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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Ramona Is A Liar! Plus Find Out The Real Reason Carla Doesn’t Care For Ramona Or Karen

A few days ago I read an interesting comment that related to a post I was going to make regarding Mob Wives. It was about Ramona and something that I’ve already heard. I thought I’d share it with you all so you can see yourself.

“I wrote this on Mobwives Blogspot, but they deleted the post which proves it is not an open discussion. Ramona Rizzo is a liar, she claims she left her husband because he joined the mob, which is not true because her husband is Arabic, she left him because he went bankrupt. On the show, she says she avoids the mob men like the plague, but she is dating a wiseguy cocaine dealer by the name of Joseph Scalfini. This woman has no principles everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Also in her VH1 Biography she claims that she couldn’t leave the middle east because of her husband that he wouldn’t let her, but the truth is her husband moved to another country and she was there with her kids receiving money from him through wires for the last year and a half that she was in jordan. She was free to go and he begged her to leave back to the states. These people should not be celebrated, they should be shunned.”

Funny considering Ramona says the reason she left her husband was because he started to get involved with the “mob” yet fails to mention that he actually went through bankruptcy..hmm. Then on an episode of Mob Wives she talks about her new boyfriend Joesph Scalfini and how he’s currently in jail and how she’s never dealt with something like this before. I’m confused. I think Ramona forgot that she had already told us that the reason she left her husband was because he got involved in the mob. It’s okay Ramona. When you start to lie so much, mistakes like this happens… all the time!

Sources close to the cast tell AllAboutTRH exclusively that Ramona married a Muslim man who robbed her father. They had 4 children with each other and she ended up cheating on him so he begged her to leave! Now she’s dating Joseph Scalfini. On Mob Wives she reveals that her children just love and adore Joseph and is so close with him. At the time that she revealed that, she was only dating him for 2 months and had already moved in with him! Since then it’s been about 6 months and he’s been in jail for the last 4 months and might not be released for another 20 years. Do you actually think Ramona is going to wait for him? No! Sources add that she lived in a basement before she moved in with Joseph and she’ll probably move out and leave Joseph when she find’s the next best thing. I wouldn’t doubt it!

Karen and Ramona both have accused Carla of not liking them because of Drita. Well apparently that’s not the case! According to my sources, the real reason Carla doesn’t care for the two is because they both tried to jump her best friend! Back in the day, Carla’s best friend used to hang out with Karen and the two were good friends. My sources exclusively reveal that while Carla’s best friend and Karen were friends, Karen was sleeping with Carla’s best friend’s boyfriend for years! Karen would hang out with the friend and sleep with her boyfriend after. This was going on for a while. Carla’s best friend “beat up” Karen and one day Karen randomly knocked on the best friend’s door with Ramona and jumped her! That’s why Carla has always had her guard up regarding both of them!

That make’s sense! Isn’t it funny how Karen was so hurt by the fact that Drita got together with Lee when they weren’t even friends and didn’t speak yet Karen is hooking up with her “friend’s” boyfriend. Karen is clearly a huge hypocrite while Ramona is officially the worlds worst liar.

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  • Karens sister is a producer or something to that effect for the show, so thats why both she and Ramona will never be kicked off the show. These women are a disgrace to italian american woman. They make us look like low class hood rats. They need to crawl back into the holes they came from.

  • why was my reply deleted? I didn’t use any inappropriate words or swears. Would you explain why you did it?

  • Wow this those make sence they both are fakes and dumb trick u figure she sleep with the owner of luis Votton for money or bags shes on the look for her next victom

  • Thank you….god bless…..finally an article and comments that are spot on!!
    I knew ramona way back and she married her ugly old rich arab boss…who she had an affair with because he was married then when he started ripping people off for as he said ‘my wife needs to get her fat tummy cut off’ she led a life of no work and apparent luxury… she screams injustoce when the feds take her jewellery unfairly….poor ramona now she knows how those poor people felt when her husband ripped them off.
    She was a rich spoilt bitch growing up and now she acts like she is a brawler and all street tough… me she has no street life experiences.
    I cant stand the woman she is a disgusting excuse for a human being a manipulative lying conniving cow and i hope drita punches her head of her shoulders.

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  • coming from a mother with mob ties, this is not how women from this lifestyle should behave. women of the mob, mind their own business, the italian mafia isn’t what it used to be so now they are turning to television.

    all these women also have nice cars, louis vuitton this, louis vuitton that….but the truth is the mafia is not all that great all the time….there were points in my mothers life where she lived in a 2 room apartment, not seeing her father for years, and times where she would go on 5th avenue and not think twice about what she bought…. my grandmother was gunned down in front of her kids, this show doesn’t focus as much as it should on what the mafia really does to a family and an individual.

    however, i’ve had the opportunity to meet some of these women, and they are real people, all this bashing doesn’t help them, at the end of the day, they are trying to keep their lifestyle by turning it into a reality tv show because the mob money isn’t there anymore. I wish them all well…BIGG ANG is just amazing!

  • Ramona and Karen are drowning the friggin’ vibe of the show. It sucks. I was getting interested into the show. I love Renee. She’s my favorite on the show. As for Ramona and Karen, they don’t bring anything that’s interesting. They are so into themselves that they make themselves look ridiculous.

  • Wow — great stuff! I am reposting two of your Ramona pieces on my site, giving you and your site full credit including links…. I hope your sources are solid. If you could email me, I’d love to “chat” a bit with you…. You have my email address!

  • This seems like a blog that is open for truth. Let me clarify a few things, I knew Ramona and her husband personally for many years. They are not good people. Both of them. Her husband was in the telecommunications business and a lot of people lost money with him due to his lack of business ethics. He met Ramona when she was working for him as a secretary in NYC and during that time, he was married to another woman in staten island who he had two young children with. At the time her husband had some money and Ramona was cash hungry. Her father did not approve of this choice for her, rightfully so, but she didn’t care and married him anyway running off to live with him in Atlanta. Some five years ago her husband had money troubles so he moved back to the middle east and she followed him there with the kids. I was told that the house she was in was rented and they were defaulting in paying the landlord also I was told the furniture in the house was not paid for and her husband was scamming people left and right to pay for her kid’s school. She didn’t live in mansions or palaces and she didn’t rub shoulders with royalty she was having some cash rich months from other peoples money that her husband took. He was taking money from other people to pay for her plastic surgeries and his own hair transplants. One guy said her husband scammed him for 15,000 dollars to have the doctor take off his wife’s big stomach. (what he meant was tummy tuck and so forth) At one point, her husband was having a lot of problems in Jordan because he was owing people money, so he left the country and Ramona stayed behind with the kids. He wanted his children to go back to the united states. Many people have said to me that Ramona is responsible for the downfall of this man, because before she was married to him, he was straight in business married to a woman for ten years with no problems. I can’t vouch for that, I can only vouch that they were a money grubbing couple with no care in the world for anyone else. Ramona knew her husband was taking money from people who really needed it and she had no issue spending that money. Ramona and her husband are both Sociopaths. The poor children are where one’s heart go out. For your information, all four of her children are baptized and the arab muslim father attended all christenings. This is unheard of for arabs, but her husband didn’t care for religion or ethics and she doesn’t care for principles or ethics.

    • I know these people too, Ramonna worked at a company called Contectco, it was ran by her husband Wail, also known as Wally…her dad, Gambino Capo Johnny Rizzo and Joe Watts were involved in this company/front…to make a long story short, she ran away with Wally after her ripped off Joe Watts…he gave her a good life for a few years and then couldn’t find anyone else to rob so the good like came to being broke…then she cheated on him (knowing Wally he cheated on her too) and he wanted her out of his life so he left Jordan…

  • Please…..Quit bashing Karen….if you remember from season one….Karen was the only one that showed up at Renee’s door when Junior got busted…where was Carla, Drita???? They could have cared less. Like her or not…..Karen is a loyal friend…whether Renee’s drama was a big deal or not, it was to her and neither Carla or Drita cared enough to support her. Carla didn’t even call to check on her after the surgery or even after she heard it went bad. I would never want a friend like that….nobody gets it….Karen’s beef is not that Drita got with Lee…..its that they were friends and she didn’t come to her and tell her……Karen had to hear it from someone else. Thats foul. But then according to Drita they weren’t friends(season 1), then in season 2 they were friends during that time according to Drita. Drita is a liar, anyone that can read people can get that, and Carla is the same way, they both back pedal to much. Which is usually what people do when they are not telling the truth. I haven’t seen enough from Ramona yet to have an opinion. But I would want Karen and Renee as friends over Carla and Drita anyday….there are things called loyalty and respect……and Carla and Drita lack both.

  • Just found this site and I absolutely agree with all the comments!!! Renee, Drita, Carla & Big Ang should def stay :] Get Karen and her thug Ramona off the show, its’ like watching a free for all with lieing, crazy, fighting & disgusting beotches! I feel bad for Drita and hope Renee and Carla back her!!! Karen & Ramona need a good asswhooping!

  • Karen is a fluke. She got so bold once Romana got there. Now she’s such a gangsta and wants to pick with everyone. She claims she tired of Drita talking about her & blah blah blah but SHE talks about Drita more than anything! It’s like she’s making up reasons to beef & it makes her look bad. Then she talks about how much she misses her daughter. . .go be with her instead of picking fights, idiot! Ramona is annoying and pointless. They swear they’re the baddest. It’s terrible.

  • I think my husband hit the nail on the head. He said when the show FIRST started, it was kind of about Karen, coming back to Staten Island, making amends, her famous father, the book, blah, blah, blah. But NOW, it really has turned to Drita….and just look at how many followers and likes she has on twitter and fb. He said think about it–it started out as Karen and now is Drita….of course she’s jealous.

  • Wow! Interesting! I knew Ramona isn’t all that she says she is. It’s obvious. I could smell her bullshit from here. Karen needs to quit with her obsession with Drita. She be bangin’ her friend’s bf’s left and right! She better shut her mouth! I hope Drita and Carla mentions this on the reunion because Karen yaps her mouth all day long. Just like Ramona! Two peas in a pod!

    Good job, ROXANNE! Yet, another grrreat story! =)

  • i just love drita. her accent and seriousness is lovely. she dont look 4 trouble. i’d love to take ramona and bash her head in. bitch thinks shes bad. i got sumthing fa her ugly ass! karen, idk, i just like her. i wish she didnt hv ramona tha racoon in her life. is karens daughter mixed? karen sounds like she wants to be black alot of tha times. oh well. i absolutely love big ang.

  • I’ve posted a few times with some points but it seems as if every single time my posts get deleted.

    What’s going on?

    I’m a Drita fan but I can keep things objective and I find it interesting that this particular blog post speaks about comments getting deleted on another website.

    Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address if you want to verify that it’s a correct e-mail because I would love to contribute to these interesting blogs and your website as a whole.

    • I see several of your posts on here..Rox isnt like that to delete posts? Maybe something wrong with server?? just saying I do see several & thank you for your posts i enjoyed them..insiteful!! ; )

      • Thank you so much for your message Deb and, again, my thanks to Roxanne for running such a great blog site.

        It was so strange because my posts would show up temporarily but then be flagged as “being reviewed by moderator” or something like that.

        Anyhow, I am so very glad to be participating on this blog and discussing “Mob Wives” with fellow fans of the show!

        By the way, my head is still spinning from Karen messing around with Carla’s best friend’s man and then having the nerve to jump Carla’s best friend with Ramona involved as well!

        I think both Karen and Ramona need to look at some of the things that they have done and grow up a little more for the sake of their kids.

  • thanks for this. i was wondering how ramona got out of jordan with her kids. in middle eastern/arabic countries ladies have no rights. so if ramona did divorce she wouldnt be able to leave jordan with her kids.

    were her kids born in usa or jordan?

    • I’m not sure where Ramona’s kids were born but I think for sure the man she was married to wanted her out of his life for being untrue.

      I think the laws in each country may vary but maybe he gave permission for everyone to leave and they have some sort of arrangement in place for the sake of their kids.

  • I LOVE that idea!!!! Get rid of Ramona and Karen who are only making the show look like a junior high classroom which is getting old very quickly. Instead focus on the LIVES (not these stupid fights and sit downs) of Renee, Drita, Carla and Big Ang while bringing in their children (as they get older, like the two AJ’s, if they want to of course) and follow how the mob life affects the next generation (and hopefully how they break away from it!!) Those story lines would be sooo much more interesting.

    Last season it was more focused on their lives and that is far too lost right now. What happened to following their lives versus this fighting drama crap?? There is plenty to cover without all of the tough talk and immature bullshit drama that Ramona and Karen are always trying to stir up!!!

    *Drita is going through a hugely difficult time in her life with the divorce and how that is going to affect her girls. There will be lots to see as she deals with being a newly single mom and also trying to sell the house and such. Plus her sense of humor and personality are just plain hysterical and irresistible!!! I think I could listen to her funny antics for hours!

    *Renee is dealing with her husband and father who both are going through legal problems related to the mob. Renee also has an almost adult son that she desperately wants to keep from ending up in the mob life. In addition, her dramatic personality keeps things interesting!! She always has plenty going on and isn’t afraid to tell it to the world!

    *Carla is dealing with an ex-husband who, after years, is finally out of jail. She now is trying to figure out what her new normal will be like with the father of her kids around and the impact that it all will have on her kids. Rekindled relationship with the ex-husband maybe??? Watching how Carla manages to stay so calm and classy considering the circumstances is amazing to watch! I don’t know how she does it!

    *Big Ang is just plain hysterical… just follow her with a camera and there is plenty to cover. Between her stories, history, bar and her son there seems to be plenty to see! (Plus, how can anyone not laugh about and enjoy how sweet and hysterical she is?!?!) She is great!

    Bring in the next generation of any of these ladies and the show will be even more fascinating! See, no need for Ramona and Karen’s immature bullshit. They seriously bring down the show so much. It’s sickening to watch such slimy people, especially when there are kids involved!!

    There is my very long 2 cents! 🙂 Get rid of the scum and go back to focusing on the LIVES of the women instead of primarily just the drama that the junior high brats bring to the show!!

  • You know what the mob does? They invade people’s homes and take their stuff as they hold the family members at gun point. The jewelry they take from their victims are sold. They money they get from their stolen stuff ends up into their wives purses and they in turn buy a fur coat. Life goes so fast. One moment you’re just a kid, then you’re 40 then 70 and soon, dead of natural causes. Life is soooo quick. They murdered people believing they have a right to choose who lives and dies and all for what? I few moments to live in a lap of luxury that cannot be taken with you when you die. Life is so short. Where’s John Gotti now? Where is his wealth now? He murdered a lot of people and he’s no longer on this earth. He’s not here. We all die and life in the circle of death comes so fast, was it even worth it for a short moment of criminal glory?

  • Renee is on twitter crying for people to leave her son alone, that he is inncent and just wants to go to school. Yet there she is on reality television bragging about her mob ties. Who gives a damn how she was able to afford that home she lives in. How many families lost their loved ones so she can live in the lap of luxury? What about the children her father and husband victimized so she can live wealthy? Did her father, husband and mob ties give a damn about their victims? Were their victims given a chance? No. She doesn’t give a shit. All she cares about it getting her money so she can buy furs and jewelry. Let me tell you something, there is a God and there Is a Hell.

      • I’ll give some credit where credit is due and will say that Renee did work as a stylist for awhile and began working that job again last season so at least she did work.

        Her “jail mail” business will hopefully also take off soon too so she may be able to provide a better life for herself and AJ.

        I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but I did find myself cringing a little when she would talk about how things often “fell off a truck” while she was growing up as well as the bag of engagement rings that her dad presented to Junior as well as how she once stated she dreamed of AJ working his way up in the lifestyle also.

        She did not choose her father and/or the lifestyle that she was originally born into but she can certainly choose to do something different with her life now.

  • I have always wondered–why do they never film in “Ramona’s House” and why Karen’s apartment is referred to as a “house?”

    The above blog may have helped answer the question of why Ramona’s house isn’t filmed in.

  • I’m certain that I wrote a pro-Drita post on this blog with some valid points. Was the post ever seen?

  • Oops…Why wasn’t her husband with her and his children in Jordan? While she’s living in Jordan, where was her husband staying?

    • Why was he so eager to have her leave Jordan with his children and return to the U.S.? Hmm. Something fishy about her “husband.”

      • I’m sorry but I don’t believe he would tell her to leave Jordan with his children because she cheated. I think there is something more sinister to it than that. I don’t believe he would let her take his children (especially his sons) just like that. No, something is wrong with that picture.

      • he was having money problems and issues with different people he loaned money from. He wanted to send his kids back to the united states because he could no longer support them in Jordan.

  • Ramona is quick to put down an Italian but she brags she married an Arabic Muslim? Go figure. What I question is if she was living in Jordan, her husband had to wire her money, why? Where wasn’t her husband with her and his children? Where was he that he had to wire her money and what is his business?

    • Her husband left Jordan because he was having financial problems, he moved to Dubai. He was in the telecommunication business and through that he was scamming people. She knew this about him for years and didn’t mind , she only gave a damn about his business lies when he no longer had money to show for it. She is garbage.

  • just curious why you mention her ex husbands religion? None of your posts say dritas christian husband or renees catholic husband or carlas jewish husband. It just seemed random

  • Ramona is pure trouble. One day she will mess with the wrong person and she’ll get what’s coming to her. I felt horrible watching Carla at the dinner with Karen and when Karen practically went from psycho to Little Orphan Annie “Let’s Be Friends,” I couldn’t help but think, “Oh that’s no good, Karen wants to set up Carla.” I don’t like Ramona. She’s the kind you can’t get rid of. She just hangs around like a leach.

  • Ramona Rizzo is repulsive. Does it make any sense that she left her husband because he was involved in illegal activities. She wanted a better life for her children. Ramona wanted them to have a NORMAL life. So instead she moves back to the United States and gets involved in a relationship with Joe Sclafani. Ramona knew exactly what she was getting into. Expose your children to guy that has been in and out of jail for years. Great role model for your kids Ramona.(A Drug Dealer) Now that he is jail again and probably for a long time. What is your next plan of action? I think your full of shit. You were not going out with him that long and before he got caught again. Maybe you will be heartbroken, stop the tears. But, I do not think it will take you that long to get over him. I am sure you will cling to the next best thing that comes your way.. Nobody feels sorry for you. Your a fucking trouble maker.

  • Ramona & Karen both have got to stop living in the past! First we had Sammy the Bull now we have Karen the Cow. Karen was pretty cool last season.but just like all the other reality shows like RH of anywhere, the fame goes right to there heads and now we have a bunch of auto tune. singers,authors from people who can’t even speak right,make up line from women who want us to believe there using these products when we all know there all full of plastic ! I think once they get what they want out of the show ,get rid of them cause now its a scripted soap opera.But anyway Ramona and Karen turned into the biggest lying bitch on reality TV1

  • Ramona & Karen both have got to stop living in the past! First we had Sammy the Bull now we have Karen the Cow. Karen was pretty cool last season.but just like all the other reality shows like RH of anywhere, the fame goes right to their heads and then the show sucks

  • K-Rat and Ragmona, couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Combined, they have the I.Q. of a handball. Neither one is a “wife”, so why are they even on the show. One is writing a book about her rat father, which is good because we need more toilet paper and the other one is some wannabe loser, who trips over the English language.

  • honestly last season i loved ALL of the mob-wives and i had a certain respect for Karen……this season how ever i lost it… part of it is because of Ramona but d other is the lying when she asked to have her lil sit down with Carla an mostly talked about Drita then basically lied to Renee an played it of as though Carla was the one doing all the Drita talking that was it for me……i’m sorry every lady on that show had a purpose an brought something to it…but Ramona was just added to bring in more drama than there should be….she is loud, fake and very sly this has gone way of course what does someone nationality have to do with the mob or who u marry..BITCH…please i don’t like the character Ramona IS PLAYING cause it looks like bad acting to me talking bout Drita kids how dare u bring kids into this…..very vile an uncalled for….

  • Please start a petition to get Ramona off the show! She is such an idiot n I hate watching her! N they say she is the mother of 4? That is sad. Every week she is on the show yapin abt Drita like a junior high kid! N she so tuff but cried cuz she went 2 jail for an hour! I have NEVER seen adult women @ their age act this ludacris as ramona n karen! 2 clowns! No1 wants to hear that he say she say bs n how they will beat ppl up! GET RID OF THEM PLZ and show us more Big Ang, more adults n topics of interest!

  • She lived in a basement? Sorry Rox, but your source MUST be mistaken. RaHOna said she hung out with kings and queens. LOL

  • I didn’t believe Ramona either her story, because something about it was off. Her husband wanted her to leave Jordan because he found out she cheated on him. He went bankrupt and she ran from her old lifestyle in the middle east to her mob lifestyle. I didn’t know how much time was elapsed before she moved in with the drug dealer guy. She was living in a basement (was it the basement of her parents home or a friends) apt. and then she decided to hook up with a guy with money (her drug dealing boyfriend).

    • I don’t believe a muslim man would allow her to leave Jordan with his sons either. His daughters yes, but not his sons.

  • I think this post along with all the losers commenting on it is bull… if your sources r real or if they’re so reliable be real about it and reveal who they r. Ur so called sources r just as reliable as the so called sources in the tabloids and ur obviously so unsatisfied with ur livrs that u gotta come on here to talk about strong women who r actually 10 times the woman any. Of u nobody boring fat unsatisfied losers will ever be. Go pay attention to ur own man and stop worrying about Ramona’s bf or who karen slept with. The show is intended for entertainment not to mak u feel like u have a purpose in life.

  • yeah, they show is getting fake, everyone seeking attention and fame. this season is going downhill, they are fighting over nothing, and sounding real dumb. its hard to watch its like jerryspringer, was raw at first then got hella fake and circus like.

    • Thanks for the link. Ramona’s new boyfriend is dangerous. I thought I recognized her boyfriend’s name. I read about him in a book titled, “Mob Stories.” As a matter of fact, I even commented on that book in a previous story on this blog. Anyway, Ramona’s boyfriend is very dangerous and put a knife to a woman’s throat and still he is out of prison. What’s the point of going after these dangerous people if they’re only going to get less than a few years in prison? All these mob wives know their husband’s are victimizing innocent people (robbing banks and home invasions) and are spending that blood money on their lavish lifestyle. They brag about their mob ties as if they are proud their husbands break into homes while victims are home. Can you imagine people busting into your home and robbing you? These women know they are eating food given to them by the blood of victims.

  • Karen and Ramona are both classless, vulgar women. Feel sorry for their children having to be exposed to their antics.

  • to the poster: I wholeheartedly agree with everything you posted: even just watching the show it is so obvious that Karen and Ramona are not only classless psycho chicks, but complete hypocrites with no morals too! UGH I get so mad every Sunday when they spew their crap!!

    And you’re right…they lie so much they can’t keep themselves straight…its even true when they do the talking to the camera in between scenes. I don’t know who they think is on their “team” but anyone with a brain can see right through those two!!

    And finally, i have no idea why i care so much about this, but it gets to me anyway ha!

  • A little education for This Rizzo women……….the ‘Mob’ umbrella has been shared with non-Italians since practically its inception…………anyone ever hear of Meyer Lansky, Ben Siegel ? Not to mention s host of other nationalities! Rizzo can be compared to a Virgina Hill…………desiring only a name for herself and a bank account. Nothing more. Why Jenn Graziano invited her on the show is some what puzzling. Yes, she is an attractive lady, nice figure and all but so are Carla and Drita for example. Rizzo need to keep the hate flowing in order to maintain a position on the show in my opinion. Karen on the other hand, is the one being influenced by Rizzo not Carla by Drita. Jenn Graziano needs to decide…….ratings or the potential for serious trouble on Mob Wives. Its HER decision! She calls the shots. She effectively does not ‘need’ Rizzo. She already has a ratings biggy addition………………..Big Ang……… whom just about everyone loves.

    • read the link to NY paper below & funny thing Rizzos BF got arrested with an ALBANIAN Mobster..
      I thought in Middle East Countries if a woman is caught committing adultry thats a death sentence?? I also thought if your overseas theres a possibility she could not have left with her kids!! 1 movie based on true story comes to mind “Not With Out My Daughter” & the mom hired mercinaries to go kidnap her daughter back ummm DoNOT believe Rizzos bullshit…??!!

      • yes, but that was many years back and I believe that today, it just may be different and besides this Rizzo girl cannot be believed on anything much she says. I think that she is a psychopath. Remember Karen, Renee and yes, even ‘Big’ Ang are all more or less, abnormal in behavior. They’re violent, irrationally vindictive and harbor other abnormal behaviors (i.e. Renee’s crumb fit, Karen’s criminal background in AZ in particular and her desire to ‘injure’ others, Rizzo……… name it, she’s got it! etc etc
        The only one truly laughing to the bank is Jenn Graziano and she now will ‘pull’ another ‘Wives’ with Chicago starting soon. So apparently her concern is her wallet and that is fine………….she’s entitled to behave anyway she pleases.

        • yes and Albanians are MUSLIM!! so maybe ramona wishes she were really muslim herself. look how much she hates drita (who is albanian muslim). what a moron ramona is….

  • Im just saying why my girl drita cant get her fair one
    a do over…. I bet karen or romona wont be talking
    shit no more just one more again please!! Drita dont have to be jealous cause she already has what the other
    two are trying to get……. A life!!!!! Dritas a bad bitche
    dont hate!!

  • Wow…just found your website and your information is enlightening and right on target! Love it so much! Your doing a great job! Ramona IS A. COMPLETE liar. Her boyfriend, was and is a loser. He has had wanna be mob ties his whole life. VH1 definitely hired her to stir the pot…and am sure Renee and her sister spoke about who would be the biggest shit stirrer, and came up with Ramona. This was probably discussed by all involved with production of this show. Also, Karen is a liar too…her re-telling of her sit down with Carla went nothing like what she described to the RACCOON,

      • This website is the real deal… Great Job! Yes, the facts are true. It great to know that at least you could express your opinion. Some of the other website just delete comments. Why, because when Ramona does not like what people really think about her she just clicks it off. Sometimes the truth hurts deal with it.

  • Whoa! So in other words, Karen & Ramona don’t have a leg to stand on in these so called fights. None. Their story lines bore me anyway. Let’s start over with just Renee, Drita, Carla & Big Ang – maybe add 1 or 2 others and see how they live their lives. Or maybe have the two AJs of Big Ang & Renee, add them to the line up, see if the next generation breaks away from the lifestyle.

  • If anyone pays attention to either of them for long.. TRUST ME, I know it’s HARD TO DO! They both contradict themselves, lie, and WAYYYYYYYYYYY OVER EMBELLISH stories.. never believed Ramona from word go.. you leave your hubby the father of your kids because he joined the mob.. to move to SI and rub elbows with the mob, hang out with mobsters and family daily AND move your kids in with one?!?! Cmon now.. I wasn’t born yesterday 😉 Karen is just as bad..

  • My personal opinion…..

    Karen is playing up all the drama and mob BS for the show to help sell her book!

    She’ll lie, scam, contradict herself, whatever it takes to make some $$$$$!

    • I absolutely feel the same thing. Karen tries to claim tough and plays up these dramatic episodes and freakouts as she thinks she is so thug/street. Karen is alot of mouth and yeah she feels strength in numbers and by that I mean Ramona. Drita would seriously rock either of them girls. All that Karen and Ramona can do is use objects to injure Drita, or double team her and other shady tactics rather than straight up fight. Not that grown women should be fighting at all over such nonsense lol! I just feel Karen plays harda&$ but needs a sidekick to back up her tommy tough guy routine.

    • My exact thoughts too! It’s all for book sales. Ironically, her stupid crap makes me not want to ever read her book and I’m a biography/non-fiction fanatic! Plus I keep thinking… with all of the lying and exaggerating that she does on the show, how much of her book would even be accurate? May as well read a fiction.

  • From season 1 I havnt trusted Karen, while Drita was going out if her way to be nice to Karen and make her welcome Karen always had an ulterior motive, talking behind drita’s back and being fake. Karen shows up this season with her sidekick ramona and the sly smirks and ‘hard man’ image are multiplied by 10. Bottom line is Karen is 100% jealous of Drita nothig else, she is a ho bag who screws around with everyone. She spreads rumours about Drita and is basically obsessed with her she needs to concentrate on her daughter as for ramona she is a fame hungry money grabber who will do anything for the limelight!

  • his name is joseph SCLAFANI, he’s been into this “lifestyle” forever and she didn’t know that??? please! He was shot multiple times on a bklyn street years ago. FACT. I bet Ramonas parents and children are proud of her, the way she acts, her violent tough guy outbursts and never mind shes always screaming drita drita drita on national television, does she ever shut up? her constant screaming is so exhausting(and boring). classless. Ladies in that lifestyle are just that, ladies. Act like a guy and you will be treated like one eventually. Embarrassing the lengths she’ll go to try and become relevant. The show isn’t worth watching anymore, in my opinion, much more entertaining last season. It was a poor decision to add her.

    • As for Ramona “acting” like she left her husband because he joined the mob…but actually he went bankrupt…her current boyfriend (if that is what you want to call it since they were together for 2 months before sent to jail) is a severe criminal..he has had all kinds of charges. Also, unrelated-but interesting fact, his ex-fiance tried to commit suicide before his last sentencing…he saved her from bleeding out apparently after realizing she had just slit her throat..guess after that he left for her for another nutcase-Ramona. And if she is this great mother and cares about mothers then why is she bringing a criminal who runs and producing all kinds of cocaine around her children?
      And does the real father have nothing to do with her or kids anymore?????
      here is the website

  • Great reporting! Love this website, have it on my favorites list. Karen and Ramona are scary. When does Karen spend time with her daughter?

  • foxy roxy… ur blog!!!
    i can not stand ramona racoon she is a lunatic and needs to get the boot from this show….so freakin what that drita is not italian….people like her give italians a bad name….and ask any old time italian….the mob hates all things to do with dealing drugs…that was their downfall….romona and karen need to crawl back into the gutter they came from….

    • I could not have said it better myself…love everyone’s opinions on here. Will they ever take Ramona off??? I mean I don’t like Karen’s annoying ass either but damn please get rid of Ramona…she’s no good and a one wants to hear it….FAKE!

  • Wow, I think everything with some of these girls is a contradiction! Drita shouldn’t be in circle because shes not Italian? She’s been in & around the life most of her adult life or longer yet Ramona says shes not use to this life, wasnt in country for yrs ect ?? When Karen repeats what happened in her sit down w/Carla it’s not what was said for most part?? Carla at least stuck close to the facts!
    I dont believe Karen socked Drita in eye she used an object to poke her eye! If you watch again just as Ramona approaches Karen & Drita on balcony look close as camera shows “something” being passed between Karen& Ramona behind back of Karens blue dress!! then camera moves away!!!
    Last season I liked all girls just some more than others! This season Karen has changed into BettyBadASS because Ramonas involved. I no longer feel bad for Karen.
    The show would be more boring without Drita in it to talk about! All this he said she said bullshit is getting old now..Karen kept bringing Drita up not Carla & she turned all that around & as I said it wasnt what was said, and now Ramona with her contradictions too..???I’ve always been on fence about Carla but since the SIT DOWN, I do like Carla!! Good Luck ladies!!! whew………..

  • Wow two huge exclusives in one day? You are becoming HUGE! Congratulations. We’re all very impressed with you and how well your site is think you started only 3 months ago

    Ur going places Rox! Remember that! You have fans from all over the country. And ur only 19? Crazy

    Okay….Ramona is a huge liar. I can’t believe when she was saying how obsessed her kids were with this man that they only had known each other for 2 months? Really? And she’s already moved in. Funny how she says Drita is “jealous” of her. Ramona needs to go away

  • I actually thought I was the only one who Does NOT trust Karen or Ramona. They are trying to stir the pot and Ramona is leading it. Karen is sneaky. Scary and why on earth would she stay in Jersey and send her daughter back to Arizona. Easy answer..she is trying to cause trouble,and doing it very well.

  • This show is getting away from the reason I wanted to watch it. The women dealing with the fall out of being affiliated with men in the mob. The fights between them are pointless. Instead of talking about Drita, discuss how the BF going to jail is going to effect you and your kids. Lets have some tie-in with what the show is about. How are Carla’s kids getting along with their dad now that he’s been out a while? How is the transition for Carla? That’s reality, not all this contrived (to educated a word?) hate for Drita and going to war, etc. These women clearly have bigger issues to deal with than hating each other.

    PS – More Big ANG!!

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself! Karen was interesting last season, she seemed like a good mom and a decent person who had a crazy past. Now she is a swaggering bully who behaves like a street punk, and seeing her send her daughter away makes me wonder if the good mother we saw last season was a lie as well. Is she acting to try and amp up the drama or is she really that way? Yeesh…

        And Ramona? This woman is unpleasant and I can’t see what about her would make anyone want to be her friend, especially someone as classy as Carla.

    • Thank you!! Who cares about who slept with who when they were younger! This is Mob WIVES, not mob teenagers. Get back to the point of the show!

      • wft karen should join the freakin gym then run her freakin mouth about shit that happened 4000 brownies ago, there is no plot to the show just some overweight plastic covered nasty mouth hoes who apparently were rode on like the ferry n now think perhaps they r hood. give me a freakin break n some aholes promoting crime n wrecking wat lil pea brain they have lmao this show sucks can their asses.

    • I don’t know that much about Ramona’s show now but i had a chance to know her from some friends in Jordan, and they are wonderful friends. They had to say all the good words about Ramona, and how much she suffered in her marriage life. It is just enough for woman in her age to raising 4 kids by herself without a husband, and they are very good kids.

      • What a cunt you are , If you heard about her from friends, How do you know any thing about her marriage life, Listen Go ride a camel may be you will find someone to sleep with you