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How Old Are The Real Housewives?

Have you ever watched an episode of the Real Housewives and thought “hmm I wonder how old she is?” I have! And I’m sure some of you have too! AllAboutTRH reveals how old the housewives really are.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:
Dana Wilkey-37 years old
Brandi Glanville-38 years old
Camille Grammer-43 years old
Kyle Richards-42 years old
Kim Richards-47 years old
Taylor Armstrong-40 years old
Lisa Vanderpump-50 years old
Adrienne Maloof-50 years old

Real Housewives of New Jersey:
Kathy Wakile-46 years old
Melissa Gorga-32 years old
Jacqueline Laurita-41 years old
Caroline Manzo-50 years old
Dina Manzo-39 years old
Danielle Staub-49 years old
Teresa Giudice-39 years old

Real Housewives of Atlanta:
Sheree Whitfield-41 years old
Phaedra Parks-40 years old
Cynthia Bailey-44 years old
Kandi Burruss-35 years old
Kim Zolciak-33 years old
Nene Leakes-44 years old

Real Housewives of Orange County:
Tamra Barney-43 years old
Vicki Gunvalson-49 years old
Gretchen Rossi-33 years old
Peggy Tanous-41 years old
Alexis Bellino-32 years old
Fernanda Rocha-34 years old
Heather Dubrow-41 years old

Real Housewives of Miami:
Alexia Echevarria-44 years old
Adriana De Moura-unknown
Marysol Patton-44 years old
Lea Black-57 years old

Real Housewives of New York:
Jill Zarin-48 years old
Sonja Morgan-48 years old
LuAnn de Lesseps-46 years old
Alex Mccord-38 years old

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    • I am pretty sure vanderpump is in her 60’s she dresses very nice . Adrienne looks very good for 51 and Adriana looks great for 47. Too much botox and fillers in all the housewives.

  • What difference does the age matter. All the HW’s look great. No matter about the age.

  • RhoBh- not surprised except for Adrienne I thought she was thirty-something

    RhoNJ – Jacqueline is older than Teresa?! She looks a couple younger

    RhoA – Cynthia and phaedra look like they’re in they’re thirties. Kim shouldn’t have used Botox and fillers she was just in her twentys. WTF. You shouldn’t get work done till your 50’s Mabey 40’s

    RhOC – tamra looks great and alexis is like Kim too you to need Botox makes them look older

    RhoM – yep lea is 57. How old is Adriana please someone tell me she looks likes she’s in her early 30’s Mabey karentsierra age? Or younger

    RhoNY – Sonja looks pretty darn good for 50

  • I would like the name of Lea Black’s plastic surgeon, she looks great for her age, no turkey waddle neck, no lines = she manages to keep up with all the younger ladies and is actually better looking than Marisol and Karent.

    • I agree that Lea is better looking than a lot of the other women on that show, regardless of her age. Especially Marysol, Alexia and Adriana – I don’t think they are attractive at all. Karent is one of those people who looked great sometimes and terrible other times.

  • Lea Black looks a lot better now that she got her facelift.
    She still looks about 60 yrs old. She needs better wigs. They always look like they are falling off the back of her head.

  • Lea Black is 57. She gave birth late..amazing. And HER GRANDMOTHER is still alive. Got through her twitter photos. There’s a photo of her son and her GRANDMOTHER. Yes, Lea’s Grandmother.

  • Lea Black is 57. She was 40 in 1995 when she married her husband who she met when she was a juror on a case he was trying.

    • Absolutely correct on Lea Black’s age. Her maiden name was Lisa (Lea) Haller. She and her husband married in 1995 when she was 40 and her husband was 50, so she is currently 57 and he is 67.

  • I like how Luann Deseps (sp?) states she wants to have a baby and she is much younger than the other cast? what 2 years? bfd!!

    • Smoking ages your face exp since she’s chain smoker lol I’m smoker look older die 2 all yrs of smoking proud 2say never had any worl done or would be able 2 afford it I’m 42

  • Adrienne looks AMAZING for 50! I swore I thought she was early 40s for SURE! I didn’t know her age exactly.

  • I agree Kim is 41/Lisa is 55/adreen is 52/and the other Kim from Bvh is 52/Vicki is 53/Tamra is about to turn 48/Sharee is 48/ Kim’s sister Kyle is 46/as We All know the starts change their Age 7/10 years younger! This is A true Fact I worked on TVs.for many years with most starts/ singers. NO first Hand All the Housewives are 7 to 10 year’s older then that they say keeping it 100

  • I dont believe for one second Caroline is only 50. She isnt a day under 55-60 lol.
    Im still-_- about Kim’s age.
    Phaedra, Cynthia,& Kandi all look great for their ages.Black dont crack =]
    The RHOBH all look terrible, overly done.

  • wow cannot believe Alexis! She looks wayyyyy older, especially in comparison to Gretchen! Adrienne looks great for her age!

  • All of this botox and fillers has a reverse effect on young women in their thirties and makes them look older. I wish they would realize it.

  • I’m going to need to go back in time and see Kim Zolciak being born before I believe she is 33. Now, if you said she was 43, I’d believe that.

  • Damn! Alexis Bellino is only 32? I just don’t believe it. She looks like she’s in her early 40’s… Lay off the botox & fillers, Alexis!

    I can’t believe Phaedra is 40. Omg, I thought she was in her mid 30’s… I think she looks pretty good!

    And hell no is Kim Zolciak 33! Total BS! She looks like she’s in her mid 40’s… Especially looking at her pictures in high school. I swear, those pictures look like it’s from the 70’s or 80’s. So I know she’s lying…

    Camille looks good for her age. Her body is nice & fit!

    Cynthia Bailey & Alexia Echevarria looks damn good for being 44!

    • Kim for sure doesn’t look 33- I couldn’t believe when the show aired the first time she said she was 28- I almost spit my drink out. But they got her birth certificate and it is true, they address it on both reunions and she admits she looks older. But yes she JUST turner 33 ~ Kroy is 26 lol!

  • It says Lea’s age is ‘unknown’. lol Idk where you guys came up with 30-something. I’d say she’s in her 50’s. Also, I cannot wrap my head around Cynthia Bailey being 44?! I would have said early 30’s!! She looks the best for her age out of all of them! I guess that’s what modeling will do for you! Dayum!

  • FYI-I don’t believe none of the Beverly Hills housewives ages. Here their real ages…LOL /sarcasm

    Dana Wilkey-43 years old
    Brandi Glanville-38 years old
    Camille Grammer-47 years old
    Kyle Richards-45 years old
    Kim Richards-53 years old
    Taylor Armstrong-47 years old
    Lisa Vanderpump-58 years old (Lisa is NOT 50)
    Adrienne Maloof-53 years old

  • My biggest shock was Adrienne WOW she is 50 she is smoking hot.

    Oh and Lea Black is not 36 maybe 66 I think she has been married for like 30yrs.