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Which Housewives Wished Teresa Giudice Luck On Celebrity Apprentice?

Today was the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice and RHONJ star Teresa Giudice did fabulous! As most of you know Teresa doesn’t speak to the housewives on RHONJ so I kept a look out on who tweeted wishing her good luck and who didn’t!

Melissa Gorga tweeted, “Good luck to @Teresa_Giudice. Hope she raises a lot of $ for @Nephcure on #CelebrityApprentice. I Met Matthew & he is truly an amazing boy..” Teresa then retweeted Melissa’s tweet and thanked her! Now thats the way to go!

Caroline Manzo is definitly watching! She tweeted, “Good luck to my friend @LisaLampanelli – @celebrityapprentice” Many then tweeted her and said that was a low blow and Caroline responded “Dear Everyone – @lisalampanelli is a good & true friend. I support my friends, always.” She added, “Donald Trump Jr. always looks so handsome. never a hair out of place.” I get why Caroline would get the immediate backlash of tweeting that because she has never tweeted Lisa prior to knowing that Lisa was on the show.

Kathy Wakile did wish Teresa success saying, “All the best tonight @Teresa_Guidice! Wishing you nothing but continued success!”

Jacqueline tweeted, “It’s cold outside.” And later was asked if she is avoiding Celebrity Apprentice this season. Jac said, “I actually have never seen the show, but I’m sure it’ll be great”

Former housewife Dina Manzo tweeted, “Who’s watching #celebrityapprentice with my girl @teresa_giudice ???? I know I am. Proud of you T!!”

And Andy Cohen said, “we’re all rooting for you on Celeb Apprentice! Show them what Jersey Girls are made of”

Jill Zarin also tweeted Teresa saying, “good luck ! I know you will make all housewives proud!”

Congratulations again, Teresa! You did great! I have a feeling you’re in for the long run!

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  • Quick, Meho, X-Factor and America’s Got Talent are both casting NOW!! They just announced it on the morning news!! Hurry, and go audition to prove to everyone what a truly great singer you are!! Then when they pick you as the winner, you can say that you really do have talent and that you aren’t riding Teresa’s coattails!!
    Hahahahahahaha, NOT!!

    • Don’t forget to incorporate some of those great dance moves and costuming that you learned when you worked at Lookers as a “bartender”, LOL!

  • I just have to say regarding the pronunciation of Tre’s last name ….I have been giggling since Season One having grown up in an all Italian neighborhood, I thought “who came up with that pronunciation?”….and then they continued to screw it up after Tre pronounced it correctly on Season 2 finale with Andy Cohen. Holy smoke it is “ju-di-chay” wake up people…how does any get “ju-dice” from that spelling….UUUGGHHH

    • oh and poor caroline …nothing to do with her time either …. she is still obviously ticked that her own sister chose Tre over her….. what goes around comes around and bites you Mrs. Manzo

  • Yesterday the women who runs Absurd to Sublime tweeted that she was now a fan of Teresa. Within an hour the former Lookers employee sent the same women a DM. Doesn’t she ever stop trying to jump on the Teresa bandwagon.

    I can not wait until ALL the dirty little secrets come out out the former Lookers employee on National TV. There are still too many people that don’t read this blog that think believe the “my poor me I am a victim act” I am glad that SH is finally seeing the light about her and her PW husband.

    • “Within an hour the former Lookers employee sent the same women a DM.”

      Did Sharon/A2S disclose what it said?

    • In my opinion Lisa has an extremely nasty mouth. Don Caro seems to think strip clubs and foul language are acceptable as long as it gets her family more press.
      Does anyone else remember Dina making a statement when she left RHONJ that everything “became about the show and getting in the press”. At the time I didn’t know who she was referring to but no it is clearly her sister and the kids( really adults that refuse make their own way without mommy)
      Lauren has to be the laziest of all the Manzo’s. She has a new store opening the Don Caro is spending all her time working to open. Don Caro has many tweets each week about the store yet Lauren is so caught up in the partying that it is all she tweets about. Yesterday she finally starting tweeting about their shown next week. The Don was probably standing over her ordering her to tweet.
      I think that Teresa like Lisa at first but lost interest in her after Lisa let her mouth start flying with the f-bombs. I for one don’t blame her.

      • “I think that Teresa like Lisa at first but lost interest in her after Lisa let her mouth start flying with the f-bombs. I for one don’t blame her.”

        lol ? I haven’t read a single thing about Teresa and Lisa being friends or even being enemies… would you like to share your evidence of that ?

  • To be honest, I am only watching this show because of Teresa. So, whether I like her book, her strategy on Celebrity Apprentice, it doesn’t matter. I actually do like Teresa. She’s my favourite but that doesn’t mean I have to kiss the ground she walks on. And, all because I wasn’t ”fond” of her first cookbook, certainly doesn’t mean I will dislike the following two. I learned a big lesson about purchasing books using my Nook aka Kindle, and that is, go to Barnes and Nobles and look at the actual book and if you like it, buy the book without the Nook. I think Nook maybe the reason I don’t seem to be fond of the books I am purchasing on it. If anyone has a Nook, tell me if you are happy with the books you purchase on it. Please.

    • I borrowed Skinny Italian from the library and I think it was a nicely designed book with nice photographs that you would probably enjoy more in the hard copy than on an e-reader. Borrow it from your library if you can or take a look in a bookstore and see if it makes a difference to you. I did think the writing was more entertaining than just about any other recipe book I’ve bought but to be honest I didn’t have a chance to try any of the recipes.

  • You know, I’m not going to hate on Caroline for a dispute she may have with Teresa. I would rather focus on the show. We don’t see these women twenty four hours a day. We only catch a glimpse of them one day a week for less than one hour and in that one hour, the story doesn’t just focus on one woman. And, it’s only on for four months out of a year. I have no idea what has happened to these friendships on a personal level so why hate Caroline for the short fraction we see her on an hour long, weekly reality show that only gives us four months with her?
    Caroline was hurt and really I can understand why. Put yourselves in Caroline’s shoes. Yes, her kids are adults but Teresa did make it personal by cutting down Caroline’s kids and attacking Caroline’s integrity. Who knocks a friend and her family in a cookbook? Also, I got Teresa’s cookbook, The Skinny Italian and I have to say, it sucked. I don’t mean to knock it and this isn’t personal against Teresa because I don’t know her but it’s the truth. She did more talking in the book than recipe’s. She gave more tips on products but not many recipe’s. Oh and Don’t Waste Your Money On Lisa Vanderpumps Book! It’s very short and too much personal bullcrap about herself and Giggy. Sucked.

    • I paid nearly $18.00 on Lisa Vanderpump’s book and that was on Nook. I should get my money back with a thank you for reading the damned thing in the first place. Teresa’s book is the same.

      • Now this idiot is the kind of comments Bravo lets through. Teresa’s book is amazing, I’ve made sooooooo many yummy dinners from her recipes! You are a liar or lazy because if you really had Teresa’s book and made her recipes you would be singing her praises. You’re full of it lady.

        • Gregg, why are crawling up a strangers ass? Come out Gregg! Don’t forget to wipe off the brown stains.

          • Name a recipe you made from Teresa’s book and tell me how you prepared it? If you really made at least one, you should have no trouble telling me what it was and how you made it.

      • Rosalie
        Before Teresa’s 2nd cookbook came out, her kids were trashing Teresa’s Skinny Italian cookbook in the car on the way to the charity run. They also were nasty to her on the beach. The fight between T and Kathy was none of their business to comment on. Teresa is twice their age and they should be more respectful. Ashlee accused Teresa as the source for a story claiming Jac as a stripper. When it was proven that it was Danielle, they offered no apology.

  • It’s only just the start so I’m not going to be hard on Theresa. It’s hard to say she did a good job when she’s sort of staying in the background hoping nobody will focus on her. Like Tia.

  • Teresa is so above this show, its her time to move on and shine, and the rest of the cast can go on rolling their eyes and still blaming teresa for all their Sad phony lives!!!!! Go Teresa

  • Theresa is a mean, hateful person. I cannot believe how she doesn’t know some of the most common knowledge! On the reunion show Andy had to point out to her time and again the meanings of sayings that most 10 year old’s would know! Her grammar is terrible at times and she cannot pronounce simple words. Now she is constantly changing the pronunciation of her husband’s last name! THAT is strange! She has pronounced it like JOO-DICE until recently now it’s suddenly JUDY-SHAY. How Jr. High to change the pronunciation of one’s name. Then we’re supposed to believe she writes cookbooks? Can you say ghost writer?! I doubt she can write her name much less a book! I’m glad Carolyn finally distanced herself from that crazy train wreck of a woman known as Theresa.

    • Judy-Shay is the way you would pronounce it in Italian. The vowel sound of “I” sounds like a vowel “E” in the Italian language.

      • I thought it was pronounced, Jew-dee-chay. JUDeeChay. Giudice’. lol. Who really cares anymore? lol

    • Who cares how she pronounces her last name? Is it going to affect your everyday life? Talk about nitpicking!

      • Razzle Dazzle, we don’t care. Teresa is the one who was irritated that nobody, including Andy Cohen, was pronouncing her name right. She wrote that in her cookbook.

    • oh pumpkin, maybe you should check everybody involved (even peripherally) with RHONJ before you start spell checking their grammar. I must say that Melissa has, by far, the worst grammar of anybody. She can not distinguish in any way between their, there and they’re, she just randomly chooses whichever one she feels like at the moment. There is no way she graduated from college. And then you have her hag sisters. One of them keeps insisting that she is involved in a daily “coffee clutch.” I find this so amusing. I picture her holding her coffee mug very tightly, as the correct phrase is “Kaffee Klatch” from the German meaning a gathering around coffee. They are just the stupidest, most ignorant, uneducated bunch of Jersey Shore trash ever. Really, you can not put Teresa in the same category as them.

      • Lima, I noticed the coffee clutch thing and it drove me crazy lol. Not one person corrected her either because she continues to say it. Dumb a**.

  • Carolina is so eaten up with jealousy it’s hilarious. Stay small Caroline, while Treeeee rises to the top~!!!

  • What I find funny is Xanax Jax could tweet all about what the hell mile marker they where at, who was eating or drinking what, and who ran out of supplies on the road trip from hell, but to send a tweet to a friend should couldn’t do! Xanax Jax’s you really need to grow up no wonder why Ashlee is the way she is!

  • If Caroline has any character she would have refrained from tweeting last night. Lost even more respect for her. Same goes for Jacqueline. So immature. teresa made RHWNJ watchable. If not for her Caroline Jac, Melissa & etc wouldnt have a job

  • I think it was good that most of them posted something in support. It only took 30 seconds to type and life is short. The one that didn’t – she came off as petty.

  • Just another perfect example of what total asses Caroline and Waco Jaco are. Melissa and Kathy are just trying to save face at this point.

    • Agree, I think Meho and Kathy still need Teresa badly, so they are going to try and make some kind of peace with her just to try and stay relevant. Think about family or people in your own lives that have used you for their own benefit and it’s just like them. They thought that they could make it on their own and then flopped, so they come back to you. You never want to risk your own family for anything and that’s exactly what those two did and the world saw that. Melissa wanted to bring up Teresa’s and Joe’s personal (family) problems and instead Teresa’s biggest fan’s brought up Melissa’s trashy life. Karma is a bitch (as PDK says).

  • Way off-topic: I couldn’t get over how bad Cheryl Tiegs looked. Yet another once-beautiful woman who couldn’t age gracefully.

    • The minute she said she was holding back on her donors until she became project manager, i thought she will be dismiss. That is a big NO NO NO….But Paul came through, he said they were gonna get half milli, they made $497,000 WOW.

    • I’m so glad Cheryl recognized that she didn’t have the right personality for this competition. I helped her leave the show on the most graceful level possible.

      What do people think of the woman who was in charge of the woman’s team for the first task. I don’t think I’m going to like her. She may have been competent but she was too much of a Debbie downer. Never cracked a smile. Not my idea of entertaining. The guys were a lot more fun this week.

      I have no idea who Aubrey O’Day is but I kind of liked her – even when she was bragging about her number of twitter followers. I don’t think she likes Debbie Gibson and I don’t think I will either.

      • Aubrey was part of the Diddy-manufactured girl group Danity Kane, which originated on MTV’s “Making the Band.” They had a couple of minor hits a few years back, then disbanded.

        Yeah, Debbie—excuse me, Deborah—Gibson has bitchface for days. 🙂

        • Aubrey (never heard of her) was wrong about the number of twitter followers. Teresa has more than her.

        • Aubrey (never heard of her) was wrong about the number of twitter followers. Teresa has more than her.

      • I didn’t like the woman on the first competition. I found her to be very obnoxious and prejudiced. Notice how she, a Mexican, continually praised the other Mexican female as if they were the only two who did all the work? Yea, they are very prejudice and I hate that kind of attitude. Praise your own kind. That’s not how people should be. You give praise to the entire team and don’t simply root one person out as the best of them all.

        • You certainly didn’t see the two Italian females, Teresa and Victoria Gotti doing that. Teresa to Victoria, “Oh Victoria, You Did A Fabulous Job!” Victoria Responds, “No Teresa, You Had The Most Difficult Chore!” Teresa, “No Victoria, I Admire You!” Victoria, “No Teresa, I Admire YOU!”

        • they are venezualan. and the charity was a venezualan charity. therefore they both raised a lot of money. for a charity based in their country. and i think its prejudice to refer to a latina woman as “mexican” when clearly they said multiple times they were venezualan.

    • I agree she didn’t exactly look ” hawt”, but the woman is SIXTY-FOUR. We ought to give her a break. I don’t remember my grandmother looking like that at 64.

  • Caroline and her family have shown their true colors and it’s not pretty they think their better than everyone else yet they use people for their own gain. They are a very bitter family. Be carefull Caroline karma is a bitch and so are you and it’s gonna be coming around.

    • Exactly. Right now the family that owns the NY Giants are the new bff. You know that friendship is for their own gain. I also think the Manzos kicked the Gorgas to.the curb once it was discovered that Mel worked at Lookers for a year and not a bikini bar for the summer. Caro realized a.LIAR.

      • That’s what happens when your not a true friend or a friend at all. It’s easy for you to trade people in when something better comes up. Who wants friends like that? Next Manzo’s will trade NY Giants in for something better after they use them up for fame, name dropping or tickets to games.

      • I know…they are seriously pathetic. I was following all of the Manzo’s, but had to unfollow all except Caroline (only for curiousity, trust me), because the family is completely over-the-top obessed with themselves and WHO they know. Like you said, the new BFF, owner of the Giants…give me a frigign break. I still cannot forget when she compared her children to Alexa Ray Joel – OMG – because, as she said, they were all “privileged”. I swear I wanted to throw something at the TV. Imagine the balls of comparing HER children to that of the wealth that Billy Joel and Christi Brinkley. Oh, I have to stop, I’m getting mad all over. She’s “garbage”. Why doesn’t she try using some of her “wealth” to send Chris and Lauren to college? I mean, seriously, who at the point in time is NOT sending their children to college. Shaking my damn head at her.

  • I think Melissa and joe are hypocrites first they down Teresa. But once everyone sees through their intentions and how manipulative they can be they start to have a “change of heart”. Melissa should have called Teresa or even send a text. Something’s should just be kept private the media does not need to know if your trying to mend a relationship. As for Caroline she needs to do a self evaluation shes very old and acts like a middle schooler feeding into unnecessary drama.

  • My take on Caroline is that she takes herself soooooo seriously when in reality, she is really a joke. She and her family are uneducated, blue collar workers. They are working class people with some money, nothing wrong with that, but honestly, put it in perspective, just remember who you are. I live in Northern New Jersey, in a county over from them, in the most affluent county in NJ and I see bank. Serious, sick, educated bank that would eat Caroline and her crew alive. These people laugh at the NJ housewives. If she could only see herself for what she is and not take herself so seriously she wouldn’t be so hated.

    • Agree with you 100%. I find it sad that “children of privilege” like the Manzos don’t pursue a college education. Obviously they can afford it. There are so many people who would give their right arm to have opportunities like these kids. Albie (how old is too old to be an “Albie” anyhow), who did go to college, seems to have no desire to get an honest job using his education. He’d rather ride mommy’s coattails hawking products.

      • Albie did go to college and ended up actually graduating and earning a BA. But watch the first season and you’ll come away with a feeling that this is a family that does NOT appreciate higher education and him going was a very unusual, black-sheepy thing to do. Yes, they “supported” him by helping him pay for it, not an insignificant thing, but they made numerous comments implying it was kind of a waste etc. Caroline even said ” In this family, we value street smarts, not book smarts” or some such nonsense. I think Albie has finally fallen in line ( given up ) and will half-heartedly slog through life pushing his family’s products and being an emotionally tepid “businessman”, but it was very clear to me at least, that he started out really wanting to branch out, do something different, get away from business, the brownstone and gain an education.

  • Between Melissa and Kathy, I think Kathy was genuine in her tweet to Teresa. This wasn’t the first time that Kathy acknowledged Teresa’s success via twitter. She’s tweeted how proud she is of Teresa several times since news broke that Teresa was on Celebriry Apprentince. Kathy is a snake and passive aggressive but she seems to be the only one who really wants to make up with Teresa. I think Kathy would be so much more likable if she wasn’t always siding with Melissa and trying to make subtle digs at Teresa because of Melissa and Joey.

    • I agree Kathy needs to stay away from Joe and Mellisa and all of them and love her cousin and apologize

    • Actions speak louder than words, she is green with envy. She always has a degrading or insulting remark after. Kathy likes to put Teresa down, she is nothing but a bug eyed, ugly, jealous bully. Teresa needs to ignore them and just think about her husband and her girls. I’m sick of Melissa and Kathy’s fake, lying bullshit and I just want to be done with them. I wish Melissa and Kathy never came on the show, they never go away and they are always trying to ride on Teresa’s coat tails. Let Teresa have peace, everyone is sick of you. Go away Melissa and Kathy!

  • Gosh, I wish some of you would go over to the bravo message boards and post your support of Teresa when the new season of RHONJ comes back on. The majority of posters think Caroline, Melissa and Kathy are Saints and Teresa is the Anti-Christ!! Love me some Teresa – she’s not perfect but the other ladies are so fake!!

    • The Bravo website is notorious for screening people’s posts and not putting many up there. I have tried many times to say positive things to Teresa and they never got posted. Or I have tried to call out one of the other ladies for saying something and it never got posted. Bravo is controlling which posts make it for everyone else to see. They even edited the blogs of Teresa herself!! Here, and some other non-Bravo-affiliated blogs is where people can post their opinions without being screened by biased Bravo.

      • Yup – Bravos blog posts are as heavily edited as their shows. I tried to post 2 or 3 times and they didn’t put up my posts. Now I skip their site and get my info here.

      • Ditto to what Kate said. I’ve made NUMEROUS frustrating attempts to get something posted to no avail. I know what you mean – if you read just BRAVO, you’d swear the opinions on the ladies were 90% against Teresa which is funny because that’s not what’s reflected on this site or the rest of the internet. Just Bravo. Obviously, most or all sites reserve the right to moderate posts and take them down if they’re offensive etc, but Bravo, IF they post your comment AT ALL, it’s like 2 days to a WEEK later. I’ve had that happen, which means, they are reading and making decisions about the ” appropriateness of every…..single…post…that….ever….comes…in. They must employ a few people full time just to monitor that.

    • I have posted there dozens of times and not one has ever been approved. I have always been incredibly circumspect and careful with my language and what I say in order to meet their clearly malleable guidelines for posting. I think they might have a comment moderator who goes just approves every 5th post or something, because some immoderate ones get through.

      • That’s true! Before I found this site I would try to post on Bravo site for Teresa millions of times and it never would post. I do think they pick and choose what they want for their own benefit and ratings. Thank God that I found this site to be able to speak my piece about what I want. THANK-YOU ROXY!!!!!!!!!

      • I’ve noticed that too. After my first few attempts to get something posted failed, I actually tried to examine my own words, writing style, grammar, propriety. I even tried to make sure my comments weren’t TOO negative or slanted. I never criticized BRAVO. I supported Teresa without bashing the other ladies thinking that perhaps BRAVO wanted their site to be as you say a moderate, respectful, atypical, “classy” posting board. Then I finally caught on – they have an agenda and want their boards to closely resemble and fall in line with the producer-designed narratives. Although go look NOW. Since the show ended, Caroline has racked up like 1,700 comments, most of them negative! Maybe all the criticism and letter writing falling got through to them.

        This is not my original theory -but many people think the reason Andy and his minions have it out for Teresa is because Juicy made homophobic comments and she tossed him like a ragdoll at the Season 2 reunion. Who knows if that’s true, seems flimsy, but I can’t think of any other reason.

    • I have wriitten soooooo many comments on the Bravo blogs in support of Teresa that never get posted so I just gave up. All my gay friends say the same thing. The Bravo blogs favor the other housewives and only post hateful posts about Teresa. Only once in awhile do they let a good comment about Teresa get posted. The favoritism for Melissa and the other housewives is disgusting and not fair. Bravo lost my respect.

  • Unless Caroline continues on RHW, she’s a nobody, just like her children. I think she knows this and is bitter. She needs to get a life.


  • Caroline must have shit a brick when the CA women were sitting around the table trying to figure out what their strategy was going to be and they all decided Teresa was the most recognizable out of all them!

    Caroline and her family are so phony. I hope more of their lies are exposed this year.

    • I loved in the beginning when they said “everyone’s favorite NJ housewife”. Deflated a whole bunch of egos in one fell swoop

  • I’m happy to see that Melissa, Kathy, Dina, Lexi, and Andy all supported Teresa last night, even if it might’ve come across as superficial on some’s part. At least the effort was there.

    Caroline was definitely watching, because she tweeted about how yummy grilled cheese sandwiches are.

    Thought Teresa did great! Head down, hard work, did her part. Never watched Celebrity Apprentice before, but really enjoyed it.

  • I want to know when Caroline became such good friends with Lisa L. My guess is when she heard she will be on CA with Teresa. Caroline is now acting like the Marco family by trying to be a wedge in Teresa’s new friendships. Kathy still continues with her passive aggressive personality.

    • Yes Caroline did the same with Jay Mehor (spelling?). She and her rat pack of kids MADE SURE to go cheer for him when he was doing a stand up routine. She went out of her way to be friends with Jay in hopes of favorable blogs and comments, and it worked. Jay drank the Manzo Blackwater. Disgusting.

      • You are right. The last blog he trashed Teresa without reading her book. In the book it clearly states she was referring to the meatball contest on the Rachel Ray Show. He also failed to mention that Caroline’s kids trashed her before the book came out.

        • yes he did.. thats when i stopped reading bravo blogs
          jays blogs were hilarious,, but once the manzo’s got their claws in this balls,,, he wasn’t worth reading

      • Yep. They knew it’s pretty difficult for someone to trash or even just make fun of someone who he/she JUST saw in person; someone who came to support him at his show and who just licked his butt hard. They knew exactly what they were doing. Too bad Jay Mohr didn’t catch on to their game. Lets hope LL does soon. Heck, read his blogs, for the vast majority of the season he LOVED and completely supported Teresa. I actually think he had a big crush on her. And it was completely organic. He didn’t like or not like anyone because he was personally invested. He really dug her so therefore they ( well, Caroline ) had to step in and cut that friendship/admiration off at the knees. I keep saying this, but it’s occurring to me more and more. It’s psycho, stalker behavior. Caroline needs help.

  • I think season 4 is gonna be a waste if bravo was smart they would ditch it we already know it’s just more of season 3 their whole plan blew up in their faces. Everything on it will be lies because we all know that Gorgas, Wakiles, Laritas and especially the Manzo clan are garbage. They’re disrespectfull , jealous liars that use people to further themselves.

  • I think the other housewives have such green eyes it’s pathetic. I think everyone will see season 4 that they ganged up on T to make themselves look good. Kathy plays the goodwife but she is a snake. Without T mego and Kathy wouldn’t even be on the show. T needs her own show

    • You are so right. They can never be truly happy for Teresa and they all want what she has. If they can’t have it they try to take it from her or destroy her. Melissa and Kathy are the most evil of them all but they all have lied about Teresa and tried to take everything from her so they all are just so horrible and disgusting to me.

  • Y’all are the biggest hypocrites ever. First off if melissa didn’t tweet something everyone would be saying she wasn’t supporting Teresa. Second it’s obvious Caroline and jac aren’t friends with her. They don’t have to congratulate her. Get over it. If they did youd be calling them fake and saying they are doing it for attention. I know I wouldn’t go out of my way to congratulate someone I’m not friends with anymore. Usually you wanna steer clear of that person hence not friends. We have some major Teresa supporters who arent happy either way. Your doomed if you do your domed if you don’t. Move on stop crying and just support Teresa no need to bring everyone into it a make a bunch of negative comments. Ok over it.

    • Yeh well you may be right…the idea may have been for people like Caroline Jacqueline and Kathy not to tweet at all…the fact that they did just shows the whole twitter world how immature they really are…And the fact that they did what they did on Twitter then it surely makes way for all the negative comments…if you don’t want comments to what you tweet..then don’t do it…DOH!!!!

      • Applause applause donnelee you are right! This is a site for commentary whether its good or bad. Thanks to all about truth for the forum to discuss whatever we feel about. The post is named guess which he wished Teresa luck. Then it says lets discuss so we all have opinions and we discuss it. I love Teresa and i know what I’ve seen and how the hypocrites have treated her. So have thousands of others. 🙂

    • I can only speak for myself, but if I were in that position, I probably would have tweeted something to the effect of “although we have had our share of problems, I support what Teresa is doing for charity. I wish her and all the contestants well in raising money for such worthwhile charities”. It’s acknowledging her accomplishment without being overly sappy and phony. For Caroline to not even mention someone who she once considered family (even though they are now not speaking) just makes her seem petty and jealous. She could root for Lisa but she still should have acknowledged Teresa.

      • I said the same thing ” Everyone knows by now, Teresa and I have had our share of differences, but I really do congratulate her and hope she does well for her charity.” – that’s how a CLASSY MATURE woman handles herself.

    • SHE WASN’T SUPPORTING TERESA IT WAS FAKE!!!!! Melissa is a jealous, lying, scumbag that is just looking to use Teresa again. It’s bullshit and people are tired of it! If you don’t like the truth get out of here!

    • No, they certainly don’t have to congratulate her. But Caroline purposely went out of her way not just on the night of the premiere, but long before to befriend someone she knew was also on the show and someone who was becoming friends with Teresa. It’s creepy behavior.

  • If anyone had any doubt about how jealous or childish or mean or what a bitch Caroline is I would think they would be gone now. She tries to act like she’s not into all the bs when she is the queen of bs. Caroline you are no better than anyone else. What a shame you are just a mean bitter jealous bitch. Melissa and Kathy FAKE. Jac crazy. You are all a big disappointment.

    • Caroline is so jealous it isn’t funny. she started chasing reality t.v. shows when she had her “boys” on the Millionaire Matchmaker. (I was not aware that they were millionaires I thought their father was.) then she pawed her way onto Rhonj and the rest is history. You know she was begging to be on Celebrity Apprentice, but the Donald saw that she wasn’t popular or interesting enough. Or pretty enough.
      the show got off to a pretty good start, but that must have hurt that Tre’s sandwhich got beat by the boys. Ouch. Victoria Gotti is very wierd, and that hair. Oh my Frog. It’s frightening.

      • Please, Caroline’s boys are not millionaires by any means. None of them have even finished college. They just live off the parents and any fame that comes from that. Please where would they be without HW? Blackwater is a bomb and will not be around much longer and I hope they fade out too!

  • I don’t care WHY these ladies, Kathy, Melissa, Jill, Dina and Andy (hehe, ladies) tweeted good luck to Teresa , I’m just glad they did. It was low of Caroline to tweet what she did. She could have said good luck to everyone or said nothing at all. Singling out Lisa was a direct dis to Teresa whether she meant it that way or not… but we know she did. I actually Jacquelyn’s tweet wasn’t SO bad, at least it wasn’t negative… just neutral. Good luck to Teresa, so sad I missed the show tonight.

    • Ummm thinking that Jacqueline had to be neutral or she would have to deal with Caroline not liking her…LOLOLOL

  • I hope Caro caught this tweet from Lexi:
    Lexi Manzo @Lexmanzo

    Can’t wait to watch auntie @Teresa_Giudice on celeb apprentice tonight! Woohoo 10 minutes!!!!

  • Caroline is a old dusty bitch! Talk about green eyed monster. Caroline is so green with envy her hair turned rooster red! Lmao! Jacqueline couldn’t stop tweeting random shit, what a stupid bitch. Melissa and Kathy want to come to the CA party so bad, they mustard up enough strength to kiss some Giudice ass!

  • 100% agree with what you expressed! Caroline thinks she knows everything and how to act and she is worst then anyone I ever came across. Caroline is trash!

  • I won’t give them the time of day and say anything about those fake jealous housewives but Kathy didn’t even spell Teresa’s last name right lol. I’ve been team Teresa since day one tho! Love her! She’s been rising above all of their nonsense and I love her for that!

    • The same thing goes with Kathy, who is 40+, does she really think that people on Twitter are so stupid that they will see her digs and jealousy??? Ummm get a clue Kathy…it only makes YOU look worse.
      Stop taking lessons from Caroline!

  • Caroline is the biggest hypocrite of all the housewives. She has this sense of superiority in regards to “character” “honesty” and “sincerity”. She further touts how mature she is and how she is above kids games. There is a laundry list of Caroline’s inconsistency. Trying to lecture and judge someone who is going through something with their sibling…when YOU yourself have your own situation with a sibling or TWO. Then “acting” like you are someone’s friend…only to say that you were never friends with the person a couple of years later. What were then…because we have you on record saying that you were like family and you were good friends with said person. Were you lying…being insincere or both?

    When it comes to celebrity apprentice….Caroline knows DAMN well she wanted to be on that show and was not happy that Teresa got the gig. She can do interview after interview saying otherwise. She started tweeting and going to Lisa’s show as an immature way to dig at the fact she refuses to acknowledge Teresa. Instead of saying nothing on twitter…as she has done on many occasions regarding friction on and off the show….Caroline made it a point to acknowledge her support of Lisa. All of her kids and that Famewhore Greg have all followed Don Manzo as well. Talk about IMMATURE. Caroline talks a big game but she is just as immature, insincere, catty, and trashy as many of the housewives. The only difference a lot of the other HW’s own their behavior. Caroline just wants Teresa to own her behavior , but she fails to own hers. There is a reason that Caroline has more then one sibling not talking to her……

    • good post. caroline is a big hypocrite and takes no responsibility for her actions, always pointing the finger at somebody else (cough teresa)

    • I totally agree.. If Caroline was as much the “bigger person” as she says she is, she would not have been so blatantly childish throughout all of this. Suck it up Caroline – you were busted lying about Teresa by your own sister, and you need to own it and grow the heck up.

      • What’s funny is if Caroline simply said something like ” Good luck to Teresa tonight on CA! Damn I’m jealous, I wanted to be on that show so badly! 🙂 It looks like so much fun. We’ve had a lot of differences, but I sincerely wish her the best.” she’d go a looong way toward repairing her image. But she just keeps doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on the Teresa bashing and immature middle school mean girl behavior. Her giant ego is going to swallow her whole eventually.

    • Surely one would have thought that since Caroline is 50+ that she would have had the maturity to know that purposely tweeting what she did was a dig at Teresa. Like I really believe that she was watching that show to support Lisa…she was watching it because of Teresa. When she assumes that the public is stupid, she has to realize that she only makes herself look worse.

      • Caroline is a controlling, bullying, lying witch, and VERY jealous that Theresa got this gig and she didn’t. Not only was her original tweet to Lisa Lampanelli a complete dig for Theresa, then the friggin wanna be follows it up with “Dear Everyone, Lisa is a good and “true” friend of mine. I always support my friends. She just can’t shut the ef up. Her and her stupid family kiss ass to all celebrities and go to all their shows and then try to suggest they “good friends”. She’s an ass. I’ll sign off by saying Melissa and Kathy’s tweets were complete b.s. and for their own good and nothing else!

    • It hit me when she and big Al were doing their “hate Teresa media tour” and they were ridiculing T for comparing herself to Lucille Ball. I scratched my head, went back to Caro’s blogs and lo and behold, just as I thought….Caro had compared T to Lucy. I believe NJ Housewives think we are as dumb as dirt or……as they are!

  • Teresa did great on CA and a good move for Andy to show up and deliver. Caroline is a miserable, jealous, unnecessarily nasty woman. Jac is another loser. Melissa knows she better tweet something nice. Slow Joe is so immature and probably busy tweeting complete strangers numerous congratulations. He and his wife wouldn’t be on RHNJ, if it wasn’t for his sister.

  • Kathy’s wish for Teresa was FAKE. As was Melissa’s, but that another story. Kathy tweeted that she didn’t know how to pronounce Teresa’s last name. A tweeter asked if she knew how because Teresa’s changes the way it is pronounced everyother week. Kathy chose to tweet snarky on Teresa’s big night, right after she tweeted her luck. So many people tweeted Kathy about how sweet she was to tweet this to Teresa. Kathy got one tweet pointing out the fact that Kathy that she was mean to tweet such a snarky tweet. I don’t want Kathy to get any press time for this mean tweet, but man oh man do I DISLIKE Kathy to the point that I shouldn’t write what I would like to. That is all

    • Kathy knows damn well that was the Italian way to pronounce Teresa’s last name, Kathy was just being a jealous bitch, they can never just leave Teresa alone. I’m so sick if Melissa and Kathy’s jealous games they play. It’s not rocket science Kathy, there is an Italian pronunciation and the other way they let slide because they probabky got tired if correcting people. Kathy stop the bullshit games, no one likes you, you’re annoying and ugly.

      • Kathy should stop her BS.She is so fake with her popped out eyes.Kathy ur daughter has a scare down her neck to her back.Why must you make fun of ur family members.Your bro Anthony grabbed Caroline Manzo at the Brownstone.He & his wife take advantage of SSI & live off ur fams house.Rosie is an addict.Ralph is a psycho.Ur only good bro is the Dentist.Keep trashing Tre & I will make sure everyone knows all ur personal business.Richard is a slum Lord.Why did you have to come home so early from Dana’s wedding shower.Cause your husband is a controlling nut case.You should be grateful when every 6 months Tori & Joeseph go for their scans and there negative.I know you personally Kathy stop Ur BS.Remember you didn’t want to go to Heather’s because her & Cliff were fighting.Do you tell them how you talk behind there back.Keep it up..I’ll really let ppl know about you.Bug eyed Bitc%

        • Love it! Put that self ritcheous bitch on blast. Karma is a bitch. ; )
          Im so glad these fake bitches are getting what they deserve.

        • I’ve often wondered where are the people that know them, been around them and why won’t they come forward and spill the beans?! THANK YOU, Ro!!! Thank you!

          • 1. U guys need to learn how to spell.
            2. Leave the kids out of it. That goes beyond cruel.
            3. I love all of TRHNJ, so back off. Just because u disagree doesn’t mean u need to hit below the belt.
            4. Seriously, do this country a service and consult a dictionary before posting your opinions. U make all housewives look like morons. Demonstrate learned grammar, so our youth can look back at this fatty bullsh#!t and glean something.

        • Ro, I have to agree. Leave the kids out of it.

          Now, Kathy and Rich are adults and karma is a bi##h.
          They deserve everything that comes their way.
          The same goes for Meho and pussy whipped.
          What comes around goes around!!!


        • Great info, but what really needs to happen now is BRAVO, Andy Cohen and all the little RHONJ producers need to start covering all these little topics and dirty family secrets about not only Kathy, but Jac, Melissa and Don Caro. Teresa has had far more than her fair share of people prying into her life and exposing every private pain and problem. Time for the other ladies to get a taste of it.

  • all the other HW make me sick Caro talking about Lisa L. mean bitch.. and Jac sobered up to stress tweet again, melissa tweeted just to get attention… they are all bitches… Caro is a SOURPUSS

      • Melissa had to turn her tweet of support into a me, me, me moment to mention that she has met the boy! Always the competitor Melissa!

        • I was thinking the same thing. Melissa uses Teresa for attention once again and throws herself in the tweet *gag* Melissa you’re disgusting. And Caroline is an old ,mean, hateful woman.

    • Every HW does not like Teresa! Trust me.Not even her cousin Kathy.Melissa tweeted so that followers would leave her & Kathy alone.Kathy was at Dana’s wedding but tweeted to quiet the outrage of many haters.Kathy is being nice as she needs to endorse her new Red Velvet Cocktail..LMAO Brianne Demmler deleted her acct on twitter due to news of a upcoming Magazine interview soon to expose the Walkies Family.Congrats Teresa..I really don’t mean it.I wish you knew who I really was.oxox

  • Caroline is such an ass. I hope she noticed Lisa Lampinelli didn’t answer her even though she’s been tweeting all through the show.

    • Now I see she answered at 4:30 in the morning. She wanted to make sure she replied when the most people would be monitoring twitter to see it. 😉

      • Love Teresa! She did great! The other housewives are washed up has beens. I don’t even pay any attention to the other housewives anymore. I want Teresa to get her own show so bad! That would be awesome! 🙂

        • I love tre, but I think Bethany messed up when she got her own show. Boring without her snarky remarks to the ther housewives. A show that is reality based needs more interaction. Just showing Theresa on her own show would probably die-out without some cool twist. Just ask Bethany, her season premiere had less than a million viewers I think

    • Check this out all of a sudden Caroline is friends with Lisa and went to Lisa’s show this past weekend at Atlantic city; she knows that Lisa and T got close on the celebrity apprentic. DO people now see what a piece of Garbage Caroline Manzo really is. Fake as they come!! Becoming friends with her NOW like she became friends with Jay Mohr so he wouldn’t bash her and her family on his blogs. DID you see Dina’s daughter wish T good luck on celebrity apprentice; and Fake MElissa and the dumb cousin Kathy wish T good luck on twitter for OUR benefit; anyone who is smart sees exactly what they are about. I say Kudos to Lexi Dina’s daughter
      Keep it up Caroline you just keep it coming anyone with a brain has got your #; UGH I used to think so higlhy of her boy was a jerk; LOL