Brandi Glanville

Bravo Is Sick Of Brandi Glanville’s Cursing

We all know that RHOBH newest star Brandi Glanville has quite the potty mouth and it looks like Bravo is starting to get annoyed with it. An insider told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that her swearing at the taping of the RHOBH reunion “was out of control.” The insider says,

“Every sentence she uttered was littered with curse words. The editors are going to have a hell of a time bleeping all of it out. The other Housewives were rolling their eyes and shooting each other looks. Her language is just so crude and crass – they don’t understand why she feels the need to talk that way. But they’re definitely over it.”

The insider adds that the reunion wasn’t all that crazy saying, “I think, because of the seriousness of Russell Armstrong’s suicide, everyone was trying to be as respectful and well-behaved as possible. There were disagreements, of course, but there weren’t any out and out screaming matches. And everyone ended up going out to dinner together after.”

Do you get annoyed of Brandi’s constant cursing? Do you think the reunion taping will be interesting? Thoughts?

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  • I think Brandi is a little too centered and sane to be good entertainment. After all, when Kim went to CrazyTown at the White Party, Brandi handled it with a maturity and good sense that is not the Housewife way. To be a real Housewife, she needed to start yelling back and pointing fingers and raising the level of the altercation instead of treating Krazy Kim with kid gloves.

    As to the cursing, get over it. Those are perfectly good words that need to be aired a little more often. People who fret about curse words but are okay with gossip, slander and back-stabbing don’t impress me.

  • I’m so tired of hearing insults about being a Leann Rimes fan every time Brandi is criticized! Is it so hard for people to believe that many of us watched RHOBH last season and legiitimately don’t like what we see of Brandi on the show? I liked her for a minute but she takes zero responsibility and is constantly playing the victim and accusing others of being on drugs. This latest sham of a marriage was it for me. Watch out Bravo – if u don’t bring her back she will get nasty!

    • Well there is documented evidence of Leann encouraging her fans to taunt and harass Brandi on twitter, so you shouldn’t be surprised when people question these “I hate Brandi” posters.

  • I like Brandi. I don’t have a problem with her at all. She doesn’t fit in with them, but I still enjoy watching her.

  • Reading all of these comments and it looks like Leanne’s crew found their way here. 😉 Anyway, loveBrandi! She keeps it real!

  • Kyle may be favorite but she hit brick wall with many fans first few episodes laughing and giggling at Brandi & foot the first time she met her. Don’t get me started on Game Night!
    Brandi admits to being poor when younger and having a rough life and I live in her hometown and know the area! She had to be tough! I really like her but agree she needs mouth washed out sometimes. I hope they try her for another season! As far as drug knowledge she was a model and cocaine etc is part of that world and Hollywood as well! She explained herself that she has been around that scene enough in modeling days to know when someone is using something. What cracks me up is the Richards sisters “acting” like they don’t know what Crystal Meth is but they are aunt to Paris Hilton who is even dealing with cocaine scandals now! They are not that naive!

    • Crystal meth isn’t the same thing as cocaine. And rich snobby people who can afford what they want certainly wouldn’t choose meth as their drug of choice considering how it messes up their face and appearance way more than cocaine.

  • i like brandi and definitely felt bad for her when she was ganged up on. ans as most ppl said, she does not fit in with these ladies and its seems as if everyone has a united front against her… some of them are friendly with her, but would rather be among the 6 than be friends with brandi. everyone knows she was just added because there was a picture of her and cedric together

  • I’m not a Brandi fan, never have been…… She may fit in on O.C. or ATL but just doesn’t fit in with B.H…….. Also, other than talking about her ex’ cheating on her & how hard it is, she adds nothing to the show as far as a storyline…..Just my opionion, but she is totally ‘classLESS’…… Put her on ATL or OC, she’d fit in perfectly ……

  • Who is the source that told Wetpaint what happened at the reunion show with BG? It’s obvious who the source was.

    With all the things that go on with these HW shows, there is no way that Bravo was offended by Brandi language. Did you see what happened with the stripper on HW of ATL? And Bravo is offended by Brandi language?

  • I’m indifferent when it comes to Brandi. She doesn’t really bring anything to the show, but at the same time some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is funny. I really think Bravo only brought her on at first because they thought she was BFF with Cedric, but she dropped him after their obviously fake photo-op.

    The only time I felt bad for Brandi and felt she was being “bullied” was at Kyle’s charity event and when Kim kept whispering about her. Other than that Brandi got what she dished out. I don’t get why people are so “poor Brandi got picked on by the mean girls” when Brandi played into all that just as much as the ‘mean girls’ did.

    She tweeted that she doesn’t know if she’s going to be back next season because some of the cast members threatened to quit if Bravo signs her on again. She then proceeded to say she only cusses that much and acts the way she does because she had to hang out with mean girls. LOL. Who is she talking about? Cause on the show she and Kyle made up, yet she still acted and spoke crudely.

  • Im so over Brandi and its only her first season. I hope shes not brought back next season. She brings nothing to the show besides the F word. I believe she trys to hard and basically, shes annoying as hell. Im tired of her excuses of being a free spirit and blah blah blah..even following her on twitter is annoying, therefore, i dont follow her anymore. She doesnt care about anything she does, and if people comment on it, her response is to fuck off or suck it. like seriously, GROW UP. TPT is what she is!

  • I don’t like Brandi by any means, but let’s be fair here. Brandi was playfully flirting with Ken to joke around with Lisa. It was harmless. Even Lisa acknowledged that Brandi was only playing around. As far as Brandi always accusing people of having a drug problem that’s nothing new. She accused Kim of meth and then accused her “husband’s” ex-wife of being a drug addict as well. Maybe Brandi used to be a druggie so she associates erratic behavior to drugs? Who knows. But Brandi did say in her blog that she’s prescribed xanax for her anxiety and supposedly only takes it when she’s flying long distance. What’s shocking is how she took the xanax and proceeded to drink while being on medication. Whether it was only a little or not, that’s extremely stupid on her part and irresponsible.

    In my opinion, Brandi doesn’t fit in with the other ladies because her behavior is appalling. Compared to the other ladies, she comes off uneducated and for lack of a better word, trashy. Free spirit or not, wild child or not, there’s a time to grow up and stop talking like you’re still 16. Brandi can be ‘real and honest’ without a trucker’s mouth…like Lisa, for example.

    It’s ironic to me that all of a sudden BRAVO is embarrassed by Brandi’s behavior/actions. They never cared before how much Kim Z. or NeNe dropped the F bombs and cursed, but now they’re mad at Brandi for it? Double standards.

  • I’m sick of Brandi and her crap.Why is she even on this show?I’d say get rid of her and Dana while they’re at it.She’s just as annoying.

  • From the same network that employs Kim Zolziak who is one of the most crass women on tv? Taylor pretty much caused someone to kill themselves & Brandi is the one who annoys Bravo, yeah ok.

    I don’t mind brandi and I’m usually prudish about language. I don’t watch to see people who are just like me and would act in ways I would.

    I can see being annoyed by this reunion. RHOBH needs a Nene, Danielle or Jill that will put Taylor on blast and damn the consequences. Call her on every lie because you know Andy isn’t.

    • Yeah and you know why they say nothing? Cuz these ladies have real money and they don’t want to give Taylor a reason to sue for it.

  • In the beginning I really liked her. The more I see her unraffle, the more I start to dislike her.

    She was so full of the “hurt” she felt with her ex and LR, yet she can not keep her paws off of other men. Look at how she (while intoxicated) kept hanging onto and flirting with Ken, broke the code of never to go out with an ex of your girl friends. Then she ends up marrying him, making a mockery of the whole marriage system.

    She gets upset with another woman boasting about her kids, yet she do stuff like above. What example is she giving her kids? Marriage is not that serious? It’s oke to have a mouthfull of others? It’s oke if you break honorable codes of conduct?

    Why is she so quick to blame everyone of being on some kind of drugs, and naming the drugs by the name? People who usually are so up to date on all the drugs available seems like the people who would be using it. She already admitted using Xanax. What for?

    Sorry Brandi but you burned all the respect I had for you.

  • Kyle is probably the center of attention when cameras are around because she is the most popular in the franchise. She has the most twitter followers and people following her on FB. Kyle is the most interesting one who has the most ‘drama’ around her from her crazy sister to Taylor. Also, kind of funny how people single out housewives who are ‘trying to be the center of attention when cameras are around’ when they all do the same thing.

    Brandi needs to act like herself. I don’t believe that the way she acts on TV and the things she tweets is what she’s really like one on one. Pretty sure she over exaggerates her real self for show.

  • I can handle Brandy , she probably fells like she has to do SOMETHING to get air time since Kyle alway’s tries to be the center of attention whenever the camera’s are around her. Now skeletaylor is another story , she need’s to go ASAP !!

    • Funny how Kyle is called out on trying to be the center of attention when ALL the housewives try to get airtime when the cameras are around. Perhaps Brandi isn’t getting as much camera time because she’s NOT A HOUSEWIFE and is only a ‘friend.’ Kyle seems to be the popular housewife — everyone likes her and gets along with her (including Camille, shocking). And what’s more shocking is how Kyle has the most follower on twitter and on her FB fan page? I always thought Lisa and Adrienne were the favorites. LOL

  • I know its suppose to be a reality show…..still I think she kinda over does it sometimes, it makes me wonder if she’s trying hard to act tough and dramatic or if she’s naturally

    • Like that, for some reason I don’t feel she’s like that all the time I like her but think she needs to stop trying so much

  • Oh please! Luv Brandi think they should bring her back and get rid of couple of the other castmates that bring nothing to the show 🙂

  • Bravo has so many favorites who are just icky or mean, being on the “outs” is no big insult. It can hit her $$$ though.

  • i think the watching the reunion after Russell’s suicide will be a downer. I really have a hard time watching this season. Brandi is the least of this seasons’ problems

  • Brandi is crude and crass and classless. But I find it hard to believe that Bravo is all of a sudden having such issues with her considering how trashy Atlanta can be and the amount of F bombs dropped by the other housewives on OC and NJ. Seems like just another excuse Bravo is using cause they’re pissed at Brandi.

  • I’ve liked her. I really have and I thought she added a lightness to the show and showed how uptight some of the other ladies “seemed”. Frankly, if you get offended by a bitty boy pee’ing on grass but think doing the splits is ok etiqutte wise…well, somethings off. Likewise, if you say some of the most mean spirited things but then get offended by a curse word? Again, somethings off.
    That being said, the “marriage” was disappointing. I realize it was in fun but I firmly believe, once we have kids, our standards of fun must reflect that we are role models for our children.
    However, I’m still pro Brandi for the simple fact of watching some of the others pretend to be so “above” and horrified at her. That’s pure comedy!

    • I disagree. There’s a huge difference between doing the splits while dancing and having fun at a party and a boy who’s old enough to know better than to whip out his wee wee and pee on someones grass. Kyle dis the splits, she didn’t show her crotch or take a piss on someones lawn.

      Even if Brandi’s kid didn’t know any better, as a mother Brandi should’ve corrected him instead of sitting there laughing. I know she was on crutches so it would’ve been hard for her to stop him but she could’ve corrected him by telling him it’s not okay to do that. Instead she just sat there and laughed.

  • I love her and think she is a breath of fresh air. Some ppl need to lighten up. The crew having to bleep her words are payback for them making her show up early and waiting around all day, if that was true.

    The woman said “cock” and they nearly fell out of their chairs. Sounds a bit stuck up.

    • I guess I’m stuck up as cock is not the first word that pops into my head when I’m first introduced to a group of people. I’m probably also anal retentive because I never got married in Vegas as a joke, or thought of throwing a BJ party to entertain my new group of friends.

      • Haha, love this !

        I like Brandi but her actions definitely don’t fit in with those of the other women on the show. She definitely is the wild child.

        Personally, I’m not a fan of any woman who swears. It’s not very attractive in my eyes but it’s okay when you’re very very angry because as humans, I don’t think we can control that. I’m not being sexist though because I dislike it when men swear too much as well. Every once in a while is fine but it can become cringeworthy

        Excessive swearing on reality tv is really annoying, no one wants to hear a bunch of bleeps because you have no idea what’s going on or what’s being said.

  • She doesn’t bother me. but she doesn’t fit in w/ the cast. They are pretentious and very aware of the cameras. Who knows how they are when the cameras are gone, but they will not tarnish their reputations while being recorded. She would fit right in on RHOC w/ the likes of Tamra & Gretchen. Bravo should do a Tackiest Housewives all-stars w/ Brandi, Tamra, Gretchen, Mego, that raunchy one from Miami, Ramona S. & Kim Z…put them all on an island somewhere for the season, i would pay to see that lol!

      • I have been waiting for years for Bravo to do this… Like they do with everything else– an All Stars or something …?

        Wonder why they don’t. Maybe they know that even us, the reality junkies who know it’s pretty scripted would see right through it..?

  • She’s crude and adds no story line. I hope her little boys aren’t subjected to her onscreen behavior.

  • Been over her.She just does not fit in with the BH ladies.Has no idea how to act in public.You can be outspoken without filth coming out of your mouth every sentence.She brings nothing to the show and hope this is the last we see and HEAR of her!

  • she is trying too hard to be recast. i think she believes that her behavior is what bravo wants. that crap may work in atlanta or jersey but NOT beverly hills.