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Bravo Renews Real Housewives Of Miami For Season 2! Adds Two New Housewives To The Cast (Photos)

Although Real Housewives of Miami wasn’t a huge hit last season, Bravo has decided to give it another try! Bravo announced today a second season pickup for RHOM. Returning Housewives from season one will be Marysol Patton, Lea Black, and Audriana de Moura. Production will begin filming later this month! Continue reading to find out who the newest housewives will be!

From NBCUniversal 
“The Real Housewives of Miami” follows a group of the most beautiful, connected and influential women in town who work hard and play harder. This season will give viewers an inside look at these aspirational women as they juggle family, work and the fabulous social scene in a city where the food is spicy, and the drama is even spicier.”

News reports by Miami Herald are also revealing the two new housewives that will be added to the show! They say, “while Bravo remains noncomittal, but we also have it on excellent authority that two of the new “wives” are model and ex Dancing With the Stars contestant Joanna Krupa, who, we think is still engaged to Mynt nightclub owner Romain Zago, and Lisa Hochstein, the wife of plastic surgeon Lenny of the short-lived Bravo version of Nip/Tuck called Miami Slice.”

They added that others are saying it’s not definite and it’s just a test, “They’re filming with these new women to see if it makes it more watchable, which compared to the first season, shouldn’t be that hard.”

Here’s a photo of Joanna Krupa

And a photo of Lisa Hochstein

Both ladies are HOT! I defenitly think they will bring the ratings Bravo needs!

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  • I didn’t even get by episode 2 of Miami. I will have to give it another try this season. Shocked they renewed it since I heard how bad it was.

  • Miami was so boring, but I loved Marysol mainly because she was the only normal, level-headed one who didn’t try to start drama. That Cristi girl and her side-kick married to the basketball player were the worst! They were so catty and so into themselves, it was ridiculous.

  • I don’t understand why everyone is so against Miami-I thoroughly enjoyed it & I love Mama Elsa! She is funnier than hell on twitter! I am apalled by the ppl who talk of the way she looks. Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves. Really. Do you make fun of ppl with a strawberry mark on their face? I, for one, love to hear & know what my elders have to say. We should be listening & learning. I’m not sure why ppl don’t find the other women interesting, except for Christy. (I’ll leave that alone) Leah Black is one of the most enfluential women in Miami & she is BORING? I don’t think so. I just think we haven’t gotten to know them as well yet. Audriana cracks me up! The girl can tell a story! I was riveted when she told the story of getting phone call from husbands girlfriend! She is very succesfull from scratch & I admire her tremendously! Rags to riches! I LOVE IT! The “hot son trying to be a model” a poster referred too has been in an accident & was very seriously injured. I am not surprised his mother will not be back because of her son & the care he requires in recovery. Larsa moved from Miami so she would be disqualified. And Marysol! Gosh! I LOVE that woman. She is so soft spoken & unassuming yet she is a powerhouse in advertising. I want to get to know these ladies better. I have been taught to watch what successfull ppl do & learn something from them. Give them a chance people! Goodness!

    • the difference between talking about someone with a strawberry mark on their face and Elsa is that Elsa paid someone to do that to her face! Her lips are so inflated that she has trouble speaking! I’m sure she has wisdom to impart, but I can barely understand her when she speaks

      • I am sure when Elsa “paid” someone to do her face it looked stunning, however I view it like someone who gets a tatoo & years later it doesn’t look so good. I don’t agree, I think she is beautiful inside & out! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I still think it is mean spirited & you should be ashamed of yourselves. I can understand Elsa just fine. She does have a heavy accent. Is it her accent which bothers you? I have heard & seen a lot of racial slurs. I thought as a society we were trying to get past racial slurs. Or is it ok because we are talking about a majority of hispanic ppl? I say it is bullying no matter how her face got the way it did & if you take part you are a bully. Shame on you & your bullshit excuses.

        • her accent doesn’t bother me a bit. I have NO PROBLEM understanding her daughter, or most people with heavy accents. I think Elsa has trouble navigating speech with the pillow lips she’s acquired for beauty. She is the same race as me, so you can hardly call me a racist. Fillers haven’t been in use for that long, so I’m pretty sure that Mama Elsa’s work wasn’t done “back in the day”, which would mean the look she has now is not the result of aging.
          I also just want to say, that although ‘bullying’ is the hot topic of the moment, saying that someone has overdone the plastic surgery is NOT bullying. It’s my opinion.
          As I said, I know my opinion is the minority, as everyone seems to love Mama Elsa, especially Andy-and you apparently, catherine lol

  • in my opinion, bravo renewed miami but not dc because andy has an extreme love affair with marysol’s mom, but i wonder if he has that much say in picking up shows

  • Joanna Krupa is too damn good for the show! She’s a model, she’s feisty, sexy, and has so much more going for her. I love her and I think she should just walk away! I hope that don’t make her look bad. I think Adriana well be really jealous! I’ll watch the show, but only because I adore Joanna! She’s always in Maxim 100, and Paris tried dissing her, but Paris is SHIT next to Joanna! I would want Joanna on RHOBH! Kyle would be even more jealous, and Traylor can suck it!

  • Roxy, can you start including Watch What Happens Live in your blog, please? It’s my fav show, I like it better than some of the housewives franchise, sometimes better than all of them… I don’t know if anyone agrees, but if the other readers do then that would be amaaaazing : )

  • I guess…but I must be one of the few who actually want Bravo to bring back DC…DC is my favorite behind RHOA S1 and RHOBH S1

    • I’m with you. I wish Andy would wise up and cancel some of the shit he’s got on Bravo right now. I could go without another season of Millionaire Matchmaker or Pregnant In Heels or those stupid Fashion Shows! This new show called Love Broker sounds like a MM rip-off. So Bravo’s gotten to the point now where they’re copying off the shows they already air. DC needs to come back. The city has an amazing atmosphere and the women were a million times more classier than the other women in any other franchise. Plus, with politics happening right now, they should totally bring DC back. It would be smart!

  • I know I am in the minority here, but I could go another lifetime without seeing Elsa. That poor woman needs a mirror-and her daughter should take a good look because she’s going to inject herself right into her mother’s image. Horrible

  • This one feels like Andy’s pet project. I didn’t think this franchise was very good either and doubt getting rid of half the cast will help matters.

  • That means we won’t see that hot son that was tryen to model?! Boo.

    Marysol’s mom is an embarrassement to herself. Poor thing. Wouldn’t she want to get her face fixed?! Smh

  • I watched Miami and did not like it at all. I cannot stand Audriana De Moura, so they lost me with her returning.

  • I agree Bravo should just nix Miami all together, they are the fakest most boring useless group of women to ever make it on t.v. One more viewer lost with this choice. C’mon Andy get ur act together & ur creative juices flowing again stop wasting airtime on airheads

  • I just cannot get into this franchise. I doubt adding hotter women is going to bring in the ratings considering that most housewife fans are women or gay men.

  • im glad they are leaving the 2 they are leaving. i didnt really like the other 3. i wish they would keep miami and bring back DC. i could watch RH shows all the time!

    • I know! I’m from the DC area and I liked their season, except for the Salahis…they should have just cut Michaele and don’t a second season!

    • Exactly, I enjoyed DC WAY more than Miami and Miami didn’t even get a real reunion show, they say around on WWHL set, that was embarrassing.
      I think DC should’ve been given another season.

    • I totally agree on that one. I loved DC! I thought it was a lot more classier than the other shows. It sucks bc they got the short end of the stick. Now we have to get stuck watching the Latin women have fake dinner parties and talk about not paying for a freakin’ ticket to a charity ball. Oh, and watch their lame hour reunion in Andy Cohen’s bedroom. So cooooool!