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More Details Revealed From Taylor Armstrong’s Book! Claims Russell Spied On Her

More details are being released from RHOBH star Taylor Armstrong’s book, Hiding From Reality. Taylor reveals that Russell called her names and beat her in front of her daughter.

She talks about an incident where Russell was screaming at her while their daughter, Kennedy was in the bed with her. “Russell stormed in and started screaming ‘F*** you. Get the f*** out of my life. “Your mom’s a whore, your mom’s a b****.”

Taylor mentions that when she went to Pandora’s bachelorette party, Russell accused her of sleeping with a Chippendale’s dancer (Photo below is Taylor with one of the dancers)
She accusses Russell of hitting her so hard that she ended up in the hospital.

“The pain was excruciating. I could tell that something was very wrong with my vision. This whole time Russell was glaring at me. ‘You’re so dramatic,’ he said. “You’re fine.’”

From RadarOnline:
She said that the injury revealed that 40 percent of the bone that supports the eye had been fractured and that she would need reconstructive surgery and that there was also a risk that she would suffer a permanently sunken eye for the rest of her life following surgery. This was the event that she says finally was enough to “snap me out of the spell Russell had over me.”

Taylor said that Russell was abusive for years, and after their daughter Kennedy was born things got worse “He would grab my hair and bang my head against the side of the car between the two doors, or against the glass of the passenger-side window while he was driving, because it made his point to me but didn’t leave a visible mark.”
She said she tried to fight back, but to no avail. Russell told her: “Don’t ever do that again because I almost killed you. One of these days, I’m afraid I’m going to kill you.”

Just let the man rest in peace! It’s sad that she could write a book about her daughters dead father while we don’t even get to hear his side. I’m sure he abused her but I do have my doubts on some of the things she says. If Bravo knew about this “black eye” how come they didn’t report Russell? Or do anything about it! I really truly hope she doesn’t get asked to be on season 3. Thoughts?

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  • Taylor Armstrong PAY ATTENTION: As a real victim of real abuse I must say I am completely appalled at the lack of consideration and compassion for YOUR own daughter! Unless your intentions in writing a tell (tale) all book is for the benefit of domestic abuse victims or a suicide prevention program, by means of monetary support and proceeds of your book bring divided equally, I and I’m sure I’m not alone, think you are an attention craving, money hungry, backwoods Oki, with no heart (not even for your own child) wanting the lifestyle of the rich and famous, trampling and clawing your way with no regards of who you will hurt but more so try to impress and reaping the benefits of a trashy book that most likely bashes all others, while you will portray yourself as the only victim. Sadly enough the ONLY victim in that situation and continues being the victim is none other than Kennedy! Would love to see a Guardian at Lidiem appointed on behalf of Kennedy to have her rights protected, and stop you from more damage! Have you no conscious? So what is it Taylor Armstrong, proceeds of your book going to any of the fore-mentioned organizations? Or is this book for the sole purpose of lining your pockets?

  • **” ” He would grab my hair and bang my head against the side of the car between the two doors, or against the glass of the passenger-side window while he was driving, because it made his point to me but didn’t leave a visible mark.” ****

    I would think you have to be pretty talented to be able to reach over and with one hand and grab someone by the hair, who is obviously going to be trying to get away, and ensure you are banging thier head in such a way, and in specific spots on the car, that it doesn’t leave a mark, all while maneauvering through traffic with the other hand.

    Honestly, I hate myself for doubting her, but as much as I hate domestic violence I equally hate the thought of falsely tarnishing the name of a deceased father. If the book were to have come out, or even the public accusations while he was still alive, I would stand behind her 100% until he proved her wrong, but this… as well as many other accusations just does not make sense to me.

    The whole point of her telling her story now is to make money isn’t it? At what cost to his children, and family? THOSE are the real living victims here as far as I’m concerned.

  • has anyone else noticed that she stayed in this relationship and went to all the HW, IMO to get sympathy and rebuild/build friendships her behavior and lies had caused problems with.. I believe incidents happened and I do believe she was the aggressor.. anyone who watched her on the show has seen her flip out in 2 seconds flat..
    but, I believe 1000% she has NO intentions on leaving him UNTIL it started causing problems with her social climbing and her FAME.. once the ladies started questioning her and uninviting her due to Russell’s actions (Lawsuit threats, etc.. but, hey wouldn’t you threaten to sue someone that was “spreading horrible lies” about you? Russ’s words in the limo) None of the ladies wanted to be around her for fear of lawsuits… then and ONLY then did she decide to leave him.. even talking to Dr.Psophy or whatever his name is.. she says I can’t have this effecting my friendships.. now I have to do something.. really b*tch? What about your CHILD!

    • That was a big sign for me too. The whole “i cant have this affecting m friendship with the girls” she chose to leave when it was no longer bennificial to her… not when her child was in danger or own health. when it threatened her “star in a reality show’ it was time to end it? something aint right!

  • taylor is the violent one. every time someone calls her out she goes all oklahoma on their ass. she is a batshit loon and unfit to parent 🙁

  • Even if it was all true (which I doubt), Russell was the father of her only child! What kind of Mother does this! Taylor is now abusing her daughter! This girl will grow up with everyone knowing daddy beat mommy (according to Tsylor). Poor Kennedy. Hope she writes a dearest mommy book as payback!

    • Or she will grow up knowing the truth. People discount children as being to young to remember but they remember traumatic events. I can remember fighting while wearing diapers.. i dont have a huge memory at that time but i clearly remember watching my mother attack my father. i remember the exact scene with vivid detail.. the color of the walls what my parents were wearing… what *i* was wearing. I promise you if Kennedy seen abuse she will remember it as an adult. She may not know who is at fault right now but she will when shes older!

  • whether the abuse allegations are true or not – for the sake of other abused women in the world who see this and see people NOT believing her – we have to assume these accusations are true. if the media spins this as not being true, women who are truly in these situations will not feel that they can not come forward because they will not be believed. You have to be very careful how you handle this because if the message is portrayed as they will not be believed they are much less likely to come forward. This is really on the shoulders of the media on how to handle this and how they spin it. There are women who are watching and taking their direction (unfortunately) from this woman and her story. Tread lightly on how much you say she is a liar because it will cause true abuse victims to curl up and hide because they feel like they won’t have a voice that will be heard. Having been in a n abusive relationship myself 20 years ago when I was very young, I can tell you that I would have NEVER come forward and said anything if I felt as though I would not have been believed (and of course my story was not in the media for all to read and judge). Being supported and mostly believed is everything when you finally get the courage to speak out – and that doesn’t always happen for all abuse victims. This story truly concerns me because a lot of victims courage will be resting on it. As sad as that sounds because we are talking about an reality TV star here, but she is in the middle of a media storm about her abuse so I know there are victims, true victims, who are making their life altering decisions based on how this reality TV star’s story is handled.

  • She needs to be called out on everything. Publically and a lie detector test. Then MAYBE she will go away. Anderson Cooper c’mon get on this… 🙂

  • Russell’s other children say she was the aggressor. I’m guessing the truth lies somewhere in the middle and they were both in a mutually abusive relationship.

    • Ive always believed Taylor was the aggressor. My mom and dad were abusive to each other before their divorce. My mom, to this day (25 years later) blames it all on my dad.. However i was present for nearly every fight. My mom would nag him and accuse him of cheating, get in his face , scream, spit, push, punch and eventually he would snap. I never once saw my dad just randomly hit my mom.I have been dragged out to follow him in the middle of the night, i have watched her stalked girls she suspected he was cheating with, i watched HER record his phone conversations…

      I stayed in many shelters and listened to my mom tell the stories(lies) .. she never told her own part, she would lie and say he was drunk and beat her for various reasons. No one questioned what her role was in the fighting. She loved the attention. My dad has been in 2 long term relationships since their divorce. Both relationships were normal and healthy with no abuse..How does someone go from beating a woman to never laying a hand on another woman and NEVER ever even spanking his children…?

      Myself and my siblings have discussed what each of us remember and have been through counseling. We all have the same memory of our mother being the aggressor…. and then playing the victim. She would beat us as well, the older we got the more severe the beatings.. One time she nearly killed me…she choked me till i passed out, there were bruises on my kneck for a month. Another time she beat me and then bit my face so hard i had a bruise and teeth marks in my face for a week…. and then i would hear her crying and telling family members and friends a different story.. I would get chastised by family members for “being bad” after all your mother has been through, you kids of all people should not treat her so poorly” Very sick sick sick..

      I am not saying this is Taylors situation.. Im only saying it is possible she was the aggressor..Women can be the aggressor while playing the victim! I ‘feel” she is just like my mother.. i have no name or diagnoses for it.. but im sure there is one!

      • I’m sorry for your experiences of abuse but how would you feel if the whole world decided nit to believe this story you’ve just told us rip your character to pieces and call you the abuser? Thus is what is happening to Taylor she has not handled things well I agree and s book so soon is a very bad idea but for people to tear her to shreds without knowing us wrong

    • My question is, why would Russell, an allegedly abusive husband, agree to put his life in front of cameras?? Abusers do not want to be found out, therefore are very private. Does not make sense.

  • I don’t think we should speculate as to whether he was physically abusive or not. Yes, she does have a horrible track record with misrepresenting herself, but the truth or lack thereof does not seem to be the issue. The problem is that Russell is still recently deceased. Writing a tell all book within a year of his demise is in horribly poor taste. It’s a very Kardashianesque move…ie tacky and inconsiderate!

    • I hate that picture as well. Her “acting” skills at portraying poor victim in hopes that the book will draw more to purchase.

      Kinda reminds me of the scene when she was at Camille’s ski cabin and they panned on a shot of Taylor in the bathroom pouting with her gigantic bottom lip puffed out crying. My 4 year old does that.. and so when I saw her do it I just started to laugh.

  • At this point, it almost doesn’t matter if the abuse stories are true (and I don’t think they are). All Taylor has is her status as an abuse victim and she is upping the ante with every re-telling of the story. She doesn’t have money; she doesn’t have a business and there is a good chance that she will not be invited back next season. That leaves her with an ever-expanding role as a victim which will serve as her bread and butter for some time to come. In BH, she is surrounded by women who are younger, prettier and with husbands and fortunes to boot. No wonder each rendition of her tale of woe is deeper and darker then before. Why didn’t this come out in therapy?

  • Stop with the lies, Taylor. Just stop it! When is enough enough for her????? I don’t think she got a black eye from Russell because when she met up with Dana, her right eye was fine. She told Dana she left Russell, but never actually said that he abused her eye terribly. When she saw the women 3 weeks later, she all of a sudden had a black eye where makeup covered it. I find it odd how she got that black eye after Pandora’s wedding, but her eyes looked perfectly fine when she left Russell before that. Another thing, she looked extremely skinny when she went to Kyle’s white party, but when she met up with Dana a few days/weeks later she looked more bigger and healthier. I call bullshit! I hope no one buys her shameful book of lies!

    • Her lies do not fit the actual timeline. Also, loved his little girl and she him. If he was abusing Taylor in front of her as the bitch claims, the child would be withdrawn from Daddy. Ithink Taylor was the abuser in the realtionship. She certainly was abusive with Camille and Kim.

      Taylor is lying for money which she could easily do on her back!
      It is terribly cruel what she is doing to Russell’s family and his 2 sons. They are older than Taylor’s brat, so are more aware of his untimely death. They are grieving while she is out selling his soul for money.

      I agree. I hope NO ONE buys her bs book and his children sue her for any and all monies she gets from the book. Although I understand she has quite a list of creditors standing in line that she scammed.

      • You are a truly horrible person to call her a bitch and her innocent daughter a brat!!! Why has roxy allowed this comment on here I’m really starting to doubt the intentions of this blog site! Let me make a couple of points to this idiotic ignorant person 1) Taylor did have a black eye which was heavily covered with make up 2) abusive partners are extremely clever at hiding the abuse from ‘the out side world’ 3) didn’t you see how withdrawn and timid Kennedy was in every episode she appeared in compared to say kyles younger daughter classic sign if abuse in home. You do NOT know what went on in anybody’s relationship alot if people put on a smile and pretend everything’s ok. I am nit a Taylor fan but I do have sympathy fir her I fir one can tell by russells demeanour from series 1 that something was up, you on the other hand clearly have no idea what you are talking about you have had no experience in abuse or suicide I unfortunately have in both! You are a vindictive mean horrible person with a black heart! Get a life

  • i’d spy on her also after learning about her shady past of name changes and stuff. i still don’t believe her though.

  • Wait a minute. If Taylor had the black eye incident after Pandora’s bachelorette party, you could see her at her big award for women in businness and the tea party and the time her and russell came to Kyle’s party without the black eye. It was sometime in July that she got the black eye and she seemed to blame it on her leaving Russell. Did I miss something or just get some facts confused? Anyone else confused about the timeline?

    • You’re right. I’ve said this back then, and her stories and appearance just does not add up. All her stories are so mixed up and switched around, it’s fonfusing! One minute she says something, then the next minute she’s crying about something else. This bitch really needs help.

    • I thought she said she got the eye thing in vegas, but had no black eye when they came back for Kyles white party. She is a liar. Period

  • Such a tough issue..on one hand you want to dismiss her claims because of her lies and behavior. On the other hand is this behavior due to the abuse? Why should someone stay quiet if they were a victim? Yet..the sensationalism I find disgusting. One thing I find odd..the suicides of Russell and his partner. That is such an odd coincidence.

    • Omg They did??? I must be living under a rock. That is crazy! Do yall have a link you could post so i can read about it?

    • I just don’t believe that Russell would have EVER allowed those camera’s in their lives if he was abusive . And if she went to the hospital THAT beat up , the hospital would have called the police, from what i’ve read ,she never filed a police report. I just get a vibe from her , that she is a liar and very manipulative.