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Taylor Armstrong Says She Didn’t Write Book For Money

Taylor Armstrong’s been everywhere lately and I bet she isn’t mad about it either. Taylor spoke to LAtimes to discuss her book and talks about how she ‘misses and longs for Russell.’ Taylor says she understands why people think she’s doing this for money. She says, “I know how it looks. If I didn’t think this would make a difference, I wouldn’t be doing it. Trust me, you don’t make that much money off a book.”

Taylor says she had separated from Russell and that she originally planned to write the book before his death, but he did not know it, “He did know, though, that the extent of the abuse would likely come out in the press. I spent a couple of days in Cedars-Sinai after [the eye] incident. There were nurses around. Plenty of people saw me in the operating room. The odds of keeping that under wraps, I mean, come on. He absolutely knew it was all going to come out. That was really something he was dreading.”

Taylor adds, “One of Russell’s big concerns, which he would bring up constantly after my eye incident, is, ‘Do you think the D.A. could press charges against me and put me in jail whether you press charges or not?’ I hate to say it, I would have wanted to protect him from that.”

Now that Russell has committed suicide, Taylor finds herself in a $1.5 million fraud lawsuit in which claims the couple conned investors. So what did Taylor have to say about that?

“I scratch my head about the finance stuff all the time. I’m still trying to pick up the pieces of the mess that was left behind. I have days when I’m in a ball, where I just sit and stare at the wall and just cry. ... I have every emotion in the world. I have incredible sadness for Russell. I miss him, I long for him. But I’m angry with him for leaving this mess for me to clean up. If there’s a Season 3, I think it’s important to see what happens next. I’m still working on myself. And I have to say for the first time in my life, I’m OK being alone. Every little thing that I thought was going to be so horrible, really hasn’t been. I think for a Season 3 it would be nice for people to see the progression … and the lows too, because it’s certainly not all good days.”

OBVIOUSLY there is going to be a season 3! We just don’t know if you’ll be in it and to be honest, I’m hoping Taylor isn’t in it. Taylor claims she was writing a tell-all book while he was alive but what happened to being ‘scared for her life.’ I just dont understand Taylor.

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  • I never post but I HAD TOO. It bothers me that she thinks HER book is going to save SOOO many lives. IF that was the case and reason she did it she would have done the book in conjunction with a reputable well know domestic violence charity and let THEM do the press using her situation (term used VERY LOOSELY) to help get more attention and ALL proceeds from said nook would have gone to charity or shelter and she would have should have used her own money to publicate the book.

  • I found this website through a series of links and I must say, I LOVE IT! There are a couple of questions that I am dying to find answers to, but have yet to find. Perhaps you or others could enlighten me.
    1.) Did Taylor every respond to Brandi’s statement about Russell telling her that Taylor was behind the infamous email to Camille, other then the manipulation statement from Taylor? The other ladies were so worried about being dragged into the threatened lawsuit. I would think they would want to know if their so called “friend” Taylor was behind it.
    2.) Did any of the ladies, particularly Kyle, know that the party Taylor held for Kennedy was also a belated bday party for Russell’s 11 yr old son Griffin? If so, how could they/kyle, be such an ardent supporter of Taylor’s when:
    a) Kennedy had a $2000 cake and Griffin had a Costco cake that had the incorrect date on it.
    b) Kennedy received so many gifts that they needed a truck to haul them away yet Griffin received nothing.
    c) Did anyone other then Russell’s other son console Griffin?
    I mean honestly, as a woman, how on earth do you do that to a child? How would Kyle feel if Mauricio treated her oldest daughter, his step-child this way? Or if her ex husbands significant other treated her in such a cruel manner? For Kyle to stick up for such a cold hearted, cruel woman is beyond me.
    Some may say that Griffin is Russell’s child and he should be held responsible, but Taylor was in charge of the party as we all saw.
    I was always taught that if you can’t do for all, you do for none.
    My heart just broke when I read about this incident. How horrible of a person do you have to be that you could treat a child this way?
    It sickens me that Taylor has continued to vilify Russell. This is the father of her child. He has two other children, parents, sister, friends, and they are continually subjected to this woman’s version of their loved one.
    Sorry for the rant but this woman is horrible and I hope she is brought to task for all her lies. If Bravo has her on season 3, I won’t be watching.
    One last thing. How many names does Taylor post here under? I believe I’ve identified at least 3.

    • Oh yeah and Thank you for reminding me,at this party she was OUTRIGHT flirting with the singer, her very abusive husband is there and she does that ???? NOOOO WAY would a women whom was really being abused even talk to another man..LIES LIES

  • Can she just go away already please?

    Also I just saw the Maloof Hoof (or hooves I guess) are half priced on ruelala today

  • I hope I’m wrong about this but Kathy Hilton is starting her own clothing line. At her age? Why Now? It makes me wonder if Kathy Hilton is going to be a new Housewife on Beverly Hills? This is too much of a coincidence? She’s starting her clothing line now so she has free advertisement and will be ready by the time season 3 comes around.

    • Kathy said she wouldn’t turn down the offer to be on Beverly Hills Housewives, but I can’t imagine them asking her since Kim is on the show, it would be weird to have three sisters on the show (though I think it would cause interesting drama.. it may be a bit too much for others.) But if I had to choose, I would rather have Kathy Hilton over Taylor Armstrong.

      • Really – she said she wouldn’t turn it down? Let’s be on the lookout, sounds like she might be in talks with them?

        • Yeah, I read an interview about that! I think there is an article on this site about it too actually. It would be interesting to see Kathy on the show, I know some people are against it but I think it could be fun. LOL.

  • I don’t understand how the hospital did not investigate the source of her injury.
    I have gone to the ER with a panic attack, my husband has been asked to leave the room, & the Dr. askes if I am being abused by anyone or if I feel my life is in
    I still don’t understand why Dr. Sophy didn’t report the abuse.

    • I also wonder if Dr. Sophy ever saw any bruises etc, if she was talking about her relationship, wouldn’t she show him? And like you say, wouldn’t he be required to report abuse?


    Tiger 21. Is an elite financial club. To join, you must have no less than 32 million dollars, provide proof of your finances also provide monthly electronic financial statements and pay $52,000. a year. I said it was elite. Lisa Vanderpump’s husband is a member of this club. Guess who else was a member of this club? Russell Armstrong. Russell obviously has a lot more money hidden overseas. It was My Medical Records actually found out that Russell had a membership with this very elite club. Taylor is in no need for money as it is believed that she does have access to those accounts. Also, Taylor has ownership of an online beauty store called, Beauty Ticket.

      • No, Taylor did not write the book for money. She’ll take it though. I believe she wrote the book to appear as a victim for the court, the attorney’s, prosecutor, the Judge, My Medical, and the Investors that she defrauded. This book is written in hopes to fool the court. I was a victim. Russell made me do it! Get It?

      • Click on the Beauty site and at the top right corner, click on Taylor’s collection, then click to learn about Taylor.

        • I believe “Futures Without Violence” is a new organization all set up by Taylor Armstrong. Yes, since writing the book, she has now started her own domestic abuse foundation. Some of the proceeds from her book will not go to “1736” but her own organization instead. hmm. Funny isn’t it

          • Don’t hold me to that “Futures Without Violence” org. yet. I do know that Taylor has her own domestic violence org. proceeds from book are going to that. I’ll try to find the name of her new org. If anyone knows it, leave the name please. I am so darn curious about that org. as I think it’s going to be a way to defraud people. You know that old saying, “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, has lips like a duck, chances are, it’s Taylor!” lol. Tiger’s don’t change their stripes.

  • I don’t think she wrote the book for money either. Taylor is not in need of money for the rest of her life. I will try to add some stuff here with links. Wait, I’ll try to explain it quickly now. Look up Tiger 21. To join, you have to have at least 32 million. It’s a pricey membership, only $52,000 a year. You don’t just pay that fee. You have to show proof of your finances and Tiger 21 checks on your statements monthly. It’s all written on that site, just read it. Anyway, guess who was a member of this very elite financial club? Russell Taylor! Oh yea. I know! It’s also believed that Russell along with this membership to this elite club, must have more money hidden in overseas accounts.

    • Oh Crap! I clicked the “Post Comment” button after I wrote this whole page and after that, it completely knocked me off of this website. So, I returned to All About TRH and re-typed everything again and re-posted the same comment. I’m sorry for the multiple comment regarding this same issue. I didn’t see it here so I re-wrote it. Sorry.

  • “I think for a Season 3 it would be nice for people to see the progression” – no, no way. What progression? Lawsuits or her dating again? Yuck! She does not have fans – and if she does, I now suspect they are actually Taylor posting under a fake name. After checking out a few housewives blogs, I do not see the fan base she thinks she has. Bravo can bring in any number of Beverly Hills ladies to fill her spot.

  • I absolutely do NOT needs to see what happens to her next. She needs to get a real job, stop posing, live within her means and take care of her daughter. The poor child just lost her dad. Where exactly is she when her mother is out talking, and talking, and talking, and drinking. That woman is a trainwreck and I’m tired of seeing her and hearing about her. Yuck.

  • I’m so tired of this soulless famewhore. I didn’t even read this article because I’m so sick of her. I browsed through the other article on another site, but I just don’t wanna read more of her endless lies. Traylor really needs help, and is disturbingly mental in the head. No one should buy into anything she says! How will this useless book help an abused woman? How??? These women go through hell, and Traylor’s BS book of lies doesn’t help ANYONE!

    I’m always hoping that Traylor’s fired from BRAVO, or that she’s getting sued, and many people call her out on it. I’m always checking in to see if anyone has any proof that she’s lying or any bit of information that would bring Traylor down for her heartless lies, and countless false accusations! Yet, nothing!

  • Bottom line…….Anyone that would take advice from her is truly in need of Mental health.I dont believe her BUT lets just say for the hell of it that we did (I dont) But she stayed there with her daughter and let him do this to her and he moved out .She did not leave him.HE MOVED OUT.And she is helping people HOW? what advice can she give? Stay and be abused till your hubby kills himself.? How is she helping anyone with this fake book? PLEASE I want to know how???Anyone know? Just because she puts in the last page of the book whom you can call if you need help,this is not what a BOOK is suppose to be doing.Or so she says.She wrote it to help women? How to stay in a abusive relationship ?

  • In season 1 Taylor claimed she was afraid Russel would leave her for a younger woman, YET she claims that HE hid recording devices all over the house. He hid one in the OFFICE because SHE is in there all the time…. Wasn’t Russel the one in the office all the time. I think SHE hid them to spy on HIM. During the Tea Party episodes the girls keep talking about a time when RUSSEL left TAYLOR and then shortly after they were together and everything was fine. I think he wanted to leave for a while but she was threatening him with an abuse story to ruin his reputation. When she called the girls in Hawaii she said ‘its over, he left’…. and what do you know, HE moved out. I don’t think Taylor EVER left Russel because of abuse, I think he left her because she is a crackpot.

    AND…. he DID know that she was writing the book, she tweeted about it just days before he died. It was like she WANTED him to know she was writing it.

  • She is angry because of the financial mess he left HER in…what about because he left her DAUGHTER without a father. It’s always about Taylor – i feel bad for her once Kennedy starts to realize this which will be sooner than she thinks!!

  • I dont get it. So she is saying after all of the eye incident, all of the doctors and nurses knew what happened but did not report it to the proper authorities but would report it to the press because she is that famous and important. WOW!!!!! Now she just threw the nurses and doctors, that org. knew nothing because she “lied” to them about how she got the injury, under the bus. I hope there is a full investigation into the hospital for not reporting the abuse just so more people can call her out on her lies and throwing others under the bus!!!!

  • Taylor was so afraid when Camille brought up the abuse on RHOBH BUT she was going to write a book while Russell was alive. This woman is such a liar. I am so sick of her lies.

  • And just as a quick addendum to my last thought…I believe that domestic violence charity that Taylor is a part of has compeltely ALLOWED her to understand and get into the psyche of domestically abused women and therefore use all the buzzwords and emotions that these women have all confided about, so talking to a psychatrist or whatever she would know exactly the right things to say. She is a sociopath that is using this compeltely to her advantage. She is a disgusting person.

    • You are so right. The reason she wrote this fairytale book is to lay the groundwork for her defense. The only problem, Taylor is that you had your own counsel present when you admitted culpability for swindling money from MMR & MMR investors, and I doubt the lawyers are going to lie under oath and say you were cowering in fear, and didn’t understand what you were signing. That would mean they were committing malpractice. Additionally, they have tons of deposition attesting the fact that you were posing as a member of the Ford family, and stating that your “relatives” were investing with you. You set up the seminars, you were involved up to your neck. While it highly unusual to go after the spouse in a case like this, they are doing it because they have an airtight case.
      MMR has your number, lady, and you are in big trouble. So, good luck with your victim of domestic violence defense. Your signature is on the back of half of the checks.

  • If she expects us to believe she had no idea about the finances…she is delusional. She was as much involved with this shit as he was. She is trying to fein ignornace and plead domestic abuse hoping that her lawyer/lover can make a jury feel sorry for her and not want to put her through any more emotional turmoil then she had already been through with Russell. They are going to claim she knew nothing, was forced to sign papers, forced to shmooze with people and forced to lie otherwise THE INCREDIBLE HULK would rear up and kick her ass. I firmly believe they were Bonnie and Clyde in this thing with a very volatile relationship that was egged on BOTH ways. How do we know Taylor never physically assaulted Russell? We dont, and we never will because he is DEAD and she has been gived this MEDIA platform to spew her sociopathic lies so when the trial comes around they will be like “look at the tv show, read the book” she was abused!!! BUT I for one DO NOT belive her AT ALL. And hew warped way of begging to stay on the show so people can see her progression is BULLSHIT…UNLESS we were going to see the progression of her falling into her web of lies and getting BUSTED. That, I would PAY to see!!

    • OMG you are spot on!!!!! I would LOVE to see her prosecuted. She knows exactly what was going on and was planning the book to hopefully cover her ass and keep her out of jail.

  • I am impressed…I didn’t realize what a fantastic fiction writer Taylor is…because everything she says in all of these interviews are pure fiction.
    I wish she would go away

  • I would still like to know if Russell injured her as she claims, then why was he not arrested? Why was he not arrested for supposedly acting like the “Incredible Hulk” when he was throwing dogs and people in the pool, almost drowning Taylor/Shanna, knocking out the man’s teeth? Why do people keep interviewing this fame whore? Love how she had no idea about any financial issues. Truly delusional.

    • She never reported the “abuse” because she “loved” Russell (excuse me I have to barf)

      But then on the Reunion show Kyle made THE point…if Russell was in jail he couldn’t MAKE MONEY.

      The truth is Russell was never arrested because he never beat her the way she is saying now (that he’s gone)

  • While you do not make a lot of money off of a book like Taylor’s, I firmly believe she wrote the book for money. Even those who write books normally for fun enjoy making the money from the sales. She did it for money, and she should be honest about that. I would want people to hear my story yes, but I wouldn’t mind making the money either.

    I highly doubt Taylor will be back for season three, with the lawsuit against her Bravo won’t want to get targeted. She’s caused way to much controversy and she shouldn’t worry about a season three, it’s a little odd that she’s more worried about being on a bloody television show than caring for her daughter. I’d be more interested in seeing how the ladies interact with one of the biggest pot stirrers of the bunch. I bet it would be pleasant. I wish nothing but the best for Taylor, but her actions lately have been very questionable.

  • Cough cough bullshit** Taylor is full of it her stories never add up. Here we are again with her contradicting herself again. Come on she said she was scared for her life but she was going to write a book…..confused.

    • Anna, she’s laying the groundwork for her return but I don’t think there is one fan (who is not related to traylor) who wants her back on TV.
      We know what happens next Trailor…you’re going to jail!!

      • The way she smiled when she said Russ was murdered was so creepy! I thought she was the one who said she put the briefcase next to his dead body? I don’t doubt for one minute that she didn’t know about all of his business deals. She obviously cared more about Russ’s money than she did about the safety of her daughter, and still does! She is so fake. The way she gets angry and violent in the episodes after she drinks, which is all the time, is scary and sad. Russ’s family needs to file papers and try to gain custody of Kennedy. She is in an unsafe living environment. That junkie would do anything for ratings. Please fire her Bravo!!