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Jacqueline Tells AllAboutTRH Exclusively That She Is Making Peace With Teresa!

What a weekend! Hoping everyone had a fabulous Christmas! Now let’s get back to housewives! As most of us know Jacqueline and Teresa are no longer friends. Jacqueline once claimed that Teresa “stole her ideas” and did a lot more. On Christmas Eve, Jacqueline shockingly tagged Dina Manzo, Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice in her tweet! She tweeted, “Pay Attention Please @Dinamanzo @carolinemanzo @teresa_giudice @melissagorga @kathywakile @daniellestaub..” along with this photo below

Most were wondering if this was Jacquelines attempt to make peace and move on so AllAboutTRH simply asked her! We asked Jacqueline if she is trying to make peace with Teresa and the rest she doesn’t talk to. Jacqueline exclusively told us, “Yes I’m trying. I decided to forgive those who have wronged me. I’m letting go of any resentment and only focusing on the positive and important.” She continued, “Holding onto hate in your heart is bad for the soul. I’m just in a very happy place and I want to stay here.”

Although we don’t know the details on why Jacqueline and Teresa are not friends that was very big of Jac to do. Good for her! It’s not healthy to hold grudges. I was watching season 2 of RHONJ and saw how close the two truly were. They always had eachothers back. Maybe they can get back in that place slowly. As for now hopefully they can move on and forgive. Thoughts on Jacqueline making peace?

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  • I just saw jac tweets to MeGo about T interwiev on the Jewish Journal.If she wanna make peace why is she said anything about it?I just dont get it.She is soo idiot,pathetic.Insteed of focusing what is going on with T she should just mind her own buisness.I thought she is better but not.I hope she is gone for S5.MeGo,Caroline and MeGo belong together.Very sad to see when grown women just can be civil toward each other.I know T is not the saint but at least she never spoke about them.Shame shame!!!!!

  • I haven’t a clue as to if Jacqueline has extended the same courtesy to Teresa in her attempt to forgive as she SAYS she extended in her tearing down of Teresa. She claimed to have had a 5 hour face to face with Teresa before she called her out on Twitter. Wonder if she had a 1 hour face to face with her before she made the attempt to “forgive” Teresa on same media site? Really? How ridiculous is it to handle personal matters in a public forum. Teresa has only made comments about how silly it is to use FB and Twitter as forums for arguments that should be private.

    I would be wary of someone who called me scum to the world and then said they forgave me.

    The season is over, no need to use Twitter/FB to talk about personal relationships and yet notice the people who do use it for just that purpose.
    Makes for great drama, not so much for great friendships.

  • Really, Jacq is a drunk who babbles and babbles and babbles and has a husband who can’t do anything legit. God, I wish you would stop reporting on her and Manzomorons. They all need to fade away into the sunset.

  • If she wants to make peace, then she should do so off of Twitter. Twitter is like FB status updates…they’re stupid comments made to garner attention from others. Think about this, if you had a good friend, who was crazy and hateful to you on national television, would you give any credibility to a comment made to you in reconciliation on Twitter? Of course not. Real attempts at reconciliation are made in person or even on the phone requesting to meet, not blasted out in a general message to multiple people.

    Jacqueline is an idiot and I refuse to give her any attention other than negative.

  • Peace, my ass! Jacqueline just wants to save face and show as humble and forgiving when she’s not! She wants to be on Season 5, that’s why… WE DON’T WANT YOU BACK, JACQUELINE! Plus, Tre stealing your ideas? Why haven’t you pushed your products out there? Why haven’t you done anything yet? She had the money before. She should have gone out there, and make bank! Her husband knows how to make her money. He’s worked for celebrities for a long time. He has been in the business long enough to make matters happen so Jacqueline needs to hush about Tre…

  • People can say what they want about Tre but when it all comes down to it she is by far the best parent, wife and businesswoman on the show. She is always with her girls, always supporting her husband even when he doesn’t deserve it, always looking for ways to expend her business by including her family in it! She is always putting others before herself. I like many may not agree with some of the crazy confusing things she says but she has good character and a good heart. She has taken the high road throughout all of this craziness. She has remained true to herself and to her family where other on the show have flip flopped and back stabbed. Reading Dina’s blog a few weeks back put alot into perspective for alot of the Tre haters.

    That Tre was not the root of all things evil in housewife land and that others should look to themselves for why things are amiss in the family. Yet those people still continue to shuffle around blame and do not accept responsibility for anything. But why should that surprise anyone when they are in such denial about their own lives?

    They really need to cast some new housewives for RHONJ and have a less biased moderator for reunions. The housewives have lost their balance that made them so interesting and lovable. They need that back or people will stop watching just like with New York.

  • There is something Off with Jac; Teresa would be a fool to ever be friends with her; did you see the public invitation to Dina; is she joking??? Oh no she is THE JOKE; both her and Caroline. They so much want to me in the spotlight they would do anything. Like Caroline showing us her son’s face swelling because of his contact with shell fish; I just have to laugh; they (Caroline and Jac) are pathetic. For sure.

  • To one of the above comments, that was NOT Dina in the pic Jacqueline tweeted. It was one of Dina’s sisters that look almost like her. I think she posted those pics to try to make Dina see what she was missing BUT Dina seen through their BS.

  • All Teresa has to do is REFUSE filming with MG AND Kathy and they will eventually be fired from the show! They’d probably start kissing tres ass so they can get camera time!

  • Meh. Jacqueline made sure to say “doesn’t mean I want to be friends”. She’s just preaching and definitely not practicing it.

  • It is good that she is extending her wine soaked olive branch after she publicly embarrassed and reemed on her former friend. She could have asked to reconcile privately, but she instead chose to publicize this to save face. I used to like her on the show, but she showed her true colours and they were not very please to see.

  • I think Jacqueline is trying to say relevant, so she’s jumping back on the Teresa band wagon since jumping ship didn’t really help her, plus I think she’s hurting for money and needs to stay on RHONJ.

  • Sorry Jac but if you really wanted to be sincere and want to truly make up you wouldn’t have done it on twitter unless of cause its gonna to work to your advantage cause now your hoping if Tre doesn’t accept your apology (which I wouldn’t if I was her) ppl will sympathize with you and like you again..not me your a back stabber 2 faced friend. You should have text or called,all this is for publicity and nothin else. Besides what would General Caroline say ?

  • And we all know Jac is going to trash her during this upcoming season, so don’t even bother with the making up now….

  • Oh my god. Someone PLEASE lock the wine cellar and throw away the keys because Jac is a COMPLETE MESS. She is a terrible mother, friend, wife, and liar! I don’t want to see her melting face on RHONJ anymore! She RUINED the upcoming season with all her tweeting and spoilers. Go away, get your life together, and fix all your financial troubles!

  • that’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s a very nice move to try and mend their relationships but she made it seem like she was blameless in the whole thing. That kind of made it seem a little less genuine. But atleast she’s making an attempt

  • I was never a big fan of Teresa. But when I saw a woman who was at such a low point in her life, and how her “friends” acted toward her, my heart broke for her. Say what you will, her family came on the show to destroy her, her husband is facing jail time, financial ruin, her father’s failing health… The list goes on and on. You could visibly see a sadness in her eyes. It was at this point that Jac & Manzo’s decided to go above just snarky comments behind her back. When life has beat you down, you don’t always say/do the right
    things. She made mistakes. Jac & Manzo’s decided to kick the stew outta her while she was down. Jac’s blog is beyond ridiculous now that we know about her lawsuitS! Jac, you blasted Teresa about things that shouldn’t have concerned you at all but blasting while you were guilty of same, if not worse? Spilling conversations that were said to you in private while close friends? Blaming Teresa for something atrocious on the word of the Gorgas? Going on Twitter and name calling, posting pics, and saying Teresa stole your “ideas”? I’m so happy you can forgive those who have wronged YOU!
    I’m sure Teresa has things you’ve said in private as friends, knowlege of things in your past and present that aren’t good. Yet, Teresa never said one thing. Not one. She didn’t do it, to not one housewife, not even Melissa. She didn’t choose to do a press tour to blast any of you all. Cough cough, Caroline. She hasn’t done articles…nothing. For that? She has my utmost respect.

    • Wow! Nice post! I think that Jac, Caroline and Kathy are starting to see the repurcussions of their bad behavior regarding Teresa. I can’t believe how crude they all were! It was so apparent also to the viewing public. Now that they are esposed for the idiots they are, they are starting to try and do damage control. I didn’t include Melissa because it’s obvious that she is still out to get Teresa, she will never apologize. Nothing these women say or do will change my opinion of them now. The damage is done!

    • Your post is very well written, and I agree. When I watch the show I think about what if I were in the same situation Teresa was in(father’s health, friends backstabbing, family coming on the show to tear you down), how would I handle it? I am sure most people would crack.

  • “Yes I’m trying. I decided to forgive those who have wronged me. I’m letting go of any resentment and only focusing on the positive and important.” Does Jac really expect us to believe any thing that comes out of her mouth? She is so delusional. She jumped on the Gorga wagon so fast and trashed Teresa. She did try to help with the letter Teresa was writing to her brother Joe, but it was obivious she was only doing it for show. So glad Teresa ignored her and wrote it the way she wanted to.

    Jac needs to worry about her daughter and all the damage she has done to her with all of her selfishness. She called in everyone to talk to Ashlee but didn’t bother to talk to her herself except to yell at her and tell her what a sorry daughter she is. She cried and played the victim with her daughter, and everyone else she comes in contact with. Give me a break ! Grow up Jac and realize your part in this mess. If I was Teresa, I would tell you to go SCRATCH with Caroline. You are just NOT worth the grief you bring.

    • I read that a drug abuser’s emotional development stops at the point they start to abuse drugs. Jac has the emotionally maturity of a 15-year old. That tells me she may have begun using drugs around that age, which wouldn’t be surprising if she was a stripper/escort to support her habit.

      Her vague apology is self-serving. In no way does she acknowledge her own bad behavior.

      I’m curious why Jac and Dina are not friends. Jac’s friendships have always been with the outcasts: Danielle and Kim G. and now the liars and manipulators, Caroline, Melissa and Kathy.

      She cannot be trusted. Teresa needs to steer clear of her.

    • Jacqueline, I would’ve taken this at face value if you said I apologize for my nasty blogs and twitter post Teresa. I’m in a better place and I hope I have cleared the air enough for you to do the same.

      That’s how you apologize.

  • Yet she is still saying that the fake stories did not start until her friendship with Tre ended. She is so fake. Did she apologize for all of the nasty blos and twitter rants about Tre? Nope, didn’t think so. Did she apologize for having her niece and daughter attack Tre? No, didn’t think so. Kindly STFU and sit down somewhere.

  • Jacqueline is ready to “FORGIVE” Teresa? She’s a NUT! She should be apologizing publicly for her vicious attack on her “friend”. I hope at this point that Teresa has written her sorry butt off and doesn’t buy into any of it. Jacqueline has no place on the show now that she’s no longer T’s sidekick and honestly, based on her twitter rants, it’s best for her and her family if she gets off the show as she is pretty unstable in my opinion. Go away Jacqueline – I really don’t think Teresa gives a flying fig about getting forgiveness from you nutty.

  • Although i don’t like Caroline…I must say i respect the hell outa her. She has not ONCE engaged in any twitter nonsense ever. She has maintain the privacy of her family regarding the Dina situation. Although she made some really dumb interviews mentioning Tre (when asked) she has remained quiet in the press. FOLLOW suite Jacqueline, Melissa Gorga, and Rich Wakile!!! UGh can’t believe i am saying something good about Caroline lol…….I really can’t stand this woman sometimes…but at least she is staying away from the drama.

  • How nice of Saint Jacqueline to forgive those that have done her wrong.

    But in all seriousness, making peace with someone requires owning up to your OWN wrongdoing as well which she has yet to do. She plays the victim quite well, but she’s hardly innocent. Much of the drama over the last few months were the direct result of her attention-whoring on Twitter. She may feel that those people have wronged her and maybe they have, but she sure as hell has wronged them, as well.

  • The day that i really saw who Jacqueline was is when she wrote that disgusting blog last season about TRe….that blog was so gross and hurtful….and WAY before the poshe fashion show. She claimed she wrote the blog because she felt that Teresa was being fake about her “financial situation”….why do you care jax? Was that the reason you gave her a public flogging in the form of a blog? Once i saw this…i knew that Jax was not a real friend to Teresa. Prior to Jax’s explosive blog, tre had not said one nasty thing about Jax. Even if she did…it was WAAAy dispropriationate to what Jax did. From calling her every name in the book on twitter to writing that hateful blog….her hands have been the dirtiest of them all. Jax has a history of throwing people under the bus…she did this to Dina (for danielle no less) and now she is doing this to Tre. In the past three seasons Jax has damaged three relationships at one point are another…..four if you count her daughter. The only person she is somewhat good with is Caroline. That says a lot.

    • I forgot about that blog. She ripped T for being a hypocrite because T called her family out on why they joined RHONJ. That was a doozy. Yup – cannot be trusted again.

      I wonder if she had some sort of a breakdown this season. Too much pressure. Too much drama. And probably too many bees buzzing in her ear about how T is no good. She couldn’t cut through the BS and cracked. I really do wish her well. Hopefully she can learn from all this.

    • I watched the RHONJ marathon the other day and had to chance to watch the second half of the season since I quit watching after the Christmas party at the sex pots house. Caroline was so nasty. In every show she made a remark to whoever was with her about how Tereasa always would say that everything was okay and never talk about how bad things really were. It was like Caroline just could not handle that fact the Teresa didn’t go crying to hear about all the problems between her and Juicy or her money problems. Every espoiode Caroline had to talk about Teresa’s problems and soon everyone else was talking on camera about Teresa’s problems. Everyone except Teresa. Jac, Mel, Kathy, Rich and the manzo mob and even Al all the joined the “lets make sure to talk about Teresa problems on camera so the world with know all her issues” bashing. Caroline turned into a mean old lady this season and treats the sex pots like they are just another friend of her sons just like Greg. It is fine with her that they had sex in a public rest room or that Joe drops his pants on the golf course. Jac will never be able to be friends with anyone again unless Caroline approves. Jac will never see that she played a role in what went wrong in the relationship because according to Don Carol Teresa caused all the problems in her life.
      Just one more off tract thought: When is Lauren going to get a friend her own age and quit hanging out with her mother?

  • Poor poor Jacquline, once again with the side ways talk. Does she not realize that her friends of over 10 years or better than her RHONJ friends? The ladies, Dina, Teresa and Danielle, who were her friends befor the show are real and those as a result of the show will dump her when things get rough. Jacquline says she her own person now is her chance to prove it. Stop following Caroline’s led on who to like and be friends with.

  • Jac is so transparent (just like Caroline, Mel, and Kathy). Why do this PUBLICLY? She is just doing damage control. I would forgive Jac, but not be friends with her, just civil. At least by forgiving and being civil, I could be in the same room as her. Tre should do the same but not get sucked into the likes of the Manzoz/Lauritas/Wakiles/Gorgas. They are toxic and when they want revenge, they go for the jugular and THAT is not cool! They all make everything public and they literally try to destroy you and your livelihood out of revenge. Not to mention Jac is both wishy washy and schizophrenic.

    I hate to be negative because I would LOVE for everyone to LOVE one another and get along, but some people go too far and make it hard for you to trust them and, sadly, this is the case. Its toxic and not healthy. All for fans and a tv show? Honestly, I only think this PUBLIC act of forgiveness is because their reputation is at stake and the public doesn’t like them anymore. If people were still “on their side,” they would feel both vindicated and validated and wouldn’t feel the need to make amends because they would think that they’re right.

  • Did Jac finally realize that Tre didn’t set Melissa up at the fashion show? Or maybe she finally realizes that Melissa is scum, not Tre. I don’t like how she says “forgive those who have wronged me”. I guess the viewers will be the judge of that. I don’t know, I just don’t trust Jac.

  • I can only say that I am happy to see Rox cleared this up for me,I personally spent most of the holiday with my family and friends ,so I missed many tweets. You rock Roxanne, I do understand what Jac is saying. She will not be friends but she has forgiven. We ALL have no clue what really has happened and yet they have said to wait to see season 4. I for one, am going to wait and see what happened. It is driving me crazy that it has already been filmed. But that is how it is. Luv ya Rox’s!!!

  • Jacqueline….PAY ATTENTION PLease.

    you are the biggest drama queen of them all. You continue to use Twitter to publicly engage with people who have been trying to steer clear of drama. Instead of keeping a private family issue private YOU tweeted Dina about coming to Caroline’s holiday party…almost begging her to…TACKy. This is a private matter that Caroline AND Dina have been good about keeping within the family…YET you feel the need to make it public….grow UP. You act like this mother teresa to the public…but i think you are unstable and a pot stirrer. I know Dina was pissed, as she got a barage of tweets judging her and talking about Caroline. UGh….what you did yesterday was not called for. It made a sensitive situation even more uncomfortable. STay out of things that is not your business and stop inserting yourself in things that have NOTHING to do with you!!!

    You retweeted someone alluding to Tre putting out all of these stories about you after your friendship ended….sweetheart you cannot continue to blame Tre for everything that goes wrong for you. Did tre bring the bankruptcy against you and Chris…NO…did Tre tell the BLK people to sue you guys for stealing their product…NO…..as far as the stripper/escort story….that story has been out about you since season one my dear. Tre hasn’t mention your name not once since the reunion…yet you seem to not be able to move on……because she Has.

    Whenever people try to move away from drama…here you are to stir the pot. Since the season wrapped…Tre and Dina have been minding their own business…why go there. Do you not have their direct number to txt your “fake forgiveness email” ??? Could you not call them directly to express these feelings?? Do you not have their address to say this personally? No you wanted to do this publicly to gain some kind of sympathy and attention. PUaleez!! GLAd no one responded, as i am sure they know your game by now. Grow the hell up Jax. For once i see what Ashley has been saying all these years about you.

  • Jacqueline is full of it! She’s just trying to make peace with Teresa with hopes of getting back on the show because of all her financial needs. She has law suites, creditors, and who knows what else. RHONJ is a paycheck she really needs, but doubt the producers can trust her after her twitter-rage the day after Posche Fashion Show. She’s done and she’s just trying to kiss anyone’s ass that can help get her back on. She broke her contract when she spilled vital details of what was filmed, that’s fact!
    Jacqueline, you screwed up and aligned with the wrong side. Karma’s a BITCH!!!!! Hopefully Teresa doesn’t fall for your act, doubt she will, because it’ll just bite her in the ass. Your true colors, along with Caroline’s, have shown through. You’re not Teresa’s friend, otherwise you would’ve never left her side.
    Not to worry, Teresa has her own new alliance for S5 and I reckon it’s her SIL Sheila & Pete and Penny & The Greek. Teresa will be just fine and she won’t have to worry about them changing sides; they have their own agenda and targets. S5 should be fun to watch.
    Karma’s a BITCH!!!!!

  • Jac has no right to consider herself a victim, because she falsely accuesed T of setting Mel up. She owes T an apology.

    • I agree but that probably wont happen because as we know Jacqueline is so full of her self she thinks she is so much better than everybody.

  • I don’t think i could trust her again after what she did it is unexcusable, I would forgive her but I would move on and have a very limited friendship with her because the trust is gone and will not come back, but I hope teresa accepts it and walks away and says goodbye to Jacqueline forever.

  • In the words of Teresa, “Yeah, whatever.”

    Jac sends people preachy posts while accusing those people once again of wronging her. She needed to read and follow those teachings herself. She missed the whole point of what they were about.

    • Well said. I agree. IMO Jac is the Queen of Delusion and runs her mouth constantly just to try to stay relevant.

  • When I first read her tweet, I was so hopeful that maybe they could get passed the bad year. But then I remembered that Jac ripped T to shreds after the fashion show and again and again (saying she was faking getting out of bankruptcy, she never stopped spending, there is no love in their household, what Caroline about T at the reunion was true, etc). It’s not just one rant. It was many. Who could get passed that? Who could forget that? Unfortunately, I don’t they will ever get their friendship back. Sadly, that ship has sailed.

    • And if she were genuine, what’s with the public display on twitter?

      Dina called it BS. I’m inclined to see it her way.

      • Jac needs to read what she posted. If she really wants to forgive and forget she needs to accept what she has done wrong then pick up the phone, write a letter or stop by and have a talk with Teresa and Dina.
        To me I think the Jac wants back on the real housewives. After Jac’s twitter fit and all her family drama she knows that she is losing the popular vote and is trying to get back in everyone’s good graces.
        Sorry Jac but too little and too late.

      • If she really wanted to make peace she would of did it in private! She did it on twitter cause she knows it makes her look good. It was BS like Dina said! #FAKE

  • I find it funny that the text in the bottom picture says “take all the blame if needed”, yet nowhere does Jac acknowledge any wrongdoing. It’s all well and good to forgive but if you can’t accept your share of the blame I don’t see how reconciliation is possible. Most of the drama at the reunion and on twitter was directly caused by her.

  • I hope they can move on. I really like Jac…just don’t understand why she has to hate so hard in a public forum and then try to act like she is the peacemaker. Kind of schizophrenic to love and then hate that hard. People that turn that hard on someone scare me. They either say only good or only bad, and Jac has proven that time and again, both on the show and on Twitter. Also, it is not cool to call out a family member in public. If Dina has a problem, I believe she has a reason to have a problem and it is not Jacqueline’s place to call her out (for all the world to see) on Christmas Eve.

    Again, I like Jac…she has just been super tacky in the past few months and I don’t get it. In terms of having a reason to hate Teresa, I think she is mad that Teresa is doing the makeup line and has a drink coming out with Blk out. I get not liking Teresa, it would be annoying to have a cast mate who loves the spotlight, and even worse always gets it because she is a fan favorite. Not a reason to call them such hateful names on Twitter or allow your mother to do so. Not a reason to tell the world you accept Kim G because she is a neighbor and you should “love your neighbor” after that person leaked photos to hurt a former friend.

    I also think it is convenient that she wants to make peace now, after seeing fans voice their disapproval of the bullying of Teresa. I think she does not want to be associated with that, Roxy, and you and your forum are probably the one to thank for that. I feel bad for all the women, especially Teresa, because who in the world should they trust? This show has proven that Teresa cannot trust her family or her other cast mates. I certainly would never trust any of them again….especially those with twitter vomit problems.

  • Maybe Jacqueline realizes that there is a backlash against the Laurita/Manzos and their phonyness of late and wants to save face. Used to be a big fan of hers, but if I was T I wouldn’t trust her again. Her twitter rants and crazy behaviour after the infamous Posche still lead me to believe she is cookoo for coco puffs as Bethenny would say.

  • I think its nice of jac to do did you see dinas response to jac tweet? Hopefull Jacqueline won’t be stuck up Caroline ass and be able to make her own decision that would be a great new years resolution

  • It is nice that she has decided to forgive those who she believes have done her wrong, however, if she does not apologize to those who she has done wrong to, she will never have that *peace* she claims she has.

  • I think maybe just maybe jac is realizing maybe it wasn’t Teresa that was in the middle of the set up or maybe she just doesn’t like being hated on witch is understandable I always liked jac & Teresas relationship and hope Caroline will stay out of it they could probley all get along! Great job Roxanne!

  • Jac likes to play drama queen and victim.. Why is it so big of her to offer an olive branch to T? T didn’t do ANYTHING to Jac. Why do it so publicly on Twitter..Everybody else kept it classy yesterday on Twitter except Jac..why you would feed into her drama is beyond me…Dina is smart to steer clear of that branch of the Manzos…they’re wacko.

  • I hope they can forgive each other. Just like you said I hope they can move on. They don’t need to be best friends but they just need to move on! Great scoop! Love how the housewives talk to you!

  • If I were Teresa, I would forgive Jacqueline, but I would never trust her again. No offense to Jacqueline, but she is so wishy washy sometimes, I would be afraid she’d tell Caroline something & we all know that Caroline files information away to be used at a later time when she wants to destroy you.

    • Agree Aunt Julie. Although Jaq appears to be a genuine person, her behavior on twitter awhile back showed a very different side of her, and I am not convinced that her intentions should be trusted. T has never aired her disgust about any one person publicly and regardless of what she may say to someone directly, there is no proof of T saying mean and hurtful things about any of the cast mates on public forums. Forgiveness is a good thing, and I believe they will come to peace with each other, however I do not foresee a close friendship as before, bc the trust has been broken.

    • I feel the same way!! Not once does she acknowledge any wrong doing on her part…we ALL have had issues with friends and family, and have had to make amends on both sides…seems suspect that she is only forgiving misdeeds against her, not any misdeeds that may have been her doing? I find it hard to believe that she is totally blameless in ALL issues she is ‘forgiving’…no one is that perfect!
      Again, just my opinion…

      • I agree…….I really liked her and Teresa they were my favorites and she REALLY DISAPPOINTED me. Not sure I can ever feel the same about Jacqueline again……but I am so PROUD of how Teresa has took the high road thru all the bashing these “friends” have done and held her head high!!!

        • Me too. Not feeling the love for Jacqueline anymore. Mostly due to her failure to accept accountability for her behavior and her habit of flying off the handle.

          • I agree with you gals….Teresa should forgive and move on but there will never be a friendship like they had. After someone you have loved and trusted publicly betrays you the way Jacqueline did, that friendship has forever died. So, Tre, make peace with it and keep moving forward as you have. The fact that Jac got on twitter yet again (probably after a few essnoggs) and felt the need again to tell the world what she felt at the moment leads me to believe that she has second thoughts, guilt and deep down knows she was wrong to jump on the bash Tre band wagon with the rest of the loosers….be careful what you wish for Jac, cause you got it…Trehas more class than you will ever understand.

  • I think it’s a beautiful gesture, however I am left to wonder why Jac seems to take the role as ‘victim’…What did Teresa do to Jac that was so wrong? I don’t mean to be so negative, and I’m sure we will never know the whole story…Just seems like Jac is saying ‘i forgive all who have wronged ME’, but NOT saying ‘i also apologize to those whom I have wronged’ Just my opinion…

    • With Jac it’s a ONE way street, notice she had issues with ALL those she tagged, Danielle, Dina and NOW Teresa

      • She’s playing the victim REAL well, she just said she’s no longer waiting on an apology, FROM WHOM? someone please get this chick some laced eggnog.

      • She lied about Teresa over and over again. Teresa would have to be a fool to ever trust her. I don’t like liars and Jaq is a HUGE liar.

  • I tell ya, Jealousy will consume you and make you bitter. She started it, or least she could have handled the WHOLE privately, but she was the ONE who went on twitter calling people ignorant and scums, she should try to forgive herself FIRST.

    • I agree! You never saw Teresa put out all Jac info on twitter. Just cause you have a fight with a friend dont mean you flip out and tell your friends private stuff. Jac went way to far and I will never look at her the same. (she was my fav). Does she mean it or just trying to look good cause so many people turned aginst her?

  • Are you kidding me Roxanne? U published a story that we have all seen for ourselves on twitter for a couple of days now, this is not “EXCLUSIVE”. Pathetic.

    • She never directly said she is making peace with Teresa. That’s why I asked. And she answered me exclusively. That makes it exclusive. Thanks for checking out the website 🙂 sorry you misunderstood

    • Lol you shouldn’t even respond AllAbout! It’s clear they didn’t read the whole story and see how Jacqueline spoke to you and answered you. She never tweeted any of that or clarified if she is talking about Teresa. Haters are always going to hate. And hey they are on ur website and keep coming on it. Great work with this one

    • um, seriously lets not be that mean towards Roxanne! I had not seen this story so thank you Roxanne. I have been extremely busy preparing for relatives and the holidays. As for the friendship, I pray its true and not just another way to setup Teresa!

    • Wronged her? Are you kidding me? Jaq is the one who has slandered Teresa relentlessly. Jaq has a lot of nerve. I’m just so done with these women who tried everything possible to get the public to hate Teresa’s guts and blame everything under the sun on Teresa. Not to mention the fact that everything they have blamed on Teresa has been proven as lies. No Jaq! NO! You just leave Teresa alone, Teresa is happy and hass no drama since she has been free from you monsters. So NO!

    • for people like me, and PLENTY others, i was not on twitter to see this, nobody scrolls down for hours to see what they missed on their timeline from a while back, so this story was exclusive and VERY informative for me…not to mention for everyone else because Jac personally told Roxanne that she wanted to make peace w/ Teresa, honey! thanks for the exclusivity, Rox 😉

      • Shut up notobessedwithtg ur a nasty person disgusting bitch don’t read it then we didn’t tie u up to make u read it but ur just a coward behind ur computer pathetic!