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LeAnn Rimes Vs Brandi Glanville: Let’s Discuss

Leann Rimes is the stalker and now wife of Eddie Cibrian while married to RHOBH star Brandi Glanville. When news broke out that LeAnn and Eddie were having an affair. Eddie called LeAnn a “speedbump” and tried working things out with Brandi Glanville. Brandi once told US weekly that LeAnn is a stalker!
“LeAnn is a stalker. She refuses to leave us alone — it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance.”
Brandi even said that LeAnn intentionally tracked down her husband at a L.A. Lakers game on May 17 — two weeks after he changed his phone number to end her “constant texting and calling.”
Brandi added, “LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants. She’s hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom.”
Sadly, LeAnn got to Eddie and they are both now married. (Perhaps, he liked her money?)

Check out these photos from a twitter account called @MissyMacDD of LeAnn literally doing everything Brandi does



And Check Out This

Plus check out this video of Brandi talking about LeAnn and Eddie’s “connection”

Let’s Discuss



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How does Brandi deal with it? I personally wouldn’t be able to!

Let’s Discuss


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  • Why doesn’t anyone blame Eddie? He should have ended his marriage if he was unhappy instead of having affairs. He’s put the two women that he’s “loved” enough in his life to marry pitted against each other. Who does that? These women are worth more than that.

  • Leann, you disgust me. I bet you feel like such a fool. Take your crazy a** back to wizard of oz with your cowardly lion looking a**.

  • That DOOBIE chick needs to go down in court for this and if I were the Smileys I would make sure it happened. Little do they know to the extent DOOBIE plays people.

  • Leann’s relationship is not going to last Its not as strong as their prior one. Eddie is a dog and Leann a Bit*%. Two left crooked players don’t make a right. She’ll regret it, and it will haunt her down for the rest of her life.

  • Maybe Eddie picks out LR’s clothes so the joke is on her… LMAO she will NEVER be Brandi. She is ugly inside & out and Karma will get her too maybe. Most women with her money would be leery of an out of work actor with 2 kids, but you never know. Just give it a few more years a younger version will come along and it’ll be bye-bye LR

  • ugh…leann rimes is gross. brandy is waaaay better looking. that out of the way, I think he will leave leann just as he did brandy. once a cheater always a cheater…and yes…karma is a bitch, leann.

  • Seriously, S nailed it.

    LeAnn really needs to call off her friends from doing her dirty work because she is angry that Brandi 1) was there first and 2) (let’s face it) is prettier than she.

    Eddie is a total POS for letting this continue. He is a cheater and a crappy dad. You got a real prize there, LeAnn!

  • OMG!!! I’m so disgusted right now! I really hope other blogs and publications pick up this story and call Leann out on this crap!! This is beyond High School crap–this is scary, obsessive behavior! Brandi should get a restraining order. It’s like Single White Female but worse–she’s already taken your place in the family, she probably wants to have you killed next! I think this obsessive behavior shows that Leann is seriously UNHINGED and there should be court ordered psychological testing before Leann should be allowed to be around those kids.

    If Leann’s loser friends spend this much time harassing and obsessive over Brandi, that must be ALL Leann ever talks about when they’re together.

    Seriously–this story needs to be in the mainstream news (Good work AllAboutTRH!!) Who is the twitter user that compiled this? Friend of Brandi? They are awesome! Now take it to the police or family court or something!!!

    LEANN RIMES, YOU ARE A SAD, PATHETIC LOSER! You’re telling the world that Brandi is better than you, and you’re working so hard to be exactly like her.

    I can’t imagine dealing with a public divorce when you have 2 young kids, but to have the other woman obsessively TAUNT you (or instruct her friends to do it) and spend all her time thinking about you–and then you have to send your children over to her house?! Jesus. It’s too much.

    FRIENDS OF LEANN RIMES: you are disgusting losers!!! I hope someone starts stalking you and calling you out on all your BS! WANNABES!!!!

    I’m so disgusted right now…

  • my opinion is that he married both of them, because they are similar. if they didn’t hate each other they could probably be friends bc they do have so many things in common. you honestly think she has the time to search each shoe, bathing suit, hat, tweet, article etc. she has a career, and probably a stylist… it isn’t that big of a deal. I’m sure you could go through every celebrity and see the similarities between them all. this is a cheap shot. she got the man, why would she want to be like the girl he JUST LEFT? think about it… i like Brandi but enough is enough, let the women move on!!!

    • Actually, Leann MORPHED herself into Brandi, that is why they look so similar. It’s creepy and very telling that Leann goes out of her way to look like Eddie’s ex. Now why would Leann feel the need to look and dress like Brandi if Eddie is as into Leann as she would have us believe?

  • This is wat KILLS me…..Lean Rhimes has the right to be happy, but it annoys the hell out of me when she tries to rub it in, have some class. Tweeting things like “Today a year ago Eddie proposed 🙂 wow, time flies. Gonna go celebrate later before heading to his mamma’s for dinner!” I mean come on who are u fooling!? u cheated on ur husband and not only that with a MARIED man! Then u have the audacity to talk about ur marriage proposal….im not saying don’t be happy im saying keep something private so that u don’t look like a complete FOOL on tv!

    • That’s the thing, Leann isn’t happy. It’s like she is trying to use twitter to fill the void in her marriage and to cover up the fact that her in-laws don’t like her unless of course she is giving them gifts. Maybe if more media outlets called Leann out on what a fake her marriage is, perhaps she will think twice about bragging. We all know that Eddie didn’t propose to Leann. Leann bought and designed her own ring and told Eddie that they were engaged. The guy had his child support reduced, so how is he going to pay for a ring when he can’t even pay his own child support?

  • I wasn’t convinced before, but now I see how truly mentally ill Leann is. That being said, I think one of the reasons Brandi wants this to stop is because she isn’t innocent in the “internet bullying” arena either. I’m sure the attention also makes the situation even more intolerable for Brandi.

    I hope Eddie gets stuck all alone, and that both of these ladies get the inner peace they desperately need.

  • Leann is a miserable insecure bonus cum dumpster. She is not the kids mother not even a bonus mom, she is only fincical security for Eddie. Eddie is not innocent and he should really put an end to Leann’s twitter and her silly horse face games.

    Brandi has had 3 kids, is a little older but looks 100 times better in a bikini than Leann does!!!!

    I would say karma is a huge bitch but considering Leann’s face it looks like karma already hit her.

  • I bet we can all agree that Eddie is a worthless piece of cr@p husband and father who if he gave two cents of a damn about his kids would tell LR that she must stop encouraging that twitter harassment and bullying now.

    • Agreed. I don’t understand how he is overlooked in this situation. He’s responsible for so much of this hate. These two women love this man who has turned their lives into bitch fights, jealousy, competition and neediness. So sad.

  • LeAnn doesn’t love and respect her stepsons because if she did she wouldn’t be bashing BG every chance she gets, and she would have told her friends to stop. She encourages all this bad behavior, and EC does nothing to stop this. He needs to be a father, and tell his stupid wife to stop disrespecting the mother of his kids, and just let everything be. LR & EC have disgusting behaviors. Go Brandi! LeAnn continues to copy you… It’s annoying, but flattery is a good thing. Just like how Melissa copies Teresa on everything… Lol.

    Brandi, continue to take care of your beautiful sons. Ignore LeAnn, and remain sexy! We all know LeAnn can’t stand all your hotness…

  • They need to cover their bodies they are gross; really OMG that thin is sick looking and not in a good way

  • Brandi is not blameless in this,the boys will see her remarks as well. If she wants it to end, stop complaining about Leann. She, they, are hurting themselves and those boys. Brandi is making it not ok to them like Leann, so She says something on twitter. Brandi stop reading her twitter and do not allow others to even tell you about..Let Go He Gone!

    • You do know that 90% of what Leann Rimes tweets ends up on some blog, magazine, or tabloid, right? So knowing this how come Leann won’t stop tweeting about BG and EC kids or setting up photo-ops with them? LR can’t get out of this by blaming BG because LR had every chance to make this right, but she continued to encourage the attacks against BG and even rewarded her fans by buying them gifts or taking photos with them.

  • It seems like LR copies Brandi but come on… the whole “leave my family and my man alone” bit ? I feel bad for her because he was playing games. He made LR out to be a stalker when in reality, he wanted her. She probably didn’t even stalk, I bet he invited her to come see him at that Lakers game. He wanted to cheat, he wanted to be with her. Let’s be real, if he wanted to stay with Brandi, he would never have been “brainwashed” by LR.. not even by money.

    • again, it is not about the affair, it is the pretending to take the high road while she lets her friends bully her step-children’s mother! If she loves those boys, she should not allow that to happen. it is juvenile and petty.

      • If there was a real case of stalking and taunting, Brandi could take it to court. Until she does, it doesn’t matter. If she herself is telling everyone to stop talking about it, why won’t her fans respect her wishes ?

        • Leann’s behavior just keeps getting worse and worse and no one is going to ignore that. The courts thought it was a good idea to allow Leann to be in the presence of those two kids, so we know that the courts don’t always make the best decision.

          This is what we mean. With all the criticism, Leann still insists on having her fans do her dirty work.

  • I am so shocked by this. What is most disturbing is the tweets her friend makes about Brandi’s boys dirtying the house, and car which means that LeAnn secretly complains about them, as opposed to her very fake public adoration of them. If Eddie ever dumps LeAnn, she would discontinue her relatonship w/those boys hurting them in the process. Kids are very innocent and believe they are truly loved by someone who showers them w/love. Hope that won’t be the case, but she doesnt seem trustworthy one bit. She comes across as a conniving self -serving…you know what. Truly disgusted!!

  • All I have to say is be careful Leann Rimes cause KARMA is a H-U-G-E
    B-I-T-C-H!!! and trust to know it will come back and BITE you in the rear, heart, and or both. We will be reading about him leaving you for someone else in the future.

      • They are doing the same thing they accuse Leann of doing!If wasn’t so sad it would be funny.Brandi has asked several times for it to stop but they keep on.If they are such fans they would abide by her wishes and move on.

        • Why are LR “fans” always rewriting history. This doens’t stop because LR just won’t let it go. Like now how she has sent her “fans” to this site to do damage control. You would think that after she has been exposed for using her “fans” to attack BG, that LR would call off her “fans”.

  • Leann’s belly button in the middle of her stomach appears to be the result of a tummy tuck. Also notice the weird triangle thing on her abs? Why didn’t she get surgery on that face of hers? I don’t think there is a plastic surgeon around who could improve that! Leann, you really shouldn’t be photographed in a bikini, cause the media is only gonna put a pic of Brandi next to you and everyone can see how obvious it is that Brandi’s body and face are waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than yours!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh yea Leann really needed a tummy tuck.LOL There is more to a person than how they look and Eddie apparently preferred Leann. It was wrong what they did but is in the past and can’t be changed.

        • Yeah, because a man who loved his wife would leave her and jeopardize his relationship with his children, not to mention risk losing full custody… just for money ? Let’s be real guys. He wanted her and he got her. He DOESNT WANT BRANDI

          • He wanted her back no doubt about it, but see here’s the thing he’s all about the benjamins! and status..c’mon he thought he was going to go somewhere with this washed up trout face.

          • Eddie wanted Leann’s money. Why do you think she has to bribe him with cars and trips to Cabo. And now it appears that she had to tear up their pre-nup just to get EC to engage in pda with her while in Cabo.

          • that’s where you got it wrong sweetie. Eddie begged forgiveness & brandi decided to try to make it work and they started counseling. Coincedentally (not really) a video was leaked of Leann sucking on Eddie’s fingers a month later. Leann leaked it because she KNEW Brandi would be done. Before that Leann followed them EVERYWHERE-showing up on dates Brandi & Eddie went on…she stalked them constantly. Once Brandi saw that video she kicked him out…he still woudn’t leave begging her to take him back-he finally left two months later and went to Leann. She knows she wasn’t his first choice and THAT’S she wants to make Brandi’s life a living hell.

      • Did Eddie perfer LR? LR is constantly going out of her way to look and dress like Brandi. Now why would that be so if Eddie perfered LR? What Eddie perfered is Leann’s Money. Leann is on vacation and has been tweeting nonstop. She also tweeted the entire time during her honeymoon with Eddie.

        • You guys, whether or not he wanted her money doesn’t matter ! He cheated, he chose LR. End of story. The man is a cheater and a liar. If he wanted Brandi, he wouldn’t have left her and the kids for money lol.

          • He didn’t chose Leann. Why do you think LR went to US Weekly and had them expose the affair. No matter how you spin it at the end of the day, EC still called LR a speedbump. He had no intention of marrying her, she was just a publicity stunt. Everything went wrong when his ex-eife refused to take him back. So then by your own logic EC doesn’t want LR. Keep in mind that EC was engaging in pda with his ex-wife when he was supposedly wanting out of the marriage, and now we are seeing the same pattern with EC and LR. Excessive pdas=EC doesn’t want LR and it’s all an act. Which is why LR is constantly giving EC cars and things like that.

  • i didn’t like brandi at first but she has since grown on me. i wonder if she can use this twitter crap in court and get full custody of the boys. LR belly button is in the middle of her stomach, what up wit dat? 😀

  • Brandi is hardly a saint. She doesn’t have to engage in a Twitter war with LeeAnne. That’s a choice. She doesn’t have to keep discussing their issues publicly either. Yes, LeeAnne cheated with him and on her own husband. However, if Eddie wasn’t game she would have been unsuccessful. Why didn’t he take out restraining orders? Men can be very cold and heartless towards women they don’t want. Eddie is just sitting back letting these two fight over and about him. Somebody needs to be the grown up. I choose Brandi because she’s the mom. Their children are going to grow up and read all this mess and form their own opinions. They need to keep this private and out of the media, IMO.

    • Yea,finally someone that agrees with me! If he wasn’t ripe for the picking he couldn’t be picked.If it hadn’t been Leann it would have been someone else.As for the outfits,that is really reaching.Except for being short not much alike.Give it a break people,give it up and grow up!If everyone would stop tweeting and talking this bull crap it would all go away and all would be better off.People are acting as if this is the first time a man has cheated and left his family.For once think about someone other than yourself and the fun you are having bashing someone and think what you are putting out there for the children to see.The gossips are worse than the ones actually involved.Let Brandi.Eddie and Leann work it out,all the others aren’t helping Brandi.Let her heal and move on without constantly rubbing the past in her face.

      • Eddie called LR a speedbump, so that there tells us that he had no intentions of leaving. He cheated on Leann in Oct 2009, but that was covered up by Leann Rimes. EC cheated before and he had no intentions of leaving his wife, so the difference is that Leann had MONEY. And LR encouraged his affairs by offering him jobs on CSI and trips to Cabo.

    • If I could I’d like this post a dozen times. People cannot see the marriage was over before Leann entered the picture.

      But once people question Brandi, they get harassed. Because people cannot handle the truth.

      • again, it is not about the affair, it is the pretending to take the high road while she lets her friends bully her step-children’s mother! If she loves those boys, she should not allow that to happen. it is juvenile and petty and shows her true character.

    • But that’s just it, BG is being the grown up and doesn’t engage in the twitter war, but what can she do when Leann Rimes and her pals are ALWAYS attacking her on a DAILY basis. At one point Leann was feeding he twitter fans info about BG and then having them sell that info to Star magazine. The sad part is that Leann has these very same people around BG and EC kids.

  • LR should watch what she says and does before her so called husband starts playing the same tricks on her like he did BG! Or maybe he already has… A blow job or two? Very likely!

  • Soon those boys will be able to look this stuff up and see how terrible LR was to their mother. Wow is all I have to say she is total TRASH first for being a homewreaker then for speaking like this about a women who is the mother of her so called “Bonus Kids” who calls your stepkids Bonus kids anyway like they were a door prize when she married Eddie. WTF get a life LeAnn

  • This is so disgusting! Obviously none of these people are putting the children first! How awful that Leeann is letting her hanger-ons talk like that about her step-children’s mother! Even if Brandi was awful (which she does not appear to be), her concern should be for the kids, not to make sure the world knows it! This really shows a huge lack of maturity and an entitled personality. For me, I will boycott any magazine that she is in or on and never buy her music again. She took a significant talent and has used its proceeds to do wrong when she could have made a positive difference in the world. She should be ashamed!

  • Dang, Leann acts like a teenager. Can’t she have her own kids with Eddie? Leann has Eddie so why is she trying to make Brandi’s life a living hell? Leann has no integrity and doesn’t know when to stop. Can’t Leann’s parents make her stop? Why does Eddie allow this to go on?

    • The fact that LR and EC do not have kids smacks of karmic retribution, no?
      Bad things can happen to good people and bad people but sometimes it seems to just feels like karma.
      Or she thinks kids would “ruin” her body.
      Or that she wouldn’t look as good as BG did/does after carrying 2 children.



    • Eddie doesn’t care about her trout smelling pussy! He’s with her because of the money! I bet you he eats her shit on an ice crem cone while he secretly watches RHOBH! LR should go eat one of the Marco’s sisters asses! 🙂

      • he’s probably already cheating on her. That’s why she’s obsessed with becoming Brandi–because she doesn’t feel like he’s into her, and she knows he’s a cheater!! Sorry Leann, it doesn’t matter how you change to look like Brandi–she lost him too!! And you know why? Because he’s a disgusting loser who’s probably bitter that his career has never really taken off as much as he thought it would, so the only way he can feel good about himself is to be wanted by women. And there will always be some insecure pathetic woman around to f a guy like that, coerce him into marrying her, and then go PSYCHO when he leaves her. And Eddie’s ego is really going to need a boost since Leann is the breadwinner in that family. His crappy career (just had his Playboy Club show cancelled) isn’t bringing in the big bucks. Better stick your dick in a few girls until you start feeling better about that, Eddie…

  • and to think “how do i live” is my & my hubby’s song…guess we’ll have to go w/ Trisha Yearwood’s version b/c Leann is a mean, spiteful, psycho homewrecker! I cannot stand women who run around w/ married men so even if she were sweet as pie to Brandi she’d still leave a bad taste in my mouth. He’ll cheat on her sooner or later & that’ll be good for her! In the words of Nene “close ya legs to married men!” Bloop!

  • I adore everything about Brandi, notably her refreshing honesty and authenticity. LeAnn has really turned herself into a pig; she is a vile, loathing woman who seems to have no character nor qualities.

  • This breaks my heart for Brandi. I will now boycott anything Leann or Eddie do. What disgusting hypocrites they are. Brandi is beautiful and dealing with a difficult situation and for the “other woman” (i know, they’re married now, she’s still a hussy/mistress to me) to rub salt in her wounds is disgusting. LR shouldn’t be allowed around those kids..

        • totally! encouraging friends to talk badly about her “bonus” kids mother is just tacky! shows what kind of people she hangs out with.

      • LMAO, that’s very immature. People do bend over to kiss Brandi’s ass, and I’m not the only one who notices. 🙂 MANY people have noticed what Brandi really does.

        • So Leann is upset because people have sympathy for Brandi? What exactly did Leann think was going to happen? Did she think that she would be able to do all this mean and nasty stuff towards Brandi and get away with it because People magazine glorified her actions? What I find quite interesting is that even after being exposed, Leann and her people are still attempting to trash BG.

        • I’d bend over to kiss BG’s ass 🙂 she’s crazy but smokin hottttt!!! Hahaha. Leanne Rhymes though? Not even if you paid me a million dollars #cibrianwhatwereyouthinking

    • It’s funny how people will use these type of defense tactics without realizing how worthless they are. Troll.

        • Uhm, ok, “beloved”? Childish hyperbole aside, this blog is about Real Housewives. If you think it’s ass kissing to have an opinion about the content of this post that doesn’t agree with yours, then you can shut it. I can choose to agree/disagree with this very PUBLIC matter without being an ass kisser, thank you very much, just like you can. Except, oh wait, you didn’t have an opinion on the topic.

    • So basically what you are saying is that Leann is upset because people have sympathy for BG. I guess Leann Rimes wasn’t expecting someone to use her bad behavior towards BG as evidence against her.

  • Leann isn’t bullying anybody. My God, some of you really need to learn how to get over things. People bash Leann so much for no reason that they neglect their own lives and tweet hate 24/7. I pray for such evil souls. 🙁 Brandi is NOT that special to begin with, and she encourages bullying.

    • ..cheater is a cheater and a freakin skank is a skank…keep praying for Leann as she was the sinner. Worry about your little hero’s soul. Brandi is pretty special since Leann is trying to look just like her (epic fail) Honey..Brandi was a model it shows in her looks, Leann was an awkward kid and the only thing going for her was her voice…what does she have now? She’s washed up..her man is a joke and a known cheater. She was 2nd choice…poor thing. (NOT)

    • People are not bashing Leann, they are commenting on the things that Leann Rimes does and says, the things that Leann Rimes puts out there. Leann Rimes was the one who decided to copy BG and then set up the staged photo-ops documenting it. Leann has no one to blame, but herself.
      People are not being evil for simply calling LR out on her bad behavior. Seriously all Leann had to do was close the twitter account/blog and stop setting up staged photo-ops. Brandi must have something special about her, since Leann Rimes went out of her way to copy everything she does.

    • Even IF Leann isn’t bullying anyone directly, the people ske keeps closest to her ARE. I’d be ashamed to have my friends treat anyone like that, I wouldn’t like to think that someone I held dear could be that nasty to anyone. You can tell a lot about someone by the people they are friends with.

    • There is something not right with your head, to DENY THE FACTS ABOVE IN BLACK AND WHITE. Brandi has never encouraged bullying but LR as PROVEN above, has not only encouraged it, she ACTIVELY ENGAGES in it.

      Stop your nasty lies, because the above evidence is not something that you can deny. Its all there in black and white. I pray for your immoral, trashy and evil hateful soul.

  • Ok just one thing they keep calling BG a ho but whos the ho well if you ask Tiger Woods he would say LR oh hell I fuced her and she suced Bawhaha look it up LR was one of his Baggins

  • WOW! kinda shocked at all the twitter harassment of Brandi – makes me hate LR even more than I already did.

  • all I can say to this is wow. I had an idea that LAR was insecure and obsessed, but no Idea that it was to this extent. I guess that’s also why LAR dropped all that weight!

    • It doesn’t matter how much weight she loses; she will always be ugly both inside and out. The day will come when Eddie will do the same thing to her and find another speedbump. How she managed to get not one but two guys to marry her is beyond me.