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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville

AllAboutTRH had an exclusive interview with the newest Beverly Hill housewife, Brandi Glanville and we didn’t hold back! Find out what she says about the ladies, her ex husband and who she aspires to be!

Is being on RHOBH the experience you expected?
I dont think I had any expectations going in. Its been a wild ride and I just went in thinking be yourself.

Have you remained friends with the girls since the show has stopped filming?
I see Lisa and Camille pretty often, Kyle and I text. She invited me to her Christmas party but I was with the kids so I stayed in.

Who are you closest with now from RHOBH?
I am closest with Camille and Lisa

Are you now friends with Kim Richards?
Kim and I are not friends, but I wish her nothing but the best

What do you think about Kim entering rehab?
No Comment.

Why do you think Kyle would constantly makes comments about you. Do you think she was jealous of you?
I dont think Kyle is jealous of me at all, its like moving to a new high-school there are always gonna be people in cliques that don’t want to let you in.

Are you and Kyle in a better place now?
Kyle and I continue to have our hurdles but deep down I think we really like one another.

How can you describe the relationship you now have with your ex husband, Eddie?
My relationship with my ex went down the tubes when his show got cancelled.

Does it bother you that Leann constantly tweets about your children and calls them her bonus children?
Id rather not comment on LeAnn

Did you expect to get so much support from fans?
I feel soooo blessed and lucky that I have so much support. Its shocking to me actually.

Will you be on the next season as an official housewife?
We haven’t talked about next season yet at all.

Are you dating anyone now?
Im dating, but nothing serious at all. When Im taken I will shout it out to the world trust me! Im just super picky,I want it all… butterflies, love, security, a good father figure for my boys.

Any business ventures coming out for you?
2 books that are struggling to come out and a gazillion meetings to try to be the next Bethany 😉 wink wink

What are your future plans?
Your guess is as good as mine, just stay happy, love laugh and live!

Is there anything that you regret you did since being on the show?
Regrets? Yes a few but I try and live as much as I can in the present although this tv show keeps hitting rewind for me!

Who woulda thought Brandi and Lisa would be close? Love it! Brandi has become one of my favorite housewives. I like the fact that she’s not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking! Good luck to Brandi in the future! You have A LOT of support and don’t ever forget that!

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  • She’s a disgusting pig. The grossest, classless, knock kneed , flat ass gross white weirdo on any of these shows. She’s broke, drunk and bald. Get her off the show!!!

  • Brandi there probably a really nice person in there somewhere but, to be honest you are a poor representation of a mother if your kids ever have the opportunity to see the show as they get older. They will see a bitter, drunken, women of ill repute.
    That is really conduct unbecoming of a mother and much less a lady.
    Get help with your drinking problem you are a depressed hurt person who has sold her dignity and class. you are obviously a poser trying tom play with women who are out your league economically.
    the image you portray is truly sad. you sleep with men for financial gain and will never be respected until you start respecting yourself first.
    Get help !

  • Love Brandi Glanville! Congrats on your 2 best sellers and now her line of wine is coming out!! She must be laughing because Leann and Eddie’s new show had the worst ratings and were voted worst reality TV! I find it disgusting that they need to bring up Brandi and bash her to stay relevant!!! Those boys will never be Leann’s and they are just mad because they thought Brandi was just going to go away but she didn’t and came out the bigger draw!!! Also we are all laughing because besides the horrible ratings of the show Leann sharted on her dress at a fashion show!!! #Brandiwins#Brandiwins

  • Brandi, you are by far the most fab Housewive. I admire your guts and for staying true to who you are. I have 4 grown sons who all have grown to be exceptional husbands, fathers & providers. I don’t think there has been a name I haven’t called them at some point growing up. They all laugh & joke about it now. It takes a dif skill set to raise boys to men. Follow me on Twitter @lkmac58 & if you need to talk, bitch, whatever I’m there. I’m also a Social Worker & former Parent Educator. I am bound strictly by confidentiality rules but mom to mom…I ain’t sayin shit anyway! LINDA

    • Brandi shut up please i assure you things in your life will get better to it for your children if u really love them.

  • Brandi is a classless, foul mouthed, backstabbing fair weather friend. She came om the show as a friend of Adrienne’s. Season 1 she called Kim a meth head and didn’t like Kim or Kyle. She was horrible to Taylor aftrr Russel’s death. Season 2 she tore Adrienne to.shreds and buddied up to.Lisa & Ken. Season 3 is about to begin and she!s fighting with Lisa. She loves to stir the pot and she doesn’t care who she hurts

    • Ummm… It’s a “show.” Duh. Her dislike of the gruesome twosome Richards sisters was 100% a result of their horrendous treatment of her. Game Night, anyone? And she is now friends with them while on the outs with Lisa. Totally scripted, IMO. If everyone got along all the time, no one would watch. Sad but true. So I don’t find her to be at all a “hurtful” person. She is simply doing her job and trying to support her family.


  • I like Brandy tho sometimes, she does tend to get “foot in mouth disease,” i still find her charming. Love, love, Lisa Now that Kyle Richards, & Faye Resnik, Child, Bless Your Hearts! Same goes for Taylor! Kim, Kim, Kim. Love Yolanda!

  • Give those fake beeyotches h**l Brandi! Kyle with her nice/nasty ways letting Faye do her dirty work. Sad, how Kyle and Lisa’s friendship deteriorated but that’s what’s happens when you pick the wrong side, something is up with Adrienne, but you picked her Kyle so deal with it.

  • Brandi, its understandable that someone like you needed to cozy up to someone as wealthy and powerful as the Van der Pumps and Camille Grammer. But why the hostility towards Adrienne? Is it just to impress Lisa? It’s very bizarre.

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  • brandi has really grown on me. first off, thought she was a little ruff around
    the edges. must say. with that beautiful face and figure, cannot believe she
    is not doing modeling still. head shots for high end products etc. someone
    take a look at her. she doesn’t need eddie’s (leannes) money.

  • When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • I didn’t like Brandi at the beginning, but she has grown on me. She is a off-the-cuff type of person and I like that.

    As for Kyle, she is a jealous manipulative woman. Her jealousy and hate is almost palpable.

  • Spot on with this write-up, I really suppose this web site needs much more consideration. I’ll most likely be again to learn way more, thanks for that info.

  • Brandi rocks! She has shown nothing but dignity, and shouldn’t be friends with Kyle who is clearly insecure and jealous of gorgeous Brandi.

  • Brandi Glanville should keep walking with her head held high. Shes the complete package, LR HONESTLY SCARES ME. shes so obsessed with Brandi.

  • This interview is SO awesome. Brandi takes the high road as usual. I don’t know how she does it. Brandi you have so many people supporting you. You for sure will be cast for season 3! We crave some Brandi!

  • Brandi seems like a genuine and lovely lady, a little vulgar- but hey, no malice in her so I think she would be a fun friend. Any woman could identify with her. She might have a bright future I’m thinking… I predict her being a huge fan favorite. Anyone who locks horns with her will just come off looking like an ass (looking at you kyle)

  • Great interview Roxanne! Brandi is so naturally beautiful!

    Kyle is just a mean girl – she’s jealous of anyone who gets attention.

  • Glad to see you made the changes, but where’s my commeny? Give credit where credit is due *eyeroll*

  • I really like Brandi! She seems real, but in a nice way, not rude. I can see her in my friend circle. 😉

  • Brandi is the real deal! Love that she’s friends w Camille and Lisa. It’s a shame that her ex and his wife can’t act like adults for the children. Frankly they disgust me. Keep on keeping on Brandi!

  • I heart her!!!! Kyle to sooooo hating on her for no reason…. Get out of here your a mean girl bully KYLE…. Btw that’s a dudes name!

    • Kyle Richards is a total douche bag!!! …and please…Kim is clean now?!?! Every time you see her she can’t even speak a clear sentence. She sounds like she’s abusing prescription drugs.

  • My opinion of anyone who has a DUI is on the bottom of the scale. Anyone that drinks and drives is no longer an relevant person. A drunk driver could kill me or a member of my family or my friends or for that matter any innocent person who happens to have been on the road while the drunk is driving.

    • Eddie Cibrian drinks and drives. Leann tweeted a photo him with alcohol in his hands and then moments later he was videotaped getting behind the wheel of a car. So then how is your opinion on EC? So then by your own logic EC is no longer relevant, on the bottom of the scale. When EC got behind the wheel of that car drunk he cold have killed you or a member of your family or your friends or for that matter any innocent person who happens to have been on the road while the drunk is driving, right?

      Don’t you follow Leann Rimes? She too was drinking and driving when she was involved in that hit and run, right? So then shouldn’t you unfollow LR; afterall, she could have injured someone when she had that hit and run after drinking with EC right?

      • .

        Come back and comment when you have someone in your life that is no longer here because of a drunk driver. This post will be my first & last reply to you on this subject….ty.

        Your what “if’s” and made up story of Eddie is exactly that…made up. You can’t prove a point by making up a false story.

        Also, I’d be real careful at what your insinuating about Eddie and LeAnn. You may have opened yourself up to more than just a random post on a blog…

        Below is an article from “e online,” and she was clearly not drunk nor arrested. It states that it was a minor fender bender. The article is as follows:

        “L.A.’s Finest have opted not to bring hit-and-run charges against LeAnn Rimes for a fender-bender last month en route to a rendezvous with Eddie Cibrian.
        The country songbird was accused of fleeing the scene of the minor accident on the evening of Aug. 21. Officers conducted a routine probe and filed a report after interviewing the “One Way Ticket” singer, who was said to be cooperative.
        But an LAPD spokeswoman tells E! News today that investigators decided to drop the case after it was clear Rimes did not realize she struck another vehicle.”

        Those that I follow on twitter is solely my business. I post on this blog for fun and I am only here for entertainment. Hopefully we can respect each other and enjoy the blog for it’s intended purposes, which is dishing the latest gossip. Hope to see you around…… 🙂

        • Brandi needs her kids taken away from her she is a horrible mother! She does drugs and drinks, sleeps around! Yet talk about her ex and his wife like the trash! Humm pot meet kettle!!

          • @whatever

            How do you know that Brandi sleeps around and does drugs? Because that is what Leann told you? Or is it because you are one of Leann
            s fans who is in contact with Michelle? Eddie sleeps around and drinks, so then by your own logic the kids should be taken away from him?

          • Brandi needs to go to the Betty Ford Center to clean her ass up!! Did you see her in Palm Springs….swigging booze straight from the bottle. Lisa had to grab it away from her…how pathetic!!

          • I agree with you completly whatever! Brandi’s kids would be better off with Eddie and Lee Ann. I think Lee Ann would be a way better mother l Bank activity five days authority switch the research from rescue to recovery
            But chances of finding a body slam lamentable Alaska don’t have the same dear report Son of Man the date for the littlest for you to man that we have Billy the body Tyler Don decided anything

        • @Pixel Dust

          The issue here is that you continue to set up rules for Brandi that are different for Eddie Cibrian. Eddie Cibrian was videotapped getting behind the wheel of a car after he had been drinking and your argument is that it’s made up? The story about Eddie getting in a car after drinking isn’t made up. How do we know? Leann tweeted photos of her and Eddie with alcohol in their hands and drinking, hours later a media outlet had footage of Eddie and Leann walking to a car. Eddie got behind the wheel and droves off after Leann and another couple got into the car. As they were walking to the car, Leann was so drunk that she was slurring her words. And Eddie was so out of it that he was out of it. So it’s not insinuating when Leann herself provided the evidence.

          Leann was drunk when she got into the hit and run because hours before the hit and run, she was spotted on a golf course and the media outlets who posted the story about Leann and Eddie on the golf course stated that they were having drinks at the golf club. So the charges were dropped against Leann Rimes because as usual she probably dished out a huge amount og money to make it go away.

          Unfortunately when you are claiming that you are not a Leann fan, who you follow on twitter is everyones business. When you are following the two people who are constantly harassing Brandi on twitter, it’s makes everything that you write on this blog about Brandi very suspcious and untrustworhy.

          If you are here to respect this blog for it’s intended purposes, why then are you here continuing an vendetta against Brandi Glanville that you started on twitter when you showed up out of the blue attacking her?

          Come on, stop being dishonest and then you won’t have to keep getting upset when people point out your dishonesty and why you are really here.

          • PixelDust & Whatever are morons! Anyone that doesn’t know that LeAnn & Eddie are drunks & heavy partiers, has got to be the biggest idiots ever! The kids should not be let near them! Brandi is doing her best to be a great mom. Anyway, weren’t you young once yourselves, tell me you never made a mistake? Hypocrites! Liars! Chill out, look at the truth! It’s usually the guilty one pointing the finger stirring the pot!

        • @PixelDust I love how you try to defend your idol LeAnn Rimes, and I respect it. However, you should check more into your source E! News, E! Online, or E! programs. Coincidentally, there is one such recirculating E! program on television now called ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood’. If you care to broaden your horizons on this subject, you will find in this program (and wherever else you look) a term called “The Fixer”. The Fixer is used when any celebrity gets into legal trouble and he/she FIXES it, i.e. they turn a TRUE DUI HIT & RUN into a publicized Fender-Bender for ENORMOUS AMOUNTS of money. The same “justice system” YOU trust to decide for YOU if someone is at the “Bottom of the Scale”, irrelevant, guilty, or an Evil person. (Not taking a moment to think that maybe people that have DUI’s are probably hurting & hating themselves or simply ignorant children? Does not everyone deserve a second chance? Whether you believe this or not.. Your choice to believe in the E! News of LeAnn’s fender bender is RIDICULOUS! Just READ IT AGAIN, it is RIFE with propaganda, even in the first few words the cops are not merely cops, they are L.A.’s FINEST, the article even plugs her newest hit single in the “news” article! USE YOUR more than capable mind.. I am not trying to harp on you.. I am trying to Expand on your limited mental attempt.

          With All the Love and Respect in the World,

  • wonder what Eddie would think if brandi brought a guy to the kids game and did all that grabbing and kissing while game was on. disrespectful to Brandi and the kids and the other parents. He is a total douche bag without morals just an eye for the next payday from sugar mama

  • Isn’t it weird that she doesn’t mention Adrienne? I thought Adrienne is her friend an because of Adrienne she also got on the show! It was Adrienne who suggested her. So why doesn’t she mention Adrienne?

    • I noticed someone was missing but it didn’t dawn on me! Yes, you are right. Where’s Adrienne? She’s probably still up the Gorga and Manzo’s behinds. Boo!

  • Brandi is elegant & classy on every level !!! love, love, love her & i hope she’ll be on every season of RHOBH !!!
    Thx for this great itw.

    • Have you forgotten the first shows she was on? You guys are delusional ! They are all the same!

  • Great Interview!!! The reason for the *no comment* about Kim Richards is because Brandi was so right about those trips to the bathroom! 😉

  • Great interview! Brandi is so beautiful! Glad she is taking the high road regarding Leann and Eddie. Eddie seems to be so superficial and I can’t see him sticking around with Leann and her insecurities (and, once the newness wears off and he gets a really good look at that face, he will run!).
    Brandi, the camera loves you girl! I think you would be great doing a cosmetic commercial with that beautiful skin of yours! Are you listening Cover Girl, Revlon, or Maybelline??????????????

  • You’ve had a blog for what, 2 months, maybe less, and u nailed an interview with a housewife. Pretty cool if u ask me. Congrats. And I looove Brandi

    • More like 1 month! Even less! hah i followed you from the beginning! congrats you are doing so great. Brandi is beautiful. I love how you always blog positive thigns about her. She’s lucky! Eddie needs to grow up and tell his horse face wife to shutup! I’m so over the horse face

  • I am a huge Brandi fan. I am still baffled ever time I see horeseface Leann. What the hell is wrong with Eddie.

  • I to really like her there is something to be said for a women that can be put thru hell in front of the world and come out on the other side not being bitter! And looking amazing she got a raw deal from Eddie and LeAnn! Personally I don’t know how she doesn’t knock the shit out of Leann but I think she’s just waiting for karma to slap that bitch for her! Keep your head up girl it looks good on you! Xo

  • Brandi is so honest. It’s so refreshing. Congrats on this interview roxanne. You seem like your doing great for urself. Keep it going. You have thousands of support!

    I feel bad for Brandi. Even sad. Ihope she becomes very successful and she seems like she is more famous then Eddie and Leann combined

  • If I was Brandi I wouldn’t even want to be friends with Kyle! I’m glad brandi is friends with Lisa and Camille. Brandi and Lisa seem so real so it works out

  • Great interview! I chuckled when Brandi said “no comment” about Kim entering rehab. I have a feeling Brandi expected that to happen. I think Brandi has a lot of support and she’ll go very far

  • Wow awesome interview! Congrats, Roxanne! You seem like your doing very well and your blog continues to be successful. As for Brandi I pray for her. She is strong to deal with this. Even when she came on beverly hills everyone was so mean to her as if she wasnt already going through so much. I hope she comes out with her books! I’ll defenitly buy them

  • That is so sad that Eddie and Brandi don’t get along anymore. They have children and need to think about that. How can eddie be sucking off his wifes face only a year after his marriage to his Brandi. Is that even healthy?

  • I Love love love Brandi. I love how she doesn’t even comment on LeAnn. I would have totally ripped her one. LeAnn is so pathetic and Brandi is so beautiful and seems like she is doing well for herself. I also do think Kyle is jealous

    • It’s so classy of her – far more than I’m sure I would be in the same situation! If LeAnn and Eddie combined had even a hundredth of Brandi’s class maybe the situation would be easier for all involved.

    • if i were brandi, i’d call leann a pathetic ugly horse husband-stealing homewrecking ugly irritating ugly narcissistic ugly @#$$%^&*(())&*(!!!!!!!!

      • You go Girl ! Their is no need to hold back, I so AGREE with you all the way……….. LoL I love a LADY woth a lot of CLASS an thats what Brandi has an always did, we all have nothing but love for ya baby!!!

    • I like Brandi too. She is just so earthy & not a fake at all. I dont like the way Kyle & Kim
      went after her on the 1st season with Brandi on the show. No one deserves that rudeness, but Kyle has turned into a self absorbed Witch. & the way Kyle turned on Lisa & got kissy with Taylor. It was nauseating.

    • Why is Brandi friends with Kyle? She’s a snake & she’ll regret it. Kyle’s gotta go. She’s using Brandi to not get the ax.