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Renee Graziano: A Mobwife Betrayed [Exclusive Details On How Hubby Junior Betrayed Renee]

Renee Graziano is the larger than life and very liked star of the VH1 hit show ‘Mobwives.’ For those of you who don’t know, the shows creator is none other than Jennifer Graziano, Renee’s sister. Through out season 1 we are taken on a wild ride of emotions with Renee who is very relateable to all woman of many ages for her honesty, her trouble with depression and that all consuming big heart. During season 1 of ‘MobWives’ we were introduced to Hector “Junior” Pagan. Junior is Renee’s ex husband and self admitted love of her life along with being the father to her only child AJ. To Renee family means everything! While watching the show it’s clear that she just wants her family to be together and you just cant help but root for Renee to get what she’s always longed for. The first season ended in late spring 2011 and we were left with the following questions.. will Renee and Junior find their way back to each other? Will Renee really have that plastic surgery and get that ass she has always wanted? The answers to our questions would all prove to be horrifying and life threatening on many levels! Renee decides during the summer of 2011 to go through with the plastic surgery. As we have all seen in season 2 this was a horrific surgery that almost killed her, literally. Renee lost 6 pints of blood, contracted a staph infection that was resistant to most antibiotics that almost killed her and she’s been recovering ever since. But hey it wasn’t an all bad summer! Junior appeared to have stepped up and Renee’s father Anthony “The little guy” Graziano was released from prison in August 2011 after serving a 9 yr prison sentence for tax evasion and racketeering. Renee’s father was a known Mobster and Consigliere for The Bonanno crime family which is one of the five families. Renee’s father wasn’t just in the Mob as Consigliere you might as well say he was the MOB! Now here is where things get dicey, while we see Junior begging Renee for a second chance and promising her the family she has always longed for, Junior was up to his old tricks! This man the father of her child and the love of her life was betraying her on the highest level. What exactly was Junior doing? Junior cut a deal with the Feds to save himself, he wore a wire for the feds while they recorded conversations Junior had with everyone. When Renee’s dad (pictured below) asked Junior to collect on an old debt of $150,000.00 , the feds had it all on tape. Her father was a free man for 3 months only to be rearrested in November right before Thanksgiving and sent back to jail to serve out the rest of his sentence (which would only have been a couple of years)

Now let’s jump to the beginning of December! Renee had no idea she was sleeping with the enemy until the feds released documents outing Junior. That’s when Renee learned of Junior’s betrayal and is rightly so devastated. But wait it seems as if Junior is the gift that keeps on giving… So that brings us to yesterday January 27, 2012. Renee’s ex-husband, ex-mob associate Hector “Junior” Pagan, is now a DEA informant who gave the feds information that led to the massive sweep. Federal agents busted several high-ranking Bonnanno crime family members yesterday and charged them with racketeering and extortion, authorities said. Renee’s father was also charged and indicted with the previous charges and if convicted could do up to 20 years in prison! All thanks to Junior. If Junior wanted to rat out someone, that’s fine but how dare he use the mother of his child to do it! They are all due back in court February 7th, 2012. After hearing the news yesterday, Renee had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance for a panic attack and mental exhaustion. Her close friend Nikkeyboots was with her at the hospital and has said via a tweet that she is not letting this b*tch break from what made the new today!

NikKeyBoots: @lisaslying @reneegraziano yes admitted to hospital for mentalexhaustion.I’m not letting this bitch break from what made the news 2day.

Wishing Renee and her family a speedy recovery! Thoughts on Junior’s betrayal?

Thanks to my girl Lisa for all the info!


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  • First of all to those who admire Renee – she is the instigator of everyone’s fights and issues. She sits back and grins when the poop hits the fan after she pulls each of them into her gossip bag. This is the behavior of a school kid. She can’t keep her mouth shut and has no loyalty to any of them.
    Why is anyone so shocked that Junior ratted. These people are cold blooded ego-maniacs who only care about their own arse. So, anyone who is feeling sorry for Renee or Karen or any of them. Get real ! The mob is a bunch of murderers and thieves. They take what they want and if you cross them they kill you. They chose this life and Renee, Karen, Carla and D’rita are in this to make money. Parading all the dirty laundry in front of the cameras and then looking for the viewer support to pad their bank accts. This show is a joke. They seem so proud of their filthy mouthed comments and they are making a bundle of cash doing it.
    All you admirers, do some research about the real mafia. They are the scum of humanity. Including these greedy self absorbed women.

    • That’s right do not for get what the Mafia is about…Seriously educate yourself, because mafia people have No Problem Stealing from you and Killing You, for what they can’t have, because their all lazy……… If you have what they want. Which means they will kill someone you Love…your brother-sister-cousin-mother and your children. They are thieves and can not work a real job, because it’s easier just to take what they want from you, your cash and your family! Yet they act like they have all these family morals and loyalty…lol…Please!..
      Low life Son’s-of- B*^chs, and television is glorifying them, Naw..their not, it shows how stupid they are.. See the mafia is being set up for bust and I can not help LMAO! Because they think are being glorified. When really doing this television show, they are walking into the FEDS hands. : ) It shows their greed for tv. will make them never walk free!
      Stupid Idiots. The Show really shows how dumb they are!
      I’m glad their on tv. for all to see their greed for money it never stops! Also how immature they all are. Seriously grow up…Grown woman walking around like their all a## kickers! and teaching their kids the same… Stupid, I laugh in their faces after I seen a episode. Feds are so on top of them, That’s why their father’s don’t want them to do the show, because they know the feds are close. Look what Jr, did to save his own low life a##.
      They will take their own kind down, their all scum sucking rats! That will eat their own children, to get what they want. Just like the girls doing the show, by doing this they are eating their young, by not exposing their children that did not ask for this life, to be seen on television. Especially, Drita no brains!
      Leave your children off the show, so they can decide to dis-own you if they want later in life.
      I will make sure I watch the one, when the feds show up to arrest them all…Now that will make huge ratings…stay tune America to watch them all go down! : ) That will be great tv!
      If you want a normal life then get off the television… or stay so I can see the episode when you go down! and that will be the only show of yours I will watch, because no more, one was enough
      Embarrassing! for you!
      Good Bye mafia dumb a##’s. Your all heading to the BIG HOUSE and teaching your children the same! Get a Real Job!
      Lazy Scum!

  • Several months ago I found out that my husband had a long term affair with my “best friend”. I thought that was the ultimate betrayal! Junior topped my husband!! Poor Renee and AJ are facing a betrayal that is unimaginable. Not only was Junior a rat, which Renee has made clear that she won’t tolerate, but on top of it he was a rat for her very OWN FATHER??? I feel so bad for Renee and AJ. I can’t imagine how difficult and painful it is to be right in the middle of this. I hope that Renee can somehow pull through this and that AJ doesn’t get ANY sort of crap for what his dad did. It seems like in the mob the children of a “rat” are brought down for what their parent did and that just is so unfair considering what a great guy AJ seems to be (and considering he had nothing to do with it!). So sad for all of them. My heart goes out to them!!

  • This story is incorrect! Renee knew about Jr way back when. Hell I knew from my uncle in NJ last late summer, Yesterday all went down again thanks to Jr the RAT. And many family members were arrested, One I wont give away because seems like every time I give NJ and NY news it gets owned by bloggers. No offense here because I do like to read this and Stoopids. Anyway this is a continuance from Jr, Graziano was released in August 2011 and only 3 weeks later. he was rearrested, The last arrests started like 5 days ago actually, she knew it was Jr for months I even talked with her about it and so did others. The new charges are going all the way back to 1984 even. Most arrested are out on bail including I think Uncle Tony. This may be a show but its not one to really get facts wrong because it already borders on breaking the Code. Why Renee really freaked out is because under these circumstances she is in the middle and 127 ppl got busted by the feds. She is a true Familia and she knows her baby daddy will never be seen alive again and her dad will be to old to get out alive this time. So she lost it all. And then there is pressure from Costa Nostra does not like Mob life spoken in public like a reality show it is agents CODE. AGAIN SHE HAS KNOW JR WAS A RAT FOR MONTHS!

    • Im sorry Its mostly correct but thing were off So I miss worded that by saying incorrect. and could not edit Muahs sorry this subject is kinda gray for me

  • Sadly, Junior will most likely NOT do jail time & is probably in Witness Protection with a new life~ I think he shouldn’t be able get off either, put him in the cell with the ones he ratted on and let them have at him.

    • I’m definitely not making excuses for anyone. You comitte a crime, be ready to do time. However one of the biggest things in this lifestyle is loyalty and what Junior did was the ultimate betrayal. He committed a crime why couldn’t he do his time? I hope that when these women see themselves on TV they realize there is a better way to live, and decide to move on, if not for themselves for their kids.

  • I love how everyone is making excuses for bad behavior, while its not right wat JP did, the father was wrong too! this world is so backwords, the MOb Period is Bad! Very disturbing… God help us!

  • I cant ever understand why anyone turns to be a RAT.. you do the crime then be man enuff to do the time.. if your that much of a pussy why be a gangster. I fucking hate RATS.. he will eventually get what he deserves

  • How devastating but this is not the first time junior betrayed Renee. All the times he screwed around behind her back! That was bad enough but to flip and against your own family? That man is a disgrace. He better watch his back.

    • That’s why I’m so sad for Renee…. He sat up (and set her up) that romantic dinner where the talk about the past & future. When she said “you screwed other woman” he said he knew he was stupid and sorry blah blah! But Renee had tears streaming down her face & said “I have had years of therapy and waited 22 years to hear from you that you were sorry that you hurt me”. Poor thing now Renee does not know what lines he gave her were real or for help in bringing down her father!!! She let him stay in her home and this is how he repays her!

  • Poor Renee and AJ. It must be awful having to deal with “the enemy from within” – that is the worst. She must think back on things and wonder about it all. Hopefully she will instead focus on the present and where she and AJ are going – into a bright future. I hope she will meet a hot hunky man who can help her forget about the past 😉


  • listen up ppl, thats wat the gangster life is all about. no one that high up in rank changes its their code of honor la familia! sad for renee but daddy s that till the end. as for junior well first off he was a body bag guy in order to be in the familia you must be one hundred percent italian. your not a mixed breed or another breed. he will pay for his betrayals. as far as renee if you really wanted a change and out you wont go on tv n play it up as the life and certainly be an open target for you n your familia, these are wannabes that crave the media attention theres not reality here pure bullsh*t

  • I feel awful for Renee and AJ. Renee has a huge heart and truly loved this douche bag. I wish she let him go last year but understand why she didn’t. Renee stay strong and take care if yourself and your son that’s what is most important. I wish you all the happiness in the world my friend. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  • God blessed you with a second chance. God wanted you to live after your surgery because He (God) knew your son was about to face a terrible betrayal ahead.

  • I’m sorry for leaving multiple comments but I really need to say one more thing and I’ll stop hogging this blog.
    Renee, God blessed you with a second chance. God wanted you to live after your surgery because he knew your son was about to face a terrible betrayal ahead. God knew your son would need you and soon. You are alive for your son. Snap out of this depression and be strong for your son because you are the only parent that he has, and you are the only parent who has been there for him. If you are not strong for him, nobody else can be. So snap out of it and do what God wanted you to do. Be a rock for your son. He Needs You. God Bless You and Your Family.

  • Again, in another comment, I hope Renee realizes that this Is Not Her Fault. We women love the men we have shared our lives with and the last thing we expect from that man is to betray us. He is a scorpion and Renee’s father, I’m certain does not want her to think this is her fault. Renee, I’m a daughter and my father would die for me. If this happened to me and this happened to my father at the hands of the father of my son, my father would be sick for me. He would be crying for me and he would nurture me because he knows it is not my fault. You’re father loves you and I’m certain, from one daughter to another, your father is hurting more for you than he is for prison. Your father can handle prison, but he can’t handle knowing his beautiful daughter and grandson was hurt and betrayed. God Bless You and Your Family And DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! This is not your fault

  • J.R is a real bitch! Renee didn’t choose this life it chose her, so you can’t blame her for loving her father. J.R is a gutter rat, and should hang his head in shame for what he’s doing to his son…shame on you J.R.

  • Yes, that is exactly what I wrote in a comment before. It’s horrible that this bastard could use the mother of his own son to betray a family he was married to. If I recall correctly Junior The PAGAN had charges brought against him and to avoid jail, he began to rat on people. My brother read on a tabloid the charge and he said, That asshole was only going to go to jail for 10 years probably, and he would have done less than that on good behaviour. What an idiot. This PAGAN chose to destroy his own family and many others rather than be a man and serve maybe 5 to 7 years. The PAGAN has no love for family at all. It’s all about himself. Just like a pagan. Just like a pagan.

  • I really feel for Renee – I understand that her father has done some terrible things but it’s her Dad whom she loves. To be betrayed by Junior is as low as you can go and I’m sure she blames herself for being gullible – all she’s guilty of is loving the wrong man too much. I hope she pulls herself together as she still has to finish raising AJ to be the best young man he can be – that boy must be worried sick for his Mom.

  • wow…soooooooooooo sad. Shame on Junior. Obviously her father was comitting a crime but for Junior to go behind is family’s back is just horrible. and sad. He better hope he goes to jail bc i bet no one wants him out!

    • No, I don’t think Renee’s father is guilty for this one and I’ll tell you why. I don’t know Mr. Anthony Graziano but I am aware of his actions through the tabloid that lead to his arrest. You can read about someone you don’t know but you can learn something about that person simply by reading what their actions are. When I read the Mr. Graziano decided to accept a lousy $25,000. to settle a $150,000.00 debt, I was surprised. Who would accept a small percentage like that and call it even? I know I wouldn’t. I would want all of it. But Mr. Graziano did accept the small amount. That tells me that Mr. Graziano is a changed man. It told me that his interest was with his family. From this action, I think Mr. Graziano just wanted to spend the rest of his years with his wife and family and not get all tied up with his past occupation. His action clearly tells me he just wanted to settle down with his family.

    • U C? NOW THIS IS A “ULTIMATE BETRAYAL”Encompass right up there wit how Renee, MY FAVE most REALEST one IMO. how she say as i watch RIGHT NOW last sun.epie, she saying how he also cheat on her NOT JUST CHEAT”but no condom”= a baby. and that is what happen 2 her, junior scuzbucket got a chick prego so she had a son,junior “that we know of father 2 KIDS’ During his long marriage to Renee. OMG nasty again that WE or RENEE kno
      of….I am shock ONLY CAUSE i m kinda”was”likin’junio and his so called CHANGED-WAYS,but i c now he do not love any 1 but JUNIOR,And GOD shall NEVER bless him, i really doubt it. i am shock readin this cause i did not HEAR THIS PART at all so thx to this blog i m goin to go read it i hope in MEDIA NY POST i kno
      cover mob stuff for decades thank you great blog.

      RENEE plz stay strong. your so real the tears,yelling emotion and happi times smiles etc. your just a great mom and real and i m praying your goin to enjoy your LIFE your just early forties
      DO NOT SWEAT IT NOW WITH JUNIOR it is his loss not

      u r looking great so skinny now and it is JUNIOR LOSS
      not urs.

      what a punk
      a real rat.

      geena romano,
      on facebook.

      a HUGE mob wives fan.

      from staten island ny
      NJ.tri-state area.

    • Shame on all those scumbags! They get what they deserve and Renee who wants to act like it’s such a great life gets what she deserves. A real man doesn’t have to steal, extort, cheat on his wife, or snitch on his family. There is no honor among these dirtbags and they all deserve what they get for they are nothing more than a cancer on society!