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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Ramona Rizzo’s Past Revealed!

AllAboutTRH was first to reveal that ‘Mob Wives’ newest star Ramona Rizzo’s was in fact a liar in regarding her relationship with her boyfriend and ex husband. Now sources are telling AllAboutTRH exclusively all about Ramona Rizzo’s past! The real TRUTH about her past!

Sources told AllAboutTRH, “Let me clarify a few things, I knew Ramona and her husband personally for many years. They are not good people. Both of them. Her husband was in the telecommunications business and a lot of people lost money with him due to his lack of business ethics. He met Ramona when she was working for him as a secretary in NYC and during that time, he was married to another woman in staten island who he had two young children with. At the time her husband had some money and Ramona was cash hungry. Her father did not approve of this choice for her, rightfully so, but she didn’t care and married him anyway running off to live with him in Atlanta. Some five years ago her husband had money troubles so he moved back to the middle east and she followed him there with the kids. I was told that the house she was in was rented and they were defaulting in paying the landlord also I was told the furniture in the house was not paid for and her husband was scamming people left and right to pay for her kid’s school. She didn’t live in mansions or palaces and she didn’t rub shoulders with royalty she was having some cash rich months from other peoples money that her husband took. He was taking money from other people to pay for her plastic surgeries and his own hair transplants. One guy said her husband scammed him for 15,000 dollars to have the doctor take off his wife’s big stomach. (what he meant was tummy tuck and so forth) At one point, her husband was having a lot of problems in Jordan because he was owing people money, so he left the country and Ramona stayed behind with the kids. He wanted his children to go back to the united states. Many people have said to me that Ramona is responsible for the downfall of this man, because before she was married to him, he was straight in business married to a woman for ten years with no problems. I can’t vouch for that, I can only vouch that they were a money grubbing couple with no care in the world for anyone else. Ramona knew her husband was taking money from people who really needed it and she had no issue spending that money. Ramona and her husband are both Sociopaths. The poor children are where one’s heart go out. For your information, all four of her children are baptized and the arab muslim father attended all christenings. This is unheard of for arabs, but her husband didn’t care for religion or ethics and she doesn’t care for principles or ethics.”

Another source added, “Ramona worked at a company called Contectco, it was ran by her husband Wail, also known as Wally…her dad, Gambino Capo Johnny Rizzo and Joe Watts were involved in this company/front…to make a long story short, she ran away with Wally after her ripped off Joe Watts…he gave her a good life for a few years and then couldn’t find anyone else to rob so the good like came to being broke…then she cheated on him (knowing Wally he cheated on her too) and he wanted her out of his life so she left Jordan.”

Wow! So this confirms Ramona is the phony she portrays to be on the show! Thoughts?


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  • TEAM DRITA. She is my guilty pleasure. I’ve always detested the long island/ Ny accent. So hard and brash, but I just love DRITA. She’s funny and for such a tough girl, surprisingly sweet. DRITA was all excited and nice to fat ass Karen when she came back to town. No one else would even talk to her, but DRITA did and welcomed her with open arms. The whole time Karen’s scheming to start a war with her. Horrid. Ramonas only goal is to wind Karen up about anyone else. I love all the other crazy girls and their crazy lives but Karen and Ramona could be replaced and I wouldn’t even notice.

    I can only hope Karen watches back on season 1 and sees DRITA saying all these nice things about her while she goes on camera and trash talks DRITA constantly. I wish she’s ashamed…..but I don’t think Karen’s got that kind of morality in her.

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  • I can’t even believe for one min. that anyone can believe any of that crap!!! COME ON PEOPLE if someone you know that doesn’t like you decides to “TELL THE TRUTH ANOUT YOU” they’re going to say anything good about you??? And to go as far as them being a “nobody” and getting a web site to print what you have to say about a “somebody”…..ALSO I’m italian and A R A B I C got that arabic NOT ARAB!!!! And all of my family were at my baptism and my siblings This is real life dummy!! Not some movie you saw something on. If you want someone to believe what you’re saying at least get the known facts right before you want someone to believe the other crap you’re saying.

  • First, let me say Hi to evryone!!
    Theres so much I wanna say to evryones comments. I recently moved to az from the eastcoast(how ironic..lol) for evryone says they all talk tough..thats an eastcoast thing..i nvr realized how much I swear , or how tough I sound when im mad. Its not evry person from the eastcoast, I dont want any one getting offended 🙂 but a majority of us do act like that. Evryone keeps talking about mob involvement..lmao..thats really a joke. There is still a mob but they dont publicize it! Karen and Renees are the only one with real ties. There dads WERE in the mob.Karens dad is locked up forever here in az, if he does get out..it looks like the feds already got a hold on him. Renees dad is old as hell. If there considered mob wives, then any one with a man in jail should be considered a mob wive. The show got stupid when Ramona showed up. Shes got beef with everyone, but dosent do anything but run her mouth. Were not evn totally sure whats the real beef behind it all. There just saying “oh she was talking about me”” no, she was talking about me” We dont evn know what was fully said. I feel like ramona just jumped in for her 5 mins of fame..Regaurdless, if she was raised with evrything handed ti her or not..does that mean her famillys still supporting her and her family. I dont put it past her..i believe 100%, that she was involved with it. I cant stand her,but if someones dumb enough to put out $85,000..i cant say that I wouldnt have a few pairs of new shoes..there all petty criminals..not mob by any means..the mob is well organized..they wouldnt have there dirty laundry all ovr tv..any1 whos truley affiliated wouldnt put there business out there..jr, was the only one stupid enough to put his mug on tv knowing he was doing dirt still. They take there crimes to the grave, not bragging about selling ecstacy in arizona. I really love big ang, she dont bother no one, but im kind of confused??¿? I really thought she was a drag queen(sorry ang)..i guess shes not, we seen her son a few times, she had a mtg w/ snookie talking about her labor? Her son just got arrested for selling pills..smh..i guess before filming the show they should of taken into consideration..Theres was never a succesful tv star that was mobster on the side..bottom line is the true mobsters dont go on tv, cuz they dont wanna go to jail..they dont need to talk like bad asses on tv, cuz evryone already knows there bad asses. I think they didnt get enough attention as kids cuz there dads were busy with there criminal lives..making this show is a way to feel like they can have something in common with there dads, grandfathers..whatever..romona needs ti do something real quick to back her mouth up cuz thats all it looks like she is, is mouth.. She dont wanna talk about why her man went to jail the day the cops surrounded the car? She stayed in jail for the night too? Cuz shes a thief! She dont wanna talk about it, its cuz she dont want more people to come forward that shes done this too! AGAIN, DONT BREAK THE LAW AND GO ON TV, and think ur gonna get away with it! Sad…

  • Wow! Been a fan of Wives for awhile & havent been here before..my loss for real! I’d heard some shit about rattmona, but nothing like this! I didnt care for her in the first place, but cant stand her even more now!! It pisses me off that she swore on her kids to Renee and was never confronted about it. An evil person wouldnt have a religion, would they. Put it this way, everything posted here about that bouthana I wouldnt dismiss as rumor; and I agree with everything distasteful said about her. Thanx Joe D., U Cant Hide Stupid, rohnIrti, and Life is Good! Visit the mobile site and share your info!!!


  • Hello there, simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  • I feel for Rene. Her life is upside down. I looked up online what happened with Jr. and her dad and I cant wait to see her reaction. God give her sanity and peace.

  • Well I am a Muslim convert and I have come across a few Muslims who are shady and have no ethics when it comes to business but not all are like that. Just like not all Evangelist steal from their parishioners to buy or build castle sizes houses and live wealthy while some of their congregation are poor.
    Scum is scum and it does not discriminate against any race. Anyone can be a thief , a liar and or a low life. It does not matter where you are from.

    As far as Karen and Ramona , they do get on my nerve and they did gang up on her and i think one of them had something in their hands when they were hitting Drita. An whooping cannot be a whooping if you are not woman enough to handle your business on your own. Karen admits Drita whooped her behind in the past when it was one on one, Karen cannot claim the same about her self. Drita was surrounded by people who were pulling her , Karen and Ramona away from each other. I think Drita can whoop them both one on one. I don’t think Ramona can fight , she looks like a trouble maker especially putting things in Rene’s head against Drita because she is an outsider. Ramona married a Middle Eastern man her kids are outsiders especially since they carry that Middle Eastern last name. At least Drita grew up around they. I am for team Big Ang lol

  • This about Ramona DOES NOT SUPRISE ME !!! She acts like a back stabbing, cheating, lying, flusy who better lear how to keep her mouth SHUT ABOUT DRITA because she’s had enough and Drita is ging to shut her mouth for her and her eyes for that matter ! How could anyone be disloyal or dishonest to a awesome lady like Drita, I know if you are Drita friend she will have your back no matter what, but if you piss her off she’s going to your ass, she already busted Ramona’s lip at Renee’s party, she’s going to keep on and Drita is going to put the SMACKDOWN ON HER ASS !!! I LOVE DRITA TO PIECES !!! “TEAM DRITA” Everyday all day ! Thank you Candy H. Lee

    • TEAM DRITA……i love her too. i hope someday we get to see her kick romona and karens asses. TEAM BIG ANG TOO. love her.

  • Makes sense to why she’s on the show now. She’s BROKE again. Just looking for another way to get attention and money in her pocket that she isn’t honestly earning. Jumping right on Karen’s coat tail on the show. She needs to go right back where she came from.

  • Real ‘tough’ bitches don’t have to ‘ACT’ tough. Because, we allready know we are, and what kind of damage we are capable of.

    The end.

  • Has anyone else noticed that Ramona was wearing a wig at The Sit Down Show? Does she always wear a wig? Why?

  • That’s why it’s called Mob Wives. None of these people are innocent. They all make a living stealing other people’s money. They think it’s okay to rob banks because they are insured. It’s not okay because one way or the other, we all pay. Insurance goes up, credit cards go up, and we pay the higher percentage. I remember when 5% was all creditors charged. Nowadays it’s nearly 1/3 to a 1/4 percent. It’s rediculous. When I think of Mafia, I think of uneducated, drug dealing, bank robbing thieves.

      • How could you like people who have purposefully hurt other people? Furthemore, how can you like someone that you don’t respect? Miss Ramona Rizzo and her husband wally are responsible for damaging the lives of many people, they are white collar criminals. She even made her husband rob one of her best friends for 50,000 dollars, a single mother. It sickens me that people of this kind grace out tv sets.

        • What I meant is, I don’t know Renee or Carla or Drita, but I do think it’s difficult to hate these women I would think, If I knew them in real life. I don’t like what they do or condone. I felt bad for Renee when she was betrayed by her husband, that he took advantage of her knowing how much she loved him. So yes, I have sympathy even knowing these women are making a living from thefts. Pete (I named my cat Pete) You are right in everything you said though. How can I say I like anyone who hurts others? I honestly don’t know. I guess I really am a sucker. Yet again, who knows. If I did meet these women and got to know them, I probably wouldn’t build a friendship with any of them as they really aren’t the type of people I enjoy being around.

        • i agree. i cant stand ramona. every sense she’s been on the show, its been nothing but screaming and back stabbing. these women do have dirty money, but if they wanted to they could be classy women and do good with that money and give back to the community

  • As much as I love Renee, I can’t help but wonder if she isn’t instigating the fights with these women. Renee seemed like she couldn’t wait to tell Karen that Carla was afraid that Ramona and Karen were setting her up. I know Renee claims she’s only telling what each other says because she feels stuck in the middle, but in my day (I’m only 38) you didn’t start crap telling others about private conversations. I am honestly starting to think Renee is playing both sides. Telling an enemy what an enemy is saying about them, is not the way to bring peace and resolve matters.

    • I think she does too. In that same episode she keeps saying about how she’s tired of the girls not just coming out and saying to the others what is really the problem and confronting it but yet she freaked out on Ramona during the spa party over ridiculous things instead of confronting her about what she said about JR. That’s what was bothering her…not Ramona and Carla not getting along. Practice what you preach is all I have to say to Renee.

      • i must admit that i know why she tells the girls on each other. i am the same way. at work i let all the girls know that if i say something about you to someone else, then i will have no problem saying it to your face. i also told them individual when they start talking about another girl, that if u dont want the girl their talking about to know what u said, then dont tell me. it makes me sick when grown ass women talk about someone behind their. if think u are brave enough to say it,then be brave enough that when she comes to confront u, u didnt let ur mouth overload ur ass. women LOVE to talk about other so-called friends to other friends in the group. these girls are no different. but i personally, when confronted with this sht, call them out on their cowardness to tell the chic , not me. i dont want to be bothered with their petty sht. thanks for listening,

  • Yes! @Josh@ Doreen you guys are on the ball. I hope Melissa Gorga is exposed the same way the Jac-ass was. Jac. threw around the stripper rumor and wouldn’t you know it– who was the stripper? Oh Melissa is a desperate pig who I’m sure has plenty of dirt out there. Please dish.

  • @Joe De. Thank you for saying stuff I would have been too chicken to say. But hey, I’m a tiny little woman so thats my excuse. Mad props, brah.

  • @life is good… Bravo and well said. Although the robin hood, John Dillinger mythology imbues these people with a romantic notion for some, they are nothing of a kind. They engage in low level crimes that hurt people economically. Carla was so proud her husband was convicted of ” just stock fraud”. Shame’. He ripped off people, individual investors for untold millions.

    But I guess people will make a lot of excuses to be able to look themselves in the mirror.

    • Thanks! I’m glad to see that a few people agree with me. I like reality shows as much as the next person, but this one is different. I’ll stick to watching Teresa flip tables!

  • I love that all of these women claim they didn’t now their boyfriend ( husband, etc.) were criminals. I like Drita and think she’s funny, but her husband was w Karen and his criminal activities were published IN A BOOK. Even if she didn’t read the book, Karen knew what he did. Ramona (gag, bottom feeder is a compliment) says she left her middle eastern husband when she found out he was a criminal. Excuse me, I need to go laff out loud (rolling on the floor). Ok back, so horrors of horrors she finds he a crim and leaves. Then she and her current boyfriend who as far as she says in her talking head interview is not a crim. But then, they are pulled over and he’s arrested – and they take her into custody too? Huh? Unless it was her car and he placed contraband in it there would be no reason for her to be under arrest. Point of fact, it was his car. And guess what! He’s a drug dealer under indictment. Poor poor Ramona she keeps meeting these men – thru no fault of her own. Does anyone beleive that? I think they all date crims cos they like the danger, the money and the excitement. At least Big Ang calls is like it is. I’d love one of your inteligent commenters to tell me I’m mistaken and explain their thinking. Maybe I’m completely off the mark….
    Thanks for letting me share my view

    • Yeah one minute Drita say’s she didn’t know lee robbed banks and the next she’s bragging about how he got away with some. What a retard!

  • I live in staten Island and from what I know of these girls its very different from whats on the show and whats said in here. Im no Karen fan but I gotta say it took ba!!s to come back here after all that happened with her father. I was friends with Lee for a longtime and Drita played him plenty of times not long ago she had a boyfriend Marc for almost 3 yrs while lee was away. I dont know how she keeps a straight face when she talks about cobwebs on her lady parts cuz I know 2 of my homies that hit it. Carla has a long history in Brooklyn for being a homewrecker and she’s the one who was her husbands secretary. Ramona maybe hot but she’s no angel either I will give her credit that she said on tv when her husbands business got shady (mobbed up) she left him so maybe what you wrote is true. She also said yes she has cheated. SO I dont see her as a liar. My take if anybody cares is
    Drita is a stone cold liar and will do carla dirty just like she did august,roxanne,ramona and karen all her former bestfriends.
    Carla is just playing hide and go seek, like eddie murphy says one day she’ll open her moutha and bones will fly out or scars.
    Ramona isn’t ashamed or hiding anything (some stuff she should hide) but I like that she doesnt shove her kids in there all the time and even though her boyfriend is hooked up she doesn’t throw him under the bus,Drita’s kid looks rehearsed and scared whenever drita drags her into a scene.And whats with all the new friends? Drita brings a new grenade every week she must be lonely now that Carla has 2 men to chil with.
    Renee’s just a troubled woman she’ll stab anybody in the back to get attention and she wanted her husband back so bad but then she wants to fight with her own “family” (ramona) for saying the truth.
    Junior is the lowest of the low what he did to renee and the kid is disgusting and now that its all out we can all see he was trying to abuse her when he said her father gave him a bag of rings,like he was forced into it what an a$$hole! Renee made sucha big deal over her surgery then when she admitted that she had this full body surgery more than once I was nauseated. Just stop drinking and stuffing your face!
    Karen isn’t crazy at all I hung out at her house plenty of times when her and Lee was living together and she took Drita in. Im a guy and even I’d be tight if thst sh*t happened, Can you all honestly say you wouldn’t be flipping? when she was supporting Drita in her house and letting her live there rent free then poof she ends up with her man? And I remember the day Lee found out Karen met a black guy.Drita was nowhere to be found. I also read on twitter where the drita crew was calling Ramona a muslim terrorist now everybody’s complaining her kids are catholic? make up your mind ladies and gentleman.Personally knowing everybody I think the show would be better if Carla showed that she’s back with her husband and still seeing his cellmate and Drita admitted she gets around.

  • i feel like Karen practices over and over what she wants to say before going on camera. Wish Karen and Remona could find a different obsession other then Drita. i want to like them they just make it so hard.

  • I really believe that Ramona is trying to stir up trouble. They would all get along but because of Ramona i am not enjoying the show any more.Ramona needs to go and Big ang needs to stay…

  • I don’t understand why such beautiful young women continue to make that skanky duckface. They immediately look like bimbos.

  • I have to admit that this show was one of my guilty pleasures. But the more I watched, the less I liked it. As I watched it last night (for the last time), it became clear to me.

    The reason is that the truth about who these people are is a bit too much to overlook – despite how likeable some of them seem. The reality is that every single person on that show has benefited financially from terrible, terrible crimes. I find it difficult to find anyone to root for – none of them are innocent victims. The houses they live in and the cars they drive were paid for, in some part, by blood money. The mob are thieves and murderers.

    In the first few shows, Karen was tearing up when talking of how the victims of her fathers crimes were taking it out on her. I had sympathy for her because they were her fathers crimes – not hers. But as the series went on, it became obvious that she not only doesn’t reject “the lifestyle”, but glorifies it. How many times have we heard her invoke her “bloodline”, or insult Drita for not being as mobbed up as she is. Renee does this as well, but not to the degree that Karen and Ramona do. While Carla and Drita aren’t guilty of glorifying the “lifestyle” – neither one of them seems eager to reject the money it brought their way. Many reality shows are rewarded for glorifying bad behavior, but maybe it’s time to draw the line at rewarding theft and murder – directly or indirectly.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket – had to get that off of my chest!

    • I totally agree about karen!

      The prob I have with her is she portrayed herself to be proud that she wasn’t associated with the mob anymore, that her father snitched. It totally bought her tears as she was saying that the victims of the life is what she thinks about…blah blah blah. Now she wants to play like she’s queen of the mob! She’s a phony, with no sense of a real identity and those people just can’t be trusted.

    • You didn’t read the blog carla made them take down where she begged karen to spare her like sammy spard her father for being a snitch I heard Crala’s uncle had the mark of the canary when he was found. At least Carla leraned how to shut her mouth because the men in her family sure didnt

    • i totally concur!!! in fact, i was just telling my friend that the other day. i was thinking about it b/c i was kind of feeling guilty about watching and finding mob wives entertaining, knowing where most, if not all, their money came from. and i enjoy the show. but the more i watch and see how overly dramatic and full of BS girls like karen are, it makes it almost unenjoyable to watch anymore. and i don’t want to contribute to the acceptance of that “lifestyle” by giving them ratings. i guess i’m torn. i could say now i’ll stop watching, but i’m afraid, come sunday night, i’m going to tune in. think i’ll just have to try my best to watch something else. thank you for posting ~ i’m glad i’m not the only one who was thinking the same thing 🙂

      • If thats how you feel, just watch the re runs, they’re on all night, the ratings they get are from the 8pm(ET) show. if you still want to watch and not give them ratings watch it later in the night.

    • I feel the same way!
      Even though I watch the Show I can’t root for anybody because I feel like none of them have enough morals.

  • Almost every word of this is a lie. I have known Ramona for over 20yrs. I’m so sickened by the comments here It brings tears to my eyes. I do NOT blame the bloggers but I do blame the malicious self serving source that revealed herself by the misfacts. She didn’t meet her husband in Manhattan & she wasn’t his secretary, That is in fact someone else we know & not Ramona’s story at all. I’d also like to add that Ramona’s parents own & operate legitimate businesses & she was raise with not a want in the world. SO as for her being cash hungry that’s a complete lie.She has NEVER had a poverty stricken day in her life. To discredit her father is nasty & to speak of her children is disgusting. All I can say is you better keep wearing your evil eye necklaces cuz Kharmas doesn’t take long.

    • This coming from another criminal, LOVE. But it was alright when you attacked and insulted Linda Scarpa about her being a “bastard”? Didn’t you tell everyone she was the child of Greg’s mistress? You live in a twisted world where you condone immorality if it applies to your “friends”.

    • You must be a sociopath yourself ! Ramona met Wally when her father placed her in his office to work for him as a secertary, THAT IS A FACT !






      • I worked for Wally in 2003~2005 in the communications business and every point you made is what was known to be true. Also, Wally won a law suit against MCI for 85 million in 1998 and put it all in her name. I met his attorney in NY. Very famous. I can go on and on but not enough time in the day.

    • I love ramona and karen -.- drita can’t handle the truth which is why she goes around saying she will beat someone up>she has anger issues.. Carla is fake and tlks trash. Ramona and Karen stick together and Dnt back stabb each other like those other 2 bimbos

      • Drita thinks she’s so tough. She has to act hard because she has the least ties to the mob and needs to look significant.

    • Evil eye necklace? I thought you were friends with Drita… Honestly you add nothing to the show and consistently talking about how you stabbed your ex is real trashy, so maybe you should go take a seat with money hungry Ramona and fat cow Karen 🙂

  • Or how about Taylor, Ramona, Dana, Kim, Karen – Grifters and Losers – no one cares about. Kyle can make quest appearances and try to make them all do what she wants them to.

  • Its sounds typical. The show is called Mob wives. None of them care about spendig mob money. Carlas husband stole from old ladies how do you think she lives thatway. Renees husband did God knows what besides ratting. Dritas husband robbed banks and safty deposit boxes only Big Ang has worked all her life

  • The fact that Karen and Ramona even speak of class is hysterical. Uh, they have zero. Karen’s relentless whining about Drita not apologizing enough over the Lee thing was boring and ridiculous. Now we have Ramona. These two are stupid. Ramona’s behavior is like “like me Carla or I will beat you up”. These two pigs just don’t realize that people are only watching them in facination, like animals at the zoo. Karen is a slob and Ramona is a pig.

  • Last night on the after show Ramona was going on and on about people who talk about the life not having any class. Dumbass Karen sat back smiling. Hello!!!! Sammy the rat sang like a canary. I guess he’s like school in summer….no class. I was waiting for fat girl to smack the HO for dissing her rat daddy.

  • This story unsurprising. Like the poster said, she came on too hard and too strong. Also, it is obvious she has no ethics and cares little for others, including own children. Her loyalty to Karen means nothing in the face of her lack of loyalty to basic ethics. What I mean is that you don’t Mess with Other People’s Families. You don’t buy “tuck” by ripping off others. Now, she is dating another mob dude. What a moron.

  • Ramona is trashy and messy, but OTOH I think she’s gorgeous.

    Did I read here somewhere that Carla is 45? If so, she looks fantastic and not oversurged. IMHO she looks younger than Drita.

  • I am in agreement with some of the previous comments. Karen and Ramona’s behavior is so outlandish it feels contrived rather.than honest. I knew Ramona was a fake from day one. Karen needs to go back home and take care of her daughter. I honestly think these women have no clue what it means to have dignity and class. Just trash.

  • I repeat, NONE of these women (including Jenn Graziano) said that they were/are flawless. They also never said that they did not have a criminal past. THIS is who they were/are (you decide) If you dislike them or there personal history, DO NOT watch the show…………….its that simple! but to complain here on a ‘blog’ about them is useless…………….the show will go on!!
    PS The ‘wives’ are truly laughing on the way to making a bank deposit

  • No surprise, she has “trash” and scammer written across her face. These women act like they have a penis under their dresses. The men don’t even behave, like they do. Big mouth gangster moll, drives a Chevy! LOL, that’s how Ramona “rolls”! Please look into the producer Jenn Graziano’s past arrests with Jr Pagan.

  • In addendum to my last comment ..my other thought is Carla..she brings nothing to the show. She lets everyone walk all over her and never stands up for herself. You could go up to her insult her and she’s good if you buy her a drink.. I don’t see her and Drita friends for long bc Drita is too sassy and stands on her principles. Carla has no defined principles.

  • I love mob wives but can’t stand Ramona & Karen. They make up conflict to be relevant In fact they are trying too hard to be tough girls. They need to go take care if their kids. Watching them is like nails on a chalkboard. That’s when I get & get water.

      • Drita always talks about how tough she is, and how many girls she’s put in ambulances and blah, blah blah. If that were the case she’d be in jail right with her hubby. She probably realised how stupid she sounded the first two seasons because she finally stopped bragging in the third.

  • I am not a Romona fan but in all fairness, I do not believe that she ever claimed that she was a ‘perfect’ individual nor her family for that matter. Basically she is an attractive ‘bottom feeder’. There are many like her………….it does not make her a bad mom or friend. As a matter of fact, if anything, it makes her like many. Seeking to get a jump start in life. I am liking Karen more these days………….her honesty and ‘raw’ quality is re refreshing. Renee, her fame may be going to her head some. Not a good sign. Carla, always beautiful, Drita, same. Big Ang, well she’s Big Ang. What say you?

  • Anryone notice how they rode their bikes….lol…..crack me up….probably the 2nd time either one of them had ever been on one.

    • I know….it always seems like they have to set up a scene with these two because Karen’s apt. is boring watching her sit on the couch. And where does Ramona live? Have we not seen her house? I mean really, it’s more fun watching Carla cook, Drita fold laundry, and Renee clean crumbs from her kitchen island than these two. But what do they do whenever they film a scene alone? Bash Drita and Carla. Let’s go bike riding. Sit down on a bench and talk, talk, talk, crap about people I don’t really know. I actually had to turn ‘the sit down’ off last night. Those two were making me sick! Everytime Ramona opens her mouth about Carla being strung along by Drita, I want to go through the t.v. and ask her what she thinks she’s doing with Karen.

  • Again does this shock anyone? That entire show is filled with criminals, people ripping people off, ruining lives etc. We shouldn’t be surprised at this. It’s not just Ramona and he family.

  • Ok so although I do agree with the article, I don’t like the fact that the “source” of the article states that Ramona and her husband had no principles because her husband let the children be baptized. I am catholic and married to a muslim who unfortunately was never taught anything about his religion. I grew up with religion all around me and going to church. Therefore when we got married we both agreed that our children would be baptized Catholic. Let me tell you my husband does have morals, values and principals. We both just wanted our children to have a religion and I was the one that knew more. I don’t like the fact that the “source” assumes that people who do that have no principals and it is not unheard of in the muslim world. I know plenty of people who have done the same! We are a good, loving, happy family who wanted our children to have a belief system.

    • My husband is from the middle east and is a muslim. I’m a Christian. He would never allow our children to be any other faith but his, therefore, we don’t have children.

      It is my assessment that there are A LOT of middle eastern muslim men who ARE scam artists and have no morals or values. Thankfully, we aren’t married to those kind. But I have had many run-ins and dealings with men from all over the middle east and for the most part, what Roxanne says about Wally is completely believable.

  • Not surprised. Most of the housewives are all phony! Why does she act so tough all the time? She acts so high & mighty like she’s above it all when she’s not. Just like Traylor Trash, MeHO, Fuglexis, Evelyn, etc…

  • I can’t watch her or Karen. They made the after show impossible to watch. Thank god for my DVR and the fast forward button.

    • OMG me too! I totally change the channel or fast forward during their blowing sunshine up their pop shoot sessions. Why are they on TV, what is VH 1 thinking!

      • Hah, I do the same thing!!! It’s hard to watch or listen to those two. They ruin the show for sure, but thanks to my DVR, I can still see the show that I love without it getting ruined by the Ramona and Karen parts!!!! Thank goodness for a DVR!!!

  • I hope we get to see my fav (Drita) be the living shit out of her this season, BTW Scumona is the perfect label for a SKANK of this MAGNITUDE.

  • Drita probably was the ‘source’ because she’s bitter as hell she got her ass whooped and her eye swollen shut.

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure that definitly wasn’t an ass whooping and if u feel that way about drita how do u feel about ramona n karen

  • Listen no shocker there..I’m a pretty good judge of character and since the very first episode she came on too strong and big shot..those kind of people put up a front to hide their past…I don’t know her personally and can only go by what she portrays herself as and its verry superficial and ugly! And another thing she may come off as a tough ass bitch but those that bark the most usually get bit in the end..watch out ramona watch out bc one day u may just find ur match and it won’t look good for u!

  • Oh Lord! Are any of us surprised? I mean really. I don’t believe most anything that comes out of any Mob Wives mouth.

  • Its bad enuf she has zero storyline – nd even then cant seem to muster the skills to carry that off. But on her palpable frenzy to e a relevant part of the cast, she’s done nothing but embarrass Karen and make herself look like an ass with her contrived “beef” w Carla. I can typically find some redeeming element to most players n these shows. But with Scumona? Not so much
    …. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that she’s grifted her way from beruit to Todt hill. The sad part is, she truly thinks this makes her a player. N second thought, not do sad… Cos it makes me laugh so hard….. What a delusional woman.

    • I cannot stand ramona, all she does. Is talk a lot of $hit. None of this suprises me though because when people spend all their time talking about others it’s usually because they either can’t look at themselves or want to throw their negativity at others!

  • You are incredible, Roxanne. Get with some sources of Danielle Staub’s and please put on blast Melissa Gorga ~ Let’s see who was lieing in all of this mess regarding Melissa contacting Danielle about Teresa… etc…

    Great job, bravo again…

    • I agree! Roxy, try to get Danielle to talk about the things Melissa said about Teresa! At S2 Danielle knew too much about Teresa and that’s what set her off. You need to show how MELISSA betrade her own sister-in-law for fame and money. Someone calls her a puppy kicker and I believe she is. Now let’s prove it!

  • I HATE RAMONA! This makes me even more angry and makes me hate her even more! I guarantee you she’s reading this pissed that you found this all out. You continue to impress me! Great job Rox!

  • Wow! Is all I have to say. She first says her husband is in the ‘mob’ and then we find out both her and her husband are just scammers? Now she’s living off her boyfriend? yeah she is def a phony

    • That was an excellent expose on Ramona, it explains alot. What Ramona does is follow the money, thats it. She left her husband, divorce/broke her second husband and did the same to the third boyfriend/husband (most likely boyfriend) and then came back from Jordan.