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Camille Grammer And Her Children Had ‘No Idea’ Kelsey Is Expecting Twins With New Wife

Kelsey Grammer AKA Camille’s ex husband publicly announced that he and his new wife Kayte Walsh, are expecting twins. Apparently Camille or her children had no idea about the big news. A source close to the family told HuffingtonPost,

“Camille and the children had no idea. They found out about it from the media. Once again, selfish Kelsey decided to do what’s best for him with no concern for his current children. He needs to stop talking about his private life in public. It’s very hurtful for the children he already has.”

Just a few days ago Camille spoke on Kelsey constantly talking about private matters publicly saying, “It’s so unfortunate that he still talks about private matters. It’s hurtful to me and its disrespectful to our children. He’s not thinking of the kids when he’s doing stuff like that. My daughter is 10 years old, so she’s able to watch. She’s aware of what’s going on. She hears it from her friends at school, but my son is too young. He’s still only seven. Still, I think it’s disrespectful.”

Poor Camille. Imagine being in Camille’s shoes and constantly hearing Kelsey gush about his new wife and his life. I especially feel bad for the children. The children should have known first before anyone. Thoughts?

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  • Camille has so changed from last season, but now we all know what was bugging her last year. Still she handled everything so much better than Taylor, there is just no comparison. I am sick of Taylor and how sorry she feels for herself, divorce while not being fun is not uncommon, and is very hurtful to those involved, which probably many of us know.
    Seeing this and Camille this season, and the way she has handled all the big drama and such, I believe she will be the rock for her kids and the glue that holds them all together. She has class and a good mind, she will find a way to deal with this, and be stronger for doing so. That is what I believe anyway.

  • I really disliked Camile the first season for it appeared her only storyline was bashing or discussing her ‘ex’ which evidently kept her presence relavent in the show…. This season, I’m warming up to her as the pity card being played; the bashing; snide remarks has lessoned… As far as feeling bad for Camile? I absolutely do not feel sorry for she’s made every snide remark ‘on the show’ about her ‘ex’ that she could including hitting below the belt…..
    The ‘real’ story we will ‘never’ know nor are we entitled to…. Further, she’s stated on the show to the cast that she & her ‘ex’ don’t talk one on on, just through attorneys…….
    Unfortunately, divorce is a realtiy in many lives including ‘non-celebrities or television personalities’ & there are ‘many’ that end in the best interest of everyone concerned with the former partners moving on without hate..
    I’ve learned through the years that there is ‘always’ ‘three’ sides to any story…. His, Hers AND THE TRUTH…….. 🙂

  • Yet again Kelsey is doing for Kelsey and not in the best interest of his children! And I do mean all children, including the grown ones who didn’t like Camille, I am sure Camille was nothing more than gracious, kind, and open, unlike what she got back! So I guess her older step daughter who made Kelsey a grandfather can trash her former stepmother, use her house in Hawaii, and report back to Daddy Warbucks! Sadly his 10 and 7 years olds are learning how loyalty works and doesn’t work! I believe Camille and her children will be just fine, however, I also believe that down deep this hurts all of them a lot! I hope for however long Kelsey is happy that Katey looks at his life and how she will one day be replaced with the younger model and version! Camille I used to hate her because of her superior attitude, but now I love how she is offering herself up with her faults and all, she has become my new favorite wife! Her offer of friendship to Brandi, her loyalty to the group, and her love for her friends and family is something we should all be blessed with! As she says diamonds are not a girls best friend freedom is, well Camille enjoy your freedom, while others will be soon loosing theirs! You and your children are special people don’t ever forget that! We love Team Camille! We do!

  • Kelsey needs to get a vasectomy. And his new wife will get whats.coming to her when he upgrades to a newer model in ten years.

  • Kelsey needs to get a vasectomy. And his new wife will get whats.coming to her when he upgrades to a newer model in ten years.

  • Kelsey is a scumbag. He looks and smells dirty. Camille and the kids will be fine, she has a good, handsome man in her life to help her deal with this shit storm we know as Kelsey. Kelsey just wants to upstage her…it will never happen. I disliked Camille in Season 1, but I am really liking her this season.

  • Why should he have told his children first? I don’t like Kelsey and am not defending him, but I don’t see the logic. Karma will get him.

  • I feel terrible for his children. Even the almost 30year old who has a baby that isn’t even 6months old. Isn’t it time to be a dad to the kids you have and a grandpa to your grandchildren. JUST BECAUSE MEN CAN REPRODUCE UNTIL THEY DIE, DOESN’T MEAN THEY SHOULD. I also feel bad that Bryan Cranston had his Golden Globe stolen by a cross-dresser.

  • You have to wonder about women who marry men that had no problem walking away from their wives and children. Do they think they’re so special that it would never happen to them? I guess they have really low standards. I don’t feel bad for Camille though. She’s beautiful and financially well off. It’s her kids I feel bad for.

    • I agree. Some people think that their relationship is “different” and that would never happen to them. Google Kelsey and you can read his patterns with women. The new wife should at least encourage him to keep his mouth shut.

  • Who cares about Kelsey Grammar and his trashy new wife. Camille is far better than him/her and has moved on to bigger and better. Kelsey is looking more and more like grandpa smurf, and Camille is NOT. End of that.

  • Kelsey is a jerk. I don’t know what kind of idiot would do something like this. A decent man would call his exwife and tell her prior to the media reports coming out. After all the years together, I think he atleast owed her that courtesy. Regardless of the terms a relationship ended on, it’s still painful to hear of them starting a new “happy” life with someone else, if Kelsey had a grain of decency in him he would have let Camille now prior to the media reports.

    Even worse, this guy seems to have no clue how to treat the children he has and he is bringing more into the world? What an idiot. The fact that Daddy ditched mommy and married someone else so fast, and is now having a new family with her, has got to bring up so many questions for those kids “am I not good enough?” “is it my fault” and the like – normal questions a child has after a divorce.

    The fact that out of respect and concern for his children’s emotional struggles right he should have put aside his twisted and selfish desire to impregnate another woman? And if she had a maternal bone in her body, you would think she would have concern for how this would affect his children and suggest that they wait. I think it just shows he is a selfish, self-centered man, and the hurt he has inflicted on Camille will not even begin to compare to the hurt those poor kids are going to feel long term – but who cares about that right? Kelsey’s happy and that’s all that matters right?


    • True. He should have talked to his kids in person. They’re still his kids. What a self-absorbed, selfish man.

      • DITTO, he should have told them.

        Isn’t he trying for sole custody ??? hahaha
        What a dumbass. Keep giving Camille the ammunition to win custody.
        Keep thinking with your d$#k instead of your head. LOL


  • i hated camille first season and now she my absolute favorite from BH. kelsey is a douche and his new wife has nothing on camille. i didn’t know it was twins, she’s gonna get huge, lol