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Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Of Next Week’s Episode Plus My Recap!

Want to know what led Drita and Karen’s big blow out? Watch the first 7 minutes of next week’s episode!


 So basically Sunday’s episode ended with Big Ang telling Drita to patch things up with Karen. Drita agrees and asks Big Ang to bring Karen out to the balcony so they can talk. I honestly believe Drita has good intentions considering she texted Karen and asked them to meet up and talk for the sake of their children. Big Ang asks Karen to go to the balcony and Ramona tags along. Why? I still don’t know. Should have let Karen and Drita speak alone. That way there would be less tension. Karen goes over to Drita and Renee notices. Ramona watches them speak to each other. Drita bluntly tells Karen she doesn’t want to live like this and doesn’t feel comfortable with how things are between them. She admits that she thinks about what happens all the time and can’t “rewind time” but it bothers her. Drita is acting very genuine and just wants to make peace. Karen then says she has a problem with Drita and that it’s never been about Lee. REALLY? I’m sorry but I find that hard to believe considering Karen brings up Lee’s name at least 3 times each episode. I mean I get it. She was with Lee for a while but at least admit that it’s all about Lee. Karen then admits she wanted to be Drita’s friend and Drita say’s she wanted the same. It starts to look like the two are really going to make peace then Karen brings up how they didn’t speak 10 years ago when Drita married Karen’s ex boyfriend. Move on you two! They both then call each other liars and things start getting messy. Big Ang goes over to Ramona and says that she is glad the two are making up and for some odd reason Ramona is so bothered that it’s happening at Renee’s party. What does it matter? Make peace and move on! Big Ang is just the cutest thing. She just wants everyone to be friends. Ramona is watching the two go back and forth which probably makes Drita feel really awkward. Heck I feel awkward watching! Karen say’s the problem is that Drita is going around telling everyone she “fu*ked” her up. Shoot I would be mad if I was Karen too and Drita was doing that. Drita denys it and says she would say it to her face if that was the case. Which I believe. Drita clearly isn’t scared of no one! Drita admits that she was told  by others that Karen was in the hospital after so she was just repeating what she heard. Karen says something stupid like “everyday I wake up wanting to come to your house but I have to talk myself out of it.” Alright here’s the deal. Drita is just trying to make peace and Karen is going on and on and on. I think the girls should have spoke about it then met up each other later, on there own time by themselves to express how they feel. Karen continues to drag the argument while Ramona is a few feet away watching and smiling. She then walks over like some tough guy and it looks like it’s two against one. Drita seems taken back and probably attacked. I felt like Drita genunily was trying to make peace and now she feels like its a set-up. I think Drita swings at Ramona. Drita continues to swing at EVERYONE while Ramona pulls all of Drita’s hair. Real tough Ramona! Drita shouldn’t have swung at anyone. Karen shouldn’t have made the argument bigger and Ramona shouldn’t have got involved. Poor Renee. Her birthday is now ruined! I bet Carla is happy she wasn’t invited after seeing all this go down! LOL yeah, that all just happened in 7 minutes. Thoughts?

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