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Let’s Discuss: RHOBH Reunion Part 2

Well well well what an intense episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part 2 reunion! So much drama so little time! I tweeted throughout the episode and thought I should probably blog instead so we can all discuss our opinions on tonight’s episode. Keep in my mind this is MY opinion and hopefully you can respect mine just like I will always respect yours even if we don’t agree!

I’m not going to do a recap. Instead I’ll write about each individual

Kyle Richards: I never thought I’d ever be bothered by Kyle after watching her on season 1. My oh my how things change. I still do like Kyle but dang talk about being jealous! It’s clear she was jealous every time Lisa stood up for Brandi. I mean Kyle constantly sticks up for Taylor, why can’t Lisa stick up for others? Kyle was so thrown off when Lisa and Taylor were friends so quickly but wouldn’t you be happy knowing your two closest friends finally are becoming friends? I’m kind of sick of Kyle acting so “classy.” She felt so “trashy” after saying one swear word but she didn’t feel trashy when she acting mean and jealous all season. C’mon Kyle! You’re beautiful, you have stunning children a life many wish they had! Cut out the insecurities and look in the mirror! Game night? Kyle was clearly trying to ignore game night as much as she can and I feel like she was using Brandi as her target.

Adrienne Maloof: She kept quiet most of the episode and I respect her as a business women but her and Lisa both need to move on!

Lisa Vanderpump: I’m loving Lisa this season. I respect the fact that she doesn’t talk behind people’s back and if anything will say it to your face. That’s how things SHOULD be. Lisa said she was “mortified” after actually watching ‘Game Night.’ Kyle clearly got angry after hearing Lisa say that but Kyle tends to dish it so she should be able to handle it. Game night was mortifying and I was surprised by how they only spoke about it for a few minutes.

Taylor Armstrong: I get that she was abused and I don’t agree with it! I want to make that clear but I also don’t agree with the decisions Taylor has been making since her husband killed himself. It’s like she didn’t even let him get buried before she started writing a tell-all book. Again I don’t agree with the abuse but I do get annoyed with Taylor. How can she say how she “loves Russell terribly” and immediately call him a manipulator and so openly talk about the “text messages.” How come we’ve never heard what Taylor said or responded to those “text messages.” It’s clear through out the season that Taylor get’s a little craycray so imagine what went on behind closed doors. Why was Taylor on Brandi’s case? Can you imagine Taylor acting that way with any of the other girls? Why was she so threatened? Oh yeah because Brandi was saying exactly what we’ve all been thinking. Maybe I have such a huge problem with Taylor because she hasn’t taken Russell’s two oldest children into consideration. Imagine being in high school and your father dying and hearing that his “wife” is writing a tell-all book to “help others.” I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, there are 3 sides to a story. His. Hers. And the truth. We just haven’t heard Russell’s side and unfortunately won’t be able too…

Brandi Glanville: I like Brandi Glanville. Shoot. I love Brandi Glanville and I’m NOT afraid to admit it. I think she makes the show more exciting. She call’s out people when others are afraid too. I don’t agree with everything Brandi says or does but in the end of the day I do think she is awesome! Brandi doesn’t hold back and I respect that! She never tries to cover up for things she’s done and instead admits to it! Go Brandi! She doesn’t make excuses like other housewives do (ahem) Go Brandi! You are killing it!

Camille Grammer: Well she’s obviously changed this season and for the better! I appreciated how she said when things were wrong but kept her cool about it. I hope to see her next season

So. Let’s Discuss! What did you think about part 2 of the RHOBH reunion?

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  • I do agree with all of the ideas you’ve presented for your post. They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for beginners. May just you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  • I think I know why Camille didn’t participate too much this season. She’s in the middle of a mean divorce right now and anything she says or does is being recorded by Kelsey Grammer’s Attorney. I think she was afraid she would do something to cause her to lose custody of her children. It certainly makes sense why she would run and hide and be so reclusive.

  • I am with you on the Brandi and Camille thoughts Roxie. I like all the girls except for Taylor. Still on the fence about that one. She’s too back-and-forth for me to like or dislike at this point.

  • Agree on everything you said Rox, just wanted to add. Is anyone else tired of Kyle’s fake crying? It’s getting on my nerves. geezus!

  • The housewives know Taylor better than all of you. They have seen more of her and heard more of her lies and truths and they believe she was abused. So, that’s the end of the story.

    All your fables and inventions are just that, fables and inventions spun out of the desperate need to blame the victim and deny the crime. I understand, we do it all the time to victims of every sort. Your house is flooded, you should not have built it there. You are raped, you should not have worn that short dress or gone shopping at Safeway at midnight. Your child wakes up before you and starts a kitchen fire, you should not have been sleeping. We need to blame someone for everything so we can believe we are safe. I get that, but damn, you weren’t there.

    The other housewives were and they believe her. That’s all I need to know.

  • Kyle is a bully, control freak
    Taylor is a liar
    Adrienne kis not to smart
    Brandi tells it like it is
    Lisa is classy
    And Kim is a crackhead not just booze sucker

    • How double standard that Kyle is a mean bully when she’s trying to be honest. But when Brandi or Lisa are being mean bullies they’re just “telling it like it is.”

      Just because you attribute your mean comments to being honest and telling it like it is doesn’t make you NOT a mean person, FYI.

  • I would also add more to comment which is I think Brandi is well out there she is not intouch with reality at all. I like her don’t get me wrong but she is kinda strange like a little of Kelly ( RHWNYC) not completely like Kelly just a touch of Kelly’s craziness lol.

  • Adrienne- The more she speaks, the less I like her. The way she treated Lisa, disgusting.
    Kyle- She disgusts me completely now and there is no coming back. Her stupid, arrogant faces during the reunion was the icing on the bad behavior cake.
    Taylor and Kim- Disgusting on every level that there is.
    Camille – Like her now.
    Lisa – Love her now.
    Brandi – Loved her but seeing that she is friendly with Melissa Gorga, only like her now.

  • You and I briefly exchanged tweets last night, so we know where each other stands re: Taylor! Thanks for seeing my point and I absolutely see yours.

    Love me some Brandi too. She needs her own damn show. LOL Girl gets props for calling Kim out on her blatantly obvious addiction problems while everybody else sat around all season trying to pretend Kim was just…happy…or sleepy….or had too much caffeine, or whatever reason they could come up with to justify her behavior.

    I loved Camille this season. I like Lisa too most of the time. She’s never funnier than when she says stuff like “Oh bloody hell, now I’m going to have to put out tonight”.

    Adrienne needs a better weave. Girl can afford it.

    Kyle…why is she still on this show? She annoys the crap out of me. Between the Demi Moore hair tossing, and feeling the need to do the splits at every social function, she needs to move ON. She was a raving bitch to Brandi at Game Night, and she needs to own it and apologize and stop making Brandi feel bad for defending herself.

  • After the 2nd part of the reunion last night, I have to say my opinion of some of the HWs certainly changed. Kyle was my fave season 1, but now she seems like a mean, insecure high school girl. Lisa backed Kyle up after game night (although Lisa wasn’t even there, which I thought was wrong of Lisa to do without all of the facts), but when Adrienne constantly attacked Lisa with petty things, Kyle heard crickets. Kyle should know she was wrong in how she treated Brandi. Don’t get mad when game night is brought up; it’s the reunion and should be brought up. I don’t agree with the “I’ll kill you” comment, but I understand Brandi felt (and was) attacked & had no one to back her up.

    I freakin’ love Brandi. I don’t always agree with her comments, actions, & clothes, but last night she said the things that most viewers were thinking. Taylor should’ve been called out for the book. Yes your husband just committed suicide but that doesn’t excuse you from answering to you actions and words throughout the season. At least Brandi can own up to things she’s done (slashing tires). When will Taylor own up to all of the lies she’s told (including those she said prior to season 2 and Russell’s suicide)?? Like Brandi said, Taylor wrote a book (about her life nonetheless) & has made her business the world’s business for us all to comment and judge. And why was Taylor constantly going after Brandi last night?? Did she feel Brandi was the only one weaker than her and decided to try to attack her?? She told Brandi that her book wasn’t any of Brandi’s business, but earlier Taylor butted into Brandi’s conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with Taylor. Hypocrite much?

  • I’m sorry, but I think Brandi has lost some touch with reality. How in the world does she think SHE is responsible for Kim getting help?! She did absolutely nothing but humiliate, embarrass and hurt Kim and her family when she threw out that accusation of Kim being on crystal meth. I’m glad Kyle told her how it was.

    I agree with everyone who says Brandi is a trouble maker and pot stirrer. It’s funny how a lot of the *drama* out at the reunion came directly from Brandi’s mouth: Adrienne doesn’t like Lisa. Russell and Taylor sent the email. Adrienne, Kyle and Taylor planned an attack on Lisa. And didn’t she say that she was in a room for 6 hours and couldn’t hear or see what was going on at the reunion? All she saw was Lisa crying and that was enough for her to assume that everyone was ganging up on Lisa? Please. Here’s what I think: there was no meeting and it just so happened to be that Adrienne and Kyle both had a problem with something Lisa said. So Brandi, trying to kiss Lisa’s butt, came out defensive because Lisa was crying and then spun the story around and said that the other ladies planned to gang up on Lisa.

    Not going to lie it was pretty funny seeing Kyle squirm at Lisa defending Brandi. After watching the reunion again, I agree with Kyle. Lisa is calculating and manipulative.

    • Agree with you.

      I have lost a lot of respect for Lisa. Brandi kissing Lisa’s butt, now Lisa is returning the favor by defending Brandi for her dirty mouth. It was so obvious that the only thing that comes to mind is, probably Brandi and Lisa planned how they will act at the reunion and made a pact to back each other up.
      Didn’t Brandi post a photo on twitter of a bull mastiff and quoted she is having lunch with Ken? I find that so sickening. That is the true definition of BULLY.

  • Brandi is a vile, celebrity wannabe, trailer trash. She disguises into a sweet, honest girl who says it like it is, but she is the biggest bully of them all. Admitting to your behavior, but feeling proud of it is not called being real. It is called being a mean spirited b****!
    And after feeling proud of accusing Kim of meth use because in her world it’s called doing Kim a favor, Kim needs to come out and put that girl back in her place.

    • I like how Brandi says she’s sorry for the comment she made about Kim but the next thing that comes out of her mouth is “I’m right because Kim is in rehab.”

      Brandi is a bully and a hypocrite, plain and simple.

  • Great blog & agree with most of your opinions!!!!! Those who don’t can always ‘agree to disagree’ 🙂 I love Lisa & Brandi…..They are great fun together & understand each others humor…… JMO, but I believe that Kyle’s jealously has been in place, for the camera, since S1. She definately has to be the center of attention & with other personalities she’s been able to hold her ground but with Brandi…..she can’t & I love it!!!!! The other cast members, for me, are ‘just there’…… Two of my fav’ Housewives franchises is B.H. & O.C. …… Guilty pleasures……:)

  • Was anyone else bothered when Brandi was recounting how she ran into Russel and he said he always liked Camille and Taylor made him send the e-mail…and Taylor snapped back, “Didn’t you slash Eddie’s tires?!” Huh?! What does that have to do with Russel & Camille? Nothing. Clearly Taylor was trying to deflect the conversation away from her and any sympathy for Russel. And she did it in such an angry manner and brought out a piece of rumor at that point. That showed me, once again, Taylor’s anger and manipulating techniques. Instead, if Taylor was telling the truth, she should have simply stated Russel made things up all the time.

  • Taylor was so lame and dramatic last night. Her attempt to act like Brandi actually meant “I will kill you” as a legitimate death threat was so desperate. Her creepy “knowing” grin was forced. I don’t know why the other women and fans are acting like no one can criticize Taylor is so lame! She should get off TV then!!

  • OK this season was just crazy! Taylor omg what is wrong with this woman Im sorry but I don’t feel bad for her at all sorry I just don’t and I won’t ever. She is a disgusting human being on all levels and her child should be taken away from her because she needs help. When Russell was hanging why did the police have to keep telling Taylor get her out of here non stop! Why didn’t Andy bring that up and why didn’t he bring up how Taylor wrote a book practically the day he died but attacked Teresa for stupid family drama! Brandi okay I think she is a tiny bit out there not going to lie but she is. I still like her though she is so real. She said what we all were thinking because you have dumbass Andy only caring about DRAMA and nothing that is REAL! I guess its more important to talk about Brandi slashing someones tires but not about Taylor writing a book, talking to the media, and effecting his other kids lives. Nope that isn’t important at all what a idiot. I love how Taylor looked at Brandi like she is crazy for slashing tires really are u that much of idiot to realize what you are doing is crazy well crazy isn’t even the word. I love how Kyle sits there and attacks Brandi for the tire thing but doesn’t say anything about what Taylor is doing. This whole reunion was just a gang up on Brandi to avoid the Taylor situation. Why avoid it Bravo when you already went low and taped the whole Russell thing. DISGUSTING TRASHY KYLE RICHARDS AND TAYLOR ARMSTRONG THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELEVES THOSE TWO ARE EVIL PEOPLE YOUR HAVING YOUR KIDS WATCH YOUR BEHAVIOR OH CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW THEY TURN OUT!

  • Tons of comments and I haven’t read them all but has anyone brought up the fact that Adrienne advised Taylor to join the show to try to stop the abuse? This really didn’t make sense to me for many reasons.

    #1 being that line of reasoning is illogical.
    #2 Paul was the main person doubting the abuse, he actually does charity work with abuse victims.
    #3 Why not advise her to go to the POLICE?
    #4 Taylor was not a “housewife” in the traditional sense she had/has her own businesses and income.
    #5 If it really was about money, why not leave before season 1 started filming, then have your story line be the woman who escaped an abusive relationship. Instant fan base.

    While I try to never judge any of these reality stars based on what I would do and how I act, I can’t see any woman in her right mind telling a friend that they understand is being abused to go on a tv show to possibly stop the abuse.

  • I think Kennedy deserves the thruth about her father but she will never get it from her mother. She might be young but sh probably seen more than anyone thinks she has. I believe Taylor was abused but I also believe that she has mental issues and that poor little girl is gonna need alot of help. She has that look I’n her eyes of a very sad little girl. The strange thing about Taylor is she lies even when she doesn’t have too that’s why people have a hard time believing her.

  • Brandi said she ran into Russell and he said Taylor made him send the email. She also said in an interview that Taylor was with Russell when he sent the email. The only problem with that is that Taylor was with Lisa in Vegas when the email was sent. And he sent it at 1 in the morning or something after Taylor didn’t answer her phone.

    I don’t believe Russell when he said Taylor made him send the email. Actually I don’t believe Brandi. I’m sure she ran into him and they talked but I bet she’s spinning the story aroun like she always does.

    • or Russell lied to Brandi. Obviously he was a liar, considering his business dealings. Maybe he was looking to make money off Camille by suing her. Maybe that was going to be his next scam. I thought it was interesting that he placed a brief case next to him when he hung himself, but left no note

  • I cant get passed Brandi saying she ran into Russle and him saying Taylor made him send the email. I believe she made him send the one to Lisa as well. Remember that dinner they had with Kyle and maurico? I dont believe Taylor.. i just dont.

  • Yeah, Kyle is such a mean girl and the big bad wolf. Not. It’s ridiculous how everyone on this blog loves Brandi who acts EXACTLY like Kyle. Brandi thinks that just because she does/say something mean and owns up to it then it makes her “honest” and not a mean girl. News flash Brandi: you’re just as much of a mean bitchy bully as Kyle is.

    Brandi wants to blame EVERYTHING on Kyle. Um, why is kyle at fault when Kim hid the crutches and Kyle wasn’t in the room when brandi was trying to leave? If Brandi didn’t attack Kyle first by calling her a bitch things would never have escalated. Brandi acts like the whole room was against her when it was only Kyle and Kim.

    Kyle has apologized so many times yet Brandi still tries to keep the drama moving. Why? Because she needs to remain relevant until at least March. The fact that Kyle invited Brandi to her home and Brandi sends a text calling her a cunt speaks volume of Brandi.

    Lastly it’s not her place to judge Taylor given that she, like the viewers, know absolutely nothing about taylor’s marriage. Period. All Brandi does is attack and plays the victim and blames everyone else for “attacking” her.

  • I am so glad that Brandi called Trailor out on her book of bullshit. She couldn’t drain any more money out of him while he was alive, so she figured she would get what she set out to get from him….money…….when he was dead. The man cannot defend himself. Her way of helping her daughter to cope is to write a book about what a horrible monster her father was. She wrote her book so fast because the longer she
    waited the more abused women would die! Don’t you know that? As an expert survivor of domestic abuse she has a saintly obligation to help the less fortunate! That is why the profits are going to her d.v. charity. Oh, wait I made the last part up.
    She changed her name to Taylor Ford to pass herself off as a member of the Ford family, not because she liked the designer Tom Ford. In fact there is video of her naming her favorite designers and not once does she mention Tom Ford. Not once does she appear in his clothes. She had a scam going with Russell to bilk investors out of their money by pretending to be upper crust investors from Beverly Hills. Muhhamed knew it, which is why Lisa was rightly suspicious of Taylor from the beginning. She asked Russell to move out and he did. She was going to co-parent Caroline Kennedy with him, remember? They were both going to be responsible parents. She wasn’t afraid to leave Caroline Kennedy with Russell when he was alive, or when they were divorcing. They were going to share custody. What changed? An opportunity to make some money by writing a fairy tale of a book about someone that you destroyed piece by piece until he felt he had no other option than to take his own life. When her sister in law said Trailor was writing the book because she is a gold digger, she throws her completly under the bus by saying that she was a meth addict so you can’t believe anything she says. Russell who put his sister in rehab and paid for it, who had a financial interest in the rehab facility and who stood by his sister’s side until the day he died. Where is Taylor’s compassion for her? She’s a recovering meth addict who has been clean thanks to Russell’s genorosity, support and love and despite the set back of her brother and best friend’s suicide. Doesn’t she deserve support for changing her life around much like a real survivor of abuse? No. Because she, like most lucid people does not believe for a hot minute that this book of garbage and third-rate psychobabble was written for any other reasons than to dance on the grave of a dead man and for money. It doesn’t matter that Russell’s sons have to live with this slander of their father immortalized in a boo for the world to see. They lose their beloved is father to suicide, then his wife trashes his memory five months later. Did you see her demeanor on the Reunion? She is a pathological liar. She calls Russell a narcissist for being on the show. What is she then?
    I hope she spends many years in jail for her financial crimes, I hope she gets caught in her lies about Russell, and I hope Kennedy gets away from this selfish, unloving famewhore so that she can heal properly. the woman doesn’t have a shred of decency. Not a shred. And Bravo promotes her because they know they share some guilt in crucifying Russell. She has left his mother, children and sister devestated and continues to pound on them in these talk shows. It is a disgusting spectacle, and if she is back on Bravo next season I am done with this show. Anybody that believes her bullshit is an imbecile.

      • I don’t necessarily believe what Taylor says. I just don’t have enough evidence to condemn the woman. She may be a cold, calculating grifter who is dancing on Russell’s grave. She might be a woman who’s driving force in everything is money, no matter how it’s obtained. She might have been these things and still been abused. Or she might be making up the abuse. The simple fact is, I don’t know enough to judge. That doesn’t make me an imbecile.
        I completely understand the ‘hate’ for Taylor, and I am not a fan HOWEVER-I am willing to listen to what she says to see if it makes sense. So far, I see good arguments on both sides of the Taylor fence, but it will all come out in the wash.

        One correction: Taylor didn’t call out Russell’s sister as a meth addict to discredit her-she said it to show WHY she never contacted that sister for help. The sister wasn’t in a position to help because she had problems of her own. Your abusive husband’s meth addict sister is probably the last one any of you would call for help as well

    • I know that we don’t all have to agree on what HW we like and our takes on certain situations. But I don’t understand how anyone can honestly justify abuse against a woman. Is it because Russell is dead now and can’t speak for himself?

      Let’s think about this. Taylor’s behavior since we met her – possibly even before that – has been strange. But a woman who is being brutalized will act strangely. I know because I was one of them. Her desperation for friends, her constantly changing stories, her erratic behavior…all of that is symptomatic of someone who is being abused. I used to change my stories a lot, too. When you are being abused you have to make sure that A) you don’t make your abuser angry or else you’ll get a beating and B) nobody else suspects anything is going on. To do this you have to change details or flat out lie about things, you have to do a lot of covering up, you have to keep track of what you have told people in case they talk to each other. It gets very confusing and very stressful. And you are doing this all so that you can avoid being hurt by the person who is SUPPOSED to love you. Mistakes get made. And you are so far gone into your own twisted world that you don’t even realize you aren’t making sense, that you look like a fool, that people suspect things about you. Looking back now, I can see how erratic and strange my behavior was. My abuser was so intent on making me believe I was crazy that I actually started GOING crazy…to the point that I was hallucinating. If that doesn’t make a person act weird, I don’t know what will. So Taylor may seem like she’s lying but she probably WAS lying and changing her stories to avoid Russell’s fist. She may seem like she’s flaky and all over the place but that’s because that is how you feel when you are in that situation. She may seem like she can’t be trusted but that’s because the way you act when you are a prisoner of DV is VERY uncharacteristic and not the person you really are.

      Even if she is unlikable – which is fine, nobody has to like her – there is NOTHING that justifies her husband laying his hands on her. People seem to be heaping all this sympathy on Russell because he is dead. Him being dead does not negate the fact that he abused his wife for five years. If he could talk, what could he say that would make all of this okay?

      Regarding the book, Taylor never claimed to be writing it as a way to help Kennedy cope. It may be helping TAYLOR cope and this I can understand, as anyone else should, too. When I left my abuser I did an exhaustive amount of journaling because writing down my feelings/experiences helped me sort through my emotions. She also never claimed to be making millions upon millions from the book. What she HAS said is that she needs to pay back the substantial amounts of money that Russell owed to people. These are not HER debts, they are HIS. Writing a book about the abuse is not “dancing on the grave of a dead man for money”. She is legitimately trying to settle the affairs that he left her with. And are we forgetting about the number of times his fist danced across Taylor’s face?
      I also take exception to calling her an “expert survivor of domestic abuse”. She has never claimed to be an expert. Any woman who gets out of an abusive relationship is left with the feeling that the only thing they have to be thankful for is the fact that they are still alive. Imagine feeling like that is the ONLY thing in the world you can count as a blessing and having to rebuild from there. I do NOT consider myself an “expert” as if it is a degree I earned as the result of being severely beaten and dehumanized on a regular basis. I’m sure Taylor doesn’t either. Nor has she ever claimed it is her “saintly obligation” to help the less fortunate. By writing a book, she is helping herself to sort through the emotional wreck that DV leaves in its wake. She is possibly helping other women who are in similar circumstances. She gave a statistic at the reunion…three women a day are killed by their abuser. Why is it wrong to write a book that might help ONE of those women to not die? And yes she is making money. Money that Russell owed to people. Money that Russell left HER with when he committed suicide. Essentially, she is taking a tragic situation and making something good come from it by paying her abuser’s creditors with the book’s earnings. How is that wrong? How is Taylor “trashing his memory” by writing a book that details what HE did to HER? Why does Russell get to be the saint simply because he is dead? His death does not undo anything that he did while he was alive. He trashed his own memory. It is incredibly sad and unfair for his children that this is the truth about their father. But the fact that it is sad and unfair doesn’t make it any less true. If he were still alive people would not be canonizing him like this. Everyone is so concerned for his kids now because they may be embarrassed by the truth about their father. Was Russell concerned about his kids and the fact that his behavior might have been an embarrassment to them back when he was beating Taylor? It is sad and tragic for the family and friends that he left behind. But even if he were still alive and he got to tell his side of the story, is there ANYTHING he could say that would make him justified in assaulting his wife? Breaking her jaw? Shattering her eye socket? Smashing her head into the car window? Etc..? Is there ANYTHING that makes these behaviors okay? No. There is nothing.
      And this isn’t my opinion either. Like I said, I’ve been there. After I got out of my relationship and the state pressed charges against my abuser, I was afraid that somehow he’d be able to twist things and make it my fault. Make me guilty of receiving the beatings I got. I was reassured by the District Attorney MULTIPLE times that it doesn’t matter what he has to say for himself. When there is enough evidence supporting a case of abuse – police reports, photographs (Taylor has these), accounts from secondhand parties (she has this, too), medical documentation (and this)…there is NOTHING the abuser can say that will make him justified in laying his hands on his partner. Nothing.

      As I said, like Taylor or not, there is simply NO way to argue that the abuse against her was justified.

      • I don’t remembering reading anyone saying if abuse happened that Taylor deserved it, but I could be mistaken… I understand what you are saying, believe me I do, but I still don’t believe her… Which is honestly hard for me to even admit, being a survivor myself… I have read and seen too many stories that make her out to be a liar and a grifter… I mean she changed her name like 3 times, I don’t get it… As far as debt goes, there are also conflicting reports about that as well… Some of the people suing her say she was a willing participant… Besides the way Taylor explains it Russell was stashing money and had like 10 bank accounts… If that is factual, then his estate would offset any debts he has outstanding… If there are any other monies owed after that, well that’s her responsibility unfortunately, they were married…

          • She didn’t do any of the name changes when she even lived in California, so I don’t understand your comment… I understand people changing their names, I understand people using a “stage name”… Taylor/Shana changed her name to try to extort people and if you need proof of that GOOGLE it…

  • Lisa really is a class act. She was always direct with Taylor, and Taylor was always desperate and unfair to her. Instead of ignoring her, Lisa chose compassion – and was not rewarded for it. Kyle should know by now you don’t have to stir the pot to have the integrity to be loyal to a friend in the face of false allegations. And Kyle was a mean girl to Brandi. Adrienne is petty and has no humor. Get over a shoe rhyme. Taylor has been an insecure instigator since Season 1. I agree she’s been abused – I also think she’s been shady. You can be both. Brandi is a fresh of breath air, and who cares if little boys pee in bushes? Mine did. Get over it! Camille learned. Wish her luck in case. Kelsey is not very thoughtful where children are concerned. Dana is pretentious. Please go.

  • I disagree with Adrienne. I think she started drama where there was none and just became a bitch all of a sudden. She disappointed me. I can’t decide whether I love or loathe Brandi, but she is definitely entertaining! She says everything I’ve been thinking and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Kyle was also disappointing. I don’t know if I like her anymore. I have nothing to say about Taylor, she disgusts me. The only sane ones are Lisa and Camille.

    Thanks again Rox! Love the blog so much.

    • Agree Adrienne has no sense of humor at all. And Kyle is mean and then surprised when friendships are formed exclusive of her. She made her bed.

  • Here’s my issues w/ Traylor..she claims her book needs 2 b out in a hot minute so it can save lives by the it’s going 2 be the bible 4 DV victims..give me a break..her book is not a public service announcement or she wouldn’t b profiting personally or better yet all proceeds would go 2 DV shelter amazes me how docile & soft spoken Traylor becomes when playing the victim role however when someone calls her 2 the table she becomes explosive ie Brandi’s conversation w/ Russell she went on full blown attack mode against him in 2.2 sec, also calling out her sil as a meth addict on natl tv..there is no shame 2 her game..I don’t doubt there were serious issues w/in their marriage however it’s my belief she played a huge part considering she’s a loose cannon & flies off the handle @ the drop of a dime..I believe there was mutual abuse in this toxic her stories just don’t add up 2 me..lots of them..1 in particular is the popping her jaw into place over the potty..since when can a jaw b popped in & outta place? Never heard of that..Also I don’t buy all of Russell’s shady business dealings were kept from her considering she had a judgement against her & her overseas bank accts being named..she always said they were more like business partners than a couple..She’s just as shady IMO..Plus her being so offended over Brandi saying she was gonna kill Kyle on game night..bitch please aren’t u the same person who was gonna take Kim out back & pull some Oklahoma on her ass? She plays whatever card suits her when the situation arises & that 2 me comes off as opportunistic & disengenuous..Sorry just my 2 cents..Things just don’t add up 2 me & she has complete & utter disregard 4 her daughter’s & her 2 step sons feelings..Regardless that is still their father & they loved him & by even her accounts he was a good dad..even tho when the opportunity arose last nite 2 bring up (when Brandi was talking about custody) how it’s hard 2 leave a man when u will have 2 split custody w/ an abuser..yet she had no problem leaving their daughter w/ him when she went off 2 Vegas or wherever else w/ the housewives..Traylor also owns a lot of their financial ruin considering she was obsessed w/ keeping up w/ the BH was reported during season 1 that they had money problems but that didn’t stop her from throwing an insane birthday party 4 that kid (who could’ve cared less) that cost 10’s of thousands of $$..Everything in her world is all about what’s best 4 Taylor not what’s best 4 Taylor & Kennedy obviously..that is all..4 now

  • When you have a husband, as I do, you also have access to his computer and phone, as I do mine. Meaning, there is proof that Russell sent e-mail or text to the women. There is no proof that Taylor sent e-mail or text to the women using Russell’s computer or phone. Get the point? As a wife living under the same roof as her husband, each spouse has full access to each other’s belongings.

    • I wouldn’t put it past Taylor to have done just that. When she is finished sending e-mail or text, all she had to do is delete it from the computer and phone so her husband doesn’t see she used his communication line.

  • Kyle is the ultimate mean girl nothing surprises me when it comes to her , Adrienne , i hope it is a fluke and she will get better or maybe her true color is showing.Taylor, she should stop telling us she wrote the book to help abuse victims, Get out of here ! she is writing the book for money , as she has been doing all those things for money all her life , Love Lisa , And appreciate Brandi.

  • I want to just comment on Taylor (I have lots of thoughts about the rest of the women but all this Taylor talk is really what has me bothered right now).
    Let me preface that I am looking at this from the point of view of someone who has also been in an extremely abusive relationship. This may cause me to be biased against Russell who, unfortunately, is not able to speak for himself any longer. However, I DO realize this and I realize that there are three sides to every story. That being said…
    There is no denying that Taylor was abused by Russell. There is photographic evidence of this. The fact that none of his ex-wives reported abuse against him does not make Taylor’s story less plausible. She herself admits that the abuse went on for 5 1/2 years and yet she only began speaking about it within the last year and half. It’s quite possible that the other women kept their mouths shut about it; that their relationships with him dissolved thus ending the abuse and they felt they never had to say anything.
    Watching her all season long, I saw so many of the same behaviors that I exhibited while I was being abused. The crying fits, the mood swings, saying you are okay when you aren’t, blowing up at people, not being able to focus, not being able to hold a conversation, breaking down and not being able to articulate why you are upset, drinking too much, sleeping too much, not sleeping enough, losing too much weight. I recognized all of it because I went through it myself.
    There was even a point during season one when I had observed Taylor and Russell interacting for a few episodes and said to myself “he abuses her”. I saw it back then before she ever mentioned it. The signs were there – him controlling her, her being afraid of making him angry, her obeying what he says, him doing whatever he damn well pleases with no consideration for her (i.e. the dog).
    Like Taylor or not, this is a woman who spent five years of her life being brutalized by the person who was supposed to love, care for and cherish her. The person that she chose to share her life with. To be in this kind of a relationship is like being trapped inside of a cage – you can see outside and see that there is a world going on out there without you but you don’t know how to GET out.
    Just because Russell can’t defend himself now doesn’t mean that A) it didn’t happen or B) it was excusable. And he left Taylor with not only the emotional misery that a relationship like this causes but also the anguish of his suicide AND the burden of HIS financial ruins. So the notion that Taylor can “get a job” if she needs to pay down his debts is not helpful in any capacity. He left her with millions of dollars worth of debt. If anyone knows of a job that pays millions of dollars and which a housewife with no college degree would be qualified for, please tell me where to sign up.
    But more importantly, Taylor mentioned during the reunion the statistic of women who are killed as a result of domestic violence each day. Three. Three women. Not women who are involved in violent relationships. Women who are KILLED at the hands of the men they love. If writing a book about what she has been through helps ONE woman to get out of a violent relationship, then Taylor has potentially saved a life. There is no dollar value on that.
    I have always been very open about what happened to me. I will talk about it with anyone who asks. I do this for the same reason that Taylor mentioned. Because by being open about my own experience, I have the potential to help someone else. If someone offered me a book deal to write about what I have been through, I’d jump at the chance…and not because of money.

    Let Taylor write her book. Writing is not only cathartic and can help her through the emotional recovery process (I did a lot of journaling after I left my relationship) but it gives her the chance to pay off her abuser’s creditors and in turn, it can take a horrendous situation and make something good come from it. Let’s not forget, the money that comes from this book is paying off RUSSELL’S debts. And if his two older children are uncomfortable or embarrassed by it, maybe they should take a close examination of the side of their father they perhaps didn’t know. Maybe they should educate themselves about domestic violence.

    Kyle did have an excellent point during the reunion when she said “until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you shouldn’t judge”. She was absolutely right. I’m still not judging Taylor and I’ve BEEN in those shoes before.

    • I want to add:

      -the idea that Taylor should not be writing the book because Kennedy doesn’t need to ever know any of this about her father… Kennedy will know eventually. If she ever watches RHOBH when she grows up, she will know. If she ever Googles her father, she will know. And what exactly would Taylor be protecting Kennedy from by NOT writing about it? The truth? Wouldn’t it be better for Kennedy to hear something that bad from her own mother than from random internet sources when she Googles her dad in ten years?

      -I do think something is odd about that psychiatrist. There are boundaries and he certainly crosses them. A party? No. Far too unethical/weird.

  • Brandi is a hypocrite…C.U.N.extT.uesday! Really she’s not a mean girl? Come on Brandi admitted that Kyle apologized but she keeps going after Kyle. Kyle is defintely not innocent but Brandi just wants to keep the drama going. She is an attention-whore! I’m sorry I really liked her in the beginning & felt bad for how the ladies treated her. But she thinks she can be as rude as she wants & as long as she admits what she says then its ok? At least shes honest??? No that’s just her excuse to be rude! She should be on Bad Girls Club not RHBH! & her white dress & bikini on national television was gross! She has 2 young boys…she’s not a good role model for them!

    • One more thing…I also think its extremely sad & pathetic how Brandi was going after Taylor! & I don’t even like Taylor!!! But no one knows the truth & unfortunately probably no one will! To go after a women that has real issues is disgusting! Go after Kyle b.c she was rude to you but I do feel Taylor should get a lil slack.

      • Just watching parts of the reunion again & it’s ridiculous that Brandi actually was trying to get credit for putting Kim on blast…implying that maybe b.c of her crsytal meth comment that made everyone realize that Kim needed help! She’s really pathetic!

    • That is because Brandi is from the trash. Possibly Eddie had to rise up to the toilet and he found LeeAnne not much more than Brandi, but at least she hasn’t slept with half of Hollywood and said it to the public. A fun weekend of sex. She has two boys. Is she insane?

      • So single moms should be celibate? She has joint custody. She had a weekend to herself and enjoyed it. Good for her! She deserves a fun weekend after what that dog, Eddie, did to her.

        • My dear she is in a custody battle for her sons. I know full well that NO judge will look fondly on what she did. She is promisscuous and that is a big no no even in a California court. When you have minor children you need to set an example. Family court will not like her loose ways. This I know.

          Additionally, the court will look at her taking both prescription drugs with alcohol a big no no. Just because she “says” she suffers from anxiety she knows she shouldn’t mix. Yeah if she were in anyone court’s room her lawyer would be saying he wanted to quit.

          Emma if you go around telling your boys under the age of 12 that you have a fun weekend of sex with a man who doesn’t remember you on national TV and you are in a custody battle you will not have your children in several months. It goes to character and the judge must look at the what is in the Best Interest of the Children that is the actual basis.

          • You are one of the most condescending people I have interacted with on here. No worries, I won’t make the mistake to ever correspond with you again.

          • Emma when you came directly at me. I simply replied. Your manners are just as condescending. So you reap what you sow.

            You question here was good for her she had sex. Well what about her custody battle? I guess you don’t think a judge might own twitter or the TV and think maybe those boys could do with a little less mommy time? That is what her lawyer is telling her I guarantee you. She needs to clean-up or face something she won’t be happy with finding.

          • This is the last thing I will write to you. Yes, I can at you directly, about your ideas. You respond with personal attacks. This site used to be fun for debating, people like you are ruining it for the rest of us.

          • She is not in a custody battle for her sons. that issue has been settled for quite some time.

          • Apparently Brandi stated she is in a battle on visitation. She tweeted it during Christmas. Visitation goes to custody and possible modification. If she is represented by counsel her attorney would tell her modifications come all the time, especially if she is so loose and pulling stunts like that (fake marriage)

          • Jennifer,
            what is wrong with you ???
            Every point that you try to make has a negative reference about Brandi.

            WE GET IT, you don’t like her, but that does not give you the right to argue with other posters. ( yes, you are arguing not debating )

            We are ALL, including you, entitled to our opinions.
            Do not bother replying to my post.
            I will not respond to you.

            PLAY NICE

  • I was a victim of domestic violence and let me tell you – I would NEVER do what Taylor does – She has a child with this man and she should not do this to her daughter. I have 3 children and have had years of therapy. Although she has a therapist he obviously is not a domestic violence specialist. Any specialist would tell her what she is doing and how she is portraying her daughter’s father in public is horrible. Kennedy has too much to deal with – her parents were getting divorced, then her father commits suicide. To defame him over and over again in the public is horrific! Childfren transfer what people say (especially the other parent) onto themselves. She is going to read and watch all of this stuff as she gets older. As Brandi said – Its only been a hot minute. Unbelievable Taylor -You should never be a role model for Domestic Violence Survivors.
    Put someone else first – just because you were abused doesn’t give you permission to verbally abuse others. In fact I have NEVER met a DV survivor in the many groups I have been active in that do say the things you do. Its pathetic

  • Maybe Camile was totally honest about Kyles comments to her. Which caused all the arguments (season 1) Kyle said Camille misheard… Starting to think there was nothing wrong with her hearing.

  • I thought it was very interesting watching not what the woman said but their faces.

    Lisa: I think despite my dislike of the way Kyle portrays herself, she has a point about Lisa. I think Lisa is absolutely calculating and manipulative. I believe that since Kyle can be that way she can readily see it in others. I think that Brandi, Lisa and Kyle are very much three peas in a pod and Lisa can deal with Brandi because she’s not trying to compete with Brandi (she is older, has much more power and money) Kyle on the other hand may have more money but because of her insecurities her dislike of Brandi came to the forefront more. However, they are all three very much alike.

    Adrienne: I think is being honest and I do believe that Lisa has done something (beyond) the petty things Adrienne mentions. Lisa’s face and dismissal of anything Adrienne says, speaks volumes. Also Lisa’s pity party about how she’s been treated is hypocritical. She has been dismissive of several of the woman and calls it joking. She says what she wants to put out their in the guise of a joke but she means it. She def can dish it out but can’t take it.

    Taylor I can’t speak about because she’s so all over the place with her stories that I can’t imagine her publisher even took her on.

    Brandi is truly about being relevant. Does she speak her mind, yes, yet if other people do that it’s wrong?

    Camile, truly behaved like a lady. Not much more to say.

    Honesty meter: Camile Own her wrongs and didn’t fall into fighting about it
    Adrienne Owned her wrongs and admited being to direct
    Lisa/Kyle/Brandi – consistently avoided owning their behaviors while claiming to own their behavior. In the end it was always someone else’s fault.
    Taylor – has no idea what good behavior is

    • I agree! Except I think you’re being a little hard on Kyle. I think she is way too invested in ‘mothering’ her sister Kim. She wanted her to do the show because she thought it would be good for her, but Kim doesn’t want to do it. That sets up a horrible dynamic for both. I think Kyle comes from a good place, but is too afraid to stop controlling Kim’s life, and it’s ruining her own life AND Kim’s. Imagine the resentment on both sides. Not healthy

  • If only Brandi would get at least a little filter – vulgar just isn’t charming and spoils her naturally easy going, ebullient personality. Mauricio really really needs to get Kyle some help – public opinion has turned against her for extremely obvious reasons and she still doesn’t get it — and I don’t think this attention seeker, “gotta be #1 girl” can handle being the poster child for BRAVO MEAN GIRL. She is publicly being rejected big time which is humiliating while you are constantly trying to convince yourself and others that you are a people pleaser but in reality you are pleasing very few. This woman has serious issues.

  • Re: the abusive text that Taylor claims came from Russell and that Lisa saw. It could have been from Taylor’s lesbian lover.

  • I love that this season and reunion…prove what Ive been saying along…..Kyle is a bully…she is insecure about other women….like when she made the comment to camille off camera…and made it seem like it was beneath her to even say such a thing…..i hate that she uses her sister as her patsy to cover up her bad behavior….i just love that everybody is finally seeing….what I always saw in her…

    For those wondering why Kyle has become Taylor because cheerleader…she has to latch on to her…because no matter how bad she acts…Taylor will always look worst….and Taylor is a lap dog…who want to fit in…and Kyle likes lap dogs…dont believe ask kim…

  • I had a revelation after watching the incredibly calculated reunion. The whole housewives franchise is phony and so not reality.. EVERYONE was lying at times. I thought reading your blog would get me out of my anti-HW mode. It did not as I disagree with every single thing you wrote Roxanne. However, it occured to me how emotionally invested I’ve become in all these woman. I do not like how judgemental and dramatic this show makes me. It’s simply not fun anymore. Truthfully, Brandi was the last straw for me. I don’t need another Melissa Gorga to distract me from the life I should be living with her lies. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. This show, twitter, and these blogs are not a life worth living. So I bid you all adieu. Maybe I’ll check in every now and then. Thanks again Brandi and Lisa – your staged and pitiful but inflated egos have given me the push I needed. Far away from the reality invented each season by Andy and the most attention starved wonen I’ve ever witnessed. Great job Roxy on an interesting blog even if we don’t agree. Ill continue to recommend you to friends who are hooked on Housewives and they’re plentiful.

    • COULD NOT SAID IT ANY BETTER. We all are stuck on these shows. Yes we dont have to watch them, but that is all we see on Twitter, so naturally we want to watch to see what is going on…I dont watch the Atlanta HW as much as i did because that show is so trashy…These ladies on this show are far too classy to be acting like this..I think when Kyle, Lisa, Cammile and Adriennes contracts are up, they will leave the show. They are too classy for this type of show.

      • I agree Groovygrrl-I saw all of the HW’s in a different light after tonight’s reunion. I don’t think Kyle is mean, and I don’t love Brandi. I still don’t know about Taylor, and I think Lisa IS always a step ahead of the other ladies, just like Bobby Fischer. In some respects, I think Adrienne is the most secure because she seems to have presented herself the most honestly, both in her marriage, and in her relationship with her staff.
        But who knows??? We can watch every episode and still not know anything about any of them

    • I agree with you! Especially about Brandi & Lisa! Beginning to think they are the ones plotting their attacks on the other wives! It all seems to contrived!

    • I totally agree with you! I believe Brandi is icky. She is repugnant not because she isn’t beautiful because she is. However, her vulgarity has made her ugly. Any man that I drag kicking and screaming to see HW and they are kicking and screaming and so very hot men find Brandi’s vulgarity and exhibitionism appalling. But, she needs money so she wants to be on next year as a full housewife.

      Lisa who is so two-faced says she wanted Kyle to stand up for her, but when Brandi was attacking Kyle she didn’t stand-up for her friend. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Crazy. It is complete hypcrisy.

      Kyle is no better in she cannot take responsibility.

      Adrienne is a little snobbish but frankly I like her best because at least I know she has money. The Todds I am always wondering who West End London dives got them a 14M house in US. Where are their UK holdings? Hmmmm. Very odd.

      Taylor is just a mess.

      Camille I like this seasons, but she is boring.

      The Hills is so over before it began. These women are not like NJ because they are not family. Love family or hate it, but you have to live with it.

      • You like Adrienne because at least you know she has money???? I’m sorry but that is no reason to like a housewife…I’m hoping I misunderstood what you said.

        • Yes. She is not a full of crap like the others. She has 400M. And I love her relationship with her husband. They are adoreable together. Adrienne is not a wannabe she can have 20 houses in Beverly Hills like her own on her liquid cash alone. The Todds I know there is something fishy there. I don’t trust them.

          If the show is about wealth in Beverly Hills then Adrienne is a good example of the wealthy set. Isn’t that the premise of this show. How it was started to look into the lives of extreme wealth.

          All the others are simple wannabes. No real money. Camille has some, but not as much a people think.

          • Jennifer, youre once again being nasty and calling names. why do you take this so personal? It is not so healthy to have so much anger on a blog. CALM DOWN OKLAHOMA

          • Dawn I am not calling names, but you are. Trite and banal are not names you should look them up, if you think so.

        • Any reason is right to like a housewife. Reasons are personal my dear. You have yours and I have mine. It is a simple as that. Sorry, but it is.

          • That is true, but someone’s net worth is a shallow determining factor, in my opinion. Reasons are personal “dear,” but the initial reason you gave was ridiculous IN MY OPINION 🙂

          • Emma you are very sad individual. Do even know what the premise of this show was based on? I guess not. It was supposed to be the elite by wealth. The others are only wannabes. Adrienne has a resume to at least be on the show. Where is Brandi’s resume? Oh possibly screwing another man for 10 seconds so her boys can be taunted even more than they already are. Fabulous! Oh love your Brandi idol. You are very trite my dear.

          • Emma when you learn to actual have an opinion I would care about, then I will debate you on it. You asked why I said Adrienne should be on the Hills it was because her resume at least meets the min criteria. Brandi’s does not. Go love your Brandi Idol you are so very trite my dear.

          • And here is the difference between us, I debate your ideas with which I find flaws, and you attack me personally. I’m not sad at all, in fact I am quite pleased with the person I am. Yes, I know the premise of the show. Don’t be so condescending. All of these women, with the exception of Taylor, have lots of money. Nothing to be sneering over. Yes, Adrienne has the most, and that should be a reason to prefer her? I think not.

          • Emma my dear your idea of flaws are your own. The premise of the show when it was created by Bravo was to give a glimpse of the life of the wealthy socialite. That is the premise do you want the treatment from Bravo? It is what it is. Therefore, the resume of the women should match-up with it. Adrienne’s does. She meets the min requirement. Brandi does not, except as fodder for some vulgarity.

            Adrienne has a nice marriage. She is a business woman. She has 3 children. It would be nice to see a little bit more of her personal side, but that comes with peeling away layers.

            Being trite to complain about what You perceive as flaws is banal. I understand you love Brandi and I find her common a urchin.

            Sorry my dear, but the premise of the show is what it is. You should fight with Andy since he changed NY to bring in a more socialite set.

          • Brandi does have any money. Kim was near penniless. The Todds are questionable. No one knows them in London. Their club Lisa tauted today in West End of London. Who goes to West End. It is not Avant garde as she likes to claim it is a dump. I would like to see their financials.

          • Jennifer,

            No wonder you favor Adrienne inasmuch as you are as fake and condescending (and lazy with the facts).

            Not much for facts either. Ken and Lisa have launched and been behind the success of more than 26 establishments in Britain and on the continent. (How’s that for condescension?)

            Lisa’s money was earned along with her elegance unlike your hero Adrienne who was born into wealth and has entitled attitude.

  • I love Brandi, Lisa and Camille. Kyle and Taylor are both pathetic. Kyle can dish it out but she can not take it. Brandi can handle Kyle thats why I love Brandi. Taylor I am just plain sick of her. I wish she would just go away.

  • Great recap Roxy… 🙂 I love Brandi too… I think unlike some of the other housewives she can dish it and take it… I think that’s great… I used to really like Kyle, I don’t know what happened to her… She does seem like such a mean girl now… I love Lisa, I felt so awful watching last week when the harpies all picked on her… It was so sad… I love Camille too, she’s been put through the ringer and has come out looking great… I don’t really have an opinion about Adrienne… As far as Taylor/Shana goes I still have a hard time believing anything she says… She seems more like an opportunist than a domestic violence victim… Now before the 1<3 Taylor people jump down my throat, I have been there… I was in an abusive relationship once and I only escaped it by the skin of my teeth… He was so insane that he even told me his own father had died (a lie) so I would go to his house to "comfort" him… Thank God I listened to my gut and didn't go, I don't know where I would be if I had… But unlike Taylor/Shana I pulled myself up by my bootstraps got into an intensive therapy program and put my life back together… I didn't write a book or tell everyone with ears what had happened to me… I didn't feel it was anyone's business… Speaking of therapists, I'm pretty certain there's a code of ethics that they aren't supposed to break, I'm guessing attending dinner parties and posing in print ads is a no no…

    • Your writing about your experience has such a genuine tone. I think that tone is missing from Taylor. I’m not calling her a liar but something has always made her seem like she’s selling her story when she talks about her husband. Felt that way since the beginning of season 1. Almost like how dana has to tell everyone exactly what she spends.
      I’m sorry for what you experienced but am happy that you trusted your gut and left. A good friend of mine was strangled to death by her boyfriend when we were 21. I wish she had listened to her gut.

      • Stephanie, I’m so sorry about your friend… It’s incredibly hard to get out of an abusive situation and unfortunately for some they never do… My ex stalked me after I told him I was through… It was pretty scary… I know I had many sleepless nights and lots of painful therapy sessions… But I’m one of the lucky ones because I survived… That’s what makes Taylor bother me so much… She seems full of it… Thanks again for the positive words and again I’m sorry about your friend… That’s so unbelievably sad… 🙁

        • Thanks, it will actually be 13 yrs next wk when she was killed. The worst thing is he is actually getting a new trial right now, not fair. He had been convicted of kidnapping a previous girlfriend only four yrs before he killed my friend.
          My guess is that Russell definitely had issues and probably was abusive to some extent but I don’t believe in the picture that Taylor portrays. As a mom now I can’t imagine putting my child through even more grief by writing and discussing such terrible things about her father. Mom’s are supposed to protect their kids. Her daughter can’t change who her father is and no matter what she probably loved and misses her dad.

          • But it happens everyday. The amount of women with children who are abused and do not leave far exceeds single women who are abused. Additionally, the abuse on average is far more severe to married women on statistical basis.

            Women in these situtation do not know where to go and what to do. It is all well and good that we would love to think it cannot be me, but it can really be anyone.

            I thought Taylor was likely abused since season 1. The fact that her mother was abused and she was in an environment of abuse is a leading indictor for falling into an abusive relationship.

            Now, I don’t know for certain, but I cannot say one way or the other.

    • Jennifer – Abuse is abuse is abuse… It isn’t more severe for any particular group… Leaving an abusive relationship, no matter the situation, isn’t ever easy… Plus I’m not sure where you got your stats from, but I don’t think they’re accurate… Splitting hairs about varying degrees of abuse is just sad…

      Like I’ve stated before if she were actually abused I’m sad for her, but Taylor/Shana isn’t credible to me…

      • I get my stats from family courts. They keep information in an aggregated data base for all the domestic violence cases. I pulled it from Lexis Nexis legal statistic. These are ACTUAL cases.

        The reason given for married women with children not leaving is custody of the child and no means of support. This does not exist in single situations.

        Further domestic violence cases on average are prosecuted much more effectively if they are NOT married. You ca n easily ID a TRO and officer response is much faster when they do not live together.

        I know what I write. I have handled so many of these pro bono it is sick.

        • When Taylor spoke at the abuse center Adrienne said she had no idea she had a childhood of abuse. During her speech she said it was when she was only 2 and it had not been further done. I’d like to see that again but the contradiction is when you are insecure, for the argument, she had seen it until her teens…why on a first date be accused of sleeping around? It makes no sense that a man that is controlling like that approves being on tv unless they agreed it would help his business. Speculation but a valid argument.
          She told about Camille and she lied to him. She was with him when at Kyles dinner when they both spoke about suing Lisa. The contradiction out weight any truths she may have. I think with her bad temper, we have all seen, she would put up a fight. Also she is in on the law suit because they both pitched the EMR to those that purchased in the business.

  • I cant understand why everyone thinks that Brandi is “hot” stuff. YES she is pretty, but she does like her skimpy clothes and the words that come out of her mouth is soooo trashy. If she is a regular on next season, I think we will see just exactly what kind of person she really is..If you notice she went and tattled to Lisa about Adrienne not liking her. None of her business. She just wants to be a “wannabe””” she will never fit in with those ladies. She doesnt have the money or the power…

  • Rox, you took the words right out of my mouth! Traylor will put Russell’s poor sons through hell because it’s already happening. I feel so bad for them. As for Kyle, she is NOT attractive! She’s insecure and bitchy, which makes her a lot uglier on the inside. She has a wonderful lifestyle, but she needs to stop acting like she has class when she clearly doesn’t. She tries to act all sophisticated and poised, but she just comes off as fake and phony. She has no manners, and gets impatient in 2 seconds. Mauricio said that Kyle gets jealous and insecure all the time, which I agree, but her insecurities are getting too annoying. She’s full of hate, and it needs to stop. Maybe she should lose some weight, and get some confidence like Brandi, Camille, and Lisa, and quit blaming others for her preposterous, unacceptable behavior. FAKE!

    TRAYLOR TRASH will get it one day. God don’t like ugly, and she’s worse than that!

    LOVE LISA! I hope she stays away from Vile Kyle, GOOD FOR NOTHIN’ Traylor Trash, and jealous Adrienne.

    I love Camille this season. I don’t want her getting treated the way she was treated last year.

    Brandi is a HOOT, and I hope she comes back next season. Fire Traylor!!!!!

    • Isabella……… Spot on!!!!! I love this & agree with literally ‘everything’ you’ve said!!!!! 🙂

  • I agree with Roxy, Brandi speaks her mind and I appreciate that. I love Lisa’s humor and it’s something that American’s don’t always understand. I think that Adrienne should not have taken her cooks side over Lisa because bottom line he is hired help and shouldn’t ever speak publicly about his bosses guest/friends. Adrienne needs to think now that anyone she has over that he might later on discuss what he has seen or heard to the papers or gossip columes. Plus he has become very close to Cedric and Cedric already has lots of anger towards Lisa. Lisa is being bashed by these two publicly and Adrienne needs to see this. Kyle needs to be number one all the time! Tyler I feel sorry for but she isn’t thinking of any of the children of Russell’s.

    • What? Her chef is not a slave and has the ability to speak about whatever he likes, if he doesn’t have and NDA with anyone not to speak. To me that would be extremely intolerant to not allow him to speak unless I had him under NDA. This is the US and we have employment laws here. Oh and Lisa knows the “staff” is far worse in the UK. They talk about you non-stop and sell the stories to News of the World. Oh and you cannot fire them easily in the UK. There is no employment at will in the UK.

      • It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the UK or USA, it is unprofessional to speak about ANYONE, especially your employers friends etc. Adrienne as a businesswoman shouldn’t have tolerated this behavior. People have lost their jobs over Facebook cooments. It doesn’t matter who said what, the actions were tacky, petty and unprofessional. Who would want a gossipy chef?!?!

        • People lose their jobs over FB because US is employment at will. They will not say it is FB otherwise you have a claim for wrongful termination. Basis for employment at will is no cause or good cause but never bad cause. To fire someone for FB unless you have good cause or a contract that states otherwise would be bad cause. That is how it works here.

          Her chef is not a slave which is against the 13th amendment in the US. Unless he has a NDA stating otherwise he can say what he likes. If Adrienne fired him now she opens herself up to a wrongful termination suit through retailatory termination. Big no no.

          This is a real show and anything goes there is no professionalism. She had a house boy for 2 years Cedric, please!

      • California is an at-will state. He can be fired for any reason. You’re right, he’s not a slave and he does have the ability to speak about whatever he likes, but Adrienne also has the ability to shit-can his ass too.

        McDonalds would fire an employee for talking about “customers” that way.

        Adrienne loses all credibility as a professional for keeping staff that trash talks the guests that she invites into HER HOME. Personally, I think she wants him there, doing all her dirty work for her (and I’m not talking about cleaning chickens). She won’t say it, but he will. *wink*

        • I wonder if it would have been ok if it was Marky Mark that Bernie was trash talking all over town and to the tabloids? Would Adriene have given bernie the same treatment? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!

          • Really good point, Dawn.

            If Adrienne weren’t so declasse, she would know that one never allows their staff to publicly discuss the goings on in their private home.

            She is NOT a businesswoman. If she were, she would not need to be told this. Just being savvy she would know there can only be a downside to having a chatty staff. Who would want to be a guest in her home if they thought Bitchy Bernie was going to be telling/selling tales to tabloids. Also, there is a psychological “tell” known as projection. It basically means that we put out what we expect back from others because that is how we do it. I think that well explains Adrienne’s insistence that Lisa gossips and sells stories. How much would you have loved to see the look on Adrienne’s face when she found out that Radar Online categorically denied ever paying Lisa for anything?!

            Adrienne was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and is living proof that money can’t buy you class.

        • You cannot do retaliatory firing and all states in the US are employment at will unless specified by contract otherwise. You don’t want to know McDonald case law on wrongful terminations. They lost recently in a huge case action suit.

          A private chef is not outward facing. Lisa is not his customer, Adrienne is. The MCDonald analogy is apples to oranges in regards to this argument

          • she can fire him. It’s an at will state. She doesn’t even have to specify why she is firing him. He could file for unemployment and she would have to disclose then – and perhaps get a bump in her unemployment insurance – though perhaps not. Unprofessional conduct is a valid reason for firing.

  • Watching it again.. Has anyone noticed that Kyle blames things on everyone else and does not take ownership of any of her actions.. She blamed Game Night on Kim period.. The crutches really she knew that Kim hid them she laughed at it… Its on camera Kyle we see it…. Blaming Kim for how she was that night cause she was tense due to her sister.. Please she need to own her on actions.. I am way over Kyle…. PERIOD…

    • I think Kyle was trying to say that yes, Kim told her that she had hidden the crutches, but when Brandi was leaving and needed the crutches, Kyle wasn’t in the room to be able to “set her free” with the truth of where the crutches were. So Brandi blaming Kyle was ridiculous.

      Brandi did the same thing with Adrienne. She said that they weren’t friends because Adrienne hadn’t spoken to her since the reunion. Then she said they hadn’t SEEN each other, which she was blaming on Adrienne. But when Adrienne said that she HAD texted, and Brandi hadn’t come (about the halloween party), Brandi said that all she said was they hadn’t seen each other-but CLEARLY she was trying to blame Adrienne for it, when it seemed it was nobody’s fault. I think Brandi is a mean girl

      • Brandi is a liar and just wants to be a regular and will kiss anyones butt to get there. hint, hint BRAVO ANDY she sure does kiss his.

        • I think Brandi is one of those girls that takes a little bit of truth and spins it into a story. Then she points to that little bit of truth when she’s called out to prove she isn’t a liar. She better hope she’s right about Taylor not being abused, cuz she is torturing the woman. How the hell does she know Russell wasn’t lying to her when she ran into him at the Grove..? Obviously he wasn’t scrupulously honest in his business dealings

        • I think it’s clear that Brandi DOESN’T kiss anyone’s butt…which is why most of the women don’t like her.

        • If thats what you call ass kissing i hope she never stops. Bradni is a beast and i hope she is running the show next year. 😀

      • Thank you! I too think that Brandi is a mean girl. Yes, she can be funny but she doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions. Kyle was wrong and mean at game night and she has said many time publicly that she was wrong that night. If Brandi didn’t respond with the comments of “bring it bitch” and telling the world that Kim was doing “crack” it may not have gotten to that point. Brandi claimed that the room was against her. Well there were many people there and the only people that were having a hard time with Brandi that night were Kim and Kyle. In turn Brandi was only snapping back nasty remarks to Kim and Kyle, not anyone else in the room.
        Tonight I watched as Brandi attacked several of the women and she was constantly had to make comments when other women were answering Andy’s questions.
        The comment Kyle made tonight about Brandi accicently sending her a text message where she called Kyle a “cunt” was very telling. Brandi seems to have a side of her that she is not showing the camera. She likes to attack and then play the victim.
        I also noticed that a lot of the “gossip” that the women heard came from Brandi , talking behind Lisa back. the Russel email and the arranged meeting before the reunion.

        I love your blog but I have to disagree with one of you comments tonight. Kyle was joking when she said she “trashy”. I do think that Kyle is hurt by Lisa’s friendship with Brandi.

        • I agree @ Kyle being hurt by lisa friendship with Brandi.. But Kyle kept forcing Taylor on Lisa. Lisa was Kyles ride or die friend… Until Kyle chose Taylor over her.. “Maybe lisa prey on the weak” I dont say those type of things about my friends.. because i KNOW if my good friend is that type of person or not. In the end, i think its Taylor who is ultimatlly to blame for most of these broken friendships.

        • I think she exaggerates for effect until she is backed in a corner and the real truth gets out. Like “OMG I saw a ferarri outside? “Seriously..a ferarri? let me check” “Oh well, it could have been a mercedes i dont know i cant really tell…” its attention seeking i think.

          but game night i will say Kyle walked into that room not liking Brandi and telling Kim beforehand Brandi was crude (how you can be offended by crude when your niece is a cokehead porn star and your nephew is a drunk and you (kim) have issues with substance abuse is beyond me). If someone hid my crutches, giggled and repeatedly said “i dont like her” loudly enough and treated me badly all night I would think that person is a bitch too. The only difference is Brandi would actually call you a bitch to your face.

          • Good point! I forgot that her niece is Paris. She should not ever call anyone else trashy, because Paris is a classless slut! I know that was harsh, but I think we can all agree on that. Brandi’s behavior looks like Jackie O when compared to Paris Hilton…

  • Love your blog! It is my favorite blog in the world : ) I agree with most of your thoughts, except I am extremely disappointed with Adrienne. She shocked me so much this season. I think the most cringeworthy moment of the reunion was when Andy asked Taylor if she thought Russell was murdered. Maybe it was editing, but her response was to smile. It was odd and creepy. Her whole face lit up! I have never seen anything like it.

  • I also think that everyone should have a little more respect for Taylor. It was said on the show tonight that we should not comment about someone until we have walked in their shoes. maybe she needs the money to support she and kennedy. What would you do if you had something like that hanging over you. I am glad she has written the book. Maybe it will help soneone else not to stay in an abusive marriage.

    • Kyle was the one who made the comment about walking in people’s shoes, and yet she bullied Brandi, a single mother who was publicly humiliated by her husband’s infidelity. And I still have trouble believing Taylor…why would Russell’s exes who had been battered by him not believe her. Or what about the castmates who were with her during the time not believing her. Regardless, there are other ways for her to make money and empower women.

      • What I am saying is..that we should not judge anyone until we have walked in their shoes..As we all know, it is hard to make money these days and take care of a child. Maybe she was thinking this could be a good way to make money. And I think if you dont like the book, then dont buy it.. just saying.

        • Why write a nasty book? Taylor supposedly has a history of successful business enterprises. She could return to that and not hurt her daughter or Russell’s other kids. Why did there have to be a book?

        • Taylor’s legal troubles, immediate salacious book deal after her husband’s suicide, constant histrionic behavior, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars they never had tells me all I need to know about her character as a person. She has no compassion for her deceased husband’s children and that is disugsting to me.

          • I agree here. I know about abuse first hand and her character in this is questionable. You don’t tell people about it, perhaps one, but that’s when you admit it is happening. She shared with ALL of them! It is a secret you are ashamed to mention. Then to work in a shelter? Help right there? She is not honest about this and I wonder. Did her husband get upset because she told him about the tea and he felt they could not turn the table on it? In the limo that’s what was going on…talk of moving forward. Then Adrienne dropped the bomb about platypus HAD said Camille was not lying then the fear of law suits then Taylor not being able to film with them….NOW we have a divorce….NOW an eye injury?
            I want to se ALL medical records on the broken jaw and so on she told the others.

      • Brandi humiliates herself. If she cared about her reputation which she doesn’t she wouldn’t have had a fake marriage for all of 24 hours. Judges usually don’t look kindly on unstable moms even if it was for fun.

        • so judges will look at a mom who didn’t really get married at all on vacation and say “i guess you don’t deserve your kids”? uh no. I can pretend marry my friends all i want when I’m on a cruise with them in a few months and I can assure you it will not reflect badly on me at all as a mom.

    • So tired of the “poor Taylor has to support her daughter, what would you do” story… I can tell you what I would do… GET A JOB!! If my husband died tomorrow you better believe I would be putting my fancy degree to good use to support my daughter… I certainly wouldn’t be trying to exploit a dead man who can’t respond to any of my accusations… I don’t care that she’s on a reality show, it doesn’t make her above getting a job… She wrote this book to exploit a horrible situation… She should be ashamed of herself…

        • I don’t like Taylor but I’ll say this, if I had 50’people suing me I would write a book and read at every Barnes and Nobel I could find. If my husband kicked my ass, I would blast that bitch every chance I got… That’s just me. Everything else AAT posted I agree, my girl was spot on with the recap. I didn’t like Brandi at first but after tonight, I love, love, love her! Brandi stop hanging with meho cause if you cross Tre you will be back ony shit list!!

    • I HAVE walked in those shoes, and just do not believe Taylor. I can’t see Russell, if truly an abuser, giving her such close access to tv cameras and the media where he could so easily be exposed. Secrecy is the abuser’s best friend.

      • russell was a shady business man. I wouldn’t put it past him to see the HW’s series as a way to easy money. All he had to do was refrain from abusing his wife while the cameras were there. She’d been quiet all this time-I doubt he thought she would speak up once she was a tv star. He figured he’d have money AND secrecy

    • I always comment with support for Taylor. Yes she was in an abusive relationship. But c’mon! She was a total BITCH on this reunion, am I right?

    • Many many people HAVE walked in real abuse from a spouse and they have gotten jobs and moved away even to a poor area to save the children. Taylor was NOT abused the way she says she has been.PERIOD> she is lying and we all know it.She does not have to stay in Beverly hills. She needs to move and get her life together away from her lies.

  • Rox- I love your blog and twitter. I totally agree with most of your thoughts. Kyle was my fav last year too, but now I totally love Camille, Brandi and Lisa. When Andy was talking to Brandi about her bathing suit in hawaii and if it was appropriate to wear such a skimpy suit in front of married men she made an interesting comment about whether Paul and Adrienne are still married. Adrienne was quick to say they are married, but it seems like there is a story there.

      • Whether they are married or not, Brandi needs to NOT throw herself on married men. And it is none of her business whether they are or not..

    • They are still very much marriage. Brandi was trying to be funny, but that is not something to be funny about when Adrienne was not happy.

      Also Brandi is a little snake. She is not truthful. She spoke to Adrienne’s staff and found out Adrienne spoke to staff about Lisa and then repeated to Lisa. I have to say that is truly classless. And, I do think Lisa showed some class in not saying it was Adrienne’s staff who gave Brandi 3rd party knowledge about her.

      I used to Love Brandi, but now she is just icky. She so wants to be on the show next year. She needs the money.

      • So funny you should mention thisbecause Adrienne did the SAME to Lisa in regards of what she hears from people. She did it twice on the first part of the reunio. First she accused Lisa of criticizing her chef’s food and then she went on accusing Lisa of selling stories to magazines. I call it Karma.

        • I love how direct Brandi is and was starting to be one of my favorites on the show, but after I seen on twitter she is having dinner with Melissa Gorga at Lisa’s restaurant, I could care less for her…

        • I don’t deny the Bernie food comment the Radar online freelance reporter is different because that is not hearsay she related what the reporter said to her. She choose to believe it. However what Brandi did in my opinion is more insidious. She spoke to Bernie or someone and tattles to her new friend that is just back door mean girl tactics. The reporter is not a purported friend of Adrienne’s he is someone trying to get a story. I find the two things similar but nuanced.

          • Clearly Adrienne has a staff problem. Instead of getting ticked off at Lisa or Brandi, and whether they did or didn’t talk to or about her staff.

            Adrienne needs to deal with her talkative staff. She pays their salary and should Keep their mouths shut. Instead of looking like a fool whining about the leaks, and selecting staff who holds confidentiality at a premium.