Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong Not Celebrating New Years With Daughter Kennedy

Taylor Armstrong of RHOBH will be spending this New Years with her daughter working with Ciroc hitting Enclave to party. She recently spoke with IVillage about her book and what her daughter Kennedy will be doing for New Years

What was your reason for writing Hiding from Reality, and what do you hope readers take away from it?
The book is, just like New Year’s Eve, a new beginning for me. I’m really looking forward in my life right now, but I think it’s important for people to understand the back story. The book is very, very honest and candid. I think it’s important for people to understand the dynamics that go on in relationships that have complicated outcomes or relationships of inequality. That’s the point of the book: to try and help other people, not to get involved in something that might be dangerous for them or unhealthy in any way. Going into New Year’s, I’m just really focused on celebrating my life that I have now, and finding my voice still and the courage to move forward with my little girl. This is going to be a big New Year’s for us.

How is Kennedy doing?
She’s enjoying the holidays, and she’s surrounded by so much love with our family. I’m very, very fortunate to have such an amazing group of family and my friends around me to help support her during all of this.

Will Kennedy be celebrating New Year’s with you in Chicago?
She has a very busy social schedule, so I’m going to have to check with her. You know, she typically likes to spend New Year’s Eve with my parents, and I used to do the same thing when I was little. They spoil her rotten. And they have other grandparents in their neighborhood that have their grandchildren over, so they kind of have a kid version of a New Year’s Eve party — you know, with sparkling apple juice and all of that. So I don’t know. I’ll have to ask her what she wants to do this year now that she’s a big 5. Maybe she’s outgrown the grandparent party. But that’s her typical New Year’s Eve celebration.

Have the other Housewives been supportive throughout everything that’s happened in 2011?
Yes, absolutely. We’re really close.

Do you have any big New Year’s resolutions for 2012?
I’ve thought so long and hard about that one. I feel like I could make a laundry list of resolutions for this year. But the most important thing for me right now is just to get healthy and to make sure that my daughter’s healthy, and really just learn to love the life that we live and just focus on moving forward day by day.

You would think that Taylor would want to celebrate the New Year with Kennedy after such a horrible year. Taylor talks as if Kennedy is 25 years old. Do you think Taylor should be spending New Years with Kennedy? Thoughts?

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  • I really felt sorry for Taylor at one point but then after watching the way she treated the others really put me off. She fed all the other housewives information about her marriage and then lied to Russell about how much she did share with them .. all to make everyone else look like liars. The whole Taylor/Camille thing really bothered me.

    Just my 2 cents worth 🙂

  • Kennedy has a busy social schedule?? I’m sure she’d rather spend time with her mother more than anything!!! Taylor is mystifying to me. Some times I think I like her and then others I don’t.

  • Talyor is a con and a lyer. Her timeline of lies and tbe “real world” do not match. She is the LAST person who should represent “vodka” or any alcohol after all her drunk tyrants on film this season, not to mention the real life moments of drunkedness! She is an ugly person wgo has offshore account with other people’s money and she totally got pregnant to trap poor Russell. I don’t think Taylor is all that motherly at all-so NYE– no different! All the research unveiled by bravo board bloggers and court documents have confimed for me-this woman is a dangerous sociopath.

  • It’s silly that people are getting upset about Taylor being away for NYE. Its not uncommon for parents to leave their kids with their grandparents while they party on new years eve.

    Also did anyone ever notice that Taylor was in an episode of The Hills?

  • Taylor has to make a living. I remember spending New Years at my Grandparents while my parents went out. So much hate that is written about her. I have never been in that situation to judge her.

    • I liked Taylor I don’t anymore. We don’t know her situation but we know what we see on TV. It’s obvious she wants a life she can’t afford. it’s obvious when her husband committed suicide, she did an interview the next day exposing him for abusing her. While he has 3 other kids. It’s obvious she is desperate. From all of that. I can judge her.

      • No its not our place to judge. She is a product of her environment. I hope she is getting the help she needs.

  • Kenny looks so so mean and at kennys party she was acting like a brat . God for bid if that was my daughter and I was given a cowgirl party and my daughter was acting the way she was I’ll tell you that party wouldn’t of happen AT ALL! I don’t put up with that act at all . I mean I do feel so bad now she has lost her dad an all but we have to be real here that party kenny had, Kenny was not at all a nice Little girl. Lets see it what it was whort.

    • U moron what person talks this way about a little girl wtf roxy ur blog has went down in my opinion

  • Not trying to be mean but kennedy looks like a bratty little girl. She looks very hyper and angry in almost every single picture I have seen in the press. I know, she acted this way before russels death because they showed it on episodes. Is she okay? I’m being serious and just asking.

    • I’ve always gotten the impression that Kennedy needs some sincere attention from her mother (and not just Taylor mugging for the camera). She does appear to be somewhat socially awkward for her age. I think that Kennedy spending New Year’s Eve with her grandparents and neighborhood children is the best thing for her. She needs some sense of normalcy! And if she did spend the night with Taylor how fun could that be for her? Watching her mother down liquor and drunk tweet all night? Good times….

      • I wondered the same thing , something seems off with Kennedy.You can clearly see it when you watch the show, even in Pap picks.

  • Spousal abuse is a very real issue for so many people and it’s really unfortunate that some women through that out there to muddy waters, gain sympathy and retain custody. I suspect that Taylor is one of those and her writing a book is just another way for her to make money off of Russell. No one writes a book that is actually more than a fluff piece in a matter of months. I feel really sorry for Russell’s family and sons as well as Kennedy. That poor child will never know her real father (vs the father Taylor fills her head with)

    • Thats the really sad part, this little girl will never know her dad. Just the monster that Taylor portrayed him as. I don’t buy her story for one minute. I do buy that maybe one night they had a blow out and he may have struck her. But continued abuse, nope.

  • I have no problem with Kennedy spending NYE with grandparents. Personally, I think NYE is way over-rated. Besides, most 5 yr.olds aren’t up that late anyway. However, I personally wish Taylor would just quietly go away. Did Kennedy see her Dad’s family over the holidays?

    • I thought Kennedy’s grandparents abused Taylor as a child. This is the first I’ve heard that she has parents nearby who are going to have an idyllic children’s party. She just made that shit up as she goes along like everything else that comes out of her mouth. Remember she was FURIOUS with Russell for getting her a puppy because Kennedy Caroline was SO allergic to dogs she was just miserable, yet on WWHL she told Andy that they have great sleepovers at Kyles with two dogs in the bed with them. Opps. Masybe she was just being a f**** bitch to Russell because Kennedy liked the puppy more that the $60,000 PARTY tray-whore threw. Athis woman is bad news. Just ask Russell how he made out. Oh wait, you can’t.

  • I am so not surprised. Is there something mentally wrong with that little girl? She doesn’t act like a normal child.
    Taylor choosing to party doesnt surprise me but it is probably a paid appearance and by the net worth that was posted she totally needs the money. She is the poorest of all RHOBH even Kim has more $. I agree with the post about life insurance not aying if it’s a suicide. Maybe that was Russell’s last F you Taylor for her making him out to be a monster on national TV.
    She should get a job and take care of her child.

        • No, in a lot of cases, the insurance company doesn’t pay out if its suicide, though it could depend on the policy. And if there is a pay out, it often is a lot less than it would be in other types of death. The policy exists to prevent people from buying expensive policies, then killing themselves when people are in dire financial straits, or fake their own deaths. It happens.

    • Found this online:

      “Each life insurance policy is different, but most contain a suicide provision. The suicide provision states that if the person covered by the life insurance policy dies as the result of suicide within two years from the policy issue date then any beneficiaries would not be able to collect the death benefit. Otherwise, after the two year suicide provision period, the policy should pay the death benefit to the beneficiaries. But, again, check the policy’s exclusions section, since the suicide provision can be different for each policy.”

      I guess it all depends !

  • I think it all depends on the family. Some people don’t really celebrate NYE so for their kids, it’s just another day. Kennedy is pretty young, NYE might not mean anything to her. My parents aren’t partiers so this has never come up but my sister’s best friend’s parents love going out and they go out on NYE as well. It’s never been an issue.

    I’ve never really understood the big deal about New Years. She’s out there making money for her family so I guess that’s a good thing considering that they’ve lost one parent’s income (pretty sure life insurance is usually ruled out if you commit suicide).

  • I can’t stand Taylor, but I think Kennedy needs to be around other kids and not her depressing mom on new years eve. Let taylor go out and party and be the phony she is.

    • I so agree with you as well, “Taylor has her head backwards on and she needs all the help she can get right now. I think she is really nuts. .Sorry but it is the TRUTH!

  • Its pretty sad that she is “partying” on new years eve instead of spending time wit her daughter on a holiday…..I think she will regret it later when her daughter is all grown up and doesn’t have those memories….then again talyor is such a hot mess maybe its a good thing not spending so much time around her daughter ….she needs to get her priorities straight(yes i know I’m a horrible speller…spell chk isn’t working for me for some reason! Forgive my bad spelling)

    • No, hosting, ie, making money. It’s not like her abusive husband left her with anything but debts, and with his death being a suicide, there is likely no life insurance either.

      What it sounds like, is that Taylor is continuing a family tradition, how horrible of her.

      • I am in total agreement. Taylor is trying to support her family right now. I think we’re going to see a simpler, more humble Taylor in the next season. No more $60k kids birthdays (which Kennedy always seemed miserable at anyway). So much of that was trying to make everything look wonderful on the outside because it was so horrible on the inside of their marriage. An abusive relationship is like always trying to put your makeup on using a funhouse mirror. You have no idea what reality is and your response to normal things is abnormal. I hope Taylor knows that she doesn’t have to put on a show anymore. She’s good enough just being who she is and I am grateful to God that Russell didn’t take her and their daughter with him.

  • Gosh she is just a really bad mother. She should be spending new years with her daughter. I agree with you on that. She shouldn’t be partying. Whats most important is her daughter right now. Such bs. Get off the show Taylor