Melissa Gorga

Who Looks Better, Melissa or Her Stylist?

Pictured is Melissa Gorga and her stylist Alisa Maria (Will Love says Alisa pays Illumination PR to ‘allow her’ to style Melissa) at Heather Robinson’s VIP birthday bash on December 10, 2011 in NYC:

This is the event where, according to Sherri Shepherd, Melissa threw a drink on her stylist. Melissa doesn’t look as good compared to her stylist…maybe that’s why she threw the drink on her? Could it be that she and her stylist were fighting before the event and her stylist refused to dress her, so Melissa had to dress herself? Which would explain the 1980 Pat Benatar look. Look at how her stylist is dressed… there is no way she put Melissa in that awful outfit unless she was trying to take her down a notch.

After the Sherri Shepherd tweet, Melissa and Kathy quickly tweeted that it wasn’t them but someone else trying to pull a publicity stunt… And the next day she told The Huffington Post that the incident involved someone hoping to be cast on the RHONJ by causing a ‘fake fight’ at the event to get free publicity.

“She was at a party I was at,” Gorga explained to me. “I didn’t even meet her. Someone tried to cause a fake fight to get attention because they are trying to be on the new ‘Housewives.’ Someone pretended that they overheard me and [fellow Real Housewife] Kathy talking about a girl in the bathroom that is trying to get on the next season. I knew it was B.S. because we didn’t talk about anyone in the bathroom. So I called them out on it right away. The girl admitted it the next day. It was so stupid they were just trying to get attention.”

What she claims happened is apparently not what actually happened. Talk in the blogs is that Melissa and Kathy were overhead in the restroom talking about Alisa Maria. There are no other witnesses saying anything about the event other than Sherri Shepherd, so whoever was involved, contrary to what Melissa says, doesn’t want any publicity.

On December 12’s episode of “The View,” Sherri said a NJ Housewife was causing a commotion, throwing drinks, and that the fight involved a ‘stylist’. We know Melissa’s stylist Alisa Maria was there so the logical conclusion is that Melissa and Kathy were overhead talking smack about Alisa Maria, who must have confronted Melissa, who threw a drink on her during the altercation. Judging from what Kathy Wakile posted on twitter, they made up with Alisa Maria the next day (see below).

Kathy Wakile
@melissagorga @missnycmom @sherrieshepherd @ALISAMARIA1 We r working moms,smart enough 2 know not 2 hurt 1another,care abt building each up
11 Dec
in reply to ?
Kathy Wakile
@Kathywakile Kathy Wakile
@Kathywakile @melissagorga @missnycmom @sherrieshepherd @alisamaria1 glad,some1?s attempt 2 gain publicity,didnt ruin @MrsRobinsonNJ Party
11 Dec via Twitter for iPhone

Sherri’s tweets:

SherriEShepherd Sherri Shepherd

Why am I at a party in Jersey with Sal & one of the New Jersey Housewives gets into an altercation w someone! This is surreal & a #hotmess
11 Dec

Melissa Gorga was the one Sherri was talking about:

SherriEShepherd Sherri Shepherd
RT @melissagorga @SherriEShepherd No honey! Someone tried 2 pull a publicity stunt last night 2try & cause drama, I was upset they did that!
11 Dec

See all the tweets among those involved in, or a witness to, the incident (@Kathywakile @melissagorga @missnycmom @sherrieshepherd @ — except for those from MissNYCMom here):


She is a friend of Sherri who must have been at the event. Lysa Simpson tweeted MissNYCMom, telling her that she’s the one monitoring the account and thanking her for the follow.
MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Oh no…I hope u weren’t the #hotmess Sheri tweeted about last night… “@melissagorga: I thought I saw @SherriEShepherd last night!…”
11 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Terrible for some1 to try to ruin a holiday party. So glad they didn’t drag u into it! Yeah! “@melissagorga: @SherriEShepherd No honey!…”
11 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Sorry, u lost ur $, not Melissa! “@Cherryjai: @AllAboutTRH … @Teresa_Giudice wasn’t acting a fool so I’m putting my $ on @melissagorga.”
11 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Y’all deserve to have a good time w/out drama! “@Kathywakile: @melissagorga @sherrieshepherd @alisamaria1 ..didn’t ruin @MrsRobinsonNJ Party
11 Dec

SherriEShepherd Sherri Shepherd
by MissNYCMom
Apology to @Teresa_Giudice … thought you were at the party. I swear you got a doppleganger! Just as well – the drama didn’t involve you!
11 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Okay @SherriEShepherd most of us are so curious as to who was involved in the drama… Maybe it was a NY housewife? Hints please…
11 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
@sherrieshepherd Or EX housewife…Danielle Staub?? Danielle=Drama…
11 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Who? Melissa? “@RHONJGOSSIP: Have to agree with a post I just read- the more u talk about Melissa the more famous you are making her…
11 Dec

NaughtyNiceRob Naughty But Nice Rob
by MissNYCMom
14 Dec

HuffingtonPost Huffington Post
by MissNYCMom
Sherri Shepherd and New Jersey ‘Housewives’ Twitter feud
14 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
@RHOGossip Let’s stop beating around the bush…T didn’t want 2 share tvscreen & attention w/Mel. RHONJ was T’s gig,she even said so herself
16 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
@RHONJGOSSIP T, Mel & others need 2 be responsible for their own actions, good or bad & stop blaming “other one”. They need 2 act as adults!
16 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Crock of bull. I hate lies! So ugly. “@RHONJGOSSIP: She said that she would “gladly give up her spot to Melissa from the beginning…”
16 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
Ditto!! “@LaurensCrzyMom: @RHONJGOSSIP Are you talking about Teresa? If so, I agree 1000000% she is a hateful,SELFISH, self-absorbed bitch!”
16 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
LOL!! So agree. Teresa is NUTS! “@LaurensCrzyMom: @RHONJGOSSIP She’s a nutjob who thinks EVERYONE wants one does but her short…”
16 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
41 for #TeamMelissa “@RHONJGOSSIP: So far 31 for #TeamTeresa and 40 #TeamMelissa !!!! Keep em coming til 10 pm est! #RHONJ”
16 Dec

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
I still don’t understand why ur not bumped to business class w/ur FF. status? “@SherriEShepherd: Sitting in 13C next to an 8 year old…
50 minutes ago

MissNYCMom Kim NYC
I’ve followed but who monitors the acct & tweets?How do we know? “@LysaSimpson: Everyone show our sister account some love @themarcosisters.
25 minutes ago

LysaSimpson Lysa Simpson
@MissNYCMom I monitor account, thanks for the follow!
18 DecReply to:


More Photos Here

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  • Melissa is a fake ass, sneaky, skanky horsefaced bitch, married to a midget meatheaded idiot. Pathetic losers.

    • Sasha Grey is a cool chick who’s pursuing a mainstream career. Not sure what this has to do with Melissa and Li’l Baby Pants.

  • OMG Just read on Realty Tea that Melissa is selling Thank You Jesus T-shirts- HAHAHHA – WOW Fame ho’ing does not pay like it used to.

    • Assuming her shady PR rep is involved in this venture, anybody who buys that janky shit (if there is anybody who’d buy it) better think twice before giving out their credit card info.

      • Sure Boom; Tre did it first, and it was done on the first season, I believe. So that’s one difference. Also Her
        ‘love love love” was fairly original to who she is ; It’s authentic in that it actually reflects something Teresa says in real life. Whereas, Mego’s (oh what a ho!) “thank yoo jeezus!” is just crap…we all know that’s an act. It wasn’t authentic- more than likely she started saying it as soon as the cameras unloaded on her front lawn…Now she copies teresa with the tshirt hawking- It is pathetic really.

  • If Alisa Maria and MG made up, then why did I see over the weekend that one of Alisa Maria’s friends ‘unfollowed’ one of MG’s sisters on twitter. Then MG’s sister asked why did they ‘unfollow’ her. I think that it wasn’t about trying to get on RHONJ, since the cameras stopped following them since Season 5 was a wrap. I think it has something to do with MG being a shady person on her so called rise to fame. I am really getting tired of her always blaming the drama on someone wanting attention to be on RHONJ. Come on, use another line.

  • . All she needed was a beautiful neckace & a cute little shrug or wrap and she would have looked put together, and beautiful. Wearing dark tights (warm) with an tank top cut dress ( cold) together is not a good look for anyone – there is no balance, no statement.

    Like another commenter said “winter on the bottom, summer on top”. It just looks off.. you can’t even see her face cuz your eyes are too busy trying to figure out what’s going on below it. She has a gorgeous body, I’m not sure why she feels the need to constantly flaunt it, even if it means leaving behind a shrug/wrap because it might hide the cleavage too much.

    Didn’t her momma tell her that consistently showing so much skin makes a woman appear desperate and “cheap”. Maybe she did and Melissa just didn’t listen. No offense to Melissa at all, but it really looks like she is trying to hard to be “hot”.. when she would be much “hotter” with so many different options.

  • HI, Everyone. I know and have had both Alisa and Melissa on my radio show. They are both sweet souls and I’m sure this was a mis- understanding. We all – as fans/ commentators- whatever space we play in this- love a lil drama. Seems harmless and at the end of the day, look (!) we are all talking about it and want to Watch What Happens….
    I”m just glad it did not detract from Heather’s 40th bday and it seems all the ladies are fine with each other now.
    Jill Hickey

  • This is in response to Boom who responded to my comment:
    I didn’t say that Melissa knew Sherri Sheppard would be there. I said she knew she was there as in, hmmmmm Sherri Sheppard’s here, maybe I can use that to my advantage. Also, I never claimed to “know” this as fact. At the beginning of my comment, I stated this was my THEORY, and ended that it was just my OPINION. You seem to have a lot of anger in your posts. Lighten up!

    • No, not really . I just find most of these “theories” flat out ridiculous. And even if it was all for attention, what do you call flipping tables, starting fights at country clubs and trying on 15 way too young for you bikinis in front of your friends, their husbands and children ? What is that? Um, attenion whore much? Of course it is. ALL of them have it. You would have to, to be a part of a reality show. Why it’s okay for TG to act a fool and be a hot mess and no one else is ridiculous.

      • Melissa (Boom) get the eff off this blog!! Stop with the talking bad about Teresa bullshit and get a effin life you big loser!! Oh and you’ll never be Teresa so quit trying. YOU’RE SO ANNOYING.

  • Who is she? Is she famous? She looks so ugly. Haha. The woman on the right looks pretty good. Maybe she didn’t want this person to look better than her. It shouldn’t be a problem because Melissa is ugly so there’s no competition there.


    In response to her video – What a crock of shit! They are so fake and phony! I hope the audience is on Tre’s side because all the crap they’ve done are vicious. HAAA! They don’t want to help her. They are all jealous of her because Tre is successful­, and they aren’t. It’s really sad how they are always tearing her down all the time. They all need to stop. Tre has horrible friends, a horrible cousin, and an even horrible sister-in-­law. Stop pretending all of you ugly hags care because they only thing you guys care about is trying to become more successful, and outshine Tre which is already a complete fail. Do you see Teresa talking about you guys? No. Why? Because you guys are NOTHING! So irrelevant­! She doesn’t need to bring up any of them because she doesn’t care. They all have to bring Tre up, and manipulate things to try and make themselves look good because they are vile. Tre even says she doesn’t even talk to Kathy or Melissa so Melissa & bug eyed Kathy need to zip it. I can’t stand these ugly bitches! Especially Melissa’s ugly hair! GET A RELAXER, and an attitude adjustment you bipolar jealous witch!

  • MeGo is usually gorgeous but I definitely don’t like what she’s wearing here in comparison to her stylist.

    • Not MeGo fan but I agree she is pretty when she is put together. Her stress is showing. She looks thin and wash out and that dress is all kinds of wrong.

  • Alisa! HANDS DOWN! There’s no question about it. I don’t know why she would want to style Melissa the witch?! She is a NOBODY! Alisa is beautiful, and she needs to style someone who is beautiful both in & out. Why don’t she dress someone else who has style, grace, beauty, and a sweet presence to her? I just don’t get it. Melissa doesn’t have any of that. She isn’t kind and humble. Her style is lame! No pizazz! She doesn’t have a natural sexy appearance. Her aura is all wrong, and she isn’t cute. She’s very blah! I look right past her because I always notice Tre first!

  • are people actually seeing themselves when they look in the mirror ???
    trying to smile or speak with all that ‘botox’ donald duck lip..
    lawwwwwwd !!!
    the botox gives an ignorant , stupid expression to the face ….
    it is mind boggling that anyone with that kind of mouth expects to be taken seriously or even listened to ..
    they send a message of desperation , insecurity, competitiveness & a whole buncha other unpleasant characteristics ..
    chicks with a tiny mouth should look at some of the old movie actresses for inspiration ..
    a defined lip is so much nicer looking than a prolapsed rectum hanging off ones face …..

    this is turning into the wizard of oz ..
    MeGo as margaret hamilton ..
    resnick as bert laur ( spelling ?)
    kathy wakile -officer claire from ‘oz’ ..(the prison)
    the list goes on …
    a whole entourage of munchkins ..
    & andrew as the man behind the curtain …
    tre’ as dorothy ahahahahahahaaa…

  • The stylist looks well put together and pretty, while The other one looks like she is in a casual ill fitted dress with hooves. This could be staged where is this other woman who so badly wanted attention?

  • Melissa looks like she just woke up, is she even wearing make up? If I didn’t know better I would think she is doing ‘the walk of shame’ at 6 am.

  • The ugly old troll is back. So predictable!

    Anyway – looks like MeGo definitely wore the wrong dress – she should be in her stylist’s dress. Strange, that Ms. On Display would let her stylist outshine her at a tacky Jersey paparazzi fest. Another scripted drama, resulting in a frenzy of tweets. Pathetic.

  • Throwing a drink on someone is a classless move and demonstrates clearly that the thrower has no self-control.

    • So what does flipping a table tell you about someone? I’m neither a fan of TG or MG, but I don’t understand why almost everyone on here is so pro TG and anti MG.

      • Cause MeGo came out of the gate awful
        and really antagonistic to T, and T has had two seasons to build a fan base, a pretty loyal one. MeGo was pretty dumb in pursuing the “I hate my mean SIL” storyline- it’s just too negative. I think if she had done something redeeming, anything- time with her children, charity work, anything- people would have embraced her widely. Now she is kinda in that “reality b*tches we love to hate/watch fall” category. She did sing it, everyone wants to watch her fall. 🙂

      • Boom-I ask all the time what Teresa has done to make people dislike her so much! I can tell you why I’m on Teresa’s side vs Melissa tho-Melissa has brought a family feud to television, and not in a good way (if there even is a good way to do that). She says she wants everyone to get along, but nothing she does proves that, and many things she does and says would seem to prove the opposite. Teresa meanwhile hasn’t said anything on the show (that I can remember) that was mean or hostile. I’m not a blind Teresa supporter, and I realize she’s no mental giant, but she seems to tell the truth and be loyal to family and friends, which makes her a person I can respect, unlike Melissa

  • Here’s my theory: I think this whole thing was staged. Even though there are no cameras on Melissa, she knew that Sherri Sheppard was there and all they had to do was “create” the fight with the stylist in on it (they seemed to have made up awfully fast the next day!). They must have known that this would get Sherri’s attention and she would start twittering to everyone, it gets out to all the news media, bloggers, etc. They get free publicity or attention on the blogs, and then they sit back and wait for all the media outlets to contact them for an “exclusive” interview. These famewh*res are doing anything for attention and publicity. They don’t care if it paints them in a good light or not. As long as everyone is talking about them and the show, they are earning brownie points with Bravo! Just my opinion, but this just seems staged.

    • Wth? They knew Sherri Shepard would be there? Who cares? This is the first I’ve ever heard of the woman. I love how all of you “know” what happened and you weren’t even there. Hell, this Sherri person was there and didn’t even know what happened.

  • The stylist looks hot in that dress. Mel tries too hard to be “glamorous” but, it doesn’t fit her well. Some people just have IT and some try too but, it doesn’t come from within & comes off a little silly. The stylistic dress is really cute & she rocks it with confidence

  • MissNYCmom is just a fan on twitter…don’t think she has any real affiliation with Sherri. Based on the view tweets and comments this is my theory on what happened.

    Someone came up to Melissa at the party claiming she overhead her and Kathy talking crap about Sylist Alisa….Melissa (not having to play the little angel since no bravo cameras are around) was pissed that someone was trying to call her out and an agrument insued and Melissa through her drink at this woman to show her disdain for someone who was trying to call her out. Then Melissa and Kathy go to Alisa and claim no such gossip session happened and that this women is a liar.

    Melissa thinks she is in the clear because no camera’s were there and thought no one notices…she proceeds to enjoy the rest of the party with her fake smile and fake personality. After Melissa’s bully session with the “unknown woman” this anoymous woman decides its not worth it to continue and says she is over it to avoid anymore drama. This anonymous woman is close to alisa and gorga camp so in order to stay in everyones good graces she disappears into the night. Due to the fact this woman has not sold her story as to what happened and has made no tweets or comments regarding this situation…..Melissa’s sad explanation of someone trying to get on the show by a publicity stunt makes no sense. Sherri Shepard’s tweet gave an amazing opening to allow this individual to come out with her version of events….yet silence??? If i wanted to be on a Housewives and did this for publicty stunt i would have been all over the blogs telling my story….yet this woman does not….again makes no sense.

    Since Melissa gorga is sooo “forgetable” sherri shepard does not remember who she is….only that she may be apart of the NJ housewives. So she tweets that she witnessed the fight….since TEresa Giudice is the most POPUlar cast member of course her name is thrown in. Sherri witness the entire fight…and something tells me she is not buying Melissa’s story but does not care enough to continue with this drama. No surprised that Teresa was thrown in because EVEryone blames T for everything under the SUN. Thankfully Tre wasn’t there….so Melissa lost her second “fake” set up story.

    • So funny that Sherri said to Teresa I swear you have a doppleganger lol More proof of her attempts to be Teresa

    • Based on this tweet:

      MissNYCMom Kim NYC
      I still don’t understand why ur not bumped to business class w/ur FF. status? “@SherriEShepherd: Sitting in 13C next to an 8 year old…

      It seems like Sherri and MissNYCMom have a friendship. They both know Heather Robinson since they were both at the event. The tweet seems like a random personal question that you’d normally text to someone.

      If you look at the photos from the event, there is one of someone named Kim Enyart. Maybe this is MissNYCMom:

      • If you look on her twitter she also tweets Kathy’s sister Rosie.

        I’m certain they’re all after a bit of fame, one way or another!

        • Yeah, I saw that today. But I think that’s something new since the birthday party for Heather Robinson…and it seems she just started following RHONJGossip since then too (one of Lysa Simpson’s other accounts) based on these tweets:

          MissNYCMom Kim NYC
          I’ve followed but who monitors the acct & tweets?How do we know? “@LysaSimpson: Everyone show our sister account some love @themarcosisters.
          18 Dec

          LysaSimpson Lysa Simpson
          @MissNYCMom I monitor account, thanks for the follow!
          18 Dec

  • Without a doubt her stylist! Melissa looks like a hot mess so I Guess Sherry Shepard was right! Not hard to figure out its just #stripperproblems!



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