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RHOC Newest Star Heather Dubrow Talks Plastic Surgery

Let’s be serious most housewives especially on Real Housewives of Orange County has done some kind of procedure but the newest star Heather Dubrow spoke exclusively to OCregister and claim’s that the only plastic surgery she’s done is fillers!

OCR: Have you ever gotten any plastic surgery done?
HD: I’m very open about getting Botox. And I’ll get fillers when I’m really skinny. Not my lips. I don’t like that whole thing. But I, like my husband, like a very natural look. Of course, after having four children, everything doesn’t always go back in the same spot as where it started. So I do think about that from time to time, but it’s not something that’s so pressing in my life, that I felt compelled to go do it.

OCR: When you say fillers, but not lips, what do you mean?
HD: Oh, in here (touching her temples). Nasolabial fills. When you get really skinny, you get those marionette lines. ‘Cause the whole thing about aging is facial fat. But now my husband does Sculptura, which is genius, because women at some point in their lives, you do lose facial fat. And the joke is, at some point, you have to decide between your face and your butt. Because, if you keep your weight up a little bit, your face will look good, but your butt might not. But if you want your butt to look good, then your face might get a little shallow, hollow, I mean. So Sculptura was created for AIDS patients. And what it is, it’s not really a filler, it’s an injectible that rebuilds your own collagen. And it’s very cool.

OCR: Have you ever tried it?
HD: I have, because right in here, in the temples, which seems like such an odd space, like who would ever think about something like that, but it had gotten very hollow in here. I looked at pictures of myself and showed them to Terry and I said, “Why don’t I look like myself?” Terry said, “You’re just getting a little hollow in here. You could put in some Sculptura.” Literally, he put it in. He injected me with it. It takes a few months for collagen to regrow. I looked at pictures, and I went, “Oh wait, I’m back. I look like me.”

OCR: Have you heard or read people speculate that, of course you’ve had plastic surgery because you’re married to a plastic surgeon?
HD: You go online, and people like to talk, and I hear that I have cat eyes and cheek implants. If you want to touch my cheeks, you’ll just feel bone.

OCR: Fillers are as far as you’ve gotten?
HD: That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m a big proponent of plastic surgery when it’s done on psychologically balanced, appropriate, consenting adults.

Do you believe it?

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  • They all Lie about what they do & Don’t do..they aren’t Real with their Faces, to me It’s Fake , Fraud, they shouldn’t even B called A REAL Houswive.. What GreT Role Models to The Children, To not b Happy w your God given Looks, But To B A LIAR is Acceptable.. WoW!!

  • WoW! What I don’t understand is Y these woman do this to their Face..#1 No matter how much $$ they have they are Still Never Happy..So Sad..#2 Do any have A Faith they believe in? God gave them their Looks to begin with, & The Husband With All the $$..to get Makeovers, Surgeries, that leave them All Looking Very Disfigured..So Sad..Ever notice how the first Season they R all Halfway Decent, then 2nd Season comes around & they Look different, then 3rd season & Forget it they Look like Freaks of Nature not Natural.. 2 WoRDs… BranDi GlanVille…YikEs!!!!!!!!!!

  • For someone who did not have botox done, her forehead sure looks tight while she’s smiling so big like that. Not a wrinkle on her forehead and her eyebrows are arched like the M in McDonald’s. Come on. Who really cares if they have plastic surgery or not. Nowadays it seems everyone does it. I’ll be honest though, I look at all these housewives and I will Never Get Botox. These women help me appreciate my looks. I look human and feel natural and am happy, oh so happy, I don’t look like freak made from plastic objects. Frankenstein come to mind anyone?

  • As for Heather Dubrow, in the commercial she already appears to come off as extremely arrogant and bitchy. Not Interested in watching. It’s all the same crap. They’re either mean, rude or arrogant. Tired of the fake drama.

  • Back on subject, I don’t understand what makes these women turn their gorgeous faces into freaks? These women look terrible and freaky With Make-up, can you imagine what they look like without it? Gross. If I married one of these women, I would divorce them. I could not look at them. I would have to cry in the morning knowing I’m going to have to look at their un-done faces when I wake up. Maybe that is why many husbands do end up cheating on their wives? They are sickened thinking of having Intimate relations with Joker from Batman.

  • I’m still upset that they took Mob Wives off last night for the football game. Not Right To Do because I don’t like football. I just had to get that off my mind 🙂

  • Do I beleive in cosmetic surgery? I think that’s a decision & their prerogative to make any changes to themselves for most times it gives the person more confidence within themselves that they perhaps lacked prior….. Bottom line: IMO, it’s any & every woman or man choice to make that decision for themselves & if they are happy with it, that’s great!! Whatever personal decisions these television personalities make for themselves, doesn’t affect my life….. If it makes them happy, then good for them! 🙂

  • well excuse my ignorance but if you got cheek implants, wouldn’t they “feel like bone”? While I think it’s a terrible picture of her, I’d be willing to bet she has gotten at LEAST fillers. I’m married to an accountant, so my finances and taxes are always in perfect order, but hell, if I was married to a plastic surgeon, my body would be PERFECT! Who are we kidding? I bet she’s had lipo, chemical peels, maybe an eye job and fillers.

    What I don’t understand is WHY these women can’t see what too much filler looks like! Which is, in a word, HORRIBLE. And scary. Don’t they see it?? They all have the face of a friggin Barbie doll-that latexy looking skin and flawless, line-less complexions. It’s UNNATURAL. And yet, the word they ALL use to describe it is “a natural look”. Please tell me where that look is NATURAL? My daughter is 25, gorgeous, and does not look like she has a Barbie doll’s skin! If you want to look younger, and closer to what you looked like when you were younger, get a damn facelift. Those fillers just scream “I am in denial” to me

  • I could have sworn that I just heard her say on an iterview or maybe I read it, but I could have sworn she said that she DID infact have her nose done and that was it. Oh yeah, and the fillers and other injections of crap.Off to look that up.

  • I know at first glance i thought of her but it’s not the same person. She was single lookin for a date and this lady is mariried with 3 or 4 kids.She is suppose to be a actress but i’ve never seen her before.

  • I believe her. I remember seeing her on Jenny McCarthy’s show back in the day, and she looks pretty much the same, just a little older.

    When I first saw Lisa Vanderpump, she looked like a scary Beverly Hills plastic surgery addict, but now I’m so used to her face that it looks normal to me. I think even Lisa says she’s only had fillers. The problem with fillers like botox (not sure about Sculptura since this is the first I’ve heard of it) is that you have to keep getting more injected, because the filler moves around and settles into a different spot in your face. That’s why these women who have only had fillers start to look weird and rubber-faced after awhile. They have all these fillers floating around in there…gross.

    • She’s been married for sometimes now…she has four kids with the hubby. I don’t think she was on there

      • Sorry, when I googled her name with MMM it came up but its because ALOT of people thought it was the crazy chick from MMM.

    • I thought that was her…Yes on MM….Your right.She is a wacko…Omg….I knew I saw her on MM..Even Patty couldn’t. Stand her…She had 4 kids on MM also.Lmao.Bravo recycles people..She was on Pattys show twice..I have it DVR..Lmao

  • I don’t know anything about her yet so I can’t say whether or not I’ll like her but I applaud her for preferring the natural look. Being married to a plastic surgeon, she could have all the procedures she wants yet she doesn’t feel a need to jump right into them. I personally would rather look at someone’s natural imperfections than some of the garish results of botched plastic surgery.

  • That pic of her is horrible. Just think of Jack Nicholas “The Joker” Batman circa late 80’s….sheesh