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Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga

Will Love work’s with entertainment and NJ/NY media. Will has shared the same PR as New Jersey Housewive, Melissa Gorga. Will was friends with Melissa and her sisters but is no longer with Illumanation PR. The former client of Illumination PR exposes the truth about the PR, Melissa Gorga and more.

“Immediately after writing today’s blog I nearly deleted it entirely. The reason being is that I knew of the controversy it would ignite and, while I wanted to make more than a few aware of the subject matter I will be discussing, I was not in the mood to encounter the negativity I would no doubt receive. I have been through an overwhelming amount of maltreatment and have had the bread taken out of my mouth thanks to Robyn Polay, who is also known as “Illumination PR” and the amateur publicist of Melissa Gorga. Nevertheless, when I reflected on the unwarranted treatment I was given after parting ways with the incompetent “publicist,” I instantly knew full well that I deserved the opportunity to, at bare minimum, express my trepidation.

I had first met both Robyn and Melissa when I covered the 2010 POSCHE Fashion Show. After expressing interest of meeting the furtive confidant of Danielle Staub, colleagues pushed me smack in the middle of Melissa’s first photo-op. Judging by facial expressions directed at me afterwards, I do not believe Melissa was too happy. This was evident when I approached her after the fashion show: Melissa very blatantly rolled her eyes when I introduced myself. Despite her uncouth initial impression, I featured a side-by-side cover cameo of Melissa and Teresa Giudice on the cover of Out In Jersey’s December-January issue. When I messaged Melissa regarding her first cover appearance, after reading that the appearance was not a full cover, I never received a response. I guess “Lady Gorga,” as her immediate circle describes her, did not feel the exposure was important enough to warrant a reply or thank you. After all, at the time Melissa was confident that she would be signed to Universal Records – even before her meeting with the record tycoon earlier this year.

After noticing the media attention I brought to assorted events she promoted, Robyn praised my work and made it a mission to stay in touch with me. The woman talked a good game, so much that I included her logo on the step-and-repeat for a charity benefit I directed in Manhattan. I did this out of kindness for a friend. I never had to go through Robyn to speak with any of her “clients,” as they were more of a sole resume booster for her. After text messaging, “I am in traffic – I am stuck in Brooklyn – I will arrive during the second half of the show,” Robyn ultimately let me know less than an hour before my event’s closing that she would not be able to make it. After a week of text apologies, I felt it only fair to give the woman another chance.

The following week I attended a fashion gathering for one of Robyn’s clients at a lounge in Manhattan. It was my first time seeing both Melissa and Kathy since the POSCHE event. Kathy immediately greeted me with compliments on my attire during conversation, while a startled Melissa greeted me with a half-assed ”hi.” The fact that I was confident I recognized the husband of Melissa’s sister from a local North Jersey gay bar less than a week prior [his distressed facial expression when he saw me did not help] made the evening additionally awkward. Nonetheless, leave it to Kim D to bring us all together to socialize – on the runway.

At the launch party for a friend’s business I was again approached by Robyn, who asked if I was interested in representation. This was the second time she brought up the topic to me, and since I was looking for management, I felt a publicist to be a safe alternative. I remained with “Illumination PR” from April through August of 2011. Very quickly, I began to realize who Robyn was and what her “business” was about. Her policy was “all play and no work,” unless it came to tarnishing another’s image.
Before signing with “Illumination PR” Robyn and I had a meeting were she noted what I wanted her assistance with. Throughout my entire time working with her, she did absolutely nothing except bait-and-switch me. In retrospect, I continued to publish features positively promoting her events and clientele. I had a seasonal (12-week) blog on a website dedicated to the “real housewives” franchise, in which I managed to incorporate and give attention to her work almost weekly. In another publication, which I am Editor of, I published a cover story and spread on her client [Alisa Maria] that illustrated the “stylist” as the queen of high-end fashion. In actuality, Alisa pays Robyn to allow her [Alisa] to style Melissa. I have been told by many who are relative within the world of fashion that Alisa’s fur’s are fake and that she was in a legal hole when caught marketing Clara Kasavina jewelry as her own line. The fact that the Sashika Twins won’t even touch her also speaks volumes.

I reached my breaking point with Robyn when I agreed to assist her with Fashion & Beauty Week, a knock-off of New Jersey Fashion Week. FBW was the last “Illumination PR” event I helped to give attention to via my publications. Somehow, the fact that I was supposed to model turned into me doing intern-style work, but that is another story which you may read here. During this time, Robyn’s true colors shined immensely. After Kim D simply expressed her loyalty and friendship to Teresa on multiple occasions, Melissa became furious with Kim. The fact that Kim simultaneously parted ways with Robyn did not help matters either. In retaliation for Kim being a free thinker, Robyn and Melissa began a well thought out smear campaign. I witnessed, at least during half-a-dozen events, Robyn and her friends speak of Kim D as a “coke addict,” “drug user,” and claimed Kim would be out of business within six months. Robyn, who I previously witnessed express to Kim how her only [now former] full-time employee “is completely overpaid” and “should be grateful to have you as a boss” – was saying the opposite to the employee. Concurrently, Robyn was expressing to the employee that they should “open up a separate boutique” and was eventually triumphant at having the employee parrot the same damaging sentiments about Kim at various events and to multiple customers while still employed at POSCHE. Robyn and Melissa even went as far as to contact BRAVO weekly in hopes of persuading them to film the insignificant Fashion & Beauty Week as opposed to the annual POSCHE Fashion Show. This was due to the fact that Robyn was successful in blacklisting Kim D and Teresa Giudice from the supposed “charity” fashion event [FWB]. Therefore, if FWB were filmed over POSCHE, it would appear as though Kim and Teresa “were not wanted at an “esteemed” fashion event.”

I stopped working with FBW and began to distance myself from behavior liable for slander and other legal action. Robyn was still supposed to follow-up on a number of gigs for me, yet her job as a publicist became calling me at odd hours of the day questioning if I had spoken to any of her former clients. I was a finalist for an upcoming reality program on MTV which Robyn would have received a percentage of my income for if she was able to secure my role. Interestingly, making adolescent phone calls was most important to her. Once I found out that I was not invited to Melissa’s single release party at Manhattan’s Tavern on the Hudson, I complete took “Illumination PR” off of every networking page and website I had. I could not get over how after basically acting as a publicist and editor for a woman who was supposed to be my publicst – that she could not invite to a celebration of a client [Melissa] who considered me a “good friend.” I found it odd how I was excluded from an event where Melissa invited avid Twitter followers, most of whom were middle-aged mothers who she never met a day in her life, to. Looking back, it was obvious that they knew I was waking up to who they were as individuals, and therefore were becoming enigmatic.

My intentions from here on out were to allow Robyn and Melissa to see my removal of “Illumination PR’s” information from my pages and let that speak for itself. However, after nearly two weeks of their brands being removed from my pages – I found it odd that I received a text message asking for me to do just what I already had done weeks ago. Just minutes after the text message, I received a phone call where an agitated Robyn began to curse at me and accuse me of speaking negatively of her. The paranoid female proceeded to claim that she fired me yet that the reason I stopped working with her was because of her reputation. Conflict much? I was almost certain Melissa and her circle were present on the opposite side of the phone, since that is all Robyn was ever concerned about impressing. Robyn and Melissa must have been upset with the fact that a portion of their free promotion and exposure was gone after I parted ways – so much that other clients of Robyn’s began to not only delete, but block me from various social networking websites. My previous contact for a mini-clothing “line” I have approaching [if you want to call it that] stopped responding to all of my e-mails, phone calls, and text messages shortly after I stopped speaking to the “Illumination PR” circle. This contact was initially my contact – meaning I knew them before giving their information to an associate of Robyn’s after asking for my assistance with a project.

I was honestly hurt by all of the malicious behavior, especially being as I was the professional who was used by women who – up until this day – I never spoke negatively of. I was ready to speak with Robyn about the many aforementioned issues at the 2011 POSCHE Fashion Show – except she was nowhere to be found. Melissa, however, was present – who [just like when we first met] rolled her eyes the minute she saw me. Despite the fact that all six housewives (including Kim D) were supposed to take a New Jersey Equality (NJEQ) photo – none of the women did. I even tweeted Jacqueline, as well as some of the other girls regarding the photo the following day, only to be ignored. For women who were so appalled by Joe G’s “homophobic” and “uneducated” remarks, one would think they would have responded to my inquiry. I guess after Melissa threw her hysterical fit [which led to a fan running into the NJEQ backdrop], it was much more important for Caroline to parrot that “this was all a set up” ten times over outside of Son Cubano. Kim and Teresa, who was scrutinized by Mr. Cohen during the RHONJ reunion, were the only housewives who have taken a photo for the equality campaign. The following day, after tweeting back and forth with Kim, Teresa, and Penny [who I wish I could elaborate more on but I am legally unable to] I received various hate tweets from an anonymous account. Among other sentiments, this individual wanted to make it clear that I was apparently a “whore.”  After tracing the IP address, the Montville residence which showed up as sending the tweets was none other than that of Melissa and Joe Gorga. I found this to be ironic, especially since Melissa, and the friends of ten years she managed to lure away from Teresa, were implying [that same day] that Teresa was behind the apparent “anonymous eggs” they were receiving. Cover up much?

I feel as though I stayed with “Illumination PR” as long as I did due to the fact that, since I was able to benefit Robyn and Melissa to such a degree, I was certain she would pull through for me eventually. Obviously, this proved to not be the case being as the woman undoubtedly lacks professionalism, experience, aptitude, conviction, and of course, qualifications.”

Follow Will On twitter!/WillLoveInc ! We will be interviewing Will Love very soon. What are your thoughts on his blog exposing the truth?

Below are Photo’s of Will with the Housewives

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  • This is the first time I’ve seen this blog. It’s amazing. And honest. I hope Will didn’t take to much heat for being honest.

    I’ve actually heard horror stories about Robyn from my NJ, twitter friends.
    One last thing, I saw a huge debate on twitter awhile back where people felt sure Will was lying about tracing an ip on twitter. They said it was impossible. I know that it is possible, a friend of mine traced the ip of someone on twitter who was stalking me. They posted a misleading link and the first ip it registered was that of twitters. After that, anyone who clicked the link (my stalker) it registered their ip. So, I know it’s possible and I
    believe Will.

  • My thoughts:
    I have to get this off my chest.

    Both Melissa and Joe Gorga are Malignant Narcissists. Melissa has the edge because she is more intelligent than her husband. Note: I am in no way saying Melissa is intelligent but compared to him she’s Steven Hawking. The relationship will implode. It probably already has. He is running out of money and she will find someone to pick-up the slack. She will blame it on his volatility (which we all have witnessed) and will probably claim abuse, once again making herself out to be the victim. He is running out of his usefulness for Melissa.

    Melissa has a huge army of flying monkeys (her sisters and their extended families at first and now the Manozs, Lauritta’s and the Wakiles, all of who suffer differing degrees of narcissism, I’m telling you these HWs shows run RAMPANT with MNs) and these flying monkeys are doing her bidding. Joe Gorga has no one–now. His wife and her monkeys saw to that. It wasn’t difficult to do after Teresa had 4 children to attend, a husband having a breakdown and possibly going to jail, a TV show, a business to run, a bankruptcy, lawsuits and possibly losing her family’s home. Throw into this Hellish mix trying to figure out WHO was divulging all her personal information out to the public and dealing with “friends” and “family” that would all sell her down the road for fame and money.
    Both Teresa and Joe Gorga have stated that the disintegration of their relationship accelerated when Teresa’s attention waned after his 1st child was born and Teresa had just had her 3rd. Joe Gorga was not happy with the amount of fawning received from his sister over his FIRST BORN and constantly reminds her how he supposedly worshiped Gia. His narcissism would not let him have empathy towards the demands of Teresa’s life. Teresa did not have as much time to fawn over her brother and his family and I am sure her parents had to give more time to Teresa to help her do the show, do appearances for Bravo and her business etc.Melissa and her flying monkeys pounced on this and instead of being a “good wife”, as Teresa would say, and explain to him the hardship of mothering 3 then 4 children under the age of 8 and juggling everything else, they decided to make Teresa the villain. They turned the fact that Teresa was fighting from all ends to keep her life together as a slight to the angel from God. That is where the “we’re your real family, Joey” germinated. They ramped up their false worship of him to garner the “angel form God’s” full favor and in turn cutting him off from his original source of ego stroking which was Teresa and his parents. The malignant narcissist needs a constant flow of fawning over and ego stroking like a heroin junkie needs a fix. Joe Gorga, like a junkie, needed to find another dealer. Narcissism is also the reason Melissa needed to prance around in a bikini and fool old guys with hundred dollar bills for “just handing them a drink”. Have you ever heard of any man forking over 100 dollars just because someone was cute…mind you this was pre-breast enhancement, nose job,lip enhancement and professional make-up artisits…

    And that is how Melissa has been able to fool quite a few people. She is the Queen Narcissist in this theater of the absurd and everyone on this show is using the other for their own narcissistic needs. Trust me, Melissa and Caroline will not remain “friends” for very much longer, there cannot be 2 Queens.

    I am also probably the only person that feels badly for Juicy. This man was so esteemed in the first 2 seasons because of how he doted on his wife and daughters and, he deserved it! This must have made the Joe Gorga INSANE!!! HE is the “angel from God”! It is apparent that he was always pitting himself against Juicy with Teresa, and, with her heart of gold, she tried to appease both him and her husband. Juicy saw through him and probably went over board trying to point out to his wife that Joe Gorga was not an angel from God but a complete ass who needed his sister’s and parent’s constant attention. Juicy is a man’s man, he does not have time for momma’s boys who think they are angels from God. Teresa and Juicy DID help Joe Gorga start his business and instead of acknowledging their help and being thankful, like a NORMAL person, all he gave is his resentment. After all, an angel from God is perfect and does not need help! Acknowledging someone has helped you (in the narcissistic mind) is confirmation that you are not the personification of perfection (like an angel from God) but something a little more human.

    Did Juicy cheat? I don’t know. I hope he would not bring that kind of dishonor to his wife or children. That being said, he was going through a crisis of identity. He was feeling less than a man, a failure. Add to that the entire world gawking at his failure and judging with a harshness unequal to anything the average person could imagine and each step of his downfall appearing weekly on a national television show which is dissected on a scale that never existed prior to social media and the electronic age. If he did in fact cheat, and I do not think he did, I would not fault Teresa for forgiving him. That is love. None of us are perfect, none of us, and we all react to situations differently. If we are hurt by our loved ones we must look into ourselves and pray we can have the empathy to understand their actions, IF they ask forgiveness and are truly contrite. I see how he looks in his daughter’s eyes and how he tenderly stood with Teresa at Jamie’s wedding wishing for world peace and…maybe a little boy…that is not the heart of an evil man. He may be rough and not as articulate as our dime store novels portray how a loving man should act but I would take Juicy over any of those fictional, silver tongued lotharios any day.

    And who has suffered the most from all of these over blown egos vying for attention? Teresa. Everything they say she is guilty of is their projection of their actions onto her. Why, because of her undying loyalty, even to those that have not earned it nor know how to treasure someone who would put others ahead of themselves. It is a foreign concept to the MN because the universe needs to revolve around them, they have no time for others unless than can be of service to them and once that person has fulfilled their purpose they seek to DESTROY them by any means. The are cunning and crafty and masters at projection to throw the sent of of who the rat actually is.

    I do not want Teresa to reconcile with her brother or any of these people. A malignant narcissist cannot get “better” with any amount of therapy. The only way to heal yourself is to completely remove yourself from their life. I pray for Teresa and her family every night, what has been done to them is beyond atrocious and the entire world has been seduced into thinking what is good is evil and what is evil is good.

    • Adios Lunatic: I realize it is quite late to be catching up on this blog, but I must tell you how much I enjoyed your post of 10/2/12. It was such a succinct analysis, and humorous, too. It is exactly how I felt after reading Will Love’s exposure of Melisserella and her Evil Stepsisters (et al). This site is one of my favorites for the truth it exposes about what happens behind Bravo’s chopped up editing/production. AL, you could also have your own blog; your writing skills are worthy. So, thank you. And thank you, Roxanne, for this site. (p.s. Juicy + Tre = most real for me)

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  • I would be embarrassed to say I was from NJ, if these women & men are an example of how people truly act. The show used to be entertaining except for the DS mess, but now it is a train wreck. Who needs to watch that much back stabbing in one hour? And who says “burn the bitch”? A complete and utter moron who is married to Teresa’s cousin. The only way this show could be saved is if Dr. Drew did an intervention & even then I wouldn’t watch. Way to go Bravo TV for promoting this type of trash & “garbage”

  • Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga | All About The Real Housewives I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks! your article about Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga | All About The Real HousewivesBest Regards Lawrence

  • Truth always comes out; Melissa’s sister has fat legs. It was so obvious in every episode how fake Melissa, Katy and melissa’s sisters were; but lots of people were fooled. the only reason I can think that Caroline and jac were fooled is because they are fake as well. I am team Teresa and if anyone doesn’t like it that is really too bad.

  • Wonderful goods from you, man. Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga | All About The Real Housewives I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too great. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga | All About The Real Housewives informations.

  • If yougoing to hide the fact your gay honey,don’t be puttin urself on national tv especially in nj cause we will talk! See ya love at Feathers

  • believe him and def 100% believe him about this being what started the cover up and them blaming Teresa for Melissa being outed as stripper. Own it, so low to blame Teresa. It’s not shocking though. She is obsessed with her and has been for a looooooong time.

  • As far as Melissa and Joe Gorga and Bravo are concerned, well Bravo is too blind and just plain stupid not to realize that RHoNJ has been degraded since Melissa and Joe were introduced last season. Does Bravo not see that viewers don’t like Jerry Springer material on their show? They will know that answer in season 4 when the ratings sink like a ship because not too many viewers are fond of Melissa and Joey. They belong on Jerry Springer. As for Teresa, she would be smart to leave this show now, rather than sink with the ship. Melissa and Joe have wrecked this ship.

    • I for one will not watch season 4 as Jacqueline, Caroline and Melissa have already ruined it for us. I really don’t want to watch them lie and scheme against Teresa and her family for another season. I personally do not think there would be an audience for a show that featured Melissa, Caroline and Jacqueline. Teresa is the show. Bravo gets that because they understand dollar signs. However, they are renewing the RhOM which proves that they are stupid and did not recognize a abject failure. As to why Will would out Marc-ho’s husband, I think he is doing it just to expose their hypocrisy. Bravo is in a pickle with this show. Season 4 is going to suck and the viewers do not give a rat’s ass about the life of Melissa Gorga. Good Luck, Bravo. You are going to need it. I don’t think I can stomach Caroline Manzo for another season with her bumper sticker advice and her bullying and phoniness. So what are they going to do? they need to scrap season four altogether. Because we know the ending! And the journey to that ending is not that interesting.

  • It sounds to me like this guy Will is angry and granted, with a good reason, however, his approach to telling his side is very immature. Think about this, what does someone’s closet gay husband have to do with a dispute will is having with Robyn? Why did Will have to oust someone who may not want to be ousted? I think this guy Will has hissy-fits when he can’t have his way and when he has a hissy-fit, watch out or he’s telling. Telling things that he should keep to himself. Will, you’re a baby with a big mouth. Grow up.

    • I guess wifey and the hubby own that one. They planted themselves right smack in the middle Melodrama’s life.

      I’m more interested the traced IP address of Melissa and Joe Gorga showing up on those nasty tweets.

      • He’s not having a hissy fit. Where did u see that?

        He’s interview was not the least bit hostile, it was well written, clear and concise. No drama in any of it.

        Will said that the photo shoot for gay equality was only done with Teresa and I think Kim D may have also been there. If I understood correctly, the others were suppose to be there and they were a “no” show.

        He states that whenever Melissa had contact with him, “she’d do the eyeball roll.” Where’s the “thank you Jesus” in that gesture towards him. Now in an odd contrast Will sees Melissa’s brother -in-law in a gay club….Do u see the irony here, I sure as hell do. And to make it real clear, if this guy is gay, it’s not that he’s gay that is the shocker, it’s the wife that’s the shocker.

        An IP address from some vulgar and rather nasty tweets were traced back to Melissa and Joe Gorga. You want to talk about someone having a hissy fits…I’d say those tweets that were sent to Will would be an example of bullying and off the charts as far as hissy fits go.

  • absolutely the best read ever. Hopefully when JoeG get attention from other women (because of the hw fame) he will see Melissa for the Ho she is and leave her. I think he thinks Melissa is the best he can do. I think he is really a nice guy who has fallen in the pussy pond and when he can no longer keep his head afloat I think his big sis will be there for him.

  • you do realize that by writing this you are contradicting everything you allegedly were soooo “fed up” about. you claim Robyn and melissa benefited off of your publications? Hate to break it to you but your publications are not that well known or read for anyone, especially Melissa Gorga, to gain more popularity or recognition. If I recall correctly Melissa’s last event was picked up by REAL publications such as People and US Weekly. If anything it sounds that YOU are trying to use THEM to get recognition and coverage of your mediocre blog, website, twitter or whatever it is that you
    do. Just remember what goes around, comes around.

    • lele, What exactly is Will contradicting?

      I don’t want anyone to be intimidated because someone tries to put a spin on the word “contradiction.”

      Now if u wanna a good example of what contradiction is, may I suggest u include the name Melissa in the sentence.

      I agree with you that he is not YET big time like “People” or “UsWeekly,” but let’s be honest, neither is Melissa or that pr company or the stylist, or the hairdresser, or the lawyer..etc..etc.

      They all have to start somewhere. Give the young man a
      break…he’s 21 and just at the beginning of his career. I believe that the skills and talent of someone that young and naive could be taken advantage of. It’s done all the time and why would that be so hard to fathom in this situation.

      Seems to me that he was being a TEAM PLAYER who wanted to do the best job possible. It appears he went up and beyond the responsibilities of what his title was as an employee.

      When ur small time stuff such as Melissa and even that is giving too much credit, u use the local talent if they are available or u steal them from ur s-i-l, either way they are from Jersey and not NYC or Hollyweird.

      The unedited truth about what went on behind the camera is now coming out and the reason that it’s coming out is it has affected real people in the real world. It’s not a tv show…it’s truly reality.

      Will, Roxanne and Angelo are talking the real reality and they are separating the facts from the BRAVO edited fiction.

      Here’s what matters most: This whole undertaking of raising a reality star was based on DECEIT from the get go. U lie down with dogs, u will get up with fleas….need I say more. This does not apply to Will…Will is getting out while the gitting is good. No fleas on him..and u can’t try to throw them on him just because is SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

      Also, nobody would willingly put a lie out on the internet. I do believe both Angelo and Will and like so many others, I too am grateful for someone to finally speak the the TRUTH.

      Thank you Will. Thank You Angelo…Thank You Roxanne…it was like getting to the end of the book and having a happy ending and not because I want Melissa down and out…it’s because watching Teresa get bullied on season 3 was hard to watch for any normal being.

      Prior to season 3, I only occasionally watch the show. I honestly only really started to watch this season because the lack of Sunday night shows on major networks. I admit I’m embarrassed to say that I got hooked and the only reason I got hooked was it broke my heart to see how Teresa was constantly being demeaned, degraded and insulted. It went beyond normal and it toched a place in me that I never expected. I will always stick up for the underdog…no man or woman should be deceived or used they way Teresa was by so called family. I wanted someone, anyone, to stand beside Teresa..her own brother failed…very hard to watch that.

      And that my friends is why this particular BRAVO show has so many people talking about it. Teresa’s strength is what shines above all of this Melissa crap….thank you Jesus that the real integrity gets to be shown.

      I believe Will and I do believe his saw and experienced a dark side of business…the smart man new he was being used and bowed out. He definitely is not contradicting and neither is he a hypocrite.

      These are real people and their lives are not edited or scripted.

      • A correction on my 9th paragaph on the above post
        “Will, Roxanne and Angelo are talking the real reality and they are separating the facts from what some had portrayed on the BRAVO shows.”

  • More people must come forward! Melissa Gorga must be exposed. But I don’t think the campaign for PDK Hair will be successful. I think they will chose Kim D. Jmho.

  • Kathy Definitely came on the show to try to get her catering business going. That is so obvious who is she kidding? At least Teresa has the guts to say it to her face but Kathy is all like “Why would I do that” Ha! go ask Melissa who absolutely has her own agenda against Teresa. These people think we’re dumb? what a joke

  • Will, I am sorry you endured what you did. Thank for letting the public know yet another negative side of Melissa Gorga. At least you have Teresa on your side! And Kim D.!

  • Melissa is the most fake person Ive ever seen. She is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside! She is still trying to say she is 100% Italian which is OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE! She is a money hungry pig, anyone that has seen the show has seen how she loathes her husband she cant stand him touching her, she is there for the money! She is only on the show to make a name for herself then she will leave Joe the second she has enough cash! Karma will take care of her 🙂 Sorry they put you though that 🙁 just consider the source and move on, they aren’t worth your time.

    • That’s funny you say that, I totally got that impression too. If she makes it somehow in the biz, oh I think she’ll divorce him in a minute.

  • Roxanne – saw “Teresa M” harrassing you on twitter. What a coincident that Melissa’s Aunt Louella lives in SC.

  • Hey guys, can anyone please tell me who this Robyn girl is? All these Alanna are fake. Especially Melissa. Caroline showed her true colors on the reunion show airing out confidential one on one conversations. she has NO friends. It’s obvious. Teresa> ANY of them ANYDAY. and Kathy is a nonfactor.

    • Robyn is Melissa’s PR representation @ IlluminationPR She’s (Robyn) also had previous lawsuits against her for theft. She also USE to be Teresa’s rep. …LOL
      Check on a few of the previous stories on this site. I believe that specific story on Robyn might be under the RHONJ tab, but I could be wrong. The links are there. FACTUAL links.

  • None of this is a surprise to those of us that have known these people for years before Bravo ever had a show.

    Melissa’s sisters are called the Witch’s of the North & East for a reason. We don’t bother with the ‘witch’ title for Melissa. She’s just called a bitch.

    Finally Carolines true colors are starting to be revealed & Jacquelines as well and don’t think Kathy is any better. She follows Melissa, watches the behavior,engages in the behavior only behind the persons back and then tries to make herself look innocent. And her husband? God what scum he is.

    When Teresa was cast on the show, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Melissa, her sisters, husbands & Kathy & her husband call her & her family names. It wasn’t just jealousy, it was hate.

    If Teresa is smart, she will stay far away from these people, family or not. I knew one day the truth about them would come out, and it’s about time.

    Sorry this happened to you, but at least you now know the truth.

    • Wow…you knew them all long b4 they got on the show. I love hearing the true side of who they all are. It does not suprise what u said about Kathy and her Jerry Lewis husband. I would love to know the details of Wakiles and that EXXON lawsuit. ..

      So they were bad mouthing Teresa and her family long b4 they got on the show. I’m so shocked….not.

      I’d love to know when and how Melissa connected with DANIELLE.
      There’s definitely a story there. Melissa tried to brush the subject of DANIELLE off to the back burner on an interview that is posted on this website. She said Danielle wasn’t a factor because she is no longer on the show and that nobody even talks about her.

      Wrong Melissa, we do want to talk about it and we want details on what you were doing with Danielle.

      I have a feeling there is a lot more of the truth to come.

      • Great response! Ditto! 100% agree! Please PDK and allaboutTRH find this person and get the whole story from her! There has to be others also that know Melissa prior to the show. How about interview with Danielle Staub? She wasn’t as bad as Caroline made her out to be or else her children wouldn’t be as great as they are. Let’s hear about her and Melissa’s interaction. Andy should have grabbed that one on the union when it came up but he was too busy attacking Teresa and protecting the others with their sh*t. Never will forgive Andy for that one. Andy needs to play fair and that union was not fair to Teressa. Why?

    • Kathy is the most useless creature to ever grace the Real Housewives franchise, imo. She serves no purpose whatsoever.

      And it was very obvious to me from the beginning that Kathy can’t stand Teresa. Every time Teresa speaks, Kathy’s attitude completely changes. And she’s a follower. The way she groveled at Caroline’s feet wanting to be liked after the fashion show argument was so pathetic.

      • SO true — Kathy’s attitude DOES change every time Teresa speaks. I admit that and I definitely wouldn’t call myself a fan of Teresa.

        Do you remember the reunion when Andy Cohen asked Teresa and Melissa about the Gorga family’s short temper? Teresa turned to Kathy and said something like, “Kathy knows, she’s part Gorga too,” and Kathy vehemently goes “NO I’M NOT.” Teresa responds, “But your mother is a Gorga.” And Kathy concedes, back to her normal decibel level, “Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right.”

        Watching the reunion, it really looked to me as if Kathy was looking for any reason to disagree with Teresa. (And I actually enjoyed watching Kathy this season!)

      • No, you don’t have to pay. When you get to the page that requests a donation-you just navigate away from it. For example, just hit the back button a time or 2. You’ll notice your signature on the petition.

        Hope that helps so GO SIGN IT…LOL! 😀

  • thank goodness that the truth is slowly coming to light! I’m not saying Teresa is a saint but she sure as hell doesn’t deserve to have someone as cunning and deceitful in her life as Melissa is. how desperate they really are actually makes me pity Melissa and her “Kardashians on a budget” sisters.

  • Not on Twitter here … can you trace an IP from Twitter yourself, or would you have to get outside help?

      • I think there is a bit more to it because he said something about being “legally unable” to go more into it…. I’m betting we will find out one day..

        • I believe he was referring to what was tweeted between him and Penny, Teresa, and Kim D the day after the fashion show. He may have a contract from the night of the Posche fashion show. I think that’s where he is not allowed to legallly discuss any of it.

    • When you register on a social network, you only know that you get a homepage and you can interact with people all over the world.

      What most people do not know, is that when this page is created, it gets an receivers identity. This ID registers on the social network. That is how the admins/owners of the SN can block you from interacting on their network.

      If you have the right software, you will be able to get the IP of the network including the receiver ID.

      With this link it is explained in detail how you can do this.

      On the internet you will find more programs etc that can help you track an IP.

      • Thanks for the information. I do know that everything can be traced but just didn’t know how. Think about it, the police can pick up your computer and totally find out every site and conversation that you have had on your computer.

    • Melissa is not Italian, along with my SO who is half Italian. Whatever her origin she is got the best of both drolws, and is pretty, especially to have maintained her shape(I cant say the same for myself lol). It makes me wonder though if that is why Juicy Joe hates her so much..its just weird how they treat her. She isn’t a saint but at the same time, civility in family matters goes a loooong way.

  • I am so sorry that you find yourself among those that have been used,abused, and disparaged by these lying, phony hags. thank you for sharing your story, as difficult as it was. it has confirmed the suspicions of every fan with an i.q in the double digits, namely that Melissa Gorga is an ungrateful, low-class bitch as is the rest of her trashy entourage. thanks for the interview Roxanne—- you are the best thing since sliced bread . Omg! these pigs, including Caroliar make me sick. You Rock! and again Will, I am sorry that your generosity and good will was spat upon.

  • ..

    So Will traced the IP address on various hate tweets that were sent to him and he found the IP address belonged to Melissa & Joe Gorga….OMG….yeowza, yeowza, yeowza.

    • Yeowza Melissa and Joe are beyond. stupid. laughing now but that must have really bugged Will when he traced the IP. Hope to hear more jersey info from Will.

  • I Cannot stand Melissa, Kathy, Caroline or Jacqueline now. I was never on anyone’s side (ie Teresa), until Melissa and Kathy came into the picture. Horrible act to invade into Teresa’s life and manipulate the way they both did. Disgusting and I would be ashamed in front of Teresa’s parents. Now to all of this…..just continued confirmation that I cannot stand Melissa, Joe (who is a complete idiot), or Kathy for their family betrayal. Melissa’s sisters are disgusting too. Melissa, you are not a good singer and your “career” and I use that term freely, will remain as a lounge act . Nothing more. I hope it was worth it. I would not like you either if you were my sister in law. The only thing on your side is Teresa’s inability to respond to your coniving behavior in an appropriate manner. Most of the HW shows are entertaining, and just that. What you and Kathy did was bring family involvement to a different level steming from pure jealousy. Cariline is nothing more that a miserable bully/thug. Her behavior on the reunion was disgusting and she should be embarrassed. Jacqueline’s ranting on twitter and saying the things she did was disgusting. I hope they do not come back for season 5. Please Jacqueline, keep your friggin promise and go back to stoopid land with your loser daughter and crazy mom.

    • Oh Jac’s ranting on Twitter DURING the reunion infuriated me. She didn’t have the balls to show up, but had no problems running her mouth on twitter the whole time acting all high & mighty. What a joke! She’s a fkn coward & I can totally understand where Ashlee gets all her bad behavior from. Furthermore, now that I think about it, I now understand where Jac gets her behavior from. Her Mom is a friggin WHACKADOO…wow! The apples didn’t fall far from the tree in that entire bunch.
      Before the reunion, I always liked Jac. She showed her true colors that night on twitter. I’ve not had anything to say (tweet) to her since.

  • The whole Manzo clan, Melissa, & The Laurita’s can all go straight back to hell where they came from! From day one I new Melissa was a snake, and as far as the Manzo’s and Laurita’s are concerned they are no where near squeaky clean like they act trying to put Teresa down for her bankruptcy, when they have the very same thing going on in there family and worse Mob affiliations, dead bodies in trunks of cars, secret love nests above the brownstone stealing money from their company and fraud charges not to mention Melissa and Joe living in a house that was not theirs for a year on a fraudulent construction loan these ppl have the nerve to even cast any judgement on Teresa they r hip deep in their own shitty scandals so why don’t you Manzo,Laurita,Gorga’s handle your own scandals cause Teresa’s looking great compared to you! that’s why she is on the apprentice and your not deal with it losers! Karma’s a bitch and her name is Will Love with some Teresa and Kim and just for good measure Penny on the side!

  • I am a Teresa Fan I used to like Caroline but now that i have seen season 3 I have cared less about her and jaq, Melissa is so cheap and fake she will say anything to destroy a person she is disgusting I hope her husband leaves her and realizes she is no good. I have no respect for Him either because he is a cheap lying no good brother to Teresa his real and his only sister he has. he is so stupid he only sees what his wife wants him to see instead of seeing the hurt in his sisters eyes on how she is being treated by her and her sisters makes me want to get on the show and punch the hell out of him. But i have faith that he will come to his senses and will realize that he is being played by his wife and her stupid sisters.

  • I TOLD EVERYONE!!!! I knew it! I never liked Mel and Kath… for the simple reason that they would come on tv and do this to a family member, much less anyone. I can read people like a book and so glad that people are seeing the truth now. I have always went by the saying, “what happens in the dark will come out in the light.”

    We should all ban against watching RHONJ so Bravo and Andy will either scrap it or fire Mel and Kathy! I WILL NOT BE WATCHING RHONJ ANYMORE!!!! This was a bad move to bring them on the show, like its a bad move to air Russell Armstrong on RHOBH after their tragedy!

  • Again I have to say I saw from the 1st episode Melissa IS sooo insincere. I NEVER bought her BS act. How can people that are suppose to be so smart not see what went on all season!! CM,JL DUMB !! They’ve been played for dumb too!! Good for Kim D. being a loyal person & friend!!
    I totally beleive this young man. I pray more comes out about this fake bi**h. She makes me sick. Her sisters phoney too.
    Last season made me angry & broke my heart for Teresa which I’m sure s4 isnt gonna be much better for her!! All sucks & I pray Karma burns Melissa.!!
    Thanks for sharing..I believe!!!

  • Well, since their fans may never see a twitter posting, I posted it on their FB pages. I wonder what kind of responses we will get now…

  • WOW I can’t say i’m surprised at Melissa’s actions. She is nothing but a lowlife piece of trash!!!!!

    I’ll be speading the word now on other sites too about this little tit bit. To be honest Will i’d never heard of you before (I live in Australia) but your blog seems geniune and sincere. Best of luck with all your future travels i’m sure you’ll do alot better now you are away from the likes of those witches Robyn & Melissa.

    To Melissa Gorga (cos I know you or your cronies are reading this) a bag FARK YOU I hope Bravo fires your ass you skank.

  • Thank you so much for opening up about this – I know it wasn’t easy for you writing that blog. Melissa sold her soul to the devil, no doubt about it. I hope everyone she shat on comes out and tells us about it. I agree, I would love to knock Don Caro off her high horse too.

    Thank you AllAboutTrh – you are the very best!!!

  • .

    Wow….Roxanne, ur amazing. Will, thank you so much for your honesty. Sorry that it has been such a stresful year for you, Teresa and Kim D.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last Picture of Will & Teresa.

  • So Melissa the whoresface is a major bitch, Jacqueline is a raving lunatic, Mel’s sister’s husband is gay, joey gorga is a weird panty sniffed and Caroline is a miserable hypcrite bully with loser kids. That’s what I’ve learned. Team Teresa!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing Will! I think most realize how trashy the Marco sisters are. Joe Guidice wasn’t lying about that!!!

    • lmao @ weird panty sniffer! I had forgotten all about that. UGH! AND he did it right in front of Melissa’s own mother.

  • I will always love Teresa. Melissa will always be the girl who aired her dirty laundry out on National T.V. No wonder Teresa’s mom hates Melissa. I feel bad for her.

  • As Mama Joyce would say, “This is F*CKED UP!” LMAO

    And Will, sweetie, don’t let those trashbags intimidate you.

  • For Melissa having a father that was a drug addict and died because of drugs, you would think she wouldn’t be going around falsly accusing people of be drug addicts!

      • Yeah while he was under the influence of drug! Mel said it was raining and he wasn’t wearing his seatbeat. Yeah, OK Mel!!

    • Um. Really?!

      I will not sit her and type badly about her father but I can not BELIEVE she had the audacity to blatently blurt out to Tweeter land (that she then deleted) that Anthony has “drug issues” ( I saw the tweet ) if this is true about her own father.

      Clearly, Melissa, you’re dumber than a box of hair.

  • HALLELUUUJAH!!!!!!! AMEN!!! MELISSA UR GOING DOWN BEOTCH!!! Praise the lord for lovely Will n AllaboutTRH!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  • Wow, great information! This was an awesome read! I want to spread the word about this site as much as I can so everyone can see what a FRAUD Melissa is. Thanks for confirming that Melissa & her little circle are all snakes. Thank you ALLABOUTTRH and Will, for helping expose “Lady Gorga” ( which by the way is such an insult to the great Lady Gaga, an artist with true talent).

  • Wow, these people are so trashy and immature. I am tired of them, its annoying to have to hear about these people and the way they behave. I wish they never ruined this show with their crap.

    • I wish Dina would have stayed on. Watching a family being ripped apart all in the name of reality tv & fame turned my stomach.

      I will say this 1000x more, I’m sure..but WHEN YOU SIGN ON TO DO A REALITY SHOW try not acting holier than thou, accuse people of being “druggies” ( I personally saw these tweets) and profess to be so religious when in reality YOU (Melissa), your sisters, your lawyer, your husband & your attorney have taken over your own destiny by being self righteous hypocrites!

      You, Melissa, are the most ungenuine housewife ever to grace t.v. Shame on you for your lies, threats, stalking & the many other things that will be coming out.

      TY Jeebus!

      • I saw Melissa’s tweets to calling saying she heard that guy had a drug problem. Then she took it off, lol. Imagine how much more horrible the things are she has other ppl do and say against the rest. Yet, she’s mad her stripping past or the truth about anything with Danielle may come out?

        • When I saw/heard that, I choked on my coeffe. Milania gets these comedic gems in, even though some of them are rude in hindsight ( Give me some pizza, you old troll still makes me laugh).

  • That guy is very short and seems bitter, the PR people who have loose lips after representing reality stars ( ex: Kim K. Ex- PR Jonathan jaxon) is getting old and I doubt this info/news will go any further than gossip blogs but he better believe he will have change careers now. People don’t like working with these types of loose lips in the industry.

    • But didn’t he say the PR firm was representing HIM? So, how does this add up to him representing Melissa and running his mouth? He was just another client for a PR firm, who just happened to represent Melissa and crowd, also. Next time, perhaps, we should all read for content. Tisk, tisk.

      • “At the launch party for a friend’s business I was again approached by Robyn, who asked if I was interested in representation. This was the second time she brought up the topic to me, and since I was looking for management, I felt a publicist to be a safe alternative.”

  • WOW! Just WOW!

    Think I’ll post this on a few people’s FB walls 😉 for their fans to read.

    Will~Thanks so much for the information & I’m terribly sorry you had to go through all that. You’ve been nothing but kind to all of them. When are people ever going to get it?!

    Roxanne~Thanks for posting!! xoxo

    • HOLLA!

      With PLENTY more to come =) Thing is, this is TRUTH NOT drama for the show.

      Real stuff people. All you Melissa fans need to do your research. Can’t wait to see them all scrambling to make excuses for her. Oh wait, anyone who speaks the truth is lying. I forgot.

    • You are great PDK!!!!!!I I follow you everyday waiting for you to give Melissa truth and karma as she sooooo deserves!!!!! Throw some Caroline in there too Please!!!!!!

  • I would love to see Caroline Manzo exposed alongside Melissa. They’re garbage. Anybody wanna do a background check on Caroline, the NJ bitchiest?

    • YES YES YES!!!! I also want to see this. Caroline needs to be exposed too!!!!!Specially because of how she attacked Teresa now she needs to be attacked to see how it feels!!!!!!Caroline has a bad past I just know it!!!!!

      • When RNJH first aired I went online to get information on the Brownstone because of some negative remarks from Danielle Staub. Let’s just say there were more negative comments about how the Brownstone’s service was terrible and extremely expensive than there were positive. I think Caroline is very two-faced and while I understand her love for her family it is disgusting the lengths she goes to at others expense.

        • Somebody at TWOP who actually went to an event there posted the following:

          “… the Brownstone was atrocious. The food was mediocre at best. The service was horrific – for example instead of clearing tables and serving the different courses, they just kept bringing out food without clearing our table. And they just piled it on the table and walked away in a big rush, like they couldn’t be bothered. Dishes and glasses weren’t clean. The bathrooms were filthy. The toilet seat wasn’t securely fastened.

          “I’ve never considered the Brownstone to be the premier event venue that Caroline keeps saying on the show. Far from it. But it’s always held its own and serves its purpose, and there are a lot of people who would consider it to be excellent. I had been to a wedding once before and it was fine. Not phenomenal, but perfectly fine.

          I couldn’t help but wonder if it had started to go downhill because of the show and because they’re probably gaining in popularity and just don’t need to try so hard. It was really bad.”

          • Actually the show made the Brownstone more popular. It was NEVER a premier catering hall. Prior to housewives I was a bridesmaid and we hosted the bridal shower there. It was nothing special and cheap enough for our budget. A lot of the bride and grooms family complained to the mothers that we made them drive to Paterson (bad area). I have been to events there after and they fill the rooms over the limit allowed. Among my family and Friends, the Brownstone was always known as more of a shower/baptism/communion/birthday kind of place. Now everyone is booking their weddings there just so they can say they had it there or to meet the Clown family and hope they are there the day of. I laugh at the Brownstone being called a Premier catering hall. Oh and everytime I was there, the pasta is over-cooked and mushy. you can’t even get it on your fork.

  • Oh SNAP. I knew this tea would be sweet and delicious. 🙂

    By the way: Stevie Wonder could tell that Joey Simpson is gay.

      • Wow, Wow, Wow, for sure! I read again and it is pretty amazing that the truth about Teresa’s SIL is coming out! She’s not a nice person. Just hit me, didn’t the Marco sisters (all 3 of the women) like being compared to the Kardashian sisters? Well, that’s who they remind me of from this story with the smear campaign, eye rolls, use and abuse and give nothing back, stripper past, harassing tweets from a tracked IP address… They just, with ringleader Melissa, are awful!!

    • Why can’t everyone play nice ? It was a good read Will..One Point is that FBW should not be compared, as a knock off of NJFW..Wasn’t NJFW thrown out by the W Hoboken a day before there half ass event to have their event go to a Tented lawn ? Do not get me started on NJFW <3