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Brandi Glanville Talks Kyle Richards Bad Behavior

Although the season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has finally ended doesn’t mean the ladies are going to stop talking! Brandi chats with SheKnows about her relationship (if you want to call it that) with none other then Kyle Richards!



Brandi says it’s been very dramatic since entering the show. Brandi says that her relationship with Kyle is good one day and bad the next day. She even says that if you have it in you to be that mean [referring to Kyle] then that’s “really scary.” Brandi adds that her and Kyle have never had a problem and Kyle just has “bad behavior.” I’ll be honest I don’t like how Kyle acted with Brandi all season. It’s clear Kyle is a jealous person. She has admitted it many times so I think she is simply jealous of Brandi. Kyle has the life everyone dreams of. Great family, beautiful home. She needs to get her act straight and be more secure. She’s had a problem with Brandi since day 1 and blamed it on Cedric. Now that Brandi and Cedric are no longer friends, what could the problem possibly be? Thoughts?

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  • A 4 Y.o. soldhun’t have to tell his mother he needs to pee. Yes, kids need to learn appropriate behavior, that is agreed, but peeing in someones back yard once does not make a kid a criminal or a woman a bad mother. The kid didn’t sign up with Bravo, and I.m not going to vilify the kid. The kid isn’t the issue. The mean girls have a problem with Brandi and they are going after her parenting skills and her kid. Its a low blow.

  • Kyle reminds me of the mean girls in high school who have everything but still find the need to bully and hurt people. Just because someone else is also beautiful and sexy she makes rude comments about people with her little group of women behind her for no reason. No one deserves that.

  • Kyle and Kim are two mean girls who has never grown up. I can only wonder what they were like at a their high school age. Having lived a half of a century, I have come in contact with a lot of people through the years, none with such terrible behavior. To be rude, and then when the other says sorry (Brandi), Kyle accepts her apology, but then says…just do not talk about my sister. Well…you were making fun of Brandi…you were making fun of her boys at the swimming party…why can Kyle (and Kim, of course) say whatever and it is ok. Was a fan of Kyle last season, now I see Camille in a different light. Take Kyle and Kim off the show. Bring Brandi on full time. She is a hoot!!!!

    • Um…the thing is that Kyle never made fun of Brandi’s kids and it was never about her kids. It was about Brandi’s PARENTING, not her kids. They don’t know better but Brandi should have directed them.

      Talking about someone’s kids and talking about their parenting skills are TWO completely different things. Brandi clearly misunderstood even though Kyle tried to explain to the dim-witted Brandi that it’s about her as a parent, not about her kids who don’t know any better.

    • Kyle and Brandi are an even match and they probably enjoy sparring with each other. Kim doesn’t usually start trouble but she got in the first shot with Brandi. However Brandi went too far with the meth crack so if Kim doesn’t want to be her buddy that’s her choice.

  • In one of Brandi’s tweets she said she doesn’t have a problem with Kyle, but now she’s doing interviews about how mean and bad Kyle is? Okay, Brandi. Kyle may be a mean girl, but at least she’s not a hypocrite who has to fight with everyone from cast mates to followers on twitters in order to remain relevant. Brandi is following in Melissa Gorga’s footsteps.

  • I hope Dana and Taylor are gone gone gone next season. Dana was basically edited out of the season and Taylor…geez…where to begin. Profiting off her deceased husband’s suicide with a conveniently released book, dramatics, lying, scam artist… Taylor needs to leave. Brandi I think is a better fit on Orange County but in Beverly hills at least she keeps it interesting. I think she adds a real world touch to the girls who seem so stuck up and prissy. Kyle gets so easily offended by Brandi’s crudeness and yet she is the aunt of sex tape releasing Paris Hilton.

  • Kyle is old with a hot hubby…it’s pure jealousy as to why she treats brandi like crap. Kyle thinks she’s better then everyone. The only good thing about Kyle is her hair and even that is full of dye.

  • Btw, Brandi has never tweeted anything negative about Kyle. Its Kyle and Dana that have been PROVEN to tweet and start things to remain relevant. We all know that.

    • You might want to check your twitter facts again before you make such claims about Brandi not tweeting anything negative about Kyle and Dana. Yeah. Dana started the twitter war to remain relevant and Brandi did the same thing.

      Now you might wanna go check Kyle’s twitter because 1. She’s never started any twitter wars to remain relevant unlike Brandi and Dana. And 2. Kyle doesnt even mention Brandi in her tweeds and hasnt tweeted anything negative about Brandi.

  • Come on people this is a reality show. Kyle is an actress and I think she knows what it takes to do good reality tv and so does Brandi. Yes something goes down at the reunion & they want us to watch. Brandi is promoting herself. She needs the money and Kyle needs to stay in the limelight so she uses her sister to create the conflict and poor Kim who can blame her for being an addict.

  • I like Kyle regardless of her criticisms of others, including Brandi. I find her to be very opinionated and protective. The show itself is stacked in a way that certainly allows for interpretation. I enjoy the women over 30. They seem more seasoned. Kyle, Lisa and Adrianne being my favorites. I also had a lot of empathy for Taylor, but for some reason none for Camille. Kim wears me out.

  • Just about all the housewives at the charity event were absolutely horrible to Brandi from the moment she walked in. Why? Because she is more attractive than any of them. At The BBQ, Kyle could not have made Brandi feel more uncomfortable, criticising her language and parenting. Who the heck does Kyle think she is? She screamed and almost physically attacked her own sister in the limo. It is very obvious that Kyle thinks she is better than others. And if what Kim says is true about their mother’s house and the $20,000, Kyle is also greedy and incredibly unfair to her sister.

  • I was a HUGE Kyle fan S1 but “game night” chgd all that. Kyle’s behavior towards Brandi throughout the beginning of S2 was just ridiculous. All I kept thinking was: wld Kyle like it if someone treated any of her daughters the way she treated Brandi? I didn’t care for Kyle’s behavior S2 (caddy).

  • Kyle is jealous of Brandi (an any other attractive younger woman), and rightfully so. However I am sure Mauricio has other women because otherwise Kyle would’nt be so insecure. She is a mean b*tch this season true colors came out I would NEVER be her friend.
    #teambrandi all the way

  • To be fair we haven’t seen the reunion yet. I’m sure Kyle said some not so nice things as the ladies always do during the reunion so maybe that caused a rift between them. But as “mean” as Kyle supposedly is according to Brandi, I dont believe it. For one, Kyle is the one person that everyone gets along with and has said they’re closest with. So if Kyle was really so mean I don’t think Lisa and Adrienne would be hanging out with her off the show. Secondly we don’t even know Kyle in real life! We only know her based on what Bravo shows us and how dramatic they want the season to be. I’m in no way making excuses for Kyle’s behavior at game night or even at her charity where she first met Brandi. She was a bitch and that’s that. But Kyle apologized and has never tweeted or said anything negative about Brandi while Brandi picks fights with people to remain relevant. Brandi acts like a mean girl just as much as Kyle yet she calls what she says “being real.” at least Kyle admits when she’s being mean unlike Brandi who brushes her meanness off as being honest and being real. Once again, hypocrite.

    Now cue the Brandi lovers to come to her defense by bashing Kyle. Lol

        • Go read her fan pages. She has many fans that comment on what a nice person she was when they met her in person and they thank her for being a positive thing in their lives sometimes when they were going through some rough times of their own.

      • And I suppose everyone who says sweet things about Brandi are paid? Clearly you didn’t know you were THAT obvious either.

        Lastly WTF does LR have to do with this? Pretty sure this is about Kyle and Brandi.

  • I do not think for one minute that Kyle is a mean girl! If someone accused your sister of something as extreme as what Brandi suggested about Kim, I think you’d probably react in the same way. Especially as it was their first meeting. I know I would of. Kyle has said a million times that she has to protect Kim, that now their mother has gone, she feels like she has to look after Kim. That’s all she was doing.

    Brandi was, on a number of occasions, the mean girl and displayed bad behaviour. Shes I no position to label Kyle as ‘mean’.

    We’ve all been guilty of being jealous at some point in our lives, Kyle is just the same as you and I.

    At the end of the day, we see a tiny glimpse of the ladies lives, we don’t know for sure if there’s more to it than meets the eye.

    In my opinion, from what I’ve seen, Brandi is slightly crazy herself and drove me insane on the Hawaii trip with the Xanex incident!

    I love Kyle and respect her a lot. I’m jealous of her! Ha!

    • I agree! Brandi is the one who says one minute that her family is off-limits, but thought it perfectly appropriate to accuse Kyle’s sister of doing meth on national television! Kim is a mother, too, and that could DEFINITELY affect her custody of her younger kids – just saying…

        • Actually according to the news, Kim was abusing prescription anxiety medications such as Xanax and that is why she sought rehab. We don’t know of anyone who abused prescription meds on camera and then blew a head gasket when someone commented publicly about it and how it might affect her relationship with her children. Brandi gets to say that things affecting her relationship with her kids is off limits, but when she did the same thing to Kim on national television that’s perfectly OK.

          I don’t defend Kim’s behavior but I cannot believe the downright hypocriscy and blinders of some Brandi fans. She definitely owes Brandi an apology for her behavior on Game Night. What I am saying that you seem to be missing is :

          • No, i’m definitely a Brandi fan, but I do think it was none of her business to call out Kim or keep commenting about her obvious issues in any capacity.

            But in that fight, IMO all bets are off, you wanna talk shit about me and hide my critches and act like assholes, i’m gonna be an asshole too. So I probably would have made the meth comment too in her shoes, and worse. Not saying its right, but when people treat you like shit, I will throw it right back in their faces. i am just sorry she was bullied into apologizing and grovelling, because I think they all owed each other an apology. Kyle’s apology was half-assed, to boot.

        • Actually Kim was supposedly abusing prescription anxiety medication, like Xanax. Sound familiar?

          Hello Pot? Meet Kettle.

      • so Kyle and Kim didn’t invite Brandi’s wrath by hiding her crutches, loudly saying “i dont want to play with her”, and saying Brandi should start the IQ test….yeah ok

        • First, the article is about Kyle and Brandi, and viewers will recall that KIM said “I don’t want her on my team” and KIM hid Brandi’s crutches (five feet from their original position, brilliant Kim …) So no, Kyle did not invite Brandi’s wrath with Kim’s actions.

          After Brandi’s WInston Churchill guffaw, I’d say the IQ test comment was warranted.

    • Honey, you need Xanax. Afraid of that bitch? Please. Kyle has shown her true colors many, many times. She went after Brandi from day 1and never stopped. She’s a miserable person.

      I felt sorry for her sister when she put her huge rump into the camera in the limo to get to her. No wonder Kim hates her. And she’s another mess.

  • I think there is more to Brandi then she lets on. And sometimes if you can not say somethng nice….just don’t say anything!! She seemed quite happy to do a little bashing. Jus sain

  • OK so at Game Night, and also at Kyle’s charity event, Kyle treated Brandi poorly. Not going to argue that one bit.

    However, since then, Kyle has apologized over and over and over again and has not done one single thing “mean” toward Brandi. She was polite and gracious to Brandi at every subsequent event including her husband’s birthday party in Hawaii where Brandi pranced around half naked in front of all their husbands and acted the drunken sloppy fool on the plane. Kyle let all of that slide.

    So she didn’t invite her to her book signing party? She’s totally allowed to, considering Brandi has continued to call her names on her Twitter, make innuendo about Mauricio cheating (hello, kids and family are off limits/below the belt, remember BRANDI?).

    And true to the LADY she is, Kyle continues to ignore things like this interview. Brandi gets her attention by fighting with people publicly. Kyle has no reason to be jealous of Brandi. All she has that Kyle might want is a better body, and the woman is 39 not 29.

    • I agree with you. Brandi is in the middle of an online drama at the minute with Dana Wilkey. Again, she’s made her drama public for millions to see!

      • I heard that the real reason Brandi wasn’t invited to Kyle’s book signing was because she attacked Adrienne at the reunion (in addition to Taylor) and said Lisa got her on the show – not Adrienne. I’m confused because Bravo and Adrienne said that Brandi was her “friend,” and Brandi tweeted she wasn’t invited to Pandora’s wedding because she “had never met” Lisa yet…seems if they were such good friends to get Brandi on the show she would have been invited to the wedding, yes?

        I guess I will have to watch the Reunion on Monday to find out… that would be some Cray Cray.

        • Kyle’s book signing took place while Brandi was in NY for WWHL…. so no. and push comes to shove, I’d rather be around Brandi than Kyle because at least you know Brandi will be authentic rather than pretend sweet and nice like Kyle tries to be. and Brandi had never met Pandora, not Lisa, by the time the invitations went out. Geez if you are going to pay attention, actually pay attention to the source. on WWHL Brandi and Lisa explained it.

          • Brandi tweeted she didn’t know Lisa on her Twitter, this was before WWHO. And no the book signing did not take place while Brandi was in NYC for WWHL. Lisa was at the book signing, and she was also on the plane to NYC with Brandi. Watch WWHL again. If you’re going to correct me…actually be correct 🙂

        • What could Kyle possibly writing about? How to be a Bully and Hide it?

          Or, How to Look Like a Dark-Haired Alice in Wonderland Just Before Menopause?

      • I’ve seen dana tweeting shit about Brandi, she is probably trying to stay relevant. I hope dana doesn’t come back.

        • Dana was so irrelevant and such an obvious ass kisser, completely uninteresting to watch. Don’t wanna see her again!

          Also, how are you a party planner and game night was the WORST party ever! No furniture, crappy food, nothing going on (except drama, lol), wtf?

  • I liked Kyle on S1 but her behavior has changed this season….. In my opinion, she may have a beautiful home; great hubby; daughters; etc., however, she is in no way the same financial catagory as Lisa & Adrianne…. I have always thought she was envious of both Lisa & Adrianne even though she showed more class last season & didn’t allow that to be reveled so much….. Regardless of Kim’s behavior on the show & love or hate her, Kim was the ‘real deal’ & had some major personal issues that Kyle brought out on the show….It was Kyle who talked Kim into joining the cast last season for it was reported that Kim wasn’t intested… I agree with the article/blog that Kyle indeed has major envy issues & ‘most definately must’ be the center of attention at all times…… Not a big Brandi fan for thought she’d be a better ‘fit’ with the O.C. Housewives, however, do beleive she’s got Kyle pegged………

  • I was a huge Kyle fan last season & I was determined I was not going to like Brandi this season because I was a LeAnn Rimes fan (yes, I know how stupid/childish that sounds). It only took Brandi’s first appearance to change both!! Kyle acts like a school girl & Brandi, right or wrong, is just real. I’ve come to like her a lot (and yes, I’m still a LR fan too). Hope to see Brandi on Season 3!!

    • so you decided you wouldn’t like Brandi because Leann Rimes had an affair with her husband? geez. good on you for changing your mind though.

  • I think Kyle is just as screwed up and crazy as her sister. She just manages to control herself better on camera. I mean c’mon, look at some of the outbreaks she HAS had on camera. Imagine her behavior when it’s not rolling? SCARY!

  • I think Kyle has been very nasty and caddy at times with with Brandi.. she comes off as very insecure and jealous and she has NO reason to be… She’s Gorg, has a hubs that adores her, and great fam/friends.. She’s been the typical “mean girl” to the new girl.. I felt like I was in HS.. .and YES Brandi was very caddy and nasty back.. but, I would have been TOO! You attack me, I’m not going to just sit and take it… both need to just say sorry and move on 🙂

  • Kyle is very insecure and behaves like many other aged child actors. She has a need to always be the center of attention even if it means being a “mean girl.”

  • My thoughts on the whole KIm, Brandi and Kyle thing….. Kim’s addiction has been there for longer than the show so I am not sure why she was on the show in the first place and I for one was horrified that Kyle outed her last year because being her sister she KNEW the addiction was there WAY before we did as viewers.. Then this season she just kept poking the bear in my opinion… I hope Kim gets better but does not return to the show its not a good or safe environment… Brandi really and truly grew on me.. Game night was awful and that is all on Kim and Kyle period.. Kyle blaming her sister REALLY….. Brandi made several attempts to clear the air with Kim to no avail well now we know why Kim was not able to except Brandi’s apology and move on… I love the interaction between Brandi and Lisa its so fun to watch…. I hate knowing Camille may not return to the show.. I know she was reserved this year but fully understand why…

    • Do you think Kim signed on for the money? I reached this conclusion because apparently Kim has financial problems. I do agree that RHOBH was not the place for Kim. Hopefully, what we say was a result of her addiction and not the real Kim. I feel for Kim she seems so fragile, lonely and sad. I truly hope she has put her demons behind her and it would be nice if she went to Brandi and apologized and it could be left at that but Brandi comes off like a loose cannon to me and I imagine she would that opportunity to twist a knife in Kim because she can’t the situation for what it is and that is that Kim was sick.

      • Celebrity Rehab for Kim not RHOBH…maybe after this 3rd stint in rehab she’ll go on CR and get paid for it.

  • I think Brandi’s rush to judgment stating that Kim was abusing meth cut like a knife. Kim had problems beyond Brandi’s professional expertise and the proper thing to do was stay out of it as it was not her problem. If anything she could have pulled Kim aside and said you know if you ever need someone to talk to, call me. Since then my new favorite insult is “slut pig,” I use it alot.

    • for me, Brandi calling out Kim like that during game night was mean, and got her off on the wrong foot with me. Yes, Kim and Kyle were being mean and petty, but throwing out an accusation of hard core drug abuse in front of a television audience was plain hateful. IF she really thought Kim was abusing drugs, it wasn’t really her place or the best way to bring it up. And if you really think someone that you barely know is abusing drugs, do you try to fight with them about it or throw it in their face? Wouldn’t you just think to yourself, wow, guess I’ll keep my distance from that troubled person, and not add to their obvious torture? I don’t know what she expected in response to her accusations, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Kyle was going to have her sister’s back-even IF she’s upset herself that Kim was acting like a crazy person.
      I’m still not sure about Brandi, but that whole party scene made her look like an instigator

    • Although Kim does have obvious substance/alcohol abuse problems, Brandi has admitted to being wrong in the meth accusation. She might have felt that night like the boy in “The Emperor Has No Clothes”. I don’t think it’s realistic to think Brandi could have offered a one on one talk with Kim since they only met each other that night and Kim had already set the tone with the “I don’t want her on my team” along with the negative body language. As far as I know, Kim still has never apologized for her rude behavior towards Brandi at “Game night” or her abusive behavior at the White party.
      Like her sister Kyle said, Kim does not want to take responsibility for anything she does wrong.

      • I agree Kim was coked out and her n Kyle spent the whole night insulting Brandi and even brought in her kids! And Brandi gets crap for defending herself and stating the obvious? Someone shouldve sent Kim home many times she was clearly intoxicared in more than one episode . Apparently ratings are more important!

      • Agree, Kim and Kyle were asking for it and Brandi fought back irrationally. If some drugged out person was picking on me all night and hiding my crutches then insulting my children, calling them a crackhead would be the LEAST I would say when I got to my breaking point.

    • oh puh-leeze. That was NOT a rush to judgement. Brandi nailed it.
      Anyone watching could see the same thing. I doubt Very much Brandi would have said anything if Kim and Kyle had not been so abusive to her and asked for a fight. They asked for it, so Brandi gave it back. The Richards mean girls were in the wrong along with that useless Dana. Not Brandi.

      I was thinking the same thing when I saw Kyle sniff Kim’s glass and thought how stupid can she be??

  • Kyle has never admitted to being jealous of Brandi. She’s only ever said that sh gets jealous when other women talk/flirt with her husband.

    Brandi has no room to talk about other’s bad behavior when she’s the exact same. Brandi is a hypocrite. She calls Dana desperate for wanting to get bak on the show when she’s just as desperate, she calls kyle’s behavior “bad” when she also exhibits bad behavior 75% of the time.

    Considering how much all the REAL housewives like and get along with Kyle and how all but Camille have said they’re closest to Kyle on/off the show, I doubt shes as vile as Brandi and bloggers make her out to be.

    • BG–Kyle honesty sounds reasonable to me, recall Lisa’s reaction to Brandi when she draped herself all over Ken.

      • She was totally right, maybe not meth, but Kim was wacked out of her scull for pretty much the entire show. Kyle is jealous of everyone who’s skinny, pretty & younger. She needs to getty over herself.

    • Brandi did behave poorly at times, but she was never nasty to people without provocation and never picked on anybody. Kyle bullied her and the only time I lost a bit of respect for Adrienne was at her spa day when they all ganged up on Brandi about apologizing – Adrienne should have stuck up for Brandi that day. She was getting bullied again and it was tough to watch.

  • Kyle isn’t very nice I knew that last season she’s friends with whoever shes with at the moment. Just so long as she’s the main focus but when someone calls her on it. She blames it on her sister. I think she uses Kim to get more attention for herself. Her and Taylor have to have all the attention. They annoy me.

    • I think that growing up with her sister, who was a child star, made Kyle insecure. If you look at pictures of the two of them when they were young girls, Kim was the cute blond Disney star and Kyle, while cute in her own way, was the chubby baby sister. She tried to achieve the same fame as her sister but was never successful. I mean, she still brags about dating C. Thomas Howell! What the hell has he done in the last twenty years? I think her insecurities have followed her into her adult years and I do think having someone new like Brandi, who is younger and beautiful come on the show

      • oops… wasn’t finished. What I meant to say was having someone like Brandi come on the show is bringing out the worst in Kyle. Hopefully after watching this season and seeing how she comes across as mean and jealous will make her think some.

  • I loved Kyle in Season 1..season 2 WOW true colors came out. She is someone I would not turn my back on. That old saying of Keep your friends close but your enemies closer applies here with Kyle. I also have noticed that she has put on a quite a bit of weight this past season and seeing Brandi young,gorgeous and let’s not forget available, well that says it all. Kyle needs to get her house in order.

  • I like Brandi. She’s funny to watch, and her personality makes her shine! =) Kyle gets jealous so easily by any woman. She thinks everyone likes or hits on Mauricio, and he’s not even that attractive. He has a great personality, but he looks pretty average to me. The accent he has isn’t attractive, and I normally like guys with a slight accent, but his accent doesn’t make him any sexier. Kyle needs to have more confidence because it seems she has a great life! I don’t know why she always behaved so badly. She’s almost 40, and yet, she acts like a 16 year old. Quit acting like a high school chick, Kyle! Her true actions make her look very unappealing, and I keep giving her another chance, hoping to like her.

    Kyle is slowly starting to remind me of Taylor, and that’s not a good thing. She will just blow up in your face, and takes no responsibility for her actions. I know she’s not sorry for how she acted, and what she said towards Brandi, but doubt apologize to save face! Just to make herself look good. No. I hope Brandi doesn’t take crap from her next season. I would love to see Brandi eat Kyle’s face, and spit her out so Kyle will know not to mess with Brandi. Lol.

      • Kyle is just a mean girl…high school mean girl. She talks about everyone behind their back. Maybe on the reunion there will be replays of everything she has said about Lisa, Brandi, Adrianne and Kim. She just needs to grow up. She DOESN’T have it ALL. She’s missing a gr8t deal when it comes to having and being a friend.

    • Kyle is 43 and she wants to be the center of attention. If she does another split & that “I Dream of Jeanie” move again – I swear I’ll scream.

  • I initially liked Kyle, but her and Kim’s behavior was absolutely terrible on more than one occasion. Brandi simply reacted. I really think that Kyle showed her real nasty colors.

    • I feel the same way. Kyle was a handsdown favourite in S1, but I really don’t warm to her anymore after her mean girl behaviour this season and now I even tend to believe that she probably did tell Camille no one would be interested in her without Kelsey. She’s got a real mean streak and is not above lying about what she says and does and picking on people.

      • You think? I couldn’t stand Kyle from day one. She is a childish, vacuous, self-centered airhead. She is NObody’s friend. She’s also got anger management issues. On game night, she started off rude to Brandi by just ignoring her; then was just her usual mean high school girl.
        At least Kim was wasted as a no excuse excuse. Kyle was just being her usual bitchy self.
        In S1, she was just as bad to Kim and Camille. Kim was obviously uncomfortable with these women and rather than helping Kim assimlate, she ridiculed and demeaned her. Nice sister! NOT. I was always on Camille’s side.
        But what was really funny, was Kyle would swear like a sailor, then she would complain Brandi had a trashy mouth.
        Why? Did it sound better coming from Brandi? I think so.

        Kyle’s obsession with Brandi’s son peeing on the grass was hilarious. She loves to pick fights to fill some sick need. I don’t understand what is wrong with Mauricio that he would want to live with something like that. AND, Kyle’s BFF is faye resnick tells you all u need to know about Kyle. A sleezy whore who turned used her best friends blood to make money. Iccccccccchhhhh.