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Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Of Next Week’s Episode Plus My Recap!

Want to know what led Drita and Karen’s big blow out? Watch the first 7 minutes of next week’s episode!


 So basically Sunday’s episode ended with Big Ang telling Drita to patch things up with Karen. Drita agrees and asks Big Ang to bring Karen out to the balcony so they can talk. I honestly believe Drita has good intentions considering she texted Karen and asked them to meet up and talk for the sake of their children. Big Ang asks Karen to go to the balcony and Ramona tags along. Why? I still don’t know. Should have let Karen and Drita speak alone. That way there would be less tension. Karen goes over to Drita and Renee notices. Ramona watches them speak to each other. Drita bluntly tells Karen she doesn’t want to live like this and doesn’t feel comfortable with how things are between them. She admits that she thinks about what happens all the time and can’t “rewind time” but it bothers her. Drita is acting very genuine and just wants to make peace. Karen then says she has a problem with Drita and that it’s never been about Lee. REALLY? I’m sorry but I find that hard to believe considering Karen brings up Lee’s name at least 3 times each episode. I mean I get it. She was with Lee for a while but at least admit that it’s all about Lee. Karen then admits she wanted to be Drita’s friend and Drita say’s she wanted the same. It starts to look like the two are really going to make peace then Karen brings up how they didn’t speak 10 years ago when Drita married Karen’s ex boyfriend. Move on you two! They both then call each other liars and things start getting messy. Big Ang goes over to Ramona and says that she is glad the two are making up and for some odd reason Ramona is so bothered that it’s happening at Renee’s party. What does it matter? Make peace and move on! Big Ang is just the cutest thing. She just wants everyone to be friends. Ramona is watching the two go back and forth which probably makes Drita feel really awkward. Heck I feel awkward watching! Karen say’s the problem is that Drita is going around telling everyone she “fu*ked” her up. Shoot I would be mad if I was Karen too and Drita was doing that. Drita denys it and says she would say it to her face if that was the case. Which I believe. Drita clearly isn’t scared of no one! Drita admits that she was told  by others that Karen was in the hospital after so she was just repeating what she heard. Karen says something stupid like “everyday I wake up wanting to come to your house but I have to talk myself out of it.” Alright here’s the deal. Drita is just trying to make peace and Karen is going on and on and on. I think the girls should have spoke about it then met up each other later, on there own time by themselves to express how they feel. Karen continues to drag the argument while Ramona is a few feet away watching and smiling. She then walks over like some tough guy and it looks like it’s two against one. Drita seems taken back and probably attacked. I felt like Drita genunily was trying to make peace and now she feels like its a set-up. I think Drita swings at Ramona. Drita continues to swing at EVERYONE while Ramona pulls all of Drita’s hair. Real tough Ramona! Drita shouldn’t have swung at anyone. Karen shouldn’t have made the argument bigger and Ramona shouldn’t have got involved. Poor Renee. Her birthday is now ruined! I bet Carla is happy she wasn’t invited after seeing all this go down! LOL yeah, that all just happened in 7 minutes. Thoughts?

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  • Karen should be ashamed of herself, you are so ghetto and unclassy its disgusting. You have a child? Drita was trying to move on and ur stuck on some middle school shit. And who the fuck is Ramona? all she did was pull hair. Drita busted ur lip and that is all that anyone remembers. You did not look the slightest bit tough. Drita is the shit, and you two look like two ghetto bitches from the hood. Stop being jealous,obsessed, with Drita! Find yourself a man to hit that. That’s what u need girl you way too uptight!

  • I like both Karen and Drita, but you know what bothered me about the preview? A lot of people were murdered by Sammy the Bull and I am sure someone loved those people. I say that to say that it bothered me that Karen kind of boasted about it by saying, “Check my bloodline, bitch.” Not cool.

    • that is a great comment !
      sammy the bull was especially cruel & sadistic & is considered a serial killer aside from the mob …like roy de meo….
      he was not a likeable person or respectable ..
      he ratted gotti out because he was about to get ‘whacked’…
      a nasty human being ..
      i’d be very surprised if there is one person in this world who can say anything good about him ..
      she has nothing to be proud of there ..
      not to mention the monopoly on ‘ecstasy’ ..
      ya’ know dealing to kids ?
      not cool is RIGHT !

  • Karen is so FULL of it. This is all about Lee and nothing else. If she was truly over him she wouldn’t care who he was sleeping with or moved on with.( I have no idea where my boyfriend from my teenage years is, who he’s with or what he’s doing and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve thought about him in the last 10 years)

  • Of course Karen is jealous of Drita. Drita is stunning and Karen is pleasant looking (at best). Don’t forget Drita has a smoking hot body and Karen has a mom body.

  • I’m tired of Karen constantly referencing her pops and states in this video check my bloodline, etc. Regardless of your pops you have to make a name for YOURSELF. Although this is mob wives she seems to always be confrontational. What kills me is why Karen didn’t just say initially she preferred not to talk about the situation at Renee’s party. But you know why she didn’t? She likes dang drama and felt extra tough with Ramona (the hair puller there). We all have friends as youth that we no longer are friends with so what is the big deal. If I were Karen I would just be like, “Cool, you weren’t my friend and I thought you were” moving on. Heck chalk it up to Drita being merely an associate and not a FRIEND. After all these years surely Karen has found another friend. I’m on team Drita for this one b/c I think she was coming from a good place and Karen being pumped up by Ramona made her come from an ugly place 🙁

    • didnt Karens family move away because of him co-operating?? if she moved away & was gone YEARS how could anyone have gotten word to her that Drita hooked up with Lee!! I know she said she wasnt in witness protection but she moved & most people SHE said were not happy she came back!! Drita WAS happy & defended her, she forgets that! Alot people still not happy shes back or wrote book!
      Karen doesnt wanna be judged for what her dad did yet she proud “HeWAS the MOB” “Its in the genes” really!!?/
      I liked Karen BUT she’s trying way to hard to be hard & ghetto.
      Ramona coming over to K & D talking & she too running mouth no wonder Drita felt set-up cornered & started swinging..just f’d up situation!!
      Real friends are hard to find!! this is sad!!

  • Total punk move, for the two girls to jump on Drita. At the same time these two puss-es are proud and feel empowered–they’re jokes. Listen, this whole Lee drama is played out. So what, if Karen and Drita were friends and Drita dated him after Karen. After all these years the lines should have drawn in the sand a long time ago and the two women could agree to f- off in separate corners. End of story. Instead they both want to re-visit a (done) old issue. Lee and Drita have two children. Karen found her own baby dad. What, the hell are these women thinking of fighting about a man who is a complete narcisist, because if he weren’t he would be handling his business. He leaves messes all over New York for the women to clean up while his behind sits back.
    Chicas I smell bs, if you two are arguing about timelines and respect. You two are simply fighting about used jail d*?ck. Thank God that man’s magic stick is behind bars the way these two women go at it. Good Lord, he must be excellent at what he’s only good for.
    Still and always, Team Drita!
    Karen, jumps are for punks.
    Oh and Karen’s girlfriend needs to know she’s a joke. Who is her mob grandfather?…. “Lefty” from Donnie Brasco. Good to see that loser gene is carried on and strong.

  • LOL! RaHOna and the fat girl are gonna get it. Hopefully Drita will get each alone. Fat girl’s easy. Just dangle a twinkie from a stick.

  • Absolutely agree with you. Drita was trying to reconcile. Karen can try every justification in the book but every episode it’s Lee, Lee, Lee. OMG Karen get over him already. He obviously got over you. Was Team Karen when Mob Wives premiered, but now solidly Team Drita. Oh and loooooooove Big Ang. Didn’t take more than the a minute to be over the “Hair Puller”.

  • To be honest,

    Who would accept an apology from someone when at the same time, she is telling people she kicked your butt so hard, you ended up in the hospital. I wouldn’t because I would assume it was a fake apology to save face for the cameras. Lets face it, Drita hooked up, married, and had kids by her friend’s ex. Major no no. How anyone could think that that was ok is beyond me. Drita ended up looking really bad when Karma came back to bite her in the butt after finding out that Lee cheated on her. But I will admit that I felt bad for her. He was such a jerk for doing that especially after she waited for him to get out of prison. But I still think that what she did to Karen was nasty.

    The only thing I think should have been different is that Ramona should have let Karen go talk to Drita alone. I think her being present made the situation worse. But I still like her. She’s tough.

    • But, really how do we KNOW Drita was going around saying she put Karen in the hospital? Seems like there’s isn’t really evidence to that….

    • Totally agree with you Debster. I actually like all the Mob Wives. Karen just wanted Drita to admit “Okay…..you can’t help who you fall in love with but maybe I should have given you the heads up once Lee and I started dating” then Karen would have no right to be mad IF Drita had done that. And the reason why Karen mentions Lee’s name at times is because he was in her life for 7 years, not 7 months. He was the person she saw and talked to everyday for 7 years! They HAVE history! Karen probably expected Lee (as a guy) to get with girlfriends and not care but Karen probably expected more out of Drita to know better and as one of her good friends to at least think “wait….maybe I should let Karen know.” As Karen said many times, if you look at the bigger picture, it’s about friendship. Drita is free to get with whomever she wants, but if you happen to fall in love with your friend’s ex, out of respect FOR your friend and COMMON SENSE, you should AT LEAST let your friend know. These things are expected out of grown adults.

      I also felt bad for Drita when she found out that Lee cheated on her. I can’t even imagine being with someone that long and waiting for them all these years just to find out that he’s been unfaithful is devastating. He IS a scumbag. I hope that Karen and Drita do make up one day since Lee will soon be apart of both their past not future. He was never even worth it in the first place being part of the reason to ruin a friendship. They did them both dirty.

      I also like Ramona too. She’s the kind of friend that’s down for you. Got your back all the way. And plus she’s a bad bitch. lol

  • I agree with B. First of all, in season 1, Drita and Karen made up at Renee’s house during the “are you dumb or stupid” episode. After that, everything was fine and dandy between the two until Karen gave Drita the first chapter of her book to read. Drita then jumps to conclusions assuming that the whole book is about Lee without even reading it. Without talking to Karen, Drita starts to think about how much SHE hates Karen and wants to confront Karen about Lee. That means Drita brought up Lee, not Karen. So on the rooftop, Karen went thinking nothing about the “Lee” situation because…..HELLO??? They made up and decided to move on remember? So on the rooftop, Drita decides that maybe she’s not sorry about getting with Lee afterall? hummm… Somehow they start to fight and Drita is trying to get her licks in. So now season 2 starts and Drita feels bad about what happened because she knows that she tripped out, out of nowhere bringing up Lee when they squashed it and Karen is mad because she is confused by Drita’s actions. Ramona is a good friend to Karen and wants to make sure that while Karen and Drita are talking outside, that Drita is not going to take any cheap licks like last time. So back to when they made up at Renee’s house, Karen thought that they ended the Lee thing but Drita brought it up again on the rooftop. They will never move on from this because Drita can’t get over it and her actions show that her apology was not genuine. Honestly, Drita should have known from the beginning that although Karen and Lee broke up, you do not go there. The moment she got with Lee, she should have known that the friendship between her and Karen is over.

    • That’s EXACTLY what happened. Karen and Drita made up and got over it. Karen gave Drita the 1st chapter of her book to read as a further peace offering (and because she sincerely wanted Drita’s opinion on it). And Drita’s paranoia got her thinking it was going to be all about Lee (when, according to Karen, Lee was not even in the 1st chapter, and, at that time, she didn’t plan on making Lee any major portion of her story).

      I honestly don’t think this has ever really been about Lee. I think Drita broke Karen’s heart more than Lee ever could (I honestly don’t think Karen wants Lee, and I don’t think she has for quite a while. I mean,….he’s not exactly a winner, if you know what I mean.).

      I like Drita, but I also like Karen. I think there is a whole lot more that goes on behind the scenes and off camera to which we are not privy. Drita needs to be consistent (Say the same things on camera that you do off camera. Don’t say you put the woman in the hospital and scarred up her face, when, on camera, we all saw that this did NOT happen. We also saw you go after a woman that was being held down by Renee’ and couldn’t defend herself or fight you back. I’m sure you’re tough and all that, but let’s just call that alleged “fight” what it really was — which was not much of a fair “fight” at all.).

      My jury’s still out on Ramona. I do know that I’d love it if a friend had my back like that (but she maybe should have stayed inside).

  • Drita needs to make up her mind….were you friends or not??? The comment about hospital I am sure she said it listen to what she said something like I heard she was in the hospital, I usually put people in the hospital sounds like she was trying to say she did say it but didn’t start it….a lot of back peddling

  • I completely agree with Karen that Drita is a liar. Ive seen a few times where Drita has said something and then contradicted herself. As for everyone saying that Karen has come into this season trying to be tough, umm she acted the exact same way last season! She didnt back down to Drita last season, just like she didnt this season. Drita admitted that she told people she put Karen in the hospital last season “bc thats what she heard”, so do you not think along with that, that she exaggerated and said some other bullshit to?? And it looks like Im the only person who saw last seasons fight bc Drita didnt do shit to Karen. KAREN WAS BEING HELD DOWN THE ENTIRE TIME THE FIGHT WAS GOING ON. Poor girl couldnt even move SO THAT SHE COULD defend herself, while Drita is flailing around like a spider monkey, I mean DAMN! And none of these fights are even fair, bc this is how it happens..Drita goes crazy, throws the first punch outta no where and then theres 100 ppl breaking it up! Noone else even has a chance to do anything except swing at thin air or at who ever is pulling them away.

    I dont feel bad for Renee because come on, this is MOB WIVES, no shit theres gonna be a fight at your party. Get over it. Next time dont invite two people who have so much anger towards each other.


    • Totally agree with you. I liked Drita at first, but when I heard her mother/daughter talk about snitches and that’s why her dad was in the slammer?? HUH? How about he broke the law and you have to pay for your crimes? And her tough talk is annoying. Karen would kill her in a one on one fight. No doubt.

      Also, have none of you heard of girl code? You don’t go out with your friends ex-boyfriends – ever! It’s all too convenient for Drita to throw the “we weren’t friends at the time” excuse (didn’t Denise Richards use that excuse when she was hooking up with Richie Sambora??).

      All Karen was looking for was a sincere apology. But then Drita started finding more and more excuses to hate on Karen (e.g., I don’t want Lee in the book, blah blah blah).

      Finally, this season we have Drita playing the tough girl again with the boxing and “I’ll put them in the hospital”. Not exactly acting like someone trying to mend fences. Good for Karen for calling her out on the BS.

      • Are u out of your f*#king mind. Karen is a 2faced liar who never follows through on s#it unless she is backed up by that crap starter Ramona. Drita didn’t need to apologize for anything. They were young when they dated. Girl code does not enter the equation. Furthermore, Karen admitted she was out cheating on Lee, so he’s prohibitted from dating her ex-friend while she goes off to AZ? She is a coward and is more obsessed with .lLee than Hispanic wife is.

        • i agree with you elle– there has always been something very off about karen. she’s a coward, a liar, and generally unlikeable.

    • This is so true. Everyone says Drita is sooo tough, but at the end of the day I think the people in the know, know Karen will kick her ass because for some reason anytime they are about to go at it, Karen gets held down. It’s not true that Drita won on the roof top. The moment Karen stands up, Renee grabs her and the moment Drita starts up Renee throws her to the ground, and then how many people are holding Karen back? In this one too, Drita swings and Karen gets held back before she can retaliate. Something tells me Karen isn’t all talk if everyone is so freaked out to let her go after Drita.

      • Excuse me DRITA has threw down on KAREN twice already and I didnt see Karen do anything…….so you need to go rewatch it and get your facts straight!!

        • I did rewatch it, and again watched Renee grab Karen and throw her down to the ground before she could go back at Drita. I also once again saw Renee, how me now know is Jenn, and three guys hold Karen back while Miss I’m So Tough backs away still trying to act tough saying “I’ll kill you.”

    • Agree!! They were young and cheated on each other all the time. Drita has a FAMILY with him. BTW where is Karens kid or baby Daddy?? She never talks about them but, sure likes talking about Drita’s man.

  • there is really nothing at all likable about karen. she’s a know-nothing/do-nothing/start-something trick.
    but big Ang?? THAT girl is everything!!

  • The addition of Ramona aka HairPuller to this show just lowered the average IQ by about 20 points. Did you hear when she said to Drita “I’ll give you car-tay blanche…” lol Car-tay blanche? lol OK idiot!! Team Drita!!

  • From watching the clip… Drita looked like she really wanted to end the fight and start over. Karen was too worried about making herself look tough for tv. WE ALL SAW LAST SEASONS FIGHT. Why would Drita lie about putting Karen in the hospital when we could just watch the episode to see what happened. It does bother me a little bit that Drita is say she was friends with Karen at one point and then she wasn’t. I think last season on the roof top she was trying to say that her and Karen weren’t talking and stopped being friends at the time that she and Lee got married. Dunno if that makes much of a difference because at the end of the day Drita was wrong. BUT SHE ALREADY APOLOGIZED FOR THAT LAST SEASON. So what does Karen want?? I think she just wants to redeem herself from last season. And during this fight, I didnt see her throw one punch. Just sayen lol and Ramona, I like her for being there for Karen because like any friend she should be there for her. But she DEF shouldn’t have gotten involved. Ramona knew what the hell she was doing. She jumped in at the right time and started talking shit to Drita with Karen. Which is called ‘ganging up on someone’ To me Ramona got what was coming. Karen and Ramona proved NOTHING to me… they talk a bunch of crap with no action. Drita did start the fight. She shouldn’t have but Ramona should have gotten involved. Poor Renee.

  • We will no longer call the new girl Ramona……her new name is “HAIR PULLER” at least she talks tuff bahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  • Woot, Woot!! i didn’t realize you dished on Mobwives, too! Sweet!! and totally agree with 1st post.

  • Great recap! Maybe Karen is the most dramatic this season? I don’t know. All I know is that I watched s1 again and felt like Karen was afraid of Renee and coming back to the ‘mob family’ because of what her father had done those years ago. Here she is coming from AZ after being ‘banished’ and she knows Drita will welcome her. Drita does, excitedly I might add, and doesn’t care what Renee thinks about it. Then, Karen finds the perfect opportunity to ‘get in good’ with Renee, because she knows Renee, and all of a sudden she has past issues with Drita? I’m with Drita. Here Karen is to her face all happy, nice, and having a great time. Then while filming, Drita sees these one on one interviews where Karen is going after Drita and saying snide remarks about her and Lee.
    I agree, Ramona should not have gotten involved. She was only added to the show for more dramatic ratings. If Karen can’t forgive and forget about years past with Drita, then say it to her face and move forward. If I were Drita….I’d say to Karen that if she wants drama…go find it elsewhere. Karen is not a friend to make. What does Karen want? An apology? She got that already. So what is she after?

  • Drita did good !!!!! Beat that Ramona chick down it isn’t her fight stay they f Out of it… Big mouths need to get smacked down

  • I agree with you too. This whole thing is about Lee, and Karen. DOES talk about Lee more than Drita does, and Drita is married to him and has two children with him.. You have a child! So over Karen and her new found “tough” girl attitude now that Ramona is here.. Is sick BOTH are weak and make me sick.. Both so tough.. But Dritas the only one authentic with her words and actions!

  • we all know Karen is JEALOUS of Ramona!!!!!!! She can deny it all she wants but we all know the truth! And Ramona Ramona……NO ONE LIKES YOU and we have only seen the first episode you were in. I hope DRITA popped you good!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow. What a clip! I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

    Let me start off by saying I am totally on Team Drita. I don’t believe she would spread garbage. I do believe she felt trapped and threatened when Ramona (aka the hair puller) stepped over. She really should have minded her own business.

    As far as Karen goes, she really needs to get over the past. If she really wanted a relationship with Lee then she shouldn’t have cheated on him so much. If you wreck a relationship, you can’t hold it over someone elses head. Karen should really go back out west where she belongs.

    I feel soo bad for Renee! She shouldn’t have invited any of the girls so that she could just have a great party with Junior and her tamer friends!

    Carla is the only smart one in this episode. She was probably home sipping on a cocktail in peace!

    • I don’t feel so bad for Renee at her party only because she first tried calling Karen and Drita up to the mic to get things settled. Then Ang moved in. Drita was happy to dodge and ignore Karen while Karen did nothing but talk with Ramona about her at the party.
      I agree with you on Carla…lol…you are so right!

  • I agree with you. This whole thing is about Lee, and Karen talks about Lee more than Drita does, and Drita is married to him and has two children with him for goodness sake! So over Karen and her new found “tough” girl attitude. It’s all shit.