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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Did Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga Argue At Gia’s Birthday? Did Joe Gorga Show Up?

Uh oh…the cameras are off but that doesn’t mean the drama is! Teresa Giudice confirmed to AllAboutTRH exclusively that she hasn’t seen Melissa or Joe since the reunion taping but added how much she loves and misses the family. Melissa and Joe were both invited to Thanksgiving at Teresa’s and Christmas but instead declined her invitation and went to Melissa’s families home to celebrate. As most of you know it was G to the IA birthday a few weeks ago and Joe Gorga didn’t publicly wish Gia a Happy Birthday on twitter BUT  publicly tweeted that he wasn’t invited. Turn’s out he was invited (like he always is) and actually decided to go (or so I thought!) When I asked Teresa if Joe was invited to the birthday, she responded, “We’re throwing Gia a birthday party next week and we sent our invitations and definitely got it by now. Of course I’m going to invite my brother, his wife and my nieces and nephews.”

Melissa then confirmed she was going to the birthday that just happened this past weekend. Teresa celebrated Gia’s birthday at Space Odyssey, ‘the hottest entertainment venue’ and many are wondering if everything went well between the families. Now I’d assume that the first time they see each other since their fall out shouldn’t be Gia’s birthday but that’s just me and Melissa claims they’ve been “busy.” No news on what happened at the party until now….Basically an employee at the Space Odyssey tweeted about the birthday!

She tweeted, “Confused if this lady here for Teresa’s giudice party is Melissa Gorga cause like that’s my b*tch” Her friend confirmed that it probably was Melissa when she said, “I wanted to take a picture with her but I couldn’t cause her and Teresa were arguing and my boss would’ve killed me.” Screenshot of the tweets below

I thought I’d investigate this a little more and find out what went down at the party. I got in contact with another employee who is very familiar with the show and would like to remain anonymous. I asked her how the party was and she told AllAboutTRH exclusive details on what went on at Gia and Milania’s birthday! She says, “I saw Melissa walk in and waited for Joe Gorga to come in because there were a lot of couples at the birthday and I assumed since Joe was the God father he would be at Gia’s birthday but he surprisingly never showed up!” The source adds, “The party had 40 to 50 kids and Teresa’s oldest daughter performed with her dance group. They were also celebrating Milania’s birthday and I know Gia grabbed her on stage too.” When I asked if Melissa and Teresa argued at the birthday, the source tells me exclusively, “I saw them talking and they were very close to each other. It was really loud but it didn’t look like they were arguing.”

Wow! It’s one thing not to show up to Thanksgiving or Christmas but your God daughter’s birthday? Joe was the one complaining that he wasn’t invited and once he is he doesn’t even show up? That’s just sad. Watching season 3 it’s clear how much Gia loves her uncle and it’s heartbreaking to hear that Joe can’t even show up to his own nieces birthday. Whether he is talking to Teresa or not, he should think about the children like he claims he does when he cameras are on! Thoughts?

AllAboutTRH spoke exclusively to the owner of Space Odyssey, Elvira Grau. Elvira felt compelled as the owner to comment on what one of her employers Natalia said. Elvira denied all of Natalia claim’s but confirms that what the anonymous source told me is in fact true! Elvira confirm’s that Joe Gorga didn’t attend the birthday and that from what she saw never once was Melissa and Teresa arguing! Thanks for clearing those rumors up, Elvira!

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  • Its been so nice getting to know you thgourh the show. And I have to say I love love love Teresa and was a bit skeptical of your character at first. But watching you further into the season (even though the cameras DONT show us everything) I have really grown to love you as a person. Just everything about you. Your a very supportive wife. A wonderful mother, I currently struggle with my inlaws. My problems stem from my brother inlaw having a drug problem and he stole all of my jewelry. I love my husband and am currently pregnant with our first child I was wondering how you maintain..all the drama with such a big smile. I feel I’m wearing thin..and I’m losing hope..Hoping for some much needed words of encouragementXoxoTiffany

  • I doubt Elvira, or any owner of a club is going to gossip to the media about a supposed argument between customers. I’m not expecting any honesty there.

  • Actually the Gia’s birthday party was on Sunday. The former Lookers employee only showed up to drop of Antonia before she and lil Joey went to the wicked sisters for “gravy” and for him to go to the shooting range.

    They are pure “garbage”

  • If you read the response posted by anonymous, it proves he did not go to the party (the Wakiles apparently didn’t go either).

    But he and Melissa and Richie and Kathy Wakile did attend the charity ballroom bash for Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s birthday on Jan. 28, which was the same day as Gia’s party.

    A percentage of the proceeds for Maksim’s birthday bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City were donated to St. Mary’s Healthcare System for the children. Tickets for the event were $75 – $200.

    Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Ballroom Birthday Bash
    (212) 840-3262

  • ugggh you ppl just care way too much about other ppl’s life. GET YOUR OWN FREAKING LIVES ALREADY, Im hoping the writer of this blog assumes Im speaking about her.

    I had my child’s bday party this weekend too, some of her aunties and uncles didn’t show up to her party. Does this warrant a blog, NO I HAVE A LIFE.

    Juicy Joe’s going to do some major time, it they were going to give him a 5 yr deal, when he’s found guilty (WHICH HE IS…SO FREAKING guilty) he’s going to do major time. MUUUAHHHH.

  • Gia tweeted yesterda:

    TrueGia Gia Giudice
    I love my Mommy and Daddy because they gave me the BEST eleventh birthday EVER!!!!!!!
    30 Jan

    Too bad the uncle she adores wasn’t man enough to show up. His ego is bigger than his love for his niece. Don’t know who is the bigger narcissist, him or his talentless wife.

    • get over it, some ppl are busy. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, what it means is that you have no life to get upset about it. And you following a 11 yrold on twitter is wrong in so many ways.

  • Great comment by Daisy at Reality Tea on 31 Jan, 2012 at 5:06 pm (Did Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga Get In An Argument At Gia’s Birthday Party? Plus Joe Giudice Rejects Plea Deal In ID Fraud Case!)

    Joe ”hairy” Gorga is a sick man. He really is. He whines all the time like a little girl. He tweeted so that everyone can see that he was never invited, but when he actually was invited, he didn’t show up to his niece’s/goddaughter’s birthday? Wth is that? What kind of uncle/godfather doesn’t show up to something as important as this? Knowing how much Gia loves and adores him? Not to mention how MeHo shows up without Joey speaks volumes on how horrible they are. Why the hell would MeHo show up without her husband? It’ll break Gia’s sweet heart! I know Gia would be sad, upset, maybe even cry because she loves her uncle with all her heart. All she wants is to see her uncle/goddaughter! MeHO showed up just to SAVE FACE, and take pictures with the little girls so that she looks good, and is the center of attention. She wants people to think her and Tre are getting along, and that she is above all the petty drama when she is the CAUSE of it all! What a wench! They are sick fucks! Messing with children’s emotions is just wrong and disgusting!!!!! MeHo knows she has Hairy Joe on a tight leash, so if she told Joe to go, oh trust! He would go! Joe goes to all of his dirty whore of wife’s appearances, but can’t even go to see Gia for just a little bit? UGH! Greedy, SELFISH, egotistical, narcissist, immature, uncaring, dirty FAMEWHORING COUPLE! Andy needs to stop letting them slide, and remove these people from the show.

  • After announcing to the world on twittwe that he wasnt invited …(INCLUDING GIA!) his ass didnt show up? Gia is on twitter.. he KNOWS this.. So Gia sees that he can go shooting with Melissas family, go to dinners with Melissas family but cant spare an hour for her birthday party? How can anyone on earth still defend this POS…

    I also find it amussing that little drops of tea are being deposited everywhere by Melissa and her family .. pushing Joey under the bus because they realize viewers see through them and now they want Joey to take all the blame. It is a matter of time before Mel leaves him. 😉

    Teresa is smart to stay quiet, she owes her PR team a bonus. 😉

  • I think Joe Gorga is a wimp and he is afraid that Juicy Joe might kick his ass for all the pain he has caused Teresa & the family. I don’t blame him. If I acted like a total douche bag then I would be afraid too.

  • This is so sad for the children. I hope Joe told Teresa before the party that he wouldn’t be there and not let her and Gia get their hopes up.

    From the first episode, Joe Gorga blamed Teresa for not having a close relationship with him and getting between him and his parents. NEWS FLASH Joe, if you had been any kind of a son to your parents, it would not have been an issue. How can you blame your sister for YOUR failure to keep a good relationship going with YOUR parents. As a parent myself, there is nothing that one of my children could say or do to turn me against my other child. THEIR actions alone would be what I used to form my own opinion of each child.

    It is not Teresa’s fault you married a snake !!! It is not Teresa’s fault that you let that snake come between you and your parents and your sister. Grow up and work on your relationships with you family and stop blaming everyone else for where YOU fall short. It is so obivious to so many people how you are manipulated by Melissa …. why can’t you see what is going on? Melissa puts her own twist on everything and you take her word on everything instead of listening to your family.

    Try spending time alone with your family. The truth is, your family doesn’t like her and you should not try to force her on them. I mean really , she is not someone anyone except you, would want to take home to Mamma.

    The song “Crazy Bitch” comes to mind when I think of Melissa and how she has a hold on you. That is all she is good for. Send her back to the poll and rekindle your relationship with your True Family.

  • “Melissa tries to portray herself as a saint by saying if it weren’t for her, Joe would not have gone at all.”

    This is a comment from a blog post about Gia’s gymnastic meet, and it applies to Gia’s birthday party as well. Melissa is up to the same ole tricks.

    Jay Mohr covered this in his blog very well:,0&nxa=blog%3AThe%20Real%20Housewives%20o%20%20%20f%20New%20Jersey%20Season%203%3AShowdown

    And so does this blogger (here’s an excerpt):

    Do you remember when we first met Melissa? Sure Melissa appeared naïve and full of herself, but initially Melissa didn’t seem as much of a nut as Teresa appears to be. We learned that Melissa was the youngest in her family. She is ten years younger than her two older sisters and her sisters like to baby and protect her. Melissa was also the focus of her father’s attention and he encouraged her to believe she was just soooo talented and he wanted her to be recognized for her greatness.

    As the season developed, it became clear Melissa internalized this message. Apparently she was not helped to understand how to exist as part of group without the spotlight. What a shock it must have been when she got married and had to deal with her in-laws. Apparently she was not treated like the center of attention when she was with the Gorgas. This must have been quite an insult to Melissa’s narcissistic sense of self. Most people are aware that when you get married, part of the bargain is dealing with in-laws. For some this is a great bonus; for many more, it is not so great.

    In fact, it is often a challenge to figure out how to keep everyone happy by helping your husband and your kids have a good relationship with people who do not love you as much as, or in the same way, they love their son or their grandchildren. Point blank, sometime you have to not be the center of attention; sometimes you have to cope with being uncomfortable. Melissa’s difficulty with this was so clear when she and Joe went to Gia’s gymnastics meet.

    In one scene we see Melissa standing apart from the Gorgas and observing as her husband is hugging and being hugged by his nieces who he has not seen in quite a while. And Melissa is watching this and says, “I feel so empty.”

    She complains no one is paying attention to her, as if this family doesn’t have enough on its plate with aging sick parents, a fractured brother-sister relationship, Teresa and Joe’s money problems and their facing possible jail time.

    As far as problems go, this family is at saturation point. A smart women would step aside and give her in-laws some space to get in touch with the love they have for each other and figure out how to go forward in a healthier way. This family doesn’t need another problematic person who requires special treatment to reinforce her specialness when all this going on and there are children involved.

    Later on Melissa tries to portray herself as a saint by saying if it weren’t for her, Joe would not have gone at all. Well, part of her job is encouraging him to spend time with his nieces, but this needs to be followed by Melissa accepting not being the center of attention and accepting some discomfort so that the Gorgas can work on some of their problems.

    Melissa is a grown woman. Joey G and Gia have a special relationship. Can’t she step aside for a moment? Finally, if she can’t help her husband make peace with his family, surely she should not throw gasoline on the fire by trying not to antagonize the situation, because if she does, there will be an explosion.

    And this is just what happened. Joey G exploded onto this show in the first episode, when he called his sister “garbage” and then went on an attack rampage to get at his sister’s husband. He sat at a table with Melissa and her family and they all chimed in against Teresa. What did they expect?

  • OK: this is it, Melissa said everone think the fued is between her and the Teresa when it’s really between Joey and his sister and she’s done everythingt to get them back togather so here’s her chance to show every body it’s not her, so she’s tells Joey not to go to the party and she will go, this will show everyone I’m not the bad person but you are the bad person Joey and Im sweet and loving and just want my husband and his family back togather and Joey can’t see he’s just been used again. poor, poor Joey.


    • I’m no Melissa fan by ANY stretch of the imagination. I can’t stand her, think she’s a total snake and she’s the reason that I most likely won’t be watching the next season of my favorite housewives series. However, I don’t think she’s that calculating. I think Joe is a big enough douche to say that he’s not going to Gia’s party and Melissa decide to take the kids on her own. When Teresa wrote him that letter, he admitted to purposely ignoring her calls despite her attempt to make amends. I wouldn’t put it past him to blow off Gia’s party with no prodding from his wife.

      Unless he has a legitimate excuse for not going in which case I take all of that back. I doubt it, though.

      • Oh she is that calulating, I met her and she is a total bitch. I totally feel bad for anyone who has to deal with her. I think Melissa and Joe are both very bad people and there is a motive behind everything they do, scary.

      • We all tend to forget that Melissa has a degree in Psycology. She knows the means to manipulate and to turn stuff around so she looks like the victim.

        No one is more calculating than those who possess the knowledge of psycological manipulation stragedies.

    • Melissa went but acted cold. She went to take pictures with Teresa’s kids and try to fool people, lying and deceiving is what she is best at.

  • Gia’s Birthday Party was on the 28th, Saturday.

    TrueGia Gia Giudice
    Getting ready for my birthday party!! Getting my hair done!! Do excited for my party!! 🙂
    28 Jan

    No tweets from Joe Gorga on Saturday, but the following are from Friday and Sunday:

    Joe Gorga
    Whats up gorgeous hanging with my brother in laws they think your a doll RT @MacieMcIntosh: @joegorga @kimpirrella gravy ???????? @LysaSimpson
    29 Jan

    Joe Gorga
    At the shooting range with my brother in law @scottie_simpson, I’m a better shot!!!
    29 Jan

    Joe Gorga
    Bull SAUCE! RT @kimpirrella: You mean the gravy! It’s on! “@joegorga: @kimpirrella on r way get the pot of sauce ready”
    29 Jan

    Joe Gorga
    @kimpirrella on r way get the pot of sauce ready
    29 Jan

    Joe Gorga
    @LysaSimpson on the way miss u guys!!!!
    29 Jan

    Joe Gorga
    Hanging with Laurita and Randy (sugar) my boys
    27 Jan

    Joe and Melissa have been busy attending other events lately:
    The NYC premiere of ‘One for the Money’ on Jan. 24.
    Cafe Buonaro in Naperville, IL, for a ‘Meet and Greet’ on Jan 22.
    Spin nightclub in Chicago to judge a drag queen competition on Jan. 21

    • This tweeting is so unnecessary. They could text this. Is it not enough that didn’t show to gia’s birthday but he needs to stick the knife in and twist it by tweeting hanging out with Melissa’s disgusting family. Melissa and Joe are horrible, you don’t play games with childrens hearts. And Melissa you know what you were doing showing up to gia’s birthday without your husband, you’re the queen if manipulation and games. I’m sorry but a get so mad because Teresa’s children don’t deserve the bullshit games for fame seeking that Melissa and Joe play. I hope Teresa cuts them off for good after this stunt.

    • They were also out party with Maksim from DWTS at his paid to attend birthday party. I guess Teresa need to have cameras and the press at Gia’s party in order to her brother there. He is turning into a bigger famewhore that his wife.

  • If you read the response posted by anonymous, it proves he did not go to the party.

    Anoynmous on January 30, 2012 at 11:01 am said:

    My daughter goes to school with Gia and we were both invited. Let me just start off by saying the birthday was a blast and Teresa is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Gia did perform with her dance crew and she did a beautiful job. I’m shocked that she doesn’t shy away. The party was really loud and really fun. Teresa was all over the place making sure everyone was having a good time especially her children. I saw Melissa come and a lot of us watch the show and know what’s going on. Melissa barely gave Teresa attention. She actually grabbed Milania a few times to take photos with her. Joe never showed up! A lot of us were shocked but tried not to speak about it. We don’t want to look like gossipers! lol. You can see there is tension with Melissa and Teresa but Teresa was being really nice to Melissa while I saw Melissa be distant and make sure to grab the girls and take photos (probably to put them on her website or something)

    Still shocked Joe didn’t show. A lot of husbands were in attendance. Sad what’s going on with the family but I kind of think Melissa is smart. She show’s up to the party takes photos with the girls and will soon post them and everyone will think how big it was of her to come..

    I don’t know but my heart does go out for Teresa. She is a great person even though I barely know her

  • Glad the part about the argument wasn’t true. Still side-eyeing Joe for not showing up after tweeting that he wanted to be invited.

  • Roxanne, great job on getting the truth about Teresa & Mel. Glad that the day went well for the both of them and especially for the children.

    Roxanne sure has a knack for getting details that nobody else has…#1 site for hw gossip. 🙂

  • wow joe makes it public on twitter that he would have loved to be at gia’s mini party with her grandparents… but doesnt even show up to the official birthday party? what is he even trying to say by doing so? bad brother. joe, remeber that tweet the day after the fashion show, blood is thicker than water, unless you have ice running through your veins… smh, joe gorga, you ungrateful hypocrite

  • First he tweeted to twitterland that he wasn’t invited to Gia birthday, now he got an official invite, and he couldn’t turn up to his neicesgoddaughter birthday, but the night before he was out with Chris Laurita, Jacqueline husband, and the day after the birthday tweeted his wife’s sister about how much he misses them, and he was on his way… Teresa needs to move on with her life without him

  • Melissa tweets and twats about everything but doesn’t tweet about the party. Just goes to show you what type of person she is.

  • I know this is off topic but am I the only one that saw that Gabriella has a twitter now? @fauxgabriellag lol it is only a matter of time before Audriana gets one. Or jax son Cj

  • The gorga’s are sick i would hate to have joe gorga as a brother he’s is that kind of guy if teresa was in high school and got teased by some guys he would just walk away. I really do think they are saving the drama for season 5 to make Tresa look bad and it looks like Joe doesn’t want his sister to get back on her feet cause now he has all for her old friends and gains up on her and allows are her old friends to do it too. It’s so funny on the show he makes a comment saying that Teresa treats her friends Caroline and Jac better then her own family but know he is doing the same thing with them but he treats his sister are she is not even alive and from the looks of it doesn’t even care

    • I seriously think if Caroline comes back for season 5, she is going to stay neutral. If you read her tweets, her family has gotten close to the Maras ( owners of the NY Giants). She is distancing herself from Melissa and Joe and is smart to do so. When she sided with Melissa and Joe, she went against her family beliefs of on family. You can’t preach to not to go against your family in public when you stand behind people that do.

      • I hope to god the Manzos DONT come back for season 5. After watching Season 3 I find Caroline a vile, backstabbing piece of shit. While they are at it they ought to get rid of Kathy…..most boring housewife to date.

    • I have to agree with this 100%. I have mentioned before that I work with disabled adults and Joe Gorga exhibits most of the behaviors of the disabled adults I work with, one of them being the inability to ever become embarrassed. And I will say it again because I just can’t get over it, but in every photograph I have ever seen of him, he looks exactly like my clients, that vacant look, not smiling, not looking at the camera. He is just a little too old to have been diagnosed. When he was in grade school his parents were probably told he needed extra help with reading, or that he had dyslexia. There were not the resources we have now.

      • If it isn’t at a gay bar or an appearance at a baked spagetti dinner for $85.92 Joe ain’t going. He such a big star, that he wants to get paid. Plus he couldn’t whip off his shirt and start air humping so he wasn’t interested. His parents must be soo proud of him!

  • I hope that the reports that Joey didn’t show up for Gia’s party are wrong. Personally I think that Joey is embarrassed by his acts at the Christening and doesn’t want to be around Juicy’s family. In my opinion that was the main reason he didn’t want to go the Christmas at Teresa the last 2 years or Thanksgiving. He knows that he is wrong but doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions.
    If the former Lookers employee did take Antonia to the party for Gia and Milinia who is her best buddy that good for her. I don’t care so much if she did it for the spot light or to claim that she is “the nice one” as long as those two girls got a chance to see each other. I love watching them with they have a change to see each other. The screams, the hugs all tell me how much Antonia and Milinia love and miss being together.

    • If you read the blog posted by anonymous, it proves he did not go to the party. I also feel that Joe is embarrassed to show his face to the Guidices. He grew up with these people and they loved him like family. I think Melissa and her family are forcing him not to take responsibility for his actions. As long as there is drama between these two families, then Melissa stays relevant. Her singing will not open doors for opportunities like Teresa’s cookbooks did for her. Melissa knows it. The tide turned against her in November when she attacked Roxy and her website. This website became the voice of the people who think it’s disgusting to trash your family for the opportunity of fame. Now you see Roxy’s blogs being referenced by other bloggers. The backlash against Melissa and Joey is spreading. They need to owe up to what they did.

      • Sorry, my computer froze so I wasn’t able to read the above post before the computer finally finished posting my message.
        I agree with you that the former Lookers employee’s family does not make Joey take responsibility for his actions. Instead the sister hang all over him as we have seen on the show in all the pictures they post on facebook and tweeter.
        I sure hope that Melissa doesn’t post any pictures from the party. It was not her party so she would have no other reason to post other than to feed her need to be in the spotlight. We will see. Actions speak 10 times louder than words. So far her actions and Joey actions show they are complete liars and famewhores. They trashed his family on national TV all to promote themseves and her music career. A career that will go nowhere since she has no talent.

    • That is completely illogical. Joe was at Milania’s B-Day which happened after the Christening. This party is more than a year later and he has graced his presence at other Birthday parties. Nice try, but no cigar.

      • He was at Milinia party with his wife last year because it was filmed for the show. The same reason he showed up for a hour on Christmas Eve. They didn’t go to the birthday party for the young girls this year because they said the son had a fever but they were party with Andy that night. Joey could have taken his 2 other kids to the younger girls birthday and left his wife at home with his sick son if her really wanted to be with his family. Of course there were no cameras this year so no Joey. Have to wonder if the little boy was sick or just another excuse.
        Bottom line Joey is “garbage” for not going to Gia and Milina’s birthday party. NO EXCUSE for such bad behavior. Especially since he spent the whole next day with her family again.

      • Umm, they haven’t spoken since the Posche fashion show, so I doubt he went because they are all hanging by a thread for a reason to hate/blame Teresa. Those ppl hold grudges like nobody’s business.

  • My daughter goes to school with Gia and we were both invited. Let me just start off by saying the birthday was a blast and Teresa is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Gia did perform with her dance crew and she did a beautiful job. I’m shocked that she doesn’t shy away. The party was really loud and really fun. Teresa was all over the place making sure everyone was having a good time especially her children. I saw Melissa come and a lot of us watch the show and know what’s going on. Melissa barely gave Teresa attention. She actually grabbed Milania a few times to take photos with her. Joe never showed up! A lot of us were shocked but tried not to speak about it. We don’t want to look like gossipers! lol. You can see there is tension with Melissa and Teresa but Teresa was being really nice to Melissa while I saw Melissa be distant and make sure to grab the girls and take photos (probably to put them on her website or something)

    Still shocked Joe didn’t show. A lot of husbands were in attendance. Sad what’s going on with the family but I kind of think Melissa is smart. She show’s up to the party takes photos with the girls and will soon post them and everyone will think how big it was of her to come..

    I don’t know but my heart does go out for Teresa. She is a great person even though I barely know her

    • Thank you for the update. I hope that the pic’s Melissa took were only of her kids with Teresa’s kids and that Melissa was not in those pictures.

      Again, thank you for the info. 🙂

      • Thanks for the update. Teresa seems like a fun person to know even just a little. I think its nice that she worked so hard to welcome people to the party and make sure everyone was having fun.

      • I bet anything Melissa is in all the pictures unless she posts pictures of JUST Teresas kids. She is only doing this to benifit herself.. after all SHE is the only one who matters.. Cant wait to see how her nasty witch sisters defend this one.

    • Thank you for posting this. It just confirms what we already know, Teresa is a good and gracious person, and Melissa is all about appearances and being fake.

      Joe is such a jerk. I can’t believe he didn’t go. Can’t blame this one on Melissa.

      Poor Gia… How do you explain all of this horrible adult BS to such an adorable child? I hope she had a great time with her friends and the rest of her family.

      • Why wouldn’t Joey go after commenting on Twitter that he wished he got an invite. The ONLY thing I can think of is…. Melissa didn’t want him to go. She’s been trying to prove to us for a long time that it is Joey who has the problem with Teresa NOT her. She wants us to believe that she is NOT the cause of this family problem. She thinks that by her showing up to the party and Joey NOT showing up that we will finally see that this IS Joey’s fault NOT hers. I think the whole thing was planned to make MG look good, too bad we’re too smart for her.

  • Joe Gorga is such a sad little man. Melissa only went because her new storyline is, I’m trying so hard to be friends. BS.

  • I won’t believe it until Teresa confirms that he didn’t show up. If she does confirm, then he is scum. He tweets his SIL asking if the gravy is on. Gravy? For the mashed potatoes? It’s freaking sauce, idiot. He’s at the shooting range with his BIL. If this man didn’t show up for his goddaughter’s b-day, but can make time for those pieces of shit, then he truly is the lowest piece of scum on earth.

    • Yup… I when to chk out his twitter to see if he posted something about the b-party and saw those comments too…he needs to grow up

        • Wendy Williams is disgusting and cssoring the line when she starts insinuating that there’s some kind of incest thing going on with Teresa and Joey. I think Teresa has made it pretty clear that growing up she and Joey were best friends and were close. They had no other family here other than Kathy, so it’s only natural for siblings to have a close relationship. I think in Teresa’s head family is number one no matter what even when you’re married. Spouses come and go, but blood family is forever. She expected her and their immediate family to come first, not Melissa and his in-laws. And I actually agree with that. Melissa and Kathy have nothing to talk about if it isn’t about Teresa. And FYI Melissa, who care if Teresa didn’t get Joey a birthday present? Melissa didn’t even have a birthday party for him, so Teresa may have forgotten his birthday. i don’t remember all my neices, nephews, cousins, etc.. birthday unless they tell me they’re having a party or I’m reminded of it. It’s natural. But Teresa had birthday parties for her kids and Melissa STILL dropped off the presents at the pre-school. Not making excuses for Teresa, but Melissa spins everything around and constantly tries to manipulate things so that she’s the victim.

    • hmmm well now this is interesting. I am going to see If I can find this out. Golfing with the in laws.Interesting. I do believe that at this stage of the saga,it back fired in Joe Gorgas face and now he does not know how to fix the mess he has created.OR he simply has always hated his sister..

  • In my best Helen Lovejoy voice “The children! Won’t someone please think of the children!” I could care less about adults behaving badly, in this situation the oldest child is Gia who just turned 11 (?). All this reality tv crap is effecting them.

    Just speaking for myself but I don’t find anything entertaining about tearing a family apart. I don’t like to see children crying because they can’t stay with their cousins or because their mom and uncle don’t get along. Especially when the dysfunction is mostly created with the help of producers.

    Its one thing to be teased because of what your parents do on tv, that’s bad enough but when your family was fine before the show and now its constant fighting all the time.

    • The family wasn’t fine before the show. Before they joined their feud was going on for 6 years. The only thing was that they were able to hide it from the kids because they could make excuses then. Tre still invited them to things and they attended. This time too many ppl are in their ears validating their bad behavior and they have new allies in the Lauritas and Manzos, plus tv connections. Being on the show was the worst thing that could happen to that family and the Gorgas and Wakiles should be ashamed for their evilness and greed.

      • Enough is enough Teresa needs to move on without them they have done nothing but start trouble from day one. They are nothing but trash and all they do is lie. And Joe Gorga is jealous of his wife that’s why he has to be everywhere she is. It’s all an act he puts on to make it look like he isn’t. Believe me that idiot is scared to death because he knows she’s a gold digger and when the money runs out so will she.

  • MG is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t with you people. If she hadn’t gone to GG’s bday party, it would have been said she’s not a good aunt. But she did go and now it’s being said she only went because she is a famewhore. Make up your mind guys. Either she went because she just wants to look good or she went because it was her niece’s party. All of the facts are not in this story anyway…I will with hold my judgments until we find out if he went from a credible source, not someone who was suppose to be working and not star watching.

    • I can say the same thing about Teresa when it comes to Melissa fans, which is few and far between now. Melissa going to the party was nice, I just think we need more information like did she bring the kids? Or how long did she stay, ya know the small stuff.

    • She went because she has come out of her coma of stupidity long enough to realize that Teresa is the star of the show and without her Melissa wouldn’t have a job. She went because if it ever comes up in a fight she can say, I went to the party. You hear that I went to the party! Can you imagine how much interest there would be in a show about Melissa, Caroline, Jax, and the cousin? ZERO. Bravo knows it and the cast knows it and more importantly Teresa knows it. Melissa does not do anything that does not do anything that she does not think will benefit her. Basically she went to the party to kiss Teresa’s ring.

      • Do you know MG personally? If you don’t then, how can you say why she went to the party? To bring up in a future situation is laughable…like I stated before, I’ll wait to pass judgment until I see a credible source has confirmed or denied what the story says. And I think people would still watch if TG wasn’t on the show. People love a trainwreck, and people who don’t like them would love to watch and say; see I told you their show would be boring. So that would still bring in viewers.

        • Sweat pea read the anonymous blog. It was posted by somebody who attended the party. Joe was not there and Teresa won’t admit to it because she does not want to hurt her parents.

          • If this was their granddaughter’s party, then they would have been there and would already know that JG didn’t show up. So how would TG hurt them if she is just stating something they themselves know to be the truth?

          • Please explain how it is obvious, and I honestly want to know. Because in my family no one would get upset by someone telling the truth no matter how hurt ful.

        • Sweetpea, I am gay, I met or should I say accidentally bumped into Melissa at a club and OMG she is such a bitch! She was soooo mean! So she isn’t a nice person and after experiencing what she is really like I am totally disgusted by her and I liked her because I believed all the lies she said on the show but she is not the person she makes herself out to be. Truth!

          • Marky…I have no clue why you put that you were gay. That has nothing to do with me or the conversation we were having, but whatever. And I dont care what MG is like in person because I think everyone who puts their life on tv has some type of problem.

      • I honestly don’t believe this. Everyone has taken on such negative, jaded opinion of MG. I personally am not a big fan of hers either. But give her a break. She attended her neice’s birthday and brought her girl’s to their cousins’ party because they’re family. It’s the right and natural thing to do. There were no cameras. It was a private function. There’s no ‘ulterior motive’ here. If Joe didn’t attend, then that’s on him but please don’t chide MG for actually doing the right thing this time.

        • If she posts the pictures on her site then I will say it was all for show and to feed her need for the spot light. If she doesn’t post anything then I will so “good for her for doing the right thing for her daughter” Only time will tell what her true reason for going to the party was.

          • This is about Joe Gorga or have you not read the article. He didn’t show, but if he were my husband he would have gone. He is the uncle by blood and godfather. It was his duty to be there and therefore Melissa’s duty to see to he was there. That is what any normal person would have done to say otherwise is just ridiculous.

    • Sweatpea,

      You are completely wrong. This article is about Joe Gorga and the fact HE IS Gia’s Godfather and uncle. He did not show. Melissa is only secondary. Joe should have been there. He is family. Mel is only family by marriage.

      Joe Gorga’s act of indifference to his niece and goddaughter is quite defining. Joe Gorga is trash.

      Melissa came solely for the fact that if she didn’t we would all know about it. Melissa does not need any more bad press. But, if Joe Gorga were my husband I would make damn sure he was there. Joe Gorga’s blatant indifference demonstrates his lack of honestly and ideas of family.

      • Jennifer, you are correct that this article was about JG, but the first comments were regarding MG. So I was commenting on how people are going to find fault in anything she does. Regarding JG going to the bday party…you are also correct that he should have gone no matter what. But as far as MG making sure he was there…Idk about your husband but when mine doesn’t want to do something NO ONE can make him do it. Not me, his mother, grandmother no one.

        • Ok I’m lol at this!! Mel doesn’t deserve a break! Yes she attended Gia’s bday party. Recall Joes tweet about not being invited on Gia’s bday?!? I hope there’s a valid reason why he didn’t attend. He and his wife received an invite for Christmas. Who knows why Mel showed up at the bday party?!? Maybe bc she looks like a bitch for dissing T for Christmas?

    • She shouldn’t have went without her husband. We are sick of the games, you can’t play games with childrens feelings it’s disgusting, they put Teresa’s kids through enough and they’re still playing games. Teresa needs to wash her hands of them.

    • Yes, MG is damned period. No one would give a rat’s a$$ is MG went to the party or not EXCEPT for the fact that she is always blabbing on how her and Joey don’t get invited to anything by Teresa. When Teresa did invite them, they didn’t go and shame on them. But NOW it is TOO late to fix it. They showed their true colors and NOW when they DO go it is because of all of the heat they took from not going. It is insincere and THAT is why she’s still taking heat. IF she made those efforts in the beginning, great, but to make the efforts AFTER the fact, when the viewers are all commenting about it, really…. it means NOTHING.

    • Joe not going was just another way for them to hurt Teresa and her kids. Melissa is a cold monster and she had no right showing up without her piece of shit husband. He complained on twitter he didn’t have an invite and then doesn’t show. Melissa and Joe have serious mental problems and are sick for playing games with childrens hearts. Do they like making gia cry? Does that get them off

      • I believe they use Gia’s love for Joey as a way to hurt Teresa. It’s pretty much all they have left.

  • I agree with all the above posts! Mel took to twitter last night,but did not mention the BD party at all.As per Mel it was all about her.Season 4 comes on this April.She was tweeting about her songs..Well I mean no ill will but Joes parents aren’t getting any younger.I wish for his parents & the sake of his beautiful niece Gia he would let things go.He does go EVERYWHERE with Melissa.I heard he is a very jealous husband..I hope I can even watch season 4…It is so full of lies from all cast members but Teresa.I am not all Pro Teresa,but am learning she is the only one telling the way it is & not faking for the show.Good job AllAboutTRH..You always get the true stories!

    • He’s definitely very jealous. I think that’s pretty obvious from watching the show. If you’ve ever seen the clip on Bravo of Melissa at dance class, Joe didn’t want her dancing with her dance instructor because he’s a guy. He thinks every man in the world wants his wife. Every straight man in the world is not attracted to your wife, Joe Gorga.

      • I disagree. I think that jealousy display when Mel was dancing was an act for Bravo to keep that segment interesting. Otherwise why would we need to watch Melissa have a dance lesson.

        I don’t think Joe is jealous at all. He brags “yo- that’s my wife!” when she’s on stage barely wearing anything. A jealous man would never let his wife (and mother of his children) dress like that and be ‘On Display, On Display, On Display.’

        I do think Joe is a baby who throws temper tantrums. He is a fameseeker, just like his wife. He is so ridiculous towards his family. I think he does it because he knows he can get away with it. I think Teresa and her parents should cut him off. There’s no reason to put up with such abuse.

        • I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I think she’s his trophy for sure and he’s whipped so if she says she’s going onstage in a thong, he’ll let her because she said so and he’s a punk. I fully believe he thinks everyone wants her and has a jealous streak, though.

      • Straight men don’t find Melissa attractive at all, she has a huge forehead and a ugly face, not to mention she’s a horrible person which makes her even more ugly.

        Melissa and Joe need to leave Teresa and her family alone, all they do is lie and hurt.

      • I don’t know about jealousy because a jealous man wouldn’t keep telling ppl to grope his wife or even want her wearing skanky clothes or running out of bathrooms on national tv in a towel. I think he is just WHIPPED and a punk who lets his wife have him wrapped around her little finger.

    • I don’t think he’s jealous. She’s his trinket. He displays her like a doll and told Greggy to fondle her.

      • I have to agree with this. He acts more like her pimp than her husband. This is not a real marriage, it is a financial arrangement.

  • I agree Teresa needs to just move on. We all know the Gorgas are trash. The only reason Melissa went was to try and stay relevant because as long as Teresa stays away from them they got nothing because the only reason they got as far as they have is because of Teresa. I’m curious does Joe Gorga even work anymore or does he just follow Melissa around what happened to his good work ethnic lol. He must know deep down that his wife is trash and can’t trust her. There’s no way they can live the rich lifestyle on whatever it is she’s making.

  • Also, funny how Melissa ranted about Gia not being at the christening and how T&G should have pulled her out of whatever she was doing because “family comes first in my house” yet her pathetic wimp of a husband couldn’t be arsed to attend the birthday party of the niece that he’ll “always be there for”. Hypocrisy, thy surname is Gorga.

    • I believe the phrase that tis appropriate her is “GARBAGE”!!! For all his ranting an raving about how much Gia means to him apparently, not so much. He is one sad, little man, that is an awful of of pride he is carrying around. Yeah he is full of “poison” but not he kind he thinks!

  • Joey will have a good excuse, they probably planned it this way so Melissa can say ‘look how hard I’m trying, I even went by myself to the party.’ They don’t care about fixing things and being real, they just want fame and for fans to go to the M side, So they’ll do it however they have to.

    • Exactly! Melissa went for one reason only…to make herself look good. Her husband belongs in the gutter! And I think he was tweeting the same day about being with his trashy in-laws!

    • Exactly what I thought. Melissa probably told Joe not to show. She wanted to look better for being the only one that did, like she’s trying and he’s not. Makes me think badly of both Gorga’s. Pretty sad to put this media game above your family. The little girls are the ones that suffer. Teresa too, lets face it, that would hurt her also and his parents. Melissa and Joe are selfish.

      • Teresa’s children are always suffering! They are always crying for their uncle, especially Gia. How would MeHO and Hairy Joe like it if they always saw their daughter cry????? Huh??? Imagine if Teresa does all the shit they pull? They would have complained to Teresa about every little thing! Her kids will get it! Well, maybe. Teresa doesn’t treat their kids like crap! MeHO & JoeHO are so fucking disgusting and embarrassing to the human race! I have some shitty family members who are two-face, but they aren’t stupid, and aren’t nearly as bad as these monkeys!

  • Joe Gorga is an a*hole. Unless he has a legitimate excuse for not being there which I doubt.

    Melissa should have just stayed home. I feel for the children who are the innocent parties in this ridiculous feud, but as I always say, sometimes you have to love your certain family members from afar. I’d rather my kids not see a particular set of relatives than have them see me always arguing with said relatives. No one is worth stressing yourself out. Family or not.

  • I can’t wait to hear Joe Gorga’s excuse for this one and I do believe that if Teresa & Melissa were that close to each others faces some shit was definitely said I can just see “little miss half ass doing it” saying something smart to Teresa like your brother isn’t coming because u sent an invitation in the mail instead of calling him! LOL Teresa is damned if she does and damned if she dont because Melissa is never going to let there be peace she is to jealous and obsessed with Teresa and probably only went to the party so she can have something else to sell the tabloids with her broke ass! Nice try bitch but we got your # LOL I new all I needed to know after the very first episode she was on! Gold digging fame seeking fame whore that would like to make a dress out of Teresa and wear her like last years versachi!

    • Lol Lisa. If Joe didn’t show and sent Mel to represent there is no explaining this away. I’ve been out of the loop for a few days and BAM the famewhore is at it again. Who was the employee referring to as gorgeous? Mel or Teresa?
      Mel and T were close to each other while speaking. Duh, Mel only needs to show her ass and play victim for the camera. She was probably making some lame excuse for Joe not showing. Mel knows her 15 minutes are up. Haha she was probably pissed that she wasn’t asked to preform at the party.
      Another great one Roxanne! I’m sure there’s more to come. Mel will start damage control with excuses if Joe didn’t show.

  • Haha ashlee tweeted that she is taking the train from NYC to LA, a 2-3 day trip bc she’s too scared to fly. grow a pair, kid. seriously, wish my job let me take off 2 months for xmas. lucky girl.

    • she is taking the train because she does not have a job that pays meney and can’t afford the airfare. Ashlee go to school and get a education.

  • Wow! If M showed up, then Joey has not one reason to miss out on his neice/goddaughters party.. I’m sorry but Tre just needs to cut the cord and move on. They are just too toxic.

    • I totally agree Melissa and Joe are too toxic. All they do is play games with peoples emotions, tell lies and use Teresa for their own personal gain. Playing games with childrens emotions is inhumane. Melissa had no right going to Gia’s birthday without Joe, she knows how much that will hurt Gia, I’m starting to wonder if they like making Teresa and her girls cry, they are effing sick in the head. Melissa went just to use Teresa again, she was cold, she grabbed Teresa’s girls to take some pics so she could say she went and she left. Melissa knows how much Gia loves her uncle and showing up without Joe was WRONG! YOU DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH CHILDRENS HEARTS YOU SICK FUCKS! I’m so pissed by this. If I were Teresa I would NEVER let either of them around my children again, i’d be done.

      • AMEN! PREACH ON! I totally agree everything you just said. I was thinking the same things. MeHO is just sick and ill like that. She has serious problems! Joe is an effin douche bag, but this ugly witch could have made him come. She controls him like crazy, and she definitely has him on a tight leash! She should have used sex to get him to go. She’s dirty that way, but if it’ll make my Sweet Gia happy, then so be it. They have fuccn twisted minds, and Gia doesn’t deserve all this pain from this whore & her hairy husband! Fuccn TOOLS!

  • Has he said anything on twitter ??? Or has anyone asked him if he went? Or asked teresa if he showed up? I’m kinda with holding jugdement till its proven he didn’t go cuz it really doesn’t make much sense if melissa went but he didn’t…and did she bring the kids with her??? If he didn’t go, what was his excuse??? I have a bunch of questions on this…

    • Honestly after all this I think that JOE is the problem in the family not Melissa. People just assume it is Melissa because they don’t want to believe joe is that crap of a family member. Remember audriana’s christening? Joe was not there but MELISSA was. And when Audriana was born Teresa had to call joe on the phone he didn’t go to the hospital. Also they were so late to Gia’s gymnastics event how much you want to be Melissa had to drag joe to that too. Melissa is a famewhore that can’t sing but I do believe she is attempting to have a family. It was joe getting in the way all along this proves it. Tell me why Melissa went to this party & not joe.

      • Joe and Melissa both are. They both lie and they both use Teresa. Melissa showed up so she can have something else to talk about to keep herself relevant, she was cold while there, grabbed Teresa’s girls to take pictures to prove she was there and left. I don’t call that anything but using! And I’m sorry but Melissa has Joe totally whipped if she wanted him to go he would’ve been there.

  • Oh but he’ll DEFINITLEY show up if it’s for an appearance with MG! I thought he’s always “SO BUSY WORKING?” wasn’t that his excuse of why he couldn’t see his dad that often? But yet he has time to try and be a housewife? Why does he have to go to EVERY appearance with MG? They are both famewhores!!!!

  • Basically she washed her face and really had no heart to be there .Joe one day he’ll wake
    Up from his 15 mins and realize people are making fun of him. why not tweet to the world a happy birthday or love the party to Gia . Why follow her in twitter because it looks good . Perhaps their saving all this drama for season 5 filming .
    Pardon my language but Melissa a bitch all for money and game her and her husband .
    So Teresa but there comes a time you need to block
    People even if it’s family .

    • I bet you top dollar that if Bravo camera’s were there…JOE Gorga would have made an appearance at the birthday party. The only reason that mego made an appearance was the fact that Teresa stated she sent the invitation to them in response to Joe and Melissa twitting they weren’t invited. Melissa had to save face and act like she is “trying”. I am praying that Teresa peeps game and keeps her distance from these two loosers. Like i said before… can love your brother from a distance. Him and his trashy wife and trashy sister in laws can kick rocks.

      • I agree! Joe Gorga makes me sick! He doesn’t give a damn about Gia. No doubt he’d go if the cameras were rolling! He bitches and acts like a little girl when it comes to the cameras so the viewers can maybe feel sympathetic towards him. Don’t fall for his bullshit! He bitches and complains about not being invited, and when he got invited he doesn’t bother coming to his own goddaughter’s birthday party? That’s effin SHADY and FUCKKED UP, and that goes to show, once again, how screwed up he & his wife are!

        MeHO showed up just to save face, and take a bunch of pictures because she always wants to be the center of attention. Even at Gia’s birthday party. This ugly whore is disgusting, and Teresa should STAY AWAY FROM HER TOXIC, WHINY LITTLE BROTHER, AND HIS UGLY WHORE OF A WIFE!

        They are the biggest famewhores ever! They beat Traylor Trash, and that’s hard to beat that witch!

    • Joe gorga is such a douchebag and his wife is a dirtbag because she has that douche by the balls and she could’ve had him go with a snap of her fingers. Melissa is either behind him not going or she only cares about turning around her bad press so she went, which would explain why all she cared about was getting pictures with Teresa’s kids.