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Kyle Richards Talks Brandi, Kim’s Rehab And Possible Sitcom (Video)

RHOBH star Kyle Richards has been everywhere promoting her new book ‘Life Is Not A Reality Show!’ Kyle spoke exclusively to E News and talks Kim Richards rehab, Brandi’s wedding, a possible sitcome in the works and more!

I wonder what kind of sitcom Kyle is working on! Kyle confirmed a few days ago that Ken and Kim are no longer together. I think thats probably best for Kim.

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Its weird with Kyle, when there is no drama involved she’s light and funny. However, beneath that, she is insecure and mean. Overall I don’t like her but she is entertaining from time to time. I’d prefer to Kim, she’s a total wing nut.


Please take Kyle away!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a mean girl….a show really?!

This site was interesting when it was established to expose Melissa Gorga and her lies, phoniness and famewhoring. Now, nary a word. You were going at her full steam, then some hack lawyer told you to back off, you APOLOGIZED and have been lobbing soft balls and blogging about old news on other RH shows and personalities. It seems to me you used the support of team PDKhair and other fans who love Teresa and were tired of the way her SIL and B were trashing her, and turned it into an opportunity to have an all purpose blah blog.… Read more »
Puhleese!! This blog is All About The Real Housewives. If it was just dedicated to Melissa, it would just further her fame-whoring desires. Can’t you see her sitting at the kitchen table with her sisters talking about it? “I’m so popular. They made a blog about me. I know, take a picture of me in my underwear and tweet it. That way, they will repost it and more people will see it. They are so jealous, but they really love me. I’m a shitty mom, but who cares!!’ Anyway, back to this post, I never thought I would say it,… Read more »
Lol gessie. You have to be kidding me. So basically you wanted Rox to make a blog like like a freaking nut case? (aka Lynn) she has posted many stories about melissa and all positive stories about Teresa (and I like both) so I don’t know what youre talking about. She even posted “mels destructive quest for fame” or whatever it was called just recently. I would never come on this blog(no offense rox) if it was all about melissa. People who make blogs like that are sick. I love my housewives and roxy keeps me updated on all… Read more »

Hear, Hear, Jill-couldn’t have said it better myself, LOL


they are fixing to film the reunion in 10 minutes, yikes 😀


haha, gupto, you said “fixing to” i say it all the time and get a bit of grief for it. won’t stop me though 🙂


glad kim is not with that disturbing looking man


i love kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!! her book is awesome


I know Kyle gets tons of compliments on her hair, but I wish she’d CUT IT! It’s much too long and would do more for her if she cut at least half of it off


Kyle isn’t funny, but she is mean. Maybe, a sci if would be better


i’d say she’d be perfect in horror, and she’s the monster!




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