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AllAboutTRH Meets RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice (Photos)

For those of you who don’t know, AllAboutTRH [I] was in New York for the weekend. Since I was in town I decided to go to Long Island and meet RHONJ biggest star, Teresa Giudice. I went to Teresa’s event that was benefiting Harboring Hearts. I even tasted a few of Teresa’s dishes and I have one word. Fabulous. I caught myself going up for more! And I never liked meatballs until I tried hers. It was so good and it looks as if everyone thought so too since they all went up for seconds. There were many people out to support Teresa and Teresa was so friendly with everyone. You always think when meeting stars that they are going to get annoyed with you and talk to you for a few minutes at most…not Teresa. If you had a question, Teresa answered it! If you didn’t like how you looked in the photo you took with her, she took 5 more! Teresa was an absolute sweetheart but I pretty much expected that. Juicy Joe was an attendance as well and I saw him smile a few times as he watched Teresa talk to all of her fans. You can tell these two are madly in love and I’m not just saying that. They have hilarious chemistry and had the crowd laughing the entire time. I went up to Teresa and introduced myself as AllAboutTRH. She said she loved AllAboutTRH and added that it’s a very truthful blog! She took photos with me and because there were so many more people behind me, I told her we’d speak after and she said perfect! That’s when I started trying her yummy food and her even better desserts. I then saw Juicy Joe and went up to him. I Introduced myself and he was really kind and so friendly. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect him to be really friendly but he was and I noticed he was very laid back. After all the yummy food. Teresa and I spoke again. Teresa is as real as it gets and I respect her for that. We didn’t talk about the show but instead talked about where I’m from and what I do and all that fun stuff! Teresa posed for photos for me with Joe and by herself. She looked stunning. I still don’t understand how she’s had 4 kids! Is it even possible to have such a fit body after you have 4 children..1 being just two years ago?! AllAboutTRH has decided to expand by adding shirts on the website. I’ve been designing them and have made two so far. I decided to give the first two I made to Teresa and she loved them (and even posed with them!) It was time to leave and I spoke to Joe and T once again. They told me to be safe because they were aware I wasn’t from around here. They were just the sweetest people and the event was a huge hit. Everyone got along and everyone was so excited to see Teresa. Here are some of the photo’s from the event and AllAboutTRH will be interviewing Teresa later this week :)! I was going to wait to put these up but knew you all wanted to see them and refused to keep you waiting. Teresa ended off with telling me how much she loves and appreciates all the support she gets from every one! Over all it was a great experience and awesome to see Teresa in such a fun environment where she seems so happy!

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Roxanne Jajo created All About The Real Housewives in November, 2011, to keep fans up to date with all their Real Housewives news. Roxanne resides in Detroit, Michigan and works full time as a recruiter in the HR department at Quicken Loans. In December 2014, Roxanne came out with her first fictional novel, ‘Shattered Depiction. Roxanne works on the website on a daily basis in order to bring fans of the show the most exciting and captivating stories of all of their favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. Roxanne is very thankful to all the readers and commenters who have continued to support the website.

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  • What planet are you all on , serousily Teresa is a spiteful jeoulous disgusting human being ,dina is a weirdo ,miss Caroline Rosie Kathy Jacqueline and there husbands and kids yeah tre you just love love love , LOVE yourself that’s all , thank god Caroline has her own show can’t wait , watch this space when your tv show ratings drop YES good riddance ,Melissa you should have stayed with the REAL HOUSE WIFE’S not Teresa’s show aka Teresa only housewife of New Jersey ,don’t hate you as a person I dislike what you have done to our favourite programme it’s crap and you no it . So angry it’s viewers like myself and friends family that get you where you are , get the newbies gone we want our show back till then we all WON’T be watching .marion from uk .

  • Your great, a little naive but its cute. Tre should really give us a break, were tired of her sh*t. Can’t you fill in with decent people, like the rest of the cast. What a wonder that she has friends left, and showcase real women like Kathy, Melissa and Jacqueline. They seem to be handling real problems, autism, empty nest, protecting your children from the guiddiices children who can’t model great behavior if they aren’t taught how to be nice. So I’d much rather concentrate on real people not constantly have to take out the trash. No more housewives for me, thank god, its only going to end bad.

  • I hate this dumb Witch please don’t bore this season with this idiot. she’s an embaressment to the word the woman. I’ve never seen an cartoon character like this piece of shit it’s so obvious she’s jealous of her brothers wife.Who happens to be very pretty, and makes Teresa look bad.She acts like a bully and i wish i can run into that ass i show her i will beat that ass.think not call me on it. I will even get in a ring with boxing gloves and tag that ass.Bitch hate you and fyi you one ugly woman.

    • I agree, she is a lousy mother. Remember the show when the baby almost fell down the stairs because noone was watching her. How about teaching her daughters to say tasteless things about Melissa and joe? How about joe being drunk most of the time? I wouldn’t let my kids near him. Also how about the show when joe called Gia ugly before a fashion show? I could go on forever.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Teresa and Joe so much and her beautiful 4girls they are the just the best,. Hay Roxy just want to Thank You for all that was said, Your the best and I hope you and your Family was safe from the hurricane as well all your FANS too God Bless everyone in New York.. like always I love ya Blog and many more…… (=

  • Well Done Roxi! You did a great job, sounds exciting! You look so beautiful, and I love how on this blog, we can all tell you that, and wish you well, instead of hat’n on each other. Right? Like Melissa, Caroline, Kathy , & Jacqueline.
    Anyway, great job! Can’t wait for the interview, Ask her if she ever gets a chance to read our comments, suggest DWTS for her, and thats my two cents!

  • Go Rox! You both look gorgeous. MeGO is jealous of you and Tre…..You are both what she will NEVER be… 🙂
    Keep up the great work.

  • Absolutely fantastic blog!!!! Teresa is my absolute favorite on the show & always will be & know she has that soft, gentle & kind side to her…. I’m thrilled with your input on your meeting & she along with Joe look absolutely fabulous….
    Although they say we should never ‘assume’, I’m assuming that’s the writer/blogger/journalist of this article in the latter picture with Teresa & Joe? If indeed so, you’re a very stunning!!!! Kudos’ on meeting up with the ‘real star’ of New Jersey & the excellent article…… Look forward to your interview…..:)

  • I’m glad you had a lot of fun meeting Teresa. You looked great, Roxanne! =))) Her meatballs are delish, aren’t they? I love love looove cooking & eating it. It’s so damn tasty! Not like your average meatballs…

  • Sounds like fun was had by all! finally something positive about one of jersey’s resident! im glad you were able to do such a fine job. the pics are great! positive vibes were felt both in your piece and pics good job and much blessings for tre and family!

  • Sounds like you had a great time and that meeting Teresa lived up to your expectations. Looking forward to the interview.

    PS Love the bag!!

  • Dang Roxy! You look hawt in those pics! I’m so excited that you got to meet Tre & for your continued success! You’ve worked hard & you deserve it!

  • Love the pic’s. Can’t wait for the interview.
    Let her know that she has Canadian Fans as well.

  • Wow Rox!!! You’re a hottie! Glad you enjoyed NY. I have to disagree with the “gushing” comments. I’m sure you were excited, but “gushing”? Not at all.

    • Thanks! Nah I kept my cool and wasn’t gushing at all. I’ve met a few celebrities and I’m not one to freak out. I just think she was genuninely great and want everyone to know what I examined when I met her 🙂

      • WoW !!! Roxy I wish a had a chance to go To See Teresa & Joe, (: Those two are as real as it gets that’s for sure. I went to New Jersey to one of Teresa’s Cook Book signing and that’s the time Joe went with her and Roxy you are so right they are so much in love with one other. I came all the way from BOSTON, MASS. just to get Teresa G. Cook Book and I’M SO IN LOVE WITH ALL HER RECIPES. My family love all of them as well . Our kids were like mom let’s try this one or this one we have a great time cooking as well as eating it all up…….

    • hehehe, i love this video. notice the paps “gushing over tre” and ignoring caro and lauren. and that’s how it is, lmao

  • Don’t mean this as negative, just an observance: the great majority of comments regarding personal meetings with these HWs are raves…especially when they know they are talking w/ a fan who is ALSO a blogger. She is a people person who loves attention and also what she is doing so chances are she isn’t going to go out and insult her fans, especially considering the attacks she has been under from mean-spirited costars and their obnoxious, ill-mannered adult children. I have to agree with Lilith about the “gushing”, starstruck effect, but, hey, she does seem likeable and agree that her cookbooks are good – her comments in the last one were really unnecessary, but….that is just Teresa who seems to enjoy confrontation. Not a real fan of hers – but she seems more real and upfront than the others!

    • I went to a book signing for “Fabulicious”. She wasn’t that popular, at that point in time. Caroline was undermining her. There were at least 300 people. She was so gracious and kind to everyone. She said, she would not leave till every book was signed. The recipes are great. Yes, I know they’re her mother’s recipes, but they were probably her mother’s recipes and her mother’s recipes. The process produces the best recipes thru testing and tweeking. I was impressed with her charisma and warmth.

        • I also met Teresa at a book signing and she was so nice to everyone and warm and loving. I’m glad Rox told the truth about what a nice person Teresa is, I get so upset when jealous Melissa, Jaq, Caroline and Kathy lie about Teresa. When you meet Teresa and see how she is your heart breaks for all they have put her through.

  • So Happy for you! Glad the meeting was a success and I never doubted for one minute it wouldn’t be! I’m Thrilled you had such a good time!

  • Great pictures, you are all beautiful. Kelly B. would be jealous of your hair Roxy, love it!!! I hope your interview doesn’t focus on the show but on Teresa. We all pretty much know the answers to the majority of questions that could be asked about the show. I’d like to see the interview highlight ‘Teresa’. Obviously though, I’d appreciate any interview you post regardless of the questions.

  • Long time reader, first time commenter. I love your site and visit it throughout the day at work. I agree with the above poster, that you do come off a bit gushy over Teresa. I imagine that’s difficult, being an actual fan.

    The shirts look great! And I can’t wait for the Teresa interview because I love her!

    I would love to know if she plans her meals ahead and then goes grocery shopping, or shops and then plans meals around what she got. Tips on how to organize her delicious meals throughout a busy moms week!

    Thanks Rox! Looking forward to the interview and the other great exclusives I’m sure you have in the works 🙂

    • Oh shut up! I bet a million bucks that the above posters trying to steal Rox’s Joy are either Melissa’s sisters or Melissa. What’s the matter Melissa you don’t want people to know you’re full of shit and everything that comes out of your mouth about Teresa is a lie? Rox, don’t change a thing, you’re adorable and honest and that’s why people love you. You’re also gorgeous Rox, i had to throw that in there. 🙂

  • Some constructive criticisim — you do sound like a gushing fangirl. Don’t let yourself come across so starstruck. Just tone that down a bit that’s all; I’m an older reader of your site and immensely enjoy your intimate conversational style and how you notice certain things that others may miss. As your site grows, I also think you can expand to more Reality TV coverage if you desire, because it sparks so much conversation as we all try to figure these people (and plotlines) out!

    Regarding Teresa, I would be interested in learning about how she grew up with the myriad authentic Italian traditions (such as making the sauce, if you recall that really cool episode, and women who are menstruating are not allowed near it!). I’m interested in knowing how exactly she develops the recipes and how she keeps the Italian authenticity in each. What does she really think about whole-grain pastas?

    The “Team New Jersey” shirt is really awesome, especially in your signature purple color. I do think I’ll order it when you make it available and thanks in advance.

    • Lilith B. Ware, a lot of your questions about Teresa are answered in her cookbooks 😉 They are amazing.

      • I was going to say the same thing. Her cookbooks read like a book. She tells stories of her upbringing throughout and all the recipes are simple and straight forward. I have tried several on my family and they have nothing but raves!

        Look forward to the interview Rox…glad you got to meet Teresa! You both looked great!

      • Agree on the books got both of them for Christmas and everything I have cooked has been easy to make and tasty. If you don’t have them you should get them.

      • Agree on the books got both of them for Christmas and everything I have cooked has been easy to make and tasty. If you don’t have them you should get them.

    • I agree in that Roxanne definitely sounds like a fangirl. She seems starstruck.. I kind of get it. I too met Teresa, however my encounter was a little different. I went to see a Broadway show some time ago ( can’t remember the title now) and a few of the housewives of NJ were in it. At the end they stayed to sign autographs and take pictures. Caroline and Jacqueline were standing near each other smiling and being friendly, Teresa was off to the side. I went up to her smiling and friendly, asked to take a pic and she looked like she wanted to say no but didn’t. In my opinion she looked maybe annoyed and like she wanted to get out of there. Now in her defense maybe that was it. Maybe she was just tired or had something on her mind. Could be. She wasn’t mean or anything just not very friendly. Anyway she looks like she was nice towards you. Happy to hear that, I do love watching her on the show!

  • whooo hooo You rocked it Rox. You and Teresa looked fantastic and Happy Juicy Joe was there also. They made him look on this past season as not helping Teresa at all. Love the tee shirts, now to buy one,or 2 .lol I can’t wait for the interview and I think it was wonderful of you not to talk show at this time.But sitting on pins and needles for the interview. Love all that you do for this Blog baby girl!!!!!

  • That is so sweet. I have always heard she is really lovely and genuinely nice in person. The pictures are really cute.

  • Thank you so much for posting tonight – your followers are impatient haha. I’m happy for you Roxanne:) Great job once again! xoxo

  • Sounds like you had a great time and I’m so glad you posted this as quick as you did. Can’t wait for the interview. Way to go Roxanne!!

  • Awe Roxanne so proud of you love the pics can’t wait for your exclusive interview and I think the last pic is my favorite! Joe has lost so much weight and Teresa is gorgeous as usualz! And Roxanne you looked stunning too! Xoxo love love love u doll!

  • I have been waiting all week-end for this. Great job Roxy! I am so glad that you showed a softer side of Teresa that we (the fans) knew she had. Can’t wait for your interview. Your such a tease. Glad you had a great time. Keep up the great work! Just love your blog! Read it everyday.

    • Wow so nice to see Teresa in a positive way. I missed seeing her that way. She doesn’t make a good Villain

    • I think it’s great you have showed the better side of Teresa. Also tell her if you look at the show where they are with Dr.V , Melissa was never sincere about anything, look at her face the whole time. also when it is brought up to confront Jen together , Teresa is more than willing which shows she has nothing to hide but on the other hand you can see Melissa does not want to confront her ( when they do with Joe there, she is nervous and tries to make Teresa look like she is hiding something) I don’t think Teresa is hiding anything but Melissa there is something up there! I’m not sure what but she is either up to something or hiding something. Melissa gets away with a lot when she puts her victim act on and starts coming on to Joe to change the subject. She flirts with all the males on the show and they have their heads turned by her and she gets away with everything cause they all think poor sweet Melissa couldn’t and wouldn’t do that! She has them all fooled, there is more to her that she doesnt want anyone to know or she just trying to be as popular and loved as Teresa is and she is jelous of her sister in law. She is what comes between Teresa and her brother!

      • Don’t worry about replys as I won’t be watching or coming on any of your websites again , said what I had to say Done . God bless all the original family’s of the show .