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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof!

AllAboutTRH had an exclusive interview with one of our favorite housewife’s, Adrienne Maloof! Find out who Adrienne is closest with from RHOBH, where you can get her fabulous shoes and if she has any regrets since being on the show!

What were your expectations when joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
It was something different and fun, and it has been great as a platform for my businesses and charity work.

How much has changed since being on the show?
I didn’t expect filming the show to be as intense as it has been. I am getting used to cameras. I may have been busy before, but now I get half as much sleep and have twice as many things to do!

Who are you closest with on RHOBH?
I would have to say I see Kyle the most, because we go out together as couples, our husbands are also good friends. It has been an emotional journey with each of these women, and I have felt especially close to each of them at various times over the past 2 seasons.

What are your thoughts on Taylor’s tell-all book?
I wish her all the best.

How do you balance work and being a mother to three young boys?
My boys always come first. I do my best to schedule work around them. Scheduling and a great assistant are key.

You and Paul make a great couple. Can you tell us how you met him?
I’ll give you the short version — he will give you the long. I met him through a mutual friend at a party. Not, as some have said, while he was injecting me with Botox.

Your shoe line is fabulous and I know your working with Charles Jourdan. How did you become partners with him?
They had approached me when I had decided to move forward with doing a shoe line, and it seemed like the perfect fit. Charles Jourdan is an iconic brand that has been around for years, that has exceptional quality and timeless elegance.

Where can viewers find your shoes and purchase them?
They can find them at select Macy’s, Belk, Lord and Taylor, The Tannery, and assorted fine boutiques nationwide, including David and Sal,Shoe Shop, and World Class in Miami, as well as La Scarpa and Shoooz in Las Vegas ad others.

Who are your fashion icons?
A fashion icon, to me, isn’t just about their specific style or taste, but about their approach to style. I would have to say Princess Diana, she was elegant and classy with a touch of sex appeal. She was devoted and was constantly doing charity work. Coco Chanel, always pushing the envelope. I love Sarah Jessica Parker as well…

Any regrets since being on RHOBH?
The show has been a great platform and BRAVO has done a superb job. The have a great team of brilliant-minded people. The hardest part of the show is that you can’t take back what you say and now the whole world knows.

What’s next for you?
The sky is the limit.


Adrienne is simply fabulous and geniunly real. AllAboutTRH wishes her much more success and happiness in life!

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  • Ana you are the real representation of our immigrant population- You are class, intelligence and a great Cuban sense of humor. Loved the way you set Kramer straight he has been nothing but a bad mark on Miami since he moved here.
    And I admire you straight from the hip comments about Lea Black, most people take short cuts in life and they believe that money will buy you class and living vicariously thru her husbands money , and patronizing her house keeper whom encourages her sons Asperger’s condition. She clearly is nice to people outwardly so it can make her feel superior. how sad that everyone feels the need feed her ego – I am also a Cuban American immigrant who surrounds herself with interesting women who have made a life for themselves professionally and break the mold people want to put Hispanic women into submissive etc… I am a physician education paid for by my hard working parents who always told me to remember who I was and to be proud of our heritage no matter what , education not marrying up was the great equalizer and the only path to being truly free.
    More power to you keep talking, love your spirited comments , speak your truth always !

  • Adrienne, heard a rumor you are returning to RHOBH, please say it’s true! The show is not the same without you and last season with the whole witch vibe was just creepy. You are so well-spoken, you are able to totally verbally bitch slap someone and they don’t even realize it till much later. Lol. #PRICELESS!!!!

  • Adrienne was not cut out for reality tv because she lives in her own world. Worst plastic surgery ever, tasteless clothes and shoes, and pathetically dating boys.

    However, for those of us who live a less privileged life, you certainly made us feel happier for our less gilded lot in life.

  • She is not even on that show anymore. Not married to Paul anymore . This page and comments needs to be updated. If you cannot do it let me have your job. I don’t work.

  • I don’t watch RHONJ because it’s “real”, I watch it for entertainment. It’s not a documentary, who cares how it is edited! I tune I every week!

  • I am so glad your shoe line is successful and you are getting the last laugh! The show has become a trashy, trainwreck so you and Camille jumped ship at the right time! Let the others go down with the ship, because ratings for the reunion show were WAY down, hence, Andy being mad:)

  • How would you feel if you were renewing your vows and an ex friend of yours comes into your home that HOUR of your renewel unannounced and uninvited, does not say hello to you the host and proceeds to cry about their breskup then LEAVES without a word to you the host? AND THEN adds insult to injury by furthur complaining infront of a camera how selfish the host was for not coming over and asking how she was…..I am not surprised Paul and her broke up. Selfish….

    • I don’t like Adrienne, but she WAS invited to the vow renewal. Lisa didn’t expect her to show, and she was late and very rude to Lisa and Ken when she did show, but she didn’t show up “uninvited”.

  • All these women in my opinion and the other housewives franchise are attention seeks why would you in on a reality show and air out your dirty laundry to the world unless you think you’ll get something out me it whether its attention or promoting their business or breaking into some sort of entertainment. Whatever it is they certainly make my family and friends look normal and believe me their not lol

  • Adrienne is a despicable piece of work. She is desperate for fame and attention. What she needs to realize is that the public finds her unintelligent, vacuous, underhanded and superficial. She looks like a plastic surgery mutation, and acts like an angry little, vicious troll. She makes my flesh crawl, and I truly hope she is fired from RHOBH. She is an outright LIAR and sues Brandi for telling the truth?! She had a surrogate carry her kids…”shocker”. LOL She is also deranged, because she pays people to make positive comments about her on the Bravo blog (probably here, too!) and continuously refers to non-existent “FANS”. PLEASE GET RID OF HER, BRAVO>

  • Come on people…it was mean of Adrienne to treat Lisa like she did on the reunion.Jealous’ perhaps of Lisa’s success? Her”chef”I is also an ass & was clear of his distaste for Lisa.Also…you could have asked what the hell was up with the BIG SECRET that Bravo bleeped out of the show?

  • Adrienne, please continue to stand up to Lisa Van der Pump, and don’t put up with Brandi’s abuse. You don’t deserve to mistreated the way they have been acting towards you.

    • Yes! Lisa’s true colors are finally starting to show and I think it would be a great time for Cedric’s book to come out! Good for you Adrienne for showing class and not allowing someone like Brandi to bring you down to her low class level!

  • Cool interview.crazy how your getting interviews only a month in. I favorite this website. Adrienne is a class act

    • In re: to [ALL of] the above comments by “HELLOKITTYGIRL rawr”…. Do you know ANY of the Housewives personally? I’m confused as to why you feel you can speak for any the ladies first hand. Never, in any of your comments, do you use the terms, “I think”,”In my opinion”, “Most likely” or anything that would convey you are simply relaying your personal point of view from the standpoint of a fan. Everything you comment gives an impression of certainty as if you know each of the women well enough to make absolute statements about their feelings, personalities, etc. Can you please clear up exactly what your relationship is to them, and why you never convey exactly what justification you have for conveying an impression that you re in a position to offer this first hand knowledge?

  • I like Adrienne but I would caution her on getting too close with Kyle. I think Kyle is a poor excuse for a friend.

    • Kyle is a good friend and it’s been shown over and over again especially with Taylor. Before anyone starts in with the whole Lisa thing, Kyle has never said anything negative about Lisa and when she said Lisa might prey on the weak, she was absolutely right. Taylor is the weakest one out of all the ladies and quite frankly, has been the one Lisa has been hating on since last season. It’s not Kyle’s place to tell Lisa how Taylor feels about her especially since both Lisa and Taylor are Kyle’s good friends.

      Just because you’ve known someone longer doesn’t mean you can’t be loyal to another friend you’ve known for a shorter amount of time or that your loyalty should lie directly with the one you’ve known longer. That’s silly. Kyle has had Taylor’s back so many times last season and this season even when she doesn’t deserve it. On top of that, Kyle has had Lisa’s back plenty of times as well in blogs and in interviews. So what if she didn’t tell Lisa why Russell and Taylor emailed her or if she didn’t tell Lisa about her conversations with Taylor? Like I said, Taylor is also her friend and whatever the conversation they have, it’s private. Taylor needs to be a big girl and instead of whining to Kyle about, confront Lisa.

      • Kyle was acting all of 13 years old last season. Mean Girl, Bully, whatever floats your boat. She was nasty.

        • I totally agree. Kyle is nasty, mean, bully. She calls other people mean girl –she is mean. We have not forgotten how she treated Camille. And how she treated Brandy, before she even knew who she was — just innocently at a party with a foot brace on and Kyle is over there gossiping like a jealous school girl. She is gross. Sbe is a shit stirrer.

          • I completely agree with Sarah’s synopsis of Kyle. She gossips about everyone, even her own flesh-n-blood, sister. While I’m happy for Kim that she’s is getting her life in order; it was not Kyle’s place to oust Kim in front of milliions of viewers. If she really wanted to help her sister with an intervention of sort; this should have been kept to family only; and a if she were a loving sister, she would be more supportive of Kim; instead of always displaying doubts and criticisms’. From what I view on TV, Kyle is not a true friend to these ladies behind their backs; as she would have them believe face to face. She’s seems to act as though she’s just into herself, too much! If it’s honesty one is looking for, I think Lisa or Adrianne would be the people who would most genuinely be a truthful and faithful friend. Neither one of these ladies need their money to prove they’ve got class. I hope they both can get past their differences.

          • Well, now the same can be said about Brandi. The show the show began to look like a train wreck the moment Brandi hobbled onto the scene..What is she doing on the show? She is NOT a housewife???? Brandi has brought so much negative energy to the season and its almost unbearable to watch. Lisa used to be classy but her new show just looks trashy and vulgar! Wake up ladies and go back to the fun loving housewives you used to be without Brandi!

        • Yup ,Kyle is a nasty person,Friend and she can’t have more then one friend at a time cuz she would go nuts she can’t handle it that’s the way she is

  • This and the others are nice, lighthearted interviews. But the truth is, all of this is completely sanitized and say the same party-line about their show, their “co-stars” and Bravo, which is to be expected as that’s part of the contract.

    • I’m not surprised at all actually. Adrienne and Kyle has a great connection even on the show. I see they tweet each other a lot. What’s more surprising to me is how pretty much everyone on the show (except Brandi and Camille) are closest to Kyle.

      • Kyle brought the cast for RHOBH together, which explains why they are all friends with her. We’ll see how long that lasts during season 3, though…

  • Wow you continue to amaze us with your great interviews with our favorite housewives keep up the great work! Xoxo

      • -Is it true you and Lisa no longer are getting along. Was there more too the bachelorette party drama then what we saw? Are you still close with Taylor? Are you really the god mother of Taylor and Russells daughter. would have been just a few.

  • Congradulations on the interview. Adrienne is great. She is calm and drama free. Favorite housewife on beverly hills

  • Wow! This is awesome. Congrats on the interview! You continue to impress us on your website. Adrienne is my favorite housewife out of all the franchises. I like how she answered who her fashion icon is.

    • Adrienne Sucks!!! Im so glad Paul divorced her. Who’s going to complete her plastic surgery now? Oh wait…she’s had soooooo much plastic surgery that she is set for LIFE!!!She dresses so tacky and her shoe line is so UGLY!


      • I agree with you 100%. She thinks that because she has money that she can be a designer. Well that may be true, however, her shoes are HIDEOUS! She is pretentious and thinks she is the most important person in the world. She needs to GO!

      • I don’t like the person she has become this season at all. Never thought I see her lie so much. I can’t believe she is dumb enough to listen to Bernie her asshole chef.

        • NYDeb123″ This is what I’m talking about she not and All The Lies she has said she can’t keep up with them. Adrienne is a low life…….. Cuz of all her lies come on now.

        • People need to realize that on season 1 Adrianne made a complete fool with a season of Lies she’s a trust fund baby who inherited everything she has and on season 2 she became a malicious nasty but you got to see the real Adrienne. So I was not at all sad to see her go because I she learned and if you google it her shoe line skin care line handbag line are all I joke to actual fashion designers and have been sincerely criticized. She doesn’t own up to any of her lies and betrayals to others, so right now karma has caught up to her and is giving her a big, big dose of it.

      • MARI” I couldn’t of said it any better then that, God only knows how much I can’t stand her an her ways. Adrienne is all done with Paul cuz she has taking everything already from him and now she’s like “NEXT PLEASE” but she goes with some “BOY TOY” that can be her Son were is the Class O” ya I forgot she don’t have any……..

      • I used to really like Paul and I liked Adrienne ok but they aren’t who I thought they were …they are bullies !