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Renee Graziano: A Mobwife Betrayed [Exclusive Details On How Hubby Junior Betrayed Renee]

Renee Graziano is the larger than life and very liked star of the VH1 hit show ‘Mobwives.’ For those of you who don’t know, the shows creator is none other than Jennifer Graziano, Renee’s sister. Through out season 1 we are taken on a wild ride of emotions with Renee who is very relateable to all woman of many ages for her honesty, her trouble with depression and that all consuming big heart. During season 1 of ‘MobWives’ we were introduced to Hector “Junior” Pagan. Junior is Renee’s ex husband and self admitted love of her life along with being the father to her only child AJ. To Renee family means everything! While watching the show it’s clear that she just wants her family to be together and you just cant help but root for Renee to get what she’s always longed for. The first season ended in late spring 2011 and we were left with the following questions.. will Renee and Junior find their way back to each other? Will Renee really have that plastic surgery and get that ass she has always wanted? The answers to our questions would all prove to be horrifying and life threatening on many levels! Renee decides during the summer of 2011 to go through with the plastic surgery. As we have all seen in season 2 this was a horrific surgery that almost killed her, literally. Renee lost 6 pints of blood, contracted a staph infection that was resistant to most antibiotics that almost killed her and she’s been recovering ever since. But hey it wasn’t an all bad summer! Junior appeared to have stepped up and Renee’s father Anthony “The little guy” Graziano was released from prison in August 2011 after serving a 9 yr prison sentence for tax evasion and racketeering. Renee’s father was a known Mobster and Consigliere for The Bonanno crime family which is one of the five families. Renee’s father wasn’t just in the Mob as Consigliere you might as well say he was the MOB! Now here is where things get dicey, while we see Junior begging Renee for a second chance and promising her the family she has always longed for, Junior was up to his old tricks! This man the father of her child and the love of her life was betraying her on the highest level. What exactly was Junior doing? Junior cut a deal with the Feds to save himself, he wore a wire for the feds while they recorded conversations Junior had with everyone. When Renee’s dad (pictured below) asked Junior to collect on an old debt of $150,000.00 , the feds had it all on tape. Her father was a free man for 3 months only to be rearrested in November right before Thanksgiving and sent back to jail to serve out the rest of his sentence (which would only have been a couple of years)

Now let’s jump to the beginning of December! Renee had no idea she was sleeping with the enemy until the feds released documents outing Junior. That’s when Renee learned of Junior’s betrayal and is rightly so devastated. But wait it seems as if Junior is the gift that keeps on giving… So that brings us to yesterday January 27, 2012. Renee’s ex-husband, ex-mob associate Hector “Junior” Pagan, is now a DEA informant who gave the feds information that led to the massive sweep. Federal agents busted several high-ranking Bonnanno crime family members yesterday and charged them with racketeering and extortion, authorities said. Renee’s father was also charged and indicted with the previous charges and if convicted could do up to 20 years in prison! All thanks to Junior. If Junior wanted to rat out someone, that’s fine but how dare he use the mother of his child to do it! They are all due back in court February 7th, 2012. After hearing the news yesterday, Renee had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance for a panic attack and mental exhaustion. Her close friend Nikkeyboots was with her at the hospital and has said via a tweet that she is not letting this b*tch break from what made the new today!

NikKeyBoots: @lisaslying @reneegraziano yes admitted to hospital for mentalexhaustion.I’m not letting this bitch break from what made the news 2day.

Wishing Renee and her family a speedy recovery! Thoughts on Junior’s betrayal?

Thanks to my girl Lisa for all the info!

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