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RHOA: Casting Changes! Meet The Newest Housewife

For me, watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season has honestly been….boring. RHOA need’s a huge change and fast. According to MTO there will be! Now I know MTO isn’t the most reliable source but this sounds just right. According to a “high-ranking producer at Bravo,” the Atlanta Housewives are set to add “at least two new ladies next season.” In Melissa Gorga’s words, Thank you, Jesus!

Sadly the two people I like are leaving the show because they both got their own show! Kandi Burress and Kim Zolciak won’t be returning next season!

The network is now looking for a “white socialite” to replace Kim and to replace Kandi they want “a women with some celebrity status”

That brings us to the chosen one! MTO is now reporting that actress Keisha Knight Pulliam (pictured below) will join the housewives next season! Keisha is best known for playing Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show and is currently living in Atlanta! She also stars on a TV series called, ‘House of Payne’

I think Keisha will be perfect for the show and will definitely change things up. What do you think about the changes?

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  • Um, what?? Keisha as a Housewife ??? Yeah I can’t see that happening. But I guess we’ll find out when the season starts now won’t we? I’m partial to Kim and she’s said she’s not leaving so I’m not sure I believe she is. Kandi needs to stay. Love Kandi.

  • Kim and Kandi are the only two I’ve always liked. These days Phadra is kind of cool, but the others suck. Nene fakes being rich, and everyone knows it.

  • WOW…what happened to the initial question? LOL LOL I am not surprised about the Keisha Knight addition….I was wondering why she was on WWHL so much!!!

    Reality Tea…great reply too!!! LOL LOL ..This blog was hilarious…and I guess I will add my two cents…Sheree is soooooo boring!!!!

  • Keisha has spoken to them about APPEARING on RHOA not starring in it and it’s very broad strokes. Who knows if it will really happen. They always have a lot of balls up in the air…

  • I don’t care who they add, as long as it isn’t Marlow. I can’t stand her and her big mouth and all of that “label” bullshit she loves to talk about. She is classless, ugly and hostile- not to mention “7” arrests. Who needs her, and shame on BRAVO for including her in this show. With her background of law-less-ness, she is despicable.

  • I don’t believe this story at all. Keisha is in a good place with her tv show and already has star power. What would being on a reality show do for her. It would be a downgrade. All of those HWs on each franchise are trying to reach Keisha’s star status, not the other way around.

  • Wasn’t Keisha Knight on WWHL and she said that she likes Nene… so if this is true and she’s joining the cast be prepared for some ass kissing…i actually stopped watch RHOA just because i cannot stand Cynthia she’s sooo boring and it irritates me when she kisses Nene’s ass

    • yeah shes a mess… w/ kim and ne ne no longer on speaking terms…

      and ne ne hardly talking to anyone … Atlanta has become boring.

  • Not sure if I believe this. I can’t see Rudy lowering herself to the level of hoodrattedness (yes I’m making up words now) that was displayed in the last episode.

  • Isn’t Kim’s show really only supposed to be a few episodes leading up to the wedding. Is there going to be more than one season ?

  • Kim’s show is a one time thing. Just about her getting married. I like them all minus Sheree.. but I have to agree.. this show needs a recast quick!!

  • I think she will be perfect I love her but seriously I think they will eat her alive and she is much too nice.

  • Kandi n Kim were my favorite 2… Glad they got there own shows but Atlanta will be hard to watch without them!!

  • Your correct, Kim’s look on her face tells it all. She doesn’t want to be associated with any of THOSE BLACK WOMEN (emphasis on BLACK, tell you later). Remember when Andy on WWHL made that comment about would Kroy’s sister’s date a black guy Kroy said there married and Andy came back real quick married to white guys right and then went off on another tangent. You see I’ve said this before an I’ll say it again, Kroy doesn’t like being around black people pure and simple. As many of said that Kroy is Montana boy who is good etc. etc., but the problem with being a naive (knocking up a middle aged mistress within weeks of meeting her) is that he can’t hide his feelings well and they bleed out through his facial expressions big time. In his face you can read alot and I’m able to do that from my television screen, can you imagine whats it like up close and personal.

    I think Andy either can tell and/or people have made comment about Kroy and what he believes and Andy is digging. Also it’s funny how Briella wasn’t at the family dinner but instead went to be with her boyfriends family. I think Briella can’t stand Kroy seriously, and Kroy knows it that is why he makes stabs at her every chance he can. I think Kim has no idea what she will need to do to make her show a success and the definition of success. I think that the smart money is going that Kroy and Kim aren’t going to last to long. Also did you notice last night on WWHL how Kroy one wouldn’t look at he cheerleader (he feinted to look but never looked over to her) and also how he wouldn’t for fun say which housewive on any of the shows would he do if he was given a free pass.

    He won’t do it because Kim is jealous as hell (remember last years Cynthia’s wedding where she about got into it with a red head to recognized Kroy and both started to talk). No matter how much they are saying lovey dovey crap, it’s just that crap. He’s hateful and she’s extremely jealous and you can’t keep that hidden for long.

    • Oh please just shut up. They are a wonderful couple. What are people always bringing in race? Would Peter Thomas marry a white woman…no, would Apollo marry a white woman…probably not. So why are you people always picking on the white people.
      Makes me sick.

    • omg really ? wtf are you sayin? sounds like u have the issues! shut tha f up clueless jealous b…….

    • BUCK HENRY from reality tea get lost with your racial slurs.I’m white and that stuff pisses me off get out of here we want to keep this site clean!!!!!!

      • For one, you don’t understand Andy Cohen and I thought you watched WWHL and the reunion enough. He’s a funny guy, but he’s a smart guy also. When these questions are given (like the question about Kroy’s sister) they aren’t made up on the fly. They are done well before prep and during meetings with his staff. Remember this is still television, you want to make sure you don’t do something that could get yourself fired or embarrass yourself. Those questions where asked about if his sister would date a black guy because he’s getting information from others and himself and even from what may have been said and caught by one of the camera people (remember they are paying attention also), about his reluctance and just disdain on his face when around blacks. You see Nancy I am from RealityTea, but this isn’t a white against black thing that you are trying to make (since I’m FREAKING WHITE ALSO A-HOLE!!!). It’s pointing out what we already know about Kim and what we (not just me) have observed with Kroy.

        What you and others have to figure out is that there are people that don’t like others that are different than them. I know, I have bunch of family that hate blacks, hispanics, Indians. But it’s not PC to express it, so they hide it. Some hide it better than others, but many allow it show in their expressions. All humans have 3 faces, one that they show to the world the other they show to family and the one they show in private to themselves. But the problem is that all of us get confused as to what face is showing many times. And so you hope that the face that is leaking out isn’t one that is distasteful to the public at large.

        As I stated before, Kroy is naive and he doesn’t hide his emotions well, along with getting a middle aged woman with 2 kids pregnant within weeks (they even warn these players to be careful about groupies).

        • I think you deserve a Nobel for being able to read someone’s supposed rascial feelings JUST from a damn facial expression. What if he had a nose itch at that moment? He was just trying not to look like he was picking his Nose on TV and you have him being uncomfortable around black people.

    • I always dvr the show so I can fastforward through kkkims part. She has burnt everyone on there and if the “chick” has all this money, why has she still not paid Candi… she’s a has-been. Get a classy, loyal white chick on there, not this racist acting monkey in a wig.

  • Sheree should go. No money. No class. It’s all about keeping up appearances with her. And Sheree and Marlo gave me a huge headache last night. Both of them should be kicked to the curb. LOVE Phaedra!

  • Get rid of Sheree, she is SO boring, no storyline, shes irrelevant. The only thing she does is talk about Nene, she is soooooo boring, fake, and broke!

  • I think Kim had a look on her face on WWHL last night that said it all! I think she is done with fake reality and happy and content in her life and QUIT! Now heres a real scoop given by any agent. Have you been on a RS? Yes Im sorry we don’t handle Reality actors, In the Indy of this they are unhireable, Tainted and HW`s is trash TV. I don’t believe this story much. They send out to much smoke if this is what they are alluding to.

  • I know this person isn’t famous, but she’s pretty and a great person — Latoya Henderson should be on the show.

  • Def AGREE she will be a great addition to the Housewives! I hope they don’t pic Marlow to be a Housewife as well…..she is way too much CRZY!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one sick of that boring, 2faced, backstabing, homewrecking “monkey in a wig”!!!

  • I don’t know about this being true. Would Keyshia’s current network allow her to be on another show concurrently? Could fiming schedules for the two shows conflict?

    Also, they need to get rid of Cynthia, the butt licker as Phaedra put it.