer look straight off the runway, please believe it came straight from a NY showroom and I’m wearing it for free. I have a family and a business to support. I can’t afford it, and make it a point NOT to act like I can. Marlo bleeds fashion, and I bleed The Bailey Agency School of Fashion!

Next, I said I couldn’t PICTURE Kim in Africa at the orphanage holding African kids. I also said, “I’m not saying she WOULDN’T do it, I just can’t see it.” That’s just my opinion, like it was her opinion that my marriage wouldn’t last a year. Kim and I are not exactly best buds, we don’t owe each other anything. I really don’t care what Kim thinks about me, and I know she that she don’t care what I think about her. Hello! I’m not her girl, Kandi is. So understandably Kim was not a happy camper when Kandi said her comments on the safari. I thought we were just having “small” talk. I could barely remember exactly what either of us had said by the time Sheree called to drop dime. So stupid! All of these girls have said all kinds of crap about each other, pulled wigs, produced free songs, and they still kiss and makeup. However I was a bit surprised that Kandi said anything that might piss Kim off, because I know they are best buds and go on vacations together. Anyway, I’m sure apologies have been made by now, and they have made up. I don’t think Kim is a racist.

Kandi made it a point to say that she can see why people say I follow NeNe and have no mind of mind of my own. So I have managed by some miracle (without the help of NeNe) to have great success my whole life, have an amazing modeling career, start my own business, and get myself on the same reality TV show as the rest of the bosses, but I have no mind of my own. Come on now! We are all bosses, some of us are just bigger bosses than others. I work hard every day for mine same as you. You are a big boss for sure, and I applaud your entrepreneurial triumphs. Your successes are very impressive. Congratulations on it all! I have my own opinions same as you, and am far from being easily influenced. I say what I want to say, when I want to say it. I put myself in the drama when I want to, and I stay out of the drama when I want to. I follow NeNe on Twitter, and that’s about it.

NeNe Leakes:
All the talk about Marlo’s fashion… LOL! I swear, these girls are not smart! You can definitely tell who’s got extra time on their hands. Why would anyone care what designers you wear or where you get the money to buy them? Marlo wears designer, and I hold my own with designers myself, so it really doesn’t affect me the way it seems to affect these ladies. They say it’s all she talks about, but I find that strange. I’ve been around Marlo many times, and we talk about everything from family to relationships to fashion to business! It sounds like jealousy to me more than anything, because these are the same girls that were cool with Marlo!

Let me take you back a few episodes. When Marlo was first coming around, she hung out with the Smalls! They loved her from what I could see. She was with the Smalls at the opening of Bar One where they all sat together and talked about me having a relationship with Charles…NOT! From what I understand and can see with these two good ole eyes of mine, they liked Marlo and were cool with her as long as she wasn’t cool with me!

I met up with Marlo to talk about all the gossip that was going on with Charles and found it was unnecessary to bicker over lies! They dropped her because she was no good for the plan they thought they had. They were doing what haters do, being envious, conspiring, and trying to figure out a way to bring you down! They wanted so badly to have me and Marlo fight over a man I was NEVER involved with sexually! They were down with her! Yes, I’ve heard about Marlo’s past, and everybody has one. Some worse than others, but she treats me nicely, so I see no need to not do the same for her!

As far as Kim not coming to Africa because of tension between me and her, it’s all lies. I’ve been in the same room as Kim a few times, and I give her nothing! I haven’t spoken to Kim in two years and have no plans to. The medicine man said my husband was a good man. I believe that! Gregg is a good person, which is why I married him, but a good man doesn’t always equal a good husband. I know what I’ve been through!

On to dinner with the Smalls. I said the Smalls’ boss was Kim. Miss Kandi didn’t like that, but she has no problem saying Cynthia changes her mind for me or Cynthia is my puppet. All of them have said that in one form or the other! Yes, I believe Kim is the boss of the Smalls, and I’ll say it again and again and again! That’s just my opinion, and all these ladies seem to have them. It’s only when I have an opinion that there’s a problem. Well there will always be problems then, because an opinion I will always have!

I like Cynthia and Marlo! We are all busy women, and it would be pretty hard for me to control people who lead such hectic lives. Besides, that’s not who I am as a person. I’m currently tri-coastal right now between Atlanta, New York, and LA. I just signed with a major brand and licensing company. I’m working on opening The L Lounge and getting various products on the market. I’m a lot of things at times, but one thing is for sure, I’ve always been the type of woman that stands alone, stands up for what I believe in, and doesn’t need validation from anyone! I’m a mom and a business woman!

All I ever hear is Cynthia saying “I love NeNe” how many times is she going to have to say NeNe? We get it, Cynthia! We do! I think Cynthia tries way too hard and I’ll never understand it. As for NeNe…well NeNe is NeNe. I’ll leave it at that. What are your thoughts on what the ladies had to say?

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  • People are so stupid wake up people its a tv show and editors want you to think cynthia is not saying anything remember stupids you only see what they want you to see bravo does the edit not cynthia are any of these women! lol

  • I wish the Cynthia who wrote that blog was the Cynthia we see on the show. I like the blogger MUCH better! On the show, Cynthia is the definition of mealy mouthed. Between that sister of hers and that MAN of hers, I’d be setting people straight all damn day if I were her-but she doesn’t say a thing! I wish she’d give voice to her feelings because I think her life would be a lot happier…although I doubt if she’d be married to Peter lol

  • IMO other than NeNe….they are all catty women hating amongst themselves and with all of the favortism that Andy Cohen shows…I don’t see RHOA continuing. Though I’d love to keep watching…cause I am a fan!

  • I am about over Atlanta. Boring and fake in my opinion. I am over Phaedra , Sheree’s broke ass, Cynthia and grandpa, and Nene and convict Marlo.

  • Love Nene she keeps it real. All the rest are fake. Nene called because they were ALL loving Marlo at BarOne when they thought she hated Nene or Nene had her man.Call a spade a spade. Kim Im so over her, DEF will not watch her wedding crap….

  • Not a fan of Kim. I am over her, and I won’t be watching the episode dedicated to her as an intro to her show I also have no interest in watching…Sheree is messy and is just trying to start drama to stay relevent..

  • Cynthia definitely wasn’t as vocal about her feelings on Marlo at the dinner table like she was on the Safari so it does cause one to think that she’s scared or something. But I think her & Kandi’s comments about Kim were pretty much the same. She’s kinda right to say that Kandi being Kim’s friend maybe shouldn’t have said it but then again, she’s entitled to her opinion. She didn’t think she’d do it because it doesn’t seem like it’s in her character! As for Sheree’ calling and telling Kim what was said, MESSY and so not called for. It’s not like they were dogging Kim. Back to Marlo, she says she bleeds fashion & that’s all fine and dandy but she goes overboard and it seems braggadocios. If you got it, you got it! No need to flaunt it. It seems like she lets it define her and uses it to help boost her status and that’s what insecure people do. You don’t have anything else going on to talk about? When material things are your pride and joy, there’s a problem. She doesn’t talk about fashion, she talks about labels- not the same.

    • I think Marlo uses her love of “fashion/labels” is a coverup of real problems. The display of 29 shoes was completely over the top and unnecessary. Marlo & Kim are no different and NeNe knows this but chooses to side with Marlo (for now). Kandi’s agreeing with Cynthia was really no big deal but Sheree was overboard calling Kim to tell her this. Cynthia sure did have a lot to say in her blog but is peculiarly quiet around everyone else. Kandi – I think she’s still upset about Marlo saying she heard Kandi was a “sugar mama”, so any opportunity to make a sharp comment will be taken. Phaedra is Phaedra and makes me laugh: “Everybody knows…”

  • “They dropped her because she was no good for the plan they thought they had. They were doing what haters do, being envious, conspiring, and trying to figure out a way to bring you down!”

    You know what? Nene is right about that. It was weird how quickly the smalls turned against Marlo. It can’t be her past, cause Phaedra married a man who spent many many years in prison. It’s a shame they do seem to be jealous of Marlo, hate to say. Why? They are all such accomplished women! Well, maybe not Sheree…

    hee hee

    • Maybe they don’t like Marlo for same reasons that viewers don’t like her. She’s an annoying, low class, braggard. Disliking someone is not synonymous with jealousy. She has nothing that the other girls should envy. Kandi has more money than all of them put together and Phaedra has an established law firm. She’s upper middle class. The anything things you ever hear Marlo talk about are the material things she owns. . Most of which she opened her legs to get. It’s as if she has no identity outside of convincing everyone that she’s ballin’. It’s actually rather pathetic. What’s there to be jealous of? The only broke one in the “smalls” group is Sheree. The rest of them can afford everything Marlo has and more. They just don’t feel the need to remind people of it.

      • Weird, because the only reason Kim has money or nice things is from opening her legs to get it. I just don’t see how the smalls can be anti-Marlo but okay with Kim. Marlo never stole a percentage of Kandi’s hard earned money off the distribution of a song that Kandi made (because let’s be honest, Kim’s voice is so auto-tuned you don’t even know it’s her). Why does Kandi try so hard to be cool with Kim after all that she’s done to her, but they dog on Marlo? Makes no sense. None. No one can ever justify it to me.

        Kim is one of the most awful, cringe inducing people that has ever been on television. Why any of these women care to continue their friendships with her is beyond me. She is so holier-than-thou, so dumb, so dishonest. It’s actually sad. Her children are going to be so damaged as a result of how their mother behaves. Everyone gives NeNe shit for how her son messes up legally, but WAIT until Kim’s little elderly faced brats get to be grown. It’s going to be so sad.

      • Ya, Kandi and Phaedra I doubt are jealous of Marlo!! They are beautiful, each have a beautiful home, kid, success, etc.
        Sounds like a PR spin to me! Not sure why we would believe they would be envious of her, just because she talks about her designer clothes, that’s not their style to act like Marlo or character to desire to be like her.

        • I hope not since Pheadra is worth 3.5 million, Kandi is worth 35 million and Marlo is worth 60,000. How are you going to live off married men and buy designer items with all the money you are making from turning tricks? How stupid is that? I know she is not being paid for her looks since she is super ugly. Must be the weird stuff she allows those men to do to her. I suppose that I would understand her more if I were an uneducated chick from the hood!

      • I absolutely agree Rach. I don’t like her personality and behavior but that definitely doesn’t make me jealous.

      • I agree they shouldn’t be jealous, but they clearly are. I disagree with the money situation, Marlo may not have as much money as Kandi (maybe…Kandi does not have as much as the sites says she does) but she certainly is more set than anyone else. She owns multiple houses outright, an Aston outright and she was carrying a $50,000 handbag in one of the scenes- the airport I believe. And that gucci fur she had one in the beginning is tens of thousands. Conservatively, her closet alone is worth a quarter of a million. None of those girls could touch that. And they know it. I think she’s a braggart, but so is Kim (even if she’s better now) and they love her. I think Marlo has freedom, an upscale lifestyle and “things” and these girls love “things”. I think they look at the Marlo/Nene combo and feel totally upstaged on the show. And they are! Now, do I think they would be jealous of Marlo if she weren’t on the show? No. But the show adds an extra dynamic and puts Marlo in competition with them.

        • ATL gal I agree with you! And NeNe is right when she says the ‘smalls’ loved Marlo when they thought there would be drama between her and NeNe-I forgot about that, but’s it’s the truth!
          The sad fact is that they are fine with Kim-who is very much like Marlo with material things and (maybe) how they both got them. Kim STOLE from Kandi by not giving her the song money! How can Kandi be cool with that?? Kim has proven that their friendship means nothing to her so why Kandi wastes her time with Kim is a mystery to me

          • But I do get where you guys are comingfrom But think finding out that info about Marlo had to be a turn-off.

          • Nene thinks the whole world revolves around her…something is wrong with this girl. She let the show get to her head. Cynthia is obviously a Nene follower and really doesn’t have a voice of her own…she uses it to make trouble, like the dinner party incident. Marlo…oh my…total trash. Bravo you should be careful what kind of characters you put on the show…if something happens they could sue you guys for negligent hiring.

    • I have no respect for any woman who feels that they need a purse that costs $5,000 and only have $5.00 in the purse. That is such a ghetto mentality: they carry Michael Kors handbags but live in the hood. I saved for 15 years after graduating from college, gave 35% down payment on my condo downtown which comes with a concierge and valet, then I purchased my designer sunglasses, handbags etc. By the time I retire, I will have over a million and a half in retirement funds. Marlo has to continue turning tricks well into her 80’s because all she did was make designers’ rich. Well, I guess you can’t expect more from an uneducated ghetto fabulous person!

  • I love NeNe and Cynthia. Im not so sure anymore about Kandi and too soon to tell how I feel about Marlo but Im liking her so far. The other “smalls” are so petty and childish. Kim is just way too into herself. Id really love to see these ladies get along without all the backstabbing and gossiping about each other.

  • Oh gosh the only reason I watch this show is because of Nene and Cynthia… I do like Phadre though 🙂 She makes me laugh I just love her sense of humor.. KIM I am so over.. She is just to crude for me period.. What was it she called the lady decorating her house for her in like a few days oh yeah BITCH.. I am so over that word and her mouth.. Sheree needs the hell knocked out of her plain and simple I cannot believe she called Kim all the way from South Africa to rat Kandi out.. WOW.. And Kandi this year is SHADY Nene was right in what she said about her… Marlo hmmm not sure how I feel about her but I can tell you I was rolling on the floor laugh at her and Sheree’s fight in Africa how stupid and childish was that crap…

  • Kim and shree need to go its all drama with those two they dont do anything interesting just bad mouth Nene and Cythnia and now Marlo.
    I hope I can see Nene in another show of her own or with her real friends