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AllAboutTRH Exclusive RHONJ: Which Housewife Can’t Stand Melissa? Who’s Coming Back For Season 5?

Oh those New Jersey housewives. It seem’s we can never stop talking about them! A reliable source VERY close to the RHONJ ladies and the production gave us details on who will be returning and which housewife can’t stand each other. Ever since the ladies attended the Poshe Fasion Show, Jacqueline went on a twitter rant and exposed most of what happened that night. She also violated her contract when she didn’t attend the reunion. Sources exclusively reveal that Jacqueline wont be returning on Season 5 saying, “Jacqueline won’t be returning to season 5 because she violated her contract and Bravo doesn’t trust her anymore. Her contract is now terminated.” Season 4 finished filming back in October and will air with all the original ladies of Season 3 in April. Source continues, “No one has been signed for Season 5 but Teresa Kathy and Melissa will be in it for sure.” As for Caroline the source explains, “Caroline will possibly be on season 5 and she can’t stand Melissa Gorga! They rarely speak only when it’s regarding the show and have only seen each other at Albie Greg and Chris’s apartment a few weeks ago.” Production is also looking for 3 new housewives to star on Season 5

Can they just skip season 4 and start filming season 5?! We already know what’s pretty much going on with Season 4! Thoughts? Will you miss Jacqueline? What do you think about Caroline stating she can’t stand Melissa? Thoughts?

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  • Caroline happens to be my favorite. I hope Jacquline goes because she is so wishy washy and I can’t stand her daughter.

  • Just finished watching the RHONJ marathon on my TiVo – I don’t understand why so many people on this site are Team Teresa. I agree that her storyline is awesome, but she is such a complete and total moron that I can’t imagine rooting for her – I love to laugh at her (not with her). After reading a lot of the comments attached to other posts – I think there must be several PR peeps posting – the comments are all too similar and one sided. I wouldn’t watch a Teresa spinoff – she needs to be in an ensemble cast – and I definitely don’t think that either of the Kim’s should be cast in the show, they stir up enough drama in the background.

  • Just wondering…if Melissa and Joe are ALREADY down in Miami…where are their children? Did they take them with them? (last I checked if you wanted you could totally fly down to FL in less than 3 hours and even fly back same day. You’d think they’d want to spend a bit of their children’s vacation time from school with them. Wonder who’s watching the kids?

    As far as Mrs. Manzo not being friends with Melissa, why is that a surprise to anyone? There never seemed to be any reality to their “friendship” besides their mutual dislike for Teresa.

  • Jacquelin is hoping she can get back on the show but it won’t happen. She flaked out and know she’s seeing her husband in multiple lawsuits and her also, they need the money. Yea and Melissa I can believe the Don doesn’t like her anymore, because Melissa is crazy and a stalker.

  • Oh man don’t get my hopes up that Jacq won’t be back – please let her take all the Manzomorons with her.

  • I’d like to see Kim D and Penny as the new housewives. I had no idea Sheila Giudice wasn’t nice – I thought she would be a good addition. But, not if it’ll be more Teresa bashing. There’s enough of that. What about Joe’s other sister, Maria? I like his brother-in-law Duma or Zuma or whatever his name is.

    • Kim D and Penny would be perfect. They actually have friends that aren’t family, so you can bet it won’t “family family family.” I hate when people push the “family” aspect. The only reason Caroline does this is because she,
      a. never worked in her life
      b. is uneducated
      c. married young.
      d. her husband cheats on her

      Stop knocking people who don’t want to be associated or talk to their trash families. She makes it seem as though if you are not a phony “family” lover you are a piece of shit. No one is more disgusting than Caroline. RHONJ does nothing to promote the concept of women or minorities having careers or being successful. Watching the show is what a reality show would be like if the year was 1911.

  • Sheila Guidice and Penny D are not easy on the eyes. I know Caroline isn’t either, but you have to have a reason to be cast on this show. Caroline was supposed to be the mother hen with pearls of wisdom. They weren’t counting on us figuring out she was full of shit and a hypocrite. Where was Penny when Teresa was getting bashed right and left? No where until Jax got herself fired by not appearing on the reunion show and spilling secrets about season 4, both breaches of contract. It also appeared that Caroline might not be asked back because she appeared less than enthusiastic as each episode passed by and I think it was clear to Bravo that she was only on the show to phone in an appearance and to feature her kids Blk water schemes. Penny & Co. only came out swinging against Melissa when she thought there might be a vacancy, none of her information is corroborated and as others have pointed out Sheila only changing her tune in order to be considered for the show. On the other hand Kim D, has been supportive of Tre all along, has been dignified, is extremely stylish and beautiful and she is a very successful businesswoman who already has a link to the show, the Poshe fashion show. I think it is a pretty sure bet that she will be cast. The campaign to get Penny on the show has been quite vicious, and maybe, just maybe Bravo has learned not to be bullied into casting someone. Why they cast Kathy is a mystery to the entire universe. She is ugly on the inside and out and so is her husband who has said inappropriate things to Teresa since she was a teenager. I don’t know why Mr. Gorga didn’t put him ten feet under. I know this will not be a popular opinion on this blog, so start throwing tomatoes. I can take it.

    • Kathy is so useless. I know I say that all the time, but it’s try every time. She serves absolutely no purpose.

      • Kathy’s sole purpose is to collude with and be a foil for Melissa as family-member-Teresa-basher. I despise Melissa and even though I know she wouldn’t have been given a chance on this particular show had she not been related to and willing to bash Teresa, I think there’s a lot of reality show Jerry Springer gold to be mined there with her. She’s an idiot, but sort of amusing to watch, especially when she tries to sing. Kathy on the other hand is BOOOOOORING and not very attractive. Melissa could possibly lay off on the Teresa bashing a little and still be seen as a viable drama-producing cast member. She and JoeGo could talk more about his penis, their sexlife, she could do some gigs where she demands to be treated like Diana Ross. It would make us all gag, of course, but we’d all still probably watch. Whereas bashing Teresa is ALL KATHY HAS.

    • >Sheila Guidice and Penny D are not easy on the eyes.

      You’ve got that right. Sheila G looks like one of the prison drag queens on “Oz.”

    • Absolutely agree Gessie! Kim D is the perfect addition! Class, dignity and Grace would be the perfect replacement for the two phonies that shouldn’t come back. As for Kathy?? She’s completely transparent! You can predict her every move. Her husband and her both try so hard at being relevant and entertaining. Quit trying Kathy and Ritchie, waste of time.

  • BYE, JACQUELINE! Good riddance to ya! I hope she doesn’t return for Season 5 because she is a disaster! A total hot mess! Sources say she won’t be back, and yet, she tweets and blogs trying to say she’s forgiving and act all holier-than-thou. Oh, please! I hope Jacqueline leaves for good. I want Melissa & Caroline to leave also, but if Bravo could get Penny and maybe someone who are against Melissa & Caroline, then I would tune in to watch the horror. Bravo has gone TOO FAR with kissing ass to them. Andy is a pathetic, crying soar loser just because Tre pushed him. Haha! Who gives a crap? He deserved it. Maybe Andy will finally put Caroline & Melissa in the hot seat FOR ONCE! Kathy is BOOORING! She needs to go. She is so fake, and two-faced! I have cousins that are just like her… Can’t stand them.

  • Jac just tweeted to someone that she might be back for season 5. She is in talks right now. Funny how Jac is putting out tweets to forgive everyone and acting like she is so sweet all of a sudden. Guess you need that pay check now Jac since you husband is fight a law suit and the two of you are in big trouble with the bankruptcy courts and the IRS.
    You, the manzo’s and the sex pots were so great at spreading all the news about Teresa’s financial and legal issues. You all acted like you were above it all. KARMA is a Witch!

  • oompa loompa doopity dawsome jac is now gone which is totally awesome why is she gone she was such a nice girl no she was not she was a total bitch doopity doo I Love LOve LOve Tre and melissa is a horse faced bitch who looks like a man
    Strega Caroline did 1 thing right by seeing Melissa’s true colours and Strega Caroline should quit RHONJ and Join mob wives because 1 her father in law was a mafioso and 2 she has that whole beaten up tough look like the others

  • Nobody drunk tweets or flips out like Jac. Nobody!! I’d miss her for that but nothing else.

    Who puts family business and problems out in public like that, in a public forum.

    Put the wine down and back away!

    • What’s funny is Based on Seasons 1 and 2, Teresa got the reputation as the loose cannon for how she reacted to and went after Danielle. But it’s pretty clear that was just surface, reality show drama for her. When it really counts and when her family is involved, she’s remarkably controlled. Yes, she made a lot of snide comments to Melissa, but she mostly kept her mouth shut and protected their secrets. Unlike Jac, who is STILL drunk tweeting.

  • I would not be interested in a show with more of Melissa’s sisters. They were boring sycophants in their few moments on the show already, All they add is a me-too chorus and there’s enough already. A common dynamic on RHONJ is to identify one out HW and all the rest side against her. They have done it every season – so adding two women who cannot think for themselves would just double down on an already tedious dynamic.

  • Ugh! I was hoping Tre would come to her senses and send a very clear message by not returning for season 5. Hasn’t she learned anything? How much crap does she want to take from Bravo, producers, and the cast? She said, herself, that its not fun anymore, so why stay?

      • Yeah, exactly, she can’t just leave. Besides, she’s shown she is no wimp and has a spine of steel. If she can take the 3 hags PLUS Andy Cohen attacking her all at once at the reunion, and not break down and not get angry ( like you KNOW they were hoping for and baiting her to do ) she can handle anything. I predict Teresa’s popularity will just increase and the rest’s will diminish with every new episode. More than any other season, in any other franchise, I think people’s minds are already made up. People really lost whatever affection they had for Caroline this past season and I think it’s permanent. Teresa will be fine.

  • 1. They would have to change the name of the show if it became about the Marco sisters and I bet it would very entertaining in a bourghetto sense.
    2. If anyone deserves a show of their own it is Teresa. Raising four girls and the way she keeps her life busy would be entertaining, family-oriented, and showing her hard working characteristics.
    3. Jac acted like a real space cadet, nothing loss there.
    4. Caroline–wouldn’t trust her for anything in the world, judges everyone by her standards–Not!! She fell for Melissa lies and that shows how dumb she really is!

    • I don’t think Caroline ” fell for Melissa’s lies “. More likely, she saw a golden ( so she thought then, it’s backfired since ) opportunity to align with someone who hated Teresa and wanted to see her taken down as much as Caroline did. Why did Caroline want to take Teresa down? Because she “stole” all her business opportunities, that’s why! Love her, like her or despise her, Teresa definitely turned out to be the most popular, most marketable one and that drives old Don Manzo NUTSO!

  • Sorry but Shelia Gudice is a Melissa friend who also hates Teresa. As for Penny not sure about her, but she maybe a Melissa friend as well.

    • absolutely wrong hon!!!! Sheila and both Penny are friends Penny hates Melissa and knows alot about her past cause she is always tweeting it. Sheila Guidice also do not speak with Melissa any longer she is on Team Penny i follow the tweets everyday

      • I follow them too and even though she is now friends with Penny it still concerns me that sh
        e was so willing to go against her SIL and join forces with Melissa. If she did it once she can do it again. I hope she doesn’t get on the show. One more family member trying to cash in on Teresa’s fame.

      • *ponders* if Caroline just did that to make the *insider/source* look like a liar???? Because up until today..there really has not much said back and forth..but who ever will really know. I swear sometimes the *insiders* or *sources* are just people who work for Bravo…*LOL*

        • I think Don Caro knows she has to have some friends on the show in order to be asked back. With Jac leaving there would be nobody for Don Caro. Her sons and daughter need to collect that pay check from Bravo since BLK water is not doing well. They have no income without Don Caro and her role on RHONJ.

  • Are they seriously making us wait till April for this?! We already know everything that’s going to happen. I hope Jac apologizes to Teresa and just gets off the show. As for Caroline, I couldn’t give a shit about her and hope she also gets off. She’s a two faced bitch with a superiority complex. Not fun to watch. Kathy is boring and adds nothing to the show except another person to gain up on T. Melissa would be nothing without her sister-in-law that she bashes all the time. She may be pretty but as far as I’m concerned that’s all she has! Let’s face it: Teresa IS the show. They know it and that’s why they formed a fake alliance against her. So not looking forward to season 4.

  • It’s amazing how everything comes in full circle and everyone’s colors have shun through. Teresa’s are the only colors that have been the same and transparent from day one. So Jacq is out, Caroline can’t stand Melissa (who can?), and Teresa is getting backup. *Applause.
    From what has been said in twitter world I really hope Penny & Sheila join the cast, align with Teresa, and bring it. Truly believe Melissa and her sisters will run for the hills and avoid Penny & her hubby (The Greek) especially.
    I agree to skip S5. Lol.

    • NOT Sheila! She has tweeted that she was TEAM GORGA when she first joined twitter AND she followed EVERYONE that bashed Tre and didn’t even follow Tre or Gia…..funny since the PDKHAIR thing came down, she NOW follows Tre and Gia. I’m very observant. lol.

      I don’t trust Mrs. Sheila G because she is the OTHER sister in law that didn’t/doesn’t get along with Tre. Her and the Marcos even tweeted back and forth when Sheila first joined twitter, congratulating her for joining, etc.

      • She concerns me too. I remember the rumor they wanted her on next to be one more against Teresa. That’s why I was puzzled why Penny is such good friends with her.

      • i thought i was the only one who doubted sheila… i have a feeling she’ll get on the show to defend T but when she actually does it she’ll turn her back on tre and join the rest of them. we dont know what caused her sudden change of heart to love tre. but then i thought why would sheila and penny be friends… does penny have the same motive, to turn her back on tre whens she’s actually on the show? hmmm i just dont know

        • I don’t think anyone is actually SIGNED yet for Season 5, so theoretically, the cast decisions are still up in the air and will probably be made last minute. That’s kind of how they work. It’s well known at this point that BRAVO was CONSIDERING Sheila Giudice, but that doesn’t mean she has the job nailed down. We all know, their main goal is drama drama drama, but also know, and hope THEY realize they overshot with creating an atmosphere where it’s 4 against 1. They’ve already received a lot of backlash from the viewers and are likely to receive a lot more, especially if Season 4 is yet another season of Teresa bashing. I think the Season 5 cast might surprise us all.

          • I forgot…

            The only casting decision that is probably firmly in place right now and not subject to change is Jac will NOT be back – partially, I’m sure because she’s boring, but I think it has a lot more to do with her crazy antics, breaking her contract and the producers realizing they can’t control her.

  • Sorry but in my opinion a lot of the Rhobh ladies are extremely annoying this season as well. So in my opinion no housewife shows are the best. I still like a couple but none are the best . As for rhonj yes I will miss jaqueline but life goes on.

    Caroline about Melissa doesn’t surprise me honestly. Caroline is a two faced witch always was like all of the hw ladies including Bh yes.

  • Wouldnt that be great if she got her own show OFF of Bravo?!!! I would LOVE IT! I absolutely cannot stand Andy Cohen and I would have no reason to further watch him! Hurray!

    • Andy is a cunt. He always supports the worst characters on the show, making me think he is a real life piece of shit since the pieces of shit lowlives are always his favorite.

        • yes,,, Andy is the problem.. twisted bitch. lucky us we get the chance to see him 5 nights a week now… playing drinking games and twistin the knife

          • Andy is a huge bully. I was getting so mad watching the reunion, I could not believe Andy was only focusing on bullying Teresa. He didn’t call the other housewives out on anything! The other housewives behavior and backstabbing was off the charts horrible and Andy didn’t call them out on any of it. He needs to be fair!

    • Me neither! I deleted WWHL off my dvr and will not be watching rhonj anymore. I will stick to twitter and the blogs to get updated! 😉

  • Bravo has jumped the shark. It’s time for a mass boycott of that channel. Teresa should try to get her own show on another channel. I hope something is in the works for her (see tweet below) so she won’t feel the financial pressure to sign on for season 5 of RHONJ.

    Teresa_Giudice Teresa Giudice
    Hi Tweet?s! Working out of the house today until the kids come home from school. Great mtg in NYC yesterday about exciting NEW project! xx
    8 Dec

    • Good for you! Hope it is your own show Teresa G…..that will show them! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when you announce that one with your sis in law!

    • Rather than boycott the channel I am just going to boycott WWHL. I would hate to see HWs get cancelled and see people like Teresa and Sonja lose needed income. But boy it would be great to see Andy’s humiliation at having to go back to the other side of the camera.

  • After the Twitter rant and name calling by Jacqueline I hope she does not return. I think Caroline is nothing short of a first class bully. I think under the circumstances Teresa did the best that she could while being attacked. I cannot stand Melissa or her nasty husband.

  • To be honest….Teresa should go to VH1…they treat their money makers way better then Bravo. Teresa is the biggest personality on the NJ HW. If she leaves…so will the views and the storylines. ALL of the storylines circle around Teresa. Caroline is BORing (hence why they brought in Greg)….Jacqueline is even more Boring since Ashley is gone(that was her whole storyline)….Mego and Kathy story all revolve around Teresa!!!

    So let’s see….if Tre leaves what will be left.

    Caroline crying each episode because her kids have left her.
    Jacqueline giggling away while drinking her 5th class of wine
    Melissa singing on display in a never ending loop in front of her bathroom mirror.
    Kathy standing in front of her oven waiting for her italian cookies to be done.

    Teresa’s family are too stupid and hungry for fame to relize that without Tre their gravy train will loose steam. Teresa is the SOLE reason they are even on the show.

    • so true …yes , VH1 is doing a better job with the camera work , editing …storyline & everything else ..
      mob wives is much more exciting show ..
      the editing dept. at bravo is not acceptable …
      in fact the RH franchises are so chopped up at this point there is really no sense to it anymore ..

    • Very true,,, everyone of them need Tre to keep their place on the show. That’s the jealousy, which no one will admit to but so frickin obvious.

    • Nah, not VH1 because they are too much into the drama as too (Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Baseball Wives, Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab, etc.).

      Tre needs to go to E! Network!! Their shows focus on families that are fun to watch without all of the drama. There are cliffhangers, but nothing dark, tragic, and “hot-messy” (ie. Kardashians, Kendra, Holly’s World, Giuliana & Bill, etc.).

      • Yes, E network, I agree! She would do great over there! I would definitely watch her show. I can’t stand to even watch Bravo anymore because of the nasty turn things are taking there.

      • you are spot on! E! is where it’s at! I would love E to have a show called “The Family Tre” !!!! I could see it now!

  • The addition of Melissa and Kathy has sucked the fun out of this show. Even when Crazy Danielle was on with with her tomfoolery and shenanigans, there was still a lightheartedness to the show. There was an abundance of drama, but it was still funny and not too heavy. Most of the Danielle drama was kind of trivial and comical in a way to me. That was noticeably asbent from season 3. Season 4 will undoubtedly be more of the same and I’m not interested in seeing that. Watching someone’s family fall apart, scripted or not, is not entertainment to me.

  • Roxy

    I think it was your website that opened Caroline’s eyes about Melissa and her white trash sisters. She preached to Danielle that her family is as “thick as thieves”; yet she supports Meho trashing her husband’s family for a music career. Did she really think that the world was afraid to call her out as a hypocrite?

  • Sounds like what goes around comes around and karma is smacking them Gorgas, Wakiles Lauritas, and Manzos right I’n the face. I can only say it’s about time. After all they did to Teresa. Teresa needs to just continue to do what she has been doing ignoring all of them. She’much better off without them.

  • So now Queen Caroline is mad at Melissa , LMAO , I love it. I was hoping the only one coming back was Tre but I’ll take Jacqueline leaving and hope that Caroline does too.

    • I agree with you but i wuld like to see caroline again and get kicked in the butt by someone. she thinks she is the smartest of all..she is full of bullshit.

  • I do believe it is time for both Caroline and Jac to leave. BUT..what I don’t want to see is Melissa’s nasty family on it. That would then make it the marco show and I will not watch it. But I would like it if they brought in another unknown couple that can give Melissa a run for her money. But with a husband that has real class not someone like Joe gorga. His sex crap was disgusting.

    • I agree. I hope they find someone who is not related to Joe and Melissa and will put those two pieces of trash in the can where they belong. Teresa HAD to be nice to them. And she was…a lot more than I would have been. I’d get over that whole, “he’s my brother” thing and move on. Leave him alone with his wife and her family. People graveling after him is exactly what he wanted. Forget about him.

      • I agree. Unfortunately for Teresa, her brother is a piece of garbage. He allows the stripper, her family and the Manzo clowns to insult his sister. He sits back and says nothing. A real man would have put an end to that immediately. I just hope that when the stripper turns on him, and she will, Teresa shows him the same loyalty he’s shown her.

    • Sobaffled, there IS a couple that can be on the show & give MeGo & her perverted hubby, an ego-whoopin! Her name, on twitter, is @PDKHair! And people have been BEGGING Andy to get her & her hubby on the show! Lol!

  • Although she can sometimes be annoying with the juvenile mugging for the camera, I don’t mind Jacqueline.
    One good thing about her absence from season 5 is that we don’t have to live though another tedious story line with ne’re do well Asslee.

  • The things going on in Teresa’s life are interesting enough without adding the group dynamic – The Apprentice, the book deals, the money struggles, the legal problems. The ability to deal with all that and keep fighting with some success and an upbeat, funny attitude is what makes her so likeable. The Manzos, Lauritas, and Wakiles are just boring and the Gorgas are fake. Teresa needs her own show whether it’s on Bravo or another network.

  • I think CAroline will fake like Melissa on the show….just as she orginally did with Teresa. Although she may not like Melissa….caroline HATES teresa so she will play nice nice with mego to get under Tre’s skin.

    • Caroline hates anyone who takes the spotlight off her or her kids. Did you ever notice she gets a headache when there’s a bathing suit scene?

  • Thank god jaq is not coming back, as for Caroline who cares she turned on teresa and saying she does not like Mellisa means nothing, that just show how she is Teresa should dump her even if she apologized which probably would never happen I just pray the do not bring on Melissa sisters or anyone of her crazy stupid family.

  • I like Jaq in season two, a little ditzy, giggly, fun! Season three was portrayed more about how she couldn’t parent her almost an adult (this is hard, she was totally past the smack on the bottom) child. Ashley needed a little “tough love” not new cars, that were taken away, but then given back? Why? Jaq letting everyone sway her away from her friend is terrible. She has her purpose, she does balance the scales, believe it or not. Jaq boring, Kathie, boring, Caroline can go hot or cold, (so she is in the middle) and then we have the two hot heads! Jaq did try to play with the big girls when she had her momentary lapse after the reunion on twitter!

    I used to like Caroline a lot. This season, she shoved her kids on us. The children she told Alexa Ray Joel (really) that were privileged? How? Just because their MOM was on a REALITY tv show? So she can go. Kathie too, there has got to be another boring mediocre housewife in the area, to balance out the hot heads! Her husband is quite the ass!

    • Well said! Supermodel money and Piano Man money are in a different category than banquet hall and reality show money. Caro can go scratch

    • Did anyone else notice that when the Manzo’s went to meet Lauren’s bf, the scene was very awkward ? It seemed as if Albert was put off by Vito’s family. It could just be scripted or the editing but it came off as “they’re not as rich as us”.

      Hope that’s not what really happened….

  • even if bozo DID apologize to tre’ ..
    that footage from the reunion will follow her forever ..
    she made a complete & total ass clown out of herself ..
    MeHo playin’ it to the hilt as the cheshire cat
    ” who lil’ ol’ moi ?” …ahahaa con artist slut …heeheehee
    and tre’ just sat there ….
    bozo is a clown & she will have that footage to remember herself by …
    she is one person who really does need a hobby ..
    her self-importance is mind boggling ….

    • I couldn’t believe Caro lied & said SHE had been asked, first, to be on Celeb Apprentice! And that she turned them down, & told them to ask Teresa! Did she really think the producers at Celeb App wouldn’t say anything??! SMH!

  • can’t stand jac’ either …from the start ..
    a hypocrite ..
    & one thang i can’t stand is a grown woman talking & behaving like a 6 year old ..
    hate her parenting …ugh !

  • i think ‘twitter ‘ is changing the course of reality tv & especially the ‘housewives ‘ ..
    i thought it was ridic’ with the xmas episodes airing in the summertime..couldn’t relate at ALL …
    andy better step it up …
    to read about the show 6 months before it’s aired is too much ..hahaa
    also , since MeHo & ‘gang’ came on the show it has lost its’ humor ..just like BH ..
    they ain’t funny anymore ..
    when children are involved & even death …
    the whole bunch of them are too heavy .
    no humor …no wit
    none of them are likeable except maybe tre’ …
    they should have kept danielle..
    added kim G . …kim P ..
    the family feudin’ is ‘tired’ …
    hope bozo manzo doesn’t come back ..
    if they keep MeHo (which is a mistake in my opinion), they should at least balance out the battlefield so it doesnt look like a ‘gang mentality’ against 1 person …
    i bet the senior gorgas spent christmas with teresa & not joe …mmmmmmmLOL

    • I agree…now we are going to have to wait until April to see last summer and fall? And I guess we won’t even see Christmas this year since they concluded filming in October. I thought they were filming back to back to get “caught up” on the time line a little bit. Not just to give an even longer hiatus.

      Honestly, as much as I dislike Carolyn and Jacqueline, I’d rather they keep those two and dump dumpy Kathy and the Wench. And their husbands are even more offensive than they are, if that’s possible!

    • I NEVER thought I’d see a day where I missed Danielle. I hate saying I miss her on the show and admitting she was totally right, but that said, bring the bitch back!

      • bring dirty D back !!!
        she is reality gold ..
        tre’ didn’t even want her off the show in the first place , the others did …
        i like dirty D ….lol

      • I see where y’all are coming from, wanting D back…..but, TBH, she WAS kind of a liability. I mean, the episode where she brought bodyguards with GUNS?! What would’ve happened if someone had been shot?! And the Hells Angel gang, Danny, etc….?? D put everyone at risk when she pulled those stunts! I honestly think that’s why Bravo got rid of her. They knew she was going to end up either causing a BIG lawsuit, or causing someone to get hurt! They weren’t willing to put people in harm’s way, just for ratings. That being said…..Bravo seems to have forgotten their morals, somewhere along the way, & ended up making the situation worse with their choices for RHBH & RHNJ! Hopefully they’ll listen to the viewers, & get things back on track! I, for one, don’t think I’ll be watching season 4 of NJ! Hell, I barely watched season 3!!

        • I agree. But I would like to see D back ONLY if she wasn’t a liability. She went and blew that though. I probably won’t watch the new season either. What new drama are they bringing to the table? I’m afraid it’s all SSDD (same stuff different day).

        • I think Teresa flipping the table was a fluke. She flipped out and Bravo was not expecting it; then they realized they hit paydirt. The reunion show where she tossed Andy like a ragdoll showed them that her family was her Achilles heel. Since
          then they have done all they could to provoke her including bringing her family on the show and turning her friends against her. I’m so proud of Teresa for not flipping out at the reunion and giving them what they were hoping for.

  • I think the reason jac is trying to reach out to Dina and Teresa is now all these lawsuits have been filled she is going to need the money plus she knows Dina is guest starring in season 4 at Teresa’s house for her God daughters party witch really pissed off jac & Caroline if I had to choose between jac or Caroline & one had to stay I choose jac Don manzo & her advice giving ass needs to hit the bricks! Love u Teresa hope to see ya Penny!

  • I really will not miss Jacqueline at all, she was so boring this past season and I am tired of her frumpy daughter that she parades on TV for everyone to laugh at. It is not surprising at all that the don changed her tune. T’s sister in law reminds me of one of those people that put on an act in the beginning to get them to like you. They can never keep the charade up long enough once they get what they want, and their true colours start showing. True manipulative sociopathic behaviour. What use does the sister in law have for the old woman after she is done with her? She probably wants to kick the don and her family off of the show so she can get her friends and family on it. Which would explain why they are constantly kissing those producer’s asses.

    • That was actually a blind item! It was some housewife that secretly is trying to get EVERYONE off her show to get her own friends on there. All bets were on Melissa Gorga too. Your dead on about Melissa too, her true colors are starting to show and poor Caroline and Jacqueline were so naive to believe she really wanted peace

      • shame on Jac and Caroline for the way they treated Tre. get someone on the show that will pick Melissa to death, dig out her dirty laundry.. they definitely need new blood. Sick of Ashlee being a baby, and the Manzo boys who’s only big excitement is getting an apartment on their own.

  • The Don strikes again! Even though I can’t STAND Caroline, I don’t blame her. She finally saw through Melissa, I love it. Now she needs to apologize to Tre and leave the show with some dignity.

    • I don’t think it’s that she sees through Melissa as much as maybe she read that blind gossip item about a HW wanting to push everybody off the show to make room for her own people. That’s right Caroline, you backed the wrong horse.

    • Caroline screwed up big. She can’t stand Melissa? Well you didn’t see any evidence of that on the Season 3 reunion. Shame shame on you Don. Melissa should go, she has no talent and her sycophant relatives are repugnant to see on film… Bravo has one perverted kink going on.

  • Bye Jaqueline don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Caroline can fake all she wants I know she hates Melissa trying to hog the spotlight, and put her skank sisters in and push Caroline and her family out. Teresa needs to move on and skip season 5, if not she should ask for 500,000 to film season 5.

  • The way they have crafted RHOBH is the best. They need NEW ladies, except FULL-TIME. Plus, “supporting role” characters. It would be wise if they bring in all non-related women. Penny is a shoe-in.