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Let’s Discuss: RHOBH Reunion Part 3

RHOBH has finally come to an end! Monday was the RHOBH part 3 reunion and it was a bit annoying to watch. Sometimes I feel like Andy Cohen plays things way too safe. I thought I’d do a ‘Lets Discuss’ so we can discuss our thoughts on what went down tonight. Keep in my mind this is MY opinion and hopefully you can respect mine just like I will always respect yours even if we don’t agree!

Taylor Armstrong: Something that caught my eye is when Taylor said that Russell’s death could have been a murder…she smiled immediately after? I believe Russell has abused Taylor but there seems to be a lot of people who ‘witnessed’ Taylor getting abused including her friends and now that Russell is gone, how come they haven’t spoke now? Where are her “friends?”

Brandi Glanville: I respect Brandi for having an opinion and not being afraid to say it. I know it’s probably so frustrating for people like Dana to say she didn’t see ‘game night’ the way we all saw it. It was clear who was getting bullied.

Dana Wilkey: Dana seem like she was ready to bring it when she came into the reunion. I don’t agree with anything Dana said regarding ‘game night.’ I know Kyle was very happy when Dana backed her up but its clear what happened at game night. And it was Kyle and Kim who continued to talk and laugh at Brandi while she sat 2 feet away.

Kyle Richards: I really don’t know how I feel about Kyle this season. She just wasn’t the same Kyle she was last season. It’s hard to watch her especially because I used to like her so much. I personally feel like Kyle and Kim’s relationship will never get better. There’s way too much tension and Kim just doesn’t seem like she even likes Kyle. I just feel like their relationship is a lost cause

Kim Richards: Kim says what Brandi did hurt her family and maybe that’s true. BUT how Kim acted all season probably hurt her kids most! From the way she was acting with Mauricio to her constant lying. I believe that if anything those actions hurt her kids. I don’t get how Kim can watch the clips from SUR and then blame Brandi and say her children are so hurt from what Brandi said. She needs to recognize that it was her choices and addiction that hurt the family. I’m very proud of Kim for getting the help she needs but she still seems a little bit off.

Camille Grammer: I do agree with Camille when she said ‘most people who brag don’t really have the money.’

What are your thoughts on part 3 of the RHOBH reunion?

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  • I totally left out Camille. I think she held herself well this season and has show humility and grace. I love this version of Camille!

  • Well, Rox, I actually agree with most everything you said, all of it actually.

    Taylor:I rewatched some of both Reunion 2 and 3. Taylor changes voices and facial expressions alot and that makes me uncomfortable. She seemed to take charge when Andy was asking questions about Russell’s business partner by saying “We have to stop”. Then she made a totally different, very weird face when Brandi apologized to her. It made ME uncomfortable. Brandi says sorry for the comment about the book and explains she said it because of what Taylor said about EC’s tires. Taylor says “You said that first”. Um, No she didn’t. I rewatched it. Taylor was bitey and rude, yet childlike and bullyish all at once. I guess that’s from the abuse? I have a lot of sympathy for Taylor and Kennedy but after that Reunion, I just no longer care about her, would like it if she didn’t do the show again. Just my opinion.

    Brandi: I’ve said this before but I wanted to dislike Brandi but how can you dislike somoene that no matter how uncomfortable something is, she can take on a room of people? Not many people can do that, Brandi can, so I like her. I am hoping she gets a spot on the show.

    Dana: I have an embarressed feeling when I watch Dana. I mean, who says they’d kiss butt again, and that it’s flattering. I think it’s weak and weird. I just think she has an ax to grind, don’t know why but I do.

    Lisa: Always classy. I know her humor is different but I truly admire her strength and loyalty. I do believe her when she says she doesn’t talk about those women behind their backs. Not one of them could say anything she said in private. Love that. Plus, this season (going back to Taylor), Lisa said “We aren’t friends” or “We aren’t best friends” a few times and Taylor miscontstrued it all (like her fight with Brandi on the Reunion show) at the tea party saying that Lisa had started EVERY conversation with “I am NOT your friend”. That wasn’t what she said at all, so Taylor is very cognitively distorted. And Lisa has been gracious with her, so that is what I love about Lisa. She has far more compassion and class than all of those ladies put together. She is, in one word, Authentic!

    Adrienne: I adore Adrienne. I had a few moments where I was uncomfortable for her on the Reunion. She was on the attack of Lisa and it bothered me a tad but nothing that would change my mind about Adrienne Maloof, she is classy, just a normal woman who has normal irritations with people.

    Kim: I feel sorry for her, she is coddled and scolded by Kyle too much but at the same time, she is childlike and emotionally stunted – something I don’t believe is the result of this one season and drug/alcohol abuse. This is life-learned. I found it very odd that she is in recovery (where forgiveness/acceptance etc are key to recovery) yet SHE won’t ever forgive Brandi? Are you kidding me? Forgiveness is freedom from holding onto pain. Seems small and maybe her sponsers for AA or whatever need to start with her holding onto hurt like a teenage girl. Seems again, like a childlike remark.

    Kyle: I really think Kyle has a good side. BUT, I think she has unhealthy boundaries with Kim. She is emeshed into her life so much. I have siblings and we all have very healthy relationships with one another (and a few of us have had issues with addiction) so I find their relationship problems bigger than addiction, there is more there. Kyle deflects with humor, which is fine and I do like that she takes ownership of most of her stuff but I do believe what we see and what is really Kyle is not the same. I bet she is far better in real life but living in such a Hollywood life growing up has made edit/censor herself in the public. She needs to work on not controlling so much of other people and how they are viewed for her gain.

  • Kyle is the most two-faced phony in BH. We didn’t need Lisa telling us that Kyle does the splits for attention, it was OBVIOUS! It’s funny how Kyle always says “once you say something on camera, it sticks with you”. She’s the one that outed her own sister on S1 about being an alcoholic. What sister does that? As mad as I am with my sister, I would NEVER say something like that especially with cameras around AND knowing that those words will haunt my sister forever. Poor Kim….to have her own sister tell that to the world about you. So Kyle knew damn well that when she told Taylor that Lisa “preys on weak people” it would also be something that Lisa would always have to defend because “it sticks with you”. This shows what kind of person Kyle is. She doesn’t give a shit about her sister and friends, ONLY herself. She’s as fake as they come. Just being real.


  • We’ve all figured out Taylor lies – she is intelligent and charming I’ll give her that. The one lie that bothers me the most that no one seems to be addressing is this: On the reunion Andy ‘said ‘you left a BRIEFCASE near Russel’s body when you found him and she acknowledged’. Also on WWHL in dec she said “Kennedy was with me when I found my husband”. YET on other taped interviews (not tabloids which could twist facts) she said “I never saw Russel’s body they wouldn’t let me hug him one last time”. Does this not raise alarm bells? Death, briefcase full of evidence of embezzled $$$ related ot a lawsuit? recent separation etc. etc. THIS IS THE MOST CONCERNING PART TO ME!!!!!

    • very good point ~ had not thought of that.

      I remember her saying that she hasn’t looked inside it because she is afraid she will be sued if she is aware of it’s contents.

      Of course she knows EXACTLY what is in there!

      • Possible that Russell left it there but I think he is smart enough that if he planned this then he would have left it with someone who would give it to the appropriate authorities. Reports indicate Taylor was at the house for hours and Russ’s family accused her of stealing cash, watch etc. so I’m inclined to think she “planted” a diversion b/c all these accounts were empty. She’s probably funnelled off the $ somewhere else. Remember his sister said she racked up nearly $100K after they separated. Also weird. Russ was found in a t-shirt, briefs and socks only. very bizarre and too scripted like a movie. A man who was worried about his reputation on tv would not want to be found in his tighty whities. Maybe there is somehting to this S&M thing. Also why if Taylor accused him of being gay, an dthreatened to write a tell all would Russel be on friendly terms as she says and meet for dinner Friday? I think she set him up to get him out of the way. She cried on Dr Phil why no one looked for him when the hadn’t heard from him for 3 days yet he never showed to dinner and she did not look for him until Sunday and then she asked a friend “witness” to meet her there b/c she had a bad gut feeling and she takes her daughter???NOPE no sense at all

    • On the tape she was outside with Kennedy. The roommate of Russell went in another person. The brief case was Russell’s and it was discovered near or next to the body. This can mean a number of things. As for evidence it is possible. I think it is much more probable that the bank accts were of interest.

  • Reunion Pt3 – did anyone notice how quickly Taylor jumped out of her chair and ran over and answered fillers when Andy asked Adrienne’s husband why he was feeling Taylor’s cheek at the gates during the tea party. Seemed ot me she didn’t want him to answer the question and was creating a diversion. SO obvious. I think Paul was checking to see if she was lying about the broken, dislocated, discombobulated jaw story. What if she is being set up by investigators because the interviews all ask same questions and she always gives different answers but now it’s on tape. Possible too that housewives have been instructed to pretend to be her friend so as to gather info? This would be a great made-for-tv movie lol

  • Okay had to jump on here to tell this. My husband laughs that i watch these shows, so tonight I was telling him The Taylor dog story and how an ambulance had been called. I thought he was going to fall off the stool laughing. First he said oh my was she told to tell this story or what? Then he said.Dont you remember the time you tripped over the bucket of tools and the basement door was open and you went down the steps head first and you put your hand out and got it caught in the staircase.Shattered your hand. Holy crap I said. Hubby had driven me to the emergency room.Well I was rushed off for surgery to have the hand put back together. Police were called in and they took my husband into a special room and drilled the crap out of him. He stayed there till I woke up and then they drilled me with out hubby. Finally when they said you have to understand we had to investigate this and make sure both stories panned out. Holy cripes how could I have forgotten this? procedure in the er is very tight. MORE LIES TAYLOR!!!
    okay gotta dash.Romantic Valentines night for us have fun 🙂

  • on tv Taylor said Russell hid in the bushes,(Taylor’s friendswho Russell beat up are Jennifer and mark she never said what the dog’s name was ) in the book she said Russell came from the gate on tv Taylor said she put her jaw back over a toiler in the book she said she massaged it back in, in bed. Taylor says one thing and write another

  • Taylors story of her and her two friends and Russell attacking them, to me, proves she is not being honest.

    1) She said that she was being drowned, and the man was unconcious while Russell was trying to drown her. Where is the woman in all of this? Did she not call 911 – in the 911 call it would have been revealed what was going on and there would be a police report, which there hasn’t been. So was she just standing there while her fiance was unconcious and Taylor was being drowned?

    2) Does she want viewers to believe that Russell overpowered three adults and a dog? Are we supposed to believe he is a superpower ninja with matrix abilities?

    3) The ambulance did arrive, according to Taylor. If this were the case, and the man was beaten enough that he required extensive surgery, there is no way that the police would not be called. And how did the ambulace get there? Again, someone must have called 911 and told them what was happening, and the police would have been dispatched – resulting in a police report.

    4) Taylor said that she told these people to not press charges, and they agreed. Do you really think that people that were telling her, moments before the attack, that they were afraid for her and would help her get away, would let this man they clearly did not like, and thought was a danger to Taylor, get away with such a brutal assault and attempted murder?

    5) I’m sure that the man went through insurance for his 10,000 worth of surgeries – the inurance company would require all paperwork for this – including a police report wouldnt’ they? They would need proof that the injuries sustained were not inflicted by the actions of himself ( drunk driving, etc) . The only way to prove that would be a police report stating Russell assaulted him.

    The more she talks the worse it sounds… People are not that stupid!

    • I used to work with a girl who dated a guy who was well thought of and had many friends. He was a salesman, so he knew how to schmooze and get along with many different types of people. This same guy was hiding, in the bushes of my girlfriend’s house one night when I brought her home from a girl’s night out. Hiding. In the bushes. Like a snake. Another time, he was UNDER MY CAR as we left work-he wanted to see if his girlfriend was leaving with a guy. Scared the sh*t out of me. I didn’t call the cops. Another time, this guy was hanging from a fence post, across a divided hiway, at 2 am, to watch his girlfriend leave the bar we both worked at. No one would believe he was doing these things because in every other situation, he seemed like a “normal” guy. You never can tell.

      And I bet Russell paid for Taylor’s friend’s dental work out of his own pocket. He probably picked up the tab for any medical bills the guy incurred. That’s how these guys operate! He probably told the guy how sorry he was and how he would pay to make up for it, and please forgive him, blah blah blah.

      I do hope that these friends come forward, because at this point, Taylor needs them to back her up for the MANY people who don’t believe her story.

      • HAHAHAHAHA so russ paid for the “damages” out of his own pocket, and then everything was cool? really? the cops dropped any further query, the hospital asked no questions about the “injuries”? EVERYBODY played ball because russ would pay the dentist and surgeon? you believe all tayliars far-fetched fables? ok. good. it’s refreshing to know that functioning mental cases are not limited to weaving baskets.

  • Well, this season has left me not liking the ones I liked last year. I think Kyle is just a very arrogant and mean person. I could see it a little last year, now confirmed. Kim is just disgusting to me. I want to feel badly for her but once she started her blaming of Brandi, that was it. Her behavior was what was disgusting and embarrasing to herself and her family, it does not matter what Brandi accused her of. Duh. She owes Brandi an apology and she brought nothing to the show. If she comes back next year, I will be thoroughly disgusted with Bravo and Kyle for allowing it. Adrienne has been completely annoying, a trouble maker and so petty. The way she treated Lisa was just gross. Taylor, she is a liar and a manipulator and I cannot even begin to feel sorry for her. She is just awful. Dana, I liked nothing about this idiot. I have enjoyed Lisa, Brandi and Camille. That’s it. If Brandi does not come back next season, I will blame Kyle and Adrienne.

    • If Brandi doesn’t come back next year it will be because Bravo didn’t want her or she was being a diva and refused to come back as a friend of the housewife.

      Only person to blame is Brandi.

          • Again, Brandi — not a housewife. There’s no point to her being on a show about HOUSEWIVES. She’s more suited for Millionnaire Matchmaker… as a prospective date for the millionaire.

          • I don’t get you point. Kim is not a housewife. Neither is Camille. Nor is Taylor. You simply disliking her doesn’t disqualify her from coming back next season.

          • Niether is Taylor, or Camille, or Kim. None of them are married. You can’t simply wish Brandi away for not being a “real housewife” because she’s unmarried and you dislike her.

          • I am assuming you are talking to Laurie because I’ve never said Brandi isn’t a housewife? Unless I am mistaken.

  • Bottom line for me about this season…
    1. Kim still needs help. She was a mess last night. I kept trying to find positvity in this interview but the meds she’s still taking show no marked change in her ability to communicate lucidly. Wish her all the best but she needs new doctors to help manage her anxiety diagnosis.

    2. Give Kyle a break: She’s caught in the middle of everyone. She doesn’t PUT herself in the middle. The ladies always come to her for advice and to gossip. She did apologize to Brandi for game night in 30 different ways. ALL of the ladies had miss-steps this year on camera when it came to insulting or hurting one another. It happens in real-life friendships, too. Why would we hold these women to a higher standard? And yeah, my understanding from S1 is that Maurice partially finanically supports her so yes, he can comment on whatever the hell he wants to re: her.

    2. Brandi… Brandi Who??? She was completely mis-cast for this show. She’s not a housewife, is an ex-wife of a D-list actor, has no business running with this crowd. She’s out of her league. If she was brought on just to stir up shit… mazel tov… mission completed. I don’t get how everyone is rallying for her to become a permanent cast member. Maybe if she marries well in the off-season, she can qualify.

    4. Adrienne… still the voice of logic and class — but yeah, I was thrown about the whole bachelorette party arguement. She was wrong. That’s her miss-step of the season.

    5. Camillie — great job this season. She changed for the better, whether calculated or natural maturation. Hope she comes back. Class act.

    6. Lisa — needs thicker skin… she can dish it but she can’t take it. Love her and her one-liners 95% of the time. Now playing the victim. Kyle, still love and respect her even though she’s so ‘hurt’ by passive actions. It’s her M.O., too. Get over it.

    7. Dana… hmmmm, funny at times – again mis-cast for this group. Totally dispensible.

  • Taylor was painfully annoying, as usual. Kyle was happy that Dana came in and kissed her a** because as soon as Dana said something about what’s being seen on cameras isn’t always what happened, she immediately cosigned. Dana annoyed me and I wish they hadn’t given her those 5 minutes to talk about nothing. I feel bad for Kim & I hope she’s getting better and will fully recover. She seems like she is always annoyed w/Kyle and is thinking “oh, would she shut up.” haha

      • The difference is, Lisa and Brandi have become close friends. Friends tend to defend one another. Dana had only met Kyle once, and had never met Kim before game night – and her sucking up to both of them, and Camille that night was embarrassing.

  • Brandi is a hypocritical, immature brat. Considering how close she and Camille are, if Brandi was such a victim on game night, don’t you think Camille would have defended Brandi instead of sitting there quietly while Dana was stating her point of view of game night? Camille had a lot to say about everyone else and defended Adrienne multiple times, but she kept quiet when it came to Brandi and what happened at game night.

    Dana was there, so I’m pretty sure she knows more than what any of the viewers know, so no, it’s not clearly obvious what happened at game night. It was a 3 hour event/fight that got reduced to 15 minutes of TV time. Brandi was not at all innocent. Period. Brandi egged Kyle and Kim on just as much as the Richards egged her on. Brandi was making comments about Kim before Kim ever said she didn’t want her on her team. Brandi was the first to verbally fight with Kyle calling her a bitch. Kyle saying “IQ test, you first” DID NOT warrant Brandi’s behavior nor was that in any way an attack on Brandi. It was a freaking game and it has to start somewhere.

    Brandi is a joke. Judging by her tweets, she only acknowledges what was shown on TV and printed in the press, if she says something about the other ladies on twitter, apparently it doesn’t count and she doesn’t own up to it. Case in point: calling Taylor a liar. Brandi never said it at the reunion or said “taylor is a liar” in the press, but she’s definitely on several occasions called Taylor a liar via twitter. Then she tweets Rox and tries to say she never called Taylor a liar? Bitch, please.

  • I don’t feel sorry for any of these people. Kim obviously has a lot of deep seeded emotional issues and even in the interview she still refers to the video of herself as “not being her”. She has not fully accepted that that IS her, and that IS who she is. She needs to stop medicating her problems and actually deal with the underlying issue. Sure, easier said than done.

    These people are complete idiots for putting their obviously screwed up personal lives on TV. This is why I don’t feel sorry for them. And I can’t say that I actually “like” either one of them. In my real life, I would have nothing to do with Kim or Kyle. I don’t need the drama nor do I care to associate with substance abusers.

    • when she said that that wasn’t her, I believe it was to say that she doesn’t behave that way normally. That is her drunken state. Not her normal sober state. We all act differently when we drink. Heck I purposely drink at parties so that I’m not a wall flower. I’m a shy person and always have been. But when I drink socially, I’m very talkative, playful, and out going.

      • I get what you are saying, I really do. But the way Kim said it leads me to believe that she really believes it’s not her. I think she is delusional and is still in some sort of drug induced state, be it presription or illegal drugs.

  • Again we agree…. Dana/Pam, who? She’s been so ridiculous this entire season and she continues to act like a fool… she’s irrelevant if you ask me… Brandi ~ love her, have from day 1… no she’s not perfect.. she’s wild, fun, crazy, brazen, loud, foul mouthed, sexy, spunky, etc etc.. and I love it all! Lisa – absolutely adore her… the more the season went on the more I loved her! Kyle ~ has lost me this season… not completely… but, not a big fan anymore.. she’s very hypocritical and a bully… don’t like it at all… Kim ~ was silly last night in blaming Brandi for what seemed to be everything that hurt her family.. YES, B was wrong and shouldn’t have said she was on meth… but, Kim grow up and OWN it.. you did it! You hurt them.. not B! Camile = love her this season! Adrienne and Paul… love them altho A was a bit caddy and silly this season…

    • She SAID SHE HURT HER FAMILY. Many times! Were you not LISTENING to her? She said she hurt her family, her friends and her fans multiple times and she was ashamed of it! Brandi’s statement hurt her family, for good reason. I would have been hurt too if my mom was accused of being a meth addict on NATIONAL television for millions to see. That statement will NEVER leave Kim.

      • neither will the memory of kim crawling on the hotel floor in hawaii, slurring, attacking brandi for no reason in a manic moment at the white party, going to the bathroom over and over again to “clean the mirrors” while kyle sips her drink. I have someone in my family who has a meth problem and if someone called him a crackhead instead of methhead, I wouldn’t be splitting hairs over it because an addict is an addict whatever your drug of choice.

        • You may not split hairs between a methhead and a crackhead because they’re both illegal. Alcohol and prescribed drugs are not. Brandi was actually accusing Kim of breaking the law when she was not.

      • THANK YOU!
        It’s like some people only hear what they want to hear. Nobody is accusing Brandi of ruining Kim’s life. The slut is not that important, she probably thinks she has such huge effect on Kim. Get over it Brandi!
        Kim just said she didn’t make her EXISTING situation any easier because if before people thought she was using drugs or whatever, now they are CONVINCED it is METH and they let her know how they feel. It’s a stigma.
        Watch extra clips on Bravo, she says there over and over that HER BEHAVIOR was disappointing and hurt the people she loves and she felt guilty.
        Brandi is not important, never was never will be. Kim doesn’t give a sh*** about her, but obviously the fame whore Brandi is OBSESSED with the Richards sisters.

        • In that logic you also could say Kim is obsessed with Brandi too since she brought her up too. I hope that Kim is not on next season because she needs longtime outpatient rehab care and needs to get her life straightened out. The first season she was an anxious drunk and the second season she is a drunk with other addict issues. Her mental health would be tons better if she just got away from the constant attention in order to get better and gain more confidence.

          • When did she bring her up? At the reunion? I’m pretty sure that Andy asked her a question, she answered it. She admitted she was wrong to hide her crutches and then explained why she would not forgive Brandi. I hardly think Kim cares all that much about Brandi now.

          • Jelly stated the obvious. Andy asked her about Brandi and she replied. That was all.
            Brandi on the other hand constantly brings up the sisters, especially Kyle, every chance she gets in the press and her equally fame hungry bff Jennifer brags everywhere possible about the “help” she offered Kim. I thought these things were supposed to be private.
            Staying relevant is Brandi’s main goal right now.

        • I think we can all agree that no matter what Brandi said to “out” Kim, Kim did a pretty good job of her own on tv making a fool out of herself and hurting her family. moving in with a loser, acting shady, not showing up to events list goes on. She has NO right to say Brandi caused her family grief. poin blank 🙂

          • Brandi caused her family plenty of embarrassment by drunk driving and getting married on a drunk weekend. That doesn’t mean Leann Rimes can start calling Brandi an crackhead.

  • I found part 3 of last nights reunion boring & actually not enjoyable at all…….
    I’m tired of the sibling feud that’s gone on since end of S1 & tired of Taylor too…… Lot’s of pity cards played the last couple of seasons, with the poor me divorce aftermaths; the poor me sister of a sibling substance abuser; the poor me alleged domestic abuse….. Geez, put them all on Celeb’ Rehab where they could get their camera time & some therapy!!! Hope the show next season isn’t as dark as this one & picks up in a big way ………. JMO

  • There is no gentle way to say this but to say it. Kim is not sober in any way shape or form in this interview. She may not have had a drink in several months, but she is not on the path it sobriety. First of all she was on medication. It could be lithium, in which case this may be the best that the doctors can get her to function. However, she could also be on recreational drugs, or taking her anxiety prescriptions recreationally. Either way, she was not completely lucid. Secondly, and most importantly, her attitude has not changed. Not really. You have to do a lot of work on yourself, deal with everything that is bugging you from your childhood to your present, take a look at your part of it, come to terms with how you have been hurt and who you have hurt, etc. Not forgiving Brandi and having a beef with Mauricio and still apparently having issues with Kyle, are actually preventing her from getting better. She would have been taught this in a real rehabilitation program, one that does not last a month and set you free. Anybody can dry you out. What Dr. Drew and these California places fail to provide are long term coping skills and working the twelve steps. Kim is on step one, admitting you are an alcoholic. That’s it. She is still carrying around all of her baggage which is not healthy and productive and she is delusional. Her kids just love her now because they text her and say, I love you so much? Her family was destroyed by Brandi? Again, what was her part in it? She does not seem to be taking responsibility and truly understanding how her behavior has hurt her family. Kim is sick. She either did not get appropriate treatment at wherever she went, or she did not have the willingness to absorb it, or she was unable to absorb it. Whatever the case may be, Kim is NOT better. And that makes me very sad. And, maybe, just maybe a little more sympathetic toward Kyle. It is absolutely not healthy for Kim to be on this show. It would be irresponsible of Bravo to keep her on. Maybe as a friend of the Housewives. But this cannot be good for her. I wish her every blessing, but what I saw last night was not encouraging at all.

    As far as Dana goes, you are not a good fit for the show. I don’t know what you are a good fit for at all. Just go away. Thankfully, I believe she is done, like a bad dream.
    As for Taylor, I can no longer stand the sound of her voice or listen to the rubbish that comes out of her mouth. Kim is a lost, lovable soul, Taylor is a drunken, sociopath, who is a very bad person and needs to go to jail. I’ll settle for getting off my screen. I guess she lost the ability to cry when she hit her eye on the bedpost in a drunken stupor, because her we go again with the fake crying. I can’t take it anymore. Have you ever seen her cry for anybody but herself? Have you ever seen her cry for Kennedy or Russell or his family? She only cares about herself and how to stay rich. Just being a part of her life can be deadly as we have seen. She does know what love is. Not mature love or maternal love. She is dangerous to others. She needs to go commit her crimes against humanity off screen. This is just her latest scam to get out out of an airtight lawsuit by claiming domestic violence. I the process she continues to stomp on the grave of a man she claims to love and destroy the mental health of a daughter that she claims to love. And she has the audacity to call Russell a narcissist. By the way, let’s find these people who Russell “jumped”. Let’s find the witnesses to a horrific, terrifying crime which Russell committed. This miracle crime of bashing a guys teeth in and hurting him so badly that he had to go away by ambulance. He roughed up the wife, held Taylor’s head under water and attempted to drown her and the dog, too. Quite the feat. And guess what? They didn’t press charges! Or get a restraining order? Why? Because Taylor asked them not to. One little problem, Traylor. If someone commits an assault like this where the person is taken by ambulance with his teeth knocked out, the police don’t ask you if you want to press charges. They TAKE THE PERPETRATOR away in handcuffs. Especially in tony neighborhoods. So who the hell do you think you are kidding? You lying, stupid bitch. Let these people confirm your story. Oh, that’s right. They can’t. because it didn’t happen. You are pond scum.

    • If Teresa got into a 12 step program should she forgive Melissa for being a backstabbing famewhore. The 12-step program didn’t change Melissa so why would she be forgiven.

  • I feel like Kim’s interview was scattered. Andy was trying to get everything out, but he didn’t ask her anything us the viewers wanted to hear answered. Ask her about her relationship w/Ken. Ask her what the deal with Hawaii was. Ask her if she felt Ken was an enabler and how it all ended. At the end of the day, Kim and Kyle are sisters. They’re never NOT going to be in each other’s lives. I’ve had bad arguments between certain siblings and we get over it, eventually. And, true, sometimes the relationship will never be the same, but we don’t hate each other. Andy really is too soft at these things. Sometimes I think their lawyers get involved and have documents printed up saying what can be asked and what can’t.

    Taylor got off soooo easy!! This whole new story about her friends being beaten up and thrown into a pool was just BS! Who are these people? I wouldn’t care if Taylor was my friend. If the guy had beat me up out of the blue and threw my girlfriend in the pool with me, I’d be on the phone with the police and my lawyer and getting it handeled. Taylor is nothing but a liar and the faces she kept throwing at Brandi were annoying. “You said it first!” Nods, smiles, looks away to Andy…she did it like every five minutes. She tries to boost herself up by beating others down. I understand why Kyle is so close to her.

    I think Dana is useless on this show but she sort of answered us as to who she is and she was basically portrayed on the show exactly how she is in real life.

  • My views : Kyle & Kim
    Going from S1 into S2 there relationship was already under alit of strain because if the limo revelations, Kyle was trying too hard to make amends with Kim because she felt guilty, Kyle knew going into S2 Kim had big problems and being her sister was trying to protect. Game night was indeed started by brandi one of the other women did tell Kyle brandi was making comments about kims behaviour and rightfully so Kyle got very defensive because she knew there was issues. Kyle couldn’t be herself this season due to the issues with Kim and who wouldn’t defend and protect their sister from a virtual stranger ie brandi when she was trying her best to put Kim of blast in front of the world

    Camille was a total bitch S1 she was so used to her ‘yes’ people that when Kyle didn’t bow down to
    Her she went out of her way to bring her down, why do people now forget this side of famille? Forward to S2 and camille has done a 180, why? Because of the backlash of S1 and her divorce, do I believe for a second camille has changed NO but she should have got an Oscar for her performance this season. Also am I the only one who sees that camille befriended brandi after gamenight! Why because she saw this as her opportunity to get to Kyle without making herself the villain like last season.

    I still like Lisa and hope she and Kyle make up, not sure about Taylor think she’s milking everything and people will turn on her.

    • I love that everyone is saying Kim is loaded during the interview; is no one watching when she says she is on meds again? I felt like she was back to the old Kim from the Colorado trip. She has always been the free spirit in the group and a bit different from the other women which I feel like contributes to her anxiety because she knows she is different from them. However, I feel like even in the episodes her behavior at the SUR opening compared to ‘game night’ was that of drunk = anxious person.
      As for Brandi, I go between loving her honesty and having her grate on my nerves. She IS playing a victim or at the very least an immature high schooler by constantly saying “you started it.” Well, you’re an adult so how about for once in your life you just not try to finish it. She is completely full of low blows and half-assed apologies. Taylor makes a comment about slashing tires, which Brandi not only owns but brags about, and then Brandi fires back with “How long has it been since the book came out?” I just think her reactions are always way out of proportion with the original digs. Same with Kim; a comment on Brandi’s parenting which could have easily been deflected but instead we go straight to crystal meth. BIG DIFFERENCE. Top it off by using the justification “I was attacked first.” Ridiculous. Everyone keeps harping on Kyle for not having apologized, although she has repeatedly. Even Kim apologized. I don’t know that I’ve ever really heard Brandi apologize without saying she was provoked and didn’t start the fight. Grow up.
      I did like that she said that the picture Taylor paints is so horrific she doesn’t even want to talk about it; I agree, which is why I would never want to say she is lying but it is a very hard life to fathom for most people. I don’t know that I agree with how soon the book came out, and I will agree that something about the story seems off, but neither do I really hold it against her. I mean, how long does it really take for a book to be printed? So maybe it had been in the works for a while? I just feel sorry for her with all of the backlash when if any one else wrote about their abuse in childhood (after a parent had died) no one would ever think to accuse them of speaking ill of the dead when the dead can’t defend themselves. So is it the timing? Or just that these people can’t stand Taylor?

      • Kim is nothing like these women or definitely not like her sister Kyle. That is why she shouldn’t have been on this show in the first place. It is entertaining to us, but it is toxic to a person like Kim. The other ladies are so full of themselves and love the glam, big events, they live just to be exposed like queens, for the whole world to see…and then there is Kim, who is lost and is drowning in her pain and struggles.

    • Since Kyle is the first person to call Kim out on stuff and she was saying that this is the real Kim and she’s so glad to have her sister back I tend to believe it was prescribed medication. However, if it is anxiety/panic and not depression I think she should try dropping the medication altogether and switch to cognitive behavioral therapy.

        • The medications are keeping her in-check. Kim stated that herself. She stated when she wanted reduce and eliminate some of the meds she didn’t feel like herself.medication works and it is always combined with talk therapy.

  • As for Kim, she seemed like she gave up the alcohol, but I doubt she gave up the drugs. I don’t believe she’s taking psych meds or anxiety meds. I think she is on illegal substance.

  • As far as her book sales go, people who think Taylor is lying about the book and swore they would not contribute to her lies by buying the book, Are Buying Her Book! Traitors! I can’t believe all the bitching some of these people have done are admitting to buying her book. They were curious. What A Shame.

  • I’m not playing it safe on this, With everything I have read and watched about and from Taylor, She’s Lying About Her Abuse. I don’t understand why Andy is so quick to degrade the dead man a wife beater? Why would Bravo do this when there is not one shed of evidence or witness to support Taylor but there is a mountain of evidence, actual photos of Taylor appearing healthy at many, many, many public events and functions? I do hope Russell’s family does bring a lawsuit against Bravo for defamation of character. They continue to label this father as a wife abuser with no evidence at all. Not One Shed Of Evidence.

  • The diamond Lollipop holder Dana was showing off had a mouth piece on the end of it. It looked more like a pot-pipe to me. The round end you eat the lollipop from, half the lid opens, the other half of the lid, the lollipop is layed on it. How can you eat a lollipop when half the lollipop is blocked by a lid because the it’s laid inside the lid? Anyone who recorded the show, take a look at that scene, it appears in reunion 3 when Dana is on the stage. Look at the other end of the stick, there’s a ring around it like a mouth piece. I think it’s an expensive piece dope holder, smoker.

  • It’s funny to me that, that loser Dana can make up a story and everyone who made up their minds about Brandi would believe the bull she was spewing. We obviously saw game night as it happened. If that were not the case why would Kyle apologize on her blog, on every talk show including WWHL? As well the producer went on Bravo’ s blog to explain her behavior. You guys– please spare me. Dana is nothing more that a social climber. That is why she is friends with Taylor– 2 peas in a pod. Dana could not anticipate how Kyle and Kim would come across for season 2, but she knows that Kyle was at the top of her game last year. Everyone loved Kyle last year. Trust me, if she needed to befriend Brandi and turn on Taylor to get on the show she would in a heart beat.

    Look, we all see things as we want to see them–myself included, but Dana is as much of a liar as she is an ass kisser. The only difference is that she’s admitted being a butt kisser. I am just trying to save all you guys the trouble of figuring out that she’s a liar too.

      • Ditto. You say, “trust me.” We don’t know you nor do any of us “know” any of these housewives. What we “know” is our opinion of them.

        As for your being married for 30 years. Just what is that supposed to mean/signify? Because we don’t “know” you, we have no idea whether your marriage is a beautiful thing or maybe just safer for both of you to remain in it. We all know marriages like that but because we don’t know you – how could we “know.”

        • I was too obscure in my post regarding to whom it was addressed. It was directed at a combination of the statements from Diane and Teddy Bear Doctor.

    • You saw a portion of what happened at game night, like 30 min of what was actually hours. Dana witnessed Brandi making making stupid comments about Kim’s trips to the bathroom. Kyle said she was told what Brandi was saying by someone else at the party. No one else denied their claims of what went down. So yes I believe Dana is telling the truth.

  • Above all else, I respect everyone’s thoughts, feelings & their personal take on the show. I have been very happily married over 30 yrs, with children and grandchildren! I continue to be more in love with my husband everyday! Just sayin’ I wasn’t born yesterday and have some life experience. Gee, where to start?
    Lisa & Ken: I love Lisa and Ken. I think Lisa is genuine and classy. They seem to love their friends and family. Lisa doesn’t and shouldn’t feel threatened in any way by Brandi. Lisa is smart enough to see Brandi as the young, immature, has a nasty mouth, obviously loose morals and not much respect of others in general.
    Brandi: see above comment. She is blind if she really believed anything Russell ever said!
    Kyle & Mauricio: Obviously loves her husband and children. She seems to be a good person and is living the good example lifestyle for her 4 daughters. K&M seem to have a great marriage and work to keep it great. Marriage takes work, as do all relationships. Kyle and Kim seem to have a relationship that is toxic to each other. Kim seems to be very sick with major problems to go with the addictions. Kyle would benefit from separating herself from Kim with the exception of family reunions. I lived with an alcoholic father and speak as a co-dependent.
    Kim: A rehab re-run! Seems to still be “on something”, prob several different things! Needs to get off the show, needs to own the mess she has made of many lives.
    Adrienne & Paul: Sweet “power” couple. Paul seems to be an amazing person. He seems to be confident, kind, funny and intelligent among many of his fabulous characteristics!! Adrienne is also confident and funny. She totally seems to think she is several cuts above others and she doesn’t seem to be as “down to earth” as Paul.
    Taylor: Of course she has an “agenda” to sell her book. I do believe Russell was grossly abusive physically and emotionally. He totally seems to be everything Taylor said he was (mentally ill, manipulative, narcissistic, rage filled). Would “I” not call the police because she asked me to, after Russell physically attached my husband or anyone else for that matter? NO! I would have dialed 911 immediately, if not sooner!!!! AND I would have reported his attempted murder (for nearly drowning Taylor). “I” do not buy the Russell was murdered thing. Taylor needs to have the lip implants removed! She also needs to give Kennedy a good dose of discipline!! Kennedy seems to have NO manners; her pouting and the crossing her arms when she doesn’t like something is ugly and very disrespectful. Waiting to give discipline “later” is a mistake.
    Camille: Totally sickening! Hateful, wild eyed psychotic bit–. Needs to be off the show. She needs to keep her mouth shut! She interrupts everyone!
    Dana: Also sickening! Sad that she obviously has NO clue how to use money for the good of others!! I too hope to never see her ugly mug on the show again!
    Like Mel, sorry for the long post, but I sure feel better and appreciate an opportunity to vent!

    • Are you joking? Kennedy is acting out because she sees her parents act like idiots. Based on your comment, do ou NOT think that Kennedy actually did kick Taylor in the eye like she told the doctors and the othr story was just for the show?

  • I just can’t see Brandi coming back next season. She’s kind of a one trick pony – and that trick is hitting on Lisa’s husband. I think that will get old pretty soon and no one else on the show wants to hang with her anymore. If she pisses Lisa off she is screwed. I must admit she’s a very hard worker on twitter. She tweets all day every day trying to build up a following by answering anyone that tweets her.

    • Bravo would be crazy not to bring Brandi back. She is smart tweeting to the fans.She is spreading the truth. So much hush hush on this show and they were getting away with it until Brandi came along.With out Brandi I was ready to walk away from watching it. Now at least I want to watch to see what she will reveal . Isnt that why we watch the show, these people put themselves on a reality show and they were all pretending. Brandi brought life.

  • Kyle’s an unlikable, thin-lipped, annoying-phony-laughing asshole.
    Kim’s just a clueless asshole.
    Taylor’s a zero.Go away.
    Lisa’s an envious, conniving cooter.
    Adrienne’s humorless and unhappily married.
    Camille’s got the world at her feet.
    Brandi’s candor is refreshing.
    Dana’s not comfy in her own skin.Go away.

    Dr. Paul’s the sexiest house husband ever.

    I have spoken.

  • Oh and btw, I saw how Brandi twists things when she made the comment about being sorry about what she said about Taylor’s book. She said she reacted when Taylor made the tire slashing comment and it wasn’t true. It was Brandi who made her comment first. She wasn’t reacting to anything. I’m glad Taylor called her out on it.

    • Thank you. Brandi kept making these faces and rolling her eyes like “whatever”. No Brandi, Taylor was right about Brandi making that comment first. I wish people would quit acting like Brandi is an angel.

      • that’s exactly what bothers me. They make is seem like Brandi can do no wrong. Well I don’t buy it. I may take her side when it comes to the situation between her ex and Leanne Rimes but not here.

    • No, she didn’t. I would suggest you watch the episode again. TAYLOR made the Eddie Cibrian comment first. Brandi then commented about Taylor’s book.

      I like that a few people agree with you, even though that isn’t how it happened.

      • Ahem, actually Brandi started it off by saying that she talked to Russell and how much Russell loved Camille. I believe he said that Taylor knew about the e-mail, and all that. So really Brandi started first in the sense of trying to stir up drama with Taylor (who I do not like at all), and then Taylor brought up Eddie. then Brandi attacked Taylor with the book thing.

        • Actually, it started with her merely saying that she said some negative things about Taylor to Lisa and Lisa defended Taylor…the whole conversation was supposed to be about what a good friend Lisa was. Taylor and Andy pressed to find out what Brandi said. When she said that she saw Russell and he said, “…” is when Taylor went all defensive and ape shit.

          • And seriously, right or wrong, Taylor sounded like a 10 year old (no disrespect to 10 year olds everywhere) “yeah but you said it first. You said it first. Just saying you said it first.” Wow — amazing debate skills there.

        • Yes and you just admitted Brandi started it. Once you open the door Taylor has the right on the reunion to walk on through.

  • Honestly, I agree with Dana. Brandi was pointing out Kim’s trips to the bathroom and that wasn’t cool. Why call attention to it. And the the crystal meth comment was a low blow. That is a serious accusation. She may as well had said heroin. Kim may be an alcoholic but she is not on crystal meth. Her kids were hurt by that particular comment, so yes I agree with Kim that Brandi’s comment hurt her family. Kim’s drinking also hurts her family but the meth addict comment was very hard for them. I’m not saying that her drinking wasn’t hard on them but for someone to say meth addict is way serious. So I see why Kim won’t forgive that. The crutches incident is the only apology I think Kim should give Brandi.

    About Kim seeming off…..she is obviously on anxiety meds. Anxiety and pain is the reason for her drinking, so she can’t go cold turkey without a supplement for it. So i believe Kim is in the right direction and hopefully sticks to it. I’m glad to hear that her family is so supportive and happy for her sobriety.

    • I agree about the crystal meth statement it is over the top and vile. Brandi has apologized. I hope it was not said with knowledge that Kim just came to the party from the psychiatrist’s office and she was on her current meds, that would be pure calculated evil. I hope not.

      As for being out of it, you are right. She is not only on anti-anxiety meds she is on mood stabilizers and anti-depressents. If anyone here wants to read about 2 of Kim’s medication Topamax and Trazadone they talk about slight spacing out. Slight slurred speech and many other normal side-effects that you have while taking the medication.

  • We’re still talking about game night? I read a comment that Kyle made Kim act like a b*tch to Brandi, after she was nice to Brandi at the door. Seriously? Kim is responsible for KIM’S behaviour, not Kyle. Some of you act like Kyle is the devil, and can make Kim do anything she wants. They are sisters, and i really don’t think it’s in anyone’s place to talk about how THEIR relationship will play out, or if they like each other. They obviously care about each other, they have known each other their whole lives, not you or me. As for game night, it was EVERYONE’S fault. Brandi, Kyle, and Kim. Everyone gets on Kyle, but acts like Brandi was an angel. Give me a break.

    • I thought so too. She seemed much more clear-headed at the beginning of the season when they all went on the ski trip. I think it’s the meds they are giving her for anxiety and I wish she could get off the medications altogether. It seems that doctors always want to adjust/change people’s anxiety/depression medications and it’s a vicious cycle of trying to find/get used to the right one or combination.

  • 1. My theory on game night! I feel that Brandi saw Kim act as an addict would and gossiped. I have a feeling either Taylor or Dana overheard Brandi’s conversation with Camille or she was speaking to one of them (Taylor or Dana) about Kim and one of them, if not both of them, ran to tell Kim and Kyle what Brandi was saying about Kim. (Kyle has stated that someone at game night came and told her Brandi was talking about her sister, I just don’t think Camille did it.) Instead of Kim and Kyle being mature about it, they chose to act like mean girls towards Brandi. So in the end, the fault lies with them all. Brandi should have never been gossiping (but what woman doesn’t) and Kyle and Kim should have never behave like highschoolers because someone, they already didn’t like, was talking about them.

    2.Taylor Armstrong (she is special enough to get her own section! And by special, I don’t mean when you are unique, I mean when you need to get your PYSCHOlogical (sp) issues resolved.
    a. Taylor is a liar.
    b. A hypocrite – Example, she can go Oklahoma on someone but not mean anything by it but Brandi can’t say I am going to kill someone and it can’t be taken out of the context of the situation! (BTW, I don’t approve of either saying, just trying to point out a fact. My feeling is both times they were meant as a threat to shut another person up, so it is never ok!)
    c. An abuser just for stating that everyone who doubts her is an abuser
    d. A true definition of a narcissist, in fact, I bet if you Google narcissist in the near future, her picture will show up! (Side Note: What person assumes because she knows a statistic (that people teach in high school class) about how many women on abused on a daily basis, those women will die because she didn’t write a book about not getting her way and throwing a tantrum oh shot I meant about her horrific abuse at the hands of the man she claims to love but in the same breath calls him a mentally ill, manipulative, narcissistic, rage filled, bi-sexual who happens to be the father of my child! Let me know if I missed anything!)
    e. A funny a** joke for forgetting to log out of her own twitter account when she wants to review her book to make it look good, making up accounts to combat doubters and forgetting she is logged on as another user and using the “don’t believe me”, and for reviewing her own book. And yes, she is the punchline!
    f. And most importantly, she is NOT, I repeat NOT and will NEVER be an advocate of women in DV situations.

    And Dana, sweetie, you are just trying to hard, that is why the other ladies talk about you so, yet you still have your nose so far up their you know what that your ears are up there with your nose and you can’t hear what they are saying about you. It’s embarrassing and you are the only one I actually feel sorry for….

    Sorry for the long post all. Had to get it out!

    • Actually, if you saw the episode, Brandi wasn’t “gossiping”, she was expressing CONCERN for a fellow human being! She kept asking, is Kim ok, is she alright? She was WORRIED, is all, for effs sake! HOW on this earth, does a woman showing kindness and concern, turn into ‘gossiping’? This world is totally fuqked up! Next time I’m in a group and see a fellow girl acting like she is drugged (maybe date rape drug) or sick or something, I will SAY NOTHING! I will not show any concern. I will not try get help. If the woman dies, stiff shit. You all have shown me that being compassionate and caring and looking out for your fellow man is ‘gossiping’, so next time I’ll let them suffer/die.

      Jesus fuking christ! 🙁

      • They were on a set in Dana’s home. Kyle was with her sister in the bathroom. Saying it once is OK, but saying it as many times as she did is taunting.

        You cannot make an analogy between a controlled environment like Dana’s house with a film crew around them and a random bar. It is an apples vs. oranges example.

  • Agree with you Roxy. Where are these friends of Taylor’s that Russel threw in a pool/beat up etc? They need to confirm this story or else I don’t know that I believe it. Kyle can be funny, a great Mom etc, but she can really go hard after these ladies and I don’t know if I’d ever feel like I could trust her as a friend. This 3rd installment was, thankfully, a little more subdued/less confrontational than the other segments. I didn’t want to see anymore Adrienne/Lisa fallout. I hope the ladies can come back together and have some good times in another season (sans Taylor.)

  • Let me start with TAYLOR – no way is a friend visiting me and her husband tries to drown her – beat up my husband and then try to drown me and I’m not calling the police. Give me a break Taylor – that had to be a total and complete lie. I do not believe this at all. Taylors stories are so over the top. I believe Taylor will say anything to sell a book.
    DANA – I hope to never see her again.
    BRANDI – the only truthful person on the show – love her and hope to see her next season.

    KYLE,KIM,MAURICO – over all three of them – Kyle is just mean and nasty this season, I liked her last season but this time around I cant stand her. Kim should still be in rehab.Maurico is starting to believe his own press.

    Dr Paul – love him – he has a great sense of humor.

  • I agree 100% with you opinions of eveyone. I was gety frustrated once again hearing Kim and brandi. Kim it was your behavior period. Kim owes the apology. Kyle owes another apology. Dana continues to be a complete idiot. Same with Adrienne as of late. Taylor is just bad. Just crawl back to Oklahoma please.

  • We have to remember Kim and Kyle are sisters! Even if your sister is an alcoholic/drug addict whatever… You want to protect them. You will back them up no matter what. That was exactly what happened on game night. Obviously kyle was talking bad about Brandi to Kim, the thing is that during that same night Brandi did nothing to change the opinion that Kyle fed Kim, Brandi attacked. Even if Kim was a meth head, no one wants the world to know it. And for Brandi who knew obviously something was happening that night MADE IT A PUBLIC AFFAIR through that accusation. If I was Kyle I would have gone for jugular to protect Kim. That’s all I see between kyle and kim, sisters who love and protect each other, but have hone through so much that it’s hard to like each other. You can bicker and squabble all the time, but when someone attacks they’ll fight back.

    Brandi to me is just such a catty person. She reminds of the type of woman that doesn’t have female friends really and she’ll use the excuse that ” they’re catty and jealous” when in actuality it’s just her thats a little histrionic and catty

    • You make a point..Kyle & Kim are sisters…Kyle had NO problem back stabbing and ganging up on Kim with her posse on S1. No wonder Kim has a problem..if I had to deal with Kyle, as a sister, I would self medicate too

  • Its funny how Kyle had us all fooled first season. I tried to get my husband to watch it because I got him into RHNJ and thought I could get him into RHBH, it didn’t work, he found it boring. BUT he IMMEDIATELY called out Kyle. I didn’t tell him any back story but he noticed she was ALWAYS giving digs to Camille during her talking head segments and ALWAYS rolling her eyes at everything she said. He said he thought Ky-lee (lol he always says Ky-lee) was jealous of Camille from the beginning. When the fight started he was on Camille’s side and didn’t see her as pretentious or bitchy, he thought she was defending her self and her pride and that what she was saying about Ky-lee was true. He never did watch the whole season, but I did AGAIN and NOW that I KNOW I can totally see the REAL Kyle ( from season 2) in season 1 as well. I think the spin on making Camille look crazy deflected what Kyle was really like.

    Just thought I’d share a man’s perspective on the situation.

    • You can’t judge a person unless you’ve seen ALL of the evidence. Seriously? Camille was a b*tch last season and tried to make up for it last season.

        • It is amazing how easily people are easily fooled, isn’t it? People need to remember, a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, it just relies on camoflauge for its continued survival.

          There is no new Camille who has “changed for the better.” Just the same old passive-aggressive who is aggressively trying to appear passive.

          Apparently her efforts have paid off for her with the majority. The money she paid Howard Bragman has definitely paid off for her.

          • Camille thought she was above everyone last season because she was “happily” married to a successful actor, had plenty of money, homes, cars, beauty, status etc. She got a wake up call when her famous (asshole) husband dumped her for someone else. That humbled her.

            Also, since Kelsey dumped Camille, she has been doing a little truth telling herself about her happy marriage, which seems like it really wasn’t all that happy. ALL these women try to hide their flaws and shortcomings from the public! And so would all of WE if we were on a reality show

          • I never said anything about Camille, I was talking about Kyle…. weather Camille was a bitch or not is not my point, my point is that Kyle IS.

  • Roxanne I agree with everything you said. Yes it did seem like Kim was off a bit tonight, her words were slow and she just seemed so MELLOW, like everything was COOOL MAN. Yes Kim needs to take responsibility of ALL her actions .. ie.. the party at Danas. Her and Kim were saying mean high schooler stuff about Brandi, she need to OWN that and apologize. Kyle as well…..Dana was too far up Kyle and Kims ass to notice the bullying they were doing to Brandi cuz it was plain as day to us ALL. I hoped Dana wiped off……..! And in my own opinion I have a prettty good feeling that Kim was def on some type of substance other then alcohol. Im sorry you dont crawl on the floor in the bathroom searching through stuff, loooking for something you dropped AND searching through all the pockets etc in the limo and find a empty baggie….and wet tissues??? . And while in the bathroom her ex did say….just put it in the towel, stick it in the towel, …. def hiding something?? (like I said, my opinion and my ex had issues of the same type and that brought back memories for me when I watched that….very sad) But if your going to get clean and sober you have to be willing to admit EVERYTHING!

    Taylor Taylor….hmmmm, def a suspicious one. She said that a friend of theirs got hit on the head by Russell and did 10 grand worth of damage, but Taylor told him to not prosecute Russell? REALLY? And she almost was drowned by Russell??? I would think that , that friend of hers would of called the police with out hesitation, I mean a NORMAL human being would. A few word for that…….would be nice if that certain person came forward and spilt his beans on what happened that evening…..does it match Taylors? Did it really happen? And why was this never mentioned before? Im wondering if she mentioned that in her Tell All Book? Does anyone know? If so please tell.

    Im wondering if Lisa V really thinks in her head that Brandi really wants to do her hubby??????????? I highly doubt it myself BUT Lisa seems to REALLY believe that. Hey it might bring some spice for role play….YOU NEVER KNOW. THE UNDERCOVER BRANDI LOVER……LOL, IM JUST KIDDING but it is funny that Lisa gets so serious about it. Brandi is just a playful women that likes to have FUN and have tons of laughs.

    Dana….She can just irk my nerves sometimes with her name dropping and geesh she just came right out of the gate tonight with attacks…..I was so suprised. Seems she DOES NOT like Brandi at all and her perception was def OFF tonight…..totally agree with Rox on that. She needs to go back and rewatch that segment.

    Well Ive said enough…I said my peace…I just feel that there are things Kim is hiding from everyone, including family and one day the truth will come out as well as Taylors issues. . I just wish Andy was more pushy at times on certain things. He looked like he was ready to fall asleep himself with the kim and Kyle interview…..

    • Taylor is one hot mess. I cannot stomach her. I get the urge to throw something at the TV when she opens her mouth. She’s out to “save the world”…… Puleeeesssse why did she wait till after the death of her husband to do so.. She needed his money.. End of story. She is uneducated and the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.. I would not watch the show next season if she comes back.

      Kyle is a phoney, unless she is has gotten as sick as her sister from the alcoholism.. She really does have a mean strick ….

      Adrienne disappointed me when she turned on Lisa right after she moved from across the street.

      Lisa is awesome – graceful, intelligent, the voice of reason and above all exudes Class !

      I always thought Camielle was sweet. Perhaps her love affair with the hottie will make for good tv next season….

      Kim is a train wreck. When she said she would never forgive Brandi, I knew she was seriously working her recovery program… Forgiveness is the biggest thing to enchance a true and successful recovery.

      Brandi is the best !! She speaks from the heart is quirky and adds so much.

      That other one is for the birds.

  • I think that Kim doesn’t want to talk about the things about her sister that are not so nice. You can see with their relationship that Kyle does feel like she should be the mother. Perhaps when Kim wasn’t able to handle things she did have to “mother” her nieces however once again I’ll point out that Kim took care of her children and her sick mother, going so far as to move to her mothers home to care for her. So she is capable and having older children seems to have done a fine job with it. Her children were young and she handled that responsibilit. Also when Kim said Kyle thinks she’s the mother not only of Kim but her children, Kyle quickly said “you think the same thing about my children,” Kim quickly said “Kyle don’t go there (or something to that effect) Sorry I believe Kim. We have never seen on the show or in the tabloids any indication of Kyle’s accusation but we have seen Kim’s accusation on camera. I think that Kim’s behavior as an alcoholic most definitely hurt her family, however, Brandi’s accusation did not help and Brandi was wrong. We did not see the entire night and I’m sorry, but in my opinion, Kim admitted to having taken medication and her behavior was not what it should have been, however I remember her meeting Brandi at the door and complementing her on her looks and her outfit. She was kind to Brandi. Somehow during the night that changed…was that her medication or was it her sister whispering in her ear. The person I find most to blame is Kyle. There is no way that there was not something said to make Kim change her behavior towards Brandi from meeting her at the door and being kind to playing mean girl later in the evening. I don’t think Brandi (despite saying it) would want the entire evening aired and neither would Kyle. Both are not very nice women.

    • I completely believe Dana when she says that Brandi knew, as did the rest of the women, that Kim was on a med, and Kyle was worried about her being on camera. Even so, she felt it necessary to call attention to the many trips to the bathroom that Kim took-why? THAT is not nice, and makes Brandi responsible for and deserving of the treatment she got in return. I think she’s a huge b*tch.
      Totally agree with you about Kyle mothering Kim! She really needs to stop

      • But Brandi didn’t comment on Kim’s trips to the bathroom until AFTER Kyle and Kim were saying they didn’t like her and didn’t want her on their team and were giggling and TRYING to make Brandi uncomfortable. I don’t think Brandi is a saint but Kyle and Kim instigated the whole thing along with Dana who was sucking up their butt trying to be in with the cool girls just like in high school.

        • It doesn’t matter who ‘started’ it, I’m so sick of Brandi using the excuse “WELL SHE EGGED ME ON FIRST!”, “SHE STARTED IT!” or “I was so mad after watching an episode that i texted Kyle by accident calling her a C U Next Tuesday! Therefore I am justified!” she never apologized for that and Kyle has apologized to her countless times! She invited her to Hawaii, and to her White Party (even after the Malibu Fiasco she wasn’t going to uninvite Brandi) and then to her Christmas Party. Yet everyone is okay with that because ‘that’s our Brandi! so HONEST!’ that wasn’t honest, that was tactless. I bet you if Kyle did the same thing everyone would scream foul, and GOD KYLE IS SO MEAN. POOR PRECIOUS BRANDI SO INNOCENT! But she isn’t innocent, not in the slightest.

          Dana was a horrible host, I’m not a huge Dana fan at all. She just sat there and did not step in like she should have, and told them all to act like adults but she claims she did it for the ratings! (according to her blog.) But I do believe that Dana has more insight on Game Night than we do.

          • First of all, I don’t like Brandi any more than I like Kyle. I don’t CARE ‘who started it’ but I would expect that when someone is attacked or mocked that they would attack back. This is what I saw happen during ‘game night’. My opinions are not based on who I like or dislike, they’re based on what I see and what I think is right or wrong. Would I have handled it the same as Brandi? NO. I would have called them out right away. When Kim said she didn’t like me and want to be on my team I would have said, ‘you don’t like me, you don’t want to be on my team, fine, Dana lets switch up the teams’. I would NEVER sit there and pretend I don’t hear what people are saying about me, other wise I might explode at some point, like Brandi did.

          • Annah – I just re-watched the episode. Brandi started gossiping about Kim in the bathroom BEFORE they chose teams.

          • I don’t. If someone feels they are being attacked they should remove themselves from the situation and not escalate it. That is what would have done and most anyone I know. Even if my crutches were hidden there was a whole Bravo crew ask the for the crutches.

          • Jelly, are you serious? Of course it matters who started it! If a kid is continuously bullied at school, and one day snaps and fights back, are you going to say that the continued hounding and harassment of the child that lead to her reaching breaking point is ‘irrelevant’ to the situation? Come on now! It is VERY relevant. It seems to me that you are so hellbent and determined to dislike Brandi and find fault with her that you clutch at straws to do so and to excuse the actions of KK. You are not being fair.

          • “I don’t CARE ‘who started it’ but I would expect that when someone is attacked or mocked that they would attack back. This is what I saw happen during ‘game night’. My opinions are not based on who I like or dislike, they’re based on what I see and what I think is right or wrong.”


            Right is right and wrong is wrong, and those defending the disgusting and dispicable behaviour of the vile duo of KK are as bad as the bullies themselves. Just like that that stand and watch a person being teased and bullied and picked on and do nothing; the onlookers and bystanders who do nothing to help aid and abet and are worse than the bully/ies themselves.

            “Would I have handled it the same as Brandi? NO. I would have called them out right away. When Kim said she didn’t like me and want to be on my team I would have said, ‘you don’t like me, you don’t want to be on my team, fine, Dana lets switch up the teams’. I would NEVER sit there and pretend I don’t hear what people are saying about me, other wise I might explode at some point, like Brandi did.”

            True. Unfortunately (speaking from VERY PERSONAL experience) that is what happens. And Brandi couldn’t leave. She was in that situation. Sometimes you feel too sad and overwhelmed to react. I know. Its like you feel so hurt and sad that you are drained of will to fight. Or even defend yourself. Then one day/minute that hurt suddenly and without warning, turns (uncontrollably) to anger and rage, one that you are powerless in the moment, to stop. Then people start feeling sorry for the BULLY, and start attacking the VICTIM! Believe me, I know. Its like no much how much distress the bully gives a person, the victim has ‘no right’ to fight back, according to the bullies and the bully apologists/groupies. The bully should expect to be forgiven, but the victim should never expect to be forgiven for EXPLODING after ages of harassment, duress and stress. Its a sad, sick, immoral, cruel, uncaring and non-compassionate world we live in.

          • mm, you might want to RE-WATCH the show; WITHOUT your PRECONCEIVED AGENDA. Brandi wasn’t ‘gossiping’, she was asking if Kim was ok! She was showing worry and CONCERN for a fellow human being. Something it appears you know nothing about.

          • If people do not extricate themselves from a situation then they are deeply lacking in social grace and self-esteem. If people believe that simple snide remarks like “I don’t want to play with her” needs to be addressed, then they will never make it far in life.

            You have to know what are the real battles to win. The real battles are when someone is defaming you where you might lose opporunties or place your name in disrepute. It is not about who plays in a team on game night.

          • Sally – If you read previous threads or my first post in this thread you would know that I used to take Brandi’s side. You obviously know nothing about me.

            I changed my mind about Brandi because while Kim made no comments for many months Brandi continued to make snide comments about Kim. I began to see that Brandi was a bully. In re-watching the episode recently I realized that Brandi wasn’t able to get the best of Kyle in a direct argument so she decided to pick on Kim because she was a much easier target. That is the epitome of being a bully.

        • Even though I love Kim I always said she started with Brandi on game night. I was wrong.

          I just re-watched that episode a couple of times.

          Kim was nice to Brandi when she first arrived and met her and then again when she went into the gathering room.

          Brandi started asking people what was going on in the bathroom BEFORE Kim said she didn’t want to be on her team. Kim also said she was having panic attacks and crying and was nervous about the new people BEFORE she said she didn’t want Brandi on her team because she didn’t know her. I no longer think she said that to be mean.

          Also, Kyle and the camera were in the bathroom with her half the time. I think she was trying to get away from all that was going on and calm down her panic attacks.

          • “I no longer think she said that to be mean. ”

            Ummm….she said “I don’t wanter on my team. I don’t like her.” She also hid her crutches and told Kyle that she hid her crutches BEFORE any argument started. Then Kyle was quick to jump up and shout “IQ Test! You first!” as a provovation out of nowhere to fight with Brandi. Brandi only asked about Kim initially out of concern because she was whacked out of her mind in and out of the bathroom and not one was saying anything. I would have been confused as hell to.

            Kyle then made it clear later to everyone that Brandi somehow owed HER an apology for the entire night, and when Brandi tried to offer both her and Kim one (which Kim wouldn’t even entertain the idea), Kyle acted extremely haughty and condescending. Even afterwards Kyle kept making rude remarks about Brandi throughout the entire season – remember Brandi’s party and the laser?

            I don’t get how anyone can even try to excuse Kim and Kyle AND Dana’s behavior at Game Night.

          • Yes, one more time. I no longer think she said that to be mean. I think she said she didn’t want Brandi to be on her team because she was nervous and wanted to be on a team with people she knew. I don’t think she realized how loud she said it. I think Brandi was sitting around with a sour puss all night and pulled a nasty stunt by pointing out Kim’s trips to the bathroom on camera to the room full of girls BEFORE anyone started playing the games or choosing teams.

          • Brandi did nothing but SHOW CONCERN for Kim. She was WORRIED!!! You WANT to see that as her ‘gossiping’ when if you had bothered to actually watch the episode WITHOUT your preconceived BIAS as to want you want to see, to JUSTIFY your prejudice of Brandi, you would see that she was only ever around one person at the time when she asked, and she was GENUINE and genuinely CONCERNED. She wasn’t asking out of being nasty, she was WORRIED for Kim, and post rational non-prejudiced people would see that, too. It as very sweet of Brandi. It showed her CARING AND COMPASSIONATE nature. But of course you have to spitefully and maliciously turn it into something completely and utterly different.

            “I no longer think she said that to be mean. ”

            Oh, OF COURSE NOT! Rolls eyes. Its obvious your have a preconceived bias so take any slant that justifes your negative prejudices and biases about Brandi and lessens and minimises the abuse Kim gave Brandi.

            There is ONLY ONE WAY to take “I DON’T LIKE HER” and “I don’t want HER on my team”. No matter how much you twist, distort and spin to suit your agenda, there is NO WAY that can be taken, other than MEANT AS AN INSULT. No way. No matter how desperate you are for straws to clutch. NO way!

          • Thank you Siiri for being a voice of sanity on here. I was truly starting to dispair. These posts are absolutely horrifying. Its like a world absent of reason, decency and compassion.

        • Annah-you don’t know that. That’s just the way the episode was edited. Dana said that Brandi was loudly mentioning the bathroom trips, even AFTER she knew that Kyle was worried about how Kim would look during the night to viewers, and BEFORE Kyle and Kim said anything to Brandi

          • First, Kim said, as soon as they sat down and Dana made the teams, ‘I don’t like her I don’t want her on my team’.
            Second, I don’t care enough to argue about it, I don’t care for Brandi OR Kyle. I’m just stating my opinion on what I saw and how I would feel.

          • Annah – I just re-watched the episode. Brandi started gossiping about Kim in the bathroom BEFORE they chose teams.

          • If you believe anything that comes out of Dana’s mouth, you are a fool. She has been caught out lying too many times. And Dana had already had a grudge against Brandi because of the remark Brandi made about her fiance, and she continued this grudge into game night with her egging KK on. So she has a motive to lie about Brandi and as we all saw, Brandi was mostly alone pre the actual ‘games’ starting, and in fact whispered to the the person, asking if Kim was ok. Brandi was genuinely worried, and asked if she was alright. Even Camille and Kyle admitted that Brandi didn’t shout or gossip about Kim. She SHOWED CONCERN, which admittedly, bullying types on here would not understand or identify with. Concern, compassion, caring for your fellow man is not something bullies and their ilk have experienced. So its no wonder they turn a sweet act of kindess and caring and concern into something sinister. Sick, is what it is.

            Also, as several people have stated on Dana’s blog comments, Dana has a real obsession with Brandi. Almost every post of hers has something truly negative to say about Brandi. She even retweeted a HORRIBLE ACCUSATION (worse than CM) about Brandi to start a fight. Dana hates Brandi. She is obsessed with Brandi. So her word is worth LESS than sh*t. Except for those like yourself desperate for an excuse to justify your unreasonable, unfair and irrational prejudice against Brandi…. Of course you’ll cling to it and spout it as gospel…..

      • Yep…game nite makes a lot more sense now! It’s understandable why Kyle got so upset! I’m not agreeing with how she acted but it makes more sense now! Brandi repeatedly pointed out the bathroom trips!! Brandi started it just like she always does & then cries when the shit comes back on her!

          • People should also bring Brandi’s arrest for Drunk Driving to the surface. People were also thinking Brandi’s an out of control drunk mess when she got wasted and married in Vegas last month.

          • Brandi broughtnothingto the surface!! Everyone already knew Kim had a problem! Brandi was startingshit & that’s it!!

        • Wtf? How does someone expressing concern, being an ‘evil’ thing? If you bothered to ACTUALLY WATCH, you’d see that Brandi was geniuinely worried for Kim, and asked someone that maybe we should check on her, is she alright, is she ok. Something a COMPASSIONATE AND CARING PERSON DOES. How can you turn something so innocent and so kind and compassionate, into something so evil? Are you THAT DESPERATE for a reason to hate on Brandi, that you deliberately misconstrue an ACT OF KINDNESS as something bad? That is truly sad and says volumes about the soulless cold person you are.

          • I think you need to calm down, because someone who gets this upset over something isn’t healthy. You said I don’t know Kyle, this is true, but you also do not know Brandi. Camille, or Taylor told Kyle that Brandi was talking about Kim behind her back and asking questions (not in a concerning way.) This is what we have been told. And you seem to get mad at anyone who does not see things in the same way you do, and in turn call them a bully? I was bullied my entire life, and I can tell you 100% that if I were in Brandi’s shoes the only thing i would have said is “Your sister said she didn’t like me or want her on my team hello.” and Kim admitted that hiding Brandi’s crutches was wrong, so did Kyle. but Brandi thinks she is a savior in opening the public’s eye to Kim’s problems when she really didn’t, if Brandi didn’t say those statements people would have still seen that something was off. I don’t ‘hate’ Brandi, it’s such a wasted emotion. I don’t know her, I’ve said I am sure she’s a good person off camera and away from twitter and the blog sites for interviews. Stop trying to make everyone look like they are evil for holding different views.

            I’ve said countless times on other articles that Brandi had a right to be upset, but so do Kim and Kyle. All THREE of them are in the WRONG.

      • If Brandi knew that Kim was on prescription meds like topamax and trazadone, then Brandi went on to say crystal meth I would think Brandi is vile. That would be just to get air-time and a vindictive dig. That is pure calculated evil. Brandi cannot attack in that light if she knows any statements to the contrary at that moment.

        • @Jennifer how would brandi know…i think she had just met her that night. Heck I dont even know what Rx my social friends are on because thats not common knowledge or conversational topics unless you are really close.

          • If you come from ur shrinks office and he gives you mess it isn’t for the common cold. I think most anyone would agree.

          • Jelly, its so sad that you are taking the word of Dana. Brandi has said she DIDN’T KNOW, repeatedly in interviews, on air, and on Twitter. The others have backed BRANDI up on this. The others knew Kim, but even THEY didn’t know what she was on, so, use your brain and THINK; how would Brandi, a stranger, newcomer, someone not from their class, someone who hadn’t known any of them and hadn’t even heard of Kim or MET her until that night, know, if those RELATED to her and who knew her for a couple of years, didn’t know, either? For goodness sake, don’t let your preconceived opinions and bias cloud your REASONING SKILLS!

        • Apparently from Kim’s interview and Kyle confirmed it Kim stated she told everyone she came from her psychiatrist’s office. It was in the reunion taping. She said she was given some mess in the office which isn’t uncommon especially since she was not driving.

          Also Dana confirmed it.

  • Dana is like a sixth toe thst serves no purpose. She is a suckup and really annoying. She sucks up to who she thinks is more popular to gain points. Taylor has an agenda and its to sell books. Its happening way too fast. Give ur daughter time to grieve before you tell America how her father was the scumbag of the earth. I also feel like Kim was on other substsnces they’re not disclosing. Kyle’s personality was disturbing this season. I felt bad for Brandi. She was definetly picked on and it was very clear in the footages who were the mean girls.

  • Apparently some people did not hear Kim admit her kids were hurt because of HER! They wouldn’t call or speak to her. Why is there an idea that Kim is blaming her life problems on Brandi? She was speaking of the meth comment and how this comment hurt her kids. NOTHING ELSE! Did she say “Brandi was the cause of everything I have been through?”

    • you are so right. Thank you for bringing that out. I can’t believe anyone can say that about Kim. She admitted her issues and stated how she made mistakes, how come Brandi can’t own hers?

      • Bwhahaahaha, oh, what a laugh that is. Who was it that make the effort to make the apology on spa day? Brandi. Who was it that refused to listen to the apology, and called Brandi trash amongst other insults? Kim Who was it that acknowledged that you can’t fight with crazy, stood their at the white party taking all Kim’s psychotic lunatic shouts, screams and abuse? Brandi. Who was it that went psychotic and followed Brandi around abusing? Kim. Who was it that wished Kim well? Brandi Who was it that to the reunion, STILL blamed her actions on Brandi? Kim. Who refuses to apologise, and forgive? Kim

        The evidence beats your lies.

        Case closed.

    • do people really think that even before Brandi made the meth comment that Kims childrens friends didnt already know Kim had a problem.Please stop.Kim brought this on herself and Kyle thought this show would help her. So sad and sick.I hope Kim gets better and stays off the show.However said it once and will say it again.KIM was stoned on the last nights reunion…

      • I’m sure Kim’s friends knew that something was off about Kim if they were around her. But if you actually paid attention to the reunion you would have noticed that NONE of Kim’s children talked to her once they saw her totally spiraling out of control and even went to Kyle I believe, or another family member saying that “Kim had to go away.”

        Brandi’s Meth comment was hurtful, end of story. Having it said on television in front of millions of people is not acceptable. It’s like a slap in the face almost, and even worse when the drug that she’s being accused of is illegal and she’s not even using it.. Now people can’t get past the fact that she MUST have used that drug. When really, she didn’t.

        I do believe that she’s not taking the right kind of medication still, she wasn’t stoned or anything last night. It was her medication, I know plenty of people who have taken those meds correctly who have the same reaction. So stop pulling for straws to make it seem like Kim is a failure.

        • I don’t understand why everyone is SO mad that Brandi made that comment “on tv in front of thousands of people.” I’m sorry, I know that’s embarrassing for Kim, but she signed up for a reality tv show. ALL of these women did. IMO there’s not a reasonable expectation of privacy and secrets and keeping certain topics off camera. It’s not like Kim signed up for Project Runway or some show where her life and drama really can and should be left out.

          It’s the same as how everyone is upset with Camille for saying what Taylor had been telling them. No one really cares that she called her out, except it was on camera. And so it seems to me that Taylor, like Kim (and even Kyle), is just mad that her real life is being brought into her storyline.

          The BH ladies don’t seem to front for the camera, wealth-wise, like most of the other franchises (renting houses, leasing cars they can’t afford, etc. etc.), but they certainly do their best to put up a front about their personal lives being in order. Which is normal human behavior, but won’t work for long on this kind of show.

          • Yes, Kim signed up for a reality show you are completely correct. But that still doesn’t make what Brandi said okay, that kind of statement can RUIN you. I don’t understand how people don’t get that.

            I do think that the BH ladies do try to keep everything behind the cameras which is hard to do. They just want to appear somewhat normal, but err, clearly from this season we can see that their lives aren’t right now.

          • JMO, where I am from..anyone who frequently goes the bathroom while in bar or at a party is perceived to be doing *lines* And yes, every time those people leave the room you can bet others are talking about it. That’s reality!

            And if that person and their family or friends, has the gumption to make comments and laugh @ myself or my friends, you can be sure that you will be *outed* in front of everyone! That’s REALITY! Kyle and Kim should have had their families in mind when they made fun and were mean to Brandi…they made the choice to do so and got it right back! That’s REALITY!!!

            However, since Kim says she has anxiety issues, one thing I do know since I have been dealing with panic attacks for over 20 years off and on, when a panic attack starts the first thing I need is air and to get away from the crowded situation. I am not sure why Kim would panic in a situation with so few people but everyone is different! And when the comment was made perhaps then would have been the time to say that Kim was having a panic attack.

          • Sally no matter how much you want it to be a throw-away Crystal Meth is not considered that. It is a vulgar statement meant to hurt. Brandi stated that at the reunion. Brandi tried to apologize for it. She knew she was wrong otherwise she wouldn’t have tried so hard to apologize.

            The vast majority of people in society would never fathom that accusing someone of using crystal meth is innocuous. It is defamatory. Brandi knew it.

        • Oh come on! So Brandi using an innocuous throw-away line no worse than calling someone a loser or a wanker is ‘hurtful’, but mocking and giggling about someone, ‘freezing’ them out (as is the Psychological/DSM term for the bullying KK did on game night is medically termed) by being told you are not liked, not wanted, not wanted on the team, AND hiding a person’s crutches is ….NOT hurtful to you? What planet do you people live on, when a term no worse than alcho or loser is deemed ‘hurtful’, but blatant and obvious bullying and ostracisation is ‘no big deal’? Are you that far removed from reality? Or have you never experienced bullying yourself, that you have absolutely NO IDEA the HARM that such cruel ostracisation can DO TO A PERSON?

          And as others said on another board, why are people so over-reacting to the CM comment? If Brandi had used ‘snorting coke’ would it have been different? Or if Brandi had said ‘smoking a joint’ would it be different? Is that why, as others said elsewhere, Kim only admits to being an alcoholic? Because there is a stigma attached to doing things like meth? That maybe being an alcoholic is more ‘socially acceptable’ (as one put it), than being a pothead, crackhead or methhead? How is accusing one of being a methhead worse and more damaging than accusing someone of being an alcoholic (as Kyle did)? It bothers me, and truly disturbs me that people are making such a big deal over a non-personal throw-away line which has no more affect than calling someone a wanker or a loser, than OUT AND OUT DELIBERATE BULLYING such as hiding crutches, vicious whispering and giggling, Freezing etc. How can any normal, sane and RATIONAL human being say what Brandi endured that night is less harmful than one throw-away line said after the speaker cracked after hours of abuse? To be honest, reading some of these comments on here is making me feel physically sick in my stomach. And from a victim of bullying and freezing very much like Brandi’s (that brought it all back to me watching that episode and had me hyperventilating a bit), it really makes me sick, angry, hurt and frustrated that people don’t SEE how HARMFUL that type of bullying is. I really am stunned and upset. How can people be so blind, or do they just not realise?

          • The DSM the diagnostic and statistical manuel of mental disorders is published by the American Psychiatric Association. Where is Bullying classified as a psychiatric disorder. Can you point me in that direction?

            I am not saying that part of a personality disorder you cannot have bullying as part of it, but you said specifically “freezing” them out. I can’t find it in DSM VI-TR the latest manuel on medline, but maybe you know where it is.

    • Kim clearly said the comment itself, hurt her kids (grown adult mind you). Not Kim, herself. Brandi owned her actions, even ones she didn’t do. Kim, like the typical addict, is in denial and blaming actions on everyone else is a favoured tactic of the addict. Kim refuses to grow up, OWN her problems and actions. Owning and apologising, is part of the ‘steps’ and until she owns her actions and apologises to Brandi, she is not on the road to recovery.

      • What actions has Brandi owned? She tried to apologize to both Kim and Kyle, but then takes it back. She goes to Kyle’s White Party, Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday and then sends a text to Kyle with CU Next Tuesday by accident when Kyle invited her to her Christmas party. Sure that is really ending things.

        Brandi only came clean on it because she was cornered. When you are cornered you have to come clean because Kyle could show the text, just like Lisa stopped when Kyle said she had her statements about the splits on tape.

        Kim had nothing to do with the issue on parenting those little boys. Kim hadn’t even met Brandi. Kim came to the “game night” from the psychiatrist office. Kim stated she told the girls she was placed on new meds. Kim said she didn’t want to play with Brandi. Kim went to the bathroom several times. Brandi was constantly asking why and she did ask if Kim was OK. However, when Kyle stated in on the IQ test which is a usual part of any game night Brandi said “Bring it Bitch” Then Kyle said, “Did you just call me a bitch?” Brandi said yes because of snide remark made by Kim and she felt she didn’t have enough game time. Kim jumped to Kyle’s defense and that is when Brandi said the Crystal Meth comment. Thereafter, hell ensued and Slut Pig came out from Kim.

        Brandi has admitted to have loose morals. She is OK with it.

  • I have to say you are so dead on about all of them. I felt the same about all… like ditto! It was totally obvious Brandi was bullied; the same way it was totally obvious that Kim was out of it. Drunk/meds/mental issues, whatever… I do feel compassion but at same time, her behavior was far far far more humilating than 1 line Brandi made. I never thought it was meth, but really what’s the difference? She was OUT there. Also agree major resentment for Kyle – maybe some built up and valid and some based on comparing lives.
    Love Lisa. Over the top AND Tongue in Cheek and grounded.
    Love Brandi. Honest and sincere. Shuldn’t have made the one comment, but she was bullied.
    Adrienne: Liked her but felt she was petty and disingenuous about Lisa.
    Kyle: I feel she was disloyal to Lisa. Horribly so. Lisa has stood by her, and Kyle betrayed her for emotionally unstable person and a petty person. I do think you can be loyal and fair to all at same time.But also, she should have drawn her boundaries and said, Lisa would not do this… or, I think this is better for you to discuss with Lisa… The preying on the weak comment was BS.
    Dana: Pretentious schmuck. The definition of disengenuous.

    I do hope that Kyle and Adrienne make an unequivovcal apology to Lisa so I can respect them again. Kim needs to get over Brandi. The biggest – the biggest – embarrassing factor was her own self. Own it. The more you own, the freer you are!

    • If you have ever been around an addict that refuses to get help yet acts out and still expects to be coddled and taken care of like a child…you would understand the tough love attitude a lot of readers have here. AND if you have ever seen someone on crystal meth, you would understand why Brandi accused Kim of it. Brandi is from NorCal, meth is big there. maybe not so much in LA. I actually think (in my opinion) that its a Coke problem. Paris Hilton (Kim’s niece) was busted with it a few times so its not so far a stretch in the family.

      • Brandi should have kept that comment to herself, I don’t buy into her “I speak the truth! I am just honest!” that’s not being honest. That’s being tactless. You don’t just scream out “OH YES AT LEAST I AM NOT DOING DRUGS!” without actual proof. (except Brandi has done drugs, so ..)


          rewatch this, and claim Kim and Kyle acted maturely. Notice Brandi even said “ok time out guys” initially and Kim/Kyle kept going. Kyle used the F word first (“watch your F**king mouth”) and then goes off about Brandi’s language. they are hypocrites who can’t take responsibility for their actions.

          • That’s not the entire scene, and Brandi started off by saying that Kim was wasted. That’s why Kyle went off on Brandi, and one of the ladies told Kyle that Brandi was saying things about her sister. I still don’t view Brandi as the victim, Kyle wasn’t a victim nor was Kim. All three of them are to blame.

            My opinion remains the same. And Kyle did take responsibility for her actions multiple times.

          • Thank you for showing the proof, but expect lies, diversions and excuses from the pro-bullies on here. The EVIDENCE is IN THE EPISODE, and if any of these bully apologists re-watched it, they would NOT hold the view they have.
            (Or maybe they would, since bullies typically minimise their behaviour, blame the victim and never see anything wrong with their actions).

          • As I said, lies and excuses. Clearly you didn’t watch the show, because that IS the scene. Brandi never even said ‘wasted’, and Vyle started with the IQ test, from which Brandi fought back with the ‘bring it bitch’ comment, hence Vyle attacking Brandi. You can’t worm your way out of this one, THE EVIDENCE IS THERE!

            Yes, Kyle apologised, but not unreservedly. She started it all, not Brandi. Brandi took the high road and was the one to approach Kyle, when Brandi did nothing wrong and it should have been Kyle approaching Brandi to apologise. I’m sure you’ll have an ‘excuse’ for that, too.

        • It wasactuallyCrystal Meth in the bathroom.i have it on iTunes. I know what was said and I agree with you.

  • TEAM KYLE!!! I love Kyle, she’s honest and she’s a sweet person. Kyle has apologized WAY too much for stupid game night and it really wasn’t that serious. Brandi’s not a victim in any of this and I’m so OVER it and OVER her. And Kyle and Kim’s relationship is a case study of a co-dependent relationship between an addict and a family member who is too closely involved that they can’t be objective. People act lie Kyle has to be so perfect but she’s human and she’s going to make mistakes and get upset, especially when it comes to her sister. It’s an unhealthy relationship but it’s the only relationship they know.

    • Really? I must have missed all the apologies. I remember when it first came out and she went on Ryan Seachrist and said she was ashamed of her behavior and thinking that she didn’t seem sincere in her tone/manner. And I kept waiting for her to say “I was wrong, and I apologize”. And I am still waiting……

      • She apologized on WWHL to Brandi, she called her in the clubhouse. Her and Brandi somewhat agreed that things went down poorly at Spa Day. She continuously talks about how bad she felt when asked what she regrets most about the second season…

      • Kyle apologized on WWHL, she’s apologized on Twitter, she’s apologized on her blog, she talked to Brandi in person and apologized to her, even Brandi has said she apologized. So what more is Kyle is supposed to do? Kyle has repeatedly offered an olive branch by inviting Brandi to Hawaii, keeping the invitation open for her White Party, inviting Brandi to her Christmas Party. And UNLIKE Brandi Kyle has NEVER talked bad about Brandi to the press or in any interviews. And who the hell is Brandi that Kyle or Kim need to bow down and ask for her forgiveness? Brandi owes Kyle an apology for being such a bitch to her after Kyle apologized.

        • The issue is her continued pattern of behavior as a mean girl..I saw it in S1 & it really surfaced inS2. Thinks about it, why does she have to keep apologizing for bad behavior?..Don’t do it..apologies after repeated mean actions loose credibility.

          • What’s so bad about Kyle’s behavior? People act like she’s causing harm to people. From what i can see Kyle is pretty honest about how she feels and doesn’t do well with hiding her emotions. If she doesn’t like you you’ll know it, if she’s pissed at you you’ll know it, and there’s nothing wrong with it IMO. Overall Kyle has shown she’s flawed but she’s not a mean person by any means, I think she’s sweet, but she’s not a pushover.

          • I agree JaJa. And come on you can comment when someone is braless and nipples popping. Lisa commented on it in Hawaii and that is not considered snide. When it is that over the top everyone comments about it. If Brandi were at Fashion Week Party in NYC they alwasy comment on who is popping and 3 sheets to the wind.

          • Exactly. Kyle is a nasty bully. As Alison Dubois so accurately pegged her – Kyle is the type of bullying popular girl that made every unpopular girl at school feel like killing themselves. Kyle has a pattern of behaviour that shows what a predatorial, manipulative bully she is. She did it to Camille in Season one (after her treatment of Brandi this past year I know believe Camille about NY), she used Kim, and she did it to Brandi this season. Luckily, most sane rational and reasonable people who are not bullies can see this.

        • I guess you weren’t paying attention to the first show Brandi was on and all the girls, egged on by Kyle the ringleader were jeering at and talking quite loudly about Brandi. Kyle is a spoiled little witch.

          • So what? The whole thing was petty and it wasn’t that serious. Get over it. Kyle has been nice to Brandi even when Brandi has been completely disrespectful to her. And really Kyle is a good one because if I were her and Brandi was talking about how she helped Kim with her addiction I would’ve went over and slapped the bitch.

          • I did. I thought it was petty. I thought a lot of it had to do with Lisa and Cedric. It was uncalled for in the very beginning.

          • Thats your answer when shown how Vyle is a bully, JaiJai? “So what?” “get over it?” Could you be MORE obvious you are a bully yourself? Brandi, the very first episode, walked in on crutches. She said nothing, did nothing. Vyle, without speaking ONE WORD to Brandi, started giggling about her like a bitchy schoolgirl. And here YOU are, trying to convince us Vyle is a ‘nice sweet person’? Yet when evidence is given that PROVES the opposite, you then resort to saying ‘so what?’ Could you be any more immature? Clearly you are a bully like Vyle and Kim, which is why only those types of people identify with them. Its why Brandi is more popular than Vyle. Vyle has never been nice to Brandi. People, the DECENT PEOPLE, will support the victim over the bully. Its called supporting good over evil, or just plain old compassion,decency and morality. So get over THAT one!

          • Sally you have to take it down a notch. Everyone has different opinions. Yours is not the ONLY way to see thing. By you saying it over and over to opinions you do not like makes you a bully.

            Further, you go to say people that do not see it your way are not sane. You said that comment 3 different times on more than 1 article.

            Your opinion is your own. My opinion is my own. Jai Jai opinion is her own, so let us leave it at that.

          • The blouse or jumpsuit because I think it was a Michael Kirsten jumpsuit in white at the Malibu party way totally see through. I have seen that jumpersuit in Bergdorf’s you can see everything.

            Her nipples were completely out. Brandi likes it. Brandi has a gret body no getting away from it but it is not proper night attire and if she were even at a Fashion Week party here in NYC everyone would say Michael Kors included “Put a bra on.”

        • well yes Kyle apologized to Brandi and yet over and over again made snide remarks behind Brandis when Brandi had the party and kyle didnt like Brandis clothes.Brandi was rocking that outfit and Kyle is Jealous of her POINT BLANK.

          • Oh please, Kyle wasn’t jealous. I thought that outfit looked horrendous, but whatever. Kyle said that Brandi is a free spirit in her blog, and said that she would never wear something like that and more power to Brandi for doing such a thing.

          • What is there to be jealous of? Kyle has her husband and children and fabulous home. To me Kyle’s more beautiful than Brandy and she’s a LOT more happier and not bitter like Brandi is. Really Kyle didn’t say anything over the top or so different from anyone else including Brandi, who said way worse.

          • I’d love to see any of you ladies at a party where the “new girl” comes in wearing a see thru white dress with no bra on, nipples popping thru for everyone to see. Give me a break! Brandi knew just how she looked and that is just the look she was going for.
            How is it “refreshing” for Brandi to call out a person she doesn’t know, who is OBVIOUSLY in some kind of distress-but mean of Kyle to comment on ‘nipple-gate’? Brandi is an attention seeking shit stirrer. If she was concerned about kim instead of concerned about securing her place on the show, she could have taken someone aside and asked about kim’s trips to the bathroom.
            To me it seemed that the rest of the ladies were hoping to get thru the season without making Kim’s obvious problems a part of the show. Right or wrong, they didn’t want to embarrass her more than her own behavior already was by calling attention to it in such an uncaring manner.
            Brandi may call a spade a spade, but when she does, she doesn’t care who she hurts. That makes her a mean girl. That’s fine if she wants no friends, or only perfect people as friends-and good luck with that.
            And since Brandi says she’s so honest, I believe her when she says she wants to sleep with Ken-and I think Lisa (and KEN) does too! Maybe that’s why Lisa is keeping Brandi close. I’d be keeping an eye on her too

          • cammierari, Brandi hasn’t worn a bra for years by her own admission (she doesn’t even know wear the bra that she owned is), so instead of gleefully assuming she premeditated it and did it on purpose, stop and give people the benefit of the doubt (something that isn’t common on this board, I know). The blouse was really not that see through and since she was with women, why would it be a big issue unless another woman spitefully made it into one?

            As for calling Kim out, its funny how so many of you outright manipulate the truth and re-write history to justify your prejudice of Brandi. If you bother you watch the episode back again, on YouTube if you want, you will see that Brandi DID

          • oops, accidentally hit enter when moving laptop. Anyway, continuing on,
            Brandi DID INDEED ask people about Kim, and in private, every time she asked. She asked Dana, and then Camille, (every time she was alone with either Dana or Camille) “is she ok?” “Is she alright?” That is what she was asking. Wtf did you think she was doing? THAT IS WHAT SHE WAS DOING!! She was ASKING IF KIM WAS OK!! Is showing concern a problem, too now? Or have some of you made the discreet questions of concern Brandi sweetly showed for a stranger, an issue too? Brandi said nothing bad at all about Kim (until Kim attacked her), in FACT, Brandi came across as showing real concern and worry for Kim, and that is what (most) people saw.

            Also, when has Brandi ever hurt anyone when calling a spade a spade? When? Give one example. Even when being real, Brandi has never said anything hurtful to anyone. Unlike Vyle, Kim and Dana.

            As for you maliciously believing Brandi wants to sleep with Ken, that is ridiculous and you seem to have no sense of maturity, thats just your immaturity and spite there, showing your prejudice and hate is clouding your judgment. Common bully traits.

    • Wow. Is this site taken over by former school bullies turned into adult bullies, or what? Because 97% of the viewing public rightly believe Brandi was wrongly treated. Of course, bullies always try to ‘minimise’ their actions “oh get over it” “oh its no big deal”, just as you do. But if you think that; talking disparagingly about Brandi to Kim so Kim would take an instant dislike to Brandi, laughing and mocking a person, saying you don’t like them in earshot and that you don’t want them on your team, *hiding the crutches of a stranger!! (this one REALLY gets to me as the daughter of a blind man who uses a cane), dragging their kids into it, then calling them a bitch, then a slutpig – is ‘trivial’, then sorry, but you are a very sick person in my eyes and lack a soul.

      • Telling a stranger they are on Crystal Meth is beyond horrible and Brandi knew it otherwise she wouldn’t have tried to apologize multiple times.

        What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • You act like Brandi called her a pedophile or something. Seriously, get a grip. What Brandi said was no worse than calling someone a loser or wanker. I suppose you think being called an alcoholic is ‘better’ than being called a CM addict? lol Are you for real? Brandi said that, AFTER KK said and did the things they said and did to Brandi, so your line fell flat and rebounded on you, as ‘whats good for the goose is good for the gander’, ergo, Brandi retaliated.

        • Actually it is the same as calling someone a pedophile. Do you know how damaging being called a meth head is to your profession? Kim will likely never get a job without thinking it could be true.

          Being an alcoholic in Hollywood is OK. It is all thanks to Betty Ford’s Clinic, but meth head is even worse than crack head. You have considered uncontrollable and lost.

  • roxy how can you cay it’s clear what happened at game night..?? You only see what they let us see. I believe Dana when she says that Kyle was worried about how Kim would appear on the show, and that they all knew that. I have felt for a while now that that’s what was stressing Kyle out so much. She’d been hoping that everyone would ignore Kim’s poor behavior so as not to call attention to it on the show, and Brandi kept mentioning Kim’s frequent trips to the bathroom, like the pot stirrer she is.

    I actually like Dana a whole lot more than I did before watching her tonight. I think she’s interesting

    • I agree…And as I have said several times, Brandi is a trouble maker. I cant believe she said that she wanted to sleep with Ken on TV…If I had been Lisa, I would have clawed her eyes out…If Brandi is on the show next year, she will FAIL…big time…trashy, trashy.

      • I know!!! Lisa better watch out because when a woman TELLS you they want to sleep with your husband, what will they do behind your back?? If I were Lisa, I would have laughed in her face

        • I think when Brandi is saying she wants to sleep with Ken, it’s all tongue and cheek – she is not serious! That’s why Lisa & Brandi laugh about it. Even Ken knows she’s joking. I’m surprised people think she is serious.

          • Brandi is joking when she says she wants to sleep with Ken – it is a runningjoke between the 3 if them – didn’t you see Lisa smiling and laughing? Come on people – you don’t really think that she is serious?!!! Brandi and Lisa have become good friends and they both have the same “naughty” sense of humor as Lisa puts it 😉 Brandi and Lisa are awesome – they make the show as far as I’m concerned.

          • “It takes one to know one” Kim was “on something” during the interview with Andy. She said she was still on Meds prescribed by the rehab~maybe so~ but having been in rehab and being an addict myself(Clean for almost 11 yrs.) I can say with 99.9% certainty that there is much more to this!! Even if the rehab DID prescribe her the meds, it should not have been so obvious to anyone with half a brain!! In addition, 12 step programs promote forgiveness. Forgiveness of ones self and that begins with forgiving others, not forgiving Brandi~she still has that “stinkin thinkin” and that shows me, she is still in big trouble. Just Sayin…..

        • Totally agree!! If Kim was my sister I don’t know how would act! Kim is an adult & should be held accountable for her actions! We have no idea what other things she has said & done to Kyle or Maruicio. Kim owes apologies to lots of people! Especially her family! & Brandi is such a shit starter…I have no idea how people do not see that!!

          • Isn’t apologies part of the 12 step program. So, I assume they will come to everyone that deserves them. Kim was honestly in a very bad place, we all saw how it unfolded. She is not a faker like other housewives that shall not be named cause honestly, I don’t know the name she goes by these days!

          • AGREE..Brandi loves to stir it up. I think she does it to get attention..she would hop in bed with Ken in a minute…dont trust her at all..

    • I personally feel that Kyle kept following Kim into the bathroom to check to see if she was getting drunk or stoned.Kyle was even tasting her drinks. I also feel Brandi was picked on and Dana needs to get from Kyles behind.She said she kissed Kyles butt last night.She wants to fit in and she admitted she will kiss butt if she has to.

      • kissing butt is not the same as lying, and some of you guys who feel Brandi was justified in her actions on game night think Dana lied about Brandi’s part in the whole fiasco. I don’t know how you make that leap. Yes Kim was on something, and yes she was impaired-it wasn’t Brandi’s job to call her out, on camera

        • Totally agree. Brandi had a right to get mad about that night, but she had no right to call Kim a crystal meth addict. All we know is that Kim took prescription meds that night and that’s it. It is hurtful to Kim’s family to have someone say that on national TV. After all is said and done, everyone was wrong, but Brandi is the most wrong.

    • I don’t think it is clear what happened on game night. I don’t think many people think it is clear. Game night was over 3 hours of tape and we only see 15 minutes of edits after the ladies are drunk and bickering. No one knows really what went on prior to that time.

      I do think the crystal meth is completely over the top. I think most people agree with it. Even Camille has said that. Once you use the word crystal meth anywhere you are talking about very low comment. Kim never spoke about Brandi’s children. Kim should have gone after Kyle. Brandi went after someone who only made a few snide comments like, “I don’t want to be on her team.” And the fact Kyle and Kim were playing a one on one game rather than all 3 of them.

      We don’t know what goes one behind the scenes. Like Ken apologizing for his behavior at Adrienne’s house towards Taylor, that was nice. Ken understood his behavior was over the top and that scene patently showed him as a bully. He wanted to explain it and did. That was a nice apology and he came out of the gate apologizing when asked by Andy about his behavior. That is nice.

      That is why for every scene there are many outtakes that we do not see. People have opinions. That is why I believe there was more to it than meets the eye. However, under any circumstances if it was about Brandi’s children Kim said nothing about the children only Kyle said something about Brandi’s parently and not about the boys. The boys are little. They do this. They cannot help it. Their mother should be the one making sure it doesn’t happen again.

    • Er, Brandi was WORRIED about Kim! Didn’t you see that? Thats why she kept asking if Kim is alright? Is she ok? You could tell she was concerned and worried for her. I didn’t know caring equated to being a ‘pot-stirrer’. But, coming from someone who obviously supports the bullying of Brandi that 97% of viewers are against, well, its no surprise you see something wrong with a person being concerned and asking if a person is alright, but nothing wrong with hiding a person’s crutches, freezing them out, laughing and mocking them etc. Wtf is wrong with some of the people on here? (shakes my head).

      • Brandi was worried about Kim with her statement, “At least I don’t do Crstal Meth in the bathroom…” right go and believe that. I will sell you fort Knox tomorrow for $1 and you can sell gold at a going rate of $1,765 per ounce.

        Your basing your assumption on a Bravo poll on WWHL please that is truly non sequitur. Wow Jill used to influence that poll so many times that Lynn wrote blogs about it. Believe what you like.

        • She was worried about Kim when she first met her and before the ‘games’ started, until Kim started freezing brandi out and spewing hate. THEN Brandi gave it to her. If you have logic and reason, and not your preconceived irrational biases, you would see that….

          • You obviously have your version of the events that transpired and I have mine. All the ladies wanted to make sure Kim was OK, but just because Kim made a statement that she didn’t want to play with Brandi did not under anyone’s perspective give Brandi license to say, “At least I don’t do Crystal Meth in the bathroom.” Please.

            No one who has social grace would ever say that. In fact, anyone with any social grace would not have cared about what Kim said. They would have kept quiet or left or spoke to the hostess on changing the partners.

  • when brandi said that things dont add up with taylor you can tell camille wanted to say something backing brandi up but that would be season 1 camille and she has changed for the better not a bitch anymore lol.
    i feel kim and kyle have a long road ahead of them but it clear that she likes kathy and rick better that kyle and mauricio. i really like watching this show but if taylor comes back im done watching

    • I don’t know about you but I thought Maruicio looked a little petty still wanting an apology from Kim. Get over it! The woman ended up in rehab for pete’s sakes. Maybe that’s why she’s spending more time with Kathy and her husband lol

      • What exactly does he want an apology for? I didn’t see the reunion yet but I did see a clip of him at some point saying that she said these horrible things about him and it showed the clip of her and Kyle fighting in the limo at the end of season 1. ALL Kim said was ‘you took my house away from me’ she didn’t even say HIS name. He is SO petty and really pathetic.

        • I was assuming that he wanted an apology for being late to Hawaii….lol. I really have no idea, but sheesh, he should get over himself

          • I know there is that, which is ridiculous, please, its not like she was late to a 2 hour party and they all had to wait for her to eat, it was a week long vacation in Hawaii, they didn’t all have to arrive at the same minute. The whole thing was stupid they all made such a big deal out of it.

            However, what I was talking about was different, he said ‘the things Kim has SAID about him’ talking about season 1.

          • Maybe y’all don’t know this but Mauricio supports Kim financially. Kyle mentioned this in the limo last season and she also said this season that there “will be repercussions” for Kim’s behaviour. She probably meant Mauricio will cut Kim off.
            So for Kim to speak to Mauricio in the way she does is totally uncalled for considering the fact he takes care of her as (in Kyle’s words) if she is his 2nd wife.
            I think the fact that Mauricio is just being real and expects nothing more than the truth from her is to threatening to Kim, to any or addict for that matter.
            I think she likes Rick more because he won’t ask her difficult questions like Mauricio because some of Rick’s kids have(had) substance abuse problems also.

            I really like Mauricio, he has been more of a brother-in-law, so Kim should be greatfull for his compassion and effort to grant her a nice life.

          • Patty -What Kyle actually said was Mauricio treats you like a second wife. Who knows what she meant by that. No one ever said Kyle supports Kim financially. To the contrary, Kim accused Kyle of scamming her out of their mother’s house. Personally I think Mauricio is an mouse-faced whiny little baby and he should stfu about Kim already.

      • First of all Mauricio was “asked” about the Kim thing. Kim should have bowed totally out of “Mauricio’s b’day party in Hawaii”. That’s what he meant by the apology thing. Not to mention he has seen the abuse his wife has suffered at the hands of that addict sister of hers! This is her “the woman’s” 3rd trip to rehab! She needs to get a year of sobriety under her belt and stay OFF the show completely!

      • Party of a twelve step is acknowledging and apologizing for things you said or did while under the influence. As a person with a close family member who battles an addition, people can be vicious when impaired and when it happens repeatedly over years it hurts. Part of closure is apologizing for what you did wrong. Trust me the family members that support addicts take a lot. Yes, we know in many cases that it’s the drug or alcohol, but it still hurts. An apology is recognition from the addict of the past bad behavior and for being hurtful. Kim owes that small gesture to the people around her.

      • Mauricio wants and apology over the house. Kim said in S1 that Mauricio and Kyle stole her house and in S2 we saw that the Palm Beach house is owned by Kyle and Mauricio. Kim thought she was borrowing against her 1/3 share in the house and Mauricio and Kyle thought that was not the case and now own the house in its entirety. They also bought out Kathy Hilton.

        If the 1/3 share was sold for only $25K then I think that is fishy. If it was more than $25K a lot more than it was a sale. We need more information to know what happened.

        Mauricio is mad because it goes directly to his credibility as a broker. If he subvert or misrepresented or committed fraud, then that could impact his license and his business.

    • It is amazing how easily people are easily fooled. Remember, a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, it just relies on camoflauge for its continued survival.

      There is no new Camille who has “changed for the better.” Just the same old passive-aggressive who is aggressively trying to appear passive.

      Apparently her efforts have paid off for her with the majority. The money she paid Howard Bragman has definitely paid off for her.

  • i haven’t seen it yet and prolly won’t if andy is mean to kim and soft on the traylor, damn i luvs kim 🙁

      • r u kidding did you watch RHNJ S3 reunion? He can be the worst kind of mean sit there looking innocent with a smile on his face and set u up then come back around for the kill he is the epiphany of mean!

          • My synopsis:

            Kyle is a harmless Mean Girl. She is a girl who needs her clique and makes fun of outsiders. I think she was a continuation of last yr. I like her a lot, but I don’t like how she treated Lisa this year.

            Kim – I was really hoping to see Kim be fully recovered. But I think she’s still not out of the woods. She seemed a little off. And she seemed to imply this time may not stick either. According to her, “at least I’m trying.”

            Brandi – Sometime I like her. Sometimes I don’t. I agree with Kyle, Kim and Dana on Game Night. While what Kim and Kyle did was petty, Brandi’s “outing” was not at all appropriate. In my book, An apology followed by a “but” is not an apology.

            Camille – Love her this year. I think she was more cautious and more humble. Both are true. But I wouldn’t use the work “calculated” as Andy kept saying. I don’t think she will be back because Andy seemed pissed at her.

            Lisa – I like her a lot. But she does make subtle digs. She’s not 100% innocent. But I don’t think she deserved to be treated like that by Adrienne and Kyle.

            Adrienne – More petty this year. Not sure where her head was at this year.

            Taylor – I agree with the majority of comments about her.

            Dana – I would like to see her again. I think she could be a Camille and we’ll see a better side to her. I think she’ll learn from her mistakes and be a little less in our face about $$$.

          • I’d like to think that Kim is just so nervous, well on the reunion at least (remember she literally got out of rehab the day before I believe.) And it’s very hard to fight addiction, and it’s a battle. I think when she said ‘she’s trying’, i believe it’s just a constant battle for her. I really hope Kyle treats her better, I mean Kyle treated Taylor sooo well yet she treated Kim horribly.

            I just really want Kim to succeed. I know she can do it with the right kind of support. While I would love her to come back on the show, I fear that it may make it harder for her to recover.

        • Your right Andy can be very mean and calculating he pretends to be all innocent but he’s real good at talking down to someone when he wants.

          • You don’t have to even look at NJ Reunion, I think he was mean on part 1 of BH Reunion to Camille when he snickered and said, “C’mon you can’t blame a whole season on your divorce!” Her husband walking out on her and right into the arms of another woman can make a woman cold & bitter that season, she was going thru a lot! I do like the humbled Camille much better also. As someone else said…. I would have liked to hear Andy ask Kim or Kyle if Ken played a role in or encouraged her addiction! And did their split end on good terms or bad? Love me some Lisa, yes her British humor can be snarky but she teases not only others but herself as well!
            I think next season may show the demise of Paul & Adrienne and I think she will initiate the divorce… He seems great, yet, she looks at him with disgust!
            I’ll watch again!

    • Andy was very nice to Kim last night,however sad to say Kim was very stoned. Andy acted more like a therapist.We all know about Kyle and Kim and he didnt need to waste time on that.I for one was very disappointed with the reunion.

        • I don’t understand how anyone can agree with Kim, Kyle and Dana. Brandi was viciously bullied and attacked all 3 of them. What Kim and Vyle said and did was FAR WORSE than the innocuous throwaway one-liner Brandi made after being abused, insulted and bullied all night. Wtf is wrong with you people? How come bullies are good, and victims are bad? When did foul become fair, and fair become foul? Or is this board inhabited by former school bullies who still see nothing wrong with their treatment of people?

          • How is, “At least I don’t do Crystal Meth in the bathroom…” an innocuous comment? Not in most anyone’s perception it would be considered innocuous.

  • I feel very sorry for Kim. I hope she gets better..I do think that Andy ask to many questions about Kim and Kyles relationship. I am sure they are going through alot.

    • Am I the only one that couldn’t believe Kim was slurring her words on Reunion 3 with Andy?! I also have a hard time believing her “spun” behavior was caused solely by alcohol. Taylor sure plays the victim (is it that she can‘t cry tears because of all the Botox??), goes super aggressive on the other housewives, smiles inappropriately and “corrects” her story too often for me to believe anything she says. I think Kyle would be fun but I sure wouldn’t want to be on her bad side…Same goes for Adrianne. Camille has become more humble and real, ~and much more like-able. Lisa is my FAVORITE! What a class act!

        • Yeh what rehab did Kim go to where they sobered her up from the alcohol but not the drugs..she was off in that interview OR maybe she was just nervous because she was actually interviewing sober for the first time???

          • She seemed like she was really, really nervous. I would have been too if I was in her shoes. She literally JUST got out of rehab (like the day before.)

          • I suffered from anxiety and depression and only came thru it after a year of therapy and meds. Rehab left her on some of the meds because she would have flown to pieces if they had not. The kind of anxiety she experiences is life changing. It’s very difficult for some folks to drive or even shop for groceries or sometimes even dress in the morning. It’s hard to explain, but, please, take my word for it…it can be absolutely terrifying!

          • You can’t be sober if you’re those kind of anti-anxiety medicine. That’s the god’s honest truth. And prominent medical opinion.

            Benzo’s are more addictive than alcohol and are generally used by alcoholics who are in full abuse mode. I believe Kim is a pill popper. She perhaps was an alcoholic at one time but has switched to anti-anxiety meds because they can be taken in the day time without as much stigma as alcohol.

            She’s clearly still on something.

          • We have no idea if Kim is hooked on anything or what her diagnosis is. She is taking Topamax and it is used to leach people off of alcohol, but also she is on Trazadone and Lexapro ( stated to Paul). She might have anxiety, depression, combination, bipolar or something else. We just do not know. Topamax makes people have memory loss in11% of the cases and lack of spatial reasoning. It seemed as if she were expressing that effect. But we do not know any everything is speculation.

        • She did say in the interview that she was still taking something for the anxiety. There are anxiety medications (for example, benzodiazepines like Valium or Xanax) that can cause all kinds of side effects like slow reaction time and slurred speech. Also, we don’t know how many years or how heavily she had been drinking. Alcohol can cause a great deal of damage to the brain and to a person’s speech patterns even after they have stopped drinking. These effects can be permanent. So those could all contribute to why Kim still seemed a little “off” in her interview last night. Not to mention that she had to be extremely nervous about the interview to begin with.

          • anxiety? yet she was an actress…..and can’t speak one on one with Andy without “meds”, lol #notbuyinit

          • You can’t be on Benzos and be sober. She’s just “switching” addictions. But I think she’s been abusing Benzo’s for a while now…

        • If you go on Bravo and watch the “exclusive clips” that weren’t included in the aired reunion special; her speech sounds pretty normal to me. Kind of an interesting observation I felt about editing. Would definitely support more of the prescriptions being the main cause. Just a thought for all those determined to call out someone who is obviously trying so hard to get ot a better place.

      • I noticed kims slur in season 1 . If you look at the old videos from entertainment tonight and such on YouTube. Kim and big kathy naturally have a slur when they speak. I think its just the way they speak.

        I agree she was most definitely on more than alcohol. In Hawaii it appeared to be pills to me. But i think that is only because she couldn’t travel with coke .. the hotel bathroom appeared to be coke head behavior.

      • She definitely still seemed like she was on something. I could never have a conversation with her. She’s all over the place. I think it did help that Brandi called her out. I’m related to and know a few addicts. Tip-toeing around the issue isn’t effective. Kyle was always trying to hide and cover up what was going on. She probably hurt Kim more than she helped her. She might be bad for Kim period. I’m afraid Kim will be the next celebrity tragedy. Her family will wish they had said and done more if that happens.