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Bethenny Slams Teresa Giudice

On Monday night of WWHL Bethenny Frankel was the guest and promoting her show ‘Bethenny Ever After’ that premiered the same day. Andy randomly asked Bethenny what she thought about Teresa’s new wine, ‘Fabellini.’ Instead of being happy for the housewife, Bethenny slammed Teresa and said, “Imitation is the most insincere form of flattery”

Hmm. I don’t think Teresa copied Bethenny regarding the sparkling wine considering Teresa’s hubby Joe has a room dedicated for wine that he makes! A lot of the housewives do similar things doesn’t mean they are copying each other. Bethenny should be happy for another housewife rather then putting her down for making money like she is! Bethenny has came out with several business ventures since being on RHONY so she shouldn’t be mad at Teresa for doing that too. Really disappointed in Bethenny’s immature response. Thoughts?

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  • Bethany you want to take credit for the creation of alcohol in general?

    Give me a break and grow up!!!! You got lucky Bethany.

  • Bethenny comes across as very self centered. Maybe her mother was right about her. She does seem to salivate a bit when a new business venture is put on the table. When is it enough?

    Ideas are created. Bethenny created an idea for a cocktail. How many cocktails are there? They all started with an idea….so was bethenny copying all the ones that came before her? But not surprising that she would think any that came after her is stealing her thunder. Get a life!

  • You can clearly see Andy put on her on the spot and of course we all know Andy is not fond of Tre. In case you didn’t see the last reunion he drilled her.

    I wish them all much success however I hope Bravo is taking a cut from their profits considering they are using the Housewives brand to promote their business.

  • B was asked a question in the game plead the fifth she answered she didn’t just say oh T is a copycat…..context people, context she WASN’T slamming anyone

  • What are most of you people talking about? Poor Teresa? Are you serious? I don’t understand why everyone is forgetting about how Bethenny has a whole Skinny Girl brand and Teresa shows up with a Skinny Italian!? That is probably why Bethenny made that comment, because she is tired of being knocked off by Teresa Giudice.

    • Tre used Skinny, not Skinny Girl. Many, many people used Skinny prior to Bethany. Want examples, read all of the above comments.

  • I love them both but Bethany there is room for more alcohol, it’s not even in the same genre it’s wine, Bethanys is mixed drinks. Different products C’mon Bethanny.

  • I have to say, you kind of took this all out of context though. It was a little game Andy was playing to see if she would “Plead the Fifth” at a bunch of uncomfortable questions to answer. And she didn’t, cause shes Bethenny. Clearly she was very hesitant to answer, and I kind of have to agree with her. No, Bethenny isn’t the only one to have her own alcohol brand, etc, but c’mon. Ramona, Teresa… all doing their own alcoholic drinks, skin care lines, diet books.. it’s getting old.

    Also I don’t think she “slammed” Teresa. It wasn’t nasty (you have to watch the video) and she has a right to own opinion.

    • And she is clearly not bitter! Again- OPINION. And it wasn’t said with malice. It’s funny how such a tiny little remark/sentence can be so blown out of proportion. Watch the video people!

      • I watched her show. She was so hyper and complaining through the entire show. She mocked her husband, endlessly complained about the lack of office space. Why doesn’t she just go out and rent office space nearby. I feel sorry for husband, I don’t know how he deals with her negative crap for 24 hours a day. She looked terrible, everything that comes out of her mouth is smutty, raunchy and gross. She keeps blaming her childhood for her behavior. She a 40 year old woman with a family, grow up and take responsibility for your own behavior. She is now a boring, ungrateful, cold bitch who spews contempt and bitterness. Done with her.

        • She is now a boring, ungrateful, cold bitch who spews contempt and bitterness. Done with her——————————– Oh I so agree! I don’t watch her show now. If it’s on, I skip the channel. She’s using her husband for a storyline. And, of course her husband is going along with it. It’s all an act just like the lost at sea scene. I can’t believe they are actually going to show that scene knowing everybody knows it was a fake drama scene. As for her so called Doctor, he must be a quack.

  • Oh gosh, none of these women are running these businesses. Think about it. It takes two years to get a U.S. Patent, copyright and even more than that for a trademark. These women come up with ideas and all of a sudden, POP! The products are patented, produced, stocked and shelved in the biggest department stores in the U.S. These women are ”approached” by companies that manufacture products in China, to stamp their name on a product for a small percentage. When the women are gone, the products are gone. Bethenny I believe had a silent partner and probably had a copyright on her product. As for the rest, it’s all bullshit. When these women are no longer on Bravo, their names on the products will cease.

  • Stupid Bethenny! You are not the one who invented wine. Obviously yours is not original. And you padded your gross income to make it to the Fortune top list. And that’s why your own mother hates you!

  • First off that is a HORRID picture of Bethany omg!
    Secondly I think Bethany is just bitter right now since Teresa is doing well with her career and Bethany is out of the limelight at the moment.

  • I agree with the majority that it was a mean-spirited thing to say. Teresa’s wine idea sounds very fitting and she’s always been a main reason for tuning in. I watched Bethenny’s show last night and I have to just vent about some things. I don’t think painting Jason as a villain will help her any – I get she’s upset that everyone thinks he’s perfect and that we don’t see all of his negative qualities (we’re all flawed) but how does it help if the viewers were to turn on him? I don’t get why she was going on about that, and why it bothers her sooo much. Her fans might love her despite her flaws, but the same might not apply to Jason. She should be careful about that. I also really dislike the srhink segment of the show. It’s just too cheesy and seems scripted/forced. I get she has childhood issues, but I’d rather she apologize & talk it over with Jason (and/or a shrink privately) instead of the doctor’s office, almost facing the camera, as if she’s excusing herself to the viewers.

  • Love Bethanny, but her comment was unnecessary. T has had a lot to deal with over the years, & financial woes up the a$$. Her husband put their family in a very precarious circumstance & T is only profiting from her celebrity for her family, cleaning up the mess that Joe made. Why does this warrant such a nasty comment such as from Bethanny, unless there is more to the comment than meets the public eye. Either way, T has showed class throughout the constant shit talk by the old fashioned saying of “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” & as long as she remains true to this, T will forever come out on top!

  • When a friend of mine dislikes another friend of mine, they just have to deal. If they would be so foolish as to ask me to choose, they would be the one left behind. There’s nothing sillier than thinking liking one person means you cannot like someone they are on the outs with. I like Bethenny and Teresa and they are grown women who give as good as they get in their several public spats. This is just one more in a long list of public snubs and snipes that began long ago when Teresa took Jill’s side so fervently.

    In this battle there are no innocents – they both engage and they both should know better. Bethenny, however, is funnier.

  • First off, let me say I really like Teresa. But this feels a little karmic. Maybe Teresa will now see that it’s not fair to say anyone copied her and she has not copied anyone else. Let’s face it, we can count on, in every franchise, some of the women will either launch a cookbook, shoe line, purse line or make-up – it’s a given. No one lady started any of it – companies pitched these ladies and they said yes! And Bravo takes their cut – it’s all about $. They all want to make money, and why not?

    • Teresa never said anyone copied her when it came to business. She’s only ever said Melissa copies her (i.e., big hair, loud and gaudy clothes, that annoying screech, etc…)

      • Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought she sort of got mad at Kathy for wanting to open a business, or restaurant/catering, maybe do a book. It came up at the reunion. But like I said, I like Teresa a lot, so it’s too bad these ladies make comments.

        • Teresa said doing a cook book inspired Kathy to make desserts and go into business with the desserts — not that she was copying her. Teresa also said that if Kathy and Melissa wanted to expand their business, she would have gladly helped them if they had asked instead of going onto the show behind her back to bash her and promote themselves.

  • I’ve never liked Bethenny – her attitude, her mannerisms, and her really unattractive jawline really annoyed me. She never seemed to allow herself to be happy, and always made herself a victim. Just like now. Someone else is profiting thanks to an idea remotely related to hers, so now she’s being copied and she wants the world to feel bad for her. I just have never liked her and this confirms my feelings.

  • I love this website except for the pro-Teresa and anti-Melissa slant on every story. I’m getting a little bored with how far you have your head up Teresa’s ass.

      • I haven’t read anything negative about MG on this particular story. But since this particular story pertains directly to Bethenny and Teresa there is of course going to be some pro-Teresa talk. Get over it. If you have a different opinion, no one is keeping you from saying it.

        • Kate, thanks sweetheart, but I’ll leave this one alone. I’m already embarrassed that I spend any time at all on a Real Houswives gossip blog. I think I’d have to shoot myself if I invested in arguing with you and becoming a regular poster on here and get sucked in to comment board drama. I am merely letting the blogger know, as a reader, what I would like to see less of. She can take it or leave it and so can you. Thanks and have a swell day.

  • Teresa has a bubbly happy sense of humor and Bethenny has a sharp witted snarky sense of humor. They are both hard working businesswomen and I enjoy both of them.

  • JMO……I disagree……. I don’t believe for one minute that Bethenny ‘slammed’ Teresa. Andy asked a question that was ‘meant to be’ answered with a snarky response, however, I don’t believe that Bethenny said anything that was derogatory towards Teresa… She made the statement in her ‘usual’ Bethenny manner & dry wit…. She says it the way it is & don’t believe that she went ‘out of her way’ to hurt Teresa…..If you know anything about Bethenny, she’s very outspoken & says exactly what’s on her mind……. BTW, I’m a fan of ‘both’ Bethenny & Teresa for different reasons………

  • I know why i like teresa. She is not a hater. She rarely says anything negative about her fellow bravo stars. Bethenny lost me with the Jill thing. She was a friend to Jill when she needed her house in Hamptons and connections. Then she was done….

  • I love Bethenny and I’m a pretty consistent reader ( stalker LOL) of all of these blogs and I have to say that this one was one of my favorites until this article. I rarely ever comment but I must say that I think Bethenny said this because there is a little bit of a history here between her and Theresa. When Theresa’s book Skinny Italian came out, Andy Cohen asked her about the comparison with Bethenny’s Skinny Girl line and I’m pretty sure Theresa had something snarky to say about it. Also, there have been a few blog entries about an alliance between Jill, Theresa and Nene so I’m sure there is really no love lost for Theresa Guidice with Bethenny,

    • Thank you! Bethenny came out with 2 healthy cookbooks and Teresa does too. Bethenny comes out with a drink….Teresa goes and does it too. Bethenny has skincare line….you alreayd know the deal. Also, Teresa talked bad about Bethenny since the beginning of rhonj so…GET OVER IT TERESA!

      • And how many people did Bethenny copy with her “healthy” cookbooks and drinks? Bethenny apparently thinks that she’s the only one allowed to expand her business/brand and anyone else who writes a cook book or comes out with a drink is copying her. Bitch, please. Bethenny copied previous authors who wrote books on being healthy and skinny. Just like she copied the skinny margarita drinks. They were around before Bethenny ever branded it!

        BTW, Bethenny was the first one to bash Teresa in her blogs before Teresa EVER said anything about her.

  • “Imitation is the most insincere form of flattery” Hey i think the other low cal margaritas on the market WAY before Ms Thing’s Skinny said the same thing…BITCH PLEASE.

      • Gollum….hahahahaha…you are killing me…so true, so true….I don’t care if she wants to stay thin but get a way better makeup artist….(gag)…

  • Bethenny is incredibly annoying and hypocritical. Like, don’t get your panties in a bunch Bethenny, especially because you ALSO ripped off other authors’ “Skinny brands.” Teresa’s wine has nothing in common with Bethenny’s alcoholic drinks. Or should all alcoholic beverages that came before SkinnyGirl Margaritas start saying that she’s copying them and it’s ineffective? It’s obvious that Bethenny doesn’t like Teresa so it’s no wonder the she’s going to make a dig at her.

  • Bethenny, you made a big mistake slamming Teresa!!!!! You just proved how jealous you are , the more people like you and those other losers from the house wives of NJ slam teresa, the more we will side with her!!!!

  • I love both of these women-but that doesn’t mean they have to love each other!

    Bethenny is always trying to be funny/snarky. I think that’s where that comment on WWHL came from. She isn’t a fan of Teresa’s…so what.

    I think Bethenny is the trail blazer in showing ALL the HW’s what the show can do for them in terms of branding and marketing. Bethenny was trying to brand herself before she was a RHW, and the show gave her a bigger platform to do it on. All the other HW’s ARE copying her because they saw the huge success she had with it. There’s no denying that Bethenny is a very smart, savvy business woman, and she IS a role model to any HW who decides to hawk a product.

    I think Bethenny’s issue with all this is that she is a business woman who is on a HW show, and she thinks the other women are just HW’s who are “inventing” a business to cash in on their visibility. No doubt, Bethenny’s products benefited from people getting to know her on the HW shows, but her focus was always creating a business. Teresa’s focus was and is her family-she doesn’t really care if she is thought of as a “serious” business woman-she just needs the money, and is working what she can to get it.

    Good for both Teresa and Bethenny <3

    • Disagree totally just because she is a mother/wife first DOES NOT mean she couldn’t care less about being a successful business woman. As a woman I find the above comment degrading at best.

      • maybe my choice of words was wrong but…degrading?? It’s my opinion, that’s all. I don’t think you’d see T pursuing a business that would take her away from her family a majority of the day. That’s only degrading if you don’t think raising a family and being a full time, stay at home mom is degrading, which I do not. Now that she has a business, I’m sure she wants people to think of her as serious about it, but I don’t think wanting a business was her driving force the way I think it was for Bethenny. For Teresa, I think it was more an opportunity which she couldn’t pass up because of her financial situation

  • Stop with the Skinny! In 2005, a diet book was published called “Skinny Bitch”. It was a trend. BF was still on CA then, hawking health, not thinness. TG was pushing out kids. They BOTH stole it!

  • First off, wasn’t skinny b*tch out first, couldn’t you make a case that Bethanny ripped off that popular author? And didn’t Ramona have a skin care line out there and now Bethanny has skin care line, so couldn’t Ramona say Bethanny is ripping her off? All the housewives are out pushing products, etc. I have to admit never been a Bethanny fan but I certainly think its great she sold her drink and made plenty of money, good for her, the same way I think it is great for Teresa. I have to say I tried a couple of Bethanny’s natural food recipes and they were gross, I could of and have come up with much better and healthy recipes and I didn’t go to school for it. I also cook out of Teresa’s Skinny Italian book and I love her recipes same thing with my family. I also heard Bethanny’s drink is rancid and not saving all the calories as people assume, however, Teresa’s drinks actually sound like something I would like to try.

    Either way, once people are on tv and have some name recognition I am sure that all the drink, make-up, skin care, book publishers approach all of them. I don’t think there is anything terribly original about any of them, celebrities have done these kinds of deals and built empires for years (sorry to burst Bethanny’s bubble), Teresa just does it the best in my opinion.

  • I like them both but I kinda do think that Teresa is copying Betheny. First with her “Skinny Italian” book. Knowing that Betheny has her ” Skinny Girl”.

    • Yeah, what’s next Teresa’s gonna get married and have a kid and have everything recorded for a reality show. You are tight Teresa does copy Bethenny.

  • So Bethanny has no class for throwing my beautiful Teresa under the bus, but is it me or is this photo of Bethanny the ugliest pic you have ever seen…this is NOT an attrative woman…OMG

  • Bethenny needs to check herself. She treats people like shit, especially her husband. Her show sucks and she appears to be miserable. I think she is a good mother to her beautiful daughter but treats Jason like he’s just a sperm donor. Can’t stand her and will never watch her show again. She needs to realize she cannot say such rude things about people and expect no backlash. Us Teresa fans are die hard and Bethenny really messed up AGAIN.

  • I have always loved Bethenny, her wit and dry sense of humor are great, and I am so happy for her family and business success. I also love Teresa and the strength she has shown in the face of hatred as well as her ability to keep her family together at all costs. Both HW love being in the limelight, if they didn’t they never would have gotten on the Real Housewives shows to begin with, and both HW appear to have good business sense.

    Bethenny is already a success story and instead of that being great for her, she is the one who is pushing for soooo much more and into arenas that don’t exactly jive with her previous “brand.”
    Bethenny started out as a health-conscious celebrity chef and a wise-cracking drinker, so it makes sense that she would write the book Naturally Thin and come out with a low calorie alcoholic drink. But, now Bethenny is developing a cosmetic line and skincare line and shapewear line and on and on. None of those things pertain to healthy eating or drinking, so who is SHE imitating?
    Then there is Teresa, who started out as a stay-at-home Italian mom of four children who still has a fantastic body and loves to flaunt it with glitter and what-not. So, it makes sense that she would come out with a line of Fabulicious! tanks and accessories then publish a book about how to eat real, rustic Italian food and still fit into your skinny jeans. Now, Teresa has published several more cookbooks, more accessories, a drink (which she talks about in her previously published cookbooks), and a cosmetic line. All of these products are up the same alley as her self-image “brand.”
    Also, Bethenny doesn’t own the phrase “skinny” anything; it was around long before she started using it and certainly wasn’t stolen in any way by Teresa.

    Bethenny is at a point in her marital life, motherhood, and career where it shouldn’t be necessary to continue displaying such dislike for Teresa – or any of the other HWs for that matter! Also, I haven’t seen Teresa respond in any way to this dig of hers, although I know by previous blogs and interviews that they don’t particularly care for each other. My thought is that they don’t really jive together because they are both so similar to each other; this happens with women all the time! On the other hand, I also think that because of Bethenny’s success – which came directly from the launch pad known as RHONJ – she has a responsibility to fellow HWs of any of the other cities to shut her mouth when they are only trying to do the same thing that she did. She blazed the trail (sort of) and showed everyone what the potential was for using these shows as a way to generate even more income for the individual (instead of for Bravo). Bethenny strikes me as being caught up sometimes in how clever she is and – don’t get me wrong, I love Bethenny and watch her show – seems to have something to prove to the world and perhaps all the other housewives, that she isn’t really a housewife, she is a businesswoman. Teresa strikes me as being a woman who wants to strike a balance between being a businesswoman and a housewife; who is capable of being a savvy business woman but would have been content just being a wife, mother, and shopper.

    • And she seems more raunchy. I didn’t like last nights show and Lisa L. is another gross, raunchy, not funny person.

  • Bethany should really shut up! She’s loosing me as a fan the part of the season and now… huge T fan… she shouldn’t mess with Teresa lol

  • I don’t know why she’s so jealous and so threatened by Teresa… She has been everyone’s favorite bravo lebrity. Maybe she feels that teresa’s star is on the rise and will overtake hers? She needs to get a grip and promote other housewives and not turn them down, especially for petty reasons. If she can dish it, she better be able to take it and it looks like she fails a lot

  • I don’t think Teresa is copying her at all. On the upcoming previews of Bethany’s reality show, they have her, her husband and a Captain who have lost their GPS at sea. But, we now know that that was staged and not true and they were forced to admit it. Why would I even want to watch that show if right out of the gate, they have to make up a lie to get my attention? Why would I believe anything they say after that? What is the appeal of this show? I really don’t understand it. I really don’t care about this woman.

  • I like Betheny’s show and Teresa is my favorite RHONJ member. However, I do not agree with Betheny’s comment. She Is finally at a level that comments like these are not necessary. It screams jeaulousy and insecurity.

  • I didn’t care for the jab but I still like Bethenny. I like them both. its a shame they don’t like each other, considering they’re the most successful of the housewives.

  • I don’t know if any of you have paid attention to Teresa slamming Bethenny in the past. Lets get to the facts: Bethenny started on CA, wrote “skinny” cookbooks, and invented the “skinny” cocktail. Teresa has followed her doing all of those things and had the nerve to dog on Bethenny. That’s the reason for the comment!

  • Hello Bethany get off your high horse. I am so sick of her. Ramona has a wine that tastes like crap but i don’t see her bitching about that. Bethany is so over rated and a money hungry witch. Can’t stand her she is probably pissed that the Fabilinni tastes better then her faux healthy drinks which btw were outed by the FDA as not being safe HAHA bethany

  • Love Love Love Bethenny. Love Teresa too. Bethenny just says what is on her mind. No filter. It is refreshing. And of course people want to follow in Bethenny’s footsteps, she has made it. And good for her.

  • As the above poster mention…Bethenny and Teresa have not liked each other for a while. BEthenny started the fued by writing a very Nasty blog about New Jersey HW’s and she called Teresa some pretty mean names. At the tim Teresa had never even met Bethenny and of course was pretty upset about the blog. When Teresa guest blogged about NY…she too digs at Bethenny and sided with Jill in their war. Then on twitter Teresa linked the nasty blog B wrote and even tried to get Dina involved. Dina removed herself from this battle and told T this had nothing to do with her nd did not want any part of it. Teresa removed the link and was silent there after. Then when the skinny books came out…everyone thought tre copied B’s book blah blah. So that’s why Betheny said what she said. You have to look at everything in context. While i totally agree with tEresa in regards to the blog…i think she should have tried to talk to B rather then take it to the blogs when it was her turn. This could have been resolved over a convesation and not taken this far.Bethenny has a way of being nasty to others and then shocked and appalled when some ppl return the favor. She better becareful with that….because what comes up can go down. I enjoy both women and hope this pettiness doesn’t continue.

  • Oh my goodness… Why is Bethenney copying Ramona with a skin care line???

    I loved Bethenny and now I am so sad she is such a bitch.

  • I see another Lisa on here, so I’ll just be LisaLisa!

    I agree, I feel that Bethenny just so lowered herself. Really — in my opinion — looking at the larger picture, isn’t it wonderful that so many women have these terrific opportunities? I would love to see all of them really just support one another because any type of product segment is highly competitive.

  • I do think the comment was rather catty and rude but I have to say that all of you who are saying her skinny girl brand was sold for a measly $8 million, here’s some links to huff post correcting themselves about said number. And Forbes link as well. Regardless of the actual price which we’ll never find out about, Bethenny did well for herself and as a strong businesswoman should lift Teresa up for doing the same, difference is Teresa has her family she’s supporting.

    “CORRECTION: Our reporter misread the $8.1 million figure in the financial documents. As Forbes points out, the number refers to the amount of Skinnygirl attributed to goodwill, not the total purchase price. We regret the error.” -

    And Forbes-

  • Bethenny is clearly jealous. tre has 4 beautiful girls running around, as well as a loving family. Bethenny doesn’t.

  • I am not a fan of Teresa and find Bethany to be just as annoying however we can see from the very beginning that Bethany was on her grind. In the previous two seasons and when tre s money issues become known was when she started hustling through the housewives brand. Skinny Italian? Nothing skinny about eating tons of pasta and loaves of Italian bread not to mention she couldnt even pronounce ingredients or cumin. Let’s just Teresa has a good publicist and manager.

    • I am so sick of people making comments about Teresa’s pronunciation of English words!!!!!!!! English is her SECOND language! Tons of people who didn’t learn English until going to school pronounce words incorrectly or make grammatical errors when speaking! This mis-pronunciation of words has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with the way language develops and functions in most people’s brains. Also, she’s from Jersey, where they pronounce things differently anyway.
      My point is, you just sound like someone who needs to pick at something. The way she speaks is unique and a side-effect of her primary, Mother language being Italian, NOT English. All of the RHONJ ladies speak English with accents, grammatical errors, and mis-pronounced words; that’s half of what is fun about this show. I love me some “ingredientses.”
      You are the ignorant one for calling out an immigrant for their unintentional mis-pronunciation of the most phonetically incorrect language of all time.

      • Ingnorant? No. Let’s get something straight… it’s in poor taste to insult another poster here for stating their opinion. Whether or not you agree, Teresa Guidice has no impact on your life unless you are paying her bills. Also, my family migrated here from the Ukraine when I was 7 yrs old and we live in New Jersey. Ramsey to be exact which is not far from the Guidice clan and our bills are paid. In fact my younger siblings went to Don Bosco Prep and played football on the Granatell field (Kim’s dad.) My husband builds homes as well and is very good friends with Joe Guidice, who is a nice guy and nothing like his sister. My parents don’t speak proper English but me and all my siblings do because it was mandatory for us. Ignorant is the person who refuses to speak proper English and when called out on it totally disregards it. You’re on TV in front of billions looking like an uneducated fool. I don’t want to make this an Italian / Ukrainian thing…. but Bravo fans would not know how to act if Ukranian/Russian/ Polish Women took over Bravo!!

        • { Joe Guidice has a sister?}Wait just a minute. Stating that a “comment” is ignorant is not INSULTING ! Good land. Many immigrants do mispronounce words now and again and YES calling them out on it is IGNORANT. We can all have our own opinions .

        • I gotsa lotsa news for ya all….. none of is a speaking the proper english… LOL who’s kidding who now?????

        • Why are you insulting Joe Giudice’s sister?? She’s not on the show and does not deserve to be brought into this.

          And I hope you learn to be more accepting and learn the value in a person is not in their pronunciation of sandwich.

        • Mary, EXCUSE ME !!! HOW DARE YOU !!!
          I’m Ukranian as well.
          Speak for yourself honey, and don’t lump all Ukranians in with your narrow minded views. How pretentious of you.
          FYI, ladies and gentlemen, not all Ukranians are as IGNORANT as Mary.


          • BTW Mary, “..proper English but ME and all my siblings… ”
            should have read – MY siblings and I

            I guess your just like Tre with your grammer.
            UGH!!! IDIOT.

      • HAHAHAHAHA English is NOT her second language. She has been here since she was 3 or 4!!! I like T but spome ppl are manic in your defense of her.

        • She’s from Italy, her family is all Italian – do you really think everyone around her spoke only English during those first years and she miraculously started speaking English when her parents can barely speak it? Get real.

          • Actually, Teresa was born in the US. But regardless, she was raised by Italian parents who only spoke Italian. Therefore, English is still her second language as she didn’t start speaking it until she was 4 or 5.

        • Your point would be ???
          From birth until she came to USA she only spoke ITALIAN. Her second language is English.

        • FYI, Italian was what Teresa spoke before learning English which makes ENGLISH HER SECOND LANGUAGE, you idiot.

    • I have her books, and they are very healthy indeed. It’s not pasta and loaves of bread. Not to mention skinny cocktails are an oxymoron! But I love both those gals. Even if the new Skinny cosmo is just cheap vodka and diet sprite 😉 You can def tell when Bethany gave up control of the product…

  • Listening to Bethenny is like fingernails going down a chalk board. I feel sorry for her husband.

    Anything that involves Bethenny, I don’t watch. I’m not into torturing myself. Personally, I think Bethenny has made her way to the top in some not so flattering ways, if you know what I mean.

    She looks like death.

  • I like Teresa, and Bethanny so this is hard. I think Teresa should ignore Beth and keep hustling! The best form of flattery would be to make more money. I for one have both cookbooks, I’m waiting on my drinks, and my girls will have your makeup! Good Luck Tre!

  • Yes, because I’m sure Teresa Giudice sits around thinking, “Hmm, how can I try to be like Bethenny Frankel today?” The housewives are always hawking some product or another. Bethenny does not own a monopoly on that. Sounds like she just doesn’t like Teresa. The feeling is probably mutual.

  • Bethenny needs to get over herself, and grow up! Many people come out with drinks, and Teresa & Joe makes their own wine so she needs to shut the hell up. Nobody is copying her. Tre has hadn’t business ventures, and I think Bethenny is immature and very insecure of herself. I mean, when I look at her, I see a confused, lost, droopy-eyed woman who is always unhappy even with all that she has. She should be LUCKY & THANKFUL to have a man like Jason who will put up with all her crap.

  • 8 million is the amount from the sale of “skinny girl.”

    Wow….the above pic is ahhhh…not one of her best shots.

    • Dude- her new apartment was close to 8 MI. She got quite a bit more then 8 millon. Huffington recanted their false figures of 8 mil and listed it as an error on how they read the Forbes article.
      Beth is VERY rich.

      • Well then, she should buy some food and eat it. She’s promoting a skinny girl line of products: booze, cleansers, facial products, yoga etc. but she looks like hell. In fact, she looks really unhealthy. Whatever she doing I don’t want to do it.

      • 2lou – “Beth is VERY rich”
        I guess being rich doesn’t buy happiness.

        Beth looks VERY, VERY unhappy or VERY, VERY depressed. Something is up. Maybe her husband has finally had enough.

        Get a grip Beth and find another shrink. Focus on your husband and family. You look seriously depressed and
        you look like hell.
        Perhaps someday you can find happiness.

    • I’ll tell ya I haven’t touched a drop of Pinot Grigio since last season.. I was sick to death of the words “pino grigio”. Bring on the Gewertz! LOL

  • Team Giudice claims to promote kindness..clearly, only for one person. Why not stop bashing everyone and take a look in the mirror. If Teresa is that insecure, she has far greater things to focus on vs. a minor, albeit flippant, comment (in classic Bethany style) made about Teresa’s wine. Team Giudice, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. While I’m a fan of Teresa..I just ask that you lighten up and stop always being so defensive. A lighthearted approach would get much less attention..especially if you’re so offended and trying to ward off negative fanfare.

    • I dont want to say i agree totally… but, i do like both bethany and teresa. I didnt take Bethanys comment as throwing down the gauntlet.. I know there has always been tension between the two and we have to take that into account when they are asked a question about each other.

    • No what is classic Bethenny is being mean, hateful and cruel! Team Giudice is working to clean up the negativity Teresa gets! And let us not forget that Bethenny never said something as mean and bitchy about Ramona who has the same style of product! Wonder why? Is it that Bethenny should be the only one who can do a cookbook, beverage line, have a spin off show, what she should have said was “I wish her well on this!” I think that anyone who hates Teresa will use this as another way to batter her on social networks. I also think the people who love Teresa will always have her back because she isn’t and hasn’t been mean or catty back! Team Giudice has offered support to the wives and their pet products and causes! Notice the tweets she did for Kathy and Richie when they had their recent event benefiting a cause near and dear to their family, brain tumors, did you see her publicly support the Childrens Hospital Smiles Foundations night of Fashion and Fun benefiting yet another cause her family is involved in?! Or sending out information regarding Project Ladybug which is holding a benefit in Chicago to help abolish children’s cancers for the University of Chicago Childrens Hospital. Team Giudice just like Teresa never says they are perfect! And never has walked a nuns life! Team Giudice will always support and adore Teresa for the good she is trying to do! I guess Bethenny needs it to be all about her all the time! Gee how selfish!

  • i have never comment on here, because i always tweets Roxy which i loved and thinks she REAL, other bloggers block me for twitting HER. SHAME ON THEM. but i have to say SHAME ON BETHENNY ON #WWHL. IT SHOWS THAT SHE IS JEALOUS OF TERESA, even though JILL WAS THE ONE WHO BROUGHT HER ON THE SHOW! I HOPE THIS BITCH GET A LIFE AND LEAVE TERESA ALONE.

  • There’s also a lot of truth to the fact that T is working her ass off to get her family back on track, runs a household with 4 children and clearly has time for her husband. T may not have the millions back yet but she’s got everything else.

      • Well she has a great relationship with both her and Joe’s parents, allows her children to spend time with their grandparents and despite real (not imagined) troubles, manages to get through life without running to a shrink everyday.

      • Gee I’d rather have a felon then someone who is controlled by their wife! Poor Jason yet again has to deal with being tenth in Bethenny’s life! At least Joe (with all his faults) knows Teresa loves him and would never ever put Joe last on her list! And I give credit for Teresa always making sure she isn’t gone too long on her press tours, that is there for her kids, and that she puts her family first and foremost! Bethenny is successful because she chose that rode, first build Bethenny then maybe one day have what Teresa has a family! In away I feel sorry for Bethenny because she never had or could have what Teresa does, while disjointed and stressed right now Teresa has a family and friends (Not Jac’s and Caroline) that love her! How many people are in Bethenny’s life by choice or by being paid to be there! By Queen B!

  • I CAN’T STAND Bethany. That big square jaw! Ughh she almost looks like what donatella versace would look like if she went burnette. EAT A CHEESE STEAK AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH. 😀

  • Theresa has always bashed Betheny in the past. I remember reading an interview where Theresa said Betheny is cold and calculated and that she doesn’t like Betheny. I think it’s fine for Betheny to be snide. When someone publicly called you names…it’s GAME ON!

    • Yep! And Teresa called her not normal because she had a baby nurse. She called her a bitch too to which Bethenny never responded.

      • That feud started when Bethenny “guest blogged” on RHNJ and bashed Tre. Then Tre bashed back. So Bethenny started it and can’t let it go. Very sad for Bethenny.

        • No, but Bethenny’s baby was premature and if she could afford one who the hell is Teresa to say she’s not normal. Not everyone has their mother at their house everyday doing everything for them like Teresa and the fact that you would even ask something like that shows how ignorant you are.

          • Actually, Teresa said it wasn’t normal to lose weight as fast as Bethenny did. She tweeted that women shouldn’t expect to lose baby-weight as fast as Bethenny did and that having a baby nurse gave a new mom time for herself — which, most women who aren’t in Bethenny’s league don’t have. I’m paraphrasing. Teresa took a lot of heat from Bethenny fans for stating the TRUTH — and at the time, even Bethenny commented that she considered herself lucky.

    • Teresa bashed bethenny bc bethenny “started it” by bashing her when…E News(I think) told her to blog about season 1 of RHONJ, and Bethenny said some mean things about her and, at the time, her friends. Also, during season 1, bethenny made a few comments to magazines about how RHONY would totally “beat” the RHONJ bc…and they Bethenny gave each cast member a personal insult. Remember? There was a bit of a competition b/t the two? Well, there was in the magazine, and Bethenny said some shocking/ hurtful things. Not to sound childish, but Bethenny started it.

    • There’s also a little bit of truth that Patron copied Cuervo. Should Cuervo be pissed? Should Patron be taken off the shelves? Sometimes the “copy” is just another (and in many cases, better) interpretation of something that neither of them actually invented.

      • And lets take it a step further.. Grey Goose copied Shmirnoff, and Cirque copied Grey Goose..

        Seriously, the whole thing is ridiculous…

        Bethany did not invent bottled alcoholic beverages – and for her to criticize Teresa for also producing one is as silly as Sony criticizing Samsung for imitating them and making TV’s.

        It’s about personal preference – we buy what we like, so ease up on the ego Bethany – you aren’t the first person to throw a few ingredientses (hah!) together in a bottle and mix it with booze.. You are not the Godmother of all things bottled and sold.

  • I don’t think it’s about feeling threatened by Theresa, the thing is Theresa and Bethenny do NOT like each other and they haven’t for YEARS. Bethenny has never insulted Ramona about her wine, so I don’t think it’s about hating. However, it has been pointed out the similarities with Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl cookbook and then Theresa releasing her Skinny Italian cookbook shortly after. But I think it just boils down to them not liking each other PERIOD.

        • Skinny Italian was out before Bethannys book but after the SkinnyGirl Cocktail. The Bellinis Teresa was making on RHNJ before Bethanny launched her cocktail line broadly. It seems like stuff was overlapping. Bethanny is a disappointment. Hard to understand why someone who was so supported by many women feels the need to snark about another woman hustling in a similiar way. Bethanny is far to selfish to be a role model.

  • I LOVE BETHENNY all your guys are nuts for saying shes being/acting “immature” obviously don’t know what your talking about SORRY! Bethenny is a true role model and a strong women for young girls to look up too. from her rough past n her successful future. 🙂 THATS ALL TA~TAAA …

    • A roll model for young girls? I guess if you think eating disorders and self absortion are are the right ideals for young girls she’d be a great roll model.

      • Im sorry but no body is perfect. & especially us women try to be perfect. we all have our flaws girl… && ALSO shows what kinda people yous are for “making fun” of Bethenny for apparently having an eating disorder. you ppls are sad.

    • She is not a role model. She treats her husband like dirt her in laws appallingly. I used to love her but i’ve now realised she is nothing but a selfish self centred narcissist

      • A lot of people have been saying this for a long time, I didn’t want to see it because I found her amusing. I always noticed that she pushed everyone away from her except for people she needs something from. I still enjoy her crazy, will still watch her, but I don’t respect her as much as I had.

    • in some ways I agree with you because she came from nothing and became a very successful business woman. She is a true example of overcoming adversity. Where she falls flat though is that she does not put forth a positive energy. A true role model would like nothing more than to inspire others to achieve their goals. They would mentor others and be genuinely happy for anyone who can turn things around like they have. And first and foremost, they would appreciate the gift they have been given and focus on the bright future not the negative past.

  • I’m so torn, I can’t believe Bethenny would say that! I would have thought she would be supportive of people benefiting from the RH shows. Its not like she has to do anything else, she made $120 mil from her drink, she’s done, she made it, she’s there, how could anything anyone else is doing be competition for her. This was just plain nasty for the sake of being nasty, nothing more.

    If she had of said ‘most sincere’ instead of ‘insincere’ she could have made the point she was trying to make without sounding like a bitch…. maybe people WERE right about her.

  • If the people who are supporting Teresa in their comments here and have a Twitter account please follow @team_giudice! Thank you!

  • I think Bethenny is very unhappy, she is an ugly person at times – inside & out! That comment was so uncalled for because the drinks are completely different in all aspects. She isn’t the only person out there who created an alcholoic beverage…Clearly – which is why we have liquour stores…what a low blow! I love Teresa favorite HW of all the HW’s!

  • Newsflash Bethenny, you’re not on Celebrity Apprentice. Get over it jealousy isn’t a good color on you.
    Just wondering, was your book ever on the NY Times Best Seller List? Umm, Teresa has 2 on the list with a third in progress.
    Go Scratch Bethenny.

    • Bethenny had 3 bestsellers on the NY Times List and Bethenny was on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice where she was runner up. I think it’s just a lot of similarities between Theresa and Bethenny that could be considered to be unsettling.

    • All of Bethaenny books qqere on the ny times bestseller’s list. T sided with Jill in the Bethenny Freud. Luv t but all the housewives r jealous of Bethenny.

      • On Martha Stewart’s Celebrity Apprentice and she lost. She also received a slap for her nasty behavior.

  • SO Bethenny be consistent slam Ramona for her wine! Oh wait you won’t ever do that because you still friends with the “social binge drinker.” Bethenny, you are not the only break out star of the Real Housewives! But what you are the break out star is of cattiness and bitchiness! To slam someone like Teresa is a slap in the face to women every where who are striving to better themselves! Wow Bethenny maybe you really need to step away from reality tv, your insanity is taking over and it’s ugly! Wow what a raving bitch to say this about Teresa!

    • I used to really like Bethenny but she lost her heart. It’s all about Bethenny! She treats her husband like shit too.

      • I like her too, but that was a twunty thing for her to say about Teresa. Not surprised that her marriage is in trouble—again, I like her, but I don’t doubt that she’s exhausting to be around 24-7.

      • I too used to like Bethenny but after hearing her catty comment about Tre i’ve gone off her. Not only that but the last season of Bethenny ever after…..boy she treats her husband like dirt and her issue about having her in laws around too much makes me sick!! FFS get over yourself Bethenny they lost a child and only have Jason and they seem like caring wonderful people who wouldnt interfer but who would willingly help you with anything. I think you’re nothing but a spoilt selfish self centred cow now.

  • I’m disappointed she went there because I like them both. However , I’m not surprised. Season one Teresa wrote a blog totally bashing bethany and it was harsh and crude. Evidently bethany accused Teresa of building off her sk inny brand with her first skinny Italian book. Then Teresa came back and proved she had trademark skinny Italian and had her book in the works before bethany. Shocking right?

    Everyone knows bethany is Andy favorite , so I’ve always felt he was harder on Teresa because of the feud between the two housewives. Expespecialy at the last two reunion shows.

      • i’ll search around for more details on it. Thinking back on it, im pretty sure it was Teresa writing a blog recap of a RHONY episode right before RHONJ 2nd season started. The blog was on BRAVO i dont know how far back the blog goes but there has to be something on the interenet about it. Bethany was the QUEEN back then.

        Its very interesting to me that Bethany accused her of stealing the idea considering someone else accused Bethany of stealing the idea…LOL Remember the lady who wrote “naturally skinny” yep! Ill see if i can find that blog or a better detailed article on it.

        • Thanks for the link, Dawn! So, Skinny Bitch came out first, then Teresa’s Skinny Italian, then Bethanny’s Skinnygirl Dish? Like Teresa said in the blog, lots of titles have skinny in them. I wonder why Bethany and Teresa dislike each other so much? Like Teresa said in her blog, there is enough love, love, love to go around!

          • Teresa was clearly team jill back then. She took up for Jill all the time. I think thats really at the heart of the fight.

            However, i still dont see Bethanys recent comment as a throwing of the gauntlet. It didnt feel real catty to me, thats my opinion.

          • If you go to Amazon you can see the release date for Skinny Italian is May 4, 2010 and the release date for The Skinnygirl Dish is Dec 29, 2009.

            T said B ‘decided’ to name her book after T’s book went to press. That would mean either T is wrong or she has some detail about when B reached a decision for a name and B’s book was rushed through the press and released faster than T’s for some reason.

          • Is it possible Ts book release was held off till RHONJ season 2 started for more publicity? I have no idea how that stuff works but back then RHONY was airing right before RHONJ. That makes sense in my mind.

  • Hells Bells! This is so disappointing. Bethany, I’ve always been a fan but this snark is not a good look on you. Is Teresa’s make up line also going to be copying your facewash at Walmart? Get a grip!

    • Bethenny get over yourself. Teresa’s drink is nothing like yours. And Teresa’s drink is a billion times more tasty so that is why you’re being a biatch. Teresa you are doing so good honey, don’t let all these mean bitches bring you down.

        • She now has a $10 million class action suit against her for false advertising. Her product was pulled from Whole Food shelves. The Skinny Girl Margarita claims on the label is has no preservatives but in fact it does have preservatives. No wonder she’s so bitchy.

    • @HWLover…Honey don’t you just LOVE skinny margaritas in your face wash…mmmmm…love the smell of anorexic in the morning.

  • Insulting someone because they might give you some competition is the most obvious sign of insecurity. It’s a big world Bethenny; there’s room for both of you.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Can anyone just be happy for this poor woman? Teresa’s drink is nothing like Bethenny’s. Bethenny you have over a 100 million dollars so shut up.

    • Bethenny so are you saying you copied every alcoholic beverage before you? Of course not because yours is different. Just like Teresa’s is different!!! All these womens jealousy of Teresa is becoming so sad. Get over yourself Bethenny.

    • Out of all the adjectives, Teresa couldn’t come up with anything other than “skinny”? It was branded and had a track record and she tried to poach it. I think she’s married to a nutjob and will eventually leave his sorry ass.

      • Teresa did NOT use “skinny” … it’s calle a Fabellini !!!
        Bethany didnt “SLAM” her, she was just being Bethany ,but don’t we all love that about her???

      • You might wanna look up how many other “skinny” brand Bethenny ripped off if you want to call Teresa out for using it.

        • I guess Bethenny should start suing the Skinny Cow since they have obviously copied her *eye roll*. BTW there is NOTHING naturally skinny about Bethenny Frankel. If you have to use laxative to stay skinny YOU HAVE ISSUES.

    • There won’t be any competition. Teresa is vial. The only people whow ill drink her italian wine are New Jerseyites

      • Teresa is a small glass bottle? WTF? I thought she was an Italian American woman not an inanimate object.

        She’s gonna sell plenty of her wine outside of NJ, as I have tons of friends in Michigan that have already placed orders, myself included.

          • I like a Bellini so I’m feeling pretty hopeful. Can’t wait to try it. Her recipes are damn good so I feel pretty good about the wine. 🙂

        • Yeah, I’m Canadian and have ordered also.
          We don’t want to wait for it to arrive in Canada, and we want to support Tre.
          Seven of us have ordered and are just waiting to go and pick it up in Syracuse, NY. We all have her cookbooks as well.
          Not only will Americans from ALL of the STATES support her so will people from other COUNTRIES.
          Stuff that it your pipe and smoke it KAY !!!


      • Well if Jersey is the only place that one can buy the wine…if they put into other states…people will buy it…Bethenny was rude…she did not say that about RAMONA’s wine..but maybe she just did not have the BALLS to say it to her since Ramona would have told her off again on national tv…LOLOLOLOL

      • MeHo I think you meant to say “vile”. Why don’t you and your fugly wicked sisters go take a flying leap through a river of crocs. Jealousy is a curse. I’m from Australia and let me tell you Teresa has a massive fan base here who can’t wait to try her wine.

    • So when Teresa slammed some of the other NJ housewives last season for being “jealous of her and copying what she does”…was she being insecure?

      Now that the tables are turned, her supporters are up in arms….LMFAO!!!!!

      • Very true indeed. When Teresa does and says things everyone’s ok with it but when the tables are turned, everyone else has a problem. Bethenny’s right. Teresa is a damn copycat. She copied everything Bethenny did only Bethenny is more successful because she’s smart.

        • Bethenny looks like a disgusting skeleton. Bought her husband. Ended up with $8- not $100 million by any estimates. I feel really bad for her. Funny comment. But she is grotesque.

          • You got that right! Bethenny looks scary skeleton. Teresa looks healthy Happy and beautiful. Bethenny is a bitter bitter person person which stems all the way back from her childhood. Teresa had a wonderful childhood, with loving parents. Teresa cooks food with love with the receipes taught to her by her loving family. It doesn’t take a food expert to decide which food would most likely taste better. Bethenny is jealous, plain and simple. She knew when Teresa came out with Skinny Italian she got trumped, because Teresa’s receipes were better, healthy and actually TASTES better and you got to eat more than 3 bites of food before you needed to take a laxative because of the calorie count.

      • When did Teresa EVER say any of the housewives copied her or that they’re jealous of her? That’s right, she never has. The only time Teresa said anything about anyone being jealous was when she made the comment about Caroline being jealous that she got a book deal while no one wanted Caroline’s book.

          • Melissa did copy her; from her style of dress, her manner of speaking, the way she dresses her daughter, etc. She even did a Christmas card where Antonia was wearing the exact same outfit Gia wore in a Christmas card years earlier.

          • Good try, except for the fact that we were referring to BUSINESS. In which case, Teresa has never said any of them copied her or are jealous of her business wise.

            As far as Melissa trying to copy Teresa’s looks, the proof is in the pudding.

    • So Agree, used to like B but after that comment she is out in my book. The think is everyone is jumping on the wagon; Jill, Ramona, T’s Cousin so please to B. See how greedy people are she got that ridiculous amount of money and now she thinks she is in the only one who can produce a product.