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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Teresa Giudice

Last weekend I met RHONJ star Teresa Giudice! She was very sweet and I made sure to ask her if I can get an interview. I told her how much the viewers would love to read an interview with her and she instantly agreed and added how much she appreciates and how thankful she is for all of her fans.Teresa hasn’t been doing many interviews so AllAboutTRH appreciates that she took some time out of her busy schedule to answer questions for the fans! We asked Teresa about the family, season 4 and Celebrity Apprentice!

AllAboutTRH: So I know Gia’s birthday was last week and she turned 11! How did that go?
Teresa Giudice: Yes she did! Where does the time go? It went very well. My parents were over and we had some cake!

Your brother Joe was asked why he didn’t wish Gia a Happy Birthday on twitter. Joe responded that he called her and publicly tweeted that he wished he was invited to her birthday. Why wasn’t he invited?
We’re throwing Gia a birthday party next week and we sent our invitations and definitely got it by now. Of course I’m going to invite my brother, his wife and my nieces and nephews.

Jacqueline Laurita has reached out to many viewers on twitter and have told them that you sell stories to magazines. Is that true?
No. First of all I would never sell a story. Anytime I’m ever in a magazine, it’s because I’m asked. For example Jacqueline and I once were in a magazine together with our kids because we were both asked. There is no reason that I would ever sell stories to a magazine. How bad would that make me look if I did that? I just don’t have time for all of that.

How is your relationship with the Wakiles right now?
I mean I haven’t seen Kathy since the reunion. I of course miss and love them. They are my family and we have spoken since. I just haven’t seen her.

How is everything with your brother Joe and Melissa?
We haven’t really spoke. I love them both and that’s my only brother. We’ve always been close and I’m hoping for better days for the sake of our children and my parents.

Melissa has stated in many interviews that the show has brought you two closer. Is that true?
Closer? No. We’ve never gone without speaking before she was on the show. I invited her to all my parties and would tell her about the housewives and what went on in the earlier seasons. She knew many things and we were close.

Let’s go back to season 3. Do you feel like you were being attacked at the reunion?
You think? [laughs] I had two hours of sleep that night and it was a crazy long day. I don’t have anything to hide so I was being honest and answering everything that I was getting asked. We were filming at the Poshe fashion show the night before and it got crazy but you’ll have to wait until season 4 to see what happens!

Any regrets since being on RHONJ?
Well. You know, I came on the show for fun. I was with friends and strangers and I was a stay at home mom and thought it would be a fun experience. I didn’t sign up on the show to be with my family. That just happened and I’m just kind of dealing with it. The way people view my family on TV was never how we were. We were very private and close. And now that we are all on the show, were not at the place we used to be and it’s hard.

How do you balance work and being a mother to four young girls?
Thankfully I have so much energy! I live for my girls of course and I don’t work everyday. Right now I’m off and I get to spend a lot of time with my children. When I’m filming they understand and when I am filming it’s 4 months out of the year and then the rest is appearances which isn’t all the time. If I have work to do, I always do it when the girls are in school. That way when they come home, they have my undivided attention. My girls do so much activities so I’m always driving them everywhere. And like I said I’m always energized!

Tell us something we don’t know about you!
I’m a business women and an entrepreneur and you will see that on Celebrity Apprentice.

How was your Celebrity Apprentice experience?
It was an absolutely amazing experience and I’m so glad I did it. Mr. Trump was amazing. He was great and his kids were wonderful too and so smart. It was a pleasure working with him.

What can we expect on season 4 of RHONJ?
Expect the unexpected. I know that sounds corny but it’s very true. A lot of things happened and it was definitely an eye opener for me.

I respect Teresa because not only is she fabulous but she’s always been real!
It sounds like Teresa is over all the RHONJ drama and ready to move forward! I could instantly tell how much Teresa loves her brother and hopefully they move on and can work things out fast! Wishing T much success and happiness in 2012!

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  • I really like Teresa and Joe and their children. If it weren’t for them I would never watch the show. It is a shame that Teresa’s brother is sooo stupid and doesn’t realize that it is up to him to stay close to his sister regardless of his manipulative witch wife. He loves his wife but he shouldn’t listen to her at all when it comes to her talking bad about Teresa he should be like every other man let her talk but stay close to your sister no matter what. Instead he like a girl and gossips along with Melissa in bad mouthing his own sister he has no smarts and no loyalty to family. He needs to grow up and Teresa shouldn’t bother with either one of them she has a gorgeous family of her own and if her dummy brother doesn’t want to be a part of it the hell with him and his witch wife.

  • Just hoping that Teresa ends up in jail and they throw the key away. Better yet, her husband should be deported and he can take his family with him. She “claims” to keep it real. She wouldn’t know what real is if it hit her in that ugly puss of hers. Great role model for the kids. I can’t believe how ignorant she is – but should expect it – just look at that low forhead – I’m sure it matches her IQ. Lock her up and get her off the show.
    Danielle Staub has more class in her little finger thank Teresa could even dream of having.

  • Cant wait to see these two in jail yeh what a wonderful mother. Such a lady see i told you her kids will be writing that book my life is hell my hart gose out go the kids not their fult mum and dads NUTS .

  • Is Gabriella like the kid they don’t like?? It’s like Teresa never dresses her up like she does the other girls!
    I wonder why she is hardly on the show!?

  • Watched Lake George fighting episode last night. Before last night, it was obvious Melissa is blinded by jealousy. Last night confirmed it with Joe Gorga starting the brawl and that bathroom chat…LMAO. Jealous much, Fameorga?. Jealous, “green eyed bat crap crazy” Melissa G. is always stirring up bad karma wherever she is and do not even get me started on Jacqueline. For someone that cannot be bothered, she sure gets herself in the middle constantly….she has a huge mental problem and it was there before she was blessed with her second son and the emotional toll his disability has rendered. Teresa has grown so much and you have to be a total moron in denial not to see how much she is genuinely hurt by her backstabber of a brother. The others are jealous. It truly is that simple. Tre,, you have always been my favorite, and you have grown leaps and bounds emotionally since Bravo first Introduced us by way of RHONJ. Andy Cohen, get a clue..she needs a show of her own! We only watch NJ because of her, and your Teresa bashing nasty ass knows it. I am so so sick of the way you disrespect her…Any other network listening? Pick Tre up because that Jersey Girl delivers. Love and Blessings to Tre, Joe, and the girls! And btw, Joe treat her right, you hve a fantastic wife and mother to your babies…take care of her! And, as pointed out elsewhere….Melissa kept saying Gor ga Gor ga…notice Tre had no clue why? Fameorga…..you know Tre is NOT the liar.

  • I have watch HWNJ, as for Teresa you would think she would stay away from all that poison. She makes her poison, let her drink it. Yea she says she wants a relationship with her brother, In a way I fell the show is just a way to get sympathy. She needs to stop talking all that trash in front of the kids. Those poor little girls. I just believe that she does half the stuff she does . If she does NOT want to hear what the other ladies are sitting there saying, Get Up and walk away. Be a responsible Adult, if she even knows what that means,



  • I must be watching the wrong show tre and her brother are classless both go on about sex i dont think they were brought up with any morels cant wait for the book there children will write when there older my life is hell thats if you trully belive this is real???


  • “Jacqueline Laurita has reached out to many viewers on twitter and have told them that you sell stories to magazines. Is that true?
    No. First of all I would never sell a story. Anytime I’m ever in a magazine, it’s because I’m asked. For example Jacqueline and I once were in a magazine together with our kids because we were both asked. There is no reason that I would ever sell stories to a magazine. How bad would that make me look if I did that? I just don’t have time for all of that.”

    Got a wild hair and decided to read this interview as I haven’t before.

    God, Tre is such a pathetic liar.

    • JPG, I’m reading all of this from a year ago, again, as well. I agree that the quote seems frustrating, but for separate reasons. Teresa keeps explaining that my selling, she means she didn’t shop out stories. She sold her photos, and was paid when asked…but no control over content, as we all know how it works. When she is asked to do a story with her quotes, she does get paid. Her semantics and language frustrates me because she isn’t as clear, and people love to pounce all over that. She is not the liar on the show that should get you so fired up. IMO.

  • I couldn’t do what Teresa does. With all the hate she gets, but admittedly there are so many people who can see through the facade that the other housewives put up. So she gets so much love as well. When I think of strong and survivor I think of Teresa Guidice. I’ve been verbally attacked for sticking up for Teresa and it hurt. But what was said to me is nothing in comparison with what Teresa faces on a daily basis. Teresa you have many fans who love, respects and greatly admire you. There are times I feel like praying to God to keep you strong and sane. God bless you and your family. Hopefully little Joe will wake up one day.

  • I have never seen such a liar teresa is a liar and a troubled woman she is sick and said. Somedody please tell stupid Teresa that it is Jeckle and Hiede not heckle and jide.

  • “I have respect for Teresa not because she’s fabulous but because she always been real” omg she has NEVER been real NEVER

    • Do you know her personally? She seems pretty down to Earth, and so committed to her family and children. How is “real” described by you?

  • CeeCee says:
    October 15, 2012 at 12:35 pm
    I KNOW other people have noticed that Teresa is a SURVIVOR, and apparently is grounded enough to do what she needs to do to keep her life in order.

    At the reunion she mentioned that she had worked since she was a young teen, and that just confirmed what I had already come to believe about her.

    She is realistic enough to recognize what needs to be done, and does it to the best of her ability … with a work ethic!

    She’s juggling more personal and business interests than just the NHONJ.

    Also, I saw the way she looked at Jacqueline, when Jac idiotically said to Joe …
    ‘I hope you go to jail’

    What I saw was a real woman (Teresa) seeing true betrayal.

    How very busy she must be, and how much this petty “time-wasting” must make her heart hurt.

  • what ashame it was to watch 4 pitbull women attack one on your reunion show. Caroline had mention she was trying to stay out of the mix between kathy, melissa, and teresa, but if you look back on your shows numerous time she has been caught telling Melissa and Kathy she(teresa) is trying to tear a family apart she lies. Caroline she apologize to you for saying what she did in her cook book but her apology was not good enough for you, what did she need to do get on her knees and ask you to forgive her. Jac. I really do think that somethings need not to be dicussed in what is going on in a family, no matter how close of a friend you maybe. Just like you mention in the reunion show the other night about Nicholas ( you did not want to say anything to anyone until you find out for sure what was going on with your son) which it should of been that way just like teresa my have wanted to keep somethings to herself also. Melissa you should of told teresa you had been approached by bravo to be on the show but you chose to wait until two days later. Kathy shame on you for saying what you did about teresa mother and father, you should of never had said that. also you started to apolgize for it but then turn right around and blame teresa for bringing you to a dark place. you are held responsible for your on action. you ladies sit there on that couch and attack her for things you tell her she is wrong about but please look at your self in a mirror first. Caroline please do not blame Teresa for you and Dina not speeking yes it may make you mad that Dina still speaks to Teresa but their is probably another reason why you and her are talking it is easier to blame others than it is to face the real problem. you ladies should stop all of the unkindness being said and done. Life is really to short. I love all of you ladies please, and try and find the great qualities that you all have and show them to all of your viewers. Teresa by the way I didn’t think Melissa could sing at first but she actually can lightened up a little and please don’t ever take up singing.

  • i was going to start differently, but after reading all the opinions, ecspecially the women who love tree, i’m guessing you’ve never had anyone in your life like her, i’ve lived with a sister, which tree loves saying she’s older, my sister is 62 and i’ve lived the crap all my life, they deny anything they do, it’s always somebody else’s fault, never owns any actions they do, lie directly to your face and actually believe their own lies, best thing everybody can do is distance theirself as far away from her as possible, believe me after 55 yrs of personal experience, she will NEVER change, and as far as joe duche, i had 2 brotherinlaws who ended up cheating on her but still stayed in the marriage, even after their divorces they could only say why they cheated, reason she’s a selfish ignorant bitch, that she only wants what’s best for her no matter who she hurts, do it her way or screw you, and i would bet he’s cheating on tree now and has been for a long time, my opinion is kim d started the whole thing and tree figured she wouldn’t look as guilty, all you have to do is watch final episode and listen to angelo on camera saying kim d and tree set it up, plus when he asked if that was posh fashion show, he already knew it was, why else was he there, for all you tree lovers see how she changes when her and joe finally split, big pity party.



  • Caro and Jacq are real and hurt about Tre words. Tre is not a good person. She cant talk about Melissa in fact no one can TRE has called Melissa every name. And to correct Joe Guidice has been called the wedge that broke the family up not Melissa. TRE DID THAT


  • Im so surprise that everyone is on Teresa side. You all know that Tre has been saying things about everyone since season uno. Melissa comes off a phony but not evil, thats all Tre. Caro and Jac

  • I think most of the people on this site are smoking crack…Teresa and her husband are the most disingenuis people I have ever seen on TV…they can’t speak english…Teresa lies “incessantly”, sees things her own way, and never takes accountablity for her actions…unless of course, she has no friends left, cause she’s a lier., then she turns to the family that she bashed for all the past seasons…As for the Gorgas…I love them. They’re fun loving, and Melissa seems genuine and hard working.. Teresa LOVES to trash her and put her down…that’s why her KIDS…bash her…SHAME ON PARENTS WHO TALK IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN, so the kids put down their aunt & uncle…plus the Ter. & Joe they let their kids talk to them like trash…and they ignore it…it’s like watching a lying train wreck. PS. I don’t care how good an interview she gave. She has no credibility in my eyes…YUCK


  • I hate the fact that Joe Gorga always insinuates that Teresa is the one who needs help, or the therapy. Once Teresa gets well they will get along better. I think Teresa is doing just fine, mini man is the one who has the problems. He acts like the world owes him a living, I can’t wait to see his marriage many years from now, when they’re older, and he can’t get it up. Sex isn’t ALL that a marriage is made up of, and someday there will be no more. What will you guys use to fill that void. Certainly not conversation. I hope that little weasel gets ALL he deserves ( NOTHING ) I never wish bad on people, but I’d like to see how Joe (mini Joe) and Melissa would handle a bankruptcy. Just sayin!

  • What everyone doesn’t seem to know is that Theresa was an Associate Buyer at Macy’s and went to college before she had kids and got married.A women of her own independance! What’s Melissa have..bartending skills and butty calls..YUCK>

    • If she went to college, I’m sure it wasn’t accredited. She is illiterate and can’t even pronounce words correctly. A real example of this country’s poor education system…

    • If she went to college, I’m sure it wasn’t accredited. She is illiterate and can’t even pronounce words correctly. A real example of this country’s poor education system…

  • Teresa and Joe Giudice are the stars of the show….
    She’s a smart cookie with springles on it.
    Caroline Manzo she’s an idiot with the capitol I.
    Jacqueline is nuts.
    Melissa and Kathy are fake……i don’t trust them …..
    Chris Laurita is being influenzed by the trolls …Wakile and Gorga.
    Andy Cohen was laughing his head off last night,,,when Joe Giudice said something about his tools…..
    Hey Andy girl….you don’t know anything when it comes to tools….they are very expensive….
    Go to Home Depot or other hardware store and you will find out…..I bet that everything was handed to you …you little jerk….so you don’t know how to do any hard work…
    and please DON’T citizice JOE GIUDICE….you and Manzo belong togheter.

    Wakile is the worst of the men all…..he has a large mouth…..with BOTOX…..he’s so ugly……….

    • Joe Giudice was being “kind” in only referencing tools, he failed to mention that Teresa, her father and Joe loaned Joe Gorga all his money to start his business. Teresa and Joe are hard workers..Joe Gorga acts like a spoiled mama’s boy jealous of his big BIL, whom he has known all of his life and looking for validation for he andbhis hypocritical, conniving slut of a wife’s acceptance!

      • And, Rich and Melissa’s mom and sisters are beyond trash and dispicable to me, in addition to Joe and Melissa forgetting they have small children, and their nymph, partying behavior.

  • I have never seen so many people snowed by two people their con artists and thieves to steal 11 million dollars and then try to pull a fast one on bankruptcy court about book deal i guess people dont watch same show as me shes a scammer who got caught she signed a contract with magazine for covers lied about dogs even people wake up her husband going to jail for stealing his brothers id what more do you need Andy all but tells you at the reunions Danielle even revealed shes a phoney and busted her come on take the rose colored glasses off and on celeb apprentice Aubry carried her she was the butt of many jokes what mother ok even father dont know jack and Jill should i say anything more to prove my point clap clap wake up

    • seems to me you’re the one with huge rose colored glasses. yes, teresa is not innocent and she and her husband have legal troubles but so do the other housewives. you really want to talk about con artist. look into the manzos and lauritas legal issues there’s alot of fraud in there. as for melissa she is the biggest con artist out of all of them. she scammed and pushed her way into the housewives franchise and has conned everyone into thinking she is innocent. she’s a gold digger and used teresa’s brother to get into the family and now she is using him to help push teresa out of the show. as for the magazine cover. she didn’t lie about that. the cover is there for everyone to see and she was honest about the dog. she admitted it isn’t hers and that it’s a prop. that is what magazine photographers do. they like to use props to make the their pics look good. it’s no secret. unless you believe everything you see and read?!! then i say you need to take your rose colored glasses off and get a new prescription.

    • Wtf? Laurita’s 55 million dollar lawsuit, lying to Feds, and cost hundreds of people their jobs and livelihood—and still lie???? You’ve got to be kidding me that you think that Giudices paying off their debts and owning their mistake is worse?

  • DId it seem like Bravo played a spin on Theresa the last season as if to get people to not like her? I really liked her, could somewhat relate since I have 4 kids, and enjoyed her family values. However, towards the end of the season and the reunion show it appeared that they made her out to be the villain. Was it just me or did Bravo try to hard?

  • I love Tre and her family:)Great job AATT!!!Melissa is nothing but a fake,and the world will soon see this!!I can;t wait to see her world fall apart:)xxx

  • You did amazing answering the questions in the interview Tre!! Great job! I have no idea, haven’t found answers some have.. What happened with you and Jacqueline? Guess I have to wait for the new season! I really enjoyed the two of you together! I’m sure it was bad to destroy your friendship tho! So sorry!! I was so TICKED at Andy during the Reunion show. He came at you like a Pit-bull and attacked! What happened to him anyway! Best of luck, love and family!!

  • Job well done on the interview 🙂 I enjoyed reading it. I love Teresa. She is REAL whether anyone believes it or not. She has a fan in me and that’s that!

  • I love Teresa’s honesty. I also love how she does not go on and on about her relationship with her brother when she does an interview. She stays focused on herself and the positive things in her life. She doesn’t need to use anyone’s name to claim her fame. Her BIG personality is what makes her so endearing.

    TERESA, if u are reading this, I would love to see you in a show outside of Bravo hw’s. I get such a kick out of you and your hubby and especially your children.

    Looking forward to seeing her on Celebrity Apprentice. 🙂

  • Cammierari! are you for real? yes Teresa love her brother but do he love her? I have to wonder because every thing he shows that he care nothing about her at all, remember he called her grabge on national tv, and have yet to say he sorry, are admit that he was wrong about any thing, Have ypu forgotten all the things he said to her.
    1: if you want a relationship with me you got to talk to my wife.
    2: you got to fix things between your mother and my wife.
    3: talk to you husband, he sending me nasty text.
    And Tereas did all that he asked and he and his wife still treat her like mud on his shoe, T. will allways love her brother and he and his wife knows this,
    so you say called them???? I say don’t call them don’t even think about him he don;t even treat his mom and dad good.forget em forget em forget em and move on and don’t look back


  • Melissa says she has no regrets doing the show, and Teresa says they haven’t spoken since the reunion. That says a lot.
    I don’t agree that T needs to cut her brother and his wife out of her life-he may be a weasel, but that’s her only brother. I think she should keep taking the high road-CALL Melissa up and say hi. Don’t stop trying to make things better. It can’t hurt more than it does now, reading all the crap that Melissa has to say. Make a phone call a week-hi, how are things, how are the kids-just to keep communication open. LET Melissa be the phony she is. Accept it-because she won’t change, and Teresa may lose her brother if she doesn’t.
    I think this is why Teresa went up and congratulated Joe and Melissa at the Christening-she wanted to put on a good face-and got smacked down in public. But after everything that’s happened, I’d try it again, in private. She doesn’t have to love the girl, or even like her (and who could???) but for her parent’s sake and her children’s sake, mend things.
    Melissa came into Joe’s life and turned his head. You won’t turn it back by fighting. Hope things go better for Tre soon-LOVE her and am hoping for nothing but success for her!

    • Tre won’t lose her brother. She loves her. Remember women come and go from a man’s life. We have a 60% divorce rate. When Melissa finds her bigger and better or when Joe finds out what a sl#t she is he will be filing divorce papers.

      Tre, his parents and his children are his family. Melissa can’t give him a kidney. Blood is thicker than water. In Italian families it is always that way. His puttana will find out that she is just as terrone as she looks.

  • Teresa deserves the SAME high salary that NEW York housewives are getting. I think she brings in huge ratings as the entire season was revolved on Teresa. It would be a borefest if she were not there. I hope Bravo compensates her greatly becauseshe deserves it for all the abuse she has had to endure. The fact that Bravo brought in her own family to cause drama is disgusting. There is a rumor that Ramona and Luann getting each 500,000 each for this coming season. It was confirmed by Jill that they recieved a raise to 250,000 last season. It is only fair to give a HUGE raise to Teresa for being such a big fan attraction to NJ. Jacqueline should be kicked out and Caroline may get her own spin off. So i am sure Bravo can afford it if that were to happen. Melissa and Kathy are probably on a lowere end pay bracket since they are new. All the New Jersey cast started off with 3500 an episode for the first three years they signed on. So it is only fair that Mel and Kathy get paid that same average since they new. They can easily be replaced and no one will blink an eyelid….and i think they know this. They don’t have as much leverage as Teresa does as she is the anchor and she put in her 3 years of crappy pay (dispite the ratings she brought in).

  • Roxanne will you do a story on the christening episdoe. I think it would be interesting to get the word out that Poppa Gorga was attacked by one of melissas sisters husband and that Gudicie was protecting him when they showed him enraged and going after someone. I think its unfair that Joe Gudice is only seen in a negative lite.. and i an PROMISE you that if Teresa attacked Melissas eldery, ill mother it would be all over the blogs!

    • I dont think melissa sister husband attacked papa Gorga .I think one of melissa sister friends husband almost attacked him. Maybe the husband felt stupid and melissa sister lied saying that joe giudice mom hit one of there friends to take the heat off of one of them. Which i don’t Joe Gorga made such a big deal about joe’s mom she is older and would not attack anyone for no reason at all.

  • love love love tre!! she is my idol and i admire her strength and class so much… i think the show is releasing so much aftermass and people arent seeing where the problem originally started (MELISSA……..) tres constantly tweeting pics of her girls and their memories and melissa tweets pictures of appearances and celebrities she meets. like we see what both their priorities are. if melissa claims theyve gotten closer since the show she seriously needs mental help and its pretty clear her intention for coming on the show was for her “singing” career

  • Teresa remains a class act. Never suing anything negative on twitter or in interviews about her family. I can’t help but wish her the very best. I agree w all the comments above, that she needs to just keep her distance from toxic family members and move on.

  • Refreshing. Teresa gave honest, straightforward answers. Class. Take note, Melissa and your hag sisters.

  • I’m in australia and we just had part 1 of the reunion on tv. I was so disgusted in it, I just wanted to reach into the tv and shake Melissa! She was so fake and trying to play miss innocent it drove me insAne! Trying to act like a lady when all she is is a whorebag. Teresa carried herself really well and it just made me like her all the more! I think as much as they try, they will never bring her down, she is too strong for that and she has nothing to hide unlike the other ladies. Team Teresa all the way.
    One question, who the hell is this greggy character? So far up melissas ass it isn’t funny!

  • One Last Comment, Melissa won’t really last long on this show anyway because she’s not nice at all. She’s mean to her husband’s family. She’s mean to the media and threatens everyone with a lawsuit and she doesn’t handle herself well with her fans.

  • One more comment, Bravo should fire Melissa and Joe as many bloggers that I blog with can’t stand the direction the show has gone because of Melissa and Joe. I honestly doubt many will tune in to watch season four especially since we know Melissa is back and it’s just the same old story from season 3. Melissa and Joe need to go.

  • I hope in season 5, Teresa will come to the conclusion that her husband, children and parents are her family and if Joe and Melissa are not willing to meet half way, then she should just let them go and focus on her own family. I used to love watching Teresa, Joe and the girls because they were a lot of fun as a family. As a matter of fact, I thought they should have their own show because they were funny. Not much of Teresa’s family was shown in season 3 and it’s clear that having Joe, Melissa and Kathy on were stressful. I doubt any of that stress is gone in season 4. I hate to say this but Melissa and Joe brought this show down to the level of Jerry Springer trash and I doubt that I will watch season 4 as it will be no different than season 3. I didn’t really watch season 3 much at all. I couldn’t take Melissa and Joe because they are sexually explicate to the point of dirty porn and immature. They annoy me and I just can’t watch season 4. Love Teresa when she’s focused on her real family. Caroline and Jacqueline disappointed me when they sided with Melissa rather than their real friend. I don’t know. It’s just too much fighting. Too much Jerry Springer material.

  • Yet another interesting & engaging blog…..Great Job!!!
    Teresa IS & always will be my favorite…. Actually, I’ve said many times that in my opinion, Teresa IS RHNOJ & without her, there wouldn’t be a show or if so, not for long…… I too agree & believe that she’s using the show, especially now, as a serious platform to further her career which is smart….. Kudos’ to Teresa!!!!

  • Tereas is a real lady with so much class: I really hate that she invited those two to Gia’s party, I hope they do not go, think they will make the party turn out badly just to hurt T look what he did at his own baby’s event, drop the kids off you two and keep moving . I don’t think he called Gia to wish her a happy bday,, if he called I think Teresa would have said so but she didn that tells me he did not call and Teresa being a lady with class she wouldn’t put him out there like that by telling that he did not call, but he sure would have put her out there,

  • First season Teresa was okay, after that my like turned into dislike because IMO she was becoming a bully along with Caroline. However, when the ugliness shifted to her, I felt bad for her. I’m really proud of how she is carrying herself during this personal attack. I wish her the best!

  • Holy cow….Jacqueline is ranting AGAIN on twitter. I don’t even follow her but people retweet her babble. When will she learn less is more luv!!

  • great interview rox but you couldve dug up some dirt if you tried a little harder lol…
    i have one question… why did teresa say at the reunion that she wasnt charged with fraud and that joe wasnt dealing with driver problems? its public knowledge so why would she deny those things? for this reason only i agree with melissa. i feel like that brings down her credibility down a little bit. she could have said i dont want to discuss it and she was protected by law to do so, and she still wouldnt be lying

    • Teresa wasn’t charged with fraud. Teresa never did anything wrong, it was her husband that drove with his brothers license and he didn’t get in trouble for that until after the reunion. Teresa’s husband has made a few mistakes but he has learned his lesson.

    • Joe wasn’t charged with Bankruptcy Fraud either. The trustee stated he would try and pursue a bankruptcy fraud charge against Joe, but it was NEVER filed. Get your facts straight Melissa.

      Also, It is not public knowledge that is some BS term that Melissa stated. It would be in the public domain or stated as publicly discoverable. Pulbic knowledge is a BS term of art. Thanks Melissa Gorga so you.

      Hey Rox check your IP addresses and see if this is Mel or her sisters. Look up their IP addresses.

    • You are aware that Melissa has been caught in several lies, right? She has no more credibility than Teresa. Actually, she probably has less if we’re really keeping score.

  • Loved the interview. Nice to see an interview that doesn’t bash anyone. Too bad the other Housewives can’t do the same. I unfollowed them all on Twitter today. Sick of negative energy. I will still follow Teresa…she has a positive attitude and the pictures of her kids are always fun to see. Keep on your path Teresa…you are the one going in the right direction. You are the one going places.

    Thanks for a great interview Rox! 🙂

  • Dear Bravo. We love Teresa.
    We do not like that bully Caroline
    We do not like waco Jaco
    We do not like Kathy, although if Melissa was not around she might be a nicer person.
    We do NOOOOOOTTTTTT like that liar, sneaky, fake fraud Melissa and her disgusting little troll of a husband Joe Gorga.

  • STop trying to include Mel and Joey for the sake of public image. Joey knew exactly what he was doing by tweeting he didn’t get an invite. Melissa purposely set that in motion. Stop rewarding these loosers for continuing to sell you out Teresa. As i said in my comment earlier….YOUR FANS have your back and know exactly what melissa is about. KEEP them Away from you, because when you continue to engage them….you are making them relevant. Don’t you notice that there is not a SINGLE interview that Melissa has done that hasn’t mentioned your name? Don’t you realize that anytime Mel or Joey tweet something about you they get a frenzy of tweets? Didn’t you notice that when Jacs had her twitter rant Melissa cosigned on it and fueld the fire? Didn’t you realize that Kathy and Melissa both helped Caroline to gang up on you? Don’t you see the only time Kathy wants a heart to heart with you is when she is on camera? Didn’t you see Kathy’s husband continue to trash talk to all season including on twitter? Keep away from family members that hurt you. I can’t keep saying this again…follow Dina’s lead and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!!! If your brother wants to visit you…HE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE. He knows when his nieces birthday is…why not stop by and say happy b-day in person? Him and Mego know you host xmas dinner every year…..and all of a sudden now they have to be invited? Stop letting these loosers drag you down and just stay the hell away from them.

  • So Joe got an invitation to Gia’s upcoming party. I’ll honestly be surprised if he and his brood show up. It’s very sad what this show has done to this family.


    Joey and Melissa are married….so at the end of the day his loyalties will be to his wife. I understand that Melissa’s nasty sisters have been hurling insults and tweeting nasty things about you in the past…..but at the end of the day Joey will always side with his wife as their loyalties are now bound. It is sad, but reality. Same goes for you and Joe. You have stuck by Joe through bankruptcy and many other issues. LOVE your brother Joey from a distance and save yourself the heartache. The stress and frustrations that Melissa and her sisters bring is not worth it. If your brother wants to stand by his wife…let him. The fans hear and see what Melissa has done and what she continues to do and will not think anything less of you Tre if you keep your distance. Take Caroline and Dina. We all know they love each other….but they both have kept their distance from one another. I am sure one day you and your brother will work things out as i hope Caroline and Dina will too….but in the mean time KEEP Your distance. There is no rule that sister in laws ought to be best friends. It is Joey’s responsibility to rein his wife in and find a balance. However, it seems like he continues to only blame you for the rift while ignoring his wife’s part. Again that is all good….as his loyalties are to his wife. But that DOES not mean you have to be a punching bag. IF you have a party for Gia or a get together at your house and are not comfortable having them over….IT is YOUR right to do so. You don’t have to feel obligated to let someone in your life that is trying to hurt you and use u to continue their quest for fame. I hope you realize that your fans have your back and you do not have to prove anything to anyone. We know you love your brother, but you don’t have to “like” him or his wife right now. Melissa knows that you love your brother so she has an upper hand and can play on your emotions very easily…..and knows exactly what to do to make you react. Why would you want somene like that around you at all? Focus on your daughters and YOUR health. I know he is your only brother, but you don’t deserve to be bullied into being cozy with people that don’t have your best interest at heart….even though it’s your family. Having a cordial “hi bye” relationship is not the end of the world. After what Mel and Joey has done to you this past year they better be LUCkY that you sent them an invite. I would have erase these two from my life immediatley!!! They are the most digusting, disloyal, famewhoring couple i have ever seen…..STAY AWAY FROM THEM and let them self destruct on their own.

    • I agree. Love your brother from a distance and just focus on your own family. Melissa does seem like the kind of wife who will run out on Joe if she finds someone who earns more money. It’s easy to see she’s using him and frankly, it should be the other way around because Joe is a nice looking man who makes a good living. Stay away and one day should Melissa leave Joe, then you can be there for him with open arms.

    • Well written.I have said all along that her brother gave Melissa permission to attack Teresa as she did. I keep remembering how the other housewives would say over and over again,Teresa just pretends nothing is wrong and puts on a smile.HELL YEAH,she didnt want to bash or hurt anyone. Just wait T, soon season 5 will start talks on the cast and I am sure you will soon be getting phone calls from the creeps. Don’t fall into the trap,They all know they need you if they want to stay on the show. Stay strong sweetie,we all Love you 🙂

  • I do admire Teresa…she stuck by her husband during a really hard time just goes to show she is loyal to family…wish her the best she deserves it and to hell wit all the haters!

  • I admire and respect Teresa more and more. Awesome interview & awesome, honest answers. You can always tell when someone is embellishing their answers and this was definitely not the case. After reading the interview Teresa did with the Jewish Journal that was posted on this site, and now this interview, one can see how enjoyable, to the point and smart Teresa is. Again, she doesn’t go overboard with her answers or force it on us that she’s a good mother, wife, person, etc. She does what she does and does it naturally and it shows.
    Sometimes it feels like Melissa and Jacqueline are trying to force on their fans, especially through Twitter, how happy they are and it doesn’t always come across as being genuine. Just be normal. Kathy seems the most like Teresa (maybe because they’re actually related.) Even though Kathy was on the anti-Teresa train, she does seem like a good mother and person and I could see (and wish as a fan) the two of them being close again due to their similar family dynamics. For the good of all of them, I wouldn’t mind Melissa not returning to the show after season 4.
    Again, thank you for posting this wonderful interview and thanks to Teresa too! We love her!

  • Such good questions and very simple, honest answers. It didn’t feel like she was embellishing. You gave her several chances to say negative things about her family for what they have done to her and yet she chose a truthful and classy response – it is hard to do both when inside you are hurt and disappointed. I also appreciate that she doesn’t sugar coat how she feels about RHONJ now that the cast has changed. I think she is diplomatically preparing for the end of the two year contract that she had to sign (i.e. season 3 & 4) and may not return for season 5 and instead get a show of her own on, hopefully, another network.
    There is a show on the Cooking Channel called “Extra Virgin” and it is a combo cooking and reality show about Debi Mazar (from Goodfellas), her 100% Italian husband, and their two daughters. I think that a show like that would be PERFECT for Teresa; showing her real life with husband and girls, but also sprinkling a recipe or two as she goes. Also it needs to be at least an hour long show! I think it would be successful on a number of networks, including the Cooking Channel, Style, VH1, TLC, or Bravo.
    Go Tre, I love seeing you show everyone else on RHONJ what you are really made of!!! May they have to eat their own words and hide in shame. =)

  • What’s funny is how Teresa, since the first time Melissa and Joey became relevant to America, has always said that they spoke even though they weren’t necessarily getting along. But in every interview Melissa does, she says that Teresa and her weren’t on speaking terms when Melissa joined the show. Now Melissa is going around saying the show brought them closer while Teresa is saying it pushed them apart. Funny how their interviews always contradicts one another.

    I think while filming season 3 and part of season 4, they were ‘closer’ because they had to film together, work together and play/party together. But obviously whatever happened at Posche pushed them further apart than they were initially. I’m glad Teresa is putting distance between her and her brother/Melissa. It’s sad for their kids because I’m sure Melissa and Joey don’t want the kids to see each other since the adults aren’t getting along (this is evident in the episode where they all went to Gia’s gymnastics meet).

    It’s also good to know that despite everything that’s happened Teresa still talks to the Wakiles and still has love for them as well as the Gorgas.

  • Roxanne, excellent interview! I appreciate that you asked some “uncomfortable” questions about the birthday and about the present family interactions. I was curious myself about her brother Joey’s comment about not being invited. I think he just tweeted that to illicit sympathy from the viewers, but all it does for me is make me think he’s a butthole of a brother. I have always been a fan of Teresa’s and interview answers like this just make me like her more. I know what it’s like to have my own family member drag out drama for personal gain and I really admire how Teresa handles it. My own problems led me to shut them out completely from my own family and I just don’t know how Teresa can still want anything to do with family members who constantly and seriously hurt her. I give her mad props for being the better person in this. There’s no way I could let such toxic people like Teresa’s brother, sil, and cousin stay in my life; I guess I’m just not as emotionally strong as Teresa and because of that I root for her even more.

  • Great interview Rox. Teresa is the only person who talks only about HERSELF, and her own concerns. It’s pretty obvious that she loves her brother, and respects her parents because I’m sure there is plenty she could say if she didn’t mind hurting either. She doesn’t say things that aren’t true-and she picks her words carefully when asked about family drama. She is a real class act and a good person who is dealing with a lot of crap by staying true to herself and her family, and keeping a positive attitude. I hope she succeeds in everything she does because she DESERVES it.

    Keep ignoring the haters Tre! We see you and what you’re going thru-and we’re rooting for you.

  • So awesome that Teresa did an interview with you. She really can’t have anything to hide if she does non scripted interviews, unlike… others. Hopefully anything her snake sister-in-law does slides right off of Teresa’s back. She’s so pathetic, there really is NO competition, Teresa doesn’t even need to bother, she’s already so above her snake sister-in-law. She just needs to live her life and let Melissa continue to make a fool of herself.

  • Great interview Rox. As usual Teresa did not talk negative about Jac, her brother of the former Looker’s employee. There were no hidden digs directed to anyone.
    Rox, thank you for running a great website were everyone is free to post their opinion of the housewives. I wish other sites were not so overly monitored that only positive comments are accepted about their favorite housewives. Really makes were believe that the site is run by one of their own.

  • I am sitting here imagining in 10, 15, 20 years how RHONJ will impact the present relationships. Most women I know have had a past hurt that haunted them their whole life from love lost to incomplete business that can never really come to closure. While we all go on living everyday, we have those reflective moments and reminders. As much as I love my family, I feed most of them out of the proverbial long handled spoon. Guess my shock at learning several cousins and relatives where jealous of me..then they started bad mouthing me..I withdrew from family activities..poor Dad, caused a rift between us that lasted several months, we are better than before and learned some new things about each, for me that I don’t have to take crap off of anybody and before you start telling me how to live my life, get your own screwed up life in order. My first cousin must have thought I was some punk because I am mostly passive and easy to get along with, then she overstepped her bounds and I wasn’t having it. I have spoke to her twice last year after the little tell on me situation involving Dad..both times she asked me to call her when I had time, when I had time, really, if she has something she wants to talk to me about don’t you think she will call me? Anyway, if I had something I needed to say to her I would call her. Anyway, I am over the b.s. and the other family members who took her side look real stupid too and sheepish when I do come around. Yes I could go on and on, but the bottom line for me is, I know who I am and I am very happy with me and I am happy with what I have.

  • I just love Teresas realness! I wish you wouldve asked her about her education, like college experience and what she majored in, what she did before HWs so the haters that like to call her stupid realize that she really isn’t.

    • I think she has mentioned Marketing/fashion as her major… I can be mistaken,, but I would like to hear her talk about that as well..
      She is smarter than the other ones, and there is something more real about Teresa, Camera does not lie.

      Tough titty, Caroline, Kathy, Jac, and former Lookers employee, camera is on you too, and you are each coming up short.

      • Yes, she graduated from college and worked in NY City before having Gia, but some others are not aware of that. Since there are a lot of hits on this blog, I felt ppl should know her educational history and background before HWs so ppl wouldn’t assume the negative about my girl, Tre, from her own mouth. 😉

  • It’s such a shame that Bravo & Melissa/Joe put ratings and fame ahead of what’s really important in life. Melissa is going to get 10 minutes out of this, so I hope those 10 minutes were worth it to her.

    Keep doing what you are doing Teresa! You are a true star xoxox

    • Well we know that it will be worth it to her ,, her values are whacked.

      Sex in the Bathroom on National TV with Manzo’s and Greg looking in the window laughing, thats her idea of a career. Disgusting.

      Course she has to trash Teresa, because next to her Mel looks like a whore. cheap trick.
      Damn white Betty Crocker cake eating b.

      now come on Caroline defend that behavior and make a bigger @ss of yourself. Season 4 is going to continue this rampage on Teresa.

    • Mel doesn’t care about Teresa and never has. She has her family and she wants Joey to fit in with them – she doesn’t have to fit in with his family. Melissa is garbage and Joey is slow not to pick up on his wife’s games.

      • Ditto! She is an egotistical hairy monkey who only cares about herself, and her rise to stardom! Stardom my ass! She can’t sing, dance, or act. Hell, she’s not even pretty so she’s SHIT in my eyes! I despise MeHoHoHOE! SHAMEFUL & AN EMBARRASSMENT! Poor Tre. I hope she beats the hell out of her if Melissa continues her bashing! Joey Gorga is a horrible little brother, and Tre better stay away from her toxic brother. He’s shameful & such a useless brother who’s blind by his WHORE of a wife!

  • Roxy, GREAT INTERVIEW! I just wish it could have been even longer. Teresa did a good job about being truthful and honest. We all can see how much she loves her brother and I think it’s sad that Joey can’t see it. Melissa is the one coming between them and it’s all about trying to be Teresa. It’s a shame that her being important comes before her husbands family. When you get married, and your family oriented, it’s about doing the right things to be accepted by your in-laws. I did and now I have the best relationship with my in-laws. I didn’t try to compete with my mother-in-law or sister-in-law and praised them on things that they did. I didn’t try to do the same things or try to be better then them. Take a lesson Melissa! You should have done your own thing instead of interfering on Teresa’s gig. But then again Melissa really doesn’t have any talent except to cause trouble and exposing her body on public TV. Remember Melissa, you are a mother and over thirty! There are millions of beautiful mothers out there with beautiful bodies that stay in shape that don’t have to expose it like you do! But some people that start off their life working in stripper clubs don’t know better or doesn’t care about how it will effect their children, others put that part of their lives behind them and are more modest and change their lives. I can’t believe if Missy’s father was so successful that he couldn’t help out his kids so that they wouldn’t have to work in strip clubs, even if it was as a bartender. Melissa, you step on people to just get whatever you want or think that you deserve. Joey, wake-up! Your very lucky to have family like you do because after this is all over they will still love and forgive you, so stop pushing them or you might really become the loser. In Italian family’s the son is the top dog, so what have you done in the past to lose their respect? I’m from a traditional Italian family and my oldest brother is the king and deserves the respect by always being there for all of us. He makes the important decisions because he is wise and respected, which he had to learn and show us that he deserved this position. Never would he have yelled at my father like you had done just for a TV show. How were you showing any respect for your family doing something like that? Please grow up and take care of YOUR family before it’s too late. Melissa doesn’t care about them and the public can see that, put her into check and show her how to respect your family before it’s too late.

  • It was a nice interview but COME ON people you really think she didn’t get paid for her 7 covers on In Touch? Not everyong who’s in the magazine gets paid but when you do exclusive interviews with magazines you are definitely paid. It’s an industry standard. Who is she kidding.

    • Theres a difference in being paid to be on covers and getting paid to sell stories about other people. As, well some bloggers pay for dirt about the other cast members, I am sure Marcrows and jac know about that and have a few of them on speed dial.

  • I’m kind of glad she has not spoken to her brother. Because it seems as if she was over them, rather them over her. I think she listened to her husband when he said worry about your immediate family, which is him and the girls i agree. Unfortunately people changed and move their separate ways.

      • Exactly! Any member of my family call me ‘garbage’ could kiss my lily white ass until they got on their knees and apologized.

        • Teresa is old school,,, and she loves him. the way he acted at Christening,,, i wouldnt be surprised if he wasn’t on something (coke). he was screaming like a wild thing Who does that ? For Teresa’s parents this must have been nearly enough to do them in. She is being quiet for their sakes. I think there is something psychologically amiss with Joe Gorga, and Teresa is protecting him from what can come out about his past. We sure know Megor, is afraid for her past to come out. I think she is separating from them as much as she can,,, and hopes that one day when the show is over they might all get along again.

  • I like Melissa but hate how she talks in her interviews. This kind of makes me even like Teresa more then M. She really did handle herself with class and didn’t throw any digs at Melissa. In a lot of Melissa’s interview I’ve noticed she always throws a dig at Teresa and I never read Teresa doing interviews so it’s awesome that the one time she does an interview she doesn’t throw digs at her family

  • I really like the questions that was asked and she gave her opinion on all of the questions. I am glad she answered all the questions. Thank you for not asking “pre-made” questions a la Missy.

  • Wow. I wont lie but I’m really shocked with Teresas answers. This interview shows me another side of her. Reading this I see how she really loves her family and want this to be over with. She had the opportunity to bash her family like they do her and she chose to take the high road

    By the way great questions. It makes me sick that Jac has no life and always attacks Teresa. I’m happy we know the truth

    Good job

  • Wow!! Another amazing Interview doll you & Teresa are amazing loved your questions and as always the beautiful Teresa doesn’t disappoint! Great job Roxanne keep it up you and your blog are amazing! Love u doll! Xoxo

  • enough of the bravo bullshit, i wanna see the business side of teresa on another network, do u like that bitch? errrrr melissa? 😀

  • I teared up a little when I read the answer about her not speaking to her brother. Maybe its because I have one brother that I am really close with or pregnancy hormones who knows. People can think Teresa is fake, that answer was all too real to me. I sincerely wish her all the best and hope her family relationships can be repaired.

    • It’s great that you have a relationship with your brother, but sometimes family can be real TOXIC, and they need to be deactivated from your life.

      • Yep. I tried to explain that concept to my kids (and their spouses) when they were upset because, although I have no problem with them having relationships with some of my family members, (they are adults, it’s their choice) I have “deactivated” those people from my life. They just recently saw why, and now understand. It’s something that must be experienced first hand to understand.

  • Great interview Rox! I pray that all her fans stick by her after Season 4 because we all know her castmates trashed her for their own gain. I hope the Bravo editors are fair to her because she is the RHWofNJ.

    Like Teresa, my parents were born in Italy and came to this country to give themselves and their children a better life. I know she loves her brother and wants him back for the sake of the family, but I don’t think she should trust him.

    I believe Melissa and her family don’t want to see Joe reconcile with his family. Melissa and the rest of the Marco’s need this fued to continue in order for Melissa to stay relavent on the show. Her sister Kim has now profited from her sister being “On Display” on RHWofNJ. Kim is the newest member of the “not so soccer mom radio show.” This show has always favored Melissa at the expense of trashing Teresa. The addition of Kim will give the show no creditability.

    • “Melissa and the rest of the Marco’s need this fued to continue in order for Melissa to stay relavent on the show.” Melissa “Irrelevant” Marco needs Teresa to stay on the show. Remember when Danielle left the show and everyone was worried that the shoe would tank, but Teresa carried that show on her damn back. Melissa has no personality, and her husband personality is NOT what it seems on TV. He does it for the camera.

      • 100% agree! They need Teresa to stay relevant! No show otherwise. What would it be about? Melissa singing? YUCK! or JOEY smelling her panties and sex in bathroom?

  • I wish u would’ve asked her about the new revelations about Danielle and if Jac had apologized to her .

    • I think we know that Jac has not becasue Jacq said she had not and would not. I no longer like much about Jacq. She jumps to conclusions and never apoligizes, a terrible combination.

      • Ya Jac DM me like she always does and said she wont say sorry cause T does it to then she says mostly about herself. Why does Jac care if T sells stuff about herself? She used to be my fav but she is a drama queen and a trouble maker then sits back and smiles and acts like she does nothing wrong and thinks she is never wrong. EVER! I think she is the one who had those pic released about Joe with his friend at TGIF. She is a sneaky whitch! I see through her and Caroline. Wish Bravo would fire both of them

        • Monica,
          i think they will let Jac go,,, but Caroline,,, I don’t see it. Which is unfortunate, since she has become so ugly on the inside. The show has changed her .

          Her comments about her daughters weight on the reunion, just terrible to say on national TV. She says Teresa drank the kool aid? What mother says such things about their children in front of others? And tell me Caroline, just how is Teresa stopping you from making peace with your sister Dina?

          Caroline you arent HALF the woman you pretend to be. Did Andy put you up to bashing Tre? Or were you just looking for someone new you could TRY to bully.? I hate what has happened to you, and really sorry it ended up this way.

          I would have had a nervous breakdown if I was going through the stuff Teresa is, in front of the viewers, she has to make money because she is neck deep in trouble, but I do not believe she is selling stories. Jac is unstable I still think she is somehow involved w/ the Juicy pics and

          This interview with Tre is quite a treat,,truthful without being viciously negative… Go Teresa,,, love you!

  • Wow. This interview is so awesome. She answered everything with suck class. Im both a Mel fan and T fan but this interview makes me really respect Teresa. She didn’t put her family down when the others have done plenty interviews making her look bad. This is how you act! So sad that t isn’t even talking to her family. And I’ve realized it’s probably bc of Mel. This is such a great interview. So impressed with Teresas answers. Go you!!!!

  • If the truth be told by anyone, Teresa is a smart lady and she has so much class. And she love her family and I beleive her when she say she loves her brother’s wife because she is family, even though his wife don’t know how to be part of a loving family, when you think about it maybe she really didn’t have the type of family love she want us to beleive she had.

  • I love love this interview!!! I love Teresa:) Rox u did a great job. I hope everyone sees how real and honest Teresa is. She definitely has moved on from all the b.s!!! No drama at all in this interview, loved it!!!

  • Thanks for the interview Rox. It’s good to see she’s not only surviving but thriving since the reunion. Teresa: you and Juicy and your 4 gorgeous girls put the “Real” in RHONJ. I hope 2012 brings lots of good things your way.

  • Aww I just love Teresa!!! She really always takes the high road. Unlike Melissa, she doesn’t throw insults at her family members every chance she gets. What a strong, wonderful woman!

    *I just love her girls too! Milania is hysterical!!!!
    “get me some pizza ya old troll!” hahaha. Love it! Great interview.


    • It was a nice interview but COME ON people you really think she didn’t get paid for her 7 covers on In Touch? Not everyong who’s in the magazine gets paid but when you do exclusive interviews with magazines you are definitely paid. It’s an industry standard. Who is she kidding.

      • When did she say she wasn’t paid? She said she was invited to do interviews, she mentioned nothing about payment??????

      • They do stories on Teresa because she sells lots and lots of magazines. They don’t ask permission, they do what they want. Teresa’s cast members and family sell stories about her, I truly believe that. I’m sure Teresa knows that she just would rather ignore it than deal with drama.

        • It’s not Teresa’s fault magazines put her in the cover. Teresa doesn’t sell stories but her castmates do. Teresa is too busy for stupid shit like that. But Melissa, jaq, Kathy, and Caroline have all the time the world to sell stories, falsely accuse and bully. Actions speak louder than words and Teresa is the only one busy trying to make something of herself and keeping it classy. Melissa is a pathetic, lying loser and im not going to waste my time saying what I think of jaq, Caroline and Kathy.

      • If magazines sold 7 cover contract deals don’t you think every wanna be a celebrity and their publicist would have them? This theory started by Jacq makes no sense, like about 90 percent of what she tweets. Besides this claim made by Jacq was part of her theory that Teresa set up Melissa as a stripper. Something she herself now agrees is not true and despite which she has refuse to apologize for. Sorry but you are backing the housewife who cries wolf every time her jealousy bubbles to the surface.

      • Which industry is that? Not the magazine industry. In magazine publishing they pay when a 3rd party, which means someone not Teresa gives an exclusive about that person or subject. Teresa’s exclusive is for her own self-promotion like what Bethenny does.

        No cigar Lysa or Kim, but nice try! LOL. Idiots!

      • @PLEASE

    • They do not know the meaning of dignity or class.
      Maybe they should take a lesson from Teresa.

      Teresa is a lot smarter than people are giving her credit for. She has not responded to any of the negativity.

      ” Indifference is really the greatest insult of all ”


      • Teresa was CRAP on Celebrity Apprentice!! She didnt stand up for herself, she’s not of that level to even be on the same playing field! She was quiet & lost. I didnt see why she lasted as long as she did. I was very disappointed. And that Lisa bitch! I wouldve slapped her so many times she wouldve lost teeth! Mean mean bitch she is.

        • The only opinion who mattered was Donald Trump and there is no way you’re a better business person than he is. Teresa obviously made an impression on him. She just about made it ’til the end. She also was given an award a few months ago from the charity she represented. Just because Teresa wasn’t a bitch like Lisa was it doesn’t mean she was CRAP. Why people think that you have to be like that to get ahead I’ll never know.

    • I agree with that.I only wish Teresa was offered a spin off show then BRAVO could redeem themselves.BRAVO IS OWNED BY NBC.We could always boycott NBC if they keep allowing the lies.

      • I will swear off NBC AFTER Celebrity Apprentice:) Love Teresa,, she can do better than Bravo. Since their programming is downward trending.
        She really has appeal beyond the Bravo branding machine and I think she understands this, which is another reason she is rising above the fray and nasty tweets. When you think of all she has going on in her life,, the money troubles/legal troubles/family troubles, she KNOWs it time to put in gear and go forward. That is sign of true survivor… ADMIRE YOU TERESA!

        Bravo isn’t broad enough in their focus anymore. I swear Andy is jealous of Teresa himself… that little bitch…
        He doesn’t understand that alot of viewers really enjoy day to day happenings and smaller events. Jac used to be fun,, even though she’s pretty boring, because it featured lighter moments with her boys. EVERYTHING doesnt have to be a jerry springer episode.

        Beware the backlash,,, my little Andy… its coming… didnt you learn anything with the Traylor Armstrong fiasco? You ruined your show. So,bring it on baby… tear Teresa apart in S4 and see how those vipers that you and your producers are drinking and sexing with are turning people off.

        • Wow! Great post Pinkie! You expressed the same feelings I have. Andy has made this personal and I hope it comes back to bite him!

          • Ty, DLL. It IS personal, and its ruining the fun and appeal of Bravo programming..

            Waay to much Andy. He has become sillier, biased, mean, greedy beyond description. Oh and lets add uber manipulative.

            His paypack is coming,,, lot of negative stories from cast members. Bravo website is a joke,, Rox’s blog has taken off like a rocket, because she provided something Andy let slip from his fingers,,, a place for fans of the shows to talk and express themselves. AND from what I can tell she isnt in the “pocket” of one of Andys pets. The fans that post here aren’t too happy with Bravo’s decisions lately.

            I am angry that he has done this, Bravo was my favorite channel and so much fun. As exec producer of Bravo,, he IS mr big.. its success and failure rides on his shoulders, get over it Andy,,, you can never BE Teresa.

        • You know, there are places for folks like you and Teresa…Bellevue (the nut house). Are YOU INSANE?

          This women, from what we see, is the most selfish person on that show. Examples:

          * Blames EVERYONE for her selfish
          * She does not take OWNERSHIP of her
          behavior or PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
          for anything she does
          * She is raising her daughters,
          especially the older 3, to disrespect
          family and adults. Parenting 101:
          NEVER EVER ALLOW your children to
          disrespect adults as that is what they
          will do to their teachers and the
          elderly. Children need to be taught
          to respect adults. TOTALLY the
          opposite have we seen from these
          girls. The olders 3, especially Gia
          and Milania are BRATS just like their
          mother and father. Those poor girls
          * Spreading rumors about Melissa about
          her being a Stripper. Hmmm…we all
          know that Joey her brother was the
          stripper…Yet Mrs. Teresa talked
          about being a stripper like she
          was a murderer like Chris said.
          She knew the whole time what was
          going down and did not warn
          Melissa, yet Melissa is the bad
          person. What world are you living
          in Girly-girl. In the “real” world
          NOT COOL. Family does not do that
          to family. We BUILD each other UP,
          NOT try to TEAR each other DOWN!
          * Disrespects her brothers wife by
          telling her brother she will leave
          him for someone with more money.
          Hah? Lets see here, her husband
          is “allegedly” (wink) the cameras
          don’t like with the growling and
          holding the phone so tight on the
          phone when the “c*nt, bitch of a
          wife” his words, not mine on
          camera, he forgot he was wired..
          Let’s call a spade a spade shall we
          He was put on BLAST by BRAVO! Lets
          keep it real shall we! Teresa was
          so DUMB she bought the bullsh*t!
          * DRAMA? All caused by Teresa. Using
          her parents every chance she gets.
          Gossips about her cousin and her

          • @CARMEN

          • You’ve definitely got Teresa and Melissa confused. Anyone who can’t see through Melissa is blinder than a bat.

  • Roxanne,,thank you for this blog. This interview is great to see,, I have enjoyed Teresa since the very first episode. Teresa we love you!

    • Agreed good job aarh. Great questions that got to the heart of things. Teresa if you read this I hope you get a spin off show away from Bravo, I don’t think Andy is nive or forgiving or fair to you or your family. I really appreciate how you take the high road in your conflicts with your family.

      If anyone is shopping I can recommend both Teresas cook books. The food is really good. I got them at Christmas and the recipes are great. Lastly for your next book how about a book signing at the Mall of America? I know normally all your book signings seem to be on the east coast. I hate traveling away from my kids too so I understand, but MOA is right up your kids alley – you could bring them along:)

        • I couldn’t keep my mouth shut like Teresa does. That bitch Melissa is lucky Teresa is such a lady. Takes some notes Melissa you piece of shit.

        • Gay men on the westcoast all think Melissa is a lying, manipulative, ugly fag hag. I don’t know why Melissa is always trying to kiss ass to the gay community, witchy we see through you and your evil spells aren’t working on us. You can’t sing for shit either so stay home with your kids. I would cry if I had a nasty mom like Melissa.

          • That is great to hear! I always got the impression that the gay community thinks she is the 2nd coming of Cher!

          • Well Melissa & her husband’s cousin both BS with the LGTB family.Greg Bennett is the only true gay person on that show.The other cousin Rosie is one of the biggest gay/Lesbians Bullies on that show..You will see many lies in season 4.Don’t be fooled by the BS coming our way to draw in the LGTB community.That’s what Bravo is trying to do with the season 4 storyline.I’m sick about all the lies & hatered towards Teresa & her family.Kathy plays nice & sweet while her & that entire family rips the Marcos,Gorgas & the Manzo’s but of course they all don’t know it..Sad isn’t it…Bravo why do you allow such behavior.GAY SLURS which ANDY COHEN HATES is being used by the Walkies & their friends…MEGO also always tries to use “The I have GAY & LESBIAN FRIENDS! But yet u play it with Greg & we all know it’s to draw in the LGTB Family! BS TO THAT MEHO…WE ARE ON TO YOU & Kathy & her family..FAKES,FAKES.Just like MEGO brought her daughter to Chicago to be in the kids part of the fashion show just to try & look good in the viewers eyes because you ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR KIDS..BUT WE’RE ON TO THAT FAKE “ON DISPLAY TO..USING YOUR OWN DAUGHTER THAT WAY.ONCE AGAIN TRYING TO BE LIKE TERESA & be a GOOD MOTHER..YOUR NOT FAKE MEGO..

          • Thinking that Melissa is kissing ass in the gay community to keep on Andy’s good side. We all know what happened to Teresa when Joe made a nasty gay slur.

          • Eric,

            I am so glad to hear that you see right through Melissa’s bullcrap! Hey, it would be great if the gay community on the west coast could get a petition and bombard Andy with it about how much you all hate her.
            She is actually making a mockery of the gay community and thinks nobody sees through her manipulation.

          • I agree!!! I love Teresa and feel she has gotten a raw deal from all the other women on the show.
            Why would Jacqueline Laurita expect Teresa to dish on her private life. It is no ones business if you and your husband have financial problems. That was crazy of Jacqueline to expect Teresa to tell all.
            And that crazy Caroline and her dumb kids need to be dismissed from the show. Who cares about seeing those kids? Don’t they have their own friends to hang out with?
            The BLACK WATER idea is nuts as well as the Brownstone sauce.
            Bottom line…..Teresa is the only one one the show that has any business sense. I am totally dissing Melissa who makes me want to throw up. She needs to act more mature and quit flashing her body around. After all …she is a Mom.

    • I love Teresa! She’s so adorable! I just hope Teresa doesn’t let her guard down, I think it’s better for Teresa to keep her kids away from Melissa. Melissa does not care how badly she hurts Teresa or her girls. Melissa is a very evil women.

      • Ah Mike she ain’t evil honey she is just a fame ho and wanna be! She has been begging to be on the show since season one! She is a nasty little pig but not evil. That’s like calling her smart because you have to be smart to be truly evil=DEVIL… She is pretty dumb and shallow. She is a user and with no talent whatsoever despite expensive voice and dance lessons from the pros, she ain’t cutting it. She has a horse face and is a stick with silicone boobs. I think that fiesty daughter of Teresas could def. handle melissas kids who seem shy and cute little sweeties. They can;t help it their mommy is a narcisist.

      • I would say she is jealous of Teresa. Her brother and his children are the only relatives for her children, besides her grandparents. Forgive and forget! Life is really too short for all that word calling. The children are paying for their behavior.

    • Melissa preys on Teresa’s love for family. Melissa knows she can get away with anything because Teresa is Italian and was raised to be loyal. but Teresa you only have to be loyal if the person is being loyal to you. unfortunately Melissa is only loyal to herself and eants to hurt Teresa as much as she can get away with. Melissa has a sick obsession with Teresa. I truly think Melissa is a very disturbed individual and it would be best for Teresa to stay away from Melissa and Teresa should certainly keep her girls away from Melissa. You just cant let people around your kids, kids can’t handle that kind of sneaky evil person

        • I dont think melissas jealous of tre because look at her and look at tre im not being mean but its common sense as 4 not being around family thats simply just stay away

      • oh palleeeeese…Teresa is the most disturbed housewife I ever laid eyes on…wow, you people must be smoking crack

        • I agree 100%. She is very dysfunctional!,,,, She loves the drama, the spotlight, and the $$$$$$$$$$$. That’s what’s most important to her.
          She loves o play the victim with her parents, I hope and pray that her parents have watched her and can understand enough English to see that she is the PROBLEM!!!!

      • What do you expect from a pro Melissa site and a known Teresa hater like Queen or one of the Queenz…

        • Well, just made it a little more even. Teresa is back in the lead, but everyone will have to vote to stop the ugly sisters. Don’t forget to clear ur cookies if you want to vote more than once.

    • I believe Teresa is not a truthful person. She makes drama all by herself. She flipped a table, she rain after Danielle during a fashion show. NO ONE forced her. She likes to stir the pot and he likes ll the attention on herself!,,,,,