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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Must Read Interview With ‘Mob Wives’ Drita Davanzo

AllAboutTRH had an exclusive interview with one of our favorite Mob Wives, Drita Davanzo. Drita’s always been my favorite because she is simply a bad ass with a good heart. I asked her all the questions we’ve all been dying to know including where her friendship with Renee stands, what she thinks about Ramona and if she felt set up at Renee’s party! Drita doesn’t hold back and give’s us honest answers on how she really feels in this must read interview!

AllAboutTRH: Are the rumors we here coming from other bloggers about you possibly leaving the show true?
Drita Davanzo: There is so many times I have thought of throwing in the towel because its hard to deal with liars and hater’s. BUT my fans are amazing and I truly love them and because of them I would never quit (quitting is a sign of weakness)! I would feel I am letting them down and that’s something I would never do. When I am feeling down n out..all I have to do is go on my Fanpage or Twitter and remember that Drita’s Mob Rolls Deep [smiles] My fans have my back… so Im not going anywhere because of them.

If the show is picked up for a 3rd season will you do it?
Im not sure. I quess I have to see how season 2 plays out.

Do you feel you were set up at Renee’s party on the balcony? It seems alot of your fans feel u were
If you see my face I had the EXACT same feeling. I was so upset because I always go with my gut feeling and my feeling was NOT GOOD. I really was alone (Big Ang was there but she doesn’t really know those girls) but that’s my own fault and I should not have went in the first place but because I have not seen Renee I had to go to show support. My intentions were good and wanted to squash this exhausting fight with Karen but again Karen and her friends intentions seemed to be in a different direction. And Karen told Big Ang that she wanted to talk to me but you don’t see that part. I do not trust Karen or Ramona whatsoever.

Did you know Ramona Rizzo before she joined the cast?
Ramona and the other girls on the show are older then me so growing up I ran in a different circle. I knew her sister and we had a mutual friend but I never knew her. She moved to another country and had a family. When she returned to SI she got in contact with my close friend Jennifer and so I hung out with her for a couple of weeks. Going out to clubs etc. Ramona had no contact with Karen or Jen for so many years so I felt her intention was to weasel her way on the show and that is not real to me. You never call anyone and visit them but now they are on tv and you are related…best friends…blah blah. That’s bullshit. She is an opportunist in my eyes. Bother’s me that she walks around with her nose in the air like she is better than everybody else and never has anything nice to say about anyone.

Do you think if Ramona had not joined Mobwives you and Karen could have some what repaired your relationship? I ask this because it seemed last season with the fight that happened at Renee’s it really upset you to see Karen hurting..
I don’t like to see anyone hurting. So yes it definitely upset me because I was surprised to see it bothering her so much when I never ever thought it would. I hung out with her for about 2 years and she was doing her thing and seemed to be over him long time ago. So yes this was a surprise. She was pregnant and living with someone when I got with Lee and had not seen or spoke to her in forever so her being hurt was confusing to me. Especially since Karen had hooked up with her friends ex boyfriend also (so her saying she doesn’t roll like that is another annoying lie.) I think we could have some what repaired our relationship if Ramona was not involved. I don’t think we would be friends like in the past but at least cool with each other. Ramona DID NOT help this situation. If you see she says stop being nice and then at the bar says I thought we were not going to do this here. That raises a question. What is it that they were not going to do?? I don’t even know why she said we when it was about Karen and I. Not her. She is not in my life just very involved in it.

So is your divorce from Lee Final yet?
No, it takes a long time for a divorce to be final but everything is done with paperwork.

Have you ever got a straight answer from Lee as to when he will be Released?
Well the reason its confusing is because he has to do federal time on top of State time. So right now it looks like another 18 mths or so.

How is your relationship with Renee at this time? Renee puts it we are like a Divorced couple. [laughs] I never have a problem with her but seems her friends Karen and Ramona do not like us getting along so it causes conflict.

Do you feel it was unfair to have cast Ramona being that she is so close with Karen?
100 percent. I actually didn’t even want to come on second season if she was coming on because I thought they should have brought an outsider in and been fair to everyone but Karen needs her so whatever. Ramona coming on only shows that I was right about her wanting to be on the show and saw her game plan a mile away.

Did you know big Ang before she was cast?
Yes Renee and I know her for a long time. I had tons of fights in her bar and if it wasn’t for her I would have got in trouble plenty of times. I owe her and love her. She has a great heart and has no bad intention and keeps it real. I’m just glad they have someone being themselves and real and not make believing there someone there not.

What kind of relationship do you have with Big Ang?
From what I have seen she seems like she a real funny person & kind of a piece maker. Yes!! She is funny and wants peace. She def doesn’t see the reason for anyone fighting over such bullshit from 1992. She just wants to have a good time and laugh like me. I have the best time with her….I crack up laughing the whole time.

Any regrets about doing reality tv?
I have regret fighting on tv. When I was younger I was a tomboy growing up and very much into sports. Stayed with the boys and lived in projects for 13 years where we fought a lot and didn’t hang out in the best area’s. But now I am a grown woman with children and its embarrassing to me to still fight someone over nonsense. At this point in my life I want to put that behind me and set an example for my girls. Bottom line is I fought because that’s who I was..there was no camera’s and I wasn’t trying to prove anything. It was just me. I am on a mission to change for my daughter’s and mad at myself for fighting on camera. But as you see as nice as I try to be the other girls don’t allow me to be that way. Its kind of like Im fighting myself. I will one day learn how to walk away. I hope.

Are you considering doing professional boxing?
I think I might try it out. I always wanted too. Its a great stress relief and great exercise. Tune in…and you will see:)

Whats next for you?
I have a ton of things going on…I did some acting in a short film and really enjoyed it. My cosmetic line Just Me Cosmetics will be launching soon,workout DVD,evil eye jewelry and t shirts with my sayings on it for my fans. I’m so excited about everything going on and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity! Sky’s the limit. And Im going to take all the bricks the hater’s are throwing at me and BUILD AN EMPIRE WITH THEM. For my daughter’s [smiles]

Tell us something about Drita that would surprise your fans?
Im actually always smiling and laughing. I’m friendly with everyone. I live my life treating people the way I like to be treated. Just don’t cross a line with me. Most of my fights growing up where always for protecting the underdog or a friend. I rarely ever have issues with anyone. I easily get over things. I have a big heart and am actually very sensitive for those I care about. I have friends for 25 years I never had an argument with. I am an easy person to get along with. I will give you the shirt off my back if you need it and will die for you if I love you. My real friends are not on the show so you don’t see me like that. This show is a bunch of women that all know each other and trying to build a friendship. I get along great with Carla because she is laid back and hates drama.

Why do you feel the other Bloggers are so hard on and negative towards you? There is actually one Blogger that always writes negative things about me and LIES a lot. I did some research because it seemed fishy that this blogger was praising Karen and ripping me apart. Then I found out from a little birdie that she knows her. I was not surprised but I wish no one would ever read that blog. Its such bullshit and they are massive hater’s. They were writing awful things even about Lee. They don’t even know him. They said they have sources…[laughs]. The people Lee grew up with would def not call a blog and talk about him. I found out there sources are Ramona and Karen. Its just pure lies coming from massive liars. When you see a blog that writes things one sided then you know its bullshit. That’s why I’m so glad you have a Mob Wives blog. You do not know any of us so its fair game. Thank you.!!!! And you really do write the truth and your opinion.

Thanks Drita for the compliment regarding AllAboutTRH. Thoughts on the interview? Drita makes a good point when she spoke about other bloggers having “sources.” Can you imagine these people calling a blog and telling them stories over the phone? LOL. Probably not! Hopefully Renee and Drita can maintain their friendship!
It seems like Mob Wives will be very interesting this season..

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  • Drita you are the realist , prettiest girl on this show. Of course Karen , Ramona and even Renee are gonna hate. They are fat haters, liars, rats, and really what else do they have? Nothing… You and Natalie and any are the reason anyone watches this show. We lov you drita.

  • I think that Drita is stunning. Personally, I would never be able to take all the stress and drama of the ladies, lives. The show does a good job showing how different folks live. Family is important to everyone of us.

  • Enjoy MOB WIVES – particulary Drita who has substance and is absolutely gorgeous.
    I predict stardom for her. She has an earthy quality – beautiful bone structure and is well built.

    Surprised Hollywood hasn’t tagged her yet.


    • Drita’s the best. the rest? eh. but they should all think about this: violence is the last resort of the incompetent. that always stops me when i feel like decking some dingbat. what would it prove? it’d prove that the fighter is too ignorant to work out the problem in an intelligent way. not something to be proud of. still, there are times when you get sooo provoked that S– happens. oh well. this crapola about karen carrying on about Lee like 20 years later is a bunch of bull. Drita doesn’t owe her anything on that score. Karen didn’t want him and it was over anyway. karen is mad about something, but i feel it could be more jealousy-based. shes quite ignorant, morbidly obese, a lousy mother and drita is so much more attractive and fun to be around. if you think karen isn’t kinda dumb, listen to her describe someone as an “escape goat”. good lord.

  • ah the fist fights, disgusting, low budget BS but if you want to be on tv act like garbage & then you’ll get endorsement deals. these shows set a very poor example for the younger viewing audience. i wonder how their children are being treated in school after hearing their classmates talk about how badly their mothers behaved on last nights episode. drita is a twig. i was her size when i was 10 years old. she talks about beating people up. i guess she came across wimps during her fighting career? the biggest thing on her body is her implants. she’s a nice looking lady but the fighting – enough is enough now. act like a lady & stop. if you can’t resolve something with someone be an ADULT mother of 2 daughters & walk away. you know what makes me laugh is when they sit & talk about how their men were ratted out & that’s why their in jail. newsflash, that’s the nature of the beast. freedom isn’t free. when you do the right thing & go to work like the rest of the middle class you don’t have to worry about doing a bid. with all the bullying going on in schools across the country why act out violently over BS?

  • STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH HA! love you Drita!! how anyone can defend those crazy bitches is beyond me. Your the best!!

  • I love love love you girl! & your daughters are beautiful. As for Lee that aint my biz! Im so glad your not sweating the small sh%t cuz its not worth it. Keep on doing you! make thats money for them babies! Good luck & God bless 😉


  • Drita does seem fake I think she plays up her bad ass attitude. I used to feel bad for Karen but since Romana I’m leaning more over to team Drita

  • I love Drita. She holds it down for what she loves and what she believes in. I see a lot of those qualities in myself and respect her for everything she does. Karen is just a hater and is sitting in SI for what?? You have a daughter don’t you? Shouldn’t you go be with her and be a MOTHER to her? Instead she’s running around with Bitches like Ramona acting like a 13 year old girl in the locker room. Come on, grow up and be a lady. No one cares about your issues and what you have to settle- what you have to do is go Home to your kid. Anywho, Drita baby, keep doing you, I wish you the best in life I know it’s been tough but you’re being a GOOD mother by being there for your kids 100% the fact that you were so loyal to lee even when you had no idea when he was coming out really says a lot about your personality. #teamdrita

  • I love drita. Drita all the way….I like watching Drita, big ang and Carla…Karen and ramona are just a bunch of losers. They try to act all tough when one is a chicken shit and the other one is a fat ass that only knows to talk tough….she can’t take anyone down… Karen and ramona seems to be very bad mothers….they leave their kids all the time…dumb slugs.


    Check out the book titled, “Mob Story.” Drita’s husband is mentioned in the book several times, and he made a good decision to stay away from Chris Paciello, the man the story is based on. Anyway, Jen Graziano, Karen Gravano, someone named Ramona, (could this be the new Mob Wife Ramona?), Sammy the Bull, Anthony Graziano and Lee Davanzo are all mentioned in the book. It’s interesting. Nothing bad regarding the names mentioned but it does read that Lee Davanzo was ratted out near the end of the book. What gets me is the person who did a lot of ratting, Chris Paciello, did far less prison time that Drita’s poor husband and Chris Paciello is far more dangerous and committed really serious crimes including murder. It really makes you wonder how the rats end up dancing in Vegas when everyone else who did far less crimes are rotting in prison.

  • Love the blog! I think the violence needs to stop. They should be able to talk without hands being thrown. But with that said….Karen needs to STOP THE LYING! This is all about Lee and nothing else! I have no idea where my ex is or who’s he’s with. If he and an old friend of mine hooked up I may find it awkward but I would act like she is unless I still had feelings. By her own admission she cheated on Lee over and over and he cheated on her too. Hell she left Lee for her daughters father. I thinks it bothers her that she was with him dor 7 years and never got a ring yet Lee proposed to Drita within 2 years.

  • Ok….so Karen ( who was indited ,along with her RAT father in Arizona and left her daughter AND husband there) is STILL obsessed with ..wait for it ….wait for it ….Drita and “WHEN” she sleep with her ( yeah right !!!) man Lee …Bottom line THIS is what it is STILL all about ! …add the fact that Karen wants to be the “MOB” Wives boss by going to “WAR” with any and everyone …Can’t get over the fact that Drita BEAT her a** last season she brought help this time in the form of her NOT so famous cousin Ramona , who steadily try’s to let us know ..she corrected Al Paccino who played Vito Corleone…fashioned after her grandfather ( does that mean Karen’s grandfather was Fredo? )….smile just sayin…BOTTOM line ? Drita don’t take ANY s**t, from two women who jump you at the same time and STILL can’t get the job done !!! Oh and Renee ? Pick the side that is RIGHT and defend that RIGHT !!!!

    • Okay I hate being this person but I have to correct you… Al pacino played Michael Corleone in The Godfather. The movie you’re thinking is Donnie Brasco and he played Benjamin ‘Lefty Guns’ Ruggiero who is Ramona’s grandpa 🙂

      • Amanda,lol. I didn’t see someone had answered tht already. I also didn’t realize the post is a few months old.

    • Jay .. Ramon’s grandfather is jimmy ruggerio who was played y Pacino in the movie Donnie Brasco about the undercover guy who used her grandfather to infiltrate the mob. Has nothing to do w vito corleone, zero zip zilch nada.

      Her grandfather wasn’t played as a particularly upscale dude. If tht had been my grandpa I would embarrassed by how he was portrayed too. It’s a good movie.l and book.

  • Drita is my favorite mob wife because she is real.Although it was wrong for drita to throw the first punch I understand wh she did it because if I. Felt attacked by two ppl I would swing too but that’s just me.karen is so annoying I used to like her but now all she wants to do is talk about drita blah blah stfu already&move on it was years ago she must still have feelings for lee if she keeps rambling on.

  • I love Drita. You can tell she would be an awesome friend to have and would always have your back. Karen and Ramona are just acting for the camera. Drita got set up and ganged up on just like Tre did on RHONJ.

  • Drita is a very talented makeup artist. She should put out a book on it. I also wish she would cross-over to Jerseylicious and shake up the super annoying GlamFairy.

  • I never knew all TRH blog until I tweeted a comment to Drita regarding this Other Blog which was always one sided and trashing Drita. From watching the show and knowing how many fans Drita has I knew something wasnt right. Drita replied to my tweet and told me how Karen is friends with the Other blogger which made perfect sense to me. I love Drita and think shes amazing and REAL unlike Karen who wants to live off her fathers “name” Ramona seems the same, Renne is brilliant too very real.

  • You know when you say lets put it all out on the table, talk about what bothering us and you do like in last season that should be the last of it , why keep bring up the past whats the purpose of having a set down . I’m just saying

  • Ive watched both seasons from day one and this isnt RHW its Mobwives and I love all the different personality’s I also know the lifestyle a bit. Ditra is the gurl I would party and the one who would make me laugh wile getting our Mugshots taken. Renee is the woman that is a deeper more chill kick it friend. Like the person you talk to about deep stuff with and do the spa. Respect! Karen hmm I like her but I enjoy upbeat drama not depressing so have a drink with person. Big Ang Cracks my butt up hope she is on more. The other 2 nothing to say about So glad its back on hang in there and just keep it real no scripting.

  • Congrats on the interview.

    I sometimes like Drita but she is really annoying me right now. I am so sick of her double talk about the issues. You know what Karen is upset about. You know that she is right. Big Ang actually said that you do. You are just too stubborn to admit it.

    Now with the fight. Obviously Drita wanted to talk. Karen was approached about talking. Did she expect Karen to say nothing and for her to say lets move past it and that would be it? Of course she is going to want to talk about what the issues are. Duh! You have to first discuss what it is you want to move past. Now I will agree that Ramona should have backed off a little bit. But I will also say that Ramona was first trying to stop a fight from breaking out when she saw Drita and Karen getting more heated. It just went way out of control when Drita threw that punch. Totally uncalled for. What did she expect to happen after that? Did she think that they were going to hold their wounds and walk away? No they were going to start swinging too. Drita shouldn’t have thrown that punch. She needs to learn to talk without getting violent.

  • Great unbiased interview. Drita is the reason I watch the show. Seems like Ramona was added only to give Karen an audience to her delusional ramblings.

    • How is this not biased? Its one persons side of the story. Btw I love all the cast except for Carla!

  • I’m new to mobwives but just from watching the first two episodes of this season, Drita seems like at least she knows who she is and is willing to admit she isn’t perfect. Karen just seems obsessed with carrying on the mob legend like her Dad, and is trying to be a “tough guy”.
    If an old friend of mine suddenly started dating my ex, I couldn’t care less. He’s my ex for a reason! If she wanted to call me about it, fine; if she doesn’t, that’s fine too. As a matter of fact, I might think she was trying to rub it in my face if she called to tell me about it, and I might be tempted to tell her why he wasn’t such a catch after all-which isn’t going to do too much for our friendship anyway lol.
    Drita was wrong to swing first, but Karen shouldn’t have let Ramona get involved. It had nothing to do with her. Adding more people to the situation didn’t really do too much to quiet things anyway, it just added more drama.
    I will be hearing Renee say “Jr, I wanna go home” in my sleep tonight! lol
    Great interview Roxy!

  • Did Drita really think she was going to do all the talking? Did she not think Karen was not going to have something to say back? Did she really think how she felt was the only thing that mattered? Sadly yes, she did. To solve an issue both people have to state how they feel and lay it all on the table, and go from there. Think on that Drita!

    • No, I don’t think she thought she would be the only one talking. What she was saying to Karen was I apologize, let’s get past this and move on. However, what you didn’t hear, is Karen telling Drita, how she wanted to bash her face in, come to her house and blow it up and talking a bunch of sh*t, which ticked Drita off. Dritas’ like here it is, I’m trying to apologize and move forward, but Karen is still bringing the same sh*t up and talking violence. Edits don’t always give you the truth, they give you what you want to see… Explosions for more viewers to watch and seat at the edge of their seats…

  • drita is a caroline manzo type cant stand the bitch! fake friend fake everything wannabe italian. love renee cuz she s real, the rest suck!

    • Did she ever say she is a wannabe Italian? She actually, very proudly always says she is Albanian. Fool! I’d love to see you go up to an Albanian and say that to their face. Just try it pls. LOL. And then come back and see if you can type bs again.

  • when this show first started i thought i was gonna like karen and hate drita…it’s the complete opposite i love drita and karen is such a bitch. drita is a bad ass and doesn’t take any sh*t but she doesn’t start sh*t either. karen is always looking for a fight. and i love how drita is with her daughters.

  • off topic
    i don’t watch this, but rox, u sure have caused a stink on twitter about this program, so u must be doing something right, lol

  • Ok watching Mob Wives now Drita did lie! Drita threw the first punch! Starting to not like or believe her!

    • I dont think u get it..coming from Dritas backround (the streets) of course she swung 1st..She has been jumped in the past and maybe u have never dealt with that life before but anyone knows if you have 2 ppl (Ramona and Karen) in front of you and the argument is getting heated..and then one of the girls changes positions then u have to swing 1st. You dont give them the chance to hit you 1st. she comes from the streets and thats survival..Had Ramona minded her business and let Karen and Drita talk this wouldnt hav happened!

  • Great interview!! I get both sides Karen was with Lee for 7 yrs! Her and Drita were really good friends Drita even lived with them. She should of called and said something! If one of my friends got with my ex..omg I would kick some ass! I have a good friend that moved to Tenn. we havent really talked so much in the last year or more but if she got with my ex (we been seperated for 2yrs) I would kick her ass. Its something you just dont do. But I like Drita she knows she was wrong but to stuborn to admit it. JMO

    • I’m confused, wasn’t Karen in the Witness Protection Program when Lee and Drita got together?
      Anybody have the answer, and how come she came back?
      When you go into WPP you give up your old life, don’t you???

      • Her dad was the witness technically. Her dad, Sam gave evidence against John Gotti and was relocated (somewhere else – not Arizona). SAMs wife, Karen and her brother didn’t go into the program. They were still in staten island for a while before they went out to Arizona. Sam left WPP a few years later (probably after he stopped getting paid – which happens after ur finished testifying). Sam moved to Arizona but he never lived with Karen and her mom ( and brother).

        She knew Lee from when she was still in staten island before her dad was busted.

    • Drita didn’t live with Karen & Lee. Karen lived in her aunts house in Brooklyn. Drita stayed there w her. I don’t think Lee ever lived in that house.

  • There’s just something fake about her, yeah she’s tough and says she’s “real” but she does back peddle a lot, I think edge just really believes her own lies, don’t hate her wish she would just realize how what she did to Karen was unacceptable and stop excusing it, I am sure if an old friend got with Lee she would not be so understanding even they are divorced….

  • I’m not Team Drita or Karen but how can anyone condone what this women has done? She is extremely violent & sets a horrible example for her children. I do not know who to believe but I feel it’s somehow both of their faults. The violence is out of control! If she was a man acting like that someone would have pressed charged already. Drita I think you need Anger Management!

  • I love that Drita wants to be a good role model for her girls. I’m sure Karen would be if she was actually a mother to her daughter.

  • OK…….Now as you know I am TEAM KAREN all the way but I do not hate Drita I think she is a great mother I love seeing that side of her and not the I will kill u side lol! But I have to say always you have out done yourself again Roxanne and you got Drita’s side of the story from her veiw! I LOVE MOBWIVES AND GLAD ALL NOW HAVE A VOICE SO CONGRATS ROXY! lol even if I aint buying it! lmao

  • Was happy to see her confirm that my gurl Big Ang is good people. 🙂 You should try to get an interview with her next!

  • Drita’s diabolically violent temper is very scary. She doesn’t have a short fuse, she has NO fuse, it seems.

  • I cant with Drita! If anybody set you up it was you! You should have waited til another time to talk to Karen. Lets face it!!! You put your hands on Karen!! So your friendship is null and void! Let it go and do you! Everybody needs to stay in their own lanes!

    • I like them all, but agree that she was not “set up.” She was the one wanting to talk outside with Karen, waiting for her.
      Also, cracks me up that she said all that the episode before about not wanting to fight because she wants to set a better example for her daughters. Then, there she is- throwing the first punch.

    • She did want to wait, Big Ang told her that she should do the talk and get it over with! She told Renee, before she came, that she would not say anything to her. Watching the episode, Drita was trying to stay away from Karen and Ramona. I don’t think it was a set up, I think that it was instigated by a big mouth wanna be bad azz!

  • Congrats on the interview Rox! You have had this website for not even 2 months and thousand of people can’t stop talking about it. My coworkers and I are addicted!

    Back to the interview. I have a feeling Lee and Drita are going to stay together and I do thnk Karen talks about him way to much …move on

    Ramona’s really pretty still debating if I like her. TEAM RENEE all the way. Drita is so honest in this interview. If i met her we’d probably be best friends haha. I was annoyed w drita season 1 but after seeing this Team Dritaaaaaaaa too!

  • Drita needs to wise up that the other girls provoke her intentionally because they know she will get upset and fight and make her look bad. Don’t give them the satisfaction!

  • I was wondering why that other blog trashed Drita so much. I was starting to believe them. Thankfully I found this website! I love Drita even more now. I like Karen but she’s been getting on my nerves and ramona is such a follower! I can’t even take it. Thanks so much for this interview. It clears up a lot of things! Go Drita

    • If you leave comments on the other blog, they are very nice, but it really does seem geared towards Karen and Ramona….

  • I like Drita,Karen, and Renee, Carla not so much or Ramona. I understand Karen, if we were friends, never had drama, give me a heads up you with the ex. That is her issue. Drita’s it was over. So, still give your friendship that lil’ bit. Then for Drita to say Karen can’t talk about Lee in her book is plain stupid. Dude has nothing to lose her is a career crimal! He and karen were a couple. There is nothing Karen can say that will beat that. Drita needs to let it go. After all Lee has talked crap about Karen.

    • Heads up, for what! As it’s told Karen slept with one of Drita’s boyfriends. Oh, but they only made out… childish. Ramona is a trouble making, loud mouth, who wants attention. If your a bad azz you don’t have to keep repeating, everyone knows it! Stop It! I understand that she has her girls back, but Karen was a pure punk last season without Ramona, she would have never acted this way without her side kick bad azz 🙂

  • Drita is the ONLY reason I got attached to this show for I absolutely love her………
    I like Rene even though she’s appears to be a drama queen & like Carla for she & Drita are good together with a storyline…….. The rest…..well, they’re there for the drama…….. I expect Carla to leave the show for she really never wanted to be on it, however, should Drita leave the show…… They’ve lost one more viewer,….. 🙂

  • Sorry for the pickiness, but there are so many apostrophes that don’t belong in here. Who wrote this?

    • Who cares! Thats what you notice through out everything she says. This is crazy. I don’t know who to believe. Karen says drita is a liar. Drit says karen is a liar! I don’t know anymore lol. Dritas responses are all cool. She’s laid back

    • OMG!!!!! ‘GRAMMAR’ and ‘PUNCUATION’ ‘POLICE’!!!!!! Who the hell cares??? Do you read the blog for the articles or to make the ‘necessary’ corrections…..good gawd (correct away it was done on purpose LMAO)

    • I have to agree with Lisa Lisa. Whoever wrote this needs to take the time to correct the grammatical errors. It just makes the interview look unprofessional. I love DRITA!

    • I stumbled upon this blog trying to find more info re: if Drita ended up fighting with Ramona after the reunion. Does anyone know what happened?? I already figure that Drita beat Ramona’s ass without a question if they did fight, but I bet Ramona punked out. I’m curious to know… Anyhow I LOVE LOVE LOVE DRITA!!! Drita is just straight up real, and is a lady but knows how to defend herself if need be. Can’t wait for Season 3, thanks for keeping up this sweet blog

  • OMG this interview is amazing! lol! Ramona is such a sneaky one. I feel bad for Drita that other bloggers are making up lies. I like Renee and now i’m #TEAMDRITA

    • I like Karen but she keeps talking about how drita put her hands on her and that was not ok. does no one remember that karen was the first to throw the drink? did she think that wasnt violent or wasnt going to start a fight?
      Also, I dont think no matter what she is ever going to forgive drita. i think shes upset she ended up with her ex and maaaaybe had drita called 10,000 years ago she wouldve forgave her but she seems but drita apologized so let it go, or dont but be real. she obviously has a kid and is ready to move on. not everyone wants to have their past constantly thrown in their face. apologize, move on. but then there would be no show i think karen felt betrayed and i dont think shes ever going to let that go. shes like renee, renee said that would never be ok with a friend being with an ex and i think its the same story whether . i do believe karen that its not about lee, its about her friend betraying her, but let it go . seems to me like karen came into season 1 with a score to settle…and season 2… i think karen has a right not to like her but make up your mind you like her or dont…she came on to season 1 fronting.
      then karen talks about how she doesnt like that drita has been spreading stuff around. does she expect drita not to talk about her ever? sounds like shes just so mad at drita she doesnt want her to say anything period. is she also naive enough to belive everything she hears second hand? of course shes going to talk about how she took karen down, cause she did, and if she heard she was put in the hospital she would say that too. im sure karen can fight she was held down the first time around, but she cant control everyone talking about it…it was on
      ramona is just annoying. i like karen and i like drita and i think had ramona not been there it wouldve been settle but now that violence has occured twice i doubt theyll ever reconcile. ramona may be real but she totally seems like a shi* starting opportunist. renee, drita, and karen rock. carla is boring and ramona is just a bi*** and is just there to the shi* starter. i could see karen and drita two cool as chicks to hang out with together. too bad stupid shit has gotten in the way….couldnt pay me to hang out with ramona, would fall asleep hanging out with carla prob on an elliptical since all she does is work out.

    • I love MOB WIVES! LOL It is my guilty pleasure…. Ihave heard so much gossip about these ladies. Drita’s interview seems sincere, my only question is what lies are true and what is not… and that we will never know. I do love Drita she reminds me of myself in my past and I hope she resigns and the third season is less drama between her and Karen/ Ramona enough ladies do it big with laughter!!!

      • i love mob wives and love drita have from day 1 shes the best and u can tell shes truthful i dont like karen or ramona surprise u can tell their trouble makers im from eastern ky and they like 2 talk smack well here u have 2 back that smack talk up, love big ang shes a sweetheart like carla and renee though shes something else i willl keep tuning in its a great show

    • I was BIG DRITA fan until she through Carla under the bus with that pig Love. Drita you claim to be a true friend, but only when iy suits you. I thonk your actions really hurt you this season. You are a crappy friend or should I say fiend.

    • I wouldn’t watch Mob Wives if Drita wasn’t a part of the cast for one she is just like me I’ll 100 percent Albanian and it’s not easy being in or not following your parents rules for your life so I get a kick out of watching her because it’s like watching my exact life as an Albanian daughter. I am glad to see the new reviews that they got rid of Karen, Ramona, Carla and that dangerous woman, Love that was banned from the last reunion. She was actually probably the most crazy person I have seen that has not been in jail. I always wished I would have the courage to walk into Drita’s store and introduce myself and tell her that we have so much in common from trying to impress are Albanian parents to the evil eye I have all over my house or wear constantly around my neck or on my wrist. I know as an Albanian we say it like it is and it’s not part of our culture to lie but we also don’t give you a song and dance before we have something to say to you we are direct and most people want to crawl in a hole thinking were being disrespectful when we are just getting to the point and not blowing sunshine up your rear end. Drita I adore you and it would be a dream to one day meet you.