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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Did Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga Argue At Gia’s Birthday? Did Joe Gorga Show Up?

Uh oh…the cameras are off but that doesn’t mean the drama is! Teresa Giudice confirmed to AllAboutTRH exclusively that she hasn’t seen Melissa or Joe since the reunion taping but added how much she loves and misses the family. Melissa and Joe were both invited to Thanksgiving at Teresa’s and Christmas but instead declined her invitation and went to Melissa’s families home to celebrate. As most of you know it was G to the IA birthday a few weeks ago and Joe Gorga didn’t publicly wish Gia a Happy Birthday on twitter BUT  publicly tweeted that he wasn’t invited. Turn’s out he was invited (like he always is) and actually decided to go (or so I thought!) When I asked Teresa if Joe was invited to the birthday, she responded, “We’re throwing Gia a birthday party next week and we sent our invitations and definitely got it by now. Of course I’m going to invite my brother, his wife and my nieces and nephews.”

Melissa then confirmed she was going to the birthday that just happened this past weekend. Teresa celebrated Gia’s birthday at Space Odyssey, ‘the hottest entertainment venue’ and many are wondering if everything went well between the families. Now I’d assume that the first time they see each other since their fall out shouldn’t be Gia’s birthday but that’s just me and Melissa claims they’ve been “busy.” No news on what happened at the party until now….Basically an employee at the Space Odyssey tweeted about the birthday!

She tweeted, “Confused if this lady here for Teresa’s giudice party is Melissa Gorga cause like that’s my b*tch” Her friend confirmed that it probably was Melissa when she said, “I wanted to take a picture with her but I couldn’t cause her and Teresa were arguing and my boss would’ve killed me.” Screenshot of the tweets below

I thought I’d investigate this a little more and find out what went down at the party. I got in contact with another employee who is very familiar with the show and would like to remain anonymous. I asked her how the party was and she told AllAboutTRH exclusive details on what went on at Gia and Milania’s birthday! She says, “I saw Melissa walk in and waited for Joe Gorga to come in because there were a lot of couples at the birthday and I assumed since Joe was the God father he would be at Gia’s birthday but he surprisingly never showed up!” The source adds, “The party had 40 to 50 kids and Teresa’s oldest daughter performed with her dance group. They were also celebrating Milania’s birthday and I know Gia grabbed her on stage too.” When I asked if Melissa and Teresa argued at the birthday, the source tells me exclusively, “I saw them talking and they were very close to each other. It was really loud but it didn’t look like they were arguing.”

Wow! It’s one thing not to show up to Thanksgiving or Christmas but your God daughter’s birthday? Joe was the one complaining that he wasn’t invited and once he is he doesn’t even show up? That’s just sad. Watching season 3 it’s clear how much Gia loves her uncle and it’s heartbreaking to hear that Joe can’t even show up to his own nieces birthday. Whether he is talking to Teresa or not, he should think about the children like he claims he does when he cameras are on! Thoughts?

AllAboutTRH spoke exclusively to the owner of Space Odyssey, Elvira Grau. Elvira felt compelled as the owner to comment on what one of her employers Natalia said. Elvira denied all of Natalia claim’s but confirms that what the anonymous source told me is in fact true! Elvira confirm’s that Joe Gorga didn’t attend the birthday and that from what she saw never once was Melissa and Teresa arguing! Thanks for clearing those rumors up, Elvira!

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