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Oh That Danielle Staub! Find Out How Crazy Danielle Really Is!

Remember Danielle from RHONJ? Of course you do! Danielle was in 2 seasons of the hit show and formally known as the “villain.” Many of us haven’t heard from Danielle as she has been staying real low key until recently.

To make a long story short. Danielle Staub would use one of her biggest fans and ask them to tweet horrible lies to Jacqueline, Teresa and Caroline. Mardigrasbarbie is the fan that Danielle took advantage of. Danielle has been communicating with Mardi on twitter for 6 months now begging Mardi to “defend her.” Out of the blue Danielle decided to unfollow Mardi and that’s when Mardi released everything the two spoke about! Check out these screen shots of all the conversations Mardi had with Danielle where Danielle begs and trashes her former costars. It’s a lot but it’s worth it! (They are in random order)

(Click on the photo for larger size)

So it was Danielle going around telling everyone Jacqueline was a stripper! That makes sense. I can’t believe how pathetic Danielle was acting. If you follow her on twitter she rarely tweets (up until this whole Mardi thing happened) but it seems as if she was following everything that everyone was saying and DMing Mardi!

So. How did Jacqueline respond?
When Jacqueline got hold of the photos she tweeted,
(Random: Didn’t Melissa tweet that the letter started with a K?)


AllAboutTRH exclusively asked Danielle what was going on with her and Mardi.
Danielle told me, “I thanked her but her dm’s made me extremely uneasy. If i spoke to anyone she would attack them!” I then said, “But it shows you’re asking her to do things and she is listening. She has photos.”

Danielles typical response, “Honestly you see partial messages. At best she lives on her twitter. GN. Not defending myself bottom line! I’m a public figure. She got a little to aggressive. I was uncomfortable. Period”

Lol these photos prove otherwise. It’s official. Danielle is a nut and in denial!
Let’s Discuss!


Jacqueline was asked “Don’t you owe Teresa an apology???? You and your mom accused her of selling the stories”

Jacqueline responded, “NO! because she does it too but mostly about herself.”

What happened to making peace everyone?!

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  • This crazy bi t ch is dangerous. She is pathological and needs serious HELP. She lives a sad and lonely existence. She is the nastiest human being alive. Lies Lies Lies. That is all she knows..

  • I don’t care what anyone thinks. All these women and their husbands have dirty backgrounds tied to mob related activities and stealing. Dina’s husband also. I wouldn’t trust them to run a non-profit organization because the mob is known for stealing profits. My point is, I believe Dina would use the LadyBug foundation to funnel money into her own bank account.

  • I’m not defending Danielle but she does tell it like it is, and when she gets mad, she spits out a lot of things like dirty secrets. You can read in the tweets above where she calls Jacqueline and Chris Laurita cons and it did come out on internet that the IRS and various enterprises are investigating them, so it’s not just a story thrown out there through Danielle. What really concerns me in the tweets above is Danielle saying that Dina is using the non-profit organization, LadyBug as a front to steal. That is a private tweet and not intended for public viewing so I wonder if Danielle is telling the truth? I to have seen many public photos of Dina making her public appearances on behalf of LadyBug and I have to tell you, I would question her authenticity because of the way she dressed. Dina looked more like she was auditioning for the Royal Ball rather than helping children. I mean she’s all decked out. Never photos of her wearing regular clothes and communicating with the kids. Check it out for yourselves. Type Dina and the ladybug foundation.

  • I really do not mean for this to sound mean, rude, or anything close to that, but is Mardi a man dressing a a woman?

    • Seriously, those of who defend Danielle,You ask why on earth she would ask a possibly mentally ill stalker to do her dirty work for her? How about the fact that Danielle is a mentally ill stalker herself! If you ever watched the episodes of rhonj with Danielle you can see her stalking Dina, Jac AND Caroline, She was practically having fits if she wasn’t invited anywhere they were. Remember the episode where Danielle did not get invited to Carolines fundraiser for the sheriff? Danielle had her DAUGHTERS in the car making plans to go over to Carolines and see who was there. Her poor daughters had to talk her out of it! That’s not crazy or stalkerish much?? Her behavior (as seen in MGB’s DM’s) obviously hasn’t changed and she still is the wacked out jealous of Caroline-Jacqueline-Dina-and Teresa stalker that she’s always been.







    • Lol. That actually made me laugh. Wondering why you are on the site if it’s so classless. You’re right, we don’t know Danielle. But we know what we see and what we see is crazy. Thanks for checking out my classless site xo

    • LMFAO! Danielle, that you?

      First of all, release the caps lock.

      Second, LOL @ you condemning people here for degrading others while you do that exact thing in your comment. Hypocrisy, thy name is “Anonymous”. But more likely thy name is Beverly/Danielle.

    • LMAO…. well hello Danielle what a hot mess you are & a disgusting human being so why don’t u stick to what your good at shitty little appearances at dog shelters and faking love and light stay off this blog we all find u disturbed on so many levels! bye bye WOMAN….smh

  • Great site! You always have the best dish!

    I certainly think Danielle is more than capable of doing stuff like this, but is everyone sure the DMs are real? Is there a way to verify them? I only ask because this Mardigrasbarbie’s tweetline makes her sound pretty unhinged herself and frankly like a deranged stalker. It’s very easy to manipulate screenshots – are the pics time verified and checked for any editing, etc?

    The simple truth is probably that Danielle is asking people to do this, just a little suspicious of the DMs. Why on earth would Danielle ask a mentally unwell possible stalker to do this when she could create a fake account to do it herself?

  • Ok this is my theory on all this ,I think Danielle see’s all the opportunities the other HW’s have and is still carrying a lot of hate for them that she will stop at nothing to hurt them all because they got her off the show and she now has nothing.She kept a sorta low profile and then got them all at a time when they were mad at each other that they blamed each other for the shit that Danielle pulled off.And for Jac she used to be the one everyone liked but lost a lot of fans when she blasted Tre she shld apologize to her cause we really saw her true side and how fake she really is.

  • Jaqueline sends out DMs to fans that are just as bad…actually worse. Melissa too.

    They need to stop acting surprised. This is the same game they all play!

  • Danielle cracks me up! Of course she’s a completely paranoid, stalking nutter who deserves everything she gets, but so is Jacqueline. EVERYONE warned Jac about Danielle but she just has to put herself in the middle of it all because of her own desire for attention. And I found it funny where Danielle called Jac and Chris con artists. Darn right they are. Just ask their business partners. I look at Jac and Chris no differently than Taylor and Russell. A couple of scammers.

    • Jac is spinning out of control. I can’t even imagine how bad it will all be once they start airing the season 4 episodes. I hope to goodness, they make some cast changes. jac might as well pack it up, she is a basketcase, and needs to pull it together, before its too late.

  • Jacqueline is fired from season five and she knows it. She blamed Teresa for setting up Mel. Wrong. She blamed Teresa for selling stories about her to tabloids, wrong.
    Will she ever admit she was wrong despite the evidence staring her in the face? Never. She hates Teresa because she is jealous of her success and because Teresa never felt it necessary to throw her child under the bus on national t.v. Jacqueline didn’t want Ashley around anymore to remind her of her old life So she humiliated her on national t.v. Would you do that to your kid? For any reason on earth? Dina seems like a fine person, so she must have a very good reason for not speaking to Jacqueline Laurita. Jacqueline probably did say that Dina was skimming her own charity. The only “friend” Jacqueline has left is Caroline, because she does exactly as Caroline tells her.

  • Also I can’t access the links – it says they are protected or that the page doesn’t exist.

    Does anyone have a screen shot of the tweets etc?

  • What a major error of judgement on both parts.

    Firstly – MardiGrasBarbie: why the hell is Danielle, who clearly has mental issues, going to actually be ‘friends’ with this ‘nobody’ (and by that I mean someone who has not put their crack pot self on television on TV for 15 minutes of fame).

    Secondly – Danielle: why tweet / DM somebody and get them to stir the pot and cause trouble, this is on a social networking site that as of 2010 some USA university is now saving all tweets from all users. Why would you leave a paper trail right back to yourself. It’s a clear combination of stupidity, arrogance and/or psychosis.

    Thirdly – MGB: why would you make public all things that someone has told you in private. It shows that this person has zero morals/scruples and clearly can’t be trusted. same applies to of the Housewives.

    I could go on but it’s a waste of my time. Seriously though. It is disgraceful, from both sides.

  • i love me some danielle !!!!
    ever since she left, the show is crap ..
    let’s face it , she is reality gold !
    i’ll take her anyday over the others ..
    jac’ is sooooooo jealous of teresa it’s gonna eat her alive ..
    hilarious ..
    jac’ puh-leeeze come out of your childhood .
    you a big girl now !
    (is she an idiot or what ? )
    her & bozo & mego are even more nutso than danielle !
    bring back danielle !!!!! LOL

  • Mardigrasbarbie is acting like a scorned lover somewhere in the 15-17 age range. My theory is that she had a crush on Danielle, kissed her ass over twitter and Danielle saw the opportunity to have a braindead minion do her bidding. Then I’m guessing that Mardigrasbarbie’s craziness started to show and Danielle backed off.

    seems like it all went south somewhere around Jan 7th according to Mardigrasbarbie’s tweets:

    Never trust a person that lies, but more important, never lie to a person that trusts you…
    8 Jan

    Never trust a person that lies, but more important, never lie to a person that trusts you…
    8 Jan

    Sometimes we walk away from people, not because we don’t care, but because we realize they don’t!
    7 Jan
    “Twitter is a business”
    7 Jan

    “People are disposable” …
    7 Jan

    Levering my feelings to your advantage!
    7 Jan
    I never really believed what anyone said about you, but now that I’ve experienced this first hand…
    7 Jan

    I’m calling your bluff soon!
    7 Jan

    • What an idiot this MCB is. Did she really not realize how f-ing crazy Danielle is? I mean c’mon….after the episode where she was driving in her car, stalking the Manzo’s homes with her kids in the back seat, ranting, raving and talking to herself, was there really ANYONE who could still question Danielle’s sanity? Do people not realize this is NOT NORMAL behavior? So this MCB sees this on TV and thinks…”Wow, I need to be friends with her?” What a dumbass.

  • How come majority of the DM’s that Danielle has sent don’t make sense ? They seem as if they’ve been cut off. It’s weird…

    Also, there must be a real reason why Danielle unfollowed and this whole feud started. Barbie was pretty much D’s bitch, (sorry if you’re reading this Barbie 🙁 ) so it doesn’t add up.

    One of them needs to come out and tell us the real reason !

  • Funny with all of this coming out, Jac still manages to look worse than anyone, in my opinion! And she was so thrilled with herself yesterday, as if this exonerates herself from all the accusations, if anything it makes me believe all those accusations are true, considering she was close to Danielle, and Danielle will stop at nothing to dig up dirt! Big deal, Danielle got someone else to do her dirty work, really no big surprise there! And I would LOVE it if Rox could collect all the DMs Jac sends to people, like the one posted above, that would really expose what a low life she is, because from what I’ve seen so far, those DMs are not much better than Danielles to Mardi. Mardi is an ass aswell, get a LIFE”

      • I got a DM from her tonight too…sad she can’t see she is her own worst enemy. I follow all the housewives…never see them mention anyone like she does. Over and over…
        She needs to make amends…she will never be able to move on if she doesn’t. No matter how many times she says she is…

  • JAcqueline Laurita will NEVER apologize to Teresa…even though she knows what she said was wrong. Jacqueline has continued to try to bait Teresa to engage with her on twiiter….BUT thank god Teresa has ignored this attention seeking lunatic. Dina is also smart to stir clear from the wacko as well. Jealously is not a good look for jacqueline and her twitter rants continue to make her look stupid and unstable. Melissa is another jealous moron who could avoided this recent backlash if she had not tweeted a response. These women continue to try to bring Teresa down….Yet continue to fail each and every time. Thankfully kathy and caroline have not engaged in this battle publically..yet. I am sure they are seething with venom for Teresa, but are able to contain themselves. Maybe they should think about reaching out to dumb and dumber. Isn’t in funny that since Ashley moved to los angeles she is stable and hasn’t gotten into any drama….even removing herself from drama when her lunny grandmother got involved and started sending hateful emails to Teresa. Seems there is a direct link to her move AWAY from her mother.

    Keep your head up Teresa and continue to ignore the haters!! Continue to let your haters be your motivatprs!

    • I tweeted Jac and told her she need to say she was sorry for blaming Teresa for leaking the stripper story. Below is Jac reply:

      No I didn’t, I said D and T were involved and I have proof that they were. Other times as well. I know… You don’t. I don’t care anymore.
      Direct message sent by Jacqueline Laurita (@JacLaurita) to you (@OldNJlady) on Jan 11, 7:12 PM.

      Jac has just lost me as a fan. She needs to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions. We all make mistakes. It is just part of life but hopefully we will all learn from our mistakes and become better people. Jac still has a lot of maturing to do especially for someone her age.

      • Yeah, right she has proof that T did it. The only proof she has is that Danielle outed her and everyone in America thinks she’s an idiot.

      • you’d think getting egg on her face again and again would teach her to keep quiet! She’s certainly not a quick study

        • no she isn’t and i am not gonna say anything bad about her anymore. it’s not a big deal to me if she did any of these things. the same crap was exposed about danielle too. so like tre said, ‘no skeletons in my closet’ lol

      • agreed. Jac was my favorite the first 2 seasons because she was the only one who seemed sweet & fun! Now I don’t like any of them (although over the past couple of months I’ve started feeling really, really bad for Tre).

  • Does anyone find it funny how much of a liar Jac and Mel are? Jac accused Tre of the hour long interview, then deletes her tweet when it wasn’t even about her or the cast, then Jac comes back and said she was referring to Danielle’s. BUT Mel chimes in (lies) and said Jac was talking about someone who began with a K. These heffuhs TRIFLING!!!! Mel has the NERVE to talk about someone lying all the time and Jac said her number 1 pet peeve are liars! Smh.

  • woww…jacqueline needs to stop trying so hard to make teresa the villain that she ignores the truth. Doesn’t she have any REAL friends that will tell her when she’s wrong?
    And the person who owes Teresa an apology is Miss Andy. Pretty sure she’ll never get that one either

  • Yeesh! In this DM, Danielle wanted her HitlerYouth to ask Jac “why did your x Brian allow you to be a call girl when Ashlee was 4 yrs old.”!/Mardigrasbarbie/media/slideshow?

    Seriously, Jac, why would you tell someone this? I guess because you just found out she was a call girl and were trying to find common ground?

    Jac is an IDIOT for turning on Danielle after giving her so much info. Maybe that’s why she all of a sudden made up with her in the middle of the Season 2 reunion. Jac really must be an airhead and all of a sudden she went, “duh, I’ve given danielle a lot of personal information to use against me, maybe I should stop threatening her.”

    I guess Danielle didn’t want to risk lawsuits or retaliation (in whatever form) if she opened her mouth publicly about this, so she had to get a MORON to do her dirty work for her (yes, Mardigrasbarbie, you pathetic twit).

    • also, Jac claims she met Chris when Ashley was 5, right? Is Chris into call girls? Maybe while he was engaged to another girl…sucks because I always like Chris…seemed like a nice guy. But then again, Jac was my favorite for the first 2 seasons. Live & learn, right?

      yikes, what a tangled web…

  • This is all very interesting, but I think I need to point something out–MARDIGRASBARBIE IS A BIGGER PSYCHO THAN DANIELLE!!!!! At least Danielle had a reason to be angry at these people and was actually involved in their lives. This Mardigrasbarbie doesn’t even know these people personally–a stranger asked her to attack people she didn’t know and she hops right to it? Uh, Mardigrasbarbie, Hitler would have freaking loved you, you psycho bitch!

    I believe Mardigrasbarbie about this whole Danielle thing, but I think it’s unfair that people aren’t calling her out on being a freaking psycho!!!!!

    Jacqueline was asked “Don’t you owe Teresa an apology???? You and your mom accused her of selling the stories”

    Jacqueline responded, “NO! because she does it too but mostly about herself.”

    What happened to making peace everyone?!

    Jac is some that again. why does Jac have problem with T getting paid about T selling stories about herself?

    • Jac is now tweet that it is time for everyone to move on. Yeah right after Jac has ruined Teresa by lying about Teresa giving the gossip magazines stories and then turning around and giving the blogger from the midwest that hates Jill a story about Teresa.

      Jac is not the woman I though she was. She is a lying, sneaky, crazy scum bag!

      • LOL. Move on she says. Then an hour later she starts back up. Now saying something like “look at my life danielle, it’s everything you dream of and your life is miserable” it’s wacked out. She needs meds.

    • I think Jac is jealous of all that Tre has done apart from the show. I think that she must be truely pissed that it was DS and not Tre cause now she looks like(and is) a total idiot. Grow up Jac and take responsibility for your actions…just had deja vu cause isn’t that what she said to Ashlee last season. IMO she just gave me another reason to support Tre and denounce the bullies ie (Caroline & Melissa) and would not be surprised one bit if DS was behind the Posche Fashion show fiasco since Melissa has lied about her involvement with her before last season. One should never cross a crazy person.

  • Danielle is definately disturbed. But MGB seems to be out there as well. Danielle definately used MGB to do her bidding but MGB is a grown ass woman and seemed to enjoy it. I’ve seen her tweets and alot of them were awful. I agree with the poster above that said the truth is somewhere in the middle. This breakup is definatley for the best…Based on what I’ve read it was a very unhealthy “friendship” and the two of them proved to be toxic together to all those around them. Which is probably why DS’s new PR firm advised her to end it.
    As for Jac she def owes Teresa an apology. I wonder what other shit danielle and MGB stireed up and let Teresa take the blame for.

  • What is wrong with Jac??? If Danielle is not lying (and in this case I tend to believe her because Jac has shown in the past she has no great love for Dina), Jac told her Dina steals from her own charity. That’s an awful thing to accuse someone of without any proof. Then she blames Teresa for exposing her past and refuses to apologize and “forgive” her, even though there is now proof Teresa didn’t do it. Maybe Ashley was finally right about one thing- her mother does start all the drama. Teresa and Dina (the two success stories out of the NJ franchise) are better off steering clear of her.

  • Jac doesn’t want to make up wit tre cuz then she would b admitting fault and/or she knew it might have been D in the but took the oppt. T

  • I agree 100% that Danielle is a disturbed woman. When I see her with her daughters, the older one always looks like she’s uncomfortable – she’s probably embarassed. Their dad should really step in.

    As for MGB, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. I think its obvious DS used her, but I don’t doubt that MGB began to freak her out after awhile. I’ve read some of MGB’s tweets and I think she is a nasty piece of work at best and a stalker at worst.

    • what makes you think their dad would be any better? He married that psycho, and has left the kids with her all this time…he’s probably not interested in having to parent his kids.

      • and you’re right–her oldest daughter always looks so miserable. I would be too. Hopefully that modeling career gets her the hell out of Jersey–she really is gorgeous!!

  • To me it confirms my beliefs that the new season of NJ housewives will be a Teresa bash fest! Even more confirms I will NOT be watching. All the blaming and now the truth is confirmed and still SHE will not apologize? That’s wrong! Actually not only should Jaq apologize but Bravotv and bravoandy and the casrmatez owe her an apology!! Enough already with the childishness and enjoy your lives! I agree with a comment from earlier, lets ask Drita to go with all of us and give us some awesome boxing tips so we can ALL knock some sense into this idiots!!! I truly am appalled that Jacq STILL wants to blame T! SMH love my housewives show but this one has now reached critical and seriously gonna pull the plug on it unless apologies or amends have been made PUBLICLY! ALLABOUTTRUTH is the best injustice and honor and truthful site I’ve seen and I adore Rox:-) your spectacular doll 🙂 xoxo

  • i think the house wifes owe Tre and apology for accusing her of this when this clearly shows its been danielle all along! i think shes been in the back ground stairing up as much shit she can then let them all accuse each other! i think all the house wifes should start a fresh im getting a bit bored of all the falling out its not fair on anyone. and for danielle to say dina is stealing from a charity is awful!! i hope her children as proud of her!

  • Ok, so Danielle’s been outed and Jaq WON’T apologize publically to Teresa for accusing her of being the plant??? WTF does Jaq care if Teresa is covered in the tabloids? Teresa doesn’t mention Jaq in the press.

    She totally owes her at least an ‘I’m sorry’; for BLAMING her for the stories Danielle planted. But that’s too above her. I’m stunned she answered so fast with a big NO! Bitch.

    • Ummm totally believe that Jac has to have Caroline’s permission to apologize..she is the one who calls the shots for all her followers..LOL

  • Teresa is not innocent. She’s a revisionist and would turn on everyone but that pathetic big mook of a husband she thinks is so hot. Juicy Joe. Ugh.

    • Uh, not sure you are clear on the usage of “revisionist”… Can you elaborate on what you think you mean here?

    • Funny because I’m pretty sure Teresa hasn’t turned on anyone even though she’s been given a million chances to. Considering how close Caroline and Jacqueline were to Teresa, I’m sure she has so much dirt on them that she could use to shut them up, but it true Teresa fashion, she keeps their names out of her mouth. Something that they all need to learn to do.

  • Can we just get Drita to run over to NJ and give all these NJ housewives & ex-housewives a right hook? I know I’d feel better and let’s face it. It’d much more entertaining.

  • DanilleS is clearly nuts. We all witnessed that first hand on the show, but for a fan to become so obsessed and all assuming about a so called “celebrity” she doesn’t know personally is quite disturbing. Mardisb needs to take accountability for her own actions and seek help for engaging in such codependent behavior.

    • Actually, MBarbie is taking responsibility for her actions. She has sent out heartfelt apoligies to all the HW’s she went after, & apologized to the other tweeters she has sparred with. She then sent out an apology to everyone that follows her. From what I gathered, on one of her tweets, Teresa G is now following MardigrasBarbie!

      • That’s not taking responsibility! That’s more drama and baiting! It’s more attention seeking behavior. If she truly felt sorry she’d just apologize once, remove her account and try and start fresh and normal fan of the show. This is the SAME BEHAVIOR. SHE’S JUST CHANGED SIDES NOW.

  • Danielle AND that Mardi girl are both crazy! They obviously have too much time on their hands!

  • Good point about your random mention that M tweeted that it began with a “K” and jac tweeted today about the 1 hour interview being Danielle she was talking about??!!! GOOD JOB AABTRH!!!

      • The story that Danielle sold came out in October. The one hour interview was just the other day. The exact day that Teresa had a “hour long” interview with the Jewish Journal blogger.

        Jac and the former Lookers worker are both lying.

    • Can you elaborate on this? I don’t understand what they said it began with a K? I thought when Jacqueline and Melissa tweeted about the hour long interview, they were talking about Teresa… 🙁

      • No one knows who they’re talking about. Jac tweeted that someone they know did an hour long interview and that the person needs to stop hating. Melissa then tweeted Jac back about said interview. Before Jac tweeted that, the writer from Jewish Journal tweeted that she did an hour long interview with Teresa. After people called Jac and Melissa jealous and the lady from Jewish Journal let them know that Teresa didn’t even talk about them, Jac deleted her tweet. Then Melissa tweeted the Jewish Journal lady and said that the somebody she and Jac were talking about was someone who’s name started with a “K.”

        Now Jac is saying that the person she was talking about in her tweet is Danielle. Liar much, Jac? I think Jac was talking about Teresa then realized what an idiot she is after the lady told her that Teresa didn’t even care to mention them, so she deleted her tweet. After getting so much heat from people on twitter, she’s now saying that she was referring to Danielle.

  • Jacqueline is not going to apologize to Teresa. Someone tweeted her if she was going to issue an apology to Teresa, and Jac said no because Teresa “does it too” as in sell stories to tabloids.

    Jacqueline is such a phony and is the kind of person who can’t admit when they’re wrong. Even if she had all the proof in the world that Teresa didn’t sell her out, she still wouldn’t apologize to Teresa.

    I think Jacqueline has made such a fool of herself blaming Teresa for EVERYTHING that now, even though she knows Teresa is innocent, she’s still going to act like Teresa sold her out to other tabloids, too.

    • Jaqs likes to accuse without proof. She’s still doing it. Why would Tre sell humiliating stories about herself? Again, Jaqs is accusing without proof.

  • rox you should write about how a fan asked jac about forgiving teresa but jac makes a pathetic excuse that T sells stories to mags… and jac even says that T SELLS STORIES MOSTLY ABOUT HER SELF… is there anything wrong with that??? ugh she’s pathetic.

    and about danielle, i used to feel bad for her bc she was ganged up on but now i see it was rightfully so, since she is pure evil and this was her last straw. seriously after you turn on your number 1 fan who else can you be tusted with? mardigrasbarbie fought so hard for danielle, now she fighting even harder against her. i really wanted danielle to expose melissa, especially about those emails about M wanting to be on the show on danielle’s side but it seems that maybe thats not true either since danielle is a psycho liar 🙁

    • i think it is so funny how all these jackals think teresa is not fame worthy and that they are so much better than her. so what if tre puts out stories about herself. what’s wrong with that?

      the stupid, it burns, lmao

      • Teresa doesn’t put out stories about herself. Only Jaq, Melissa, Kathy and Caroline do that. Teresa doesn’t have to put out tories about herself, she’s just so popular that’s all they want to write about, the magazines don’t care about the other housewives because they don’t sell magazines. Honestly, Teresa is so freakin busy she doesn’t have time for all this bullshit. Jaq and Melissa are the bigmouths telling lies and selling stories.

        • I think she meant she sells stories about herself. like when she’d be on the cover of intouch with the headline “teresa terrified of joe going to jail” or something like that. But big deal if she wants to sell stories about herself–they’re not about her castmates.

  • Very interesting.thanks for posting. Jac is a complete wack job, she really needs help. She tweets about how forgiving she is one day and the next day she spews hate. She has wayyyyy too much time on her hands, time she should spend with her kids to make sure they don’t turn out like her oldest kid Trashly.

  • i think i will leave the site since it’s running slow, prolly getting a lot of hits. i don’t wanna crash it, lol

  • So now it’s out that those stories she ASSumed, emphasis on ass, that Teresa sold to the tabloids were actually planted by Danielle. She ruined a friendship because of heresay that turned out to be untrue. I won’t hold my breath on her apologizing to Teresa for falsely accusing her.

  • Danielle picked InTouch beacuse Teresa would take the fall. Jacueline owes Teresa an apology. You don’t just jump ship on a 10 year friendship. I feel bad how Teresa was villified by these people. She can now stand tall and proud that she did not lower herself to Caroline’s level by revealing information that was told to her when she had a friendship with Jac. Teresa is loyal.

  • Jacqueline is a moron. Still can’t admit she was wrong for blaming Teresa and still refusing to apologize because she says Teresa sells stories to the tabloids too. WHy on earth would Teresa sell stories to the mags talking crap about herself and not just the housewives? Jacqueline is an idiot. #FACT

  • hey danielle, teresa is marketable because she is unique, interesting, funny and, gorgeous. and you’re the one who helped her climb above all the others. i fell in love with her when she flipped that table, it was her dinner party and u ruined it u prostitution whore, lol

  • So crazy and sad. Of course, Jacqueline is still going to blame Teresa somehow. I do wish Danielle would show the proof that Melissa was contacting her. As far as I am concerned, Melissa and Danielle belong together.

    • I think that IF (and that’s a big if) Danielle has any photos or proof of anything on Jac, Caroline, Dina, Tre, or Melissa, she would have shown it by now in an effort to get back on RHONJ. Or she is keeping it all under wraps until she gets offered the right amount of money to reveal it all or parts of it. We all know that she is poorer than she would like to be (why else resort to selling a sex tape?). The problem is that she is so unstable that no one credible believes her enough to even offer anything to her for the info she MIGHT have. I think that she probably has hearsay type stuff on Jac, Caroline, and Dina (i.e. verbal accusations told to her by Jac or Kim G. or others that she has no substantial proof for), but since she doesn’t have any legitamate proof, her venomous words can only go so far. As far as Tre and MG, I think it IS possible that Danielle has some written emails or texts b/w her and MG proving that MG underhandedly told Danielle nasty things about Tre and/or the other housewives behind their backs in the earlier seasons (I think MG is dumb enough to have put stuff in writing to Danielle). Since none of that has officially come out yet though (just rumors so far), it makes me think that it is also possible that MG is currently being blackmailed by Danielle now to keep all of that hidden and MG is paying a pretty penny to a mentally ill person to keep her image from falling apart. Just give it time…Danielle is vindictive, a survivalist, and an exhibitionist, so if there is one thing we can count on from her it is to NOT stay true to her word and eventually pull out all the stops and display whatever leverage she has in order to get back on top. Moral of the story: Never trust a crazy person.

      • Kate you are I are thinking the same basic thing. Danielle is crazy, Very crazy but very smart also. She know how to get other people to do her dirty work.
        I think that Danielle has dirt on all of the housewives except maybe Kathy. She has all the emails from the former Lookers employee and I know that she hired a PI to dig up dirt on all of the others while she was still a cast member. Danielle and the dirt she discovered (and just the fact that Danielle was digging into her private life) was one of the main reason Dina left.
        There were rumors about Danielle and Kim G being asked to come back for the fashion show this year. That was the same night the Juicy was caught with the girl at Friday’s Kim G released the photo after she showed to the Jac but the person who took the photo was a friend of Danielle’s. Someone by the name of Erin according to Kim G.
        This is my personal opinion: I think that Danielle has been in the background stirring all the crap between the cast as a why to get even with all of them especially Teresa. A rumor here, a leaked story there that is blamed on Teresa, a picture here and another story there. Could Danielle even be behind the whole set up at the fashion show?
        As far as Jac, Ashely, Jac’s mom goes they ALL need to apologize to Teresa. Teresa did not leak the stripper story but yet she was blamed. Jac then when on another one of her crazy twitter rants followed by a leaked story about Teresa to another blogger from the midwest. All of the stories and tweets were completely bashing, blaming and trashing Teresa.
        Danielle and the former Lookers employee are very similar. They are both vindictive, survivalists, and an exhibitionists. The both like to dish the dirt in very sneaky ways and then sit back and play the victim.

        • “I know that she hired a PI to dig up dirt on all of the others while she was still a cast member.”

          how do you know? just curious. I think everything you just said makes a lot of sense.

          • Dina said something about it, then Danielle had a quick commment during one of the shows (I think it was the fundraiser for the baby with cancer show) and there was another mention at the 1st reunion about Danielle looking into everyone’s private business.

        • Thank you!!! The nerve of Jaq OF ALL PEOPLE to be crying defamation!

          She says Tre planted the call girl story but when there’s proof it was DS she says she WON’T APOLOGIZE! And then has the effin’ nerve to tweet Andy trying to trump up defamation charges on Danielle? Does this girl know the meaning of irony? Please. I just can’t stand her now.

      • shes already said to allabout trh that she doesnt owe teresa an apology as teresa sells stories about herself (which imo she has every right to do) jac is a big fat hypocrite, they all make me sick

    • For what Teresa signed a contract with a magazine she bashed her friends like she did in the cook book i agree Ashlee pure trouble that girl needed a hop in the ass many years ago its never to late though

  • Defamation of what? They are celebs and give up the rights to have a “Private life” and honestly, there are far more serious crimes committed all day every day. If these Ho’s dont want to be talked about, they should have stayed being Betty Crocker. I think they all put up a show to stay revelant. SMH

    • And it was a private convo between two “friends”. So stupid. Defamation has to be public with the intent to hurt. Moron.

    • I think the defamation related to what was printed in the magazine that Danielle has now admitted to providing the info for

    • Preach their there for our amusement so take the lashings i dont think Teresa is that broke you know what the electric bill is in a 17,000 squire foot home? Forget the mortgage etc i do shes not broke shes choosing money over family and its taking a toll on her kids you dont see it i do gia alone shows signs she needs to get out now or resign her contract and get the kids off the show

  • OMG. Whoa! She’s how old, and she still acts like this? She’s crazy! I would still pick her over Melissa though because Melissa is a bigger bitch! Well, in my eyes she is…

      • Melissa is truly evil. What makes Melissa so evil is she plots and plans her cruelty and lies out. She gets caught lying and she has no conscience, she gets away with lying constantly. Her husband lies and hurts his own family and seems to get pleasure from his wife hurting Teresa and Teresa’s kids. The thing that disgusts me the most is lets say everyone believed their lies and no one bought Teresa’s books and everyone hated Teresa like they so wanted, Teresa and her kids are homeless and destroyed. Are they happy now? No, because they are miserable human beings that are pure evil. They seriously make me sick to my stomach and I can’t stand the sight of them.

  • Didn’t Danielle cut off MGB on the advice of her new “crisis PR” rep?

    I don’t think MGB was taken advantage of. She comes off like a crazy stalker herself.

    • I was thinking the same thing. No ‘adult’ does shit like that to or for someone else, especially if it has nothing to do with them. I find the whole situation bizzare. As for Jac, she needs to keep her mouth shut as well, if she doesn’t want people to talk about her. The last few days on Twitter I’ve felt like I’m back in High School. Everyone needs to grow up!

  • HOLY COW! Thanks allabout i’m not on twitter so I would never know any of this

    OKAY THIS IS CRAZY! I clicked the pictures and it made it bigger so I can actually read what she is saying and all I have to say is Danielle needs help. Look how she responded to allabout? Ur making me uncomfortable DANIELLE

  • IMO Jacqueline, a hit dog hollers. Do any of these women ever think about just being quiet? If I felt so strongly I would file a defamation of character lawsuit. People are going to always talk. If you and yours know the truth, who cares about the masses,?

    • Jaq is obsessed with hurting Teresa! Teresa doesn’t care about any of them, she minds her business and is busy with work and her family! Jaq is the one that doesn’t shut up! Jaq is the one who doesn’t stop bashing Teresa! Jaq is just as pathetic as Daniel! Jaq will never apologize because she is insanely jealous of Teresa and her brain is the size of peanut. I have to stop reading these blogs they get me so upset because Teresa is minding her business and Jaq nd Melissa never leave her alone. I am just so tired of Jaq, Melissa and their games. Get a life! Creeps!