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Joe Giudice Indicted!

RHOBH star Teresa Giudice husband, Joe Giudice was indicted on charges of fraudulently obtaining driver’s license earlier today by a Passaic Country Grand jury. NorthJersey.Com reported it saying, “Giudice allegedly obtained a driver’s license at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office in Paterson in June 2010 using Pietro’s marriage and birth certificates, authorities said.

The investigation began after Pietro Giudice was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Lincoln Park last March, Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes said in a statement.

When the officer ran Pietro’s information through his mobile terminal, the search yielded Pietro’s information but Giuseppe’s photograph, Valdes said.

Giuseppe’s license was suspended at the time, and is still suspended.

An investigation by the prosecutor’s Financial Crimes Unit, the Motor Vehicle Commission and the Lincoln Park police revealed that Giuseppe Giudice had obtained a New Jersey driver’s license utilizing Pietro’s identifying documents.

The charge of wrongfully using identifying information is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The impersonation charge carries a maximum 18-month prison sentence.”

What do you think about Joe Giudice getting indicted?

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  • He got a DUI after crashing into a tree..look up the accident pictures, it’s not a small accident. Luckily no one got hurt. I do think he should serve time for this fraud crime. He should be more worried about his children and not out drunk driving. He drinks all the time and could use a program to help him out. He has also racked up two other fraud charges..in regards to their finances, which was luckily dropped because they withdrew their bankruptcy..and when he signed someone else’s signature to home loan. This is a pattern for him..he will use whoever he can to get ahead. They are both con artists and if it wasn’t what seem like everyone’s “beloved Tre” people would find them guilty and shady. People are right that it is about the kids and their parents should be giving them a better example. This family makes me sad and mad.

  • Stoopid Housewives responds. Apparently Passaic County moved forward with the indictment after Joe rejected a revised plea deal whereby they’d have gone after the aunt and the family friend. Dumbass.


  • If anything, his celebrity, such as it is, will result in tougher sentencing as DAs and judges like to severely punish a few celebs when they can. It’s not like he’s someone with real power and influence, he’s just a recognizable name, so it’s a cheap and easy way to look like they treat everybody alike – while still favoring the people in their own social network.

  • Joe is disgusting, what a cheater now he put himself on the level of the mexicans who run across the border. He stoled someone’s ID, why in the world would he have to do that. The only reason would be he’s own Identity is so eff fucked he would rather go and buy one.

    What a winner he is, first never pays bill. T has to get them caught up. He CHEATS on Tre with younger pretty ladies. Which makes me question those girls, since he’s disgusting but then again, look at Tre. Drinking and driving arrest and now this. What a loser and Tre is a loser for pretending he’s perfect just so she can portray her family as perfect. She’s a fraud too!

    • He deserves prison time. He purchased a fraud ID, that’s what Mexicans do when they run across the border. Why the F would he need that…something is weird there. First illegally signing he’s business partners name, now this. Put the selfish pig away!

      • Do you have some obsession with Mexicans or something? Geez, you have to mention them in every comment of yours!

  • It was stupid of Joe to put his family at risk. I agree, 10 years is extreme but he did break the law and should serve something for what he did. I hope this is the end of Joe’s involvement with the law.

    • 10 years is ridiculous considering the levity of the crime. I think if he is found guilty, then he deserves punishment, but certainly not 10 years. I would say the same thing if it was Poison Joe instead of Juicy Joe too.

  • I cannot be the only one who thinks joe is a complete pig. He drinks to much, talks down on his “family”, and is just plain disrespectful. I’ll never get over he episode where he fell and chipped his tooth. He was drunk and yelling gay slurs and bashing his OWN wife saying how he “took her back” and T came “crawling back”. Teresa is better off without him. Joe guidice is the problem forthis family. And I hope they lock his ass up. Period.

    • He is irrational and quite verbally abusive when he drinks … how much different is he than most others?.He will go to trial, possibly a year of jail time max and probation ..Tre.. she believes in the vows she took before GOD .. for better or for worse …

    • Joe is not my favorite. Teresa is. It made me cringe to see him behave that way in front of his children.

      I think it will be even more painful for his children to know their father is in jail too.

  • I’m sorry, but lol at how upset some of these commenters are getting over this place being full of Teresa stans who aren’t cursing Joe’s name right now. Who cares? Whether everyone here is “delusional” or not, what difference does it make in your life? It’s a TV show. People have their favorites and some people will rationalize anything their favorite does. That’s life. It’s what people do. Who gives a shit? That really shouldn’t make anyone fly into fits of rage. It’s really not that serious.

    • Its called compassion and empathy. Yes, they are on TV but what about all of the homeless, orphaned, abused animals that are shown on tv? Should we not care because IT’S TV? Last time I checked, showing concern for others is a GOOD thing.

    • The use of the word “stan” and your whole post is passive aggressive. Basically you’re calling out all Teresa fans as obsessive & acting like they’re beneath you, yet here you sit posting on the very same message board stirring the pot.

      You are no different than any “stan” on this board whether it’s a Teresa fan, Melissa fan, or any other HW fan.

  • I know Joe broke the law and that was an incredibly stupid thing to do, but 10 years is a little crazy as a maximum punishment. I hope he just gets probation, a huge fine, and like 150 hours of community service. Even if Joe does get off lightly, I would imagine defending him is going to cost a pretty penny. This better teach him a lesson, but to me he seems like the kind of person who doesn’t learn from his mistakes. If he loves his family he’d straighten up his act. I hope this isn’t too stressful on Teresa; she seems to have a full plate already…

    • Im assuming if this would’ve been an Mexican who bought a fraud ID most ppl would say “throw the book at him” what he was very illegal and he deserves major prison time. He’s a pig and he doesn’t deserve special treatment. Plain and simple, throw the pig in jail!

  • I love Teresa and it’s sad, but at the end of the day, Joe gets what he puts out. He wanted to obtain fake documents to get a license, he deserves to be punished. Period. However, I don’t believe in the whole ‘do the crime, pay the time’ nonsense because more often than not the punishment is harsher than the crime committed in cases like these. His punishment should match the crime. Yes, he obtained fake documents and whatnot, but it’s not severe enough to serve 18 years in jail or even 10, for that matter. But given Joe’s track records, who knows.

  • If he’s guilty, he should be punished, however, as a former employee of the police dept., I can tell you there are far more serious crimes occurring and those folks are not doing much if any time on those crimes.

    I think they’re making an example of him which sucks, since they are armed robbers getting off at the same time.

  • p.s. it’s too bad it didn’t happen in California, because nobody goes to jail there due to overcrowding. Just ask Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton.

  • I am a big fan of Joe Guidice, so it pains me to say this, but what he did was very, very wrong and he should be punished. He could have hired some out of work kid to drive him wherever he needed to go, but instead he broke the law, and in this day and age of illegal immigrants and terrorists getting fake licenses, (Several of the 9/11 terrorists got their fake licenses down here in Florida) I take this crime very seriously. He presented false documents to the government to obtain a drivers license. That is a serious crime. He had his license suspended for a D.U.I. and it probably wasn’t the only time he drove drunk, believe me. I can’t believe he did this to Teresa and the girls. I am sure Melissa and Joey are gloating. But it is what it is. And there is no excuse for it.

    • I agree with your post too! I love the Giudices, but with Joe knowing what hot water he was already in, he should have cooled it and started being on his best behavior. Seems like he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. If he gets time, I hope it only for a few short months (3-6), but he needs to learn so he can set a better example for his family and himself.

  • I feel sorry for the 4 little girls… if he has to go to jail… what will they think? Thank Goodness Teresa works hard and can financially support themselves! xo

  • i ain’t afraid to say that i hope joe gets only probation…
    with all the crap going on out there?
    uhhh sandunsky anyone ?
    using your brothers ID ?
    sorry… unless he’s hurt someone it just isn’t a big deal …
    lock up all the child molesters first ,
    than we can talk about ‘fraud’ …..
    good luck joe !

  • Obtaining a fake drivers license is not the same crime it used to be before 9-11. Homeland Security takes this kind of thing very seriously. I’m sorry, I love Teresa but her husband is one sleazy character. I know how devoted she is to him and the sanctity of marriage but I would love to see her get rid of him. He does nothing but drag her down.

  • When you commit a crime, you have to be ready to face the consequences. All he can do is hope that the court is lenient with his punishment.

  • Not a smart move by Joe. Fraud is fraud. Jowever, he won’t even spend a week in jail. He’ll probably be out on probation. The reason why he isn’t getting flak from the fans of this site is because Joe doesn’t sit on twitter talking trash about his family, like his brother-in-law.

  • Some of you people on this site are so hypocritical it’s disgusting. If this was Melissa Gorga being indicted you’d all be going bat shit crazy …. Instead because it’s your idol Teresa it’s all “oh this is petty not a big deal” IT’S FRAUD, STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES. THE GIUDICES ARE FAR FROM INNOCENT. yes this is Joe not tre but please he’s a fucking asshole give him the credit he deserves as such

      • I agree! He did something illegal so he deserves whats coming to him. I still love Teresa and still love Melissa but he did somethig illegal and got caught

        • It’s true, he was wrong, but he does not twitter or do interviews on the show bashing his family. He never presented himself as a boy scout to the public. This is why Melissa deserves to be called out on her bullshit lies and he does not

    • Thank you for saying what most of us are thinking. Everyone is taking sides like they are personal friends of these people. This is a tv show. How much of this stuff is REAL? At the end of the day Teresa, Melissa, Kathy, Caroline, and Jacqueline don’t really give a happy snappy about the fans.

    • I am a Teresa fan but I don’t approve of what her husband did. He should get some type of punishment, jail time or community service. Wrong is wrong.

  • Who cares if he’s indicted he’s not who i watch, i watch Teresa. He’s her man and she will be there for him. Anyone who sits back and judges with some crap about illegal and make him pay blah,blah,blah..better remember life has grey area’s. These people arent Sandusky or some bankrobber causing physical harm so give me a break. If he did it then he will need to do his time.

  • To me, this is simple. He blatantly and knowingly broke the law. Period. He got caught. He is now facing the consequences. No victim, no crime? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Try these on for size: Do the crime , do the time. You play, you pay. Don’t gamble more than you’re willing to lose. Apparently, Joe was willing to gamble quite a bit on such a “petty” crime.

  • Ha! This is so brilliant. Finally…it’s a Christmas Miracle. Hopefully there will be one less Giudice out in the public soon. Who could ask for anything more?!?

  • Joe must be some kind of an idiot to do this. When you’re already under scrutiny for committing financial crimes, AND you’re well known because you’re on a TV show, the LAST thing you should do is try to skate on your punishment for proven past discretions. I bet they throw the book at him to make him an example because many people will hear about this case, due to his reality show fame. Joe really needs to smarten up and stop being so pigheaded

  • you are all freaky and delusional. let me rephrase this normal adult men in normal circumstances do not get fraudulent government identification. “tre” is an idiot and her husband is a criminal.

    • yes they do. Lots of guys who lose their license due to dui’s look for ways to get a fake driver’s license, every day of the week. Mostly because they can’t be served alcohol without showing I.D. and many places will only accept a valid state driver’s license as form of I.D. Or they want a license so they can rent a car to replace the one they cracked up in their dui accident. I’ve heard these reasons and others in my years behind the bar. I agree it was stupid of Joe, and that he deserves to be punished, but don’t make it sound like he was committing some kind of terrorist act by trying to get a driver’s license

    • Why does it bother you so much that freaky and delusional are your terms? Normal adults do not need to come on a blog to attack other people for thier opinions either. Right?

    • Why would this make Tre an idiot? If you know anything about an Italian family, the men do what they are gonna do and tell the women not to worry about it. We have seen this on the show a million times, and no where do Joe’s actions make Teresa look like an idiot. They make her look like a woman who’s husband tried to pull a fast one and got busted for it. This is not a reflection on her at all.

      I hope they can get through this awful time, and put all these bad decisions behind them. I hate to see this kinda stuff at Christmas – no matter who it is.

    • Nina, you are freaky and delusional if you think “normal adult men in normal circumstances” don’t get fake fraudulent ID’s and/or driver’s license when they get their current one suspended. The only difference between Joe Giudice getting caught and the million of “normal adult men in normal circumstances” is the simple fact that Joe’s business is all over TV and the press for the world to criticize whereas the other adult men who do the same thing aren’t scrutinized by the media and America.

      And how on earth does Joe acting like an idiot and doing something stupid make Teresa an idiot? Just because she’s his wife doesn’t make her guilty by association and just because she’s married to him doesn’t mean that he’s going to do and listen to what she says.

      • Dear Nina … please define normal man, because i always heard the saying goes like.. We are all married to the same one with a different last name!

  • Look at these posts 🙁
    Why are you letting posters drive this site downhill?
    I really miss the fair and balanced reporting…..
    It’s nothing but a Tre fan site now…..
    You realized you have educated readers outside these obsessed Tre fans…..right?

    • Yes I do. And everyone has the right to have an opinion no matter what it is. Everyone is welcomed to AllAboutTRH

    • um..fair & balanced reporting is supposed to be for CNN or Fox not a blog #1…this site is great. It would be unethical to block posts #2 and just because someone is a Tre fan does not make then uneducated #3.

      • CNN is far from fair, it’s known across the world (outside of the US) to be a biased and brainwashing channel 😉

    • When you click on a headline to read an article or posts on any of the Giudice family, odds are, your going to get Tre fans. Seems rather self explanatory. If that bothers you, read the other housewife posts. Like RHoA, RHoBH, RHoOC, RHoM, or RHoNYC, all of which, have links at the top of this web page. Happy Holidays! =)

      • Not true. There are more balanced posts on this family everywhere. Even posts NOT about Tre here turn into cult like praise for Tre. She is your idol and you trash anyone thats ever deal with her. The woman clearly has anger management issues and a whole other hosts of issues. She’s no different than any of these other Bravo women. NONE of them are anything to write home about!

        You all that seem obsessed with your praise for Tre alone.
        You all realize that your posts say more about you then they do Melissa (or anyone else) don’t you? Your making this site look bad….. This site used to be different.

        Perhaps a name change to the site would be in order? At least your being upfront that way?! This site could have really been something……

        • 1.) I’m not a cult follower of Teresa’s.
          2.) Why should Roxy change the name of HER site?
          3.) If you’d like a site where Teresa fans are not allowed to express their feelings, why don’t you create one?
          4.) There are plenty of people who read and comment on this site that aren’t Teresa fans. All are welcome as far as I can see

        • OK, back to reality.
          Number one,
          Your quote: “She is your idol and you trash anyone thats ever deal with her.”

          That is a blanket statement, but in using the word “you” in your sentence, you have just made it specifically about me. Please find one post of mine where I have “trashed” anyone.

          Number two:
          Your quote: “Even posts NOT about Tre here turn into cult like praise for Tre.”

          “Either she REALLY REALLY loves this baboon, and my God Bless her for doing so, or she is the biggest idiot on earth.”
          “its fraud people! Its crazy messed up! Normal people don’t get fake driver’s licenses! You really think this doesn’t reflect on “Tre”?”

          Doesn’t look like a total love fest here.

          Number three:
          “You all realize that your posts say more about you then they do Melissa (or anyone else) don’t you?”

          Out of the 88 posts I read, only five mentioned Melissa, three of which were complementary. Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

          Number four:
          “Your making this site look bad….. This site used to be different.”

          This is a relatively new site, a matter of weeks. It’s always been this way.
          Again, whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

          • Oh, and Number Five:
            “You realized you have educated readers outside these obsessed Tre fans…..right?”

            Your post:
            “You all realize that your posts say more about you then they do Melissa (or anyone else) don’t you?”

            That post definitely said a lot. I believe most “educated readers” realize the word is “THAN”, not “then”.
            Happy Holidays, yet again. =)

          • I agree. Even those of us who dislike Melissaare willing to say that she’s gorgeous… it’s just her actions that seem to put us off. Juicy Joe did a terrible thing, we know that.

    • Tre fans, as well as non-Tre fans, can be educated, boo. Stop criticizing the people that like her and calling them stupid for doing so. In your sad attempt to make her fans look unintelligent, it actually make YOU look uneducated.

  • Oh Juicy Joe. Everyone makes mistakes, and I pray to God for the sake of Teresa and the girls that his time isn’t too long. I have so much respect for Teresa supporting her husband through all that’s happened in the past few years. Hope things get better.

  • its fraud people! Its crazy messed up! Normal people don’t get fake driver’s licenses! You really think this doesn’t reflect on “Tre”?

  • An “insider” told another blog that Joe got off with a fine for ratting out his aunt at the DMV and the father of a friend. Whoops.

    • I read that also (forgot the blog) that he got off doing just that. That must have been a very bad lie, or there is something going on behind the scenes like a bigger investigation. These Gavones (not just Joe but the whole lot of them Manzo’s and Lauritas) aren’t too bright. By putting so much light on their little operations and airing alot of problems they are making a record or starting point for a federal investigation of all of them and their friends. Remember the Fed is very good at flipping people. Eventually we will see a report that many of the NJ wives and husbands are caught up in a RICO action.

      • It was Stoopid Housewives who reported on Joe’s supposed wrist-slap. I think the same insider also told her that all the families on the show are/were being investigated by the IRS.

  • He needs to stop acting stupid and grow the f up…ugh. How the hell does she deal with him? Who told him this was a great idea.

  • It’s illegal. I don’t care if it happens every day, it’s still illegal. I don’t care who does it, they should be prosecuted. I live to the letter of the law and don’t feel entitled enough to commit fraud and neither should he, rich, semi-famous or not. He should be held accountable. As for Teresa, I respect that she stands by her husband, I wouldn’t expect her (nor would I) do anything besides that!

  • The children are the ones that suffer in mess’s like this. If Tre stays she has a STRONG constitution because this woman has definitely been through some really tough times because of Juicy Joe. Either she REALLY REALLY loves this baboon, and my God Bless her for doing so, or she is the biggest idiot on earth. Talk about your trial and tribulations because of your spouse. WHEW…wish her and her girls well.

  • This was just a dumb move on his part but things like this happen all the time and people are so quick to criticize these people on reality shows come on get real! Im sure all of you behind these screens are perfect little souls and don’t make mistakes I just think people need to relax on the criticizing. These people provide us with entertainment and all we do is put them down and judge them through a tv screen

  • Wait…..didn’t I read over the weekend that this charge had been dropped because he cooperated with investigators and provided the name of a relative who worked at the DMV who made the drivers license in question for him? I know I read something about this charge and relatives….I was under the impression that this issue was over and done with! How sad for this family, the mistakes of the past seem to jump up and bite them just as they are on the road to recovery.
    Btw- I have been reading for awhile, never posted before. Love this site- keep digging Rox, don’t let those bullies bring you down!

    • Found it! What I read was on the SH blog, article dated December 14, 2011 entitled “Whatever happened to Juicy’s drivers license problem?”. I can’t get the link to post, my apologies.
      I guess this indictment means the ‘SH exclusive’ was incorrect. Interesting, but still makes me sad for TG and her sweet little ones.

      • I guess StoopidHousewives’ “very reliable New Jersey “insider,”” fed her a giant load of crap. It really makes me wonder about the credibility of her blog and the information she obtains from these “anonymous sources” and “insiders”. I know AllAboutTRH publishes emails from anonymous sources too, but at least Rox doesn’t claim them to be true/factual. SH claims her sources are never wrong and that her “exclusive information” is correct. I wonder how long it will take for the SH blog to post a retraction and apology…

        • I agree. Rox always asks us for OUR OPINION and whether we think it’s true or not… she doesn’t claim that the story is true.

  • Hopefully all goes well for him….he made a mistake…guess he will have to pay for the crime and I am sure that she will stand by him until he comes home and his kids also..now will the time when she really will need family…should be interesting!

  • i think this is a petty charge myself. it’s not like there are victims out there like copyright infringement and fraud and such. this is a victim-less crime. not like he was a hooker or stripper or nuttin, lol

    • I disagree. There are potential victims. His license was suspended because of his poor driving (DUI, I believe). If he’s back on the road, he is a hazard on the road. People who ignore the law should suffer consequences. I hope he doesn’t get 18 months in jail. ‘But if he did the crime, he has to do the time.’

      • Key word being “potential” victims. I would like people to ask themselves how many times they drove intoxicated/buzzed. It’s horrible to do but, many people are guilty of it. I agree he needs to serve time also but, ten years would be excessive when gang members who get caught with unregistered guns get less time.

        • Yeah, this is a waste of the county’s time. This is nothing- I was ready for something juicy (oh yeah, pun intended) like tax fraud!

          • if ashley got away with ripping out danielle’s hair then this is really low, cause danielle was actually a victim, like her or not. and i don’t like danielle by the way. NO VICTIM, NO CRIME

      • I agree completely. At the end of the day if you get banned from driving you are banned for a reason. Therefore you should be punished if you fraudulently obtain a licence.

        Fair enough people may think that the resources could be better spent, but what if a banned driver crashed into your car injured you/your partner and weote your car off or ran over one of your children.

        Driving laws are there for a reason, and should in my opinion upheld.

        I am from the UK and I have never driven drunk or high. I just couldn’t do it, I know plenty of people do – but that doesn’t make it alright. I know people that have driven on a ban too – they don’t seem to realise that other people lives can be at risk from their recklessness.

        • Re: running over kids- Then you sue them into the poor house. Good use of resources. I am not saying he shouldn’t be punished, I think a heavy fine would do. Keep your eyes out for the prosecutor to run for office after this.

  • For Tre sake I hope it ends well! She has been through enough!Would probably go easier on him if they weren’t in the puplic eye so much right now.Good luck to them.

  • Teresa will be fine she is a tough cookie & when the going gets tough Teresa gets her ass together and takes care of her family. Joe made a bad move and is dealing with the fallout. How many people bet gorgas & Wakiles are excited and doing high fives but, in public will try to act concerned without making a single call to Teresa directly. No doubt they will try to act concerned for their own image.

    • Absolutely agree! Melissa is disgustingly fake. I’m sure Joe will get off semi-easy because he needs to work to pay off his debt, and Teresa will be strong like she always has.

      • Joe is a liar and a cheat, and you are what company you keep. So either the “heaven scent Teresa is innocent or just plain effing dumb”. I pity Tre she pretends her husband isn’t a drunk, isn’t a person doing something like fraud, (making himself a fake I.D. has to make one think, why in the world he would do. Oh I know, cause his real I.D.,sucks..you know, fake SS# all the stuff the mexicans who run across the border does, hahaha, he’s patheic) I vote for her just being so dumb and trying to have the perfect family, when in reality it’s not. She’s a lie.