Melissa Gorga

Was Melissa Gorga Really A Stripper?

For quite some time now, there has been some speculation that RHONJ star, Melissa Gorga WAS a stripper. Rumors started when Angelo Vrohidis (general manager of lookers) went to the Poshe fashion show and revealed that Melissa danced at the gentlemen’s club. AllAboutTRH was the first to interview the former manager and he confirmed to us she was in fact a dancer. We contacted lookers after and they responded “no comment.” Melissa Gorga has denied several times and stated she was only a bartender. Gorga wasn’t lying either..

AllAboutTRH is the first to reveal the corresponding pay stubs from 2003 (pictured below)when Melissa Marco was working at Lookers. If you go back to the interview with Angelo, he says “You have to understand, bartenders got paid by checks. Dancers were independent contractors that did not get paid by the establishment. Its different now but she worked a long time ago and that’s how it was back then. When Melissa worked, we didn’t pay the dancers and they didn’t pay us.”

Clearly the existence of checks issued to Melissa Marco disproves Angelo’s assertion that she was a dancer.
It is clear based upon his statement and his recollection of who got paid and who didn’t, that if she was receiving checks she wasn’t dancing. Chris Kontos owner of lookers also signed a sworn certification that Melissa did bartend.
AllAboutTRH is All About bringing the truth and there you have it. If that is a real pay stub, it proves Melissa was bartending when she worked at the gentlemens club.



Do you think the pay stub is real? What are your thoughts?

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Roxanne Jajo created All About The Real Housewives in November, 2011, to keep fans up to date with all their Real Housewives news. Roxanne resides in Detroit, Michigan and works full time as a recruiter in the HR department at Quicken Loans. In December 2014, Roxanne came out with her first fictional novel, ‘Shattered Depiction. Roxanne works on the website on a daily basis in order to bring fans of the show the most exciting and captivating stories of all of their favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. Roxanne is very thankful to all the readers and commenters who have continued to support the website.

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  • I agree with Belle557 that something is VERY off with not only these pay stubs but this whole situation. Roxanne is just blogging the information that is given to her – whether she likes the information given or the people it is about or not. So nobody should fault her for it or accuse her of being “in on” something. But I want to point out a few things I noticed about these “pay stubs” and about a few other things:

    1. First of all, they are not pay stubs. I worked long enough in corporate accounting to know what I’m looking at. They are a print out of her employee pay history showing the check detail that goes along with her pay stubs from that calendar year. Basically, this information is exported from an employee’s pay history into a report that can be either saved to a file or printed. But if you are crafty or desperate enough, it can also be easily replicated in an Excel spreadsheet. Meaning, this could be a check detail report but it also could still just be a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper.

    2. Someone pointed out that the report lists the company as Skyline Restaurant and gave the address which is completely different than Lookers Gentlemen’s Club. The report also lists Skyline as the D/B/A for CMG Food Services Inc. A Google search does not link EITHER of these establishments to Lookers. So this report that she has provided only proves that she bartended at Skyline, not at Lookers. It seems to me that we’re talking about two completely unrelated places here. It’s like saying “I want everyone to think that I worked at The Plaza Hotel so I’ll fake them out by showing my pay stubs from Comfort Inn.” Isn’t she trying to prove that she was a bartender and not a stripper? So shouldn’t her case be that she never even WORKED at Lookers? Because check this out….

    3. In her blog, she talks about New Jersey state law regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages in establishments where there is nudity or “lewd” conduct. It is AGAINST THE LAW So with this knowledge, Lookers doesn’t even have a bar, does it? Therefore, it doesn’t even have bartenders. Meaning Melissa should have never worked there. That makes Melissa and Larry both liars seeing how they both claim that she was “just” a bartender at Lookers. Unless Lookers is breaking the law by serving alcohol and employing strippers.
    Chris Kontos, the guy who wrote up the “affidavit”, states in item #4 that “Melissa Marco worked a total of 240 hours solely in the capacity of a bartender at Lookers Gentlemen’s Club”. So he admits to breaking NJ state law.

    4. Then there is the question of how long she worked as a bartender, as many have already pointed out. In the blog entry above, she writes that she worked for a few weeks one summer at a “bikini bar” (she would have had to have worked 6 weeks at 40 hours/week to hit the 240 hours that Kontos claims). Obviously her memory has failed her since according to this pay report, she worked as a bartender at a diner (which, according to online reviews is “family friendly”…are bikini bars family friendly?) for at least a YEAR. Another lie.

    5. The “affidavit” from Chris Kontos is about as kosher as Melissa’s “pay stubs”. Kontos is not the most trustworthy character either. In 2007, he was charged with breach of contract and fraud (trying to skip out on $250k in the purchase of the restaurant that he names himself the owner of in this document). So I wouldn’t automatically trust that anything bearing his signature is the gospel.

    And just because I know certain Melissa supporters troll around this blog looking for things that might be slanderous…I will cover my ass by saying that anything I typed here was readily available at the click of a mouse. I didn’t make any of it up. I’m just A) not stupid, B) have eyes and ears and can remember what she has said and wrote and C) I also don’t take things at face value and research everything. I didn’t fabricate a damn thing unlike some of the evidence that was presented to support the “just a bartender” claim 🙂

  • Of course she was a stripper, a gold digger, a liar and a fraud. She’s not fooling anyone but herself and maybe little man Joe.

  • Clearly, we all have an actual brain and can deduce that someone is lying/falsifying docs. That they “gorga team” might have bribed a blogger is not at all far fetched. They have done this before so of course they tried it with this new blogger- Did she take the bait? I don’t know but this post is being ironic, or naive (doubt it) OR she was paid for PR/hush up. Sad really..because bravno and Mego are just a waste of our time. No reason they should get rich off a shoddy product that does nothing but distract us…I am so over the housewives. done. done. And done.

  • Why did she work once Feb and March and not at all in April? I think she would fill in as a bartender here and there but was a stripper. Or that is a query on someone else and was photoshoped to have Melissa’s name. Is that even her last 4 # of SS. I call BS on this! Where are the stubs she claims she has?

    • I know I want to see W2s and I want to see Melissa’s Tax return. I want her 1040 2003. That she can even get a copy of from the IRS as a request she only has to pay for it.

      I won’t believe it. Anyone can run an excel spreadsheet that is now dated to November 21, 2011. I want to see W2s they sent into the IRS. They should be able to get that as well. I think this is absolutely no proof, especially when this is only a Certification.

      I don’t believe it at all. Melissa was a stripper in my opinion.

  • Sorry but this post makes it look like you have become scared of Melissa’s saber rattling lawyer. Was she even old enough to bartend at the time?

    • Methinks I smell a rat. That is nice of you Rox to apologize but really what for? We can all see that return is as fake as Melissa. In fact, she should have left well enough alone because that tax return is only raising more questions.

  • Rox, don’t you dare apologize for reporting a story. There’s more to this then you think. These bullshit papers can be doctored up anytime by a business owner. Was a W2 issued? Were Taxes filed? Who’s to say she didn’t dance and bartend? I smell bullshit.
    I actually see her MILF loving lawyer sending a letter to Angelo as a scare tactic threatening to sue.
    Then I see John and Penny sending in their lawyer and putting her FAKEASS on blast.
    So many fake twitter accounts created within a few days are attacking you, John, and Penny demanding retraction and apology. Bullshit!
    All you small minded twits need to understand when you play with fake accounts they can be traced and quickly.
    Those of you that believe this bullshit need to educate yourselves and understand the difference between certification & affidavit, payroll printout & filed taxes, bikini bar & gentleman’s club, and from working a couple of months to over a year.
    Her story is never consistent and the numerous lies upon lies haven’t stopped. I actually hope her tweeting, MILF loving lawyer advises you to go after Angelo because then he counter sues for the druggie comment. John & Penny came to his defense once and I’m sure they’ll do it again. I just hope they don’t expose everything on her and have nothing for the show.
    I’m looking forward to S5 just for the fact of those fools getting exposed. John & Penny, if you’re reading this please save the juicy stuff for S5!
    Karma’s a BITCH

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think she is ever going to get on the show. You cannot have a hairstylist whose own hair looks like something out of the eighties. So, if what they say is true and they are seeking justice and fairness for Teresa, like they claim, they need to put forth some sort of information now. So far, karma is a bitch is not cutting it for me. The time for karma is now. Melissa wants everybody to think that Teresa set her up with false accusations of being a stripper. The time to come to her defense is now and let’s watch season four blow up in Andy and the Gorga’s faces. Frankly, I’m tired of Melissa winning every battle and keeping her name in the press in the off season to try to make herself more interesting to the public. Where is team PDKHair with their proof? How about having the back of your friend Roxanne who put herself on the line for you with this blog? If they really care about justice, the time is now. Never mind selfish reasons. How about being a friend to Teresa who is getting bashed by her sil and castmates for things she didn’t even do. I’m sorry if that seems mean but that is just the way I see it. Bravo knows they are exposed for bringing on two people who begged to be on the show with the angle that they would expose the real Teresa. That totally backfired with the fans, and I don’t think they would hire someone on that basis again. Because they know that they have bullied Teresa and the fans are outraged. I don’t think they want to be accused of doing the same thing again. I’m sorry if my comments were not gentle or politically correct here.

  • I don’t understand how being a bartender means she wasn’t also a stripper?…. She did say she worked a ton of jobs at once. I wonder if she was a student teacher at the same time of all of this.

  • Just wondering if you ever gave a public twitter apology to Melissa once you found out the manager gave the wrong info? I mean seein as you were quick to believe a manager who hadn’t worked with her in 8 years. You were persistent with your tweets that you had the “truth”…. I think she deserves an apology whether u like her or not. It would be the right thing.

    • She really doesn’t have to do anything! At the time she was given an interview with what she thought (or may be) a reliable source, and that was enough evidence at the time to believe that she was guilty. Now with further evidence she’s been proven innocent. (at least as innocent as working at a gentleman’s club can be). Do you think that Lawyers and Detectives apologize directly to people who are proven innocent? No they just send a retraction statement, which Roxanne just did. She is in no shape personally attached to this woman and is just a blogger.

    • You are joking right? This blogger that got harrassed by the hag family on Thanksgiving, had her personal information posted online by them, was called a skank by their lawyer deserves to give them an apology? For what these fake papers she made on ms word? What are you smoking?

      • Why should Rox issue an apology. There is no public apology from Mel’s lawyer when he called Rox a skank . Further, these people would not evan apolgize to their own relatives. Do you remember what Joe called his sister?

  • Hmmm

    Joe • 1/25/2004
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    How do i know?cause i had a trip to the parking lot with one of em…you are probably a part of their crew…thats why you sweat them…lol.or you’ r probably are loser regular there .and for you to say they are beautiful?
    those hoe’s are b-u-s-t-e-d!!!
    ohhh thats why you think they’re hot???cause you r a reg there…go to a real strip joint!

    Joe • 4/6/2004
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    If you guys really want to have some fun go to Stiletto in Carlstadt
    the women are totally naked and 10 times hotter than this place.
    And you’ll probably spend less money too. Only drawback no
    alcohol. But the women at Stiletto are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    alwayshorny • 4/18/2004
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    Anyone know what happened to the bartender Melissa? She was hot. I think she just worked during the week.

    Melissa Fan • 1/27/2005
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    Wow is this Colombian a beauty any info on her please. How are her dances ? Is she friendly? etc.

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  • And really? She got paid the EXACT same amount every time she worked and got the EXACT same amount of tip every night she worked? Highly unlikely. I don’t bartend, but I sure as hell know that bartenders and anyone who works in restaurants don’t get paid the same amount of tip EVERY. NIGHT.

  • Just because Melissa can “provide proof” that she was a bartender doesn’t mean she wasn’t also a dancer. Like the guy said, only bartenders got paychecks and strippers/dancers didn’t. So maybe she got a paystub for bartending but obviously didn’t get one for dancing. All this proves is that Melissa was a bartender there but it doesn’t prove that she also wasn’t a stripper.

  • agreed. I am a bartender and you are required to report every dollar you earn, for tax purposes, just like every other US citizen. If the amount of all the reported tip income from a particular business comes out to at least 8% of the sales, supposedly the business is ‘safe’ from an IRS audit.
    However, IF this is the actual paysheet, and I was an IRS agent, someone reporting exactly 8 hours every week and exactly the SAME amount of tips every week would raise a red flag for me! No one in the service industry who gets paid hourly, and punches a clock, EVER works the exact same hours every week OR makes the exact same tip amount every week. Even if you’re scheduled for 8 hours, it’s never exactly an 8 hour shift, so this seems fishy to me. Either it’s a fake pay sheet, or this establishment just opened itself up to be audited for it’s reporting practices.
    I hope defending Melissa is worth it to Lookers

  • The link to the site where people talk about strip-clubs in 2004 is funny because it mentions Franks Chicken House which was a notorious full-nude club in Manville, NJ. I wonder if its still there? Some people call the nudity-allowed clubs “milk-bars”, but that place got-around it by serving chicken/no booze.
    The fact that they had bartenders/served alcohol at the club that MG worked at is enough to tell me that she wasn’t dancing naked for money. It sounds to me like they were trying to copy Hooters with the name Lookers?

    • I Googled Frank’s Chicken House (LOL) and it seems to be open still.

      Incidentally, in south Tennessee, just over the state line from Alabama, there’s a club called Big Jim’s Boobie Bungalow.

  • Look at the way Joe talks to her, and treats her when it comes down to sex. Do you think he would talk that way if she was not a “dancer” in the past and as she says a “teacher” he doesn’t respect her at all and still sees her as property.

  • I worked as a food server in NJ years ago. Tips are reported as extra income. The State requires that employers base the amount of tips earned, by taking a percentage of the amount of hours they work. Therefore if someone works the same hours each week, the tips will be likely the same amount. This is just a guesstimate and the servers are encouraged to add more when filing their taxes. The state is aware that this is not the actual amount that employees are actually making, but it is a way for them to collect what they can. All people who work for tips in the State are supposed to keep a daily log of tips received so that they can prove this amount should they get audited. Most tips are in cash but if someone records a tip on a credit card receipt then of course there is a papertrail. I hope this makes sense!

  • This is a load of crock. I was a bartender in nyc and nj. My best friend’s dad owned part of a strip club in ny. All of this looks so contrived and badly done. The bottom line is that someone invested in her boob job, and she did not work for two months at a bikini bar like she said. If she is spending a year serving drinks in this club, then she is dancing on the side. That is what most of those girls do. This could be a ploy to make us viewers get riled up for the next season. Just gross. I wish she would just admit she is what she is.

    • Bloop! Why would your boss pay for a bartender’s boob job if they weren’t getting any return from it. They would pay for a strippers boob job because that make her and his club money (when customers keep coming back).

      These ppl are not very smart because they can’t even lie correctly. LOL!

  • Whether Melissa was or wasn’t a stripper, whether Roxanne was silenced or she’s just trying to play fair, it’s just trashy reality TV, folks. It’s not like the woman’s running for president.

    • Sounds like a certain commenter over at SH.

      Now would you happen to live in LA, or NYC? More Bravo BS playing games with us dumb hayseeds.

  • And did you notice how the owner made sure to mention his other restaurant? He is loving all of this free publicity!!! You know there is some
    Poor schmuck going to lookers, expecting to see Melissa there!

  • I think from now on you should just write the blogs, without all of this “truth” nonsense, it’s too much to live up to…. 3 weeks ago Angelo was the truth, now this half assed document is the truth….what’s next? the accountant will come forward with more truth?! Or a coat check girl with an axe to grind?

  • Still not buying any of it. She paid off someone. What happened to the information you were getting together but didn’t want to hurt meathead, I mean Joe Gorga? Did they get to you too? Just saying

  • I know this may ruffle feathers but I think Roxy has been intimidated or threatened to do this…if not she’s just tired of the negative backlash and wanting to appear unbiased. I say this b/c a few weeks ago when MeGo claimed she could prove she only bartended Roxy tweeted (and RT’d PKHair et al) that she anticipated that MeGo would try to falsify documents and warned her that falsifying tax documents was illegal. Now MeGo shows these bogus documents w/ more holes than swiss cheese and Roxy just accepts it as truth…I’m not buying it. Either she was intimidated, paid off, in on it from the beginning, or God forbid has drank the Gorga koolaid. Even Stevie Wonder can see that this does not add up!

  • people who work in tip driven industries are required to claim tips for taxes…it is a made up number to appease the irs and does not reflect the actual amount of tips earned…hence the same number repeatedly which was most likely done by whoever kept books

      • ok that is commendable for your place of employment..however i work in a salon and it is exactly what is done there and at many other salons ….nobody counts and claims their tips every week or month they low ball a believable percentage of totals from the services they provided to clients ….if a client tips cash there is no record of the amount
        i have no clue how strip clubs run their books i was simply providing some insight for the multiple inquiries about the tip amount

      • Wrong.. To “claim” the same amount on tips FOR A YEAR would draw serious questions from the IRS. Sorry. I’ve done the books and that is not at all how it works.

        It’s also not up to the employer to report their employees tips. That’s “cash” money for the employee. The employer only claims what they paid the employee hourly.

        • like i said i have no clue how the books are done nor do i dispute the fact it looks odd i was simply offering a possible solution to the reaccuring number amount thats all

          employers do include tips for employees records in establishments that pay less than minimum wage bc the tipping is factored in to their salary in order to make it legal to pay them so little hourly

          • In the places I’ve bartended, the bookkeepers were far from legit! That’s not an insult to bookkeepers, but to the places I worked at 😉 maybe it’s a jersey thing lol!

    • Yep I was a bartender for over 10 years and had to *claim* tips but never did I report the same amount every time…we may not have reported the EXACT amount that we got per shift but at least had the smarts to make each day different so things would not look so ummmm *FAKED* LOL

      • Exactly.

        And, when I was a server, the only thing the boss asked was that we report tips in an amount that brought our pay rate up to minimum wage.

    • When I waited tables, I was required to fill out a “tips claim form” each week, and to claim at least 8% on each ticket. So, basically if the customer had a $100.00 check for food, I was required to claim $8.00 in tips. I was required to report it, so the restaurant was not liable, in case I lied about the amount of tips I received.

  • If she was working 3 jobs like she said, lets see the other two pay stubs! working 8 hours away just covers gas back and forth from Toms River.

  • I hope that Tweet about digging into your past Rox also didn’t scare you into changing your tune!!?? I can tell there’s more coming….or did you perhaps have a.change of heart b/c of her hubby and kids??!!

  • I don’t believe this. Anyone could fake this document. It’s easy nowadays to make your old record seem real. Didn’t Melissa say she only worked 2 months? Why does the record show 6 months? Maybe longer? Melissa is BS! She’s always LYING! I’m sick & tired of her! UGHHH…

  • Also, to the hot shot attorney;

    Why not get a LEGAL statement by the fella above? I’ll tell you why…because you’re all liars and you KNOW you could get in big time trouble by doing so. The above “certificate” is not a SWORN in statement. That’s about as good as me writing up a statement saying ” I made eggs for my kids this morning” and having 1 of my kids sign it since they ate the eggs.

    They’re not fooling me. And again, it’s insulting to know these nimrods actually think they’re smart.

  • Ok folks, I’m sorry but this is the biggest fraud of a “stub” I’ve personally ever seen.

    You don’t make the exact same tips, for a year no less. Tips are “unknown” each time you work. Some nights you do really well, others not as much. Um, I have bartended, waitressed AND did payroll. This document is NOT real. It’s been doctered (and a very bad job of it).

    I will not have my intelligence insulted. While I commend you, Roxanne, for reporting what you were given and always being fair this is not a document that is “real” or truthful. Not your fault by any means. You are a blogger blogging what has been sourced to you.

    All I’m saying is I promise you, this is fraudulent.

  • Don’t give me a blue paper and say its red, Roxanne if these stubs don’t add up to us they don’t add up to you!!!! You need to start telling the truth!!! I think you would’ve questioned the time frame and the tips, come on Roxanne !!!! You pointed out a pill bottle in the back ground of a pic, and you don’t even question this??? It just doesn’t add up!

  • 3 things to point out…. 1 this is a faxed copy of something that appears to be somewhat similar to quickbooks print out for any employees of that particular corporation. providing they have the same type of computer system and bookkeeping program that they had 9 years ago.. and remember with addition of a scanner things can be tweeked and over laid …and re- printed. however the fact that this was faxed leaves in the a possibilty of falsified records ..

  • Kind of disappointed. Just when “Revealing Information” was going to come out and then this. Nothing about MG rings true. Can’t someone prove it?
    Where is Team PDK?

  • I was a bartender for over ten years…….NEVER EVER made the same amount of tips daily… That pay stub is totally fake!

  • When I saw what a dump this place is (in an industrial park next to the airport, you can see the street view on google maps) I actually started feeling sorry for Mel having to work here for the few weeks I thought she had. I assumed she tried it for the money and couldn’t stand the atmosphere and left. Now that I see she worked there for at least a year, during the time when she was taking island vacations and met JG, I think easy and sleazy work is just fine with her if it pays good.

    • I live in Jersey, and you’re not wrong…. This is a place where, as we say, they dump the bodies….God forgive me

  • I doubt very much at all that their record keeping was legit, just enough to keep the I.R.S. and the Vice squad off their backs. The records prove nothing to me except that even if she was a bartender they were “made up” because as others have pointed out, who makes exactly the same amount in tips every day? I think, and if I am wrong Roxanne, I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart, but I think that this lawyer either intimidated you or even threatened you to retract. He said the next person that called Melissa a stripper he was going to sue their ass, and who the hell wants to get sued? It isn’t worth it! Or it is possible that he showed you the records of employment and they looked legitimate to you and you decided to be the bigger person and concede that she was a bartender and not a stripper? Maybe you do believe their story. But the package is too neat and tied up with a perfect little bow. Frankly, it just makes me more suspicious of her and just how far Team Gorga will go to make things go the way they want them to. I’m sure Looker’s doesn’t want anybody looking into their finances, and has a lot at stake to just make this go a way. Melissa wants it to go away. Her trash-ass sisters, who knew she was a young lady working in a sleazy environment and should have protected her are embarrassed and ashamed that they didn’t take very good care of their sister. Or maybe this was common behavior for them, too. And Melissa has been playing the damsel in distress game on Joey since he first drooled over her. She was probably a bartender who saw how much more the dancers were making and danced once in a while. I can’t believe how low these Gorga rodents have sunk. I hope they didn’t threaten anybody. They are acting like the mafia.
    There is something very, very fishy going on. What is an alleged school teacher doing working in a strip club letting perverts drool all over her? Why didn’t she ever work as a teacher, not even for a day if she had a four year degree in education. I don’t understand any of it. But I do appreciate the fact that you believe it to be true and I think it was honorable of you to post this blog. I just hope you weren’t threatened with litigation or bullied in any way, that’s all. But I say b.s.
    Something smells fishy to me.

  • Didn’t Mel say that SHE had pay stubs?? Look at the date of the pay record. It was printed last month and the time frame doesn’t match the time frame that she claimed she worked. The document has the run date, but it doesn’t have the modified or created date which is also weird. It’s quite possible that it was redacted. The document was clearly faxed, but the fax number is missing. Hmm..yeah redacted document.

    Also, as per TMZ, J. Leonard had a sworn affidavit stating that Mel wasn’t a stripper? But what we have here is a certificate which was witnessed?? That certificate means nothing. I think this is just a way for them to quiet the noise without having to tell the truth.

    Melissa – No one cares whether or not you were a stripper. BUT you keep lying. It would’ve been much easier if you said “Yeah I was a stripper in my past….AND???”

  • BULLSHIT..not buying this..9 years ago & they come out with this print out?? Most places are not required to keep records 9 yrs back!! 2 different names..Doesnt say DBA Lookers (doing business as) I think they went & had this made & back dated!! Truthfully I don’t care if she did or didn’t I do care that she set Teresa up!!
    I will never believe this is real!!!!!

  • That pay stub shows that she was paid a FIXED rate on tips based on hours worked, which makes no sense.

    I ran a restaurant and the only tips I recorded and reported to the IRS were the tips on bills paid by credit cards. It was not my job to report the servers’ cash tips.

    This biznatch along with her cohorts is insulting our intelligence trying to convince us that all of her credit card tips for an 8 hour period of work was exactly the same every week for a year. Sheesh! People are not that stupid!

    I bet the Department of Labor would love to take a closer look at these OBVIOUSLY doctored pay records. Believe me, if they get involved there will be much more Hell to pay than this nasty biznatch’s pathetic reputation.

  • There is a LOT that doesn’t make sense here. I’m all for the truth, if she wasn’t a dancer/stripper, but EVERYONE seems to be lying about the time frame Mel worked and whether she was a stripper at all. One manager/owner says she was a dancer, two other owner/managers said she was only a bartender. ALL of them have the time frame mistaken, including Mel.

    Not only that, but I worked in the restaurant business as a server (some of us trained to become bartenders because they made a little more) and our tips were NEVER the same. Not only that, but who only works for such a short time and have the same hours, tips, etc. each time?? The only thing that was consistent on my pay stub was my LITTLE hourly wage of $2.15 an hour because I got tips.

    How convenient that she started in January and ended in December?? Seems like the Gorgas made some calls and asked some peeps to do them a favor. I wish people will just tell the truth and be done with it! All of this running in circles is making ALL of them look bad, especially Mel.

    • I agree Obivious.. the more I look at this, the more it doesn’t make sense.

      Minimum wage in New Jersey in 2003 was around $5.00 per hour. And Melissa was making almost $12.75 as a bartender, plus another $9.50 guaranteed tips per hour? Is Lookers union? Does anyone know?

  • Now that is cleared up what they need to do is go to teresa and ask her to forgive them for all the hurt they have caused her and her family and say we were wrong to accuse you of everything and turn your friends against you by saying mean and hurt full remarks. I still don’t care for them and nerver will they are both garbage and they need to learn a lesson on what family is, I don’t forgive them for anything they lied, they hurt teresa and they should be ashamed of what they have done

  • What so many commenters already said …. she could have been a dancer and/or stripper as well as a bartender.

    Something else – look at the Certification signed by Lookers owner Chris Kontos. Why is it a certification, and not an affidavit?

    Because in an affidavit, you are SWEARING that something is true. And your signature on the document is notarized. Here, in the Certification, is only the signature of Kontos plus that of a witness. Remember that the Gorga’s (and the Wakiles for that matter) are best buddies with attorney James J. Leonard, Esq (the attorney who called Rox a skank etc but has apparently since apologized). And Leonard publishes Boardwalk Journal, which has featured the Gorgas & the Wakiles in two separate cover issues.

    It would have been so easy for Leonard to draft an affidavit for Kontos to sign. Why didn’t he? People are definitely covering their asses in this little drama.

    • Forgot to say – good work, Roxanne! You’ve demonstrated once again you have real integrity.

      Those of you on Twitter – you could ask Roxanne if she’s tried to get back in touch with Angelo Vrohidis. Something is fishy here still.

      • And you know he was crossing his fingers when he signed that lmao!! And loving all of the free publicity! He made sure to get his other restaurant mentioned aswell!

  • Hmm. This is interesting in that whoever brought-up the whole explanation about how strippers were paid differently than bartenders, (strippers were not on the company payroll), must have thought that it would be impossible to find old pay-records? Personally, I’m starting to think that maybe the person who says that MG was a stripper, has seen too many strippers? That could be one reason if they really believed that MG was one?
    If the Gorgas were actors, instead-of Bravolebrities, on a show with, “real” in the title, would anyone even care about this? (ok maybe a little because it is scandalous), but would anyone think they had the right to go so far digging into people’s pasts? I think that Bravo does an injustice to ALL of the casts, and their families on the Real Housewives because they encourage the audience, almost like they dare us to find real dirt.
    Maybe MG wasn’t a dancer, but the fact that we expect all of these people to entertain us AND not have anything in their past-or current life that is “off-limits” is asking too much in my opinion.

    • are you talking about this one?

      alwayshorny • 4/18/2004
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      Anyone know what happened to the bartender Melissa? She was hot. I think she just worked during the week.

      I read a bit further and there is someone named J.G. Looking for Nikki A? could this be Joe Gorga?

      Also there is a Joe commenting:

      Joe • 1/25/2004
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      What is the name of the girl who is half Brazilian, half Italian, beautiful? I forgot her name…

      • bhuahahahah BUSTED!!!!!

        Page 4 did she move on to Hot 22???

        to customer • 8/13/2004
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        The ones you mention, are they the same ones from here at Lookers?
        customer • 8/13/2004
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        you should check out Hott 22. i saw a hell of a lotta hot white girls. angellica, melissa, godiva, vanity, are just too name a few.

    • More interesting is “joe” wrote on Jan 2004 What is the name of the girl who is half Brazilian, half Italian, beautiful? I forgot her name…

  • Why wouldn’t she be able to do both – bartend and dance? She got paid legitimately for bartending, and the dancing part was not paid – she just got tips. That makes perfect sense to me, especially if she was only bartending 8 hours a week. I think she did both… my opinion

      • Yes most of the girls do both! My aunt ran a very popular bar/strip club in for yrs. Not proud of it but she did. All her girls would do both and would switch days back and forth.This is what I think she did. I dont care what she did! I never liked her and dont think I ever will. I have known plenty of girls just like her. I would bet she met (perv) Joe at the club and he saved her from a life of dollar bills. HAHA She is a dirty snake! Teresa flipped out when Dirty D said somehting about Melissa at the reuinion that showed me Teresa loves her family and dont want them hurt. Melissa only cares for herself and will leave Joe if something better comes along or when he looses the rest his hair and money. JMO

  • Okay, if she wasn’t a stripper-dancer what’s with the picture of her scantily clad and holding a microphone? I don’t ever recall seeing a bartender like that and with an audience.

  • Then why did she lie and say she never worked at a strip club she was a bartender for a bikini bar for two months and this proves that she worked for almost 12 MONTHS at a STRIP CLUB!!!

    People lie to cover something up. You’re asking me to believe that she lied and lied and lied for no reason???? How dumb are we?

  • I doubt a strip joint would have a bartender dance. But most importantly- this was 2003, 8 years ago. She’s been married for seven years. How long were they engaged? I do not know any man who would bring a strip joint barmaid home to his mother. Tic-tic-tacky. Teresa wins, Melissa. You’re cabbage.

    • Yeah, I think this is why T and her fam doesn’t like her. Stripper or not, she still worked there for at least a year and no “lady” does that.

    • You know what just dawned on me? All her lies have been to cover up one thing: Her and Joe really met at this strip club.

      Here me out:

      Her “we met in the Bahamas but I didn’t see him but he saw me thing” seemed wierd, and then how did he recognize her then so strongly that he was able to remember her when he returned from vacation?

      He was a regular at Lookers, she worked there. He saw her, but didn’t go up there cause he had his side piece or whatever, but when he came back he came up to her at Lookers and the rest is history. They just don’t want to admit that they met while he was a regular and she worked at a strip joint.

      That’s what I think happened.

      • Brilliant! I think it was Mexico, but makes total sense. And he was her knight in shining armor with some money (Capt Save-a-Ho?) And now I feel like he is so extra creepy: rape charges, strip clubs, panty sniffing. They are so seedy.

        • Makes me think the part about Teresa being involved in the scandal was total bull. She would not want her beloved brother seen as so seedy or her father and mother anymore shamed than they had already been by Melissa and JoeG.

  • Skyline Restaurant? Thats in Ringwood. This guy owns Lookers in Elizabeth and Chris Michael’s in Woodbridge…This doesn’t add up. I’m confused.

  • What I find weird is that under “tips” she made the same EXACT amount everyday in the total of 76.00??!! Any “bartender” knows its almost unheard of to make the same amount for days in a row. So IMO this “paystub” is FAKE!!!!

    • What is even stranger to me is she always work 8 hours a week. I worked as a bartender for years while going to school. I never worked the same amount of hours. If it was slow someone always went home and if it was busy you had to stay. Between the different name on the payroll sheet, the fact that this says 2003 (she would have been 24 and out of school), this shows a full year not a couple of months, she was married in August 2004 so she probably knew Joe when she worked at the club, and all the other same details thing are just not adding up. I think this is a forged document. Someone forget to tell the guy running the report that he was only supposed to fill in pay for a few months not the whole year.

      Yes, I wore long black pants, white shirt and a tie just like the guys when I was a bartender. No titty bars for me.

    • I’m guessing she was a “shot girl” or something and they just get “tipped out” everyday by either the dancers or the one senior bartender. That’s a thing right? I think I remember something like that in sports bars in college…?

  • Roxanne you have a lot of class to show evidence you were wrong! The thing is since she wasn’t a stripper…if Melissa would have just said “no i am not a stipper” and left it at that (much like Jacqueline did) people would have forgot about it. But what she pulled on you on thanksgiving now shows the true person she is…and she probably lost people that WERE fans (like me) by her behavior for no reason. People will always talk about you when you put yourself on a reality tv show. Some will be true, some will be lies. Just ignore them and they will go away.

  • What happen to the story you said on twitter last night that would hurt @joegorga? And I thought you had pic to prove she was a stripper?

  • Looks like she “worked” as bartender for 8hr a week and probably stripped the rest!We all know these types of establishments are very ethical and wouldn’t misrepresent anything.Right.Come on,give people credit for some common sense!She went from showing her stuff at gogo place to cheap pizza joints.Moving on up!

    • totally agree….was a bartender for about 9 years…never did I ever just work one shift a week…and if I did..that would not get me through college…besides…dancing would get someone way more money.

    • OK Roxanne got info that as she has said if I get info that proved me right or wrong I will print it! She was given evidence that would contradict her previous story with Angelo this proves nothing except she is doing exactly what she promised she would do so Bravo Roxanne! Now do I believe it hell no I think there is more to come if for no other reason that the length of the employment makes her and the manager a liar! Good job blogging the facts as you get them and not just trying to cover up what this is an attempt by the Gorga’s to cover their ass’s and sorry Melissa I don’t believe you I think you are a liar and a stripper!

  • This shit is so funny, on the reunion she said 3 months how do you confuse that with 1year? and how do you confuse part time and full-time ? I’m not stupid and I know y’all ain’t stupid either!

  • Glad this was cleared up. Doesn’t change anthing…Still don’t like her, never had never will. She’s fake, shady, and brought her husband’s family down on national TV. Still a whore (for fame or whatever, thus still a whore)


    something is off here…

    #1 ) On Melissa’s blog, ironically titled “The Truth”, she stated she only worked there for a few weeks. well according to this payroll spreadsheet.. that’s not true.. ( first paragraph I think)

    #2):Larry Guarnia in US Weekly stated that she worked for “such a short time”, only a few months.

    #3) This looks like a full years payroll on a bi-weekly pay schedule. How many people start a job the very first pay period of the year, and end it on the very last of the same calendar year?

    There are only two possibilities that I can figure here:

    1) maybe just by fluke, she and larry BOTH got the length of time she worked there wrong, and she did in fact start a job the first pay period in January and End it the last pay period in December. ( unless of course there were shifts before Jan & after Dec.. meaning she was there for much longer than a year – which would make both of them even more inaccurate on how long she worked there – which raises even more questions as to why..)

    2) That something is wrong…..

    Roxanne I admire your desire to publish the truth.. but in my opinion something isn’t making sense here… or maybe I watch too much law & order haha.

    • It doesn’t make sense. If these really are her paystubs from Lookers, why is she lying about how long she was a bartender? What would be the point of lying about that? And why would her manager lie, too?

      • This doesn’t add up to me either. Roxanne you came out of nowhere and you land this interview with Angelo, then you get this blog site , Melissa and her sisiters and attorney contact you on thanksgiving with a threat, then you get the pic on the toilet, then Melissa and co meet with the producers, the lawyer comes out with a doc that with no notary stamp which makes it non legal ( I wk in the law dept over 10 years now ) then your blog site gets a face lift and Melissa now gives you check stubs that say a year when she told the world 3 months. If you ask me all of y’all are in on this and I ain’t buyin it!!!!!!

        • She came out of no where? She has been on twitter since July! look at her page! If roxanne didn’t post this information, it shows she is being biased! She has to post everything whether she doesn’t like Melissa or not, whether she agrees or not. We all say our opinions in comments. This has nothing to do w her, it has everything to do with melissa. who is lying? Melissa or these other people? WHO CARES. Screw melissa! lets move on. I’m so over the stripper talk.

  • I don’t know this seems fake… Why are all her reported tips $76 and all hours worked the same almost every week? I was a server here in Michigan and I never reported my tips to my employer, but it could be different in New Jersey. On the sheet it says Skyline restaurant, Is Skyline restaurant/CMG food services dba Lookers? Because when I google Skyline restaurant it is doing business under CMG food services and is an actual restaurant in New Jersey, BUT I see NOTHING about Lookers. She could have been a bartender at this restaurant… Can anyone clear that up for me?

    On the other hand, why would Angelo put himself out there to be sued for slander or whatever? I call a bluff.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

      She said she was a bartender at Lookers Gentlemen club.

      Could be that the Restaurant is operating out of LGC…

      Skyline Restaurant : 16 Greenwood Lake Tpke
      Ringwood, NJ 07456

      Lookers Gentlemen club: 789 Dowd Ave
      Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201
      North Avenue (13A on NJ Turnpike)

      Two different addresses????

        • 57
          live by chalenger
          6 Dec, 2011 at 3:56 pm

          Melissa was a stripper! My friend was one of her “clients.” His name is Mark Richards. She called and emailed him to death trying to keep him silenced. He decided to stay silent but, I will tell it. She was also a behind the back HOOKER!!!

          live by chalenger
          6 Dec, 2011 at 3:57 pm

          Joe met her at a hotel in Mexico …when she was there with another client!!!! Thats the real truth.

          • Are you kidding me?. MeGo is splashed all over the media. Look at the pics on the toilet and look at her today. She looks the same. If he was a regular client and now see her everywhere on the news – of course he will remember her. That is not a stretch at all. As far as his email goes, that is not hard to get. People put cell numbers and email addys on FB all the time. Lets not act like this is preposterous because it not. I am not saying it true, just stating that he certainly would remember her . Nene clients have said they remember her and that was over 20 years ago and she looks total different. I do not think Roxi was paid off. I think she is reports on all info that is giving to her, even if it is not salacious and of popular opinion. Mel is NOT the only story on this blog. It was just the juiciest in the past few weeks with all this leaked info.

    • Her tips are paid out at $9.50 per hour worked. And her bartenders wage was 12.50 per hour???? In 2003?

      I’ve done payroll for a few restaurants/bars. They are scheduled/work according to how busy/slow it is. Sometimes they work 6.5 hours, sometimes 10- never do I recall anyone getting exactly 8 every shift except maybe a few long time kitchen employees ( who,coincidentally, were also paid tips according to hours they worked – never seen service/bar staff tips go through the company).

      This is very odd.. It could be totally legit, I just personally have never seen anything like it for a bartender.

        • You guys are still trying to make something out of nothing because you don’t like her. There are not only these pay stubs but a sworn affidavit. Just accept it, the girl didn’t strip! Yes she worked in a strip club! But we knew Angelo WAS a LIAR FROM THE START. Great job for getting the truth out there roxy.

          • Kelly it is not a sworn affadavit.. It is a statement, signed and witnessed being signed. This isn’t a court of law, and there are no reprocussions to doing so. Honestly, something looks fishy here Kelly.. I would say the same no matter who it was.

          • NO, problem is Melissa was A LIAR FROM THE START. She said she NEVER worked at a strip club, she worked A BIKINI CLUB for TWO MONTHS one summer during college. When you lie and dig a hole, don’t be pissed when you gotta climb out of it.

          • It’s not soemting out of nothing! Melissa keeps lying and lying and lying. She keeps lying, i don’t believe anything she says. Melissa said she only worked there a couple weeks and clearly that was a lie. I think it’s pretty obvious they are trying to cover up all her lies but there is only one problem…. PEOPLE AREN’T STUPID. We remember what you originally said Melissa and you are full of shit. She totally stripped and I don’t even care. I only care that she is a big fat liar and doesn’t care about whoever she hurts in the process. I don’t want to watch Melissa on tv anymore, I don’t want to see any more interviews of her lying about her family and making more drama. I’m soooo over this liar!

    • You have to report credit card tips, they are already on the sheets right? It is weird that they all say 8 hours, but that might be Lookers taking advantages of their young employees.

  • I for one said I thought this was a planted story by Melissa and bravo’s producers that got out of hand and backed fired on her. Well, Well, Well I was right!!!!! this was a big set up by Melissa and the producers over at bravo to make Teresa look bad, but Melissa was the one with egg on her face!!!! Let’s give a toast for family values via the Gorga family. People put this together she meet with the producers last week and they have been on damage control since then…..Think about it.

    • Makes sense about making Tre look bad 2. Now it looks like she set an innocent person up. Hmmm I’m still not buying it & refuse to let bravo minipulate me

    • Maybe the truth is that it was all a set up by Bravo and Melissa, however, the pay stubs only prove that she was a bartender…but not for a few weeks but for a year…however, does that matter???…because what everyone knows by that Teresa never set her up.

    • “Had Melissa Gorga and her amateur pro-bono publicist not immediately went to the press and reality blogs, claiming Teresa Giudice tried to “set-up” Melissa during season 4 and expose her as a former stripper – the cryptic housewife would have never ruffled the feathers of a woman (Penny Drossos Karagiorgis – PDKHair) who could very well be the biggest liability to Gorga’s simulated image.” And like Tigress at Stoopid Housewives said: The entire rumor of her stripping was contrived for publicity, and so is this lawsuit-threat story that Melissa’s publicist gave to TMZ . It’s all smoke and mirrors – reality TV faking reality TV and using media markets for the attention and publicity. All are willing participants in this. However, there are people that actually believe this. As for the lawyers – it would be interesting to see who would go to court about this since Bravo is the one to come up with this idea of Melissa being a stripper and Teresa setting her up. We’re all are buying into this when in reality ‘strippergate’ is an attempt by Melissa to stay relevant on a reality show in its off-season.

      • I don’t think we can make any assumptions that Teresa DIDN’T set her up until we see the show- I have a feeling it is going to be a big eye opener for many people who are hating hard on melissa.

        • this is not an assumption.. she parades around town slinking and smoozing on all sorts she a young children who will one day soon want to bring friends home .. I for one if i had children that age would not want mine around folks who behave in that fashion in public..

      • I agree with you since it has come out that Bravo has it set up already that Teresa will be the villian on Season 4. Melissa has told sooooo many lies that it is hard to believe anything she says or does. She is fake, just watch her expressions when she talks. Her fan base is almost 0. This is a reality TV program and it could have been to her benefit to state how she stripped and come up in life. That would give her more people that supported her and showing us how hard she worked to make a better life for herself. That’s why it’s easy to support Teresa, because when she found herself in a mess, she went to work and did something to correct her life. Love Teresa! I am just hoping that allabouttrh doesn’t stop giving us the real truth and investigating this whole thing, because I really feel in my gut that there is more to this story! I don’t believe that this is her real pay stub history. It just doesn’t add up and I know that she made it public that she kisses ass of the producers and her lawyer, if that’s what you want to call him. She would do anything to get her fans back! Please allabouttrh, please don’t give up and research this more. Your so young but good at what you do! Appreciate all your hard work in bring the truth to us!!!!!!

  • Wow crazy! I don’t like Melissa but people should know she wasn’t a stripper. Roxanne you are an honest blogger and this shows that you only put facts on your website. I agree.if you say she wasn’t. I take your word for it! Really love your website and enjoy the new stuff

  • if the body suit fits…..
    i mean, come ON, so she didn’t get paid
    for gettin’ nekkid, but just observe how
    she is dressed??!!
    her actions and costumes SCREAM
    stripper to me!
    irrespective of the title,
    a stripper is as a stripper does, no?
    so, yeh, she IS A STRIPPER!!!

    • I have an idea. Since she swears “she wasn’t a “stripper” how about we just say “exotic dancer”. That encompasses bikini, pole, lap, strip, and other such “Gentleman’s Club” dancing activities. So, she wasn’t a simple Stripper, she was an Exotic Dancer! Anyone think she’s appreciative of the clarification?

  • Good for you Roxanne. I’ve been following you on twitter since the beginning. I know your not that big of a Melissa fan but you still spoke the truth and that shows that you are NOT biased and will always speak the truth no matter what. What she did to you on Thanksgiving was so wrong and you still showed us these pay stubs so we can see that she wasn’t a stripper. These are real pay stubs and I’m not a fan of Melissa but this is the truth, and we should respect that. I love your blog and have told everyone about it. Crazy how popular it got in a month! Keep it going, you have so many people standing behind you! And thanks for always being by the truth.

  • she still could of been a stripper after the fact that she found out how much they were getting paid. This only prooves that she wasnt lying baout being a bar tender but she could also have been a stripper! WHO AGREES WITH ME?

  • ok… something is wrong here. i thought she only said she did this for a couple months… This is an entire year. and if I’m reading this correctly, which I may not be bc it’s kinda blurry, she only worked 8 hours a week?? Yea she was definitely stripping too. And I guess this is where Joe picked her up from… Thanks Melissa. You are further proving more and more about yourself to us, when we never would have known anything.

    • correction: her blog says that she stripped, i mean bartended, here for a couple of weeks. again, these are “stubs” for an entire year. Im smelling more to THIS story!

    • I agree! I could be wrong and if I am I will say sorry! But..I still think she was a dancer/stripper. Last night on twitter Allabout said she had several sources about a story and said she felt bad for @joegorga I thought it would finally be the pic she said she had on Melissa! Still waiting for that story! Now its that Angelo lied and she wasnt a dancer. Dont make sense to me! I dont get it am I the only one?

    • I think she made 8.00 an hr. for a total of 3.25 hrs that is why it says 26.00 earnings plus 76.00 tips = 102.00 total earnings. I may be wrong and don’t want to judge but who only works 3.25 hrs a week? I think she may have been doing more there!

      • No she worked like one shift a week or so, maybe every other week. The 8 is that shift. She work there almost a year.


          • I doubt she made 16 one random week plus tips, it’s more likely she just picked up an extra shift that week. Bartenders usually make less than normal to make up for the tips. She prob made 3.25 an hr at 8 hr shifts.

    • I don’t believe this. Melissa’s lawyer did something for Roxanne to change this. No matter what, she is still a compulsive liar! I don’t believe Melissa one bit.

    • Agree! Even though its anti climactic kuddos to AAT at giving space on her blog to all sides of the story.

    • She still lied about it and brought all this drama on herself. She said she worked 2 months one summer at a bikini bar. No, you worked one year at a strip club. And all the lies are very suspicious. And by the way working at a strip club in any way? Still not something a lady would do.

      Short answer, me neither.

  • As much as they liked to accuse you of trying to bring Melissa down, the minute you got actual proof that you gave out wrong information, you retracted your story.

    Although, I’m sure she and her 3 fans will find a way to complain about this, too.

    • Exactly! She is an honest and fair blogger. I like your website and I like Melissa as well. I like that you were honest when most bloggers wouldn’t be. You are awesome. I love your website. So glad its successful! Go ROX!

      • Maybe Melissa didn’t want anyone to know she worked at a gentlemens club because people are obviously going to assume she was a stripper. I stick with Roxanne and if she says Melissa wasn’t then she wasn’t.

      • Have you maybe thought she reacted in such a way at the fashion show because she knew what kind of claims this man would make? Why else would he be there, I’m sure she had previous knowledge that he was going to make up and spread such a story. On top of that, this man is the only witness to her stripping, not one other person has come forward and there are no pictures – in this day and age that is very strange. Many media outlets hav concluded that she wasn’t a stripper and the girl has gone to great lengths to prove so. Peple who simply don’t like her will continue to come up with reasons as to why she isn’t needs to be let go. She didn’t strip, that doesn’t mean you have to like her.

        • There aren’t any pictures of her in her strip club bartender outfit either but there are the pay stubs showing she worked in a sleazy strip club for a year. I think she started out bartending and ended up on the pole. Strip clubs don’t let you take pictures of the dancers so that is why there aren’t any pictures.

      • It just seems odd that a person would start a job that runs concurrently with a fiscal year. “Oh, I was hired on New Years Day 2003 and quit on New years Eve 2003.”? Just very odd.

        • Just me, this country went under because people stole identities, created social security cards, and fake check stubs to obtain homes to sale / and or to rent out. One thing you can not create is a fake W2 because that goes straight to the IRS and if it’s a fraud then the IRS will come after you. It would have been much easier for her to get a W2 then a print out of all her hours wk’d. I’m just sayin!!!

        • well one thing for sure she’s no stranger to the criminal justice system heard she had an incident in 1997 at seaside heights just like snookie from jersey shore. sooo if it quacks like a duck it is a duck.

      • Melissa told Teresa that she only bartended for a week. That stub shows more then a week!
        Who’s lying! Ahhh, Melissa

    • That doesn’t mean anything. A lot of strippers start out as bartenders at strip clubs and start stripping like a month later. She was a stripper. And she is a liar. I’m so over this because she is lying. Can’t stand her

      • Melissa payed them to make a fake pay stub. Strip clubs are shady and they’ll do anything for money. Melissa needs to keep up with her lies, these pay stubs say she worked at the strip club for a year, that is not what she said in her blog. She’s a gross liar. Melissa I don’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth!

        • It’s obvious her husband paid them off. Damn, I wonder how much money Joe has to pay everyone for them to remain quiet about all this. There are so many lies… Joe will continue to waste his money down the drain for this little fake witch.

        • absolutely true most stripper are illegal in this country so the one’s that are legal are used to show a legal business of course the owner was warned and paid off! they bitch is lying she never graduated nor was a teacher and she definitely was a stripper! her true colors were exposed and thats a fact! bitch is a liar! her husband is a sucker!

    • IDK. I cant think of any job that pays you on Sundays and allows you to work 7 hours a month for 3 months but it’s possible I guess. There seems to be large gaps at the beginning of the payment stub. Could it be that she tried out stripping during those gaps and didn’t like it?