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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Dana Wilkey

AllAboutTRH spoke exclusively to the newest RHOBH housewife Dana Wilkey and while I don’t agree with some of the things she does, let me start off by saying how sweet she was! From talking to her I immediately could see that she was a genuine and loyal person. Dana talks Real Housewives, ‘game night,’ why her and Brandi Glanville don’t get along plus answers who she’s closest with and more!

What were your expectations when joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
I had no expectations but I watched Taylor go through a lot the first season and I was shocked by the impact the show had on people so by watching her struggle with it, it helped prepare me

How much has changed since being on the show?
Being on the show has taken a large amount of my time so I had to reprioritize my business and chose to launch a product that I probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for the show. Dana Wilkey says ThinShot is the reason she lost those last 15 pounds! Dana says, “This is what ThinShot did for me …makes me happy,
suppresses my appetite, boosted my Metabolism, included all my favorite, health and beauty Vitamins, (hair, skin and nails/ Vitamin D)… Gives me lots of energy and gives me awesome focus. It doesn’t make me speedy because there is a small serotonin release that relaxes you. I take 2 liquid shots a day one in the morning and 1 in the evening. ThinShot is a diet accessory and can be used with any diet program. I eat lots of protein with it and workout with Tabata.

Who are you closest with on RHOBH?
I’m closest with Taylor. We didn’t see each other for a little bit obviously with all the circumstances going on with her so it was understandable. There was a period where we were apart –not on purpose, just because of life and I wasn’t quite sure that after all of this, how things would be, if she had changed because of everything she went through. But she went right back to being a really great and supportive friend of me and I’m so grateful to know her and have a friendship with her.

Any regrets since being on RHOBH?
My regret was that I wasn’t on a season where there wasn’t a typical sort of topics of fighting. What I mean by that is there were two things as a “friend” that I was there for and it was to be controversial and like a catalyst. The truth is I was never going to risk consequences with the two topics floating around all season. One of them being Kim’s issue and the other Taylor’s abuse. With who I am that is not something I was going to play around with on television. So if I come off as boring then so be it. I just wish I was on a season where the biggest argument we were having is over you know someone being a ‘bitch.’

Aside from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Do you watch any Real Housewives series and which is your favorite?
I like Atlanta a lot! I was also a huge fan of New York because I was from New York but I’m a bit concerned with who’s coming on next season just like everyone else is!

Why do you think you should be an official housewife or come back next season?
Because I have unfinished business with these girls and because viewers have seen only a few glimpses of a really crazy and interesting personality. I have a super cool family that would be on camera including my boyfriend’s 2 young adult kids, my 2 year old son JC who reads and speaks Thai, my 94 year old nana that I take care of and my super sassy Cuban step sister. I also have multiple businesses and charity projects people aren’t even aware of. For example, on March 10 I am hosting a charity event with Taylor at my house.

You and Brandi both were cast as the “friends” of the housewives. Why do you think you two didn’t get along?
The truth is I really like Brandi as a person and we have gotten along at times. She is fun and has cool attributes to her but I’m very close with Taylor so I obviously cannot be supportive to Brandi when she tells Taylor she wrote her book too soon and says that she hasn’t been abused and is a liar. That sets our goals back with helping women in these circumstances with that kind of thinking being publicized. It makes women scared to ask for help. I also don’t agree with what happened at Game Night and found it hypocritical when she called up Kim on her drug issue but then took Xanex and drank on camera. That is very dangerous and I was worried for Brandi when I watched that. I don’t see Game Night like everyone else does but I have my reasons for that and people will see some of that on The Reunion Part 3. All I’m going to say is Brandi acts like a victim a lot after saying some pretty “F”d up stuff, you better be able to take it if you’re going to dish it out with this group.

Speaking of Game Night, why were you being so hard on her?
Well for me at the Lollipop event, I had never really met this girl before and she was a bit silly. When I asked how she broke her leg she said she fell off her shoe and then when I looked at herfeet I saw heels on her good foot with the broken leg. I’m thinking that’s not too bright. LOL!. That made me judge her a bit and I probably shouldn’t have. Then I saw her and she tells me my husband is basically cheating on me. I’m like excuse me I don’t know you. Taylor then convinces me to invite her to ‘game night’ to be the better person because frankly I didn’t want to bring her into my home where my boyfriend is after her BS accusation so I did. She was being really aggressive and I was just trying to make Kim feel comfortable because Kim was in an obviously vulnerable state and Brandi was calling her out and I just don’t think it was necessary at my ‘game night.’

Imagine you being in Brandi’s position. And you didn’t know anyone and you were next to these two girls who keep talking about you. How would you feel?
I feel like Kyle was just being very protective with Kim because if someone was trying to imply with 20 cameras around that Kim was a meth addict, I’d be pissed too. You see an edit that makes it seem short and limits all of our interaction but this was on going for hours. I just feel like Brandi egged ‘game night’ on and I actually said it at the end when I helped her find her crutches. By the way, I didn’t really know anyone there either but Taylor and even though Kyle and Camille was making fun of me and Kim called me the wrong name I just tried to keep it fun. That’s my nature… I was in shock when it went so badly so quick I had never seen women behave like that before.

Are you bothered that Brandi was seen more on the show than you were?
No not at all. I’m happy for her. I’m cool with whatever unfolds for me. I think it’s important to just go with the flow and whatever is supposed to happen will happen.

Do you think it’s true that the ladies met up before the reunion and planned to attack Lisa?
I read the blog who wrote that and that was the dumbest blog ever. That’s absolutely NOT true. I really hope Brandi didn’t say that. And by the way that blog brought up my house and so you know, my boyfriend and I were in that house for 5 years. It wasn’t rented for the show! I didn’t even know if the house was rented or owned that was his business. I just lived there. And the reason you guys don’t see furniture is because we were in the hallway a lot of the time during the filming and people kept thinking my hallway was like a living room or something. My grand hall in that house had 40 foot ceilings and was 2000 sqft. It looked massive on TV and so bare but besides some art and an entry table what the hell goes in a hallway anyway?. There are tons of stuff in my house and I think all the walking back and forth in the hallway made it like it my home didn’t have furniture. The Game room had a bar, pinball, Marble Madness and a pool table and board game playing area but it wasn’t meant to congregate in. My plan for the event was we were supposed to be in the game room for 20 min to grab some snacks and a drink and then go play games in the living room but when Kim was an hour late and Adrienne didn’t cancel until an hour late too. We had been there for 2 hours! BTW the invite specified desert only. Next time they will be lucky to get chips and dip.! LOL

Do you think Kyle came across different then she was last season?
I don’t know. It’s hard for me because I know her in real life so I don’t know the ‘edit’ I know her. I think she’s really nice and very cool. She’s one of the nicest people I know

How did you and Taylor meet?
I met Taylor through my girlfriend. We were invited to go to this thing together and we just hit it off. We had similar personalities. We’re silly and funny and I really liked her.

Don’t you think it was hypocritical for Taylor to bring up how Brandi “threatened” to kill Kim when last season Taylor threatened to “beat up” kim
I think that both women didn’t mean it and said it in a heat of passion and I’m sure they both regret saying it.

Can you tell us what’s next for you?
I’m doing a bikini spread and for someone like me, it’s a big deal. I’m not some modely person. I’m like a regular Italian/Irish body type and I’m 38 years old and I’ve had a baby. So it was a big deal for me to do that but I really did it and it wasn’t that hard! I’m so excited for what ThinShot is going to do for people I had to take a big risk.

I respect Dana for being such a loyal friend to Taylor. It’s very refreshing to see that! Thoughts on AllAboutTRH interview with RHOBH star Dana Wilkey?

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  • It’s to bad Dana didn’t show this side of herself on the show. She seems way more substantial and likeable in this article.

  • Ew, Dana is going to do a bikini spread? Lord have mercy on us all. Girl is not pretty at all.

  • I have a serious crush on Dana. She is so beautiful and has a great personality. I think we would get along perfect. I would to love to take her out. I’m not rich and don’t live in Beverly Hills but I do pretty well. I’m a fire fighter. I live 20 minutes from Manhattan NYC. .Please pass this comment on to her. I really hope she receives because I know we would be a perfect match. Thanks..

  • I don’t think this show was a good match with Pam’s personality.
    Don’t let the door hit you in the a## on the way out ~

  • Dana has a very bad attitude problem and frankly, nobody likes her because of it. I think she’s street trash. She’s obviously jealous of Brandi. Dana was on the show as “Taylor’s” friend. Taylor brought Dana on as her friend. Dana was not a Bravo guest, she was Taylor’s guest friend. Big Difference.

    • Brandi was brought on as Adrienne’s friend.

      Brandi stabbed Adrienne in the back on the reunion by telling everyone Adrienne was talking behind Lisa’s back.

      That’s one of the reasons I would never be on team Brandi.

      • you mean after Adrienne stabbed Lisa in the back or before she stabbed her own husband in the back? And why would Brandi help her?? She never helped Brandi! Oh, well, at least Paul is cool with Brandi.

        • What did that have to do with Brandi??? Brandi owes ALL of her fame to Adrienne, Leann, and Eddie! They have been the constant recipients of her hate and slander, and she has made money off of it!

  • To quote Tamra from RHOC, ” Dana’s ass must be jealous of all the crap that comes out of her mouth.” I hope Andy realizes how much the public hates her and her friend Taylor and we never have to see their faces again. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • I also believe Taylor is a liar. Not about everything, but when Andy asks her questions she looks around as if she is making up the answer on the spot. Her body language shows dishonesty. I don’t know if she was really abused by her husband or not, none of us do, but it is disgusting to cash in on someone’s death the way she is trying to. I know she had a black eye at the lounge party, but I have had 2 black eyes and no one has ever punched me or hit me. Maybe she was abused, maybe not. We will never know the truth. There are plenty of ways she can raise money to help support the fight against Domestic Violence without writing a book. She is looking to get paid. Period. I wish she would just be honest about it.

  • Dana is pathetic. I know from the most reliable source at Bravo that she is not returning next season. Thank goodness. Her behavior is beyond obnoxious. It is so tack to talk about how much everything costs. I’m so glad we have seen the last of her. Your 15 minutes are up. Oops, you didn’t even last 15 minutes!

  • This interview was frustrating, and only validates my dislike of Dana even further.

    From the first moment Brandi entered this show, well before game night, Kyle sat there loudly making fun of Brandi, to all the other housewives as they sat their and laughed at her. It was awful and uncomfortable to watch. Then it got worst when Kyle made fun of Brandi’s small child, bringing him into public forum and ridiculing him. Then goes onto question Brandi’s parenting skills.

    Kyle actually makes me sick. I am happy Brandi found her voice and stands up for herself to this wicked women. The fact that Kyle can be so mean and horrid to another person, then gets angry when said person stand up to her, or calls her sister out, its just flat out wrong. I hope her contract is not renewed. I’m tired of seeing her face.

    Taylor and Kim should not be on the show. Kim is not taking responsiblity, even after rehab, she needs way more work. Taylor will need help for years.

    The fact that Dana can’t for the life of her, see the wrongs of Game Night for what they actually were, and the previous episode on Kyle’s treatment of Brandi, is enough to make anyone not like her. She has no objective! Its actually quite sad that someone can be this self righteous in their own stupidity. I’m not use to watching stupid people. Its uncomfortable. I hope to never see her face on TV again. She is not smart enough to be entertaining at all.

    • Oh, please. Kyle NEVER made fun of Brandi’s child. Only Brandi is too dim-witted to realize and understand that it was NEVER about the child, but her as a parent. I’m also pretty sure that Kyle made that point 100% clear that it’s not about her kids, it’s about Brandi correcting them.

      • I agree! Brandi has no limits! I think Bravo made the wrong choice between Dana and Brandi! The ratings don’t lie! Ratings are down almost 40% from last season.

  • Unfortunately for Dana, she was cast to enter this group, but Taylor didn’t really help to integrate her. I don’t see a re-entry point with this group of women.

  • She is so gross and such a show off people are losingthere homes and this bubble headed inconsiderate sloppy nightmare is bragging about $25,000. sunglasses,is her boyfriend really married?

  • Brandi most certainly believes Taylor is a liar, people. Go through her twitter feed for one and read her interviews for two. Just because she doesn’t say “Taylor is a liar” does NOT mean she has not implied and used other words to call Tay-Tay a liar. For example: the “I don’t trust Taylor or anything that comes out of her mouth” article/blog that Rox posted. Is that not implying Taylor is a liar in more or less words? Yes. When fans tweet Brandi about calling Taylor out on her lies and not believing her lies, she responds that doesn’t believe it. Again, that’s calling Taylor a liar in more or less words.

    Miss Brandi Glanville likes to dish it but when people say anything about her, she plays the victim. She talks crap about the ones she doesn’t like all day long but as soon as they say something unflattering about her, she gets in attack mode and it’s always “they attacked me first and I’m just defending myself.” It’s always everyone else’s fault but Brandi’s. It’s always “they have a problem with me, but I don’t have a problem with them” to Brandi yet she seems to be the only one who tweets/talks crap about them all day long. Hmm.. hypocritical much, Brandi?

    Lastly, anyone who kisses up to Melissa Gorga looks desperate and pathetic. I’m looking at you, Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong.

      • My point is that little Miss Brandi Glanville is now claiming that she NEVER called Taylor a liar when she has, multiple times. So what is YOUR point? That Taylor is a liar? That’s already public knowledge.

        • about the abuse. She has never gone on record and said she believes Taylor aka Shana lied about being abused. She stated she believes Taylor is a liar because the blowfish lies all the time.

  • By Brandi saying the book was written to soon does NOT scare women to not seek help, give me a break. And although it’s probably true because Brandi does have a brain, I never heard her say that Taylor was lying. If anything, the things Taylor did and said is damaging to those experiencing DV. Saying that she couldn’t leave Russell because of money? Are you kidding me? So it’s more important to give your child a $60,000 birthday party than it is to save her from danger? Taylor’s lies and the way she changes her stories all the time is what’s hurting DV victims. The fact that she was an advocate for these women and essentially conning them is what causes danger to DV victims. Get it right Dana and make some sense for once.

    • Too many inconsistencies in Taylor’s story is what is hurting women in domestic violence situations. She changes her story so many times that it is hard to believe anything she says.

      Dana said in the interview: “That sets our goals back with helping women in these circumstances with that kind of thinking being publicized. It makes women scared to ask for help.” If Taylor wants to be an example for women to follow, she would have asked for help and gotten her child out of an allegedly abusive environment. She wouldn’t have stayed because of Russell’s money.

      • I agree 100%. Apparently money is worth more to Taylor than the safety and well being of her daughter. It disgusts me the way she is carrying on and trying to profit off of someone’s death. If he was so horrible then she could have gone back to Oklahoma to be with her family. The truth is she just wants fame, and will say and do whatever it takes to make a dollar.

    • There was an interview and it explained the 60k party.

      It was basically a freebie.

      Dana and other vendors got to promote the own businesses on tv when they did that party for Kennedy. Never did it cost her 60 k. I can’t remember the amount that Taylor spent, but I think it was approx 5k ..a far cry from the 60 k.

  • Thank you for doing the interview with Dana. You have always captured the true essence of everyone when you’ve done your interviews. I never see editing you always post everything. I like Dana and so far I can’t say anything negative about her because we’ve really not seen a lot of her to form an opinion of her. We’ve only seen the 25k sunglass and some fashion name dropping. I’ve seen MANY of the housewives do that, Nene Leakes does it excessively. Who cares if they do that it makes me laugh. LOL if you love the show its because of these ladies acting nutty and name dropping. Roxanne thank you for doing what you do you are amazing at it!!! 🙂

    • Excellent post. I agree with all of it. 🙂

      You’re right about NeNe doing it, but the only seem to focus on Dana mentioning the designer or the price. Big deal, she was excited about the shades and gushed about it. Is it really that awful?

      And as far her home being rented or bought, well I can think of a few other so called “wealthy” housewives that have done the exact same thing. They’re prepping the stage to get the job.

      I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I read on this blog site and many others that one of the housewives moved into a house that her husband built and it was up for sale….there some long story that goes with that arrangement…can’t remember the details of it, but I’m sure they wanted their home to reflect the new role that they got on the show.

  • Well, the truth it in the footage and since it’s clear Dana, unlike Brandi, is not a hit with the viewers, I can safely surmise she will not be asked back either as a friend of a housewife or as a real housewife.
    But that’s fine, Dana is so gifted at spinning she could have an amazing career as a politician.

  • Brandi did not say Taylor lied about abuse. Taylor has been shady about things, though. And, the book coming out too soon is an opinion shared by many. I’m on the fence but I don’t blame Brandi for her opinion.

    Sorry, but B was totally attacked on GN. Kim was also very judgmental and mean she had no right to be. Not a meth head – but she is an addict. Splitting hairs, I think.

    Brandi also NEVER struck me as a victim. Hell no. A fighter, maybe. Unfiltered. But not a victim at all. The opposite + a great sense of humor.

  • Does anyone remember highschool? All of these ladies are very highschool. Let me do a breakdown of RHWBH

    Adrienne – She is the president of her class, she is the peer counselor leader, she is the one that is an over achiever and feels everyone should be just like her. She has a perfect life on the outside but there are many problems she has that hides. In order to hide her imperfections she tends to have to put down others who she feels has a better life than her.

    Lisa – She is the one that takes in stray cats and dog. Always wants to help but get screwed in the process. She is the rich girl who is always walking around trying to get people to donate money or time for a cause. She has a heart but in the end always get screwed by that heart.

    Brandi – She is the school hoe. She is the girl everyone talks about and start rumors about because their own wants a piece of her. She doesn’t care what people think about her though so she does whatever she feels like doing.

    Kyle – The mean rich girl. Leader of the mean girl club. Do I need to say more?

    Kim – Everyone has high expectations of her. She is the overachiever that always fails and turns to unhealthly means to deal with her imperfections.

    Dana – the wannabe. No need to say more!

    Taylor – Oh Taylor! Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. The girl who lies to seem cool. The girl that wants to be liked so badly to would throw someone under the bus literally. She is the one that will start a rumor because someone is liked more than her. She will do something stupid to be liked than make a claim that she is victim.

    • Loved this!!! But you forgot the one in the middle Camille
      Camille – the girl everyone goes to to gossip about the other ones. She’s everybody’s friend but will not take anyone throwing her under the bus or she will come out swing in. She’s fun and tries very hard to please everyone and keep the peace.

  • I don’t believe a word she says.

    The whole ” I don’t know if he rents or owns, I’ve lived there for 5 years, it’s his business” is BS. No woman lives with a man for FIVE years and has no idea if he is paying rent or a mortgage… how stupid does she think we are? I, and I think most, wouldn’t even move in with a man without having some knowledge as to his situation.

    So I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  • Dana/Pam, your house was JUST featured on HGTV’s show Selling LA, and it is RENTED NOT BOUGHT! The house was FOR SALE, but you didn’t want to buy it, just rent .The owner wanted a celebrity to purchase the house, but his agent talked him into renting it since you were going to be on RHWBH… I bet he was dissapointed to see how poorly the home was featured in the show. Oh that’s right… it was just a bare hallway….lies, lies, lies.

  • I like Dana from the get go. So what if she blurted out $25k for shades…made her look even more vulnerable & adorable. Meaning she speaks with honesty and innocence.

    I read her last interview a few months ago and she had quite a hard life when she was younger. She’s a survivor and has a ton of sweet spunk.

    Never saw one scene were she was dogging another hw. Dana always had a sweet smile on her.

    I like her and think that we have not yet seen all of her personality due to her small scenes in this season’s show. She’s not as dumb as others would like her to come cross as.

    Dana has humor with a genuine personality, something you don’t see much of on these shows. I hope BRAVO signs her on for the new season.

    Roxanne, very nice interview! You asked all the right questions & Dana answered them perfectly. Nice to read something so pleasant about a hw.

    • Oh my goodness u r naive. When somone has to tell u their sunglasses are 25k, that is not even close to “adorable or vulnerable”, that is pathetic and obnoxious and in very bad taste, not to mention, “asinine” as Kyle put it. If anything, I feel sorry for someone like her for being so insecure and lacking any self awareness. It’s quite embarrassing.

  • Please, Brandi WAS NOT a victim at game night. She egged things on just as much as the Richards did. Kyle and Kim didn’t say anything to Brandi’s face to make her feel “attacked” the only thing they did was laugh at her and say they didn’t want her on their team. That’s not an attack, that’s making her feel unwelcomed. And considering the viewers DONT get to see everything I’m gonna go ahead and say Dana knows more about what was said and done that night than viewers who only got to see 10 minutes of a few hours fight.

    They were ALL wrong and t fault. It wasn’t just Kyle and Kim. It was Brandi, too. The only reason why brandi gets so much sympathy and support is because she was the lonesome new girl who wasn’t given a chance by the “mean girls.”

    And sorry telling someone you don’t know that their boyfriend is cheating on them is a low blow and not remotely funny. Just because she was unlucky and it cheated on doesn’t mean that everyone else’s boyfriend and significant others are cheating on them too. BTW, Brandi also implied that Mauricio was cheating on Kyle via twitter a few months back and deleted it after she got some backlash from the fans.

    • Sorry Rox, Uhggggg, can’t stand her. I know you have to be somewhat bias, in that she has given you an exclusive interview, but please. The girl is so sad the way she can’t stop bragging to elevate herself. She can’t mention her son without the Thai thing, the mention of the size of her hall, sun glasses, etc..Of course she’s “nice”, she’s a desperate famewhore, and you are giving her a platform. Bravo, please, lose her number.

    • They hid that cripple’s crutches!

      This is the frickin’ twilight zone, listening to people try to minimize what we all saw happen.

        • It was before I believe, but Kyle said that Kim didn’t really hide them.. she put them behind Brandi’s chair or something. Kim admits she was wrong to do that, for hiding her crutches.

  • Excellent, tight interview, Roxanne! Superbly done.

    I think Dana is absolutely beautiful. I love her constant laughter. I totally believe she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to, and does not need a reality show to accomplish it.

    • i don’t believe this person is Dana so why are people attacking this person for their opinion? This is a forum for ALL people and some can agree and some not. Keep talking Lisa and don’t let ANYONE stop you from voicing your opinion.

  • In Kim’s ex Ken voice “we don’t care!” And I don’t remember Brandi ever calling Taylor a liar about the abuse. She questioned the timing of the book & it’s effect on Russel’s family. Sorry, I think she is just a phony biotch, and I certainly don’t want to hear about her new product endorsement! Lastly, while mixing Xanax & alcohol is not a good idea, she is clearly uneducated about a real fear/phobia. There are many people who have a rational fear of flying & cannot do it wIthout medication!

    • I’m pretty sure she understands that some fears and phobias require medication. But she specifically pointed out that Brandi took Xanax and drank AT THE SAME TIME.

      • Which is a lie.

        Brandi took a xanax on the plane then many hours later had half a drink. Not at the same time.

        • You should probably go back and watch that again. Because she did and she even stated in her blog that she took Xanax and did a “small toast” to Mauricio before they took off for Hawaii. Whether Brandi popped a xanax in her mouth and drank it down with champagne or waited an hour before drinking doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that SHE MIXED XANAX WITH ALCOHOL.

        • Brandi even admitted to drinking while taking the Xanax. She would not have acted as she did if it were only Xanax.

    • how does Brandi think she’s any better than Kim…? How does she think Kim got to the point where she needed rehab? Mixing xanax with alcohol to overcome a fear of flying is no different than Kim relying on “crystal meth” to get thru social situations that might make HER uncomfortable. That is why I think Brandi is a hypocritical PHONY. You would think that someone that was willing to do something so stupid would have more sympathy for Kim-but no, Brandi feels just fine judging someone for something that SHE does herself. Go away Brandi. You are a mean girl

      • How are you guys comparing Brandi taking xanax to fly with Kim being a complete friggen crackhead?! Kim can’t even get herself dressed and to a party, Brandi takes xanax to fly like, oh i don’t know, probably 50% of America. I take valium to fly, and only to fly, and if everyone was doing a “welcome toast” I’d probably have a drink but I certainly don’t do that in my every day life. You’re really grasping at straws trying to compare Brandi to Kim.

        • Logan – Mixing xanax and alcohol can kill you. You shouldn’t give people the impression that it’s not a big deal.

          • Brandi took xanax and drank BEFORE they took off for Hawaii. FYI.

            Don’t accuse someone of being on crystal meth and high out of their mind when you take xanax and sip on champagne from time to time. It makes you look like a hypocrite. That’s all.

          • She Admitted to mixing Xanax and alcohol. It is right in the episode. In her little talking head shot she said it outright

          • And we’re forgetting that Brandi says that mixing alcohol and xanax is a step up from when she used to”roofie” herself.

      • You are comparing apples and oranges, sweetpea. Kim has an ADDICTION! A lot of ppl take medication, natural/ overthecounter/ prescription for flying. It’s normal. They don’t abuse drugs otherwise. The only error we see was that she drank with it that time, but come on, Brandi is obviously not on or addicted to anything and is healthy otherwise. Kim is not!

        When debating in an intelligent argument you need to have facts to support your case. You should read up on drug abuse and addictions before comparing a real addiction/dependency on a substance(s) to taking a pill to calm anxiety while flying. Not the same.

        • ladies…my point was, Kim was abusing prescribed medications. Xanax is prescribed. It’s a short walk from taking it to fly, to then taking it when you feel a little nervous about anything. This is how people become addicted…they start taking the drug for MORE than it was prescribed. And drinking alcohol while you’re taking xanax is abusing a prescribed medication by the way. The bottle tells you NOT to drink while taking it.
          I’m not saying Brandi is addicted, nor that she will become addicted, but to criticize someone for something you do yourself is hypocritical

        • LMAO!!!! Are you kidding me? Xanez is NOT an over the counter product and also, yes, many people need something to help them fly, however xanex is a VERY ADDICTIVE and prescription only medication. I’ve had it to fly as well and i could never drink on that Med cause I would be knock out for a couple of days. I’ve had friends that were ADDICTED to that medication and it was a hard hard road for them to kick that ADDICTION! So if you want to compare addictions or say Brandi does not have a problem you would be very wrong. Game night was terrible all around. I actually felt bad for Dana. Here she is hosting a fun night for everyone and to have such an immature display happen was terrible. Yes Kim has a problem but she has at least admitted it and gotten help. What about Brandi? Her children must feel so ashamed of her behavior when she’s around cause I bet you anything she acts the same around them as she does to the world. I’ve seen goodness in her but her actions and behavior takes away from it. She needs help to obviously get her attitude and behavior in check. She is an ADDICT cause she knew she was high on xanex and CONTINUED to drink and actually hit on someones husband. She needs to own up to her behavior and stop making excuses for it. So as to reading up on it, I do know about that addiction and i can speak on it. Kim took action, why hasn’t Brandi?

          • She said she has a portion of one drink after she landed, which was hours later. This is not addiction. This is, at most, an over indulgence. One, I might add, many people who are afraid of flying, pop a xanax, then hours later land and arrive at the hotel on vacation and have drink with dinner. I’ve seen doctors do it, I’ve seen lawyers do it, hell, I’ve seen a psychiatrist do it. Like getting drunk or intoxicated, if you want to split straws, yes I guess it’s irresponsible. But are we going to ship everyone who’s ever gotten intoxicated off to rehab? No. It’s not addiction, and we’d have no reality stars left.

            Kim was on a potent anti-seizure med so she doesn’t die from the physical withdrawal of drugs/alcohol. She is a hard core addict and I hope she stays sober. Brandi is irresponsible. Two different lives.

          • Hello??? Brandi’s bff, who attends all events with her, is an addiction specialist. If Brandi was currently an addict, we’d for sure know about it! She’s been lucid during all taping we’ve seen – maybe buzzed on a couple occasions.

            Can’t you tell the difference? If not, you live in a world where either everyone is messed up or no one is…

          • No one said Xanax is over the counter!! You said ppl CAN get addicted to Xanax but, heres the kicker….Brandi isn’t! So your argument is irrelevant! You’re talking coulda, shoulda, woulda! Kim has a substance abuse problem where she is dependent on alcohol and drugs while Brandi does NOT have a substance abuse problem and is NOT dependent on Xanax. If she was, she would be using Xanax for more than just flying and it would affect her daily life, like Kim’s problem affects hers. Now, again, you cannot compare the two. Read up on it and educate yourself before you start emotionally comparing things. They are not the same. Got it?!?

          • Brandi got arrested for drunk driving last year, got drunk and got married in Las Vegas last month, passed out from prescription pills and alcohol on the way to hawaii and admits she used to “roofie” herself. She sure seems to have a substance abuse problem to me.

        • Sounds like Brandi might have a little dependency problem herself, so she has no right to pass judgement!

  • Rewrite history much Dana? Comparing Brandi taking meds while traveling to the Kim we’ve now watched for some time is ridiculous. Brandi called out Kim WAY after Kyle and Kim were riding her all night. Not to mention, Kyle making a big deal about her little boy using the bathroom outside. Kyle is not someone I’d want to be around. You say the Game Night ugliness went on for hours? You should have asked Kyle and Kim to leave, like Brandi did when Taylor lost her mind at her party.
    It’s nice that you try to back Taylor up but she’s a flake. No amount of “editing” could convince me of that. Taylor did it herself. Really? Crying in a suitcase? She’s a nut.

      • But if Kim and Kyle didn’t sit in the corner and make fun of Brandi, the night wouldn’t have ended the way it did…”Dont start no sh*t, won’t be no sh*t”!

        • I don’t think saying you don’t want someone on your team is making fun of someone, and it was Kim who said that. Brandi started it with the name calling.

          • saying you don’t want someone on your team is so fucking high school and it just shows how little class kim actually has. She’s a rude hot mess and everyone tiptoes around her because of that fact, it was nice to see someone stand up to her crackhead ass. And yes I would bet my bottom dollar that she’s not just an alcoholic.

          • It’s rude. So those two being on high horses and acting like something special, when they don’t even have BASIC social skills, or know how to act like mature adults? Give me a break.

          • No, Kim started it and saying you don’t want someone on your team is rude as hell! Come on, we learn and teach manners as a youngin’. I get you don’t like Brandi, but don’t justify bad behavior to stick up for ppl who are in he wrong.

          • Give me a break wanting some on your team or not does not give you a right to escalate the matter. Brandi should have justed moved on, but she couldn’t it was far more low class to go for the jugular as se did to Kim

      • It’s not about innocents, it’s about provocation.

        Kim and Kyle behaved badly without any reason and without being provoked.

        Brandi behaved badly after being provoked and baited.

        A wrong is a wrong, yes, but certainly someone who is mean to another without reason or provocation is seen as meaner, unlikable or desperately insecure.

        • No, both of them provoked each other, Brandi was baited so was Kyle and Kim.

          No one is innocent. I’m disappointed in how Kyle and Kim were acting, Kyle admitted multiple times she was in the wrong. Brandi admits there were things she should not have said, but that she should be apologized to for being right about Kim, and thinks she’s a savior of some sort cause she ‘let it out in the open’ which is wrong.

          All of them messed up, but continuing to harp on Game Night and living in the past isn’t going to help anyone.

        • I disagree when you find some trying to provoke you, then you placate the situation you don’t hit back. Brandi’s should buy Sun Tzu or Getting To Yes because if that is her baseline of negotiation it’ll even defense it is terribly immature and frankly stupid.

          • @ logan992 I totally agree that was NOT just alcohol there was totally another drug besides the ones she told Dr. Paul about. I agree with cocaine and I have said that from the beginning rewatch Hawaii…sniffle sniffle.

  • I also like Dana more after reading this. She doesn’t seem so superficial. I still think the girls were nasty to Brandi at game night. It was disgusting to watch. And, I think there’s a big difference in a drug abuse problem, and taking Xanax for a plane trip. Overall, though, I’d like to see more of Dana. Hopefully, when she sees how silly the name-dropping came across, she stop doing that.

  • So her “Grand hallway” is bigger than my house? Sorry, this interview didn’t make me like her at all and I’m not so sure of how honest this was….i.e. she’s cool with whatever happens….which is why she was kissing SO many butts last year!

    • But if 5 years of living there she’s never once asked her boyfriend/husband if he owns or rents it? Huh?

  • Dana is so damn desperate it’s embarrassing to watch. She’s completely jealous of Brandi, I hope Bravo tosses her ass out next season and puts Brandi on as a full time cast member.

  • Boyfriend, then husband then boyfriend again – the last 2 in the same paragraph. Make up your mind who he is in relation to you, Dana.

    And what a pack of lies! Brandi was not aggressive at all, until Kim and Kyle started on her. All she did was show concern for Kim “Is she alright? Is she ok?” – you could tell Brandi was really concerned for Kim, that was touching and sweet, NOT ‘aggressive’! Dana herself egged the whole situation with the “making her stop calling me Pam” whining to Kyle and Kim – clearly egging Kyle and Kim on!

    And its funny how she says she ‘goes with the flow’, but when it came to Brandi’s little remark about Dana’s boyfriend/fiance/husband (whatever it is she decided/decides to call him), an innocent remark she mean no harm by and Dana took the wrong way, Dana certainly DID NOT ‘go with the flow’ THEN, *did she*???!? She held a grudge (it obviously hit a nerve) and nursed and held Brandi’s innocent remark AGAINST HER, for the entire season. Perhaps its DANA, who needs to learn to GO WITH THE FLOW.

    Dana is nothing but a pretentious, bitter, grudge-holding, trouble-stirring bitch and the sooner she is relegated back to being anonymous the better. She lacks class, social graces, and compassion, human decency. The fact both her and Shana/Traylor have been charged with fraud at some time in their lives shows why they are good friends. Anyone who supports as woman driving a man to suicide, dancing on his grave, using his death for a chance to make money and even getting HER OWN DAUGHTER to sign the BOOK THAT CHARACTER ASSASSINATES *HER FATHER*, clearly has absolutely no semblance of human decency or morals and is evil.

    • Writing that Taylor forced or was a party to Russell’s suicide is without merit. Russell committed his own act. She was not present. While Taylor maybe culpable to fraud, embezzlement, misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary relationship she is not culpable for Russell’s death.

      Further, Russell is a known abuser. He pled guilty to battery of his first wife in 98 and has had 3 restraining order on him two by wife #1 (one for herself in 98 and one for her son in 2004) and one by his last ex-wife friend Haro prior to Taylor.

      I think they were all at fault on game night. Kim was erradict. Brandi felt attacked for her parenting which was not right, but to escalate it to crystal meth is below classless.

      All the women demonstrated a lack of decorum. But, Brandi does lack social grace. When one says something about your parenting skills and you know it is incorrect you simply say, “It is not your concern and at the time it was hard to parent effective with a caste on my foot.” The crystal meth just demonstrates a lack of education and manners. When one says that on a reality series you cannot come back from it. The rumor is out there and it destroys you in the industry. Because Brandi kept infering she had deeper knowledge of something going on in the bathroom people will continue to believe her on that topic.

      • How does inferring the crystal meth thing go against Kim’s credibility when she in fact is now just out of rehab for addiction? An addict who spends a lot of time in the bathroom and comes out more and more impaired is going to be accused of something by somebody. If not outloud, many people are thinking it.

        I believe that if your reputation is of such high importance you should take the steps yourself to beyond reproach, instead of just insisting that everyone keep your secrets and keep quiet about your behavior.

        • .

          I maybe wrong about this, but I thought there was a scene with Kim & Kyle in the bathroom & Kim was explaining she had overwhelming anxiety. I thought she said she was taking something for it. That would explain why she was late and didn’t want to go these get togethers.

          I don’t know much about stress & anxiety, but from what I have read and heard it’s can be very crippling for them. Also, Paul asked her what med’s she was on in one of the episodes. She was in his ofc sitting in the chair and said this while he was checking out Kim’s face.

          Anyway, in Hollywood the quicket way to kill your career is for someone to call you a “Meth Addict.”
          I think that is why Kyle got so upset.

          I don’t believe that Kim was a “meth addict,” I do believe she has anxiety and from what Paul said the med’s would cause the behavior we saw of Kim.

          • edit: Meant to say in my above last paragraph that Kim’s meds were prescribed by a Doctor and the Paul said that the meds would explain Kim’s behavior. Nothing illegal or close to meth.

            Wrong on so many levels to shoot off a comment and accuse someone of being “meth addict” when you have no clue as what exactly is going wrong.

        • Kim has an Anxiety Disorder, anyone who knows about it knows how much it takes a tole on you. I have it pretty badly, I need to take constant walks away from a group of people so that I can pull myself together because I’m so disheveled. Kim probably went to the bathroom so she could pull herself together, and Kyle occasionally would go with her to be somewhat of a support.

          I believe Kim abused her medication, and was drinking while taking it. I’ve seen that kind of behavior before with people who drink and medicate. She was not doing meth and accusing someone of doing that is not beneficial to anyone. It can affect you for years, such an accusation and it makes me sad that people refuse to see that.

          • You seem to be splitting hairs. She accused her of being on something, or abusing drugs, she just didn’t know which one – but it was obvious she was abusing, and…oh, look! She was! Considering how prevalent Meth is on the west coast, and Kim saying things like she hasn’t slept in days (common symptom of meth use) then it wasn’t a totally ridiculous guess. All she did was get the actual drug wrong. You act like she accused her of using when she was founded to be clean or sober or something.

          • The point is that whatever Kim was doing in the bathroom was none of Brandi’s business. Would it be ok for the people flying to hawaii with Brandi to accuse her of being a heroin addict because it was obvious “whe was on something”?

          • That is common symptom of cocaine and abuse of many other drugs. Crystal meth is a name = junkie on a very very low level. It is not splitting hairs at all.

        • Kim was never on crystal meth. It is considered a very low and desperate drug. Also getting off of Crystal Meth is harder than Heroine. In Hollywood if they hear crystal meth you never get a job again. Alcohol is OK. Now it may seem like a double standard but crystal meth’s addictive properties cannot be even partially controlled. It is full on druggie.

          Additionally, if they were told on game night that she came from her psychiatrist and he/she placed Kim on Trazadone and Topamax then the crystal meth was not only out of left field it was unconscionable.

    • Dana was spot on with her definition of Brandi’s character!!! Brandi has become everything Dana predicted she would be…a bitter, jealous person.

  • The show does not show a great side to her.. She seemed really desperate and to see her talk that way about game night I think she may have been the only person to see it like that . She sure doesn’t have my respect!!!

  • Great interview! Dana had honest answers and I actually like her a little more after reading this…lol but I don’t agree with what she said about Brandi on game night. Brandi was totally attacked

    • IA, I think Dana’s probably a nice person without mean intent toward ppl. She’s had it pretty tough with this and plays no victim, good luck to her!

    • One word Dane: $25,000.

      I sure hope that you have insurance on those $25k sunglasses…lol

      go sniff another line b.c you look drunk and high on tv

      • $25,000.00 for shades???? Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love, my Chanel’s, that is just insane. What does your “husband” do for a living? Or did Larry Flynt give them to you??? Just sayin….

      • Mari, I absolutely agree with you, Danas jittery behavior made it difficult to watch her then other times she seemed slurred. She definately should not be allowed to come back!