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Joe Giudice Pleads Not Guilty!

It’s being reported that earlier today Joe Giudice plead not guilty for obtaining a license at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Paterson and using marriage and birth certificates that belong to his brother, Pietro Giudice

NorthJersey reports:
Giuseppe Giudice, who goes by Joe Giudice on the Bravo reality series, rejected an offer from the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office to cap any prison sentence at five years in exchange for a guilty plea, his attorney Miles Feinstein said. Feinstein said the offer was harsh and not as generous as prior deals that have been offered to other clients facing similar charges. “I believe that because of Joe’s celebrity he is being treated differently,” he said. “It’s totally unfair.” A grand jury indictment in December charged the 40-year-old Montville resident with second-degree wrongful identity use and forth-degree impersonation. Giudice faces 10 years in prison if convicted of the second-degree charge and 18 months if convicted of the other. Authorities said Giudice obtained a license at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Paterson in June 2010 using marriage and birth certificates that belong to his brother, Pietro Giudice. Giuseppe’s license was suspended at the time. Prosecutors began to investigate the brothers when Pietro Giudice was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Lincoln Park. When the police officer ran Pietro’s information through an onboard computer, the search produced Giuseppe’s photograph, authorities said.

Do you think Joe was being treated differently?

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  • Let me guess who one of the ones posting bashing remarks about this site and anyone who posts on here. It has to be someone that is married to frank.
    Every time I see this blog and the comments on it referenced over on RT the comments are overblown. I agreed there are a couple of regulars on this blog that have felt attacked by a few of the regular commentators on the RT site.

  • Geez, the posters at Reality Tea are having a field day with this site! They are bashing all the commenters on here for being pro Teresa. They need to understand that people are not going to have the same views as they are. There is a couple posters that are bullies and they actually called Teresa fans delusional and dumb. I hope they’re reading this right now, they are mean and need to realize that not everyone is anti Teresa!

  • So exactly how much time did Paris Hilton or Lyndsey Lohan spend in jail ANY of the times she was sentenced? They put other’s lives in jeopardy more than once and either one has yet to spend more than 60 minutes in jail because of over crowding. So this guy can get up to 10 YEARS for having a fake id.

  • listen you break the law you must pay. harsh hell no! he should have known better he just wanted to beat the system and sometimes the justice system actually works cuz its here to protect us who maintain a clean record. sorry for tre n kids but he should have known better! now pay the price! booyah!

    • system is not created to protect your clean record, it is here to punish crime and protect the public.

      punishment for this alleged crime is out of whack with both protection of citizen’s and good sense in terms of cost of incarceration.

      heaven help those who sit in judgement, and pray they never sit on the other side of this issue. way too many of the wrong people are going to jail today.

  • I have seen level 3 sex offenders get less then 5years in prison. A level 3 has no preference he takes any sex from anybody at any age. I have seen a man with 10 DUI’s not get a 5 year sentence. I had a I.D in my sisters name and I got zero time for it and no probation. NJ is a joke and they are wasting tax payer dollars on this crap. The money ther are spending on a trail and jail time could be used to build a cancer wing at a hospital.

    • thats right,,, but they have to make a big splash…. its wasting taxpayer money….shame shame shame.

  • In some States you cannot even lay in the back seat of your vehicle if you’ve had a couple of drinks? You can and will be arrested for drinking and driving. It’s bolonga if you think that your keys have to be in the ignition. No, you have to actually be inside the car, key or no key. No Kidding. I know many good people who have drunk driving charges and you would never believe how out of control the States have become. Anything For A Buck. Many innocent people are on probation and shouldn’t be. The local government gets a lot of money from it. I’m surprised people who attend public events and drink just one drink such as New Years Eve and 4th of July and don’t seem to be afraid of the cops who are looking for that golden ticket. Cha-Ching. Drunk Driving Charges have gotten way out of hand.

  • This whole situation is absurb. He wasn’t stealing the Identity of some stranger for the purpose of using a credit card or other financial goodies. He used his brother’s Identity and frankly, his brother certainly didn’t request to bring charges against Joe. I think this is just a witch hunt. They should be going after Caroline and her husband. They should be going after Jacqueline and her husband. I think Joe and Teresa were set up. I really do. Somebody knew what was going on and used it against Joe and Teresa to get even. Obviously not Joe’s brother. Three people come to mind… Jacqueline may have known something and told Kim G. about it and Kim G. notified the authorities anonymously, or Danielle got wind and called authorities. I doubt it was Danielle though. I can’t help but think Kim G.

  • this is the price of fame. If he was an unknown, his case wouldn’t even be reported on by the press. And the judge knows his decision will be national news as well, which might have an effect on how he sentences Joe.
    I feel so sorry for Teresa. She will keep smiling, keep working, and keep loving her life tho. God Bless her

    • Teresa’s love and loyalty are inspiring. She knows what her priorities are and never strays from them; she can’t be bought like the rest of her friends were. And no matter how much she may be hurting, she puts a smile on her face and keeps going. Yes, she’s made a lot of mistakes, but her faith, love and loyalty are unshakable.

  • Joe is getting railroaded. This prosecuter is looking to make a name for himself. Another famewhore, again, they bred like rats.

  • 5 YEARS, that IS harsh. I’m sure tax payers would love to know they’re feeding and sheltering a guy for 5 years for using someone’s id for a driver’s licence. While it IS illegal and people should be punished, its not like he hurt anyone or that his crime affected anyone else. He should get a fine and do community services, get something out of HIM for his crime instead of out of the tax payers…. I hope Joe comes out of this with a straighter head on his shoulders.

      • community service for a nonviolent crime such as this makes the most sense. It not only punishes the individual without having to house feed and clothe him for the length of the sentence, it actually BENEFITS the community. There is so much work that needs to be done and not enough tax dollars or volunteers to get it all done. If the community service can be tied to either the crime or the person’s talents all the better: example- have him teach karate to kids that have gotten into trouble for underage drinking. It could lead to real breakthroughs for both the kids and the offenders.

        • hannavas, I love your idea of tailoring the community service to the individual to get the most beneficial service out of him/her. Unfortunately, it is not a common practice everywhere. I work for a law office in Texas and the county that I am in tries very hard to give community service hours to college students who are first time offenders instead of jail time and include so many state run facilities in their list of approved community service facilities. I think it is a great idea for people who break the law for the first time or commit non-violent crimes to be given 50 to 100 to 200 community service hours to complete within a certain amount of time. I especially think it is great for the state to use these people to do the grunt work that no one actually wants as a real job. Perfect fit! And your karate teaching to kids is great idea for Joe.

          • Too bad that Mr. Giudice is not a first time offender. He is a repeat-offender, otherwise known as a, “career criminal”. We have something called, PTI, (pre-trial intervention), in NJ for 1st time offenders. And all-kind-of alternative sentencing options, but this alleged crime was allegedly committed to circumvent a punishment that he was already receiving, (loss of driving privileges). I suppose you don’t mind sharing the road with someone like this?
            If he was a 1st time offender he would be eligible for more flexible terms but he is not because it is not his first time.

  • While I am a fan of Teresa and Joe, I feel sorry for everyone seemingly ready to hold their feet to the fire! Are we going to have the same example setting moment when Chris and Jacqueline’s law suit about stealing comes to trial? Or are we going to see the same example when it comes to other housewives and husband trials come to light! Yes Joe should have used better judgement! Yes Joe probably is being made an example of because of his fame, but does he deserve 10 years for what he has done, while others have probably done worse NO!

  • No mention of trial date. What rookie reported this story? The same content keeps getting re-published. Were there ANY legit reporters in the courtroom? Proper reporting would state… “The judge set a trial date of xxxxxx.” Or “jury selection begins on xxxxx.”
    Roxy… please use your investigative powers and see if you can track down the trial date. If anyone can, YOU can. 🙂

  • Joe or Guiseppe deserves whatever sentence the judge gives him. THis guy keeps breaking the law and should NOT get off because he thinks he is a celebrity, he is not. 10 years seems so little for all he has done wrong.

    • Oh God not Boom AKA Melissa again. Don’t lie and try to say you’re not Melissa. Just go away and stop trying to destroy your own family. GET A LIFE

        • @ sickofmelissa…whether you steal an new identity or are handed a new identity, it’s still not your identity. Juicy knew what he was doing and, unlike most rational people, he decided to try to fool the government. I had my license suspended before and it sucks, but I didn’t ask a family member to give me identification so I could get a new one. How the hell did he think he would get away with this? He’s on TV for Christ’s sake! If there was a prison for being stupid, he’s be doing life.

  • Independence and the ability to earn income depend heavily on having a driver’s license, unless you live and work in the city. Joe was stupid to try to outsmart the system, and he should be punished. But it is wrong to punish him as if he were are hardened criminal or a terrorist trying to obtain a fake ID. The jails are overflowing with people addicted to drugs or mentally ill, which is why sentences for violent crimes are not what they should be and why hardened criminals are paroled — save the jail cells for them. Punish Joe by fining him and giving him community service. The taxpayers don’t need to build more jails and pay $45,000 per year to house petty criminals.

  • how is this good news? now if he is found guilty he could look at 10 years correct? and no i don’t think it’s fair 🙁

  • HOw is this good news? Isn’t a plea and now they most go to trial or somethng. Am i missing something lol.

    To be honest…i think Joe G is a liability for Teresa. His bad business move and mismangement was the bulk of the bankruptcy and now this license thing. I feel like Teresa is work her but off to pay off the mistakes of her husband. She is truly loyal as i have NEver seen Teresa throw Joe under the bus…NOT ONce. She could have easily done so, given all of the informatio we know now…but she did not. I hope JOe G realizes he has an amazing hardworking and loyal wife. Maybe this will give him some motivation and encouragement to walk a straight line now. Looking at recent pictures of seems they are in a good place now.

    • i agree 100%. the pictures rox got from Teresa’s signing really give the impression joe and teresa are sticking together-

      love this family,,, all the mistakes,,, and they are plenty… are drawing them closer together. i think joe has strayed,,, he has kept things from his wife ….but they love each other. and they are working through this…

      i believe they are working to stick it to joe guidice.
      Who knows what goes on in nj but i find it hard to believe this offense is deserves that a man separated from his family for five years for driving with the incorrect documents.

      Remind me,,, what country is this?

  • Yes they are making a big deal out of it. It wasn’t smart but jail time for something so stupid is ridiculous. There are rapists and child molestors that don’t serve that much jail time, which is sad, there is something wrong with arre justice system when a guy who used his brothers id to get a license is facing more jail time than rapists and child molestors.

    • absolutely truth. police in this day,,, are looking for the ‘big’ publicity. And really push prosecution of ‘non violent’ crimes of average citizens. They have some money, they are not typically violent, and they are used as ‘examples’.

      i believe they are working to stick it to joe guidice, who knows what goes on in nj but i find it hard to believe this offense is deserving of a man separated from his family for five years for driving with the incorrect documents.

      Remind me,,, what country is this?

      • I don’t condone his actions – he should have stayed off the road – period. But getting more time than Conrad Murray, who was clearly negligent and directly endangering someone’s life, doesn’t make sense either. Conrad got only 4 yrs.

        • There is no proof that he ever used the drivers license to drive any car. He was at home when he was arrested.
          I think that he should get community service. He was wrong but sending him to jail is just a waste of more taxpayer money. I like the idea of him working working with at risk teens by teaching them karate. I think it would benefit Joe and the kids. Yes, he did wrong but they should try and make something good come out of this instead of wasting more money on a trial and keeping him in jail.
          The laws on ID theft were increased after 9/11. It was one way that the government was trying to stop another attack by terrorists. I don’t think that Juicy falls into the group.

  • I think having Melissa and Joe for in laws is punishment enough. They are making way too big a deal out of this.

    • I so agree,People on twitter know so much about Joe G..Because of Mel’s Sisters making horrible comments behind Teresa’s & Joe’s back…Melissa will do anything possible as will her sisters to give Teresa’s family the worst Press..Joe may have or may have not did something wrong but he is an excellent father..I wish the best for their family. <3

  • I think so, it would not be the first time a prosecutor or judge decided it was time to exercise their power and “stick it” to someone just because they can and have an agenda. Unfortunately they do have a lot of discretion sometimes and it goes to their heads. Now do I wish Joe G would make better decisions sometimes, yeah, but I can say that about my husband too!